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THE RACE: Chevy Monte Carlo 400

Winston Cup Race #25 of 34 for the 2000 season
Updated: often, leading up to the race

  • Race: Saturday, September 9, 2000 in Richmond, VA

  • TV: ESPN 7:30pm/et

  • Posted Awards/Purse: $2,226,242, not counting the No Bull Five $1,000,000

  • Entry List: Entry List for the: Chevy Monte Carlo 400 from NOL

  • 1999 Race Winner: Tony Stewart

  • Race Record: Dale Jarrett, Sept 1997, 109.047

  • Track/Race Length: 0.75 mile oval, 400 laps, 300 miles

  • Pit Road Speed: 35mph

    All Time Winners, Pole Winners, Event Names: see the Richmond Past Winners Page


  • Practice: Friday, Sept 8th 12:30 - 1:55pm/et and 3:00 - 4:30pm/et; Saturday, Sept 9th 11:30am - 12:30pm/et

  • Happy Hour Practice: Saturday, September 9th, after the 2nd round qualifying - until 2:20pm/et, TV-none known


  • Qualifying Draw: Friday, Sept 8th at 11:30am/et

  • Qualfying Order - Chevy Monte Carlo 400: That's Racin' or NASCAR Online

  • First Round Qualifying: 2 laps for positions 1-25, Friday, Sept 8th at 5:30pm/et, TV-ESPN2; and live via MRN radio/internet

  • NASCAR Online will have live lap-by-lap coverage of Winston Cup qualifying via the web

  • Second-Round Qualifying: 2 laps for positions 26th-36th, Saturday, Sept 9th at 1:15pm/et

  • Track Qualifying Record: Jeff Gordon, May 1999, 126.499mph

  • Event Qualifying Record: Mike Skinner, Sept 1999, 125.465mph

  • Last Year's Pole Sitter: Mike Skinner, 125.465mph

    Track Specs:
    Short Track: 0.75-mile oval, 60-foot width with 10-foot apron
    Banking: turns: 14 degrees; frontstretch 8 degrees; backstretch 2 degrees
    Straights: Backstretch - 860 feet; Frontstretch - 1290 feet
    Seating Capacity: ~105,000
  • Track Homepage: Richmond International Raceway

  • Scanner Frequencies: are linked on my Racing Links Page/ Scanners Section


  • The NASCAR Winston Cup Leader Bonus is $10,000 at Richmond for leading the points and winning the race.(Bobby Labonte last won the award, $40,000 at Darlington on Sep 3, 2000). The $340,000 annual award is paid at $10,000 per race to the point leader at the end of each event if he is also the winner. The award increases by $10,000 each week the it goes unclaimed. If the point leader is not the race winner at the end of the year, the balance of the award is distributed among the top-10 finisher in the point standings(9-3-2000)


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Motor Racing Network(MRN)
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Satellite/Backhaul Listing's: Stutzman Computer Service/Sales - Racing Feed Locations

Local Newspaper and other Sites that cover the Richmond, VA Area:
The Daily Press
Kingsport Times-News
Lynchberg News and Advance
Roanoke Times
Richmond Times-Dispatch

Weather forecast for Richmond, VA by The Weather Channel
Weather Underground - Richmond, VA

Richmond Review by ARS Racing
The Racing Edge

TV Coverage/Info Pages:
Perfect Paranoia about television coverage of racing, rate the race coverage


Fans Can Online


  • Wreckers: just an observation - never saw two tow trucks 'tow' a car like they did with Michael Waltrip's car. One going forward, hooked to the back of the #7 and one going backwards, hooked to the front of the car. I understand this is used quite a bit at smaller tracks, but had never seen it during a Cup race before(9-10-2000)

  • Switch Test at Richmond UPDATE: NASCAR also approved a live test of an ignition interrupter system – the so-called "dumb switch" – in this weekend's races at Richmond. The switch, originally devised in CART by chief steward Wally Dallenbach, has been developed for NASCAR applications by Jack Roush. The system provides for an involuntary kill of the engine in cases of a stuck throttle. NASCAR has mandated throttle-linkage stops and auxiliary kill switches on all cars since the death of Kenny Irwin in a crash at New Hampshire July 7. It also has evaluated several other options, including so-called "soft wall" technology, but has not found a fail-safe one(SpeedVision)(9-8-2000)
    UPDATE: my understanding is, the switch was used in practice only and not in the race, results so far are inconclusive AND Jack Roush said Saturday morning that some teams had changed their minds about their plans to use the ignition interrupter system his company has developed in Saturday night's race. A problem with a sensor in the system that had been installed on Bobby Labonte's car apparently caused the decisions to be reconsidered. Six teams were originally scheduled to run the system, which shuts off an engine when sensors detect 850-900 pounds of brake pressure and a throttle at or nearly at fully open at the same time.(That's Racin')(9-10-2000)

