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  • What: A 25-lap race for eligible drivers who won poles during the 1999 Winston Cup season, following the running of a 25-lap qualifying race for last season's fastest second-round qualifiers

  • Race: Sunday, February 13, 2000 in Daytona, FL

  • TV: Qualifier Race ESPN 11am/et; the Shootout CBS 12:00noon/et

  • Purse: $570,000, $115,000 to winner

  • Entry List: 2000 Bud Shootout Page and at NASCAR Online

  • 1999 Race Winner: Mark Martin; Qualifier Race Winner: Mike Skinner

  • Track/Race Length: 2.5 mile oval, 25 laps each, 62.5 miles each

  • Practice: Friday, Feb 11th, 4:30-5:30pm/et; Saturday, Feb 12th, 9:45-10:30am/et and one hour after the Goody's Dash Series race


  • Races: Thursday, February 17, 2000 in Daytona, FL

  • Start Time: Race 1) 12:30pm/et with Race 2 starting after the 1st

  • TV: CBS - Tape Delayed on Saturday, Feb 19th from 2:30-4:00pm/et(after BGN race)

  • 1999 Race Winners: 1) Bobby Labonte; 2) Dale Earnhardt

  • Track/Race Length: 2.5 mile oval, 50 laps each, 125 miles each


  • Preview: on CBS Feb 6th from 12:00noon to 1:00pm/et

  • Race: Sunday, February 20, 2000 in Daytona, FL

  • TV: CBS 12:00noon/et

  • Purse: $9,291,741

  • Entry List: Entry List for the: Daytona 500 from NOL

  • 1999 Race Winner: Jeff Gordon

  • Track/Race Length: 2.5 mile oval, 200 laps, 500 miles

  • Practice: Friday, Feb 11th 10:00am-12:00noon/et; 12:30-2:50pm/et(TV-ESPN2 including Bud Shootout Practice to 4:30pm/et); Saturday, Feb 12th, 8:30-9:40am/et; Monday, Feb 14th, 10:00-11:30am/et TV-ESPN2; Tuesday, Feb 15th, 12:30-2:25pm/et; Wednesday, Feb 16th, 10:30am-12:00noon; Friday, Feb 18th, 9:10-10:15am/et

  • Happy Hour Practice: Saturday, Feb 19th, after the BGN race, TV-ESPN2, 10:00pm/et(tape delay)

  • Qualfying Order: Daytona 500 qualifying order and at That's Racin'

  • First Round Qualifying: 2 laps for positions 1-2 and the Gatorade Twin 125's lineup, Saturday, Feb 12th at 12:00noon/et, TV-CBS and live via MRN radio/internet(link below)

  • Second-Round Qualifying: Monday, Feb 14th at 1:00-1:55pm/et for 2 laps, ESPN Live

  • The traditional third round of qualifying has been discontinued effect this year

  • Event/Track Qualifying Record: Bill Elliott, 210.364mph, February 1987

  • Last Year's Pole Sitter: Jeff Gordon, 195.067mph

  • Pit Road Speed: 65mph

  • NASCAR Online will have live lap-by-lap coverage of Winston Cup qualifying via the web


  • The Daytona 500 has a different qualifying format. Only the two fastest drivers secure starting spots for the 500 in that first round. Drivers can stand on Saturday's speed or try to go faster on Tuesday's in second-round qualifying. Once a driver elects to go again, his previous speed is wiped off the slate and the new speed becomes his official mark. After qualifying ends on Tuesday, the speeds will be used to set the lineups for Thursday's Gatorade 125-mile qualifying races. Odd numbers -- first, third, fifth and so on -- go in the first race, even numbers in the second. Results from the 125s will set positions 3 through 30 for the 500. The next six spots in the 500 field will go to the drivers with the six best qualifying speeds who have not yet made the field. The final seven spots go to provisional starters based on last season's car owner points standings. One of the biggest gaps in Winston Cup racing falls between the second- and third-fastest qualifiers on Saturday. The second-fastest driver is assured of starting on the outside of the front row for the 500. The third-fastest, however, could start the main event as far back as 31st depending on how he does in his 125-miler.(That's Racin')

  • The Track: Daytona International Speedway is a tri-oval with 31-degree banking in the turns, 18-degree banking in the tri-oval and 6-degree banking on the straightaways. Daytona International Speedway

  • Track Homepage: Daytona International Speedway

  • Goodyear Tire Notes - Daytona(2-14-2000)


  • The 76 Challenge Bonus for winning the race from the pole is $136,800 at Daytona. (Jeff Gordon last won the bonus of $60,800 at Sears Point). The bonus starts at $7,600 and is increased by the same amount until won and carries over to the next season(as it did in 1999 when Jeff Gordon won the Daytona 500 from the pole and a bonus of $60,800)(1-11-2000)

    Jeff Gordon, Sears Point, 6/27, $22,800
    Bobby Labonte, Dover, 6/6, $53,200
    Rusty Wallace, Bristol, 4/11, $45,600
    Jeff Gordon, Daytona, 2/14, $60,000

  • The NASCAR Winston Cup Leader Bonus is $10,000 at Daytona for leading the points and winning the race.(Dale Jarrett last won the award, $20,000 at Indy) The $340,000 annual award is paid at $10,000 per race to the point leader at the end of each event if he is also the winner. The award increases by $10,000 each week the it goes unclaimed. If the point leader is not the race winner at the end of the year, the balance of the award is distributed among the top-10 finisher in the point standings(1-11-2000)


    TV Schedule for Speedweeks by Speedway Illustrated

    Perfect Paranoia
    about television coverage of racing

    Radio Coverage:
    Motor Racing Network(MRN)
    including RealAudio coverage
    MRN Affiliate List for your local station

