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  • Official 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Yearbook Almost Sold Out: Round 5 Books publisher of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Yearbook reports that the 2016 edition is close to selling out earlier than in previous years. The increased sales pace is primarily attributed to Jimmie Johnson winning his 7th NASCAR Championship tying him with NASCAR legends Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt making the 2016 edition a true collectible. The NASCAR Yearbook has been published since the mid 1980's and continues to be the acknowledged "must have" publication. It includes stories and results for each race featuring exciting photography by the sports best. A very limited number of 2016 NASCAR Yearbooks remain available at

  • NASCAR Preview and Press Guide returns in 2017: The Official NASCAR Preview and Press Guide Returns for 2017, signaling the end of a four-year wait for the fan-favorite season-launch magazine. Produced by Professional Media Group (PMG), The Official 2017 NASCAR Preview and Press Guide, will be an all-new publication and include features and profiles in addition to traditional season preview information across the three NASCAR national series. The perfect way to prep for the new season, The Official NASCAR 2017 Preview and Press Guide will debut at the DAYTONA 500. The refreshed publication will take fans of all types, novice to avid, on a journey of what to expect throughout the year. The 2017 edition will include new fan elements, too.(Professional Media Group)(12-19-2016)

  • NASCAR Torque series released: Panini America, the official trading card partner of NASCAR, released their 2016 Torque NASCAR Racing cards in hobby shops across the country. Prior to teaming up with Panini in August, NASCAR was without a trading card partner for two years, and they are ready to deliver to anxious fans everything they have been waiting for and more. Panini's Torque card product contains everything from sheet-metal cards (sheet metal taken from the cars) to oversized memorabilia cards (race-worn fire suits, gloves, shoes, etc., and race-used tires). Torque is packed with content both on the autograph and memorabilia sides; it also delivers a compelling array of photography, technology, and tributes to all-time greats, paint schemes, superstar helmets and so much more.(more info at

  • NASCAR Heat Evolution will have Darlington paint schemes available: While the focus of the Southern 500 is on throwbacks for the second consecutive season, Darlington Raceway's themed weekend also will have a cutting edge twist. The new NASCAR Heat Evolution video game, which will be released Sept. 13 on PlayStation4 and XBox One, will feature the Darlington throwback schemes through a downloadable content feature, publisher Dusenberry Martin Racing announced Thursday. The game will have the 2016 Daytona 500 schemes, but a Darlington pack can be purchased online that will brand the cars in throwback schemes for the race. Paint schemes used at other tracks also will be available in future downloadable packs. The Southern 500 car branding will be available in a suite of downloadable content that also will feature variable spotter audio (including current NASCAR spotters, drivers and announcers) and a series of "challenges" that will put players in historic real-world scenarios. More than 1,000 photos were taken over a full day at Darlington Raceway to help build the layout of the 1.366-mile track for the game. The process starts with a computerized scan of the track surface to determine the correct turning radius, banking and straightaway lengths. Developers from Monster Games then use reference points from the photos (also relying on satellite imagery; drones are being considered for usage in future photos) to build the SAFER barriers, walls, fencing, grandstands, pits and garages.(NBC Sports)(9-3-2016)

  • NASCAR Heat Evolution to feature 40-Player Races: NASCAR Heat Evolution began with a mission: deliver the most intense NASCAR racing experience. Working alongside Monster Games, known for developing classic NASCAR games like the original NASCAR Heat and NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona, we pushed ourselves to find innovative ways to make our racing vision a reality. That meant extensive car tuning options, adaptive AI that adjusts to your skill level, in-depth Career and Championship modes to capture the exhilaration of the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, and a new Challenge mode for those who want to step into the cockpit of their favorite drivers and recreate real-life history. But the biggest thing we wanted to do to separate NASCAR Heat Evolution from any NASCAR title you've played before is in online competitive multiplayer. As the first official NASCAR game on PS4, we recognized we had the power to do things never before possible in a NASCAR game. So we committed to giving players the real deal: a full field of 40 racers in online multiplayer - 40 human players all going for the checkered flag in the same race. In previous NASCAR console games, each multiplayer game was hosted by a specific user, and that kind of peer-to-peer system could result in a number of issues - the host could leave, or have a poor connection, and that could negatively alter the entire race. We knew that system wouldn't fly if we wanted to put 40 players together in NASCAR Heat Evolution. We built a new system where each online game's data is hosted by a server. All race data comes from that server, so the entire race experience is no longer tied to any one player. Multiplayer will only feature human drivers on the track, so if there are 24 human players in a session, you will see 24 cars on screen. Your starting position is determined by previous lap times at that track. Those with faster lap times will start closer to the front, helping to ensure that players of equal racing ability are placed near one another for a clean start. If a player quits a race for any reason, their car will disappear from the race, but everyone else can continue to compete for the checkered flag.(PlayStation Blog)(8-11-2016)

  • The end of NASCAR Illustrated: American City Business Journals, the Charlotte-based parent of more than 40 print and online newspapers, has decided to stop publishing its NASCAR Illustrated publication. In an email to the staff, CEO Whitney Shaw writes: "I wanted to let you know that we are closing NASCAR Illustrated. Obviously, we don't make decisions like this lightly nor do we ever forget that peoples' lives are affected. Unfortunately, I simply did not see a pathway to profitability in an environment that is becoming increasingly digital and where the economics of newsstand sales have changed so dramatically. The final issue of Illustrated is currently at the printer." It's the second NASCAR publication that ACBJ has ended. In early 2010, NASCAR Scene, a publication that started in 1977, was closed and merged into the monthly NASCAR Illustrated. NASCAR Illustrated has a circulation of 85,000, according to ACBJ's website.(Talking Biz News), see the latest issue at

