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  • NASCAR to trim the number of tires used in 2017: NASCAR has announced that will be cutting the number of Goodyear tires the Sprint Cup teams will get next season. That will be something that will happen mostly at the intermediate sized tracks and that could be as many as three sets.(Times Herald)(11-19-2016)

  • Goodyear looking to renew contract with NASCAR: Goodyear is currently renegotiating its contract with NASCAR which concludes at the end of 2017. The tire manufacturer has enjoyed a relationship with NASCAR since 1954 - and [Greg Stucker, Director of Racing Tire Sales and Marketing for Goodyear] doesn't expect that to change. "I can tell you there have been several meetings, several conversations about moving forward," Stucker said. "To my knowledge, there are no major hurdles. There are always little items you need to work out, particularly with the way the landscape is now. You have a new TV contract and new social media landscape. I think those are the biggest things that need to be worked through - where we want to focus our efforts, the exposure. How you want to use our assets. That still needs to be worked out. But as far as the operational side, the performance side, I think we're good." While there have been rumblings about other tire manufacturers attempting to get in the game, Stucker isn't aware of any competition in the category moving forward.(Motorsport)(11-5-2016)

  • Tire test at Martinsville this week: Four Sprint Cup teams will participate in a Goodyear tire test next Tuesday and Wednesday at Martinsville Speedway in preparation for the Goody's 500. #78-Martin Truex Jr., who is currently second in the standings, is testing for Toyota. Chevrolet will have two participants in the two-day exercise. Paul Menard, will pilot the #27 Richard Childress Racing Chevy. #1-Jamie McMurray is testing for Chip Ganassi Racing. #16-Greg Biffle is driving the Ford entry for Roush Fenway Racing. Following the Martinsville test, Goodyear will wrap up its current in-season testing with a one-day session at Kansas Speedway on Oct. 17. The following day, teams will test for two days at Homestead-Miami Speedway for the Ford EcoBoost 400.(Motorsport)(10-2-2016)

  • Tire tests scheduled for Martinsville and Kansas: NASCAR has added a Goodyear tire test for both Martinsville Speedway and Kansas Speedway next month. Richard Childress Racing, Chip Ganassi Racing, Roush Fenway Racing, and Furniture Row Racing each will have a team participate in the Martinsville test Oct. 4-5. The Sprint Cup Series will then return for their second trip to the 0.526-mile short track this season Oct. 30. The Kansas test will take place Oct. 17, the Monday following the Hollywood Casino 400 there, with a team each from Stewart-Haas Racing, Hendrick Motorsports, Team Penske, and Furniture Row Racing. A rain date is scheduled for Oct. 18. Also in the bulletin, a NASCAR test will be held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in October for Xfinity Series teams. It is scheduled for Oct. 10 with the rain date Oct. 11.(NBC Sports)(9-8-2016)

  • Lower downforce package could return at Michigan UPDATE: The low, low downforce package was met with mixed reviews at Kentucky Speedway on Saturday - but could we see it again before the Chase for the Sprint Cup begins? NASCAR will meet with team representatives on Wednesday to review the latest experience with the proposed 2017 configuration for the Cup Series to determine what, if any, changes need to be made and if the sport needs to take another run with the car prior to next season. While NASCAR has said repeatedly there will be no changes to the current 2016 rules package for the Chase, the possibility of running the lower downforce package at Michigan Speedway next month is not completely off the table. [NASCAR senior vice president of competition Scott Miller] believes the lower downforce package actually enhanced the racing on Saturday. He believes the additional grip provided by a higher-downforce package could have been a recipe for disaster. "The low, low downforce package, if that's what we're calling it now, helped at this race on the repave," Miller said. "I think the corner speeds would have been extremely high, and with the higher downforce stepping out of the groove might have even had more consequences than we had (Saturday night)."(Motorsport)(7-12-2016)
    UPDATE: Goodyear is planning ahead for whatever challenges NASCAR has in store for the tire manufacturer. While no decision has been made regarding which aerodynamic setup the Sprint Cup Series will return to Michigan International Speedway next month with the 2017 prototype or the current 2016 low downforce package, the tire manufacturer will be prepared. "When we tested there to come up with the package that we ran at the first Michigan (June), we tested under both conditions - both downforce settings - with that same setup," Stu Grant, Goodyear's General Manager of Worldwide Racing, told "We had a lot of discussions with NASCAR, 'So what are you guys going to do rules-wise, tire-wise and so on?' It didn't really matter to us. We were ok on both downforce settings with that setup. So, whatever they choose, we have the tire for that. I know there's discussion about going back there with lower downforce setting. Then there's the school of thought, 'Let's get another data point and change it.' I have not heard one way or another what the decision it, but we're prepared both ways."(Motorsport)(7-20-2016)