    Satellite/Backhaul Listing's:
    Satellite/Backhaul Listing's: Stutzman Computer Service/Sales - Racing Feed Locations

    Local Newspaper and other Sites that cover the Daytona, FL Area, Speedweeks and the Daytona 500:
    Daytona News-Journal/Speed Magazine
    ESPN - Daytona 500 section
    Florida Times-Union
    Inside Central Florida
    Orlando Sentinel - Speedweeks
    USA Today - Daytona 500
    Fox Sports - Daytona 500
    LA Times - Daytona 500

    Daytona Champber of Commmerce - Recreation and Entertainment
    Daytona Beach Campground

    Weather forecast for Daytona, FL by The Weather Channel


    Fans Can Online


    • Twins/500: Of the 80 previous qualifying races winners since 1959, only seven have gone on to win the Daytona 500. Dale Earnhardt (1998) is the most recent driver to do so. He is joined by Fireball Roberts (1962), Cale Yarborough (1977 and 1984), Bill Elliott (1985), Bobby Allison (1988) and Sterling Marlin (1995)(AP)(2-18-2000)

    • Daytona Race Fact Sheet (RaceWire)(2-17-2000)

    • NASCAR - Daytona 500 Preview(WRAL)(2-17-2000)

    • At This Race in Wood Brothers History: The year was 1963 when Tiny Lund climbed into the Wood Brothers 1963 Ford replacing a burned Marvin Panch. The win marked the first of four triumphs at the Daytona 500 by the Wood Brothers team. To celebrate this moment in Wood Brothers history, a special paint scheme will decorate the CITGO Ford at the July race in Daytona(Cox Marketing)(2-11-2000)

    • The Rules: After two days of complaints from teams, NASCAR Senior Vice President Mike Helton addressed the issue. There are no changes planned yet to even the competition, but Helton didn’t rule out the possibility it could happen before the Daytona 500. A rules change during prerace activities would be a first in the 52-year history of the sanctioning body. NASCAR officials will have another look at the cars in race conditions during today’s Bud Shootout events(Times-Dispatch)(2-13-2000)

    • No Bull: The pairing of fans with the No Bull 5 drivers for the Daytona 500 will be: Melissa Brown, Pittsburgh: Dale Jarrett; John Williams, Las Vegas: Ricky Rudd; Lorraine Scheurle, Cliffside Park, NJ: Ward Burton; Marcus Pohlmann, West Jefferson, OH: Dale Earnhardt; and Betty Blackmon, Dillon, SC: Kenny Wallace(many sources)(2-13-2000)

    • Daytona 500...important for the season? How important is it to run well at the Daytona 500? Consider this: Of the top-five finishers in last year's race, none finished in the top five in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series Championship standings. Jeff Gordon won the race and finished sixth in the points, while Dale Earnhardt was second in the race and seventh in points. Kenny Irwin finished third in the race and 19th in points, while Mike Skinner was fourth in the race and 10th in the standings and Michael Waltrip was fifth in the race and 29th in the standings. On the other hand, Dale Jarrett won the championship after finishing 37th in the race; Bobby Labonte was second after finishing 25th in the race; Mark Martin was third after finishing 31st in the race; and Jeff Burton was fifth after running 35th in the race.(Times-Union/AP) pretty wild(2-12-2000)

    • Daytona 500 Quick Facts(TNN)(2-11-2000)

    • Big Track, Big Stats by Bill Sloboda(TNN)(2-11-2000)

    • WC: Daytona 500 Race Stats by TNN stat guru Bill Sloboda(2-8-2000)

    • Crew Chief Club

    • Bud Shhotout Preview by WRAL/AP(2-9-2000)

    • NO BULL FIVE: the Daytona 500 is a No Bull 5 race, for more info and to see the drivers go to my 2000 No Bull Five Page

    • The following fans are qualified for the Winston No Bull 5 "They Win, You Win" event at Daytona. The fans and drivers will be paired during Bud Pole Qualifying for the Daytona 500. The fans' names will be placed on the scoreboard prior to qualifying. The drivers' order after the first round of qualifying will determine which fan they will be paired. The fans are: Betty Blackman, Dillon, SC; Melissa Brown, Pittsburgh; John Williams, Las Vegas; Lorraine Scheurle, Cliffside Park, NJ and Marcus Pohlmann, West Jefferson, Ohio

    • Vegas Odds for the 2000 Cup Season: Jeff Gordon is 3:1 odds to win the 2000 Winston Cup while he is the 7:2 favorite to win the Daytona 500, Bobby Labonte is 2nd both times. See the full odds at the WRAL site: Las Vegas Stardust NASCAR Odds(1-25-2000)

    • Parade Lap: Thirteen year old Jonathan Denning of Springfield, NJ has been invited by the organization, Race Against Drugs, (RAD) to be in the parade lap preceding the upcoming Daytona 500. Jon will be behind the wheel of his own #00 Sherwin - Williams winged sprint race car for the parade lap, and has earned this opportunity because of his hard work and money raising efforts for RAD this past year. Jonathan is a former karting champion, he moved up to sprint cars this year, and plans to run a full season on dirt in the northeast. Jonathan has signed a corporate sponsor at his young age to back his racing goals; Sherwin - Williams, the Automotive Finishes division of the worldwide paint company(Jon Denning Site/PR)(1-26-2000)

