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Updated: often, leading up to the race


  • What: A 70-lap race for eligible drivers who won poles during the 2000 Winston Cup season

  • Race: Sunday, February 11, 2001 in Daytona, FL

  • Draw for Starting Spot: Thursday, February 8th, 2001

  • TV: Fox 2:00pm/et

  • Purse: $900,000, $200,000 to winner

  • Entry List: 2001 Bud Shootout Page

  • 2000 Race Winner: Dale Jarrett; Qualifier Race Winner: Dale Jarrett

  • Track/Race Length: 2.5 mile oval, 70 laps, 175 miles

  • Practice: Friday, Feb 9th, 4:00-5:00pm/et; Saturday, Feb 10th, 9:45-10:30am/et and one hour after the Goody's Dash Series race until 7:00pm/et


  • Races: Thursday, February 15, 2001 in Daytona, FL

  • Start Time: Race 1) 12:00noon/et with Race 2 starting after the 1st

  • TV: Fox Sports Net - live(yes live)

  • 2000 Race Winners: 1) Bill Elliott; 2) Ricky Rudd

  • Track/Race Length: 2.5 mile oval, 50 laps each, 125 miles each

  • Gatorade Twin 125 Qualifying race lineups


  • Race: Sunday, February 18, 2001 in Daytona, FL

  • TV: Fox 1:00pm/et, replay on Fox Sports Net(FSN) on Monday, Feb 19th from 12moon-3:00pm/et
    (YES it is 1:00pm/et, the pre-race special is on at 12:00noon/et for 1 hour)

  • Purse: $11,049,049; Winner gets: $1,303,826; 2nd: $905,700; 3rd: $608,050; 4th: $452,600; 5th: $334,650

  • Entry List: Entry List for the: Daytona 500 from NOL

  • 2000 Race Winner: Dale Jarrett(his third)

  • Track/Race Length: 2.5 mile oval, 200 laps, 500 miles

  • Pit Road Speed: 65mph

  • All-time Daytona 500 winners


  • Practice: Friday, Feb 9th 10:00am-12:00noon/et - TV-Fox Sports Net(FSN); 1:00-2:50pm/et - TV-Fox Sports Net(FSN);
    Saturday, Feb 10th, 8:40-9:40am/et - TV-FSN;
    Monday, Feb 12th, 11:00-12:45am/et - TV-FSN; and after 2nd round qualifying until 4:15pm/et;
    Tuesday, Feb 13th, 12:30-2:15pm/et - TV-FSN;
    Wednesday, Feb 14th, 11:05am-12:25pm/et - TV-FSN;
    Friday, Feb 16th, 9:15-10:20am/et - TV-none

  • Happy Hour Practice: Saturday, Feb 17th, 3:30-4:30pm/et, TV-FX

    Go to the FoxSports page for: FSN schedule and the Fox/FX Schedules


  • Qualifying Draw: Friday, Feb 9th after the rookies meeting which starts at 8:00am/et

  • Qualfying Order: Daytona 500 qualifying order -

  • First Round Qualifying: 2 laps for positions 1-2 and the Gatorade Twin 125's lineup, Saturday, Feb 10th at 1:00pm/et, TV-Fox and live via MRN radio/internet(link below)

  • First Round Qualifying Results: on my Daytona 500 1st Round Qualifying Page

  • Second-Round Qualifying: Monday, Feb 12th at 2:00pm/et for 2 laps, TV-none listed

