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Since Ernie retired has not been much to post, so this acts more as a tribute ti his career in picture form then anything else. Thanks and enjoy!

Last Images Added 7-16-1999

All Images checked and work as of April 28, 2002
Check out some pictures (nine) of Ernie and the M&M's car at: Ernie in Vegas - The #36 M&M's Pontiac!. Thanks to Don Melford, Billy Standridge, Mike from Motorsports Journal and the Las Vegas Review Journal

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1999 Special Paint Schemes

36crisp-rcca.jpg a diecast image of the #36 Crispy M&M's Pontiac Ernie drove at the Pepsi 400 in Daytona on July 3rd, 1999(7-16-1999)

36ped-mich1.jpg a nice shot of the car being announced and shown at Michigan. Taken by Kenneth A. Nagel(7-16-1999)

36pedg.jpg a diecast drawing of the #36 Pedigree Pontiac Ernie drove at Michigan on June 13th, 1999.(7-16-1999)

Testing at DIS, January 19-20, 1999

36dis1.jpg(48k) Ernie at Daytona, January 19-20 for tesing, the #36 Pontiac is primered and Ernie has no helmet on. Thanks to SugerFreeRacing for the images, used with permission.(1-21-1999)

36dis2.jpg(54k) Ernie at Daytona, January 19-20 for tesing, the #36 Pontiac is primered and Ernie has his new M&M's helmet on. Thanks to SugerFreeRacing for the images, used with permission.(1-21-1999)

The Bryan Hall Collection

These shots taken by Winston Cup Scene and Freelance Photographer Bryan Hallman, who I met in Talladega in October 1997. He sent these pictures to me sand I scanned them in and posted the with his permission. If you use these images, please give Bryan credit for them and do not remove the copyrights on the image. Thanks Bryan!

28bryan1.jpg(41k) Ernie at Rockingham on February 22, 1997 in the #28 Texaco Ford(8-28-98)

28bryan2.jpg(33k) Ernie in The Winston in Charlotte, May 18, 1996 in the #28 Texaco Ford(8-28-98)

28bryan3.jpg(40k) Ernie at Charlotte, October 5th, 1997 in the 10th Anniversary #28 Texaco Ford(8-28-98)

88bryan1.jpg(25k) Head on shot of the #88 Texaco Ford being driven by Ernie at North Wilksboro on September 30, 1995(8-28-98)

88bryan2.jpg(34k) Nice side shot of the #88 Texaco Ford being driven by Ernie at North Wilksboro on September 30, 1995(8-28-98)

4bryan.jpg(38k) A nice shot of the #4 Kodak Chevy Lumina Ernie drove at Bristol, TN on April 3, 1993(8-28-98)

28bryant.jpg(35k) A shot of the #28 NAPA/United Brakes Ford Truck. From North Wilksboro on September 30, 1995(8-28-98)

2bryan.jpg(34k) Now here is a rare shot! Ernie in the #2 Kroger Car, check out the open face helmet. This picture was taken April 9, 1989 at Bristol, TN.(8-24-98)

MD2 Motorsports and the #36 Skittles Pontiac Era

36-DL-001.jpg(46k) The #36 Skittles Pontiac in race action. Sent to me by Debra Lee.(7-21-98)

36-DL-002.jpg(52k) Another shot of the #36 Skittles Pontiac in race action. Sent to me by Debra Lee.(7-21-98)

36ch1.jpg Nice side shot of the #36 Skittles Pontiac shot at the Winston Preview by a reader.(2-1-98)

36front.jpg Nice front shot of the #36 Skittles Pontiac shot at the Winston Preview by Cindy Holder.(2-1-98)

36stick.gif The #36 sticker image scanned in by Dave (7-26-98)

erncr.gif A good images of the Skittles Pontiac.(7-26-98)

36auto.jpg A nice glossy you get from the fan club when you join.(7-26-98)

36_1x.jpg(64k)(fixed) Ernie sitting on the hood of the #36 Skittles Pontiac.(7-26-98)

36_2x.jpg(86k)(fixed) The certificate you get from the fan club when you join.(7-27-98)

36front2.jpg. An excellent shot of the #36 Wildberry Pontiac.(7-26-98)

Got a bunch of M&M Pontiac Images on it's own page: Jayski's M&M Page

The #90 Junie Donlavey days(3 races)

ei901.jpg Finally I got something of EI #90 days. This is an image of the #90 car in the garage before Daytona. No Bull's Eye yet. Thanks to T. W. Bowie for the image(29k)

ei902.jpg This is a shot by T. W. Bowie of the hauler for the #90(35k)

My Favorite Ernie Pictures

ei-da.jpg Great shot! EI and Davey from the April 1992 WC Illustrated(42k)

oldernie.jpg Ernie without the 'stash from April 1992 WC Illustrated(15k)

Images From Japan 1996

28suz1.gif An image of the #28 Caltex-Havoline Car in the garage at Suzuka, November 1996(25k)

28suz2.gif The #28 in the garage and ernie signing autographs in Japan Nov 1996(51k)

Images of Ernie and his Fans

eiandkelly.jpg A picture that was sent to me over a year ago by Kelly. This Ernie and Kelly at a autograph session in 1995. Sorry it took so long Kelly.(7-19-98)

eifan1.jpg Ernie and BobbieBobbie at an appearance in Arizona(27k)

ei&stef.jpg Ernie and Stephanie thanks to Danny Williams(Stef is his daughter),(26k) if you need a locksmith in the Fayetteville, NC area call him!