    • Shocks UPDATE: NASCAR will issue a uniform shock absorber to all Cup teams for the season-opening Daytona 500. The new shocks, which will stop teams from desperately trying to lower their cars to the ground in an effort to cut down on wind resistance, likely will be used in both qualifying and the race. They will make rides less violent for drivers and cut costs for teams, who won't have to spend time and money developing various shock packages. They also will reduce speeds, which were starting to push the 200-mph barrier in qualifying, even with horsepower-reducing restrictor plates on the carburetors(News and Observer)(1-10-2000) -- UPDATE: NASCAR has added a new addition to its requirements for Winston Cup cars at the series' fastest tracks at Daytona and Talladega. NASCAR will issue a uniform shock absorber to all Cup teams for the season-opening Daytona 500. The new shocks will prevent teams from their attempts to lower their cars to the ground in an effort to cut down on wind resistance. The new shocks will likely be used in both qualifying and the race(That's Racin')(1-12-2000)


      Rookies: where the rookies qualified(in 1st round), started and finished
      #17-Matt Kenseth was the highest finishing Rookie with a 10th place finish:
      1) 9th #32-Scott Pruett, started 15th, finished 19th
      2) 10th #93-Dave Blaney, 31st, 27th
      3) 13th #9-Stacy Compton, 33rd, 26th
      4) 22nd #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr, 8th, 13th
      5) 25th #14-Mike Bliss, 35th, 33rd
      6) 28th #17-Matt Kenseth, 24th, 10th
      7) 39th #90-Ed Berrier, 26th, 37th
      8) 44th #27-Jeff Fuller, dnq

    • Daytona 500: winner - #88-Dale Jarrett. Jarrett wins the No Bull Five $1 Million, plus a fan who was paired with Jarrett, Melissa Brown of Pittsburgh wins 1 Million. What a run by #10-Johnny Benson. See unofficial results at NASCAR Online(NOL) and Racin' Network(2-20-2000)

    • Happy Hour Accident UPDATE 2: heard from a few readers watching Happy Hour on satellite that there was an accident close to the end of Happy Hour that happened when #14 Mike Bliss lost control. #88-Dale Jarrett checked up but got rear ended by #24-Jee Gordon and slightly side swiped by #94-Bill Elliott. Also just behind them #3-Dale Earnhardt slowed and was hit in the back by #20-Tony Stewart. From what I hear all damage was minimal except for Jarrett who will need repairs but will NOT have to go to a backup car -- UPDATE: for more details see the story at NASCAR Online(NOL) and at SpeedVision, also Happy Hour will be shown tonight on ESPN2 at 10pm/et(2-19-2000) -- UPDATE 2: Jarrett's damage was minimal, no suspension or sterring parts damaged as orignially feared. NASCAR will allow the team to come into the garage early(as they have done in the past when team request it). Mayfield lost an engine just as he went out to practice and made no runs at speed and will have a new race motor installed with no laps on it. None of the other cars were damaged more then a little cosmetic(ESPN2's Happy Hour Coverage) The Times-Dispatch reports: Teams already were scheduled for an extra three hours of garage time because of inspection at 8:30am/et this morning. Also more info at a story on That's Racin'(2-20-2000)

    • Happy Hour: that's it, all that is left is the Daytona 500. Great BGN and CTS races. #24-Jeff Gordon was the fastest in 'Happy Hour' at 193.640mph followed by #88-Dale Jarrett at 193.494mph. #12-Jeremy Mayfield only made one lap, not sure what happened there, possibily an engine problem. See the speeds at NASCAR Online and the Racin' Network(2-19-2000)

    • Jayski's own tenative Daytona 500 Lineup, with speeds, provisonals and who missed. #11-Brett Bodine, #60-Geoffrey Bodine, #71-Dave Marcis were among those who didn't make the field. #66-Darrell Waltrip needed the Champions Provisional to get in the race(2-17-2000)

    • Twin 125's: #94-Bill Elliott won the 1st Twin and #28-Ricky Rudd won the 2nd Twin 125. No cautions and no lead changes. This is the first time since 1964 the qualifying races went caution-free. See the reuslts at NASCAR Online(2-17-2000)

      Fastest Rookies during 1st round qualifying at Daytona and where they will start after the Twin 125's:
      1) 9th #32-Scott Pruett, starts 15th
      2) 10th #93-Dave Blaney, starts 31st
      3) 13th #9-Stacy Compton, starts 33rd
      4) 22nd #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr, starts 8th
      5) 25th #14-Mike Bliss, starts 35th
      6) 28th #17-Matt Kenseth, starts 24th
      7) 39th #90-Ed Berrier, starts 26th
      8) 44th #27-Jeff Fuller, dnq

    • Friday Practice: Elliott is hot. #94-Bill Elliott was the fastest at 194.350mph with #7-Michael Waltrip was 2nd at 194.300mph. See the speeds at NOL and Racin' Network(2-18-2000)

    • Twins...experience factor: some I and many readers noticed about the differences in the Twin 125 fields. In the first Twin 125, there are 18 Cup championships among seven drivers (7-Earnhardt, 3-Gordon, 3-Waltrip, 2-T Labonte, 1-Jarrett, 1-Elliott, 1-Wallace) and over 400 wins. In the 2nd Twin 125, there are NO Cup championships, and 48 wins with Ricky Rudd holding 20 of those. Pretty interesting(2-15-2000)

    • Wed Practice is over: #2-Rusty Wallace was the fastest at 194.103mph with #94-Bill Elliott right behind at 194.049mph. Four Chevy's and six Ford's in the top 10 speeds. #27-Jeff Fuller went out on the track in his backup car and #96-Greg Sacks was able to get out towards the end of practice, his car is now yellow as it is a car from the Morgan-McClure team. #93-Dave Blaney had contact with the wall early in practice when the left front tire of the car blew, the right side got flattened, crew chief Gil Martin and crew plans to fix the car for the Twin 125. #16-Lepage has his Northern Light colors on the car and DW has a Fox Sports decal on the #66 car. NASCAR Online has practice results up(2-16-2000)

