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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Last Update: April 1, 1999

Q. How many decanters are produced for each release?

A. The number produced each year is a company secret. The potential owner should know that only a limited number are produced and they will never again be released.

Q. How much is(are) my decanter(s) worth?

A. Neither the author of this page nor Jack Daniel's can or will provide values of the various bottles. As someone once told me: "Things are only worth what someone will pay for them".

Q. Is the decanter worth more unopened?

A. Naturally it would be worth more than one that is opened. However, I feel the contents are too good to leave up on a shelf!

Q. Should I register my decanter with the distillery?

A. Yes, Jack Daniel's recommends this. You will usually receive a very nice letter and certificate, free.

Q. Where can I find decanters that I am missing?

A. I suggest you try garage sales, yard sales, antique shops, as well as on-line auctions such as EBAY.

Q. When will the next decanter become available?

A. As soon as the author of this page finds out that a new decanter is going to be released in the near future, the information will be posted on this site. Check back at least monthly.

Q. Are there any decanters planned for the Gentleman Jack Whiskey?

A. Not at this time.

Q. I noticed that the first two decanters were released in 1/2 US gallon sizes and subsequent decanters were metric. When did Jack Daniel's switch to metric?

A. Jack Daniel's converted to metric in 1978.

Q. What percentage of the purchased decanters are registered with the distillery?

A. This and other similar numbers and percentages are a company secret.

Q. Were each of the decanters originally sold in a cardboard box?

A. As far as I know, each of the decanters were sold in a cardboard box, except the Barrelhouse #1 decanter, which of course came in the wooden box.

Email me any other questions you may have. I'll obtain the answers and post them here.

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