  • Direction Matters when mounting tires for Sonoma is Concerned: Sonoma Raceway poses several challenges for NASCAR Sprint Cup teams, and at least one of those challenges has been taken up by The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. At Sonoma, Goodyear uses one of its "softest" tread compounds to give the cars as much grip as possible. Add to that - as with the series' other road course at Watkins Glen International - Sonoma puts an increased stress on the front tires with heavy braking into the turns and an increased stress on the rear tires with harsh acceleration off the corners. Those factors combine to put undue stress on a part of the tread that is most susceptible - the tread splice, or the area that is joined together in the manufacturing process. Because of all that, Goodyear will mount its D-4678 tires (same on all four corners of the car) for Sonoma in a directional manner, helping to insure that the tread splice is "closed" under both braking and acceleration. "The tread compound used at Sonoma is one of the most tractive used for all Sprint Cup Series events," said Greg Stucker, Goodyear's director of racing. "As such, we utilize some special techniques to prep the tires for the race. This includes the orientation in which tires are mounted. At most events, tires are mounted as either a left side tire or a right-side tire. Teams can freely interchange fronts and rears on the same side of the car. For Sonoma, we will employ directional mounting, where the left-front and right-rear are mounted the same, and the right-front and left-rear are mounted the same. This directional mounting helps to protect the beveled splice of the tread component, insuring the splice is closed under the force of braking on both front tires, and closed under the force of acceleration on both rears."
    While helping the competition on the track, this mounting procedure will provide a slightly different look for team tire specialists as they arrange their five sets of practice/qualifying tires and five sets of race tires throughout the weekend. "The right-front tire and the left-rear tire will be mounted with the 'non-serial' side facing outwards," explained Stucker. "The molded information for press position and date code on these tires will be on the inside of the assembly rather than the outside. During mounting, the tires will be marked with the positions in which they are allowed to be run - right-front/left-rear or left-front/right-rear. This will allow both tires on the front axle to have tread splices that close under braking and both tires on the rear axle to have tread splices that close under acceleration."
    To go along with all that, Goodyear's distinctive yellow lettering will be applied to both sidewalls of each tire. That way, no matter which side of the car a particular tire is mounted, the "Goodyear" and "Eagle" branding will be visible. Stucker also points out that although this mounting orientation is unique to Sonoma for the Sprint Cup Series, it is a technique that's used extensively by Goodyear in other forms of road racing. Road course racing is somewhat out of the "norm" for NASCAR teams. Drivers are asked to turn both left and right, there are more turns with varying degrees of radii, there are more radical elevation changes than on an oval, etc. Sometimes special problems require special solutions.(Goodyear Racing)(6-24-2016)

  • Teams finish up testing at Kentucky: There was a bit more of a racing groove here at Kentucky Speedway for the second and final day of an organizational test for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams, thanks in part to yesterday's on-track activity as well as high temperatures. "It's changed a lot, really changed in a good direction," Kasey Kahne, driver of the #5 Chevrolet for Hendrick Motorsports, said Tuesday. "Yesterday there was really no grip at all and it just took time. By the end of the day it was starting to get pretty good. Today there's even more rubber on the track. I think a good thing about this is it's hot and the rubber is laying down. When we come back, hopefully it's hot. I think if it's hot it will create a much better race and let us kind of move around and lay more rubber on the race track." Fourteen teams were on hand Monday, with only the #78 Toyota of Furniture Row Racing with driver Martin Truex Jr., not returning for the final day.
    Kevin Harvick, quickest on Monday, continued to post the top unofficial lap times Tuesday, with lap times quickly dipping into the 28-second bracket during the morning session. Kyle Busch, AJ Allmendinger, Joey Logano and Kahne also posted sub-29 second laps. "It's getting there," Logano, driver of the Team Penske #2 Ford and the series' most recent race winner, said of the track surface. "It's taken awhile, but it definitely is starting to grip up, which is good.
    Tuesday's practice was slowed only twice by on-track incidents. Logano's Ford dropped fluid on the track near the end of the session for the first stoppage while Greg Biffle sustained damage to the rear of the #16 Roush Fenway Racing Ford in a separate incident.
    This week's test is the first of five organizational tests for Sprint Cup Series teams this season. Only one team per organization is allowed to participate. Future tests this year are scheduled for Indianapolis Motor Speedway (July 12-13), Watkins Glen International (July 26-27), Chicagoland Speedway (Aug. 23-24) and Homestead-Miami Speedway (Oct. 18-19).(

  • Testing underway at Kentucky: Fourteen NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams kicked off a two-day organizational test Monday at the repaved and reconfigured Kentucky Speedway. The 1.5-mile track will host all three NASCAR national series -- Sprint Cup, XFINITY and Camping World Truck -- next month (July 7-9). In addition to the repaving, the track has also undergone a change in Turns 1 and 2, where the banking has been increased from 14 to 17 degrees. The width of the pit road exit lane has also more than doubled, from 14 feet to 30 feet. As a result, the racing surface in those turns is now narrower, shrinking from 74 to 56 feet. The banking and width of the racing surface in Turns 3 and 4 remains unchanged. The increased banking will likely mean that cars will be carrying more speed coming onto the backstretch and as they rush into the third turn. That change, combined with the current aerodynamic package used this past weekend at Michigan International Speedway and slated for use here next month, could make for some dicey moments.
    "It's definitely going to make Turn 3 more challenging," Kevin Harvick, the 2014 Sprint Cup champion, said. "I think that's already one trend that we've developed with this particular package -- this car is looser getting into the corner, which it should be with the spoiler cut off the back of it. Monday morning's lap times started off in the 31- to 32-second range on the new asphalt before beginning to creep down. A handful of drivers had slipped into the 29-second range prior to the lunch break.(