    • Tuesday Cup practice: #10-Johnny Benson was the fastest with a speed of 194.070mph, 2nd was #9-Stacy Compton at 193.278mph. See the speeds at Racin' Network(2-15-20000

    • A different look UPDATED: I kept track of the 1st and 2nd lap speeds during first round qualifying and made a comparison chart. Missed two drivers when CBS left qualifying and NOL must have gotten nailed with folks trying to find out what the last five drivers did, I was able to get the last three done. See the Daytona 500 1st Round Comparison Chart. Also at the bottom of that chart os the TENTATIVE Twin 125 lineup's. Final lineups will not be set until after 2nd round qualifying on Monday(2-12-2000) -- UPDATE: added a 2nd round section and updated the Twin 125 lineups(2-14-2000)

    • 2nd Round Qualifying is over: at Daytona for the Daytona 500/Twin 125's. #44-Kyle Petty was the fastest at 187.582mph, but he lost 0.6mph over his 1st round speed. 2nd was #91-Andy Hillenburg 185.056, 3rd #85-Carl Long 182.205 and #65-Dan Pardus ran one lap with a speed of 179.791 before he had engine problems. #72-Jim Sauter withdrew his Marcis Racing Chevy. #84-Norm Benning did not make a 1st or 2nd round attempt but ESPN still listed him as starting the 2nd Twin 125, last. Since Kyle Petty does not carry the Bud Sticker on his car (neither does teammate John Andretti as team owner Richard Petty was asked by his Mother years ago not to carry alcohol sponsors) he is not eligible for the 2001 Bud Shootout Qualifier (my error before). The honor goes to #91-Andy Hillenburg who was the 2nd fastest. Also from SpeedVision: Jim Sauter and Norm Benning did not try to qualify in either round but will start at the backs of the 125s, having made sufficient speed in practice(2-14-2000)

    • 2nd Round Qualifying: Only five drivers/teams have decided to make 2nd round attempts(which will be on TV, ESPN at 1:00pm/et) in this order: #72-Jim Sauter; #44-Kyle Petty; #85-Carl Long; #65-Danny Pardus and #91-Andy Hillenburg. #84-Norm Benning is not listed, can only assume he has dropped out(Bill Weber at ESPN2 Practice)(2-14-2000)

      Fastest Rookies during 1st round qualifying at Daytona:
      1) 9th #32-Scott Pruett
      2) 10th #93-Dave Blaney
      3) 13th #9-Stacy Compton
      4) 22nd #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr
      5) 25th #14-Mike Bliss
      6) 28th #17-Matt Kenseth
      7) 39th #90-Ed Berrier
      8) 44th #27-Jeff Fuller

    • Monday AM Practice: is over, #33-Joe Nemechek was the fastest so far at 192.873mph, 2nd was the #15 Derrike Cope Finley-Moore Ford at 192.806mph. Two Northeast drivers, #27-Jeff Fuller and #96-Greg Sacks got together when Sacks lost control, both hitting the was and pretty much destroying both cars. Sacks was undecided about making a 2nd round attempt, looks like he will not now, no idea if the team has a 2nd car. At first Fuller said he was ok, the his neck started bothering him, so the medics/ambulance was called so Fuller can be checked out, he also bit through his tongue. Sack is ok, team says they will be in the Twin 125's with a backup car from they have to bring to Daytona from the shop or may purchase a car from another team. Sacks is ok and was walking around the garage(ESPN2 Practice) See the speeds at Racin' Network(2-14-2000)

    • Bud Shootout Qualifier and Race: #15-Derrike Cope dropped out as he and the Fenley-Moore team are concentrating on 2nd round of qualfying for the Daytona 500. #88-Dale Jarrett won the Bud Shootout Qualifier and transferred to the Bud Shootout, see Results/NOL. And then went on to win the Bud Shootout. Pretty wild ending, see Results/NOL(2-13-2000)

    • Qualifying notes: #84-Norm Benning and #72-Jim Sauter did not make qualifying attempts. Benning did not have his car ready as he had problems with his ARCA car and concentrated on getting the car ready for the ARCA race. Benning will make a Cup attempt in Monday's 2nd round qualifying. Sauter has yet to check-in a car for the race, which is coming out of the Dave Marcis stable. #11-Brett Bodine was late taking his qualifying run as he had an engine change(2-13-2000)

    • 1st Round Qualifying is over: for the Daytona 500. Both Yates Racing Ford sit on the front row, with #88-Dale Jarrett winning the pole in convincing fashion with a speed of 191.091mph and #28-Ricky Rudd qualifying 2nd on the outside pole with a speed of 190.384mph. Ford's had 6 in the top 10, Pontiac 3 and Chevy only 1, with #31-Mike Skinner getting the 4th fastest with the final run of the day. #84-Norm Benning and #72-Jim Sauter did not make attempts, not sure if they will attempt 2nd round. But to be in the Twin 125's they have to make an attempt. CBS left qualifying with five drivers to go, but otherwise did a pretty nice job, actually showed most of the cars make their run with the exceptions of a few. If there are any complaints about CBS, contact them or your local station, not me, see my TV/Media page for addresses, email and phone numbers. Qualifying results can be seen at: NOL and the Racin' Network. Only the Jarrett and Rudd are locked into starting spots for the 500. The rest of the field will be filled by the Twin 125's, six on speed and seven provisionals, don't understand? See my Daytona 500 page for explanation. The following drivers/teams are pretty much guaranteed to make the race based on speed or provisionals(1999 Owners Points), The next six fastest: #94-Elliott, #31-Skinner, #6-Martin, #22-Burton, #2-Wallace and #43-Andretti and worse case scenario for these teams, would use provisionals base on 1999 owners points: #18-Labonte, #20-Stewart, #99-Burton, #24-Gordon and #3-Earnhardt. So that would guarantee Terry Labonte the champs provisional in the worse case also. This is all a worse case deal, much depends on 2nd round qualifying and the Twin 125's(2-12-2000)

