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Updated: often, leading up to the race

  • Race: Sunday, February 27, 2000 in Rockingham, NC

  • TV: TNN 12:30pm/et

  • Purse: $2,201,523

  • Entry List: Entry List for the: Dura-Lube/Kmart 400 from NOL

  • 1999 Race Winner: Mark Martin

  • Track/Race Length: 1.017 mile oval, 393 laps, 399.68 miles

  • Practice: Friday, Feb 25th 10:00am-11:15am/et; 12noon-12:40pm/et; Saturday, Feb 26th, 9:30-10:45am/et

  • Happy Hour Practice: Saturday, Feb 26th, after the BGN race, TV-?

  • Qualifying Draw: Friday, Feb 25th at 9:00am/et

  • Qualfying Order: Dura-Lube/Kmart 400 qual order

  • First Round Qualifying: 1 lap for positions 1-25, Friday, Feb 25th at 2:30pm/et, TV-? and live via MRN radio/internet(link below)

  • Second-Round Qualifying: 1 lap for positions 26th on back, Saturday, Feb 26th at 11:30am/et

  • Event/Track Qualifying Record: Mark Martin, 157.885mph, February 1997

  • Last Year's Pole Sitter: Ricky Rudd, 157.241mph

  • NASCAR Online will have live lap-by-lap coverage of Winston Cup qualifying via the web

  • Track Specs: North Carolina Speedway, know as 'The Rock':
    Degree of Banking: Turns 1-2: 22 degrees; Turns 3-4: 25 degrees; Straightaways: 8 degrees
    Width: Turns 55 feet wide; Straightaways: 50 feet wide
    Number of Pits: 45 on front straight (1,436 ft. long) pit road
    Pit Stalls: 30 feet long; 16 feet wide
    Length of Front Straight: 1,300 feet
    Length of Back Straight: 1,367 feet
    Length of Turns 1 & 2: 1,256 feet
    Length of Turns 3 & 4: 1,437 feet(NCS Website)

  • Track Homepage: North Carolina Speedway

  • Scanner Frequencies: are linked on my Racing Links Page/ Sacnners Section


  • The 76 Challenge Bonus looks like this no longer exists

  • The NASCAR Winston Cup Leader Bonus is $10,000 at Rockingham for leading the points and winning the race.(Dale Jarrett last won the award, $10,000 at Daytona) The $340,000 annual award is paid at $10,000 per race to the point leader at the end of each event if he is also the winner. The award increases by $10,000 each week the it goes unclaimed. If the point leader is not the race winner at the end of the year, the balance of the award is distributed among the top-10 finisher in the point standings(2-20-2000)


Radio Coverage:
Motor Racing Network(MRN), including RealAudio coverage
go to the MRN Affiliate List for your local station

Satellite/Backhaul Listing's:
Satellite/Backhaul Listing's: Stutzman Computer Service/Sales - Racing Feed Locations

Local Newspaper and other Sites that cover the Rockingham, NC Area:
Charlotte Observer - That's Racin'
Winston-Salem Journal
News and Observer
WRAL-TV Raleigh, NC
Fayetteville Observer-Times
GoCarolina's NASCAR

Weather forecast for Rockingham, NC by The Weather Channel

Going to a Race at the "Rock"

Rockingham Pre-Race Story - Speedway Illustrated


Fans Can Online


  • From the TNN Site: Dura-Lube/Kmart 400 Race Stats by their stat guru Bill Sloboda(2-26-2000)

  • ESPN: Dura Lube 400 Breakdown by Ron Buck(2-26-2000)

  • Rockingham Quick Facts(TNN)(2-25-2000)

  • Rockingham ODDS: Las Vegas Stardust NASCAR Odds(Stardut)(2-25-2000)

  • NASCAR - Rockingham Preview(WRAL)(2-22-2000)


  • Lead Laps: #18-Bobby Labontes win at Rockingham had the least number of cars on the lead lap ever at a spring event there. Only four cars finished on the lead lap and only one DNF, #77-Robert Pressley. The previous record was seven in 1996(TNN Race Coverage). See results at NOL(2-27-2000)

  • Provisional Finisher: #60-Ted Musgrave was the highest provisonal starter with a 16th place finish subbing for injured Geoffrey Bodine. Where did the provisional starters finish? See my Provisional Finishes Page(2-27-2000)

  • Engine Changes: the #94-Bill Elliott and #55-Kenny Wallace teams changed engines early Sunday morning. Elliott's team found metal pieces in theirs(TNN Preview Show) winner #18-Bobby Labonte also changed an engine Sunday morning(2-27-2000)