  • Testing scheduled for Kentucky UPDATE: Speedway Motorsports Inc., the owner of the Kentucky Speedway, is putting the finishing touches on a repaving project that, while keeping the 1.5-mile tri-oval shape, has increased the banking in Turns 1 and 2 from 14 degrees to 17 degrees. The project is also adding protective SAFER barrier across the entire outside wall of the track as well as the backstretch and the inside walls that NASCAR requires, plus addresses water drainage issues. The first testing is set to begin on June 13, said general manager Mark Simendinger at the Kentucky Speedway Sprint Cup Series Victory Tour press conference Tuesday at the Horseshoe Casino downtown. Sprint Cup driver #2-Brad Keselowski, who has had few issues anytime he comes to Kentucky, was the main focus of the event. "I think the track is really rough. It's hard to get a hold of and that's just a challenge we've embraced," said Keselowski. "It's interesting that the decision was made to make the two ends much different during the repave. That will certainly develop into this track's own character." Mayor John Cranley proclaimed Wednesday as Brad Keselowski Day in Cincinnati. Keselowski received a handful of gifts as part of the honor, including a signed Reds batting helmet from second baseman Brandon Phillips, and a chunk of the old race track with a plaque honoring his accomplishments there. Keselowski said it's premature to have any thoughts on just how the new configuration and pavement will play out. #22-Joey Lagano, Keselowski's teammate at Penske Racing, will handle the testing at Kentucky for all of the Penske cars. From that testing, the teams will take the data collected and simulate how they think their cars will react when race night comes.(Cincinnati Enquirer)(6-1-2016)
    UPDATE: At least thirteen NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams are scheduled to participate in an organizational test on June 13 and 14, 2016. Teams include: #1-McMurray (Chevy), #4-Kevin Harvick (Chevy), #5-Kasey Kahne (Chevy), #1-Biffle (Ford), #18-Busch (Toyota), #21-Blaney (Ford), #22-Logano (Ford), #27-Menard (Chevy), #34-Buescher (Ford), #43-Almirola (Ford), #46-Annett (Chevy), #47-Allmendinger (Chevy), #78-Truex Jr. (Toyota).
    Kentucky Speedway Gate 15 will be open for fans to enjoy the on-track activities. This is a free event, and while concession stands will not be open, patrons will have access to restroom facilities. Fans can bring one 14"x14"x14" cooler into Kentucky Speedway. Testing is scheduled to begin at 9:00am and conclude at approximately 5:00pm. Fans that plan to attend are asked to Check-In at the Kentucky Speedway Administrative Office upon arrival.(Kentucky Speedway)(6-7-2016)

  • Goodyear test completed at New Hampshire: Four drivers participated in a Goodyear Tire Test at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Tuesday and Wednesday: #11-Hamlin, #17-Stenhouse Jr., #43-Almirola and #88-Earnhardt Jr.
    Earnhardt Jr.: "There are two agendas. You obviously want to learn what you can and help Goodyear understand what kind of tire they need to bring back. That's really the number one priority at the tire test. But the car's felt good in the little window we've had to learn anything and we're getting some good information."
    Stenhouse, Jr: "Any time you can get on the track and it's not a race weekend is good for us because we can really throw a lot of things in our car that we couldn't do on a normal race weekend. We try to get some data on it ... so when we get back to the shop we know what we need for the next time that we come here."

  • Tire testing at New Hampshire: four drivers are a part of Goodyear Tire Testing at New Hampshire Motor Speedway scheduled for Tuesday May 31st and Wendesday, June 1st: #11-Hamlin, #17-Stenhouse Jr., #43-Almirola and #88-Earnhardt Jr.(Goodyear Twitter), by request of Goodyear, both the infield and the grandstands will be closed during this week's tire test. We apologize for any inconvenience to fans and look forward to seeing everyone for our July NASCAR weekend (NHMS Facebook)(5-31-2016)

  • Goodyear test at Michigan includes possible 2017 changes: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams saw their time cut short this past week during a tire test at Michigan International Speedway, but Goodyear officials said the on-track time was sufficient for the tire supplier's needs. Additionally, NASCAR officials were on hand for the May 17 session to examine the impact of recently announced rule changes for 2016 and potential aerodynamic adjustments for the 2017 season. Rain around the 2-mile track delayed the start of the test, and returned later, forcing officials to end the session just after 2 p.m. "We were able to run through our stuff pretty quickly and got some long runs in," Greg Stucker, Director of Race Tire Sales for Goodyear, said Friday at Charlotte Motor Speedway. "It was a confirmation test; we weren't going through a lot of different combinations or anything. We just confirmed that what we had taken was the right combination. Everyone was very comfortable with it. There was plenty of grip; it was cool, but we knew that going in. No surprises. We were real comfortable with everything."(