    • Daytona 500 Entry List is up at NOL, see my above for the link. 57 drivers entered including #34-David Green, #48-Stanton Barrett, #65-Dan Pardus, #72-Jim Sauter, #84-Norm Benning, #85-Carl Long, #89-Bobby Gerhart, #96-Greg Sacks and Rick Mast is listed in the #41 Big Daddy's Chevy(2-9-2000)

    • Daytona Pole UPDATE 2: In the last ten Daytona 500's there have been ten different poll winners(ESPN2 Qualifying coverage)(2-11-2000) -- UPDATE: the drivers I was asked? Kenny Schrader in 1990, Davey Allison(91), Sterling Marlin(92-in Jr Johnson's #22 Maxwell House), Kyle Petty(93-Mello Yellow), Loy Allen(94-Hooter on Hooisers as a rookie), Dale Jarrett(95-in the #28), Dale Earnhardt(96), Mike Skinner(97), Bobby Labonte(98) and Jeff Gordon(99-and won) -- Dale Jarrett broke the string, winning the pole for the 2000 Daytona 500(2-12-2000)

    • Final Bud Shootout Practice: #24-Jeff Gordon and #33-Joe Nemechek were the fastest at 192.049mph in the final practice before the Shootout on Sunday. See the speeds at NASCAR Online(2-12-2000)

    • Sat AM Practice: for the Daytona 500. #28-Ricky Rudd was fastest at 190.098mph. 57 practiced. Speeds first found at NASCAR Online(2-12-2000)

    • Sat AM Shootout Practice: #28-Ricky Rudd was the fastest at 190.892mph, slowest was #48-Stanton Barrett at 153.335mph, can only assumed something happened there. See the speeds at NOL(2-12-2000)

    • Fri Shootout Practice: #18-Bobby Labonte was the fastest during the Friday Bud Shootout practice with a speed of 192.971mph. See the speeds at NOL. Two drivers did notpractice, #48-Stanton Barrett and #15-Derrike Cope(2-11-2000)

    • Friday PM Practice: at Daytona. #2-Rusty Wallace was the fastest in the 2nd practice at 189.773mph, speeds at NOL and Racin' Network(2-11-2000)

    • Friday AM Practice: at Daytona. #2-Rusty Wallace was the fastest with a speed of 189.255mph. See NOL for the AM Practice Speeds, 55 of the 57 cars listed on the entry list practiced. #6-Mark Martin is the fastest in the 2nd practice at 189.689mph(2-11-2000)

    • How to break a tie? Four drivers were tied for 23rd starting spot at Atlanta with a speed of 190.949mph, the tie is broken by owners points standings, the drivers tied at 23rd are: #12-Mayfield(11th in owners points); #23-Spencer(18th); #28-Irwin(20th); #94-Elliott(21st) so they line up like this: 23rd: #12; 24th: #23; 25th: #28; and 26th: #94(unless someone goes faster in 2nd round qualifying. For provisionals standings see the Jayski Provisional Status page(11-19-1999)

    • Links: Practice speeds, qualifying and results can be found at these sites: NASCAR Online, Racin Network and


    • Daytona Grand Marshal: Sam Gibara, chairman of The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, will give the command “Gentleman, start your engines" and serve as Grand Marshal and #34-Winston Cup car owner and former Olympic champion Jackie Joyner-Kersee will wave the green flag for the Daytona 500(SpeedVision)(2-18-2000)

    • How to Calculate Track Speeds: use the formula Speed = Distance divided by Time. Distance is Track Length, and Lap Time into Hours. Once hour is 3600 seconds, so the calculation for a 48 second lap at Daytona(2.5 miles) would be: Speed = 2.5 x (3600/48), = 2.5 x 75 = 187.500mph. For a 19 second lap at Bristol(.533 miles): Speed = .533 x (3600/19), = .533 x 189.474 = a speed of 100.990mph

    • Past track news: posted in the past at Jayski's Past Track News/Rumors - Homestead


    • Interesting: When Derrike Cope won the 1990 Daytona 500, he started from the 12th position. In today's Daytona 500, Cope also will start 12th in the #15 Fenely-Moore Motorsports Ford(Speed Magazine)(2-20-2000)

    • #91 Sponsor: When Joe Falk’s #91 Chevrolet Monte Carlo sponsored by KMC Telecom came up three spots short of making the Daytona 500 starting grid, his first concern was finding another team to carry the KMC Telecom decals. "The people at KMC Telecom have been absolutely great to us, and they have a lot of people coming in for this race. We wanted to make sure they had a car to cheer for and a Team who would appreciate their involvement," said Falk. "Since their slogan is ‘Creative Solutions With a Hometown Touch,’ my first thought was to talk to Junie Donlavey. Junie and I go back a long way in NASCAR racing, we are both single car team owners, and we both call Virginia home." The KMC Telecom decals will share space on the #90 Ford Taurus with Hills Brothers Coffee, primary sponsor of Donlavey Racing(LJ Racing Site)(2-18-2000)