  • The traditional third round of qualifying was discontinued after the 1999 race

  • Event/Track Qualifying Record: Bill Elliott, 210.364mph, February 1987

  • Last Year's Pole Sitter: Dale Jarrett, 191.091mph

    1)  #9-Elliott(won the pole 183.565mph)
    2)  #92-Compton(outside Pole)
    3)  #40-Marlin(won 1st Twin 125)
    4)  #31-Skinner(won 2nd Twin 125)
    5)  #25-Nadeau(2nd in 1st Twin 125)
    6)  #8-Earnhardt Jr(2nd in 2nd Twin 125)
    7)  #3-Earnhardt(3rd in 1st Twin 125)
    8)  #99-Burton(3rd in 2nd Twin 125)
    9)  #96-Houston(4th in 1st Twin 125)
    10) #22-Burton(4th in 2nd Twin 125)
    11) #26-Spencer(5th in 1st Twin 125)
    12) #2-Wallace(5th in 2nd Twin 125)
    13) #24-Gordon(6th in 1st Twin 125)
    14) #36-Schrader(6th in 2nd Twin 125)
    15) #01-Leffler(7th in 1st Twin 125)
    16) #17-Kenseth(7th in 2nd Twin 125)
    17) #51-Purvis(8th in 1st Twin 125)
    18) #32-Craven(8th in 2nd Twin 125)
    19) #15-Waltrip(9th in 1st Twin 125)
    20) #93-Blaney(9th in 2nd Twin 125)
    21) #19-Atwood(10th in 1st Twin 125)
    22) #6-Martin(10th in 2nd Twin 125)
    23) #27-Wallace(11th in 1st Twin 125)
    24) #20-Stewart(11th in 2nd Twin 125)
    25) #1-Park(12th in 1st Twin 125)
    26) #97-Busch(12th in 2nd Twin 125)
    27) #7-M Wallace(13th in 1st Twin 125)
    28) ##45-Petty(13th in 2nd Twin 125)
    29) #44-Jones(14th in 1st Twin 125)
    30) #28-Rudd(14th in 2nd Twin 125)
    31) #88-Jarrett(on speed 182.622)
    32) #33-Nemechek(on speed 182.116)
    33) #10-Benson(on speed 181.995)
    34) #5-Labonte(on speed 181.811)
    35) #55-Hamilton(on speed 181.657)
    36) #43-Andretti(on speed 181.576)
    37) #18-Labonte(provisional 1st in 2000 Owners Points)
    38) #12-Mayfield(provisional 21st)
    39) #77-Pressley(provisional 26th)
    40) #21-Sadler(provisional 31st)
    41) #4-Gordon(provisional 32nd)
    42) #14-Hornaday(provisional 35th)
    43) #11-Bodine(provisional 36th)


    Nine drivers failed to make the Daytona 500: #37-Cope(no owners points) 177.294mph
    #50-Mast(45th in 2000 owners points) 178.589
    #66-T Bodine(39th) 179.996
    #71-Marcis(46th) 180.437
    #72-Leik(59th) 174.659
    #80-Shepherd(none) 174.672
    #84-Benning(68th) 176.305
    #85-Long(51st) 176.287
    #90-Stricklin(44th) 178.916


  • The Daytona 500 has a different qualifying format. Only the two fastest drivers secure starting spots for the 500 in that first round. Drivers can stand on Saturday's speed or try to go faster in second-round qualifying. Once a driver elects to go again, his previous speed is wiped off the slate and the new speed becomes his official mark. After qualifying ends on Tuesday, the speeds will be used to set the lineups for Thursday's Gatorade 125-mile qualifying races. Odd numbers -- first, third, fifth and so on -- go in the first race, even numbers in the second. Results from the 125s will set positions 3 through 30 for the 500. The next six spots in the 500 field will go to the drivers with the six best qualifying speeds who have not yet made the field. The final seven spots go to provisional starters based on last season's car owner points standings. The second-fastest driver is assured of starting on the outside of the front row for the 500. The third-fastest, however, could start the main event as far back as 31st depending on how he does in his 125-miler.

