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  • When FedEx Paint Schemes: Express, Ground, Freight, Office were run in 2016

    FedEx Express - orange (? races):
    Sprint Unlimited - 2/13
    Daytona 500 - 2/21
    Martinsville - 4/3
    Talladega - 5/1
    Charlotte - 5/21, All-Star race
    the rest TBA

    FedEx Freight - red (? races):
    Phoenix - 3/13
    Bristol - 4/17
    Kansas - 5/7
    Charlotte - 5/29
    the rest TBA

    FedEx Office - blue (? races):
    Las Vegas - 3/6
    Texas - 4/9
    Dover - 5/15
    the rest TBA

    FedEx Ground - green (? races):
    Atlanta - 2/28
    Richmond - 4/24
    Pocono - 6/5
    the rest TBA

    FedEx Cares (1 race):
    Sonoma - 6/26

    Sports Clips (2) scheduled to be primary sponsor in 2015 at:
    Auto Club - 3/20
    Darlington - 9/4, throwback

  • Breakdown of wins by driver in the #11:
    Cale Yarborough (55)(won 3 championships in car #11)
    Ned Jarrett (49)(won 2 championships in car #11)
    Darrell Waltrip (43)(won 3 championships in car #11)
    Denny Hamlin (27)(Daytona 500)
    Junior Johnson (11)
    Bill Elliott (6)
    Geoff Bodine (4)
    Terry Labonte (4)
    Bobby Allison (3)
    Buddy Baker (2)
    A.J. Foyt (1)
    Mario Andretti (1)(won 1967 Daytona 500)
    Parnelli Jones (1)(1st driver to win in #11)
    TOTAL WINS = 206 (5-15-2016)

  • Contract Status: Driver: 2016; Primary Sponsors: 2016?;

#11 Team News and Rumors
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  • All-Star Origins: JGR's Dominance Began Last May: Since #11-Denny Hamlin won the 2015 NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race, Joe Gibbs Racing has been the most dominant team in NASCAR, capturing the checkered flag in 19 of the 36 points races (52.7%). #18-Kyle Busch leads the four-driver contingent with eight wins, followed by #20-Matt Kenseth's five. #19-Carl Edwards has four victories, while Hamlin owns two. Additionally, JGR has won all of the marquee events on the NASCAR schedule since then: Coca-Cola 600 (Edwards), Brickyard 400 (Busch), Bojangles Southern 500 (Edwards), Ford EcoBoost 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship race (Busch) and Daytona 500 (Hamlin).(5-20-2016)

  • Fans can choose Hamlin's Sonoma scheme: FedEx Racing is letting fans decide on Denny Hamlin's special #11 FedEx Cares Toyota paint scheme for the upcoming race at Sonoma Raceway in June. From May 16 - May 22, fans can vote for their favorite scheme by tweeting @FedEx with the corresponding hashtag or at Facebook.com/FedEx. Each vote will trigger a $1 donation from FedEx Cares -- up to $55,000 -- to the five charitable organizations that will be featured on the #11 machine in Sonoma, including the USO, Safe Kids Worldwide, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, JA Worldwide and Urban League. Through FedEx Cares, a recently-launched global giving initiative, FedEx is investing $200 million in 200 communities worldwide by 2020.(FedEx Racing), see the images on the #11 team paint schemes page.(5-18-2016)

  • Logano not angry with Hamlin after Kansas accident: #22-Joey Logano was caught in a late-race accident at Kansas Speedway when #11-Hamlin tried to go between #2-Keselowski and #42-Larson, but spun out. Friday at Dover, Logano was asked if he was mad about the incident:
    Logano:"I feel like I am one of the hardest races out there and I would be quite the hypocrite if I asked why he was racing so hard. If you ask me, that is what fans show up to the race track to see. They come to watch a race. They expect us to race. They don't expect us to just say, 'oh, go ahead'. They expect us to race and that is what they pay money to see. I am going to race hard. I know that. I have done that in the past and I will continue to do that. When Denny made that move I didn't blame him. He made a run on the backstretch and had to do something with it. He got in a bad aero spot and both of them got loose. It happens. It is racing. I am not going to say, 'Hey, why did you do that?' We are racing and these things are hard to drive. We are going to make mistakes. There is a win on the line and it is a big deal, it is hard to do at the Sprint Cup level and anytime you have a shot it is expected out of us, not just from the fans but from the teams to go out and make the most of it and make it happen. When I look at Denny's move, I would do the same thing if I was him so I don't really have any room to speak."(Toyota Racing)(5-14-2016)

  • Hamlin was "going for it" before accident: #11-Hamlin was involved in a late-race accident at Kansas with Joey Logano, Kyle Larson and Brad Keselowski:
    What caused the incident?
    Hamlin: "I don't know. I'm looking - I had a huge run off of turn two and I was going to go low on the on 2 (Brad Keselowski), but he went to block, so I went through the middle and I didn't let off into turn three. I went through the middle of them and I either got touched from the 2 or I got loose underneath the 42 (Kyle Larson). I'm not sure really until I get a good look at it honestly."
    What did you see during the accident?
    Hamlin: "I was going in there three-wide. I wasn't letting off and the 42 (Kyle Larson) was just too close up there. It wasn't his fault by any means, but we were both trying to drive in there to clear each other and I just got loose and I mean that's crazy there was no contact, but both me and 2 (Brad Keselowski) got loose there. Shame - I just screwed us on pit road twice. Our car was a fast car today. Just didn't show it. We were just in the back because I sped twice. I've got to get better on pit lane to give us a chance and then I was just going for it there because I knew our car had some speed. I was on two tires and the guys in front of me were on none or two. I was just going for it. I've got the win and that's part of this format is going for it and that's what we did."(Toyota Racing)(5-8-2016)