  • Jeff Gordon publishing first authorized biography: Jeff Gordon, four-time NASCAR Cup Series champion and current FOX NASCAR broadcast analyst, is publishing his first-ever authorized biography in October. "I purposely waited until I retired from driving so the book would encompass my entire career," says Gordon. "People are going to be able to read about me like they've never read about me before." The authorized biography, "Jeff Gordon: His Dream, Drive & Destiny" is being written by Joe Garner, the five-time New York Times bestselling author of such popular hardcover collections as "And The Crowd Goes Wild" and "100 Yards of Glory." Gordon and Garner first worked together in 2006 on the multimedia book titled "Speed, Guts, & Glory," about landmark moments in NASCAR history. Garner was given unprecedented access. "What truly impressed me in the making of this book is the time Jeff invested. There are so many books with very little time invested by the drivers, but Jeff gave me unparalleled access at the race track, at special events - and at his home - over the past 15 months," says Garner. The book is based on those extensive interviews with Gordon - as well as in-depth interviews with dozens of family members, friends, competitors, and colleagues, some of whom have never gone on the record before. "He put nothing off-limits and encouraged the people to speak honestly," says Garner. "And Jeff speaks candidly, sometimes brutally so, about his childhood, his much publicized divorce, those he competed against, his family, and life after racing." "Jeff Gordon: His Dream, Drive & Destiny" is scheduled to be released on October 18th, 2016.(

  • "FOYT, ANDRETTI, PETTY: America's Racing Trinity": Motorsports publisher Coastal 181 has announced the release of "FOYT, ANDRETTI, PETTY: America's Racing Trinity," by award-winning author Bones Bourcier. Twenty years after they hung up their helmets, the names A.J. Foyt, Mario Andretti, and Richard Petty remain synonymous with the sport they carried to new heights. They rose to fame just as the American media began to legitimize auto racing, and gave the nation characters as compelling as any in sports or entertainment.
    Foyt was all Texan, John Wayne in a firesuit, stomping into victory lanes from Indianapolis to Le Mans. Petty, the genial North Carolinian, put a smiling Andy Griffith face on the American South, no small feat in the tumultuous '60s. Andretti, who'd sailed from Italy at age 15, struck for all outsiders the same yes-you-can chord sounded by another ambitious Italian-American, Frank Sinatra.
    They crossed paths often, on-track and in the headlines. Take 1967, which opened with Andretti beating NASCAR's best at Daytona, peaked with Foyt's third Indy 500 win, and ended with a record 27 victories for Petty. Or the three-season stretch from 1977-79, when Foyt became the first four-time Indy winner, Andretti earned the World Driving Championship, and Petty won a game-changing Daytona 500. They even throttled back their careers in lockstep, Petty in 1992, Foyt in '93, Andretti in '94. Today all three are revered; as they walk through crowded pit areas, people make way. Charisma never ages.
    This is more than a three-act biography. Laced with quotes from Foyt, Petty, Andretti, and their peers, and spiced with period accounts from the motorsports world and the changing social landscape, this is the history of modern American racing as refracted through the lives of three extraordinary champions. Further context is added by a pair of forewords, one by motorsports broadcaster Dave Despain, the other by acclaimed driver John Andretti, who grew up as Mario's nephew, raced for both Foyt and Petty, and also happens to be A.J.'s godson.
    "FOYT, ANDRETTI, PETTY: America's Racing Trinity" is now available for $34.95, online at, or by phone at 877-907-8181. The book is hard cover, 348 pages, including 24 pages of photographs.(Coastal 181)(12-6-2015)

  • 'Real Racing 3' app gets NASCAR addition: Electronic Arts' wildly popular Real Racing 3 app has been downloaded more than 180 million times on phones and tablets worldwide. The game, so established that it's included in the "Essentials" section of the App Store, is a worldwide hit featuring a variety of different forms of racing. But users have never been able to experience NASCAR as part of Real Racing 3 - until now. On Monday, EA unveiled a NASCAR-themed update to the app, which has a variety of star drivers' stock cars for users to unlock over a six-week period. The update centers around the Sept. 12 Federated Auto Parts 400 at Richmond International Raceway, which serves as NASCAR's final regular season race. The game, a free download, starts with players putting themselves in the seat of an up-and-coming driver trying to break into the Sprint Cup Series. After graduating from the NASCAR Academy (a tutorial), players must complete a series of levels before gaining access to the Richmond race, where they can compete in a full 43-car field. Though the NASCAR update will live for only a short time, any cars unlocked by users in the six-week period can be used for the rest of the game. That's big exposure for NASCAR, which will suddenly be spotlighted for players from Europe to Asia and everywhere in between. In addition, it should provide the sport a boost in its ongoing efforts to connect with the millennial audience.(USA Today)(9-1-2015)

  • Ronnie Weller, Mother of NASCAR Driver Jimmy Weller, Releases Book: Ronnie Weller, mother of NASCAR driver Jimmy Weller, released her first book earlier this month. Available for purchase on,, and, "Race Again: The Power of Faith and Family" tells the story of how faith and family brought the Weller family through their darkest trial. Sharing the story of her son's near-fatal accident in a 2004 United States Auto Club (USAC) Sprint Race in Concord, N.C., Weller explains how the family looked to God to help bring them through her son's accident and the ensuing recovery process. "I can't begin to explain the importance of faith in getting our family through Jimmy's accident," Ronnie Weller said. "We know by our Faith and the prayers from everyone, that Jimmy is only here by the Grace is God. He truly is a Miracle! If I can help bring just one person closer to God, I feel like I've accomplished what I've set out to do."
    The story begins on October 13, 2004, at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway--the day the younger Weller's accident occurred--and brings readers through those fateful hours as the family waited to learn his prognosis. Initially not knowing whether her son would even survive, Weller describes her pain through the following days and weeks as she waited to see if her son would be able to see, speak or walk again. Once the younger Weller's recovery was underway, she describes a mother's fear and anticipation as her son eventually climbed back behind the wheel of a race car.
    Today, Jimmy Weller, who is the subject of the story, races a limited schedule in the NASCAR XFINITY Series. Set to compete at Charlotte (N.C.) Motor Speedway on Saturday, May 23, Weller will drive the #90 Geneva-Liberty Steel / Chevrolet Camaro for King Autosport.
    "It's been so cool to watch my mom throughout the entire process of writing and publishing her book," Jimmy Weller said. "I always say that I was on the easy end of the accident. I went through the physical pain, but my family had to deal with all the mental and emotional pain. To know that she not only went through the pain once, but then re-lived it as she wrote this book is just a testament of who my mother is. She always looks out for other people, and is always there to help people in need. Hopefully this book can help bring people who are facing adversity closer to God."(PR)(5-25-2015)