  • Sharp to demo at Richmond: IRL driver Scott Sharp will turn demonstration laps Saturday in his Kelley Racing/Delphi Automotive Systems/WorldCom Dallara/Aurora during this weekend’s NASCAR event, hoping to build interest for the IRNLS event, which runs at Richmond on June 30, 2001. Sharp will practice from 9:30-10:00am/et and then turn hot laps from 3:00-3:30pm/et and then lead a parade lap in front of packed grandstands at 6:30pm/et shortly before Cup cars enter the track(SpeedVision)(9-8-2000)

  • Frontstretch: Raceday - Richmond(9-9-2000)

  • Total Spoorts: Lee Montgomery's Race Preview(9-9-2000)

  • RaceComm: Richmond Preview(9-8-2000)

  • Stats via the TNN Site: Darlington Race Stats by their stat guru Bill Sloboda(9-7-2000)

  • Total Sports: Lee Montgomery's Race Preview(9-7-2000)

  • CBS: Winston Cup preview -- Richmond 400(9-7-2000)

  • Some Richmond Stats: 16 of all the 79 Richmond races have been won by the pole starter - 20%, 2 in 24 races on the 3/4 mile (8%). Last Chevy 400 won by the Pole Winner: 1988 by Davey Allison in the first race on the 3/4 mile track. Lowest Start of a Chevy 400 Winner: 25th, 1969 by Bobby Allison(came from last to first); Lowest in 24 races on the 3/4 mile track - 24th by Terry Labonte, 3/95. 64 of the 79 Richmond Races Have Been Won from the Top 10: 16 (67%) on 3/4 mile. Most Common Starting Position of all Richmond Race Winners: 1st - 16 times. See more at the TNN Motorsports site(9-7-2000)

  • Some Richmond Tidbits: The farthest back a driver has started and come to the front to win a race is 42nd -- which was the first race at RIR in 1953 won by Lee Petty. The farthest back a driver has started the Chevrolet Monte Carlo 400 and won was 23rd in 1997 by Dale Jarrett. Two father/son combinations have won at RIR: Bobby and Davey Allison -- Bobby earned seven wins, while Davey collected two and Ned and Dale Jarrett each have wins at Richmond -- Ned with one and Dale has two. The Petty family is the only family to have three-generations visit victory lane at Richmond -- Lee has two wins, Richard has 13 wins (the most of any driver at RIR) and Kyle has one. Sixteen races have been won from the pole position at Richmond(NASCAR PR)
    UPDATE: about the Father-son note above: they forgot about Dale Earnhardt and Dale Earnhardt Jr -- Dale with five wins and Dale Jr with one this past May(9-6-2000)

  • Richmond Quick Facts(TNN)(9-6-2000)

  • WRAL: NASCAR - Pepsi Southern 500 Preview (9-6-2000)

  • That's Racin': This week's race - Richmond(9-5-2000)

  • NASCAR Online: Race facts(9-5-2000)

  • The Crew Chief Club



  • Gordon wins at Richmond: With #3-Dale Earnhardt(and #6 Martin right behind him) coming hard and going after the No Bull Million, #24-Jeff Gordon had enough tires left and pulled off the win at Richmond, his third win of the 2000 season. Earnhardt was able to move up into 2nd in Winston Cup points, 158 back. See results at NOL or Racin' Network(9-10-2000)

  • Happy Hour practice is over at Richmond. #12-Jeremy Mayfield was the fastest at 121.512mph, slowest was #44-Grissom at 118.806mph. 42 of 43 drivers went out with #88-Dale Jarrett skipping the session(no idea why). See the speeds at NOL or Racin' Network(9-19-2000)