  • Hamlin comments on driver council's reaction to Stewart fine: #11-Denny Hamlin was made available to the media at Richmond International Raceway Friday afternoon.
    Q: Why did the driver's council make the statement supporting Tony Stewart's comments?
    Hamlin: "I think it kind of shows a unity amongst us. It really has nothing to do with lug nuts or no lug nuts or anything like that, it's more so the drivers believing that they have a right to express their opinion especially when asked in an interview. We try to do our best to give honest answers and sometimes those aren't always the best thing. I know at times I've been very guilty of being too honest at times or too opinionated at times and it costs you a nickel or two. We just think that there should be a little bit of leniency there for someone that knows a lot about our sport and has been in our sport a long time. He gave his opinion and especially when it's something on safety too. I think it's pretty important. As far as what we believe, it's all said in the statement. Everything I'm telling you here is my opinion and my opinion only."
    Q: Where is the line when it comes to comments from drivers?
    Hamlin: "I don't know where the line is, I don't know if there is a line - obviously there is a line, but obviously we just believe that you should be able to express your opinion as long as you're not just totally trashing the sport itself or anything like that. I think every situation is different, but we'll just move forward from it."
    Q: How has the driver's council evolved and what is the direction of the council overall?
    Hamlin: "I think that the driver's interests and the owner's interests is 95 percent aligned most of the time. There's some things that we feel like we would like to see changed, sometimes it doesn't align with what NASCAR thinks or what the teams think, but I think that this was a pretty black and white thing from a driver's perspective to have a guy that's coming back and is in the middle of an interview and gets asked a question and he responds to the question and gets fined for it. That to us was a moment and I think for us it just shows solidarity that we're all in this together as the drivers and we want to have one voice because that one voice is obviously a little louder and clearer to NASCAR when we go into meetings talking about where it's going to head from competition to safety and amongst other things. I think that its grown a lot over the last year and our communication as drivers, the barriers that we have, those have been broken down tremendously over the last year to two. Our meetings with NASCAR have changed the sport and will continue to change the sport for many years. Mostly it's all positive, every now and then we feel like we should show solidarity to a guy whose done a lot for the sport and we still don't want to be so politically correct all the time and have to filter our thoughts and think about it because we have sponsors on our cars or owners we have to answer to or NASCAR, sometimes you just want to say what you feel and we feel like you should be able to do that at times."
    Q: How did the discussion come about to pay Tony Stewart's fine?
    Hamlin: "I think it's more of a council thing. Obviously we chat on a daily basis about issues within our sport or things we'd like to work on or change or stay the same. When Tony (Stewart) informed us of the fine, we didn't agree with it and no one agreed with it and we thought there was something we should do about it. This was a way for us to send a message back to NASCAR, not that we were trying to send any specific message that we just believe that we should have the right to speak our opinion. I don't know whether everyone agrees with the opinion he had or not, but it doesn't matter. It's what he was asked so he answered the question. I think that was the biggest thing for us. We should have the right to speak our opinion."
    Q: Have you heard from the series about the statement yet?
    Hamlin: "Nothing from the series at all, but I'm sure we'll all hear something at some point."
    (Toyota Racing)(4-22-2016)

  • Denny Hamlin, Danica Patrick tangle in Saturday practice: #10-Danica Patrick and #11-Denny Hamlin had had their differences in the past, but what happened in Saturday morning's first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series practice at Bristol Motor Speedway had nothing to do with old grudges. Nevertheless, contact between their two cars bent the sheet metal on both vehicles, Hamlin's on the right front and Patrick's on the left rear. Patrick, on new tires, was struggling with the handling of her #10 Stewart-Haas Racing Chevy and had difficulty holding the bottom. She had just let Clint Bowyer's #15 Chevy pass her to the inside, and as she approached Turn 1, Hamlin was closing fast behind her. Patrick entered the turn low but didn't hold the bottom, and as she drifted up off the bottom lane, Hamlin opted to try an inside pass but ran out of room. The resulting collision, though not a violent impact, was enough to do cosmetic damage to both cars. "I had just come out on tires," Patrick said. "They were cold and I wasn't very good anyway - I was pretty loose. I came down the front straightaway and I put my finger out the window to point him by, but he hit me on entry. I don't know if he... it looked like he came pretty close when he went to go to the inside, too. Man, I love Denny, but he makes a lot of mistakes behind me. I don't know if he misjudged it, or I was going slower than he thought, but I put my finger out the window and pointed him by. I had no intention to race him. I was not fast enough. I don't know, but the guys are going to try and fix it."
    From his vantage point, Hamlin couldn't see Patrick's signal. "I was on the outside of her on the straightaway, so I couldn't see the left side of her car," Hamlin said. "I went to go low, but I don't know if she had stuff on her tires. It looked like she was struggling and had stuff on her tires for a few laps there. I tried to go low and obviously we hung bumpers." Patrick's troubles weren't over. In Saturday's final practice prior to Sunday's Food City 500, she was still fighting a loose handling condition and brushed the wall near the apex of Turns 3 and 4 approximately five minutes into Happy Hour. After repairs, Hamlin's #11 Toyota, on the other hand, was fast enough to top the speed chart during final Cup practice with a lap at 126.129 mph.(NASCAR Wire Service)(4-16-2016)

  • Hamlin comments on Martinsville accident:
    Q Did you wheel hop before getting into the wall?
    Hamlin: "It's my first time ever doing it here, so it's a little embarrassing, but I mean we were the fastest car those last 30 laps and we got back to the top-five and I was making up a lot of my speed on entry. As the tires wear, the rears get hotter, less grip, you can't brake at the same amount and I just - it was really out of the blue. I didn't ever have a hint of it up until that moment, so a bit of a rookie move on my part - been around here too much to do something like that, but learning for the fall and I'm really encouraged about how good our car came up through the pack and I really thought we had a car that could win."(Toyota Racing)(4-4-2016)

  • Hamlin says drivers would like to see race winnings published: The introduction of the new charter system - and the subsequent restructuring and distribution of purse money and other revenue streams - caused some feverish preseason reworking of driver contracts. It also caused some hand-wringing among stars who were accustomed to being paid by a percentage of a purse that was posted publicly in every race box score, along with the winnings for each finishing position. Citing the complicated revenue streams, NASCAR discontinued publishing winnings and races purses as part of the new charter system. Five races into the season, Denny Hamlin said concerns have settled about the latter as drivers are being paid as they'd expected, though the contracts vary much more widely than before when virtually every driver drew a defined percentage of the purse as a slice of the overall salary.
    Hamlin, though, said drivers would like NASCAR to return to including race winnings in box scores, if only in appealing to fans who grew accustomed to the format. "I think some fans like to see that and us drivers I think we like to see purses posted personally," Hamlin said.
    A NASCAR spokesman said the policy of whether to publish purses currently isn't being reviewed, but Hamlin believes officials are "considering it. I think if everyone knows what they're getting, I don't know what the benefit is from keeping it from the public. I don't know but there's probably some sort of reason that I don't know about."(NBC Sports)(4-3-2016)