    Another Explanation: The Twin 125-Mile Qualifying Races will determine positions 3 through 30. The drivers who posted the odd-number rankings in the qualifying rounds compete in the first race, which will set the inside rows -- positions 3, 5, 7, etc. -- for the Daytona 500. The even-number rankings from the timed qualifying compete in the second 125-mile race and set the outside rows -- positions 4, 6, 8, etc. In the event of cancellation, the top 30 positions will be set from the timed qualifying sessions. Starting positions 31 through 36 are determined by qualifying speeds set in one of two qualifying rounds. The 30 cars in the field are removed from the equation, and the remaining cars with the fastest official qualifying speeds fill the six positions. Starting positions 37 through 42 are provisionals assigned beginning with the car owner ranked highest in the 1999 Winston Cup championship points standings who did not qualify for positions 1 through 36. Starting position 43 is assigned to any car owner who has a past NASCAR Winston Cup champion driver who participated in the Winston Cup Series last season and did not otherwise qualify. The most recent past champion driver not assigned a position will receive this starting spot. If the 43rd position remains unused, it will be assigned to the next eligible owner based on last seasons final owner points standings.()

  • The Track: Daytona International Speedway is a tri-oval with 31-degree banking in the turns, 18-degree banking in the tri-oval and 6-degree banking on the straightaways. Daytona International Speedway

  • Track Homepage: Daytona International Speedway

  • Scanner Frequencies: are linked on my Racing Links Page/ Scanners Section


  • The NASCAR Winston Cup Leader Bonus is $10,000 at Daytona for leading the points and winning the race(Bobby Labonte last won the award, $50,000 at Lowes/Charlotte on Oct 8, 2000). The $360,000 annual award is paid at $10,000 per race to the point leader at the end of each event if he is also the winner. The award increases by $10,000 each week the it goes unclaimed. If the point leader is not the race winner at the end of the year, the balance of the award is distributed among the top-10 finisher in the point standings(1-12-2001)


    Radio Coverage:
    Motor Racing Network(MRN)
    including RealAudio coverage
    MRN Affiliate List for your local station

    Daytona Radio Coverage:
  • WNDB-AM 1150 in Daytona Beach will have full coverage of SpeedWeeks in Daytona. They will call the IROC race live with their our own broadcast team live the afternoon of the 16th which can be heard via the web at:, you will need Microsoft Media Player(not Real Audio). WNDB-AM 1150 carries every race during SpeedWeeks and will broadcast live from the track for over 100 hours, which includes several hours of pre and post-race coverage for every event)

  • NOL Live Feeds:'s exclusive RaceCast feature will debut at noon on Thursday(2-15) with the Gatorade 125s at Daytona, giving fans a chance to follow all the NASCAR Winston Cup Series drivers from start to finish in your very own way. Track your favorite driver with constantly updated information, including expert real-time commentary from racing writer Tim Packman. See constant updates of the live field, and rewind to see how the field looked in a previous lap or catch back up with "Current Lap". Listen to in-car audio. See it at Online PR)(2-15-2001)


    Fans Can Online
    Motortrax(NASCAR Online)(pay)
    TNN's Fanscan (free)


    • a Presidential Appearance? President George W. Bush has been invited to Sunday's Daytona 500 and NASCAR sources say he could come in Saturday afternoon(Winston Salem Journal)(2-15-2001)

    • : Daytona 500 Race Info

    • More Web Coverage: will also be providing live updates on race day next Sunday. Their Daytona 500 coverage will include stories from USA TODAY's Skip Wood, Mike Harris of the Associated Press and respected NASCAR writer Mike Hembree of The Greenville News. They will also provide photo galleries and sound bites from the track. They will be talking to Jerry Nadeau later in the week as a continuation of their exclusive 'Nadeau on NASCAR' column that Jerry did for the site during the 2000 season. will provide coverage both for Daytona and the balance of the season(2-11-2001)

