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Hello everyone! Thanks for the support from all the Ernie Irvan and Winston Cup fans. I have gotten a lot of excellent feedback for my Ernie Irvan Site and my Silly Season Site.

The 1999 season so far has been very disappointing as Ernie has had a HUGE rash of bad luck and accidents. Ernie is deeper in the Driver points then he has been in 19 years. With a third of the season over, we can only hope that the team improves and Ernie's luck gets much better. Last year the team started off poorly but Ernie never got lower then 22nd in the points and if not the his season ending injury at Talladega, he would have been close to the top 10 then the 19th in which he finished. M&M's has proved to be a very good sponsor for Ernie and the team and the kids just love the car and Ernie. I get more responses about my M&M's hat then any of the other 75 hats I own and no one can miss my bright yellow M&M's t-shirt.

  • 1998 was an up and down season for Ernie. He and the team started off slow after a good run at Daytona in the 500. But at mid season, Ernie picked up three poles and the team looked like they were headed in the right direction. Ernie was in 15th in the Winston Cup drivers points when he was injured at Talladega in October. He missed the last three races of the season and fell to 19th in points with that 10th place in his grasp. But things looked positive for Ernie and the team. M&M Mars was switching it sponsorship concept from Skittles to M&M's and everyone seemed to look forward to it.

    1997 was a good season for Ernie Irvan fans but we had to suffer with all the rumors of Ernie leaving Yates then when it was announced we all were left wondering where he was going. Plus Ernie's Mom being ill. I even had some Ernie fans bashing me for reporting that Ernie was leaving Yates, oh well. Ernie finished a disappointing 14th in the points but he won a pole at Talladega (I was there for that race and met Ernie in the garage) and at Indy and he had the HUGE win at Michigan which was of course very emotional. He left the famed #28 for the #36 Skittles Pontiac and MB2 Motorsports.

    At first I was really disappointed that he was let go at Yates and thought it was a step down to the #36, but now I am really excited and the #36 team has a great crew and will have those top notch Hendrick motors and the SB2 Chevy Engine. Ernie will win at least one race in 1998 if not more. The team has struggled at times and having a Pontiac is a bit of a disadvantage as NASCAR does not seem to pay attention to helping these teams but the team is getting better every week.

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    The Official Ernie Irvan website is a reality and is up and running. It has somew good news and info and a place to buy some M&M's Racing merchandise. The best part of the site is the link to Jim Dallas' Ernie Irvan fan club page in which an Ernie fan can join the Ernie Irvan Fan Club

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