  • 2nd Round Qualifying is over at Richmond. #27-Mike Bliss was the fastest at 122.095mph, but it was not fast enough to make the field. Four drivers made attempts, the four who were not fast enough to make the field or be high enough in owners points to use a provisional, all four miss the race: #27-Bliss(39th on owners points), #66-Waltrip(42nd and out of provisionals), #13-Gordon(43rd) and #71-Marcis(45th). #97-Chad Little uses his 12th provisional of the season, #44-Grissom uses a provisional and is now out until Phoenix(32nd race). #19-Casey Atwood makes the race and his Winston Cup debut along with the debut of Evernham Motorsports. See the starting grid at NOL or Racin' Network(9-9-2000)

  • Saturday AM Practice is over at Richmond. #24-Jeff Gordon was the fastest at 121.135mph which would had been dead last in 1st round qualifying Friday(slowest was #44 Grissom at 122.111). So things do not bode well for the four drivers who need to beat the 36th fastest speed of 123.508mph (D Waltrip-13th in practice, Bliss-2nd, Gordon-35th and Marcis-28th). See the speeds at NOL or Racin' Network. 2nd round is scheduled to begin approx 1:15pm/et(9-9-2000)

  • Some Qualifying Notes: #17-Matt Kenseth is running the 'reverse' paint scheme; #75-Dallenbach has a red RotoZip scheme; #7-Waltrip had mechanical problems(?); #14-Mast went out late, not sure what was up; #32-Scott Pruett wrecked on his 2nd lap, left side of the car was damaged; #40-Marlin blew an engine before he qualified and will need to make a 2nd round attempt or use a provisional; The five No Bull Five drivers(#'s 17,88,3,18,8) have red numbers on the roof and red air dams and spoliers; #90-Hut Stricklin has the green Hill Bros Decaf scheme(9-8-2000)

  • 1st Round Qualifying is over at Richmond. #99-Jeff Burton wins the pole with a new event record of 125.780mph (track record is 126.499), it was Burton's 2nd career pole and first since Michigan in August 1996. Burton is the 12th driver to win a pole in 2000 and gets him into the 2001 Bud Shootout. Including Burton, three other drivers also ran faster the the old event record(125.465 in 1999): #18-Labonte, #25-Nadeau and #14-Mast.
    #19-Casey Atwood qualified at 123.570mph which was 35th.
    If things stayed the same, the following four drivers would miss the race: #66-Waltrip(42nd in owners points but out of provisionals); #27-Bliss(39th); #13-Gordon(43rd); and #71-Marcis(45th). For info on the provisionals see my Provisionals Status/Owners Points page.
    2nd round qualifying is held on Saturday at 1:30pm/et, in the heat of the day, it will be tough for anyone to break into the top 36.
    See 1st round results at NOL or Racin' Network(9-8-2000)

  • Pole Progression: #75-Dallenbach, 1st out to qualify, ran 123.570mph; #26-Spencer, 2nd out, 124.418; #55-Wallace, 3rd out, 124.683; #22-Burton, 9th out, 125.006; #2-Wallace, 17th out, 125.430; #99-Burton, 25th out, 125.780(new event record) who hung on to win the pole(9-8-2000)

  • Friday Practice #2 is over at Richmond. #18-Bobby Labonte was the fastest at 125.319mph. Slowest was #71-Dave Marcis at 119.787mph. See the speeds go to NOL, That's Racin' or Racin' Network(9-8-2000)

  • Friday Practice #1 is over at Richmond. #2-Rusty Wallace was the fastest at 124.676mph. Slowest was #71-Dave Marcis at 121.665mph. Did you know? Marcis, who has five career Cup victories, got his last win at Richmond in the spring race of 1982 before the track was re-configured to it's present state. Oh, yes, to see the speeds go to NOL or Racin' Network(9-8-2000)

  • Qualifying Order is up for Richmond. See the links above. #75-Wally Dallenbach is scheduled to go out first of the 47 drivers. Scheduled out last is #24-Jeff Gordon. #85-Carl Long, shown on the Entry List is not on the qualifying order. Qualifying goes off at 5:30pm/et and will be televised on ESPN2 and heard via MRN Radio(9-8-2000)

  • Entry List is up for the Chevrolet Monte Carlo 400 at Richmond. Link above. 48 drivers/teams are entered, including #13-Robby Gordon, #19-Casey Atwood, #50-Ricky Craven and #85-Carl Long.(9-5-2000)

  • How to break a tie during qualifying? When drivers are tied for a starting spot during qualifying, it is broken by owners points standings(not drivers). For provisionals standings see the Jayski Provisional Status page(2-20-2000)