    • More Parts: NASCAR inspectors collected another batch of unapproved parts during pre-qualifying inspections on Saturday. Several springs were confiscated from the teams of #1-Steve Park, #88-Dale Jarrett, #11-Brett Bodine, #10-Johnny Benson, #92-Stacy Compton (two), #84-Norm Benning, #19-Casey Atwood (two) and #80-Morgan Shepherd. In addition, the roof spoiler was confiscated from #72-Dwayne Leik()(2-11-2001)

    • Bad Parts: NASCAR inspectors collected several unapproved parts from Winston Cup teams before the day's first practice on Friday. Four teams, those of #24-Jeff Gordon, #1-Steve Park, #80-Morgan Shepherd and #66-Todd Bodine, had unapproved check valves in their fuel systems. Seven teams, those of #01-Jason Leffler(actually team source tells me it was the #40 Dodge, not the #01), #66-Bodine, #19-Casey Atwood, #2-Rusty Wallace, #25-Jerry Nadeau, #32-Ricky Craven and #7-Mike Wallace, had unapproved adjustable braces. Also confiscated were A-frames from the cars of #9-Bill Elliott and #96-Andy Houston; the roof spoiler and unapproved filler material from the car of #5-Terry Labonte; fuel cell containers from the teams of #27-Kenny Wallace, #33-Joe Nemechek, #99-Jeff Burton, #3-Dale Earnhardt and #1-Steve Park's fuel cell from his Bud Shootout car. The rear windshield from Nemechek's car was also confiscated for not conforming to the NASCAR template()(2-10-2001)

    • Bill France Appearance: Bill France Jr., chairman of the board of NASCAR, made a surprise visit Thursday to media day activities at Daytona International Speedway, one of his few public appearances of the past several months. France, who has battled cancer over the past year, showed up at the Daytona Club following the announcement of the lineup of Sunday's Budweiser Shootout. France walked to the lectern and started a brief question-and-answer session with the following announcement: "I'm kind of getting back, as you can see. I'm not kicking ass yet, but I am taking names. The rest will come later," he said.()(2-9-2001)

    • Twins/500: Of the 80 previous qualifying races winners since 1959, only seven have gone on to win the Daytona 500. Dale Earnhardt (1998) is the most recent driver to do so. He is joined by Fireball Roberts (1962), Cale Yarborough (1977 and 1984), Bill Elliott (1985), Bobby Allison (1988) and Sterling Marlin (1995)(AP)(2-18-2000)

    • Crew Chief Club


    QUALIFYING, PRACTICE and RESULTS news and links

    • The Daytona 500 Winner: Michael Waltrip wins his first ever Winston Cup points race. His first win in his 463 Winston Cup race (the most races ever run before a driver won their first race). #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr was 2nd, #2-Rusty Wallace was 3rd, his best career finish in the Daytona 500. 4th was #28-Ricky Rudd and 5th was #9-Bill Elliott. See unofficial results at (2-18-2001)

    • The Big One: On Lap 173 the Big One occurred, a multi-car accident with 18 cars listed as being involved: #01,1,2,4,5,6,18,20,21,22,24,25,27,43,44,88,96,99. #20-Stewart flipped over and around. All drivers were checked out and released, but Stewart who was tranported to the Halifax hospital for a further check where officials said he was alert and talking, but complaining of shoulder pain. Stewart did have a concussion and was undergoing a CT scan(/AP)(2-18-2001)

    • Manufacturers in the Daytona 500:
      Chevy: 11 - ave start 20.1, best start 4th, #31-Mike Skinner
      Dodge: 10 - ave start 16.5, best start 1st, #9-Bill Elliott
      Ford: 16 - ave start 24.2, best start 8th, #99-Jeff Burton
      Pontiac: 6 - ave start 28.8, best start 14th, #36-Ken Schrader(2-18-2001)

