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This page is all and any Internet stories/articles/columns I have found over the years on Ernie Irvan. I check tham every once in a while to make sure they still exist.

Updated 1-11-2000

  • Ernie's last lap: Ernie Irvan makes his final lap around AMS(AP)(11-22-1999)

  • Nadeau in Trouble: see the That's Racin' story: Nadeau gets called on the carpet(11-22-1999)

  • Boris story: Said thrilled to make field on oval by Jim Utter(That's Racin')(11-14-1999)

  • Great Ernie Story: at the Winston Cup Scene Section of NOL - Ernie Irvan: Rags to riches by Deb Williams(10-7-1999)

  • Ernie Story:October in Charlotte about Ernie Irvan by Jim Utter(10-7-1999)

  • Country Cool Ernie Articles: In the Fast Lane: The Right Thing to Do(9-7-1999)

  • Irvan story: Ernie's Last Lap by Butch Bellah and Grading on a Curve by David Ames(note the last grade given)(9-6-1999)

  • Racecomm Column: Walking Away A Winner by Matt McLaughlin(9-4-1999)

  • Irvan Story: Irvan ends 12-year Cup career by Dustin Long(News and Record)(9-4-1999)

  • SpeedVision Story: Emotional decision closes Irvan's career by Lee Spencer(9-4-1999)

  • Tennessean Story: Unpredictable Irvan calls it a career by Larry Woody(9-4-1999)

  • Racer Magazine Story: Farewell To A Friend by John Gardner(9-4-1999)

  • Irvan Story: Irvan legacy alive in qualifying by David Poole, the #'s 28, 36 and 4 all qualified in the top five(That's Racin')(9-4-1999)

  • Irvan Story: Irvan legacy alive in qualifying by David Poole, the #'s 28, 36 and 4 all qualified in the top five(That's Racin')(9-4-1999)

  • ESPN Column: Irvan chose right end to career by Matt Yocum(9-4-1999)

  • SpeedVison: Career statistics -- Ernie Irvan by Gene Granger(9-4-1999)

  • From That's Racin': The Ernie Irvan file

  • See some links and stories at NOL: Irvan's career a roller coaster ride(9-3-1999)

  • Ernie Story: Ernie Irvan's Fateful Day at Michigan by E. J. Zeman Jr(9-2-1999)

  • Nadeau Story: Nadeau manages to find his niche by Barry Svrluga(News and Observer)(8-30-1999)

  • Nadeau Story: Nadeau having a ball at Bristol by Jim Utter(That's Racin')(8-28-1999)

  • Sparky Plug awakes: To quit, or not to quit? It's strictly up to Ernie(SpeedVision)(8-27-1999)
  • Speedworld Column about Ernie: Angel on his Shoulder by Cindy Bailey(8-25-1999)

  • Thrills: Thrill of speed lures drivers into taking risks by Terry Foster(The Detroit News), the story mentions Ernie may miss a few weeks(8-22-1999)

  • Detailed Irvan Article: Irvan hurt on crash anniversary by Dustin Long(News and Record)(8-22-1999)

  • SpeedVision Column: Irvan on the minds of Carelli, others at Gateway by David Green(8-22-1999)

  • Boris Said Story: Surprise Said glad to have front-row seat by Al Levine(Tennessean)(8-15-1999)

  • from NE Racing Site: Ernie Irvan's Watkins Glen Highlights(8-15-1999)

  • Miami Hearld Story: Irvan overdue for Brickyard victory by Gary Long(8-6-1999)

  • Speed Magazine Ernie story: Itchin' for Indy: Irvan looks for more than 'almost' by Godwin Kelly(8-5-1999)

  • Ernie Story: Brickyard tricky track for Irvan by Dustin Long(News and Record)(8-5-1999)

  • USA Today Column: Irvan struggling on circuit this season by Skip Wood(8-3-1999)

  • NOL Story: Irvan's a contender for Indy glory(7-31-1999)

  • AP Story: Irvan Having Fun as Chocolate Pitchman(7-29-1999)

  • Ernie Story: For Ernie Irvin, Racing is a Family Tradition by Michael Knox(Raceitcom)(7-27-1999)

  • NOL Story: Irvan could break 180 mph barrier (7-22-1999)