  • Tire Wear will dictate All-Star Strategy: This year's unique NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race format, which requires the first nine, 10 or 11 drivers to start the final 13-lap segment on old tires (with the specific number determined by lot) with cars on new tires behind them, already has drivers thinking about hypothetical scenarios. Drivers in 12th place or worse entering the final segment, where only green-flag laps count, will be guaranteed fresh rubber, and that number is crucial to a lot of calculations. "We have to see how the tires wear," said #19-Carl Edwards. "That's really going to be the key. And then, man, it's just I was going through it this morning ... if you're running sixth or seventh before the final stop, I don't know, then it becomes maybe a race for 12th or something. I just don't know how this thing is going to play out. The advantage that I have is we have a really fast pit crew so I feel like even if we're not leading and we feel like the tires are the deal and we're running fifth or something we could still come off of pit road first. I think for us and for my team, fortunately, because of my pit crew, I have more options I believe." On the other hand, the restart for the final segment will be anything but orderly.
    "Somebody brought up the fact that, (with) the complete chaos that's going to ensue when they drop the green flag, you might be better off being in the back with fresher tires, because I believe some people are going to be wrecking," Edwards said. "I think the factor that's going to determine what you do is how much the tires fall off, how much advantage do you have. I don't know, it's going to be - before that caution comes out, there's going to be a lot of people trying a lot of different things."(NASCAR Wire Service)(5-21-2016)

  • Goodyear Transforms NASCAR Race Tires to Honor U.S. Military: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company will customize its iconic Goodyear Eagle race tires for the seventh consecutive year to support the U.S. Armed Forces. Goodyear, the Official Tire of NASCAR, will replace the "Eagle" logo on the sidewalls of its race tires with "Support Our Troops" messaging on tires used during all NASCAR races at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in May. The NASCAR industry kicks off its annual military tribute, NASCAR: An American Salute, leading up to the Coca-Cola 600 on May 29. "Support for the military is part of the fabric of our company," said Stu Grant, Goodyear's general manager of global racing. "Goodyear's rich history of making tires for the U.S. Armed Forces is a source of pride for our associates - especially the many that have served - and these tires are a reflection of our deep respect for all Military branches." Goodyear has more than 100 years of history building innovative tires and equipment to help support and protect U.S. troops and is the largest producer of military tires in the country. The company was recently recognized as a Military Friendly Employer by G.I. Jobs magazine for its leadership in hiring and supporting veterans. In 2014, Goodyear surpassed a three-year goal of hiring 1,000 veterans and since then, Goodyear has renewed the commitment to hiring another 1,000 veterans over three years.(GoodYear)(5-20-2016)

  • Goodyear tire test Tuesday at Michigan UPDATE: Goodyear will conduct a tire test at Michigan International Speedway on May 17 in preparation for the 2016 season. And fans are invited to come watch all the action. The following NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers are scheduled to test: #78-Truex, Jr (Toyota), #3-Austin Dillon (Chevy), #42-Kyle Larson (Chevy), #43-Aric Almirola (Ford) The test is the next step in making the racing better everywhere. Goodyear will use this test to confirm it is providing the proper tire compound to ensure the best racing at Michigan International Speedway. Engineers and drivers from each NASCAR manufacturer will be here to test options for the new low-downforce package. Testing times, track schedule and drivers are subject to change due to weather or other circumstances. The track will open the Turn 1 Grandstand from 9:00am-4:00pm for fans to watch the test free of charge. Fans are asked to park in Lot 10 off US 12 and enter the grandstand through Gate 17, just behind the water tower. Portable restrooms will be available. Fans are also allowed to bring in coolers that meet the MIS grandstand policies for race weekend.(MIS)(5-17-2016)
    UPDATE: Goodyear's confirmation tire test at Michigan International Speedway was cut short on Tuesday due to rain. With showers in the morning, teams got a late start on the exercise running just 50 to 60 laps before the session was called just after 2:00pm/et. Austin Dillon, Martin Truex Jr. Kyle Larson, and Aric Almirola took part in the test using the Las Vegas tire which will return with the teams for the FireKeepers Casino 400 on June 12.(Motorsport)(5-18-2016)