  • 2015 National Speedway Directory Arriving Soon at Race Tracks: The highly anticipated source for race tracks will be on shelves in early April. The 2015 National Speedway Directory lists a total of over 1,300 auto racing facilities. It is the most comprehensive publication of active tracks in the United States and Canada available anywhere. This book lists detailed information on oval tracks, dragstrips and road courses. The phone numbers, addresses, exact directions, nights of operation and type of racing are included in this handy 592-page paper-back book.
    Listings for approximately 300 sanctions, 60 racing publications, and 70 racing related museums, pushes the total to over 1,730 motorsports related listings. The 2015 schedules for over 175 racing series with 3,000 events are also included.
    The new edition is essential for planning vacations, track days and race outings. Race fans and industry professionals can depend on the National Speedway Directory for the most accurate and updated directory of race tracks in North America.
    The price for one copy is $15.00 (includes postage) or two copies for $25.00. Orders can be placed online at or emailing . Checks or money orders can be sent to: National Speedway Directory - 909 Seneca Road - Wilmette, IL - 60091.
    About National Speedway Directory and Track Guide National Speedway Directory ( is the trusted information source for the motorsports industry. It prints listings of oval tracks, dragstrips, road courses, sanctions, publications, museums and race schedules. National Speedway Directory has been published annually since 1975. The book is also available as a digital edition for iPhone and Android devices. Track Guide is the new iPhone and Android app, which puts race track and event information and directions right in the palm of your hand. Users can locate their favorite tracks or events, anywhere, anytime.(5-13-2015)

  • Ken Squier, His Life ... So Far: A new documentary film on Squier is out. Growing up in a small town in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Ken Squier had two passions, radio and race cars. He took his love of broadcasting and motor sports out into the world, forging them into a career that spanned 60 years and took him to the top of the sports broadcasting industry. Along the way he helped create the largest independent motorsports broadcasting companies in the world. As the inspiration and mentor to countless racers and aspiring broadcasters, Ken is an icon in the racing world. Along the way he's grown his single local Vermont radio station into a network of stations that serve the community and state he loves. This DVD features interviews with 30 of Ken's family, friends, and colleagues, including: Richard Petty, Bobby Allison, Darrell Waltrip, Richard Childress, Ricky Craven, Dave Moody, Barney Hall, Allen Bestwick, Humpy Wheeler, Beaver Dragon, Robbie Crouch, Sen. Patrick Leahy, Ed Goren, Lt. Gov. Phil Scott, Dick Berggren, and many more! The film is 70 minutes long, and includes a bonus 17 minutes of additional footage not available in the broadcast version! The DVD is for sale at River Media)(4-13-2015)

  • New biography tackles the tale of NASCAR founder "Big Bill" France: In the midst of NASCAR's Daytona Speedweeks, it's an ideal time to take a look at the newest book on the sport: "Big Bill: The Life and Times of NASCAR Founder Bill France Sr.," by H.A. "Herb" Branham, longtime journalist and NASCAR public relations executive who now runs the International Speedway Corporation's Archives and Research Center in Daytona Beach. Branham already wrote "Bill France Jr.: The Man who Made NASCAR," so this 357-page authorized biography (Fenn M&S, part of Penguin-Random House, $27.95, hardcover) is a natural prequel. "Big Bill" is a mandatory read for anyone interested in the history of NASCAR. Branham's conversational style lends itself to a fast, often funny read about a man who managed to do for stock car racing what multiple other men have done for other forms of motorsports, from Ted Johnson and the World of Outlaws to Bernie Ecclestone and Formula One: Identify the available pieces, organize them in a way no one else had been able to before, and advance the package to the next level.(see full article at Motorsport)(2-20-2015)

  • Matt Kenseth's Race Against Bullying Children's Book Debuts: Today (August 26, 2014) on National Youth Literacy Day, Matt Kenseth debuted Matt Kenseth's Race Against Bullying, his first children's book aimed at educating and empowering children to make good choices if faced with bullying situations. Kenseth, a two-time Daytona 500 Champion and the NASCAR Sprint Cup series driver of the #20 Dollar General Toyota Camry, released the book with his wife Katie at Joe Gibbs Racing headquarters. Published by Bendon, Inc., Matt Kenseth's Race Against Bullying is available today for purchase exclusively at more than 11,300 Dollar General stores nationwide and online at It is also the first installment of a four-part series of educational children's books that Matt and Katie Kenseth championed. The series is designed for family reading for children ages 4 through 8 to become more self-confident and empowered to make good choices.
    "As a parent of three small children, it's natural to worry about the issues they will face while growing up," said Kenseth, the 2003 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion. "Both Katie and I believe that openly talking about these issues is the best way to prepare them. This book is designed to help families discuss the effects of bullying with their kids. We believe it's important our kids not only know how to deal with a bully, but also understand that it's not OK to act like one."
    "We're excited to partner with Matt to raise awareness and provide solutions to childhood bullying, especially since it reflects our mission of Serving Others," said Rick Dreiling, Dollar General's chairman and CEO. "The project also combines Dollar General's passion for literacy and reading through the Dollar General Literacy Foundation with the strong representation Matt brings to both Dollar General, Joe Gibbs Racing and NASCAR."
    According to, more than 70 percent of students say they have seen bullying in their schools and less than 30 percent of students who are bullied notify an adult. Kenseth, an avid reader, has helped support literacy programs throughout his career and currently serves as an ambassador for the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. Sharing in both Dollar General and Kenseth's commitment to literacy is long-time Kenseth sponsor CITIZEN Watch, who made a $25,000 donation on Kenseth's behalf to the Dollar General Literacy Foundation in honor of the book launch.
    "Our new brand statement Better Starts Now is about reaching inside yourself to do things better. With the launch of his new book, Matt has shown us that this motto is part of his character both on and off the track," said Jeffrey Cohen, President of Citizen Watch Company of America. "With statistics showing bullying and harassment becoming an even bigger social problem a book like this is just what is needed to help start the conversation earlier between parents and children. Citizen Watch Company has supported higher education for the past two years as a corporate sponsor of the National Merit Scholarship Foundation and we are proud to expand our educational support with a donation to the Dollar General Literacy Foundation in honor of Matt Kenseth."
    Matt Kenseth's Race Against Bullying is a 22-page, 10 x 10-inch, soft-cover book, retailing for $3 at more than 11,300 Dollar General stores nationwide and online at Written by Gina Gold, illustrated by Adam Devaney and produced by Judy O Productions, Inc., Matt Kenseth's Race Against Bullying was created by Matt and Katie Kenseth and is published by Bendon, Inc. To learn more about the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, please visit