  • NASCAR's Richest Teams and Drivers: Forbes has released its annual ranking of Sprint Cup teams and drivers based on earnings. Once again, Hendrick tops the charts. The top 10 teams and drivers and their estimated value:
    Highest earning NASCAR teams:
    Hendrick Motorsports $375 million
    Joe Gibbs Racing $256 million
    Stewart-Haas Racing $195 million
    Richard Childress Racing $175 million
    Roush Fenway Racing $155 million
    Team Penske $140 million
    Chip Ganassi Racing $75 million
    Richard Petty Motorsports $55 million
    Front Row Motorsports $26 million
    BK Racing $24 million
    Highest earning NASCAR drivers:
    #88-Dale Earnhardt, Jr. $23.5 million
    #48-Jimmie Johnson $22.2 million
    Jeff Gordon $21.6 million
    #4-Kevin Harvick $15.5 million
    #11-Denny Hamlin $15.1 million
    #18-Kyle Busch $15.0 million
    #10-Dania Patrick $13.4 million
    #14-Tony Stewart $12.8 million
    #19-Carl Edwards $12.1 million
    #20-Matt Kenseth $11.9 million
    Total earnings equals salary/winnings plus endorsements and licensing
    In addition, Forbes estimates the actual cash value of a NASCAR charter to be $15-$17 million.(Forbes)(4-1-2016)

  • Hamlin's Daytona 500 win means extra value for FedEx: A new study conducted jointly by the Los Angeles-based media agency Wasserman and Buffalo, New York-based Nervve showed that #11-Denny Hamlin's Daytona 500 victory was worth $1.9 million in earned media value for his primary sponsor, FedEx. According to the study, FedEx got nearly 23 minutes of clear exposure during the race, tops among the 40 cars in the field. There were some interesting tidbits from the study:
    -- "For brands seeking to optimize their earned media performance in NASCAR, the wise place to focus initial efforts should be on the hood placement. Consistent with other races we've measured, the hood placement generated the most value of any single signage location," the study concluded.
    -- The study measured clarity of sponsor logos "to help determine the effectiveness of the logo and creative execution." The winners in this category were Caterpillar and McDonald's, which each generated a 92 percent clarity rating.
    -- The winner in the average duration of exposure was Kevin Harvick's #4 Stewart-Haas Racing Chevrolet, which managed an average of 6.7 seconds per exposure, 60 percent above the average for the field.(Fox Sports)(3-6-2016)

  • Daytona 500 winnings released UPDATE: Although NASCAR has stated that it does not plan to list winnings after races, it listed the winnings from Sunday's Daytona 500 in a media packet. The winnings that go to Joe Gibbs Racing for Denny Hamlin's victory is $1,507,592. That's less than what Team Penske received last year for Joey Logano's Daytona 500 victory. Those winnings were $1,581,453. Martin Truex Jr. finished second Sunday and the winnings that went to Furniture Row Racing was $1,201,998. That's more than what went to Stewart-Haas Racing last year when Kevin Harvick finished second and collected $1,157,470. The smallest paycheck went to BK Racing for Matt DiBenedetto's 40th-place finish. Those earnings were $297,128. The smallest paycheck in last year's race went to Hillman Racing for Landon Cassill's last-place finish. Those earnings were $262,390.(NBC Sports)(2-25-2016)
    UPDATE: NASCAR sent a note to Sprint Cup teams Thursday stating that it released incorrect information for Daytona 500 winnings on its media website. NASCAR stated to teams: "The information on 2016 Daytona 500 race team earnings posted (Wednesday) on NASCARMedia.com, our media services website, was factually incorrect. We removed the information, rectified the errors and are providing the correct information to race teams. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and now collectively turn our focus to NASCAR racing action this weekend in Atlanta."(NBC Sports)(2-25-2016)

  • Denny Hamlin Begins Champion's Media Tour: Newly crowned DAYTONA 500 champion Denny Hamlin kicked-off his four-day media tour Monday morning with the annual Champion's Breakfast in the Bill France Room at Daytona International Speedway. Hamlin was presented with the traditional champion's jacket and a steel-and-gold Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch - which he will need to stay on schedule for the media frenzy ahead of him. In addition, his #11 FedEx Express Toyota was brought to its new home for the next year, inside the speedway's Ticket and Tours Building where it will be viewed by fans.
    "It has been a long day, I haven't been to bed yet," said Hamlin, who took some advice from past winners after his dramatic Sunday victory when he edged Martin Truex Jr. by 0.010 seconds. "The greatest advice that I've gotten is the schedule's [tough] but live in the moment because you never know. Plus, 'this will live with you forever, so enjoy the week.'"
    Hamlin's win not only marked the first DAYTONA 500 championship for him and Toyota, but it also ended Joe Gibbs Racing's 23-year drought in the "Great American Race.". Gibbs was awarded his own Harley J. Earl trophy to bring home with him this time. Crew chief Mike Wheeler received the Cannonball Baker Trophy given to the champion crew chief, in his first year with Hamlin.
    "I think about all the storylines: a first for Denny, a first for Toyota," Gibbs said. "It's a big deal for us. How many times do you lay out a plan, then have the thing actually play out?" During the Champion's Breakfast, DIS President Joie Chitwood III also unveiled the 2017 logo for the 59th running of the DAYTONA 500.
    The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series will return for a Saturday night showing of the Coke Zero 400 Powered By Coca-Cola on July 2. On Friday, July 1, the NASCAR Xfinity Series returns for the Subway Firecracker 250 Powered By Coca-Cola. Tickets can be purchased by calling 1-800-PITSHOP or by visiting daytonainternationalspeedway.com.(DIS)
    Hamlin media tour Hamlin will continue to enjoy the spoils of victory in NASCAR's biggest race on Tuesday with appearances on FOX & Friends, Live! With Kelly and Michael and a host of SiriusXM shows. And that's just his morning schedule. On Tuesday afternoon, Hamlin will fly to Bristol, Conn., to take part in an ESPN 'Car Wash' that will include two live SportsCenter appearances, among a number of other hits across ESPN's bevy of platforms.
    On Wednesday, Hamlin will take a breather, returning home to Charlotte, N.C., before flying to Atlanta for an interview on CNN Headline News and a visit to the Georgia State Capitol on Thursday morning.(2-23-2016)