  • Happy Hour is over: at Rockingham for the Dura-Lube/Kmart 400. #22-Ward Burton was the fastest at 152.639mph. See the speeds at NOL (NOTE: for some reason the four cars that missed the race in mixed in with the speeds by mistake, disregard them)(2-26-2000)

  • 2nd Round Qualifying is over at Rockingham. #6-Mark Martin was the fastest at 154.762mph, which is good for 33rd starting position. The track was much slower Saturday AM. No one else could crack the top 36. Three Rookie of the Year contenders missed the race. #32-Scott Pruett wrecked in Saturday's AM practice and had to run a back-up in 2nd round which was not fast enough. #14-Mike Bliss missed when he spun out on his 2nd round attempt and garnered no time/speed. #93-Dave Blaney missed as did #50-Ricky Craven. Of the eight cars who made the 2nd round attempt, three were faster(#'s 6, 77 and 90) and five were slower(#'s 50,14,93,60 and 32, the #14 had no time, not sure what happened..yet). Provisionals go to(in order): #'s 4,97,60,75,77,71 and 90, why? see my Provisional Page. Check out my page with the 2nd round qualifying results on it: 2nd Round Rockingham Results, something different to check out. For the starting grid, see NASCAR Online or Racin' Network(2-26-2000)

  • 1st Round Qualifying is over at the Rock: #2-Rusty Wallace wins the pole with a track record 158.035mph, #28-Ricky Rudd is on the outside pole(2nd) for the 2nd time in a week. 3rd is #18-Bobby Labonte, 4th is #3-Dale Earnhardt and 5th is #24-Jeff Gordon(That's Racin'). More info: #66-Darrell Waltrip posted a tenth place qualifying effort, and #94-Bill Elliott was ninth. Pole contender(won the BGN pole) #6-Mark Martin got loose and slapped the wall is 44th. The car suffered extensive cosmetic damage, but the team says they will repair it, not break out the back up car(Matt). See the results of 1st round at NASCAR Online, Racin' Network and That's Racin'. If things stay the way they are at present the four drivers who would miss the race would be: #50-Craven(40th in 1999 Owners Points), #93-Blaney(46th), #32-Pruett(none) and #14-Bliss(none). Ted Musgrave drove the #60 Power Team Chevy to 43rd fastest but is in good shape with a provisional. Matt Kenseth and Dale Earhnardt Jr did quite well 6th and 7th respectfully. #13-Robby Gordon, a new team with no provisionals also made it in 1st round, running 25th(2-25-2000)

  • Sat AM Practice at the Rock. No idea, haven't seen any speeds listed yet. I have been told that #32 Scott Pruett wrecked during the practice and had to go to a backup in 2nd round. Also goRacing reports that #93-Dave Blaney wrecked his primary car during practice and spun during his 2nd round qualifying lap(goRacing)(2-26-2000)

  • PM CUP Practice: #2-Rusty Wallace was the fastest with a speed of 156.897mph (track record is 157.885mph). #94-Bill Elliott continues to be strong and was 2nd at 155.855mph. See NOL and Racin' Network for speeds(2-25-2000)

  • AM CUP Practice: #6-Mark Martin was the fastest at 155.795mph with #22-Ward Burton 2nd at 155.755mph. 47 cars practiced. #32-Pruett, #27-Fuller and #13-Gordon were down at the bottom. See the speeds at NASCAR Online and Racin' Network(2-25-2000)

  • The Rock - entry list and tidbits: entry list is up for the Dura-Lube/Kmart 400, 48 cars for 43 spots, all teams listed are teams that are planning to run a full Cup season.(NOL) Did you know? Only Jeff Gordon(1997, Daytona and Rockingham) and David Pearson(1976, Riverside and Daytona) have won the first two events in Winston Cup season? and that only Jeff Gordon(1997, 1st and 2nd event) and Richard Petty(1974 2nd event and 4th event) have won the Daytona 500 and the first Rockingham event of the season. (Note: the Daytona 500 did not become the Cup season opener until 1982). The pole-sitter has won this race 10 times. The furthest any driver has come from to win this race is Neil Bonnett on 1988 when he started 30th(WRAL Preview)(2-22-2000)

  • How to break a tie? Four drivers were tied for 23rd starting spot at Atlanta with a speed of 190.949mph, the tie is broken by owners points standings, the drivers tied at 23rd are: #12-Mayfield(11th in owners points); #23-Spencer(18th); #28-Irwin(20th); #94-Elliott(21st) so they line up like this: 23rd: #12; 24th: #23; 25th: #28; and 26th: #94(unless someone goes faster in 2nd round qualifying. For provisionals standings see the Jayski Provisional Status page(2-20-2000)