  • 'Money Stop'-A book on the history of pit stops and the stories behind them: For the last three years, has been giving fans a real look at the people and stories that make up NASCAR's pit road. Each week we try and provide news that brings the fans and readers closer to the action. Trent Cherry, a NASCAR pit coach and 15 year veteran of pit road, has written a book called "Money Stop". We want our subscribers to have the first chance to get it. This book details the history of pit stops back to the roots. It also contains over 20 stories from past and current pit crew members about some of the most memorable pit stops they've been a part of. As far as we know there is nothing like this out there and it has gotten great reviews so far. This is a true gift for any race fan and its a unique look into the world of what its like to be on a NASCAR pit crew. For more info and to order the book, go to

  • Some new NASCAR books: In Magnolias, Sweet Tea, and Exhaust, Carole Townsend goes to ground with NASCAR, following the races at Southern tracks from one to the next, learning about the sport and the culture of NASCAR as she goes. Townsend meets and interviews top drivers as well as some of NASCAR's rising stars, legends, team owners, pit crews, and fans. In a display of immersion journalism at its best, Townsend takes a ride in one of the cars on a track at race speed, tours the multimillion dollar garages in North Carolina, learns from mechanics, mingles with fans, and participates in the much-coveted infield camping party at Atlanta Motor Speedway. More info at
    AND Who won the first Daytona 500? Fans still debate whether it was midwestern champion Johnny Beauchamp, declared the victor at the finish line, or longtime NASCAR driver Lee Petty, declared the official winner a few days after the race. The Ghosts of NASCAR puts the controversial finish under a microscope. Author John Havick interviewed scores of people, analyzed film of the race, and pored over newspaper accounts of the event. He uses this information and his deep knowledge of the sport as it worked then to determine what probably happened. But he also tells a much bigger story: the story of how Johnny Beauchamp-and his Harlan, Iowa, compatriots, mechanic Dale Swanson and driver Tiny Lund-ended up in Florida driving in the 1959 Daytona race. More info at University of Iowa Press.(7-2-2014)

  • New books released about race tracks: From Creek Indian land to a World War II airfield, Talladega Superspeedway has a history as exciting as its NASCAR races. Author Kent Whitaker chronicles the track's development in Talladega Superspeedway, Arcadia Publishing's newest addition to its NASCAR Library Collection. In more than 200 vintage images, Whitaker recounts the dreams, challenges, and triumphs of businessmen and racecar drivers with a national dream. Whitaker even devoted a chapter to female drivers. Available at area bookstores, independent retailers, and online retailers, or through Arcadia Publishing at (888)-313-2665 or online.
    AND To celebrate and acknowledge its 50th anniversary, Phoenix International Raceway published a limited-edition commemorative book, 'Phoenix At 50: A Half-Century of Racing' documenting the last five decades of racing in the Valley of the Sun. After debuting during PIR's spring NASCAR race weekend, the book is now available for purchase online at Fans can find the book by searching for 'Phoenix International Raceway' or 'Phoenix at 50'. The book, which retails for $49.99, is a comprehensive journey through the track's first 50 years, featuring a series of vignettes and short stories focusing on many of the most exciting races and the greatest drivers to compete in Phoenix (PIR).(5-16-2014)

  • New book about spotters: Veteran motorsports media member and retired NASCAR race day spotter John Close announced the publishing of his third book - On The Spot - Life In The Fast Lane As A NASCAR Spotter. The volume - which is Close's first electronic book - is now available as a FREE download at "On The Spot will allow race fans to get an inside look at what happens up on the spotters stand during a professional motorsports event," stated Close, who spotted more than 150 NASCAR Cup, Nationwide and Truck events as well as dozens of short-track races from 1995-2008. "Spotting is one of the least publicized and most misunderstood aspects of auto racing. Considering the importance of spotters in today's high-pressure world of stock car racing, I think fans will find it an enlightening and interesting read."In On The Spot, Close takes you up on the spotter's stand where he relates some of his most memorable race events and personal experiences. Additional chapters in the book cover the history of NASCAR race spotting and how the practice and equipment have evolved over the years since first implemented in the early 1950s. On The Spot also includes an introduction by NASCAR Sprint Cup star and Wisconsin native Matt Kenseth. A host of current NASCAR spotters - and others such as NASCAR driving legend Buddy Baker - contributed to the book which also features more than 100 photos taken by Close and top motorsports photographers such as Nigel Kinrade, Brian Czobat and Russ Lake.(PR)(12-27-2013)

  • LASTCAR: Cup Series Last-Place Finishers By Track (1949-2013):
    This book includes last-place statistics for the Sprint Cup Series at every track on the circuit, plus some tracks no longer on the schedule such as North Wilkesboro and Riverside. The book, which is now available for $2.99 at Amazon and Smashwords (click on either for the link)(12-10-2013)