  • Teams conclude test at Watkins Glen: A few hours after NASCAR driver Joey Logano won the Sprint Cup race at Watkins Glen International last August, he dug up a symbolic first chunk of the pavement to signal the start of the nearly $12 million repaving project of the Schuyler County racetrack. The Penske Racing driver in the #22 Ford returned Tuesday, along with four other drivers from different teams, to rechristen the new asphalt surface in a two-day tire-testing session for Goodyear on the 2.45-mile portion of the track. The entire 3.4-mile layout, which includes the "Boot" section, was repaved for the first time since 1998. "I thought they did an awesome job with the repave," Logano said during the second day of the test on Wednesday. "This place used to be kind of bumpy when you went into certain sections ... now, it's pretty smooth. Also attending the test were Carl Edwards, in the #19 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota; Kasey Kahne, in the #5 Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet; Trevor Bayne, in the #6 Roush Fenway Racing Ford; and current Sprint Cup points leader and 2006 Watkins Glen race winner Kevin Harvick, in the #4 Stewart-Haas Racing Chevrolet. The cars weren't sporting their race livery but were in either a gray or black primer with their regular car number. "This afternoon, we are going to run some different tires and try to pick the best tire to come here and race with," said Edwards. "This racetrack puts on some of the best racing in NASCAR. We definitely don't want to screw that up. We want to make sure we help pick the right tire."
    With the fresh asphalt providing the drivers with better grip in the corners, record speeds are expected when they return in August. The drivers interviewed Wednesday, however, said the difference from last year's lap times weren't much faster so far. "I'm surprised at how well the cars move around on the new surface, and I'm really excited about that," Edwards said. "I was nervous it was going to be really knife edge and hard to drive, and it's surprised me so far. "The track is very smooth, and the asphalt is actually a little more forgiving than a lot of the new repaves, which is nice. A couple of times, I've gotten pretty sideways and I've been able to just correct it pretty easily, and sometimes, on a new surface, that's tough."(Elmira Star-Gazette)(5-12-2016)

  • Goodyear testing underway at Watkins Glen: Five NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers and their teams will be the first to roll out onto Watkins Glen International following the track's off-season repaving project this week when they participate in a Goodyear tire test scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. #4-Kevin Harvick (Stewart-Haas Racing), #5-Kasey Kahne (Hendrick Motorsports), #6-Trevor Bayne (Roush Fenway Racing), #19-Carl Edwards (Joe Gibbs Racing) and #22-Joey Logano (Team Penske) are scheduled to take part in the test. The entire 3.4-mile layout at WGI has been repaved, although NASCAR events are contested on the shorter 2.45-mile portion of the track, avoiding the area of the layout known as "the boot."(

  • Goodyear tire testing continues: While the NASCAR race schedule is in full swing and the weather throughout the country has become milder, Goodyear's testing program has kicked into full gear. The exclusive tire supplier to NASCAR's three national series is coming off back-to-back weeks with tests at Pocono Raceway (April 19-20) and Indianapolis Motor Speedway (April 26-27). With the advent of NASCAR's 2016 lower downforce rules package, Goodyear has gone to the test lab and the track to come up with a tire that gives more mechanical grip to enhance the racing. Based on the test at Pocono, the tire set-up will fall into a similar pattern that Goodyear has enacted at many tracks already run this season with more grip, specifically on the left-side of the car. It also fell into line with Indianapolis, as it has in the past. Drivers testing Pocono were #2-Brad Keselowski, #42-Kyle Larson, #31-Ryan Newman and #78-Martin Truex Jr. After wet weather concerns leading up to the Indianapolis test, the session yielded plenty of on-track time and a consensus on the existing tire set-up. "Based on feedback from the drivers at Indianapolis, they felt that our control tire set-up - that was the same combination of tires we ran there last year - provided the right amount of grip with the lower downforce package," said Greg Stucker, Goodyear's director of racing. "Indianapolis provides its own, unique challenges with the grooved surface, being relatively flat and the high speeds. We had a great test there with a lot of input from the drivers that will help us make the right choice for the race." Drivers testing Indianapolis were #43-Aric Almirola, #19-Carl Edwards, #24-Chase Elliott and #14-Tony Stewart.
    After these two successful sessions, the testing schedule continues next week (May 10-11) on the newly re-paved surface of Watkins Glen International. Organizations scheduled to participate are Hendrick Motorsports, Joe Gibbs Racing, Penske Racing, Roush Fenway Racing and Stewart Haas Racing.
    Watkins Glen is followed by tests at Michigan International Speedway on May 17 (Furniture Row Racing, Hendrick Motorsports, Richard Childress Racing and Richard Petty Motorsports) and New Hampshire Motor Speedway on May 31-June 1 (Hendrick Motorsports, Joe Gibbs Racing, Richard Petty Motorsports and Roush Fenway Racing).(Goodyear Racing)(5-7-2016)