  • Ernie Article from NOL: Irvan steps up to help out a buddy, Ken Schrader(7-10-1999)

  • Ernie Story: Irvan reminded to remember sponsors by Larry Woody(Tennessean)(6-29-1999)

  • Ernie NOL Story: Ernie Irvan comes home to Sears Point(6-23-1999)

  • Ernie Quotes and Notes: from the NOL Thursday Cup Notebook(6-18-1999)

  • MB2 Story: A Season of Many C l rs / Irvan's team struggling with inconsistency by Rea McLeroy(Times-Dispatch)(6-15-1999)

  • NOL Story: Old dogs Irvan, Elliott show new tricks(6-12-1999)

  • CBS Sportsline Ernie story: Swervin' Irvan proves he can take a punch(6-11-1999)

  • ESPN Columns: Memories flow from Michigan by Bill Weber mentions Ernie's emotional win at Michigan in June 1997(6-10-1999)

    Article/Notes: Crashes plague Irvan's team / Pemberton trying to keep his crew organized, upbeat(5-30-1999)

    Autograph Article: A duck, maybe a dog, why any old baby will do just fine, too . . by Bob Lipper(Times-Dispatch), mentions Ernie in the last part, you won't believe what he autographed(5-15-1999)

    icFlorida/Pontiac Story: NASCAR's second-class citizen making strides (Cox)(5-14-1999)

    RIR Story: Ernie Irvan makes new fans during Richmond NASCAR Tests; "M&M's" Driver Played to the Children and they Responded (5-11-1999)

    Good TNN Story: Irvan Boasts Wins, Poles At Richmond, talking about Ernie's success at Richmond(5-10-1999)

    Speed Mag Article about Ernie: Irvan now feels the heat by Godwin Kelly (from May 2nd, but found it interesting), one highlight: None of the primary players at MB2 is in danger of finding a pink slip in their pay envelope next week from owners Nelson Bowers, Tom Beard and C. Read Morton, but the sticky question of "Why aren't we more competitive?" has popped up(5-7-1999)

    Ernie Story: Weekend race may bring end to complaints / Irvan expects plenty of drama by Nate Ryan(4-30-1999)

    Pontiac Racing Feature: Ernie Irvan - California Speedway(4-29-1999)

    Ernie Article: on NOL, good article from the WC Scene - Irvan refuses to stay down by John Mack. It discuss' his early career, divorce, good and bad times. More reasons to like and respect our hero!(4-28-1999)

    Five Part Series on Ernie excerpting his book, No Fear: Ernie Irvan, The NASCAR Driver's Story of Tragedy and Triumph. Published by Hyperion. Part One: Irvan learns backing off proves big step forward; Part Two: Despite his crash, Irvan managed to steer away from death; Part Three: Irvan forced to go slow on road to recovery; Part Four: Finally, behind the wheel again; Part Five: Getting up to speed. You can get the book at Jayski's Racing Bookstore (3-29-1999)

    Another Ernie Story: Irvan still upbeat in 300th race by Tom Pope(Fayetteville Online)(4-18-1999)

    That's Racin' Q&A: Q&A with Winston Cup driver Ernie Irvan, similar to the NOL story but a little more detailed(4-15-1999)

    Ernie/NOL Story: Irvan ready for 300th start at Martinsville (4-14-1999)

    300th start: Ernie will make his 300th career Winston Cup start at Martinsville on April 18th(4-6-1999) -- see a TNN story at Irvan Turns Dream Into Reality(4-14-1999)

    Ernie Interview: at the Official Ernie Irvan site, an excellent piece, see it at Ernie Irvan Martinsville Preview (4-12-1999)

    NOL Story on Ernie: Bristol is special for Irvan (4-8-1999)

    NOL Story: Nice story about Ernie 'The Candy Man' at NOL by Life is sweet again for NASCAR's 'Candy Man' by Gary McCredie of NASCAR Racing for Teens.(3-23-1999)

    Hey a nice story: about Ernie and his autobiography - Irvan tells all in his new book by Brian Hilderbrand of the Las Vegas Sun(new link)(icFlorida)(3-5/7-1999)

    Notes and Quotes: from Ernie at RaceWire - M&Ms Racing/Ernie Irvan Notes & Quotes (3-3-1999)