  • Circle of Hope: An Inspiring NASCAR Journey Follows Five Racers, Three Seasons in Stock Car Racing's Two Premier Series: On June 17, 2006, unknown part-time driver David Gilliland brought his homemade car and can-do attitude to Kentucky Speedway. With just seven NASCAR starts, his best Nationwide finish was 29th. But that night Gilliland achieved one of the sport's greatest upsets ever. Circle of Hope: An Inspiring NASCAR Journey profiles Gilliland and other fascinating lesser-known drivers in NASCAR's two top series through joy and triumph, disappointment and defeat. In the book, journalist Deann Alford follows hope-driven stories of Sprint Cup driver David Reutimann; NASCAR legend Morgan Shepherd; ARCA truck champion Brett Rowe; Nationwide Series driver Eric McClure; and David Gilliland whose spectacular win landed on NASCAR media's ballot for "Race of the Decade."
    The book offers behind-the-scenes portraits of drivers and those covering the sport, including the late NASCAR journalist David Poole of the Charlotte Observer and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio's talk show "The Morning Drive." Additionally the book includes vignettes with stars Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick, Carl Edwards, Jimmie Johnson, Trevor Bayne and celebrated dirt racer Buzzie Reutimann. Each provided the author with hope amid her own darkest season of grief.
    Amid persistent malaise in American society, hope remains in short supply just about everywhere, Alford said. "My aim in writing this book has been to bring encouragement to people, no matter their walk, that they, too, can achieve their own dreams," she said. "The hope that's abundant in these persevering NASCAR drivers will inspire readers who will learn from their journeys and find hope in their own battles of life."
    The concept for Circle of Hope began when Alford wrote the August 2008 cover story on NASCAR and faith for Christianity Today magazine, for which she served as a senior writer. The book is now available in both Kindle format and paperback via

  • Charlotte Motor Speedway From Granite to Gold: by Deb Williams with a foreword by Darrell Waltrip. Engines roared at Charlotte Motor Speedway for the first time in 1960, and the track has been home to some of NASCAR's greatest races and most honored drivers ever since. Despite early challenges, Bruton Smith and Humpy Wheeler took charge in 1975 and together sculpted one of the most famous racetracks in America as host of the Coca-Cola 600 and the Sprint All-Star race. In 1992, the track became the first modern superspeedway to host night racing, and thousands of race fans watched their favorite drivers swap paint under the North Carolina night sky. Get in the groove with racing journalist Deb Williams as she traces the history of the Charlotte Motor Speedway, with plenty of pit stops along the way. This book is available at local stores, Amazon and online at

  • Rockingham Speedway: A book set for release later this month recounts the history of Rockingham Speedway through pictures. Authors Rick Houston and Bryan Hallman take the readers back to the humble beginnings of the track, highlighting Harold Brasington's dream of turning a tract of land just outside of Rockingham into a mecca of auto racing in the Sandhills area, to today's rebirth under Andy Hillenburg. Pictures contributed by Brasington's grandson, Harold Brasington III, as well as L.G. Dewitt's daughter, Nancy DeWitt Daugherty, show the pile of dirt slowly transformed into what was then known as North Carolina Motor Speedway and even includes a photo of "The King" Richard Petty on top of one of the paving machines. The book "Rockingham Speedway" briefly discusses by the time North Carolina Motor Speedway held its first race on Oct. 31, 1965, Brasington's association was being dissolved. Brasington was being replaced as the track's president in favor of J. Elsie Webb.
    The book's photo history recalls some of the most historical moments of not only the track, but NASCAR as well. Included are photos of Benny Parsons' mangled #72 Chevrolet following a crash on Lap 13 of the season-ending American 500 as well as the efforts by his crew to get the car back on the track. Parsons, a resident of Ellerbe, eventually did return to racing and clinched his only NASCAR points championship.
    The over 100 pages traces the track's growth and the sport's big names which have attempted to tame "The Rock." Drivers like Jeff Gordon, Rusty Wallace and Cale Yarborough as well as the late Dale Earnhart, Alan Kulwicki, Neil Bonnett and Davey Allison are prominently featured in the book.
    Photos from Kasey Kahne near-miss against Matt Kenseth in the 2004 Subway 400, the final Sprint Cup series race at the track, signaled the end of the relationship with NASCAR. The closing pages, which focuses on Hillenburg's effort to bring NASCAR back to the Sandhills, Kahne is featured again. Kahne is shown in Victory Lane following his victory in the inaugural Camping World Truck Series race at the track. The event was deemed a success and NASCAR returned for a second time this April for another truck series race.
    The book will be made available to the public on July 15 and can be pre-ordered at and other retailers. More ifno about the book at County Daily Journal)(7-1-2013)

  • News on a couple of NASCAR books: NASCAR Fans will once again have the opportunity to purchase the Official NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Yearbook as Round 5 Books announced today that the 2012 edition is now available for pre-ordering at The Yearbook which ships in early December 2012 is the same book presented to championship winning drivers, team owners and race team members for over 20 years. With great photography, race results and stories the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Yearbook is a must have collectable for NASCAR fans.
    AND: The book "Then Junior Said to Jeff...The Greatest NASCAR Stories Ever Told" by David Poole, Jim McLaurin, and Tom Gillispie has been updated and re-released in paperback for this fall. More information at:

  • Johnson publishes book about 2011 Chase: Chandra and Jimmie Johnson announced the release of their self-published book, On The Road. The 208-page, hardcover book chronicles Johnson's 2011 unsuccessful quest for an historic sixth consecutive NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship. The book reveals lifestyle photographer Missy McLamb's unprecedented access to all aspects of the Johnsons' lives, from the frustrations of ending his record-breaking winning streak to the joys of fatherhood with then 1-year-old daughter Genevieve. NASCAR's 10-week playoff known as the Chase serves as the backdrop for this first-hand account of the emotional toll running for a championship takes on Johnson, his family and team. The book was self-published by the Johnsons and packaged for publication by designer Mark Pollard.A gallery showing of select prints will take place Oct. 13-20 in Charlotte, N.C. For more information, visit Speed Communication)(9-13-2012)

