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THIS PAGE has been moved due to the new series name
The NATIONWIDE SERIES PAGE is now the primary page.

PAST NEWS on the ARCHIVE pages

the Jayski site is housed at:

NOTE: This site is mostly news and rumors, paint schemes, etc.
but will sometimes post results, practice speeds, press releases, schedules, etc.

Once in a while will post ARCA or ASA if it meshes with Cup, Busch Series or Truck Series news, but not often. I have NO plans on making a ARCA or ASA page and am NOT looking for anyone to do so for me. I have links, to the left, to some Busch Series sites who follow that series full time and have stats and results and maybe more up to date news, feel free to check them out. CUP is my first love in the sport and what I follow and why started this site. Thanks

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