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In 1939, Mr. Lem built a brandy still near the one used to make his fine whiskey. This still would be used to make apple and peach brandy.

He purchased apples and peaches from farmers in several states, including Georgia, South Carolina, and Illinois.

Mr Lem considered brandy making to be a hobby.

Making brandy was difficult work, if done correctly. But Mr. Lem especially enjoyed difficult tasks.

Soon, Mr. Motlow would come to realize that one bushel of fruit only produced one half U.S. gallon of brandy, compared with one bushel of grain making five U. S. gallons of whiskey. After a seven year run, Lem discontinued the manufacture of brandy in 1946. This would be due to several reasons. These included the fact that the fruit was so far away, it was expensive to produce the brandy, and the profit margin was just too small.

During those seven years, only about 2200 barrels of brandy was produced.

Below, is a picture of one of the Apple Brandy bottles.

(Picture of bottle courtesy of Sully's Gifts, Lynchburg, TN)

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