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updated on 11-17-2013


  • How the Past Champions Provisional Works: If after starting positions 1 through 42 are assigned and there remains a car owner whose driver is the current or a former NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion who participated as a driver in the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and who was entered in the Event for that owner in that car prior to the entry deadline, a 43rd provisional starting position, the "Champion's Provisional", will be assigned to that car owner.

    NASCAR Sprint Cup Series car owners are eligible for a maximum of six (6) "Champion's Provisional" opportunities during the current season, regardless of the Champion driver. The most recent NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion driver not previously qualifying for positions 1 through 42 will be assigned the "Champion's Provisional" starting position if the car owner is eligible.

    NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion's will be eligible for a maximum of six (6) "Champion's Provisional" opportunities during the current season. A current or former NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion driver shall be eligible for a "Champion's Provisional" once every six (6) qualifying attempts in the current season after using a "Champion's Provisional".

    If the 43rd provisional starting position is not filled by an eligible NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion, it will be assigned to the next eligible car owner according to the as described above for positions 36-42.(2-12-2013)

  • New Past Champions Provisional changes for 2013: Past Sprint Cup champions can use a past champion's provisional only once every six races this season instead of having unlimited access to provisionals as in the past. Provisional starting spots are available to drivers who don't make the field on speed under NASCAR's new qualifying rules. Any past champion who ran at least one race the previous season starts the year with one provisional starting spot. Once a driver uses it, they must make six attempts to qualify before getting another past champion's provisional  the driver would get use of the provisional at that sixth race.(2-9-2013)

  • NASCAR announces qualifying & testing changes for 2013 UPDATE: NASCAR announced a number of competition changes for the 2013 season, highlighted by a new qualifying format in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series that places a greater emphasis on speed.
    Qualifying Format In The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
    In NASCAR Sprint Cup competition, the series will move to a 36-6-1 format where the fastest 36 cars will make the race on speed. The next six highest ranking cars in owners points that have not already earned a starting position through qualifying and who have entered the event by the posted entry deadline will also make the field. The final starting position will be awarded to the most recent eligible past champion driver. If there is no eligible past champion driver, then a seventh car will make the field based upon owners' points. Provisional positions in the 36-6-1 format will be lined up by owners' points, not speed.
    In 2013, the qualifying order for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series events will return to a random draw. However, in the event qualifying is canceled due to rain, the field will be set per the rule book and the starting lineup will continue to be determined by practice speeds.
    Additionally, provisional positions in the NASCAR Sprint Cup, NASCAR Nationwide and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series will be based upon the previous year's owner points for the first three races, as opposed to the first five races in previous years for the NASCAR Sprint Cup and the NASCAR Nationwide Series, and four races for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.
    UPDATE: There will be no limit to the number of provisionals. NASCAR did not consider heavily just having the best 43 cars in qualifying start a race. "We felt like there always needed to be some sort of opportunity for a guy that has a bad day and points are worth something to make the field," [NASCAR vice president of competition Robin ] Pemberton said in a phone interview. As far as how NASCAR will set the field for the Daytona 500, it will do it much like it had before the top-35 rule was put into effect. Qualifying speeds will determine the front row, then the 150-mile qualifying races will set the majority of the spots with the remainder of the field set by qualifying speed (among those remaining) and provisionals. "The final details will come out with the entry blank," Pemberton said during a teleconference. "But there will be a speed element that's in there along with a finishing order to the (qualifying races) that will be in there. Those final details haven't been worked out. But basically it all wraps around it being the fastest cars and also the ones that perform in the (qualifying races) to set the 500 lineup."(Sporting News)(10-17-2012)

  • Previous Season the previous season owners points position is used for the first THREE races of the season

Driver Team Year of Last
Points Pos
Provisionals Used
Races until
another provisional
can be used
1 Brad Keselowski 2 2012 14 0 0
2 Tony Stewart
(inured, out rest of season)
14 2011 18 0 0
3 Jimmie Johnson 48 2010 1 0 0
4 Kurt Busch 78 2004 10 0 0
5 Matt Kenseth 20 2003 2 0 0
6 Jeff Gordon 24 2001 6 0 0
7 Bobby Labonte (B) 47/51 2000 31/30 0/0 0/0
8 Terry Labonte* (A) 32 1996 37 0 0
x Bill Elliott no plans to race in 2013 1988 x x x

* part time driver

  • (A) scheduled to run the four restrictor plate races for the #32 team, Daytona in February and July, Talladega in May and October. Plus also ran at Bristol in March

  • (B) Allmendinger scheduled to run five races in the #47 [Michigan, Kentucky, Watkins Glen and two others]. Labonte ran the #51 at Michigan, unknown plans at Kentucky / Watkins Glen/P>

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