  • Denny Hamlin wins the Daytona 500: #11-Denny Hamlin won the Daytona 500 Sprint Cup Series race at Daytona International Speedway for his 1st win of the season, 1st win in the Daytona 500 and 27th career win. Hamlin led 95 of the 200 laps.
    It is the 2nd Daytona 500 win for Joe Gibbs Racing and first since Dale Jarrett won in 1993. It is the first career win for crew chief Mike Wheeler.
    It is the 11th straight season Hamlin has won a race (2006-2016)
    #78-Truex Jr. led coming to the start-finish line, but Hamlin caught him and won by .010 seconds in a photo finish.
    #18-Nusch finished 3rd, followed by #4-Harvick, #19-Edwards, #22-Logano, #42-Larson, #7-Smith (kids eat free at Golden Corral on Monday), #3-Dillon and #41-Busch.
    #20-Kesneth led on lap 199 and was quite a bit ahead of the 2nd line which Hamlin was in, Kenseth moved over to race Hamlin and ended up falling back and finished 14th.
    #24-Chase Elliott, the pole sitter, spun on lap 20 while in the middle of the pack and did a lot of damage to the front end. Elliott came back out down 40 laps and finished 37th. #88-Earnhardt Jr., who led 15 laps, and was the race favorite, spun off turn 4 on lap 169 hitting the inside wall and ended his day, finishing 36th.
    There no large wrecks, termed 'the big ones', during the race.
    There were 20 lead changes among 15 drivers and 6 cautions for 31 yellow flag laps.
    The average speed was 157.549mph.
    Scheduled Race Re-Airs: Monday, February 22 at 8:00pm/et on FS1
    See unofficial race results, awards, laps led, cautions and [NOTE: money won is no longer reported] more at:
    Unofficial Race Results page (pdf)
    Lap Summary Report (pdf)
    Penalty Report (pdf) See OFFICIAL race results & points standings on the Official Race & Points Report (pdf). (2-21-2016)

  • Hamlin investing in solar farm: SunEnergy1, with an investment by NASCAR racer Denny Hamlin's recently formed Won One Energy, will build a 20-megawatt solar farm in Chesapeake, Va. The project will be the largest solar farm in Virginia. Dominion Virginia Power will buy the power produced by the project under a 20-year contract. One Won, like SunEnergy1, is based in Mooresville. Hamlin registered the company in December. He lives now in nearby Cornelius. He shares a racing connection with SunEnergy1 CEO Kenny Habul. Hamlin drives the #11 FedEx Car for Joe Gibbs Racing in the Sprint Cup Series. Kenny Habul, CEO of SunEnergy1, races the #20 car for Gibbs in the Xfinity Series. This year SunEnergy1 is also the principal sponsor for Chase Elliot's #24 car for Hendricks Motorsposts. There principals did not disclose how much Hamlin is investing. Nor has any information been released about the cost of the project. But based on current prices in the Southeast, the 20-hegawatt project is likely to cost between $30 and $40 million. The project will be built on 250 acres off Ballahack Road and U.S. Highway 17.(Charlotte Business Journal)(2-10-2016)

  • Joe Gibbs Racing makes changes to executive team: J.D. Gibbs will join his father Joe Gibbs as Co-Chairman of JGR with Coy Gibbs officially joining the NASCAR operations as Vice-Chairman/Chief Operating Officer, and Dave Alpern, who has been with Joe Gibbs Racing since its beginning, has been named President of the organization. In addition, JGR announces Tim Carmichael will assume expanded responsibilities in his role as Chief Financial Officer, while Wally Brown will serve as Competition Director and Todd Bowland has been named Technical Director. Todd Meredith has resigned his position as Chief Operating Officer but will continue to consult for the organization over the next several months as he explores new opportunities.
    "The Lord has blessed me and my family with something that is truly remarkable and as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary at Joe Gibbs Racing this year, it is more apparent than ever that our people are responsible for the success we have experienced," said Joe Gibbs. "We feel the timing is right to bring Coy into the NASCAR operations in a more official capacity. He has done an outstanding job with our motocross operations and will continue to provide his leadership there as well.
    Coy Gibbs launched JGRMX in 2008 and has been at the center of every aspect of the operations from personnel decisions to sponsor acquisitions and competition direction. He will primarily be focused on the operations side for JGR's NASCAR team while continuing his daily role with JGRMX.
    "I'm excited to be more involved with our NASCAR operations," said Coy Gibbs. "I take great pride in what we have accomplished with our motocross operations and I will continue to provide direction there, while working more closely with my father and brother on the NASCAR side of the business. I know we have a tremendous team in place already and I'm looking forward to being more involved now in this official capacity."
    Alpern joined JGR in 1992 and has worked in the organization's marketing department since his arrival and most recently served in the capacity of Chief Marketing Officer the past two years. Alpern has been a key figure to JGR's involvement in the RTA and is well respected by his peers within the industry. Meredith joined JGR in 1992 and has spent the past 25 years working in the competition and operations departments of the organization. He was named Chief Operating Office in 2013.(Joe Gibbs Racing)(2-4-2016)

  • Update on Denny Hamlin knee condition: #11-Denny Hamlin was featured on this weeks NASCAR teleconference and answered some questions, a few were about his knee injury, surgery and recovery:
    Q. Saw you last week at the media tour, and you talked about the knee was probably only about 50%. What's the prognosis, and is it getting better this week?
    DENNY HAMLIN: "Yeah, it really has, even in the last week. It's been quite a bit better. The biggest thing is the range of motion has not been very good, and it's kind of behind. But we're catching up to being on schedule here, and just in the last seven days, I think it's amazing how far we've gotten in rehab to getting this thing better. I'm very confident that in two weeks it's going to be a non-issue on track, and really for me it's more like when can I start running again. That's the biggest hurdle mentally that we fight through all this is not being able to do some of these activities that we use to kind of take racing off of our mind because once the racing season starts, any given Saturday I'm kind of looking for a golf course after practice is over to relax a little bit, and right now I'm not able to do any of that."
    Q. Could you compare this rehabilitation to your previous one?
    DENNY HAMLIN: "Well, this one is extensively worse than the first. The best explanation that I get is that the first one I used the cadaver and I needed to get back in the race car right away, so we did a cadaver and we didn't use any parts of my hamstring or any other parts of my leg simply for recovery purposes. It would recover faster, and we didn't think we'd have any injuries to that same leg going forward. But this is kind of a new latest way that they're doing these surgeries. Obviously when players are out in football or basketball, they're out for one year on an ACL, where we don't have that time to recover as race car drivers. Since this has happened in the off-season, they chose to do it this way, which is a little bit longer recovery process, but it should be stronger in the long run. Even if I gain one to two percent more reliability with it, it was worth it to me to go through that extra rehab process to know that it's just going to be a little bit stronger than if I would have done it the other way."
    Q. As far as your knee surgery and coming off of that, and like Kyle came off of his surgery and look how great he did, sometimes -- it's hard to say you guys try harder, but it seems like when you're down, there's just something about your ability to -- for a driver that just seems to come back so much stronger mentally, even working physically to make sure you get it done. Do you have a feeling like that going into this year?
    DENNY HAMLIN: Yeah, I mean, I believe so. There's something to it for sure. I mean, every time that something has happened with myself, it seems like the races that proceed at your level are just raised slightly and your performance seems to be a little bit better. You know, what it is I'm not sure. I don't know if it's determination or what have you, but Kyle was another prime example of that. Once again, another one I can think about is when Brad, when he busted his foot up a few years ago at a road course during testing, he won his first race not too long after that. It's just whatever it may be that we find within us to perform at a high level, it always seems to happen when we're injured. A lot of it probably is because we don't want to be the weak link. We don't want to be the one that is responsible for our team running bad, so we make sure we do all it takes to run good."(NASCAR)(1-29-2016)