    Shop Tour: NASCAR Online has an interesting piece - Shop Tour: Irvan-Simo Racing, along with a photo gallery(2-25-1999)

    You probably won't like it, but... the Toronto Sun posted a somewhat negative story about Ernie, read it at Crashes taking toll on Irvan's future. I am posting it for your information, not to slam Ernie, so if you have any problems with it email the author or the site it is posted, thanks(2-25-1999)

    A Review of Ernie's book: at the Toronto Star - Swashbuckling Irvan lives life at 320 km/h (2-25-1999)

    "M&Ms" Racing/Ernie Irvan Notes and Quotes from RaceWire(2-19-1999)

    Ernie rated 14th by That's Racin' See the profile at Thta's Racin' Ernie Irvan Profile(1-25-1999)

    Ernie Article: Speed Magazine has an article on Ernie - Irvan enters Rolex 24 race(12-24-98)

    NASCAR Online had Ernie's Crew Chief, Ryan Pemberton, in chat today, check out the transcript at: Ryan Pemberton Chat Transcript, one thing, the car will carry Wild Berry colors this week at Daytona. Some interesting tidbits there.(10-14-98)

    Good story about Ernie: One aim of a program sponsored by Skittles candy to let high school journalists interview Winston Cup drivers is to give them real-life lessons in reporting on auto racing. On Friday, 38 high school journalists from Jefferson and Talladega counties interviewed Ernie Irvan, driver of the #36 Skittles Pontiac in Sunday's Winston 500 auto race at Talladega. With his wrap-around shades, rock-star goatee and fast lane job, Irvan cut an impressive figure as he sat down for a mock press conference with the students at Talladega Superspeedway. See the rest of the story at Young reporters get Irvan's racing take before crash by Kathy Kemp.(10-13-98)

    Good story on That's Racin' about Ricky/Ernie: Craven solid in substitute role.(10-18-98)

    Good story about Ernie by David Poole of That's Racin': Ernie Irvan's race team still gets excited when it wins a Winston Cup pole, like it did Friday at Martinsville Speedway. Ernie Irvan on Martinsville pole(9-26-98)

    Irvan coming on strong in recent showings by Ben Blake of SpeedNet. Ernie makes a good note about the #28 car blocking him.(8-17-98)

    Irvan still doesn't remember Michigan wreck by Ben Blake.(SpeedNet)(8-15-98)

    Qualifying sweet for Candy Man Irvan.(That's Racin'/Detroit Free Press)(8-15-98) Irvan Is Gearing Up To Fulfill A Promise.(Washington Post)(8-3-98)

    Pole sitter settles for sixth place.(SpeedNet)(8-2-98)

    Irvan takes 2nd straight Brickyard pole.(Detroit Free Press)(8-1-98)

    Irvan Snags First Pole of '98 by Mike Snow of GoRacing.(7-31-98)

    Ernie is still running fast at the Brickyard, hopes are high. Good story on SpeedNet about Ernie at Irvan on top at Brickyard 400 testing.(7-17-98)

    Ernie Irvan can't remember the worst moment of his life, see the rest of the AP story at That's Racin': Irvan returns to scene of tragedy and triumph.(6-12-98)

    Miller 400: Irvan says accident made him patient.(SpeedNet)(6-10-98)

    Check out Ernie's NASCAR Online Chat Transcript at NASCAR Online Chat, Ernie talked to the fans on June 9th(6-10-1999)

    NASCAR Online has a story about Ernie at New role coming easier for Irvan.(6-5-98)

    Check out this story on Ernie at That's Racin': Irvan trying to turn the corner.(6-1-98)

    Check out this Press Release about Ernie: Irvan hoping for better luck at this seasons California 500.

    Check out this story about Dale Earnhardt and Ernie: Tangled up at Talladega, about the Winston 500 accident where Dale Earnhardt had that horrible accident in 1996(3-23-98)

    Check out the story at the Las Vegas Review Journal: Irvan hopes for magic moment, it explains the M&M's deal and show a picture of Irvan in his M&M's drivers suit and part of the #36 M&M's Pontiac(LVRJ)(2-26-98)

    Check out the story about Ernie and his team at SpeedNet: 6th at Daytona fires up team.(2-21-98)

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