  • Tire test this week at IMS UPDATE: Goodyear will hold a tire test at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Tuesday Wednesday. Four drivers are scheduled to take part in the test: #43-Almirola (Ford), #24-Elliott (Chevy), #14-Stewart (Chevy), #19-Edwards (Toyota).(4-25-2016)
    UPDATE: Four NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers concluded a two-day Goodyear tire test Wednesday at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. For three-time series champion Tony Stewart, it wrapped up what he said would be the final tire test of his career. Stewart joined last weekend's winner Carl Edwards, Aric Almirola and rookie Chase Elliott among drivers involved at the Brickyard, helping Goodyear officials determine the proper tire compound for the Sprint Cup Series' annual visit on July 24. Stewart was fresh from his season debut at Richmond International Raceway. "I'm actually having fun up here," said Stewart, an Indiana native. "This is my last tire test as a driver, so I've been having fun working with the Goodyear guys and it's been kind of fun because three of the main guys here when I started here are at this test, which they don't always get to come to the same test together. It's kind of nice to be working with them one last time."
    Edwards' more immediate focus was to provide feedback to Goodyear engineers after a battery of tests at the historic 2.5-mile track. "There's a lot of stuff to learn here," Edwards said. "This track, it's difficult for a number of reasons, but really for me, just the weather today versus yesterday, it's hard to determine how much of it is the weather. As the track changes, the Goodyear rubber lays down, it changes. The challenge for us is as we make these changes with the car to try to separate the track changes and the temperature changes from the actual changes to the car. So it's a pretty difficult place to test and to figure things out, but that kind of makes it fun."(

  • Tire test at Pocono Tues & Wed UPDATE: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams representing Richard Childress Racing, Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates, Team Penske and Furniture Row Racing are scheduled to participate in a two-day Goodyear tire test Tuesday and Wednesday, April 19-20 at Pocono Raceway. Drivers expected to take part in the test are #78-Martin Truex Jr., #2-Brad Keselowski, #42-Kyle Larson and #31-Ryan Newman. "It's kind of in line with what we've done at the other tests," Greg Stucker, director of race tire sales for Goodyear said Sunday morning at Bristol Motor Speedway. "Looking at the 2016 package for Pocono and looking to increase grip." With only three corners and each one drastically different, Pocono presents its own set of unique challenges both to teams and Goodyear. While teams often compared it to Indianapolis Motor Speedway where the series will visit later this summer, those similarities, such as from a tire-wear standpoint, had begun to lessen.(NASCAR)(4-19-2016)
    UPDATE: Four Sprint Cup Series teams participated in a two-day Goodyear tire test Tuesday and Wednesday in preparation for June's Axalta, "We Paint Winners" 400 at Pocono Raceway. Drivers taking part at the Tricky Triangle were defending race winner Martin Truex Jr., the Chevrolet teams of Ryan Newman and Kyle Larson and Team Penske's Brad Keselowski, who is also a former Cup winner at Pocono. Newman ran into trouble on Day 1 as his Richard Childress Racing team shipped up another car from their shop in Welcome, N.C. for the second day of testing. "We had a tire go down, not a tire problem," Newman said. "It was either cut something or had some kind of leak and failed a tire, so we had to get another car shipped up here last night, got here this morning and the guys switched it over. We've had a busy day-and-a-half of testing so far, but don't have a lot to show for it." The Purdue University graduate wasn't the only one who experienced issues Tuesday. Third-year Cup driver Kyle Larson had a close call in his #42 Chip Ganassi Racing Chevrolet while testing around the 2.5-mile Pocono Raceway. "The car feels similar to how I raced here last time and I think we've actually improved on it some," Larson said. "We've had to work through a couple issues throughout both days, was having brake problems yesterday getting a long pedal after a few laps. We had a tire sensor go bad and go flat right-rear. "(Times Leader)(4-21-2016)

  • Goodyear to examine tires: #19-Carl Edwards avoided the tire issues that plagued his teammates and took off on the final restart to win the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Bristol. "I just kept getting tighter in the long run, not sure why that was," said #18-Kyle Busch, who had two other tire failures and was penalized for speeding off pit road. "I guess it wasn't meant to be." #20-Matt Kenseth led three times for 142 laps and seemed to be one of the few drivers capable of challenging Edwards before his day ended early after he cut a right front tire a second time and hit the wall. #11-Denny Hamlin had problems too. Goodyear will examine all the tires from Busch and Kenseth to determine if the failures were due to the tire makeup or the aggressive setups drivers use at the high-banked track. "Because all of them had the same problem, we wanted to take a look," Goodyear racing director Greg Stucker said.(ESPN)(4-18-2016)

  • Goodyear tire test at Richmond UPDATE: Two-time Richmond race winner #11-Denny Hamlin is one of four NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers scheduled to take part in a one-day Goodyear tire test Tuesday, March 29 at Richmond International Raceway. Also expected to participate in the test are Joey Logano (Team Penske #22 Ford), Greg Biffle (Roush Fenway Racing #16 Ford) and Danica Patrick (Stewart-Haas Racing #10 Chevrolet). Tuesday's Richmond test is one of two single-day tests by the tire supplier for 2016. A one-day test is also scheduled for Tuesday, May 17 at Michigan International Speedway. The Richmond test is scheduled to run from 10:00am-5:00pm/et. According to track officials, the grandstands will be open and fans attending the test should enter through Gate 70.(
    UPDATE: In the never-ending quest to improve the racing in the Sprint Cup Series, former Chesterfield resident Denny Hamlin and three other drivers spent Tuesday at Richmond International Raceway testing new tire compounds for this year's Toyota Owners 400, which is a month away. All NASCAR teams use the same tires, provided by Goodyear. It's occasionally a contentious issue, as past races have been marred by tires that disintegrated or exploded after a few laps of use. There were no such complaints on Tuesday, though, as the assembled drivers came away pleased with what was offered. Hamlin, a Manchester High graduate, said the tires handled much better than the ones offered in 2015."Last year it didn't seem like the track rubbered up a whole lot," he said. "I definitely feel like we have improvement - we got a little bit faster on the frontside and a little bit slower on the backside. So we're very encouraged by that."
    "It was a lot of fun," Joey Logano said. "They really rubbered up the racetrack. As a driver we all want to see that, and that also puts on a great race for the fans. We want to have cars that can move around and be able to pass people by going to a different lane." It was also the drivers' first glimpse at a changed facility. Thousands of seats have been removed along the backstretch at RIR, leaving an empty opening where there were once grandstands. The testing was conducted over the lunch hour, which is standard procedure for the teams, but reflected race conditions for the first time in several years. This year's spring race will be held in the early afternoon, instead of its traditional nighttime start.(Richmond Times-Dispatch)(3-30-2016)