  • Links: Practice speeds, qualifying and results can be found at these sites: NASCAR Online,


  • Rain: The Southern 500 was the fifth Cup race this season to be affected by rain having a two hour rain delay after 38 laps and being shortened to 328 laps instead of the 367 scheduled. Others: Las Vegas was shortened by 119 laps. Michigan fell six laps short in June. Pocono was postponed to the next day(a Monday). New Hampshire only went 273 of 300 laps in July(9-4-2000)

  • Track Qualifying Records fall in 2000: In 24 events there have been thirteen(13) track records set, including Bristol, California, Lowes, Michigan, Pocono, Rockingham, Texas, Las Vegas, New Hampshire, Sears Point, Pocono(2nd time), Indy and Michigan(2nd time). These are TRACK records, not EVENT records(of course we all know there are four races that there is no chance to break the track record, the two each at Daytona and Talladega)(9-2-2000)

  • Safety Rules: NASCAR officials announced through a technical bulletin to the NASCAR Winston Cup Series teams that their primary and secondary throttle shafts must each have an independent travel stop to impede the throttle plates from opening beyond vertical. NASCAR officials also announced the addition of an auxiliary ignition on/off button. This button, that will disconnect power to the ignition system, must be mounted on the steering wheel within reach of the driver's thumb. This auxiliary switch must shut off the engine immediately when depressed. These modifications will go into effect beginning with this weekend's Brickyard 400(NASCAR Online and NASCAR PR)(8-1-2000)

  • How to Calculate Track Speeds: use the formula Speed = Distance divided by Time. Distance is Track Length, and Lap Time into Hours. Once hour is 3600 seconds, so the calculation for a 48 second lap at Daytona(2.5 miles) would be: Speed = 2.5 x (3600/48), = 2.5 x 75 = 187.500mph. For a 19 second lap at Bristol(.533 miles): Speed = .533 x (3600/19), = .533 x 189.474 = a speed of 100.990mph

  • Past track news: posted in the past at Past Track News - Richmond


  • #99 Crew: Jeff Burton's #99 Exide team will use two new over-the-wall pit crew members at Richmond. Burton's car chief, Pierre Kuettel, will serve as the team's front-tire changer this week, while Fred Martin, who works for Jason Keller's #57 BGN team, will serve as front-tire carrier. The positions are week to week(That's Racin')(9-9-2000)

  • Green to Stand by: Bill Elliott plans to run the entire at Richmond tonight but will have David Green standing by as a relief driver just in case(NOL)(9-9-2000)

  • Elliott to Race at RIR: After missing the last two Cup races due to a fractured left kneecap, Bill Elliott will practice on Friday in hopes of attempting to qualify for this weekend's Chevrolet Monte Carlo 400 at Richmond. Elliott suffered a multi-fracture of his left kneecap in a home accident, Aug. 22, in Blairsville, Ga. He had surgery the same day at HEALTHSOUTH Medical Center in Birmingham, Ala. The 90-minute surgery was performed by Dr. James Andrews, who inserted three steel pins and a steel wire to repair the fractured kneecap. The injury forced Elliott to miss Bristol and Darlington. David Green drove the McDonald's #94 Ford in Elliott's absence(McDonalds PR)(9-7-2000)