  • Book: 100 Things NASCAR Fans Should Know and: Most NASCAR fans have enjoyed their share of tasty hotdogs at Martinsville Speedway, have seen highlights of a young Richard Petty and have witnessed "a big one" crash at their favorite tracks. But only real fans know how to party Talladega Boulevard style or the importance of winning nicknames like Silver Fox or Splendid Splinter, or which race is known as the "race that made NASCAR." 100 Things NASCAR Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die was written for all of those serious stock car racing fans around the world who want to enhance their NASCAR IQ. It reveals special stories and experiences from fans and memorable moments about racers and tracks both past and present. Award- winning sports journalist and author Mike Hembree shares what's really important and touches on some of the most famous races, personalities and traditions in NACAR history including:
    How racing king Richard Petty won the last official NASCAR dirt-race event
    Sara Christian becoming the first female NASCAR participant in 1949
    How "Too Tough Too Tame" Darlington Raceway was carved out of an old peanut farm
    How Darrel Waltrip became the first driver to twice win the Talladega 500
    The sacred pilgrimage to the birthplace of Dale Earnhardt
    Whether you're a die-hard fan from the days of The Intimidator or a new supporter of Tony Stewart and youngster Trevor Bayne, this book contains all of the things NASCAR fans should actually see and do in their lifetime. If you want to call yourself a true NASCAR aficionado, increase your knowledge of the world's most attended sporting event, and experience the full extent of the racing world, then 100 Things NASCAR Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die is a must read. Mike Hembree has covered auto racing for two decades and seen more than 600 NASCAR races. He has been named writer of the year three times by the National Motorsports Press Association. He lives in Gaffney, NC. More info and how to purchase the book at Publishers Group)(3-18-2012)

  • New Jeff Gordon book: Do you ever wonder where all of those celebrity letters wind up? If you sent a letter to Jeff Gordon in the 1990's, chances are that it was opened by Molly and Russ Harris, the founders of the Jeff Gordon National Fan Club - the largest personal touch fan club in racing. For more than a decade, they opened Jeff Gordon's mail! Molly's new book "Opening Jeff Gordon's Mail" takes readers on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Jeff Gordon National Fan Club. From their first meeting with the sprint car standout to his early years in NASCAR to his championship seasons, the book takes racing fans to places they only dreamed of. Molly and her husband founded the Jeff Gordon National Fan Club in 1992. From the outset, they catered not just to the fans of Jeff Gordon, but all race fans. By doing so, they created the most popular fan based club in all of racing in the 1990's. In today's world of here today, gone tomorrow online marketing and product placement campaigns, "Opening Jeff Gordon's Mail" takes readers to a time when customer service and fan appreciation was the gold standard. For more info and to buy the book, go to

  • New Darrell Waltrip Book released: NASCAR Hall of Famer Darrell Waltrip knew that big changes were in the wind on the morning of February 18, 2001. For the first time in his long and storied career, Darrell would be watching the race from the broadcast booth high above the track, explaining its complexities to a television audience of millions. His younger brother Michael Waltrip would be among the starting drivers. Sundays Will Never Be the Same opens with a heart-stopping account of that dramatic race. By the time the sun set on that day, Michael Waltrip would have captured his first checkered flag in NASCAR's biggest race, Dale Earnhardt Jr. would have placed second, and Dale Earnhardt, the sport's brightest star, would have passed into eternity. The sudden death of Dale Earnhardt on the final lap of the 2001 Daytona 500 was a traumatic loss for the entire NASCAR family, and few were affected more deeply than Darrell Waltrip.
    For more info and to order the book, go to

  • New Book by John Roberts: NASCAR is one of the world's most popular sports and The Great Book of NASCAR Lists, by SPEED Channel broadcaster John Roberts, with M.B. Roberts, shows just exactly what all the fuss is about. Including everything from the first and the fastest to the legendary and most outrageous, this book will have fans discussing, debating and celebrating NASCAR for many races to come. Fans will find themselves fixated on lists such as:
    " The Fifty Greatest Drivers of All Time
    " Trophies -the Best, Biggest, and Most Bizarre
    " NASCAR's Grand Evolving Traditions
    " Most Controversial Races
    " Car Numbers that Count
    " All-Time Laps Led
    " And so much more!
    Lists feature a brief explanation of ranking, plus entertaining and informative background information that may surprise. From a list of best quotes from drivers ("Second place is just the first loser,") and unexpected sponsors (Boudreaux's Butt Paste) to the best comeback stories (Ernie Irvan) and most memorable hard-luck moments in NASCAR history (J.D. McDuffie), it's all in here.
    John Roberts has been covering sports for two decades. He is the host of the SPEED Channel's top rated programs NASCAR Raceday and Victory Lane. From the Daytona 500 to the Labor Day Classic, John Roberts travels to race cities every week to broadcast live with co-hosts Kyle Petty and Kenny Wallace. He lives in Charlotte, NC. M.B. Roberts is the author of 17 books, including Sign of Life: A Story of Family, Tragedy, Music and Healing and Bear's Boys. She lives in Hollywood, FL.
    More info at