  • Sport Clips to sponsor Edwards and Hamlin again in 2016: Sport Clips Racing is excited to enter its eighth season (2016) as a partner with Joe Gibbs Racing. Denny Hamlin enters his 11th full season with Joe Gibbs Racing in 2016 behind the wheel of the #11 Sport Clips Toyota in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in 2016, following an incredible 2015 season that left him contending in his ninth-career Chase for the Sprint Cup. Hamlin concluded his 2015 season with two victories, including his fifth-career victory at Martinsville and the Chase opener at Chicago, along with fourteen top fives, 20 top tens, three pole awards and 529 total laps led. Hamlin also scored Sport Clips their first-career NASCAR victory at Darlington in the XFINITY Series behind the wheel of the #20 Sport Clips Retro Camry in 2015. Denny Hamlin will continue to have Sport Clips as the primary sponsor of the #11 Toyota in two 2016 Sprint Cup Series races at Auto Club Speedway in March and Darlington in September.
    Carl Edwards completed his first year with Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) in 2015 driving the #19 Toyota Camry in the Sprint Cup Series. He finished the year by qualifying for his ninth Sprint Cup Series Chase. He scored two wins for Toyota and JGR, celebrating victories in two of NASCAR's crown jewels, the Coca-Cola 600 and the Southern 500. His impressive resume in NASCAR's top Series now includes 25 Sprint Cup victories, 115 top fives, 202 top 10's, and 16 poles. Sport Clips will be the primary sponsor of the #19 in two Sprint Cup Series races at New Hampshire in July and Texas in November.(SportClips)(1-28-2016)

  • Hamlin makes cameo appearance on 'The Bachelor': #11-Denny Hamlin has a deep, dark secret: He's a big fan of the TV show, The Bachelor. When producers of the ABC show found out, they decided to put Hamlin on an episode. That took place Monday, where the Joe Gibbs Racing driver did about a two-minute cameo. This year's Bachelor, Ben Higgins, asked Hamlin if he is a fan of the show. "Absolutely, of course," Hamlin said via a Skype session. "Girls" star Allison Williams was also on the show. When Hamlin was introduced, Williams went into a typical fan routine. "I can't believe this, I'm such a fan," Williams told Hamlin. "Yeah, it's huge. I have to say Mark Martin in the #6 Valvoline was my main dude, but you're so awesome, I can't believe I'm looking at you."(NBC Sports)(1-27-2016)

  • Hamlin's knee at 50%: #11-Denny Hamlin still is struggling to get back to his old self after surgery Nov. 30 to repair his right ACL, which he injured playing basketball the week before the Chase for the Sprint Cup. He says he is able to get in and out of a car and will be ready for the Daytona 500 when the Cup season kicks off Feb. 21. "I wish it was a little bit better. ... I definitely can get in the car and do what I need to do right now, but I think the challenge of getting in the car was the toughest part. Once I get my range of motion back, it'll be fine," Hamlin said. "I am about 50 percent, but nothing that would keep me out of the race car. I'm not where I want or should be right now, but I'm getting there. I went on vacation, that sort of set me back a little bit."(USA Today)(1-20-2016)

  • Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown will not be held in 2016 UPDATE: Amid uncertainty about Langley Speedway's future, the Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown, scheduled for the track April 21, has been canceled. Race coordinator Buck Reuss said Denny Hamlin Foundation management informed him Tuesday that the charity race will not be held at Langley or any track this season. "This is due to the situation at Langley Speedway," Reuss said. "I don't blame anyone operating the track, because I think (Victory Lane Motorsports owner) Bill Mullis and (Langley Speedway general manager) Chuck Hall have done more for the track than anyone since Joe Carver (Langley's promoter from the mid-1970s to early '80s). But the drivers needed to set their schedules by Jan. 5 at the latest." Mullis has not been able to purchase the property on which the track sits from the California-based landowner because they disagree on the purchase price. Mullis has leased the track from the landowner the previous six seasons, but has said it would be more viable financially for him to operate the track by purchasing it. Minus a purchase agreement or lease, track management has not released a schedule for the 2016 season and, during the past week, has moved much of its property off of the premises. In addition, Langley Speedway management did not re-sign with NASCAR for three races run at the track annually: one in the K&N Pro Series East and two others in the Whelen Southern Modified Tour Series. The Hamlin charity race was expected to be one of the biggest events in track history. Reuss said that in addition to Hamlin, he expected his Joe Gibbs Racing teammates, 2015 Sprint Cup Series champion Kyle Busch and 2003 Cup champ Matt Kenseth, to also be part of the Showdown field. Previous hosts were Southside Speedway, RIR and South Boston Speedway.(Daily Press)(1-14-2016)
    UPDATE: Due to track operations and schedule uncertainty at Langley Speedway (Hampton, Va.), the 9th Annual Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown scheduled for April 21st at Langley has been cancelled for 2016. "The event is an around-the-clock, full year in the making," said race coordinator Buck Reuss. "But due to the very unfortunate timing of the property negotiations ongoing at Langley, it left us no choice but to look toward 2017 and bypass this year's running of the event."
    "It is really disappointing as I was really looking forward to returning to Langley to race again, as were so many other drivers that were planning to participate," said Hamlin, who began his stock car racing career at Langley in 1997, winning both the track championship and track rookie of the year honors. "So we will turn our attention to 2017 and wish everyone the best of luck in their racing endeavors this year."(Denny Hamlin Foundation)(1-14-2016)