    • #16 Sponsor? UPDATE: Roush Racing has scheduled an 8:30am/et Wednesday press conference at its hospitality motorhome with driver Kevin Lepage to discuss the #16 Ford's participation in the "Great American Race(NOL) -- UPDATE: Internet search engine Northern Light announced it would sponsor the Ford Taurus for the Gatorade Twin 125s and Sunday's Daytona 500(TNN Motorsports Site)(2-16-2000)

    • #34 and David Green UPDATE: been getting this question: Why is #34-David Green not listed on NOL's Twin 125 lineup's? Do not know, I have heard nothing about him dropping out of the Daytona 500 -- UPDATE: David Green's showing in the Bud Shootout on Sunday wasn't good enough to keep the team owned by Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Bob Kersee and Kurt Roehrig around for an attempt to make the Daytona 500. The team withdrew its entry(That's Racin')(2-14-2000)

    • Sacks/Fuller UPDATE 2: an update on the #27-Jeff Fuller/#96-Greg Sacks accident. Fuller has neck muscle injuries and is day to day for the Twin 125's. The #96-Petty/Huggins team and driver Greg Sacks have bought a car from Morgan-McClure which is still in the Morgan-McClure shop in VA and they hope to have the car by 6:00am/et at the track(ESPN 2nd round qualifying)(2-14-2000) -- UPDATE: #27 crew chief/owner Barry Dodson has gotten Mike Wallace to drive the Viagra Pontiac if Fuller cannot go in the 125-mile qualifying race Thursday(Speed Magazine) -- UPDATE 2: Fuller said during ESPN2's BGN practice coverage today that he would be in the #27 car for the Twin 125's, the team will not practice today as they want to use the engine in the wrecked car which is back in NC and will be returned in time to practice on Wednesday. Sacks got the Morgan-McClure car and the team is working on it, the also got a Sabco engine for practice and the Twins. Will try to practice today but proabably will not until Wednesday at 10:00am(2-15-2000)

    • Rudd: the car #28-Ricky Rudd flipped in the Bud Shootout was NOT the car Rudd qualified in and will not have go to the back of the field for the Twin 125 or the 500, but it was his backup car, so he doesn't want to wreck in practice or the Twin 125(2-14-2000)

    • Lepage sponsor: Kevin Lepage has a sponsor for the Bud Shootout, Mac Tools will be on the #16 for the Shootout. After that no sponsor is signed up. The team and Lepage plans to run the whole 2000 season, sponsor or not(RPM2Nite)(2-9-2000)

    • Joyner-Kerseee Roehrig news UPDATE: the car that David Green will drive in the Bud Shootout and attempt in the Daytona 500 will be the #34 Sunoco Chevy with help from Kendall Oil. The car was purchased from RCR. The team is looking at possibly doing 5-6 more Cup races in 2000 and Daivd Green is hoping to drive it and that Sunoco and Kendall will stay. The team will run a Bill Davis Racing engine at Daytona(TNN Raceday)(2-6-2000) -- UPDATE: Officials from Sunoco and Kendall Motor Oil, today, announced that the companies will sponsor the Joyner-Kersee-Roehrig Motorsports (JKRM) Chevrolet Monte Carlo to be driven by David Green in Sunday's Bud Shootout at Daytona International Speedway. The agreement, signed Friday, also includes the team's qualifying attempt for the Daytona 500. The car, which will be known as the Sunoco/Kendall Motor Oil Monte Carlo, will carry #34(TNN Motorsports)(2-8-2000)

    • LJ Racing UPDATE: Joe Falk's #91 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, with driver Andy Hillenburg, will not go to Daytona with a bare hood and quarter panels. Joe Falk, team owner of LJ Racing, announced that KMC Telecom will sponsor his team for 2000 Daytona Speedweeks. LJ Racing's #91 Chevy Carlo will also sport a new look at Daytona. The car will be orange, white and purple to tie in the corporate colors of sponsor KMC Telecom whose website is Racing Site)(2-5-2000) -- UPDATE: officially announced on Monday(2-8-2000)

    • Norm Benning News: Norm Benning Motorsports will attempt to make the Daytona 500 in the #84 Chevy. The team has secured sponsorship from SoBe Beverages (website: This is SoBe's first venture into auto racing. In the past they sponsored bike races and skateboarding. Ace Kolar will crew the car. The Cup car has a Leo Jackson Motor. Benning also plans to run the full ARCA season with SoBe sponsorship with Linda Nicholas as the crew chief. See an image of the car in the shop at my Paint Scheme Gallery(2-7-2000)

    • Green in the Shootout UPDATE: JKR Motorsports and David Green have joined forces to compete in the Bud Shootout, February 13, 2000 at the Daytona. Green qualified for the Bud Shootout by winning the Bud Pole Award for the Pennzoil 400 at Homestead last season while driving the #45 Tyler Jet Motorsports Pontiac. Johnny Benson has since signed to drive for Tyler Jet in the renumbered #10 unsponsored Pontiac while Green has signed with Cicci Welliver Racing to drive the #34 AFG Chevy in the BGN series. JKR Motorsports owners, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Bob Kersee and Kurt Roehrig, are excited about this inaugural effort with David Green. Green has run in the CTS for Roehrig in the past, sitting on the pile at IRP in 1996. Joyner-Kersee Racing continues its sponsorship efforts seeking support for a ten to twelve race Winston Cup program in 2000 in preparation for a full season of competition in 2001(David Green Site) no idea if Green will run other Cup races with the team or not but Green's quote in the story is: "I look forward to being part of JKR’s efforts in 2000 and beyond”, so the possibility seems to be there. For who is eligible and the rules, see my Bud Shootout page(1-6-2000) -- UPDATE: Green will run a Chevy for Joyner Kersee Roehrig Motorsports in the Bud Shootout but Kurt Roehrig said JKR Motorsports would run Pontiac Grand Prixes at non-restrictor plate races in the NASCAR 2000 season. He said the team hoped to unveil its car number and sponsor for the Bud Shootout by next week(NOL)(1-7-2000)