  • Tire failures impact 5 drivers at Phoenix: Melted beads led to tire failures for five drivers during Sunday's race at Phoenix International Raceway, according to Goodyear. #31-Ryan Newman, #27-Paul Menard, #17-Ricky Stenhouse Jr., #2-Brad Keselowski and #5-Kasey Kahne each hit the wall after tire failures. Goodyear stated melted beads were the cause in each incident. Newman finished last in the 39-car field. Menard was 38th with Stenhouse 37th, Keselowski 29th and Kahne 22nd. "We were really tight, and I was having to use too much brake and I think we got the tires hot," Stenhouse said. "Once we did that, the right front gave out from having to use too much brake."(NBC Sports)(3-14-2016)

  • Goodyear Tire Test at Charlotte UPDATES: Goodyear will hold a closed tire test at Charlotte Motor Speedway next week. Four drivers are scheduled to take part in the test: #78-Martin Truex Jr., #3-Austin Dillon, #1-Jamie McMurray, and #44-Brian Scott. The test is closed to fans.(Charlotte Motor Speedway)(3-5-2016)
    UPDATE: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers are scheduled to take part in a two-day Goodyear tire test Tuesday and Wednesday, March 8-9, at Charlotte Motor Speedway. It is the second of eight tire tests scheduled by Goodyear officials and NASCAR for 2016 as part of the 2016 Unified Testing plan. Goodyear officials have said the overall tire selections for 2016 with the lower downforce rules package have thus far resulted in slightly softer compounds for tire builds. "Obviously we test, we look at all the data, we look at temperatures ... lap times, but we're not just trying to go as fast as we can," said Greg Stucker, director of race tire sales for Goodyear. "We're also trying to make sure that we get as much feedback from the drivers as we can to make sure we're landing in the right spot. Goodyear tire tests are also scheduled for Richmond, Pocono, Indianapolis, Watkins Glen, Michigan and New Hampshire this season.(
    UPDATE2: Four NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers took part in the second Goodyear Tire test of the season with the lower-downforce aerodynamic package on Tuesday and Wednesday at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Austin Dillon, Jamie McMurray, Brian Scott and Martin Truex Jr. participated in the test to help set tire recommendations for races at the speedway in May. The test was the second consecutive at a 1.5-mile track following the January session at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where the Sprint Cup Series competed last weekend. At one point during the test, teams put on the tires they raced with at Charlotte last season to compare to the new tires. The tire that the teams ran last year was the same left-side they've run at Charlotte since 2012 and the right-side made its debut in May 2015.
    "It's similar to Vegas," McMurray said. "The new tires have quite a bit more grip. Speeds have been up from last year. We went through quite a few different sets of tires, and everything seems to have good grip and a pretty good amount of fall-off after 15-20 laps. It's been a good test. We found two or three sets I think will race really well." Charlotte Motor Speedway is one of the most temperature-sensitive racetracks on the circuit and the test was held in temperatures in the high 70s. "There are a lot of unknowns when you come to Charlotte this time a year," McMurray said. "It could be 25 degrees or it could be 80. The fact that it was warm helped Goodyear and the teams because the track did slow down quite a bit yesterday afternoon."(Motor Racing Network)(3-10-2016)

  • Low downforce package means changes for Goodyear: NASCAR's new low-downforce aerodynamic package debuts this weekend at Atlanta and it comes with a "significant change" in the tires Goodyear will bring for the Sprint Cup Series each week. The adaption of the package to all tracks except the superspeedways meant extra work for Goodyear. The tires NASCAR and Cup drivers most wanted to use with the aero package provide more fall-off (increased wear). "It's a significant change when you talk about the amount of downforce that has come off the race cars so it's a pretty significant change in what we've done from the grip perspective," said Greg Stucker, Goodyear's director of racing. In general we're landing with softer compounds, at least on one side of the car if not both. The other things we're trying to integrate on these mile-and-a-halves is a couple of new constructions we've been working on, which are actually a little bit more robust."
    In theory, NASCAR believes the changes should help produce a better quality of racing, which was the case in last season's races at Kentucky and Darlington. Still, NASCAR and Goodyear will keep a close eye on the racing each week. Unintended consequences are always a possibility.(Motorsport)(2-27-2016)