  • Denny & Mark's Pro-Am Jam raises over $200,000: The 4th annual Denny & Mark's Pro-Am Jam hosted by the Student Transportation of America Education Foundation, which was held on October 26-27, was another major success raising over $200,000 for charity. The Lowcountry celebrity charity event has raised over $700,000 in its first four years. The fundraiser again featured the partnership of NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin, Hootie & the Blowfish founding member and lead guitarist Mark Bryan and Denis Gallagher, CEO of Student Transportation Inc., and his company's philanthropic arm, the Student Transportation of America Education Foundation. Proceeds from the two-day fundraiser have increased each year and were recently donated to the charitable organizations represented by the three partners, which have a common mission in creating better opportunities for children. The Denny Hamlin Foundation was a beneficiary with the majority of its share being donated to MUSC Children's Hospital for Cystic Fibrosis research. Mark Bryan's non-profit, Carolina Studios, and STAEF, also received their portion of the funds raised that will benefit children throughout the Lowcountry. Each year the event picks out a compelling local charity to support with a donation and this year the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church was selected. The oldest AME church in the south, it is known as "Mother Emanuel" and was the site of a terrible tragedy last June. The Pro-Am Jam showed its support for the good works of the church with a $10,000 donation from the proceeds of a special event T-shirt that incorporated the event logo into an "I Am Charleston Strong" message. The dates for the 5th Annual Denny & Mark's Pro-Am Jam hosted by the Student Transportation of America Education Foundation are October 24-25.(Empire Sports Management)(1-11-2016)

  • Rogers surprised by crew chief changes at JGR: Dave Rogers will start the 2016 season as crew chief for the #19 of Carl Edwards after spending a season as the crew chief for #11-Denny Hamlin. The move was part of an announcement a couple of weeks ago that also included the return of Mike Wheeler to the #11. Rogers, appearing on SiriusXM NASCAR radio, said he accepts the move even though it surprised him, especially after Hamlin and all four Joe Gibbs Racing teams made the Chase for the Sprint Cup. "Denny's a brother to me," Rogers said. "I love him to death. It caught me off guard, 'You want me to work with someone other than Denny?'" Roger has spent the majority of his career with JGR. Before the 2015 season, Rogers worked on the #18 of Kyle Busch for five years. He said the decision to make the move came down to trying to improve the communication and chemistry of a "true four-car team."
    "A couple of years ago we were tough on ourselves," Roger said. "We openly admitted that we missed the boat on speed, the cars weren't good enough. We were really tough on each other. The guys at the shop rebounded with such character and integrity. You have to capitalize on those situations. It's not every year you get cars like that. Some years you're on. Some years you're off. Coach and the management staff felt there was room for improvement with the 19 and 11 ... and they made some changes. That's one thing that's really complicated about JGR, we're a true four-car team," Rogers said. "We're four cars working together. There's eight race engineers sitting in a cubicle working together. All four crew chiefs sit shoulder-to-shoulder. It's a huge team. I think we work together more than I believe other teams do and that makes it extremely complicated. There's a ton of relationships in that that have to be managed."(In part from NBC Sports / SiriusXM NASCAR radio)(12-30-2015)

  • Joe Gibbs Racing Announces Crew Chief Changes: Joe Gibbs Racing announced changes to its crew chief lineup in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series for the 2016 season. Dave Rogers, who most recently served as crew chief for JGR's #11 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team, will transition to lead the #19 team in 2016 with driver Carl Edwards. Mike Wheeler, who had spent 10 years with the #11 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team before transitioning to crew chief for JGR's #20 XFINITY Series team in 2015, will return to work with driver Denny Hamlin in 2016.
    Darian Grubb, who had served as crew chief on the #19 Sprint Cup Series team last season, is currently exploring several opportunities for the 2016 season.
    Meanwhile Jason Ratcliff and Adam Stevens will continue in their current roles as crew chief of JGR's #20 and #18 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams respectively.
    "2015 was probably the strongest season we have ever had at Joe Gibbs Racing," said Joe Gibbs, owner of JGR. "We won more races than we ever have, qualified all four teams into the Chase and were blessed to end it with the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship. I think every year you evaluate each of your teams however and sometimes during that process you find that a change might be in the best interest for all involved. Mike Wheeler is obviously someone that has a long history with Denny (Hamlin) and that #11 team. After seeing what he accomplished as a crew chief in our XFINITY Series program last year we felt the timing was right to move him back into our Cup program. Dave Rogers has also been successful in every role he has had with us and we think he will work well with Carl (Edwards) going into 2016."(JGR)(12-21-2015)

  • Most-Mentioned drivers of 2015: According to Joyce Julius, a company that tracks media mentions for sport sponsors, #4-Kevin Harvick was the most-mentioned NASCAR driver on TV this year (the same position he held last season) while#11-Hamlin had the most interview time. Sprint Cup champion #18-Busch was the 12th most-mentioned:

    Interview Time
    #88-Earnhardt, Jr.
    #78-Truex, Jr.

    Statistics reflect all live race telecasts and replays of the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season.(Joyce Julius)(12-7-2015)

  • Hamlin to have knee surgery Nov. 30th UPDATE: #11-Denny Hamlin is scheduled to have surgery Nov. 30 to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. Hamlin injured his knee playing basketball in September and opted to wait until after the season to have surgery. He plans to attend NASCAR's season-ending awards ceremony in Las Vegas a few days later. Dr. Patrick Connor, the team physician of the NFL's Carolina Panthers, will perform the operation in Charlotte.(Associated Press)(11-21-2015)
    UPDATE: Denny Hamlin had successful surgery on his right knee this afternoon. Hamlin is expected to make a full recovery in time for the start of the 2016 NASCAR season in February. The scheduled offseason surgery was to repair the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in his right knee which he tore while playing basketball in early September. The surgery was performed by Dr. Patrick Connor of OrthoCarolina.(Joe Gibbs Racing)(11-30-2015)

