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Back in Aug. of 1996, a New Jersey man named Jay Adamczyk was running an Ernie Irvan fan page. Jay heard that Lake Speed was losing the Spam sponsorship and would be sponsored by the University of Nebraska. After an exhaustive search, Jay could only find a couple images of the car and what the sponsorship would had been and posted info about it and the images on a new page called Jayski's Silly Season page and started a team chart on the page about the 1997 season.

The posts and news kept growing and the website kept expanding. As time went by, Jay started accumulating very good sources and was able to generate news that wasn't available elsewhere. Jay began to pool other info from other Internet sites, racing magazines, newspapers, TV shows (making sure to credit those sources) and added race coverage and stats. His traffic began to swell.

Jay held a one-month vote in 1997 to name his site and was born as the overwhelming choice. After several partnerships with media companies over the years, Jay decided to partner with ESPN in 2004. Jay retains 100 percent control over both design and editorial of the site, which piled up more than 62 million page views in 2012 alone.

Why advertise on is by far the destination NASCAR fans are most engaged with. Fans visit the site 2x more than its top competitors and ranked as the No. 1 NASCAR site for Average Pages per Visitor (23 pages per month), according to Comscore - Media Metrix in 2011. See the chart below to see how stacks up against the big boys.

How Does Stack Up?
Total Internet NASCAR
% Comp
% Comp
Index % Comp
Index % Comp
Male 50% 79% 157 82% 164 59% 118
Median Age 37.5 39.6 106 50.5 135 45.6 122
Men 18-34 18% 26% 141 28% 153 14% 75
Men 18-49 34% 59% 175 54% 160 35% 104
Men 25-54 30% 59% 196 58% 193 41% 136
HHI $100,000+ 22% 18% 80 40% 180 23% 103
Median HH Income $59,997 $54,940 92 $76,895 128 $57,397 96

Other recent honors for the site, include Time Magazine naming one of the 50 Websites That Make the Web Great in 2011.

In July of 2012, the Backseat Drivers Fan Council members revealed their second annual ratings of NASCAR networks, broadcasters and websites. earned the highest rating among all sites with an 8.47 out of 10.

Below are the official results from the survey administered by Dustin Long when panelists were asked to rate these NASCAR-themed websites (10 being the highest score possible and 1 the lowest). Last year's score in parenthesis.

  • 8.47
  • 8.08
  • 8.04
  • 7.89
  • 7.84
  • 7.75
  • 7.61
  • 7.59 Daly Planet/(6.97)
  • 7.41
  • 7.36 NASCAR Insiders/

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