  • Double/Triple Duty at RIR: Many drivers will run in two of the three Richmond NASCAR events this weekend. Attempting double duty are:
    Bobby Hamilton - #4 Kodak Chevy(Cup) and #4 Dana Dodge(CTS);
    Ken Schrader - #36 M&M's Pontiac(Cup) and #52 Federated Auto Parts Chevy(CTS);
    Mark Martin - #6 Valvoline Ford(Cup) and #60 Winn Dixie Ford(BGN);
    Steve Grissom - #44 Hot Wheels Pontiac(Cup) and #43 Dodge Dodge(CTS);
    Sterling Marlin - #40 Coors Light Chevy(Cup) and #01 BellSouth Chevy(BGN);
    Michael Waltrip - #7 Nations Rent Chevy(Cup) and #7 Band Aid Chevy(BGN);
    Ted Musgrave - #01 BellSouth Chevy(Cup) and #82 ChannelLock Chevy(BGN);
    Dave Blaney - #93-Amoco Pontiac(Cup) and #20 AT&T Pontiac(BGN);
    Jeff Burton - #99-Exide Ford(Cup) and #9 Ford(BGN);
    Jimmy Spencer - #26 Kmart Ford(Cup) and #12 Zippo Chevy(BGN);
    Kenny Wallace - #55 Square-D/Cooper Lighting Chevy(Cup) and #25 Lance Snacks Chevy(BGN);
    Steve Park - #1 Pennzoil Chevy(Cup) and #31 Whelen Chevy(BGN); Kevin Lepage - #16 Ford(Cup) and #71 Redman Ford(BGN); Casey Atwood - #27 Castrol Chevy(BGN) and #19 Motorola Ford(Cup);
    Matt Kenseth - #17 DeWalt Ford(Cup) and #17 Visine Chevy(BGN), will NOT race in the CTS;
    Hermie Sadler - #6 Chevy(BGN) and #29 Dodge(CTS);
    Mike Wallace - #2 Ultra Wheels Ford(CTS) and #77 Lear Ford(BGN);
    David Green? - #34-AFG Chevy(BGN) and if Elliott can't go - #94 McDonalds Ford;
    And one driver, Elliott Sadler, will try to run in all three events: #21 CITGO/VA Tech Ford(Cup), #15 Hot Tamales Chevy(BGN), and #84 Ford(CTS)(9-5/6-2000)

  • Jarrett's Streak Continues: #88-Dale Jarrett extended his streak of fifteen straight top-10 finishes (20th top-10 finish of 2000) at Darlington, finishing 5th. The streak goes back to the race at California(9-4-2000)

    Winston Cup Disabled List for the race
    and won't race there
    Driver Car# Injury Return Date Sub/Relief Driver
    Bill Elliott 94 Broken Knee Richmond David Green - as relief

  • R Gordon to skip Darlington: As planned originally in Team Gordon's limited schedule, the #13 team will not be attending this weekend's race in Darlington, SC. Team Gordon and Robby Gordon will resume action the following week with the night race in Richmond, VA. In the meantime, Gordon plans a schedule that will include local testing in preparation for the Richmond race. Other's tentatively scheduled for Gordon and the team: Charlotte, Atlanta, Richmond, Rockingham and Phoenix(Team Gordon)(8-29-2000)

  • See the 2000 Team Chart which has links to past news for each team and see the 2001 Team Chart for next season's teams


  • #55 Like Lightning: The #55 Square-D/Cooper Lighting/Halo Chevy, driven by Kenny Wallace, will have a different look this week at Richmond. It'll have lightning bolts in the paint scheme. See a few images of the car in the shop on my Paint Schemes Gallery(9-7-2000)

  • Another #21 Paint Scheme? UPDATE 2: Negotiations are ongoing for the Wood Brothers to run a special Virginia Tech paint scheme on Elliott Sadler 's #21 CITGO Ford for a race this season. An announcement is expected July 11 and the paint scheme would appear on a car in the fall race at Richmond(Roanoke Times)(6-28-2000)
    UPDATE: Elliott Sadler and the #21 CITGO Ford are teaming up with Virginia Tech at Richmond in September. The press conference and official unveiling of the "Hokie car" will take place at noon on July 11, 2000 at the University Bookstore on the Virginia Tech Campus. Elliott Sadler, the Wood Brothers, Doug Fritz - President of Richmond International Raceway and other university dignitaries will be available after the press conference for photo opportunities and to answer questions(Cox Marketing)(7-6-2000)
    UPDATE 2: see an image of the car on my Paint Scheme Gallery and also a batch of images at the Cox Marketing site(7-12-2000)

  • More Paint Scheme news can be found on Jayski's Paint Scheme Gallery, choose current news


  • No Top 10's and 5's: #55-Kenny Wallace is the only Cup driver to make every race and not have a top-10 finish this season; as for top-5 finishes? Five drivers have made all 24 races and not have a top five, #55-Wallace, #4-Bobby Hamilton, #36-Ken Schrader, #43-John Andretti and #97-Chad Little(9-3-2000)

  • Did ya know? If Bobby Labonte wins the 2000 Winston Cup Championship, he and his brother Terry, who won it in 1984 and 1996, will be the first brothers to do so in Winston Cup history. There have been two father-son pairs; Lee and Richard Petty, and Ned and Dale Jarrett(9-3-2000)