  • Hamlin wins at Chicago: #11-Denny Hamlin won the myAFibRisk.com 400 Sprint Cup Series race at Chicagoland Speedway for his 2nd win of the season, 1st win at Chicago and 26th career win. After starting 29th, the lowest of any Chase competitor, Hamlin spun on lap 2, and lost a lap, and restarted the race in 43rd. He eventually got his lap back and worked his way through the field. The team stayed on track during the final caution and he took the lead with 4 laps to go. He led just 10 of the 267 laps.
    With the win, Hamlin automatically advances to the next round of the Chase.
    #19-Edwards finished 2nd followed by #41-Busch, #31-Newman, #20-Kenseth, #22-Logano, #42-Larson, #2-Keselowski, #18-Busch, and #43-Almirola.
    Polesitter #4-Harvick finished 42nd. He cut a tire down and spun into the wall after contact with #48 Johnson on a restart midway though the race. He had to go to the garage for repairs for more than 50 laps.
    #20-Kenseth now leads the Chase points standings, 2 points over Hamlin.
    There were 17 lead changes among 10 drivers. There were 6 cautions for 28 yellow flag laps.
    The average speed was 140.117mph.
    See unofficial race results, awards, money won, laps led, cautions and more on the Unofficial Race Results page (pdf) and check out the Penalty Report (pdf) and Lap Summary Report (pdf).
    See UNOFFICIAL drivers championship points standings on the Unofficial Drivers Points Standings (pdf).
    See the UNOFFICIAL owner points standings on the Unofficial Owners Points Standings page (pdf).(9-20-2014)

  • Hamlin has begun physical therapy on torn ACL: His pace is slightly slower, while his gait is noticeably stiffer. But make no mistake about it, #11-Denny Hamlin is not going to let a torn ACL in his right knee keep him from winning the Chase for the Sprint Cup. At Thursday's Chase Media Day, Hamlin brought reporters up to speed on his condition, nine days after tearing the ACL while playing basketball. "It's good," Hamlin said when asked how his knee is feeling. "I'm walking a little bit more normal now, so everything's good and everything should be good in the car as well." Hamlin, who hopes to be able to walk without a knee brace by Sunday's MyAFibRisk.com 400 Chase opener at Chicagoland Speedway, has begun physical therapy, which could potentially play a big part of his getting to the final round of the Chase. Hamlin hopes the knee-strengthening therapy will get him through the next 10 weeks before he has off-season surgery to repair the ACL. Hamlin said he's ready for nine of the 10 Chase races but admits to hesitancy about racing at Talladega. "Talladega will be the biggest challenge," he said. "It's not the heavy braking race tracks, it's the one where you're holding the throttle wide open the longest. But I've driven many, many laps at Talladega anyway with my left foot hung over there pushing the gas down because you're leg falls asleep there anyway holding the gas down so much."(NBC Sports)(9-18-2015)

  • Denny Hamlin Suffers Torn ACL in Right Knee: Joe Gibbs Racing announced that driver #11-Denny Hamlin suffered a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in his right knee while playing basketball Tuesday night. Hamlin had a MRI this morning to confirm the diagnosis and has been evaluated by the medical team at OrthoCarolina. He has received the medical clearance necessary to continue racing activities and is expected to race the remainder of the season and through the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship. Hamlin will require surgery to repair the ACL damage following the season.(JGR)(9-9-2015)

  • Joe Gibbs Racing Launches Pit Road with Pals Game App: Joe Gibbs Racing announced the launch of their new interactive pit crew competition app: Pit Road with Pals. The new version of the popular pit stop game is now available for download on all Apple and Android devices. Pit Road With Pals App is a free app and provides fans the opportunity to test their skills in all facets of a pit stop. New to this version is the opportunity to play with friends in a best-of-three round competition style similar to many popular word games.(more info and links on JGRs Facebook page)(8-27-2015)

  • Erik Jones to run some Cup races next season; full-time in future: Coach Joe Gibbs shed light on Erik Jones' NASCAR career arc Tuesday morning, saying that a full XFINITY Series schedule and some Sprint Cup events were planned for 2016. Gibbs, appearing on "The Morning Drive on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, said that advancing the 19-year-old driver through the NASCAR development ladder was a top priority at Joe Gibbs Racing. "We look at Erik as a big part of our future," Gibbs told SiriusXM, "and we've got a plan laid out and it's not something we've talked about in public, but we all kind of know inside of our racing organization, and with his parents and his agent ... is just great. So we've talked over a plan, and basically the plan next year would be a full XFINITY season and try and run for a championship there and also to, in all likelihood, have him in some Cup races so that would be the goal for next year." Gibbs, 74, said plans to get Jones into a full-time ride are taking shape, though his organization currently stands at the NASCAR-mandated maximum of four teams, with Busch, Carl Edwards, Denny Hamlin and Matt Kenseth on the JGR driver roster. "We've got a plan laid out in the future, and it's something we can't, you know, we don't want to talk about now, but there is no question -- this guy, Erik's headed for Cup," Gibbs said with a laugh. "He's headed for Cup and we've got a path charted that we think is the best to get him ready and to fulfill his goal of being in a Cup car as quick as we can get him there."(NASCAR.com)(8-4-2015)

  • Hamlin wants to stay at Gibbs long-term: Hamlin's year to date has been a bit of a roller coaster. The Virginia native scored his first victory of the season at Martinsville Speedway, earning his spot in the 16-driver Chase for the Sprint Cup field. However, he has also recorded six finishes of 22nd or worse. Despite the up-and-down results, Hamlin believes his team is headed in the right direction and the poor finished are not indicative of how his cars are running. After his victory in the All-Star Race, questions were raised about Hamlin's contract status with Joe Gibbs Racing. However, the driver of the #11 set the record straight, saying this is not a contract year. "I've still got some time left on my deal," he said. "I've been with Gibbs for really a lot time. I'd hope to stay with them." Would Hamlin ever entertain offers from other teams? "As long as the Gibbs family will have me, I'll stay there," he said.(FoxSports)(5-30-2015)