  • Book about Trevor Bayne: After winning the Daytona 500 in 2011, twenty-year-old Trevor Bayne became a role model for NASCAR fans everywhere. Now you can read his inspiring story in the new biography, DRIVEN BY FAITH: The Trevor Bayne Story (Zonderkidz; $6.99; January 2012) by award-winning Motorsports journalist Godwin Kelly. The youngest winner ever of the Daytona 500, Bayne candidly shares the story of his faith-driven racing career with NASCAR enthusiast Kelly. Kelly's undeniable love of the sport shines through as he details each crowning moment of Bayne's young life-how the child attached to his toy cars went on to win three WKA national and world championships, and NASCAR's highest honor, the Daytona 500. For each accomplishment, the Knoxville-born racer credits his faith. "The biggest thing I've ever done-and ever could do-is find Christ," Bayne says in the book. "That's the reason I'm here."Young readers and NASCAR enthusiasts will especially appreciate Bayne's remarkable humility and passion, not only for his work on the track, but for helping families in need with Back2Back Ministries in Mexico and spreading the word of God. A champion, a big brother, a son and a devoted Christian, Bayne continues to inspire others on and off the race track. DRIVEN BY FAITH proves that the best is yet to come from this young star, who, with faith in his heart, has already touched many lives. "Victories are great, but they go away with time," Bayne said. "A relationship with Christ is something that can never go away."(PR), the book can be ordered at or (12-9-2011)

  • Don Miller gets award for book: "Miller's Time," Coastal 181's acclaimed publication on the life and accomplishments of Don Miller, auto racing executive and longtime partner of Roger Penske, is the recipient of a highly valued award for excellence in motorsports writing. The American Auto Racing Writers & Broadcasters Association (AARWBA) awarded "Miller's Time" second place in its annual Motorsport Book competition, a contest judged by journalism professionals that attracts entries from around the world. Miller's co-author is Jim Donnelly, an award-winning writer and senior editor of Hemmings Motor News in Bennington, Vermont.
    The book recounts the story of Don Miller's remarkable rise from Chicago hot rodder and automotive businessman to his role as Penske's top lieutenant in motorsports, a position that made him one of racing's most respected and influential people. "Miller's Time" describes Don's discovery and mentoring of both Rusty Wallace and Ryan Newman, his invention of the NASCAR roof flap, and in gripping detail, the nearly fatal accident on pit road at Talladega that left him disabled.
    Miller was humbled when hearing of the award. "I am very pleased, and very grateful, for the recognition we received, especially because it was the first effort for both of us in a project like this," Miller said. "To have been involved with a friend like Jim Donnelly in telling my story, and then have it win praise from our peers in racing is a true honor."
    "This is the story of Don's amazing life of accomplishment, lived fully with compassion and humility," Donnelly said. "Not many authors are fortunate to find a subject with such a worthwhile and interesting story, one that can also so clearly benefit anyone who reads it. I am thrilled to share this tribute with him."
    All net proceeds from the sale of "Miller's Time" will be used in efforts to prevent child abuse and neglect, a special interest of Miller, who founded "Stocks for Tots" in Mooresville, NC, to mobilize the racing community around the issue. Miller was the recipient of NASCAR's first Humanitarian of the Year award.(Coastal 181)(6-5-2011)

  • Pocono: NASCAR's Northern Invasion: As a former sports editor of the Pocono Record, author Joe Miegoc covered racing at Pocono Raceway for two newspapers for more than 15 years, saw most of the good at the track and some of the bad. Now he has turned spectator, beginning a two-year journey that gave birth to "Pocono:NASCAR's Northern Invasion."
    This book documents iconic Pocono Raceway, the role it played in spreading NASCAR above the Mason-Dixon Line and conversely, the role NASCAR played in saving Pocono. "Pocono: NASCAR's Northern Invasion" includes interviews and recollections of major NASCAR and Indy Car players of the time, Richard Petty, David Pearson, Darrell Waltrip, Bobby Allison, Rusty Wallace, A.J. Foyt, Janet Guthrie, Bill Elliott, Geoff Bodine and others.
    As Pocono observes the 40th anniversary of its first major event, the 1971 Schaefer 500, "Pocono: NASCAR's Northern Invasion" details how NASCAR creator Bill France helped Pocono survive the USAC-CART Indy car war, how the track rode the coattails of Hall of Fame drivers Petty, David Pearson and Bobby Allison to financial success and how at Pocono, Allison's career ended and Tim Richmond's flourished.
    It also documents Pocono's role in rock music history with its 1972 event that drew more than 200,000 people to a site more known for auto racing, with more than 30 million people in a 300-mile radius.
    "Pocono: NASCAR's Northern Invasion" is an informative read that shows Pocono, in all its remoteness, in the great outdoors, where the legends have raced, and won and lost. For more information on this book go to Raceway)(5-21-2011)

  • Book: Funny Dan the Race Car Man: Headline Kids, a division of Headline Books, has released Funny Dan the Race Car Man [32 pages, Retail $15.95] by award-winning writer Tim Packman this week. The book is part of the NASCAR Library Collection and is illustrated by talented artist Brendan Sellaro, a student at West Virginia University. Funny Dan is a NASCAR driver who competes for the pure joy of being involved in something he loves. His passion for racing is the one thing that motivates him to compete and, despite the fact he's never been to victory lane, he's still a winner to his family, friends and fellow competitors.
    Children will enjoy the antics and hilarity of Funny Dan and his crew as they take part in the Super Fast 500, the biggest race of the year. Between his crew and fellow drivers, Funny Dan shows what it's like to be a winner on, and off, the track. A native of Buffalo, N.Y., and now resident of Mooresville, N.C., Packman previously authored Bobby Allison - A Racer's Racer and contributed two stories to Chicken Soup for the Soul - NASCAR II. He's also won several media awards as a writer and for his work in covering motorsports for almost two decades. He is currently the Communications Director for R3 Motorsports; the #23 Dodge in the NASCAR Nationwide Series.
    Packman will be a featured author in New York City at the Book Expo America May 24-26. Funny Dan will be there, too, looking sharp in his Sparco racing suit. For more information or to order copies of the book visit

  • for past news, see the Racing Books News Page

    some old news, links still work

    JAYSKI in a BOOK

  • "Stock Car Lives" Book Released - Chapter about Jayski! - When 43 cars thunder toward the start/finish line at the outset of a NASCAR Winston Cup race, they become the focus of some 190,000 people in the grandstands, 10 million TV viewers, and about two million radio listeners. While the 43 men driving those machines are in the spotlight, as many as 14,000 people worked behind the scenes to make that race a reality. Their stories are what make Stock-Car Racing Lives.