  • Teams to test at Vegas UPDATE: The official start of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series may be more than one month away, however four teams will be back on the track next week to take part in a two-day Goodyear tire test at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. #48-Jimmie Johnson (Hendrick Motorsports), #41-Kurt Busch (Stewart-Haas Racing), #2-Brad Keselowski (Team Penske) and #20-Matt Kenseth (Joe Gibbs Racing) are currently scheduled to participate in the test, set for Jan. 12-13 at the 1.5-mile track. All four drivers are former series champions. It will be the first on-track activity for teams since an end-of-year test held last month at Homestead-Miami Speedway. NASCAR re-tooled its testing platform before the start of the 2015 season, doing away with private team testing and debuting the NASCAR Series Master Unified Testing Schedule. The schedule included a mix of two-day Goodyear tire tests often followed by a single-day open team test. When necessary, NASCAR officials also scheduled additional practice time as teams worked through the '15 rules package. The changes to the testing policy were made in part to help teams control costs.
    A new base rules package, similar to that used at Kentucky Speedway and Darlington Raceway in 2015, will be in place this season for events except those held at Daytona and Talladega Superspeedway. The base package includes a 3.5-inch spoiler (decreased from 6 inches), a .25-inch leading edge (previously 2 inches) on the front splitter and a 33-inch wide splitter extension panel (radiator pan) replacing the current 38-inch pan. Rear gear ratios will be adjusted to maintain 9,000 rpm maximum engine speed and a 1:38 third gear ratio will be in place for tracks under 1.25 miles. The digital dash display will also be mandatory in the series this season.
    Because next week's test is a Goodyear tire test only, the grandstands will not be open to the public.(
    UPDATE: For a quartet of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers, the best part of this week's Goodyear tire test at Las Vegas Motor Speedway was simply being back behind the wheel. Sprint Cup Series drivers Kurt Busch, Jimmie Johnson, Brad Keselowski and Matt Kenseth were in good spirits while speaking to a group of media during a break in testing tires at the 1.5-mile superspeedway on Wednesday. "I was in full offseason mode, and then after that first run yesterday, there's no other way to get that smile," Johnson said. "It's fun to get on the track, knock the rust off and get ready for the season. It's a nice way to remember how cool my job is and have some fun." Busch was happy to be back in his hometown and enjoys testing at LVMS. "Most importantly, it's the weather," the 2004 Sprint Cup Series champion said of the benefits of testing in Las Vegas. "It's a track we race only once a year, so the notes don't get as defined, and we always love to go to tracks we have minimal data from." All of the Sprint Cup Series teams will have a full day of open testing on Thursday, March 3, to kick off LVMS' 2016 NASCAR Weekend. The big racing weekend continues on Friday, March 4, with Stratosphere Pole Day, the Boyd Gaming 300 Xfinity Series race on Saturday, March 5, and the Kobalt 400 on Sunday, March 6.(LVMS)(1-14-2016)

  • 2016 test schedule set: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams are currently scheduled for five open team tests this season, according to the 2016 Unified Testing Master Schedule. Four of the tests will be two-day affairs and will take place at Indianapolis (July 12-13), Watkins Glen (July 26-27), Chicago (Aug. 23-24) and Homestead (Oct. 18-19). Each organization is allowed to send no more than one team to an open test. A single-day open team test is scheduled for Thursday, March 3 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway leading into the track's race weekend. All teams entered in the race will be eligible to participate in that test. The open team test at the 1.5-mile track comes as teams roll out a base rules package that will be used for all events other than those held on superspeedways.
    On the tire-testing front, this week's two-day Goodyear test at Las Vegas is the first of nine scheduled tire tests for Sprint Cup teams and the tire supplier, although Goodyear can increase that number when necessary. For example, the repaving of a track, such as at Kentucky Speedway this season, could necessitate an additional test for verification.
    NASCAR debuted the Unified Testing Master Schedule in 2015, eliminating private team testing in a cost-cutting move supported by teams. Unlike last season, however, when open teams tests typically came on the heels of the tire tests, this year's open tests are scheduled months after the initial Goodyear events. The additional time should give Goodyear time to build track-specific tires for the open tests instead of having teams test with tires unlikely to be used in the track's upcoming event.
    Additional tire tests currently scheduled are Charlotte Motor Speedway (March 8-9); Richmond (March 29), Pocono (April 19-20), Indianapolis (April 26-27), Kentucky (tentatively scheduled for May 3-4 although expected to move due to the repave), Watkins Glen (May 10-11), Michigan (May 17) and New Hampshire (May 31-June 1).
    As was the case last season, Sprint Cup organizations have been divided into groups of four and will participate in tire tests on a rotating basis. Each organization is scheduled to take part in four tire tests this season with the exception of JGR, which will take participate in five.(

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