  • Hamlin wins at Martinsville: #11-Denny Hamlin won the STP 500 Sprint Cup Series race at Martinsville Speedway for his 1st win of the season, 5th win at Martinsville Speedway and his 25th career win.
    #2-Keselowski finished second, the rest of the top 10: #22-Logano, #20-Kenseth, #18-Ragan, #78-Truex, Jr., #10-Patrick, #4-Harvick, #24-Gordon, and #1-McMurray.
    #25-Chase Elliott, making his Sprint Cup debut, was involved in an early accident and spent some time behind the wall for repairs. He finished 38th.
    #42-Regan Smith, filling in for Kyle Larson, overcame a spin midway through the race to finish 16th.
    Harvick's 8th place finish is his first finish outside the top 2 since Martinsville in October last year.
    Harvick continues to hold the Chase points lead, now 24 points over #22-Logano.
    There were 31 lead changes among 13 drivers. There were 16 cautions for 112 yellow flag laps.
    The average speed was 68.843mph.
    See unofficial race results, awards, money won, laps led, cautions and more on the Unofficial Race Results page (pdf) and check out the Penalty Report (pdf) and Lap Summary Report (pdf).
    See OFFICIAL race results & points standings on the Official Race & Points Report (pdf).(3-29-2015)

  • JD Gibbs being treated for symptoms impacting areas of brain function UPDATE: Joe Gibbs Racing announces today that J.D. Gibbs, president of Joe Gibbs Racing, is starting treatment for symptoms impacting areas of brain function. Gibbs has undergone a series of tests after experiencing a gradual onset of symptoms that includes speech and processing issues. Gibbs' doctors believe the complications he has experienced were triggered by head injuries likely suffered earlier in life, but no specific injury was referenced or identified. Gibbs has always enjoyed an active life participating in several sports including mountain biking, snowboarding, football, racing, and other extreme-type sports. Gibbs will be undergoing more testing and receiving treatments to help manage the symptoms. During that time, it is expected that his presence at the race track will be limited; however, he will continue many of his day-to-day responsibilities at JGR's headquarters in Huntersville, NC as well as involvement with his various ministry endeavors.(Joe Gibbs Racing)
    Statement from Brian France: "All members of the NASCAR and France family extend our thoughts and prayers to J.D. Gibbs and his loved ones. We've all watched J.D. grow up within our community, and he always has represented himself, his family, the entire Joe Gibbs Racing organization and NASCAR with the utmost professionalism, enthusiasm and energy. We wish him the best during this time and eagerly anticipate his recovery."(NASCAR)(3-25-2015)
    UPDATE: Joe Gibbs addressed the media Sunday morning at Martinsville:
    "J.D. at our team meeting earlier this week, he got up and basically he said, 'I know God has a plan and God puts us through things for a reason.' I think J.D. gains his strength from the fact that he has a personal relationship with the Lord and I have to tell you that he's my hero. I kind of watch him and I don't know if anybody has ever dealt with anything as crazy as J.D. does. He went through a situation with his son Taylor having leukemia at two and we fought through that for about three or four years. By the way, appreciate all of you all's prayers for Taylor and Taylor's doing great today. Like I said, J.D. through his entire life has probably been the craziest person that I've ever been around or knew. Basically, his situation medically - there's very few answers. We've been dealing with this for about six months and basically what the doctor's say is that they really don't know. J.D. has lived a very active lifestyle. All the things that he's done in his life physically he's loved all sporting events and it's everything from football to snowboarding, racing cars, racing motor bikes - he's lived in a lot of ways for him, he loved all those things. We can't point to any one serious thing that happened to him, certainly any injury is a possibility that led us into some of the symptoms that he's experiencing now.
    We've been dealing with this for about six months so as far as the management team for Joe Gibbs Racing, we have a senior management team and most of our people have been in place for the full 24 years - it's amazing really. I think very few people have noticed anything or any difference in the way we operate with the race team. The good thing there is that J.D. and I share the same responsibilities. If I'm not there for a particular reason, J.D. will be there and if J.D. is not there for some reason, I'll be there. As he goes through treatment, he will probably be doing less at the race track because he has a full week that demands quite a bit from him as he goes through treatment. You will probably see less of him at the race track, but he'll be there on a day-to-day basis with the race team and be in all of our meetings and all of the key decisions that we make, J.D.'s going to have a huge impact on that.(Toyota Racing)(3-29-2015)

  • Todd Berrier joins Joe Gibbs Racing: Todd Berrier has joined Joe Gibbs Racing. The veteran crew chief started his new job on Monday and is expected to transition into Jimmy Makar's role. Makar, who has been with JGR since its inception in 1992 as Dale Jarrett's crew chief, is currently the senior vice president of racing operations. JGR president J.D. Gibbs confirmed Berrier's hiring on Thursday but was not certain of his title. Berrier was most recently the crew chief for Furniture Row Racing and the #78 Chevy but transitioned out of his role over the last year. Berrier honed his crew chief skills at Richard Childress Racing starting with truck in 1997. He led Kevin Harvick to the Nationwide Series title in 2001 before graduating to Cup full-time in 2002. Berrier has four Chase appearances, eight Cup wins, six Nationwide Series wins and four truck victories.(Motorsport)(12-5-2014)

  • Matt Bowling wins Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown: Matt Bowling won the Denny Hamlin Short Track Showdown on Thursday night at South Boston Speedway, fighting off Matt Waltz in the seventh edition of the charity race. The event benefits the Denny Hamlin Foundation and raises awareness and funding to support Cystic Fibrosis research and new therapies in the region. Nick Smith finished third. Hamlin was eighth, while defending Showdown champion Kyle Busch ended the night in fourth. Matt Kenseth was fifth, and David Reagan 20th. Truck Series driver Timothy Peters finished 27th after his night was cut short following a tangle with Jeb Burton, who finished 25th after getting into a scuffle with Blake Stallings.(Associated Press/ESPN)(4-25-2014)

  • Joe Gibbs Racing Partners with Pit Crew U: Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR) announces today that it has partnered with Pit Crew U, a division of Performance Instruction & Training, on a pit crew development program designed to keep a flow of talent coming to the organization for years to come. "It certainly is no secret how important pit crews have become in our sport especially with track position playing such a vital role in each race," said J.D. Gibbs, President of JGR. "We've always believed in developing our own talent through our driver program and our Nationwide Series program, which has seen many team members, including crew chiefs, make the step to the Sprint Cup Series. We're excited to partner with Pit Crew U now to make sure we have a consistent flow of over the wall talent coming to JGR in the years to come." Pit Crew U has produced some of the best over-the-wall talent in NASCAR with several of JGR's current Sprint Cup Series pit crew members having come out of their program. JGR will work with Pit Crew U to identify 10 talented athletes to form a development squad for their racing programs with the intent to eventually fill the organization's needs in their Nationwide Series programs and ultimately the Sprint Cup Series.(JGR)(8-15-2013)

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