    The book features 34 chapters that include 39 people from every level of the sport, from such superstars as Bobby Labonte and Richard Petty to virtual unknowns, such as David Carmichael, who lives in his van and travels the circuit to polish the wheels of race-car haulers. The men and women in Stock Car-Racing Lives are involved in every level of the sport and include drivers, business people, journalists, NASCAR officials, track personnel, and more. This fascinating cross-section of people gives fans a very personal window into Winston Cup racing through the eyes of the people who make it work. In first-person profiles each talks openly and honestly in his or her words about their experiences at and away from the track.

    Recurring themes emerge in these stories regardless of the person's particular job. Unimaginable sacrifices are made in working long hours, constantly traveling, and dealing with pressure, but are offset by gratitude for family support, a strong sense of camaraderie, and the exhilaration of playing a role in America's fastest-growing sport.

    In Stock Car-Racing Lives, Winston Cup champion Bobby Labonte talks publicly for the first time about his critical battle with Graves' disease and how it threatened his career just as he was to begin driving for Joe Gibbs Racing; veteran photographer T. Taylor Warren describes how he traveled to the track with drivers in their race cars in the "strictly stock" days and needed to find an alternate ride home if the driver crashed during the race; Jane Hogan explains how, after her marriage ended, her catering business began and she found an extended family in NASCAR; souvenir sales pioneer Hank Jones relates how etching sunglasses with drivers' names was the start of what has become a billion-dollar industry, and Jay Adamczyk reveals how his Web site,, became the information clearinghouse for Winston cup racing.

    These interviews were conducted by award-winning motorsports author Richard Sowers, who teamed with David Bull Publishing to publish The Complete Statistical History of Stock-Car Racing in July. Each profile is complemented by vivid, insightful photography by Nigel Kinrade, who is one of the leading photographers on the Winston Cup circuit. The people you will meet in Stock-Car Racing Lives are listed below:

    Drivers: Bobby Labonte, Bill Elliott, Brett Bodine, Buckshot Jones, and legends Richard Petty and Ned Jarrett.

    Team personnel: Crew chief Larry McReynolds, truck driver Bob Tracey, gas man "Big John" Youk, the Wood family, and Felix Sabates.

    Business people: QVC's Dan Hughes and Tim Bertoni, Action Performance's Fred Wagenhals, Mark Martin's business manager Benny Ertel, souvenir pioneer Hank Jones, Lowe's sports marketing manager Dean Kessel, and track impresario Humpy Wheeler.

    Track personnel: Lowe's credentials manager Myra Faulkenbury, Atlanta ticket manager Frances Goss, announcer Bill Connell, and landscape architect Dennis Mills.

    NASCAR officials: Jimmy Cox and Morris Metcalfe.

    Media:'s Jay Adamczyk, veteran reporter Bob Myers, rookie reporter Juliet Macur, Chevrolet publicist Ray Cooper, MRN/TNN host Eli Gold, and veteran photographer T. Taylor Warren.

    Others: Artist Sam Bass, wheel cleaner David Carmichael, Motor Racing Outreach founder Max Helton, caterer Jane Hogan, and Renee Cope, former Miss Winston and wife of Derrike Cope.

    Stock-Car Racing Lives sells for $24.95, is available at all major book stores, and can be purchased directly by calling 1-800-831-1758. For more information please visit David Bull Publishing's Web site,

    More info on these and many other Racing boooks, see thier site: David Bull Publishing for info and to order.


    by Greg Fielden

    A must for any NASCAR Racing Fan, 4 volumes, plus a fifth, stats, stories etc:

    Forty Years of Stock Car Racing, Beginning, 1949-1958, Vol. 1
    Forty Years of Stock Car Racing, The Superspeedway Boom, 1959-1964, Vol. 2
    Forty Years of Stock Car Racing, Big Bucks and Boycotts, 1965-1971, Vol. 3
    Forty Years of Stock Car Racing, The Modern Era, 1972-1989, Vol. 4
    Forty Years of Stock Car Racing, Forty Plus Four" 1990-1993

    Jayski Note: I have the complete set and they are invaluable

    Can be purchased at: SpeedZone - The Forty Years of Stock Car Racing
    Some of the Volumes are available at Amazon or Barnes and Noble also

    Eights and Aces : A Stock Car Racing Novel

    by Matthew McLaughlin

    Eights and Aces

    Eights and Aces, the first racing novel by stock car writer Matt McLaughlin. Eights and Aces chronicles the career of a fictional racecar driver who grew up in poverty in the Carolinas with a dream of someday running the Winston Cup circuit. While Bill Hickok is entirely fictional, his story is intended as a tribute to every Winston Cup driver who worked his way up from the bullring ranks never giving up on the dream. Go to for more info and to order the book.


  • Smokey Book: Smokey Yunick, the legendary stock car racer, who passed away on May 9th, 2001, has tell-all book of his life and racing a that was just released. Best Damn Garage in Town - The World According to Smokey is now available for order. That real story is told in four main sections, or "books," contained in three volumes: Section 1: Smokey's Life, "Walkin' under a snake's belly" (Volume I). Section 2: Stock car racing, "All right you sons of bitches, let's have a race" (Volume II). Section 3: Indy, "Li'l skinny rule book." Section 4: Inventions, "Eatin' an elephant." (Sections 3 and 4 make up Volume III). Initially, the book will be published in a Racer's Edition - a boxed set of three volumes of over 400 pages each. Smokey covers it all: growing up on the farm in Pennsylvania, flying B-17s during WWII, the real stories from the early days of racing, his Winston Cup Championships, the glory days of Indy, his inventions and patents, and everything in between. The entire book is just as Smokey wrote it over the past 5 years - he wouldn't let it be done any other way. For more info or to order the book go to

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