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1904 St. Louis World's Fair Gold Medal

Image of 1904 Gold Medal

The flag of Missouri, USA

1904 Gold Medal
Reason for decanter:
This is the first in a planned series of decanters paying tribute to the gold medals that Mr. Daniel has won with his fine Tennessee Sippin' Whiskey.

In 1904, Mr. Jack took our favorite refreshment to the St. Louis, Missouri World's Fair whiskey competition and returned with the gold medal.

This bottle honors Mr. Jack's first of his many gold medals.
Decanter description:
The bottle is basically square with rounded edges. An image of the gold medal that was won is molded as part of the bottle and appears on the front. The following also appears on the front of the bottle:
Tennessee Whiskey
Gold Medal

This fine decanter is topped with a cork enclosure.

1904 Gold Medal Decanter Booklet Cover

Image of 1904 Gold Medal decanter booklet front cover.

Decanter Statistics:
Year released: 1996
Capacity: 750 ml (25.37 fl oz.)
Height: 22.86 cm (9")
Width: 10.16 cm (4") at the base
Depth: 10.16 cm (4") at the base
Whiskey proof: 90

Items issued, by Jack Daniel's Distillery, upon registration:

1904 Gold Medal Certificate

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