    • See the 2000 Team Chart which has links to past news for each team


    • CAT car UPDATE 2: I hear Ward Burton will have a special #22 Caterpillar Paint Scheme for the Bud Shootout, and it will be all white with one yellow stripe running the length of the car right under the doors. The paint scheme is being run to thank the Caterpillar dealer network(1-11-2000) -- UPDATE: the #22 Bill Davis Racing Caterpillar Pontiac, driven by Ward Burton, will unveil a special paint scheme for the 2000 Bud Shootout at Daytona on Feb. 13 at Daytona International Speedway. -- UPDATE 2: got two images of the car in the Paint Schemes Gallery(2-3-2000)

    • Gordon Paint UPDATE: hearing Jeff Gordon will be driving a Special Silver to Blue "Chromalusion" 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo at the 2000 Daytona 500 and feature the NASCAR 2000 logo on the hood of the car(RPM Diecast - image removed)(12-15-1999) -- UPDATE: Jeff Gordon will drive the #24 Chevy with a DuPont Millennium Silver Metallic paint scheme and the NASCAR 2000 logo on the hood in the Bud Shootout AND the Daytona 500 at Daytona(1-15-2000)

    • DW Special Paint UPDATE: not sure when but the Racing Champions site is showing a paint scheme for the #66 BigKmart Ford that will be run sometime in 2000, unknown when, see it at: -- UPDATE: this scheme will supposedly be run in DW's final Daytona 500(12-12-1999)

    • Earnhardt in Red UPDATE: Dale Earnhardt will drive a red #3 GM Goodwrench/Taz-themed Chevy at the 2000 Daytona 500(NOL)(11-4-1999) -- UPDATE: a reader was at the SEMA show in Las Vegas where the announcement took place and sent some images, see them at my Paint Schemes Gallery(11-7-1999)

    • More Paint Scheme news can be found on Paint Schemes Gallery, choose current news

      STATS and STUFF

    • Winners: 1999 was the fifth straight year that there have been 11 different winners in a season (1995-99). Every winner in 1999 was from a multi-car team. The last time a single-car team scored a victory was by Ricky Rudd at Martinsville in September 1998(NOL)(11-24-1999)

    • Ford leads: Fords claimed 49.4 percent of all top-five finishes this season with Pontiac at 25.9 percent and Chevrolet at 24.7 percent(Depot)(11-24-1999)

    • Mast and DNF's: Rick Mast was the only driver in 1999 who has made ALL the Cup races and did not record at least one DNF(Did not finish), for the DNF standings see my DNF page. Team co-owner Cale Yarborough won the 1977 championship while running at the end of all 30 races. Dale Earnhardt finished all 32 races in 1997 while finishing fifth in the standings(11-21-1999)

    • Championship and no poles? ever happen? With Dale Jarrett winning the Cup championship and not scoring any poles in 1999, I was asked, has it ever happened before? Yep, five times, most recently, in 1991 when Dale Earnhardt won the Winston Cup Championship with four wins and NO poles. It also happened in 1983-Bobby Allison; 1980-Earnhardt; 1973-Benny Parsons; and 1950-Bill Rexford(The Stock Car Racing Encyclodepia)(11-14/21-1999)

    • Mr Lead Lap UPDATE: consistently finishes on the tail end of the lead lap EVERY race. However, he never leads a race. BUT, his consistency keeps him in the top 10 in points most of the season. Mr. Lead Lap was creatively thought up by StockCarFans writer, Henry Dubret. Mr. Lead Lap is the winner (yet again) of the Diehard Racer Award. For the 51st year in a row, he ran every lap of every race, finishing 9th in the final points with average finish of 14.2, and is the only driver to finish in the Top-10 every year this decade. For the chart and how it is calculated see the page at: Driver, Mr. X/Lead Lap!.(Henry Dubert/Stockcar fans newsletter) AND Another page that details the standings of a fictitious driver in the Cup series who finishes every race as the last car on the lead lap and where he is in the standings. Calculates it in a different manner then Mr X. See the page at Sammy Speedster from the Racin' Network(11-29-1999) -- UPDATE Mark Martin was also in the Top 10 in points this decade(11-30-1999)

    • 1998 winners who didn't win in 1999: Bobby Hamilton, Jeremy Mayfield and Ricky Rudd are the drivers who earned victories in 1998 who did not win in 1999(11-21-1999)

    • No Top Fives Since.... It has been a while since some drivers have had even a whiff of success on the Winston Cup circuit. Here are those with the longest streak of races without a top-five finish:

         Driver          Races  Finish    Track           Date
         Brett Bodine     169     2nd     Indianapolis    8-6-94
         Rick Mast         98     4th     Martinsville    9-22-96
         Kyle Petty        71     3rd     Dover           9-21-97
         Hut Stricklin     60     2nd     Darlington      9-1-96
         Chad Little       60     2nd     Texas           4-5-98
         Johnny Benson     60     5th     Texas           4-5-98
         Robert Pressley   51     3rd     Texas           4-5-98
         Darrell Waltrip   50     5th     California      5-3-98
         Dick Trickle      43     5th     Rockingham      10-27-97
         Derrike Cope      43     5th     Atlanta         11-16-97
         Ken Schrader      42     4th     Richmond        9-12-98
         Steve Grissom     40     4th     New Hampshire   9-14-97
         Ricky Craven      37     3rd     Rockingham      10-27-97
         Ted Musgrave      34     5th     Phoenix         10-25-98
      Dave Marcis has not had a top 10 since April 10, 1994 in
      the Food City 500 at Bristol, he finished 10th.
      Marcis has had no top fives since a 3rd at
      Watkins Glen on August 10, 1987.
      Regular Drivers Without a Career Top Five
         Driver         Races
         David Green     76
         Steve Park      56
      Cup drivers(not including 1999 rookies)
      (data compiled from UMI Press Guides, Winston Cup Updates)(11-21-1999)
    • No Wins Ever.... Some regular drivers in Winston Cup who have never won a Cup race and how many starts they have:

         Driver          Races
         Michael Waltrip  396
         Rick Mast        309
         Ted Musgrave     280
         Hut Stricklin    264
         Dick Trickle     261 
         Wally Dallenbach 195
         Chad Little      189
         Kenny Wallace    185
         Steve Grissom    135
         Robert Pressley  135
         Ricky Craven     128
         Mike Skinner     110
         Johnny Benson    109
         David Green       76
         Kenny Irwin       70
         Jerry Nadeau      69

    • Top Fives: There were 28 different Cup drivers score a Top-5 in 1999....1998 year's total number was 27(Stock Cars Fans Newsletter/Rumblings)(11-21-1999)

    • Top Tens: There were 40 different Cup drivers score a Top-10 in 1999.....1998's total number was 41(Stock Cars Fans Newsletter/Rumblings)(11-21-1999)

    • Provisonal Finishes: In 231 provisonal starts(33 races x 7, none at Calif), drivers have accumulated Two Wins, 10 Top 5's and 22 Top 10's. See my Provisional Finishes Page(11-21-1999)

    • UPDATE: Jeff Burton was the first driver to win from a provisional starting spot EVER at New Hampshire and that is the farthest back any driver has won from since Kyle Petty won from 37th at Dover in June 1995(in 1995 37th was not a provisional starting spot). Bill Elliott also won from 38th spot in the 1988 Pepsi 400. In fact ALL the provisional starters for the race finished in the top 25 at NHIS(7-11-1999) -- UPDATE: Add Bobby Labonte as the 2nd ever provisional winners by winning the 1999 NAPA 500 at Atlanta(11-21-1999)

    • Lap Leader/Bonus Points: 45 drivers led at least one Winston Cup lap in 1999. To see who has led laps and who leads in the bonus points, see my Bonus Points Leaders Page(11-21-1999)

    • Short Track Wins UPDATE 3 the streak lives: Nine different drivers win the last nine short-track races: Dale Jarrett, John Andretti, Rusty Wallace, Ricky Rudd, Jeff Burton, Mark Martin, Terry Labonte, Bobby Hamilton and Jeff Gordon(Bristol Spring 98)(8-25-1999) -- UPDATE Make it Ten drivers, add Dale Earnhardt to the mix(8-29-1999) -- UPDATE 2: Make it Eleven different drivers now as Tony Stewart won at Richmond(9-12-1999) -- UPDATE 3 It still stands at eleven since Gordon was first on the list to start the streak, so we still have 11 different winners in the last 11 short track races(10-5-1999)

    • Short Track Season: The short track 'title' goes to Rusty Wallace by four points over Dale Earnhardt. The top ten: 1) #2-Wallace 891; 2) #3-Earnhardt 887; 3) #6-Martin 838; 4) #88-Jarrett 835; 5) #40-Marlin; 6) #24-Gordon 788; 7) #44-Petty 772; 8) #99-Burton 766; 9) #20-Stewart 734; 10) #31-Skinner 727 (Stock Car Fans Rumblings)(10-3-1999)

    • Nemechek Wins: Joe Nemechek's win at New Hampshire was his first ever career Winston win and it was the first time since 1970 that two first time winners(Tony Stewart won last week) have won in consecutive races when Pete Hamilton won at Daytona and James Hylton won at Richmond(TNN TV coverage)(9-19-1999)

    • Stats: Only four times in NASCAR's modern era(1972-present) has the eventual champion not won by the sixth race of the season. Those champions were Benny Parsons in 1973, Terry Labonte in 1984 and 1996, and Darrell Waltrip in 1985. Winners after the first six 1999 races were Jeff Gordon, Jeff Burton, Mark Martin and Terry Labonte(WRAL/AP)(4-3-/9-26-1999), Looks like we can add Dale Jarrett to the mix as he is very close to winning the Championship and he if he doesn't it'll be Bobby Labonte

    • Rookie Stuff: The last time a rookie has finished in the top 10 in points was 1980 when Jody Ridley did so. The last time a rookie won a race, was in 1987 when Davey Allison won at Talladega and Dover. Why do I bring this up? Because Tony Stewart is in the top 10 in drivers points and has been close to winning a few times, plus getting questions on it(7-11-1999) and Stewart won his first Cup race as a rookie in his 25th start(9-19-1999) and won his 2nd of the season at Phoenix in his 32nd start. Stewart and Allison are the only rookies to win two races in their rookie season(11-7-1999)

    • 43rd Fact: Last driver to win from the 43rd starting spot was Fonty Flock at Raliegh, NC in 1953, the only other driver to do so was Johnny Mantz in the 1950 Southern 500

    Winston Cup Disabled List for the race
    and won't race there
    Driver Car# Injury Return Date Sub

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