  • Pole Record: What is the record for the most poles in a season by one driver? In the modern era(1972 to present): Cale Yarborough had 14 poles in 31 starts(45%) during the 1980 season. The overall record was Bobby Isaac who had 20 poles in 50 starts(40%) during the 1969 season(Stock Car Racing Encyclopedia). So far in 2000, #2-Rusty Wallace has 8 in 24 races - 33.3%, that equates to approx 11 for the year(9-3-2000)

  • Stats: Driver Averages at Richmond(note: large page, takes a bit to load)(9-5-2000)

  • NOL Stats: NASCAR by the Numbers

  • Manu Lap Leaders: In 6748 laps ran so far in 2000, Ford drivers have led 3279(48.6%) laps, Chevy drivers have led 1898 laps(28.1%), and Pontiac drivers have led 1500 laps(23.3%)(9-3-2000)

  • Top Fives: There have been 27 different Cup drivers(no new drivers added at Darlington) score a Top-5 in 2000....1999's total was 28 and 1998's total number was 27(9-3-2000)

  • Top Tens: There have been 37 different Cup drivers(no additions at Darlington) score a Top-10 in 2000.....1999's total was 40 and 1998's total number was 41(9-3-2000)

  • Provisonal Finishes in 2000: In 161 provisonal starts(23 races x 7, Watkins Glen qualifying rained out), drivers have accumulated 1 Win, 3 Top 5's and 10 Top 10's. See my Provisional Finishes Page for each race finish by the provisionals starters(9-3-2000)

  • Lap Leader/Bonus Points: 45 drivers have led at least one Winston Cup lap in 2000(add #14-Rick Mast and #71-Dave Marcis at Darlington). All drivers who have made all the Cup races have now lead a lap in 2000. To see who has led laps and who leads in the bonus points, see my Bonus Points Leaders Page(9-3-2000)

  • Consecutive Starts: Dale Earnhardt has 637 consecutive Winston Cup starts, Ricky Rudd is next with 598 followed by Rusty Wallace at 507, Ken Schrader with 477 and Mark Martin 391. Terry Labonte had 655 but sat out the 2000 Brickyard 400 to end his record streak(9-3-2000)

  • No Top Fives Since.... It has been a while since some drivers have had a top five finish on the Winston Cup circuit. Here are those with the longest streak of races without a top-five finish:

       Driver          Races  Finish    Track           Date
       Dave Marcis      310     3rd     Watkins Glen    8-10-87
       Brett Bodine     188     2nd     Indianapolis    8-6-94
       Rick Mast        117     4th     Martinsville    9-22-96
       Kyle Petty        90     3rd     Dover           9-21-97
       Chad Little       84     2nd     Texas           4-5-98
       Darrell Waltrip   70     5th     California      5-3-98
       Ken Schrader      66     4th     Richmond        9-12-98
       Hut Stricklin     63     2nd     Darlington      9-1-96
       Dick Trickle      48     5th     Rockingham      10-27-97
       Derrike Cope      46     5th     Atlanta         11-16-97
       Ricky Craven      46     3rd     Rockingham      10-27-97
       Ted Musgrave      45     5th     Phoenix         10-25-98
       Steve Grissom     42     4th     New Hampshire   9-14-97
    Dave Marcis has not had a top 10 since April 10, 1994 in the Food City 500 at Bristol, he finished 10th.
    Regular Drivers Without a Career Top Five
       Driver         Races
       Elliott Sadler  59
    Cup drivers(not including 2000 rookies)
    (data compiled from UMI Press Guides, Winston Cup Updates)(9-3-2000)
  • 1999 winners who have not won in 2000: Terry Labonte, Joe Nemechek and John Andretti are the drivers who earned victories in 1999 and have not won yet in 2000. Two drivers who won in 1998 Bobby Hamilton and Ricky Rudd, have not won since(9-3-2000)

  • No Wins Ever.... Some regular drivers in Winston Cup who have never won a Cup race and how many starts they have:

    *not a full time or regular Cup driver
    (9-4-2000)(UMI Press Guides Stats/Winston Cup Updates)

  • Drivers with the longest streak since they won a CUP race:

       Driver          Races Run   Last Win   Track
       Dave Marcis      476        2/21/82    Richmond
       Brett Bodine     317        4/22/90    North Wilkesboro
       Ken Schrader     293        6/2/91     Dover
       Derrike Cope     272*       6/3/90     Dover
       Darrell Waltrip  242        9/6/92     Darlington
       Jimmy Spencer    192        7/24/94    Talladega
       Bill Elliott     183        9/4/94     Darlington
       Kyle Petty       161        6/4/95     Dover
       Sterling Marlin  138        7/6/96     Daytona
       Geoffrey Bodine  117        8/11/96    Watkins Glen
       Bobby Hamilton    83        4/20/98    Martinsville
       Ricky Rudd        65        9/27/98    Martinsville    
       *not a full time or regular Cup driver
    (9-3-2000)(UMI Press Guides Stats/Winston Cup Updates)

  • Drivers with the current streak of consecutive seasons with at least one win a year:

    Have already won in 2000 and extended or started their streaks:
       Driver          Years   Last Win
       Rusty Wallace     15    Bristol, Aug 2000
       Dale Jarrett       8    Daytona, Feb 2000
       Jeff Gordon        7    Sears Point, June 2000
       Bobby Labonte      6    Darlington, Sept 2000
       Jeff Burton        4    Daytona, July 2000
       Mark Martin        4    Martinsville, Apr 2000
       Dale Earnhardt     3    Atlanta, Mar 2000
       Tony Stewart       2    NHIS, July 2000   
       Ward Burton        1    Darlington, Mar 2000
       Dale Earnhardt Jr  1    Richmond, Apr 2000
       Jeremy Mayfield    1    Pocono, June 2000
       Matt Kenseth       1    Charlotte, May 2000
       Steve Park         1    Watkins Glen, Aug 2000
    Thru 1999 season:
       Driver          Years   Last Win
       Terry Labonte      6    Texas, Apr 1999
       John Andretti      1    Martinsville, Apr 1999
       Joe Nemechek       1    New Hampshire, Sept 1999
     All Time Record is Richard Petty - 18 years from 1960-1977
    (9-3-2000)(info gathered using the 2000 UMI Official NASCAR
    Preview and Press Guide and Winston Cup Updates)

  • 43rd Fact: Last driver to win from the 43rd starting spot was Fonty Flock at Raleigh, NC in 1953, the only other driver to do so was Johnny Mantz in the 1950 Southern 500

  • Provisional Starting Winners: Jeff Burton was the first driver to win from a provisional starting spot EVER at New Hampshire in 1999 and that is the farthest back any driver has won from since Kyle Petty won from 37th at Dover in June 1995(in 1995 37th was not a provisional starting spot). Bill Elliott also won from 38th spot in the 1988 Pepsi 400. In fact ALL the provisional starters for the race finished in the top 25 at NHIS(7-11-1999)
    UPDATE: Add Bobby Labonte as the 2nd ever provisional winners by winning the 1999 NAPA 500 at Atlanta(11-21-1999)
    UPDATE 2: Add Bobby Labonte as the 3rd ever provisional winners by winning the 2000 Southern 500 at Darlington(9-3-2000)

  • Amazing Finishes: Races won from a starting position of 35 or worse in the history of NASCAR
    Starting Position  Race                                 Driver
     43                1950 Southern 500, Darlington        Johnny Mantz
     43                1953 Raliegh, NC                     Fonty Flock   
     38 provisional    1999 Jiffy Lube 300, Loudon          Jeff Burton
     38                1988 Firecracker 400, Daytona        Bill Elliott
     37 provisional    1999 NAPA 500, Atlanta               Bobby Labonte
     37 provisional    2000 Southern 500, Darlington        Bobby Labonte
     37                1995 Miller 500, Dover               Kyle Petty
     36                2000 Diehard 500, Talladega          Jeff Gordon
     35                2000 Cracker Barrel 500, Atlanta     Dale Earnhardt

  • One owner, three winners? That's Racin' brings up a good question. When was the last time a team owner had three different drivers win in the same season? as Jack Roush has now done this year with Mark Martin, Jeff Burton and Matt Kenseth. The last to do it was Rick Hendrick in 1989 with Darrell Waltrip (six wins), Ken Schrader (one win) and Geoffrey Bodine (one win)(That's Racin') Technically, Mark Martin is listed as the owner of Kenseth's car and Robert Corn is listed as the owner on the Burton car, but all fall under the Roush Racing umbrella(5-31-2000)

  • Winners: So far in 2000, there have been 13 different winners in the season. 1999 was the fifth straight year that there have been 11 different winners in a season (1995-99). Every winner in 1999 was from a multi-car team. The last time a single-car team scored a victory was by Ricky Rudd at Martinsville in September 1998(NOL)(8-4-2000)

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