    • Futility in the 500: The following drivers with Winston Cup wins who have started the most Daytona 500's and have not won:
      #2-Rusty Wallace, 18 starts, 53 Cup wins, 21.9 ave finish, best finish 4th in 2000
      #5-Terry Labonte, 22 starts, 21 Cup wins, 12.3 ave finish, best finish 2nd in 1990 and 1997)
      #6-Mark Martin, 16 starts, 32 Cup wins, 21.6 ave finish, best finish 3rd in 1995
      #28-Ricky Rudd, 23 starts, 20 Cup wins, 18.6 ave finish, best finish 3rd in 1981(USA Today/FX Qualifying coverage)(2-18-2001)

    • Daytona 500 Happy Hour/Speed List: for the Cup cars was shown on FX from 5:15-6:30pm/et). #24-Jeff Gordon lost his engine and slightly tagged the wall. The #24 team is putting in a new engine now, Gordon still ended up 4th in speed. #3-Earnhardt didn't like the intake manifold being used and the team installed the intake used in the Twin 125. #17-Matt Kenseth's team is changing their engine, but no word on what the problem was. #6-Mark Martin led Happy Hour at 191.156mph with #1-Steve Park just behind Martin at 191.136mph. I couldn't find the speeds poasted so here is my own speed chart, from the last rundown FX gave on it's Happy Hour coverage: Daytona 500 Happy Hour Speeds(2-17-2001)

    • No Changes: There will be no rules changes made on Winston Cup cars before Sunday's Daytona 500, NASCAR spokeswoman Danielle Humphrey said Friday()(2-17-2001)

    • Friday Cup Practice: only 38 drivers listed as practicing on Friday for the Daytona 500. Some parity too, fastest was #25-Nadeau in a Chevy at 190.243mph, 2nd was #43-John Andretti in a Dodge at 190.166, 3rd was #10-Johnny Benson in a Pontiac at 189.841 and 4th was #26-Jimmy Spencer in a Ford at 189.753mph. See the full 38 driver practice speed list at : Friday's Winston Cup practice speeds(2-16-2001)

    • Twin Wrecks: of the five cars involved in accidents/incidents in the Twin 125's on one will use a backup, #21-Elliott Sadler, who will fall to the rear of the field from his 42nd starting spot(only one spot back) as will #10-Johnny Benson who was to start 33rd. Most all reports I have seen have the #14-Pontiac, #88-Ford and #20-Pontiac not damaged enough to warrant use of a backup. The teams will fix the damage to these car and will have them in their starting spots on Sunday for the Daytona 500. This could change if the crews find more damage while working on the cars(2-16-2001)

    • Tires: Estimated Pit Stops: Every 50-56 laps based on fuel consumption.This successful Goodyear Eagle tire combination is the same one run at Daytona since July 1999... Daytona is the only track this tire combination will be run on this season, but it is similar to the one run at NASCAR’s other restrictor plate track (Talladega)(RaceWarrior)(2-16-2001)

    • Daytona 500 Lineup: have an unofficial 2001 Daytona 500 Lineup listed above, after the qualifying info section. Shows who made the race and how, and who missed the race. Also see the lineup at : Sunday's Daytona 500 lineup(2-15-2001)

    • Daytona 500 by Speed: six drivers who didn't get the pole or outside pole, or make the Daytona 500 via the Twin 125's, get in via speed: #88-Jarrett(starts 31st) 182.622mph qualifying speed; #33-Nemechek(32nd) 182.116; #10-Benson(33rd) 181.995; #5-Labonte(34th) 181.811; #55-Hamilton(35th) 181.657; #43-Andretti(36th - last in on speed) 181.576 which was 16th fastest in overall qualifying.(2-15-2001)

    • Daytona 500 by Provisionals: seven drivers who failed to make the Daytona 500 by racing in the Twin 125's or didn't have the speed to get in the race, used Provisionals (based on 2000 Owners Points) to make the Daytona 500: 37th) #18-Labonte(1st in 2000 Owners Points); 38th) #12-Mayfield(21st); 39th) #77-Pressley(26th); 40th) #21-Sadler(31st); 41st) #4-Gordon(32nd); 42nd) #14-Hornaday(35th); and 43rd) #11-Bodine(36th in 2000 owners points)(2-15-2001)