  • Links: Practice speeds, qualifying and results can be found at these sites: NASCAR Online,


  • Some Rock Stats: 15 of all the 69 Rockingham races have been won by the pole starter(21.7%), Last Dura-Lube won by the pole winner: 1995, by Jeff Gordon. Lowest start of a Dura-Lube winner: 30th, 1988 by Neil Bonnett (all-time Rockingham record) and 55 of the 69 Rockingham races have been won from the Top 10(80%)(much more at TNN Motorsports Site)(2-26-2000)

  • Rules: No rules changes are expected at least until after the Feb 27th race at Rockingham. Winston Cup director Gary Nelson said NASCAR is willing to live with cars that are "equivalent" rather than "equal."(Gaston Gazette)(2-17-2000)

  • How to Calculate Track Speeds: use the formula Speed = Distance divided by Time. Distance is Track Length, and Lap Time into Hours. Once hour is 3600 seconds, so the calculation for a 48 second lap at Daytona(2.5 miles) would be: Speed = 2.5 x (3600/48), = 2.5 x 75 = 187.500mph. For a 19 second lap at Bristol(.533 miles): Speed = .533 x (3600/19), = .533 x 189.474 = a speed of 100.990mph

  • Past track news: posted in the past at Past Track News - Rockingham/NCS


  • DW Road: North Carolina Speedway will name a road on the property for Darrell Waltrip in ceremonies on Saturday(Gaston Gazette)(2-24-2000)

  • No #15: the #15 Fenley-Moore team and driver Derrike Cope decided to skip the Rockingham race, taking a week off as they look for a sponsor and plan to attempt the CUP race at Las Vegas next week(2-25-2000)

  • Bill Elliott 25th: In effort to lighten up the amount of text posted on the main page, I will start posting the Press Releases I get on their own page. The first one even has an image, of Bill Elliott in front of his Ford Torino before his first Winston Cup start at Rockingham. This Sunday will mark Elliott's 25 year Winston Cup Anniversary. See the full story and image at PR - Bill Elliott's 25th. Still working on the logistics of the PR section, may be a few days(2-22-2000)

  • Spencer? UPDATE 2: have gotten no reports on Jimmy Spencer's condition after his hit the wall late in the Daytona 500 -- UPDATE: Jimmy Spencer was shaken up in a crash with two laps to go. Spencer was taken to the infield care center, checked and released(Tennessean)(2-21-2000) -- UPDATE 2: Dr Jerry Punch reported on RPM2Nite that Spencer has two broken ribs and will wear a flak jacket at Rockingham(ESPN2)(2-22-2000)

  • Bodine Sub UPDATE: TNN's Raceday reports that garage talk has either Todd Bodine or Buckshot Jones subbing for Geoffrey Bodine in the #60 Power Team Chevy at Rockingham next week. Team over Joe Bessey will make his decision on Monday(TNN)(2-20-2000) -- UPDATE: Ted Musgrave will drive the #60 Chevy at Rockingham this coming weekend(RPM2Nite) NOL reports it is on a "race-to-race basis"(NOL)(2-21-2000)

  • See the 2000 Team Chart which has links to past news for each team


  • More Paint Scheme news can be found on Jayski's Paint Scheme Gallery, choose current news


  • No Top Fives Since.... It has been a while since some drivers have had even a whiff of success on the Winston Cup circuit. Here are those with the longest streak of races without a top-five finish:

       Driver          Races  Finish    Track           Date
       Brett Bodine     169     2nd     Indianapolis    8-6-94
       Rick Mast         99     4th     Martinsville    9-22-96
       Kyle Petty        72     3rd     Dover           9-21-97
       Chad Little       61     2nd     Texas           4-5-98
       Johnny Benson     61     5th     Texas           4-5-98
       Hut Stricklin     60     2nd     Darlington      9-1-96
       Robert Pressley   52     3rd     Texas           4-5-98
       Darrell Waltrip   51     5th     California      5-3-98
       Derrike Cope      44     5th     Atlanta         11-16-97
       Dick Trickle      43     5th     Rockingham      10-27-97
       Ken Schrader      43     4th     Richmond        9-12-98
       Steve Grissom     40     4th     New Hampshire   9-14-97
       Ricky Craven      37     3rd     Rockingham      10-27-97
       Ted Musgrave      34     5th     Phoenix         10-25-98
    Dave Marcis has not had a top 10 since April 10, 1994 in
    the Food City 500 at Bristol, he finished 10th.
    Marcis has had no top fives since a 3rd at
    Watkins Glen on August 10, 1987.
    Regular Drivers Without a Career Top Five
       Driver         Races
       David Green     76
       Steve Park      57
       Elliott Sadler  35
    Cup drivers(not including 2000 rookies)
    (data compiled from UMI Press Guides, Winston Cup Updates)(2-23-2000)
  • No Wins Ever.... Some regular drivers in Winston Cup who have never won a Cup race and how many starts they have:

       Driver          Races
       Michael Waltrip  397
       Rick Mast        310
       Ted Musgrave     280
       Hut Stricklin    264
       Dick Trickle     261 
       Wally Dallenbach 196
       Chad Little      190
       Kenny Wallace    186
       Robert Pressley  136
       Steve Grissom    135
       Ricky Craven     128
       Mike Skinner     111
       Johnny Benson    110
       David Green       76
       Kenny Irwin       71
       Jerry Nadeau      70

  • Top Fives: There have been 5 different Cup drivers score a Top-5 in 2000....1999's total was 28 and 1998 year's total number was 27(2-20-2000)

  • Top Tens: There were 10 different Cup drivers score a Top-10 in 2000.....1999's total was 40 and 1998's total number was 41(2-20-2000)

  • Provisonal Finishes: In 7 provisonal starts(1 races x 7), drivers have accumulated 0 Wins, 0 Top 5's and 0 Top 10's. See my Provisional Finishes Page(2-20-2000)

  • Winners: 1999 was the fifth straight year that there have been 11 different winners in a season (1995-99). Every winner in 1999 was from a multi-car team. The last time a single-car team scored a victory was by Ricky Rudd at Martinsville in September 1998(NOL)(11-24-1999)

  • UPDATE: Jeff Burton was the first driver to win from a provisional starting spot EVER at New Hampshire in 1999 and that is the farthest back any driver has won from since Kyle Petty won from 37th at Dover in June 1995(in 1995 37th was not a provisional starting spot). Bill Elliott also won from 38th spot in the 1988 Pepsi 400. In fact ALL the provisional starters for the race finished in the top 25 at NHIS(7-11-1999) -- UPDATE: Add Bobby Labonte as the 2nd ever provisional winners by winning the 1999 NAPA 500 at Atlanta(11-21-1999)

  • Lap Leader/Bonus Points: 6 drivers have led at least one Winston Cup lap in 2000. To see who has led laps and who leads in the bonus points, see my Bonus Points Leaders Page(2-20-2000)

  • Tidbits: from NOL - Only four drivers(7 times) has the driver who won the Daytona 500 also won the Winston Cup Champihinship. Lee Petty in 1959, Richard Petty in 1964-71-74-79, Cale Yarborough in 1977 and Jeff Gordon in 1997. Also every Daytona 500 winner in the last 10 years (1991-2000) has started seventh or better and only eight times in the 42-year history of the Daytona 500 has a driver won from a starting position outside the top-10(NOL Notes)(2-21-2000)

  • Short Track Wins UPDATE 3 the streak lives: Nine different drivers win the last nine short-track races: Dale Jarrett, John Andretti, Rusty Wallace, Ricky Rudd, Jeff Burton, Mark Martin, Terry Labonte, Bobby Hamilton and Jeff Gordon(Bristol Spring 98)(8-25-1999) -- UPDATE Make it Ten drivers, add Dale Earnhardt to the mix(8-29-1999) -- UPDATE 2: Make it Eleven different drivers now as Tony Stewart won at Richmond(9-12-1999) -- UPDATE 3 It still stands at eleven since Gordon was first on the list to start the streak, so we still have 11 different winners in the last 11 short track races(10-5-1999)

  • 1999 Short Track Season: The short track 'title' goes to Rusty Wallace by four points over Dale Earnhardt. The top ten: 1) #2-Wallace 891; 2) #3-Earnhardt 887; 3) #6-Martin 838; 4) #88-Jarrett 835; 5) #40-Marlin; 6) #24-Gordon 788; 7) #44-Petty 772; 8) #99-Burton 766; 9) #20-Stewart 734; 10) #31-Skinner 727 (Stock Car Fans Rumblings)(10-3-1999)

  • Stats: Only five times in NASCAR's modern era(1972-present) has the eventual champion not won by the sixth race of the season. Those champions were Benny Parsons in 1973, Terry Labonte in 1984 and 1996, Darrell Waltrip in 1985 and Dale Jarrett in 1999.(2-20-2000)

  • 43rd Fact: Last driver to win from the 43rd starting spot was Fonty Flock at Raliegh, NC in 1953, the only other driver to do so was Johnny Mantz in the 1950 Southern 500

Winston Cup Disabled List for the race
and won't race there
Driver Car# Injury Return Date Sub
Geoffrey Bodine 60 Broken Bones, Concussion April 2000 Ted Musgrave

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