2015 NASCAR XFINITY Series Paint Schemes - Team #70

#70 Derrike Cope Racing

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#70 SegPay Chevy
Will be driven by Garrett Smithley at Homestead. Image posted to Twitter by Garrett Smithley.(11-17-2015)

#70 E-Hydrate Chevy
Will be driven at Texas in November. Thanks to Derrike Cope Racing for the images.(11-3-2015)

#70 Alegria Shoe Shop Chevy
Driven by Derrike Cope at Charlotte in October. Thanks to Mark Agee for the images.(10-14-2015)

#70 Acredale Vending Chevy
Drive by Cope at Dover in October. Thanks to Mike Mackler for the image.(10-12-2015)

#70 Alegria Shoe Shop Chevy
Will be driven at Charlotte in October. Thanks to Derrike Cope Racing for the image.(10-5-2015)

#70 Sammi's Best/Wheel Chill Chevy
Taken at Darlington by Jonathan McCoy of RubbingsRacing.com.(9-10-2015)

#70 To The Point Apparel Chevy
Taken at Bristol in August by Jonathan McCoy of RubbingsRacing.com.(8-25-2015)

#70 Derrike Cope Racing Chevy
Taken at New Hampshire. Thanks to George Tolsma III for the image.(8-5-2015)

#70 Bulletproof Energy Chevy
Driven at Daytona in July. Image posted to Derrike Cope Racing Facebook page.(7-8-2015)

#70 Jackson Coffee Chevy
Will be driven at Michigan. Thanks to Derrike Cope Racing.(6-10-2015)

#70 Gravely Chevy
Taken at Charlotte in May. Thanks to Larry Scavnicky of Front Stretch Photos for the images.(5-29-2015)

#70 Nature Nate's Honey Chevy
Taken at Bristol (Apr) by Jonathan McCoy of RubbingRacing.com.(4-26-2015)

#70 Nature Nate's Chevy
Will be driven at Bristol in April. Thanks to Derrike Cope Racing for the image.(4-14-2015)

#70 Adrelalin Power Chevy
Taken at Atlanta. Image posted to Derrike Cope Racing Facebook page.(2-28-2015)

#70 Charlie's Soap Chevy
Taken at Daytona (Feb). Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images for NASCAR.(2-24-2015)

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