    • and nine drivers failed to make the Daytona 500: #37-Cope(no owners points) 177.294mph
      #50-Mast(45th in 2000 owners points) 178.589
      #66-T Bodine(39th) 179.996
      #71-Marcis(46th) 180.437
      #72-Leik(59th) 174.659
      #80-Shepherd(none) 174.672
      #84-Benning(68th) 176.305
      #85-Long(51st) 176.287
      #90-Stricklin(44th) 178.916
    • Some Daytona 500 Facts: Twenty-six different drivers have won the Daytona 500. Seven-time NASCAR Winston Cup Series champion Richard Petty leads all drivers with the most Daytona 500 wins (seven), while Dale Jarrett leads all active drivers with three Daytona 500 wins. Ricky Rudd has gone 23 races without a Daytona 500 win. Three of the last five Daytona 500s have ended under caution: 2000, 1998 and 1997. Seven times has the winner of the Daytona 500 gone on to win the NASCAR Winston Cup Series championship: Richard Petty (1964, 1971, 1974, 1979), Cale Yarborough (1977) and Jeff Gordon (1997).(NASCAR PR)(2-14-2001)

    • Twin 125 #2 is over: #31-Mike Skinner wins the second Twin 125, his first ever. The Top 14 transfer to the Daytona 500. #28-Ricky Rudd got the final transfer spot. The top 14(via Fox Sports Net Telecast):
      1)  #31-Skinner(will start 4th in the Daytona 500)
      2)  #8-Earnhardt Jr(6th)
      3)  #99-Burton(8th)
      4)  #22-Burton(10th)
      5)  #2-Wallace(12th)
      6)  #36-Schrader(14th)
      7)  #17-Kenseth(16th)
      8)  #32-Craven(18th)
      9)  #93-Blaney(20th)
      10) #6-Martin(22nd)
      11) #20-Stewart(24th)
      12) #97-Busch(26th)
      13) ##45-Petty(28th)
      14) #28-Rudd(30th)
      #92-Stacey Compton already had locked in the 2nd starting spot and finished deep in the field. #20-Stewart spun and collected #21-Sadler. See results at the NOL and see a full story at (2-15-2001)

    • Twin 125 #1 is over: #40-Sterling Marlin wins the first Twin 125, leading just the last lap. It was Marlin's 3rd career Twin 125 win. This gives three Dodges in the first three starting spots. The Top 14 transfer to the Daytona 500. #44-Buckshot Jones got the final transfer spot and will be in the Daytona 500. the top 14(via Fox Sports Net Telecast):
      1)  #40-Marlin(will start 3rd in the Daytona 500)
      2)  #25-Nadeau(5th)
      3)  #3-Earnhardt(7th)
      4)  #96-Houston(9th)
      5)  #26-Spencer(11th - Happy Birthday)
      6)  #24-Gordon(13th)
      7)  #01-Leffler(15th)
      8)  #51-Purvis(17th)
      9)  #15-Waltrip(19th)
      10) #19-Atwood(21st)
      11) #27-Wallace(23rd)
      12) #1-Park(25th)
      13) #7-M Wallace(27th)
      14) #44-Jones(29th)
      #9-Bill Elliott already had locked in the 1st starting spot by winning the pole. #85-Long, #4-Gordon, #11-Bodine has engine problems that knocked them out. #14-Hornaday and #88-Jarrett were both knocked out in an acccident when Hornaday got loose. See results at the MRN Radio site and see a full story at (2-15-2001)

    • Guaranteed to make the Daytona 500: after 2nd round qualifying the following drivers will make the race no matter what happens in the Twin 125's: via speed, drivers who were 3rd to 8th fastest in the 2 qualifying sessions: #88-Jarrett, #20-Stewart, #24-Gordon, #22