Ernie and His Family

ei-fam.jpg Ernie, Kim and Jordan thanks to Chris Kulig for the SI scan(40k)

eiandki.jpg Ernie and lovely wife Kim in 1996, from the 1997 calander(46k)

Ernie Pictures

28ei2.jpg Ernie after winning one of the Twin 125's in 1996(21k)

28ei9.jpg 1996 Ford Promo Shot(8k)

28ei3.jpg Early Texaco Head Shot(10k)

28ei8.jpg Found on the 'net 1996(11k)

28ei11.jpg Ernie's first PR shot with Texaco, 1993(13k)

ei-rayb.gif Ernie in a Raybesto's Promo Shot(16k)

96fanpic.jpg One of the many items you get when you join EI's fan club. Scanned in by Rich a fellow Ernie fan!(27k)

Ernie and His Crew or Fellow Drivers

eida-nhis-sm.jpg EI and Davey Alliosn in a truck during driver intros(7-16-1999)

dj-ei.jpg EI and DJ talking(7k)

yates.jpg Robert Yates(owner) and EI. Scanned from the 1997 calander(46k)

ryates.jpg Robert Yates and Danny's daughters(17k)

Ernie #28 Car Pictures

28white10.jpg(36k) The #28 10th Anniversary Texaco Ford Ernie drove at Charlotte in the Coke 600 and Talladega in October of 1997. This image has been sent to me by many readers.(7-21-98)

28car2.jpg Ernie on the outside pole for the 1996 Daytona 500(19k)

28car3.jpg Ernie running a lap at Daytona 1996(56k)

28car5.jpg From the Texaco Racing page, 1996 car, great image(92k)

28-day.jpg 1994 pic of Ernie's Daytona ride, thanks to Danny Williams for this shot(31k)

28car10.jpg Ernie in late 1993 after Davey(19k)

28car14.jpg Another Ernie at unknown track(37k)

Ernie #28 Winning Pictures

eimart.jpg Ernie after winning his 1st RYR win in Martinsville, thanks to Danny Williams for this shot(52k)

ei002.jpg Ernie doing the Polish victory lap after winning NH 7/96(17k)

ei-ry-1st.jpg Ernie & Robert Yates after EI's 1st win for RYR at Martinsville, 1993(29k)

ei-pits-rich.jpg Ernie in the pits at Richmond (WON again!)(62k)

The Comeback in #88 - 1995

88ei1.jpg EI during comeback with the crush of the reporters(60k)

88car1.jpg Ernie in his #88 comeback car in 1995(33k)

88car2.jpg The #88 car getting repaired in 1995(30k)

88car3.jpg EI Comeback in 1995, qualifying(23k)

88car4.jpg EI Comeback in 1995, qualifying(28k)

88car5.jpg The #88 in the pits(26k)

Ernie in the Truck Series

28fed.jpg(72k) The #28 Federated Auto Parts Ford Truck Ernie drives a few races a year for his Irvan-Simo Race Team. Boris Said drives the #44 Federated Auto Parts Ford Truck as Ernie's regular driver.(7-19-98)

98chases28.jpg(49k) The #28 Federated Auto Parts Ford Truck being chased at California in 1997 by Kenny Irwin, Jr in the #98. Sent to me by Debra Lee.(7-21-98)

28trk1.jpg Ernie in the #28 NAPA truck during his comeback in 1995(37k)

28trk2.jpg The #28 NAPA Truck in the pits 1995(29k)

ei28trk.jpg Ernie in his truck drivers suit 1995(16k)

The #4 Car Years - 1990 to 1993

4pits.jpg EI pitting the #4 Kodak car(56k)

ei91daywin.jpg Ernie in the 1991 Daytona 500 Winners Circle(21k)

4car1.jpg Ernie in the #4 Kodak Chevy at a road course(12k)

4day.jpg The #4 Kodak Chevy at Daytona before the Pepsi 400 in 1992(71k)

4daywin.jpg Ernie pulling into Winners Lane after winning the 1992 Pepsi 400(93k)

Old Pictures and Stuff from the EI Fanclub Newsletter

ernie56.jpg Ernie in the #56 Dale Earnhardt Chevy owned by Marc Reno(17k)

ernie2a.jpg Ernie in the 1988 Kroger/Pepsi Chevy from the 1988 Coca-Cola 600 program(69k)

ernie-bw.jpg A print offer from the EI fan club, nice portrait(48k)

ei-old1.jpg EI in an old shot from the fan club letter(57k)

ei-old2.jpg Ernie & his Dad Vic racing in San Jose, from an EI newsletter(64k)

family.jpg A nice image of Ernie's family from the EI Fanclub newsletter(53k)

doggy.jpg Ernie and his dog Chester from the EI fanclub newsletter(59k)

Stuff scanned in for the heck of it

ei-card1.jpg Image of a trading card(9k)

/ei-card2.jpg Hi-Tech Trading card image(18k)

sigs.jpg Signatures of the #28 crew on a program, thanks to Danny Williams for the scan(39k)

28haul.jpg The #28 Hauler from the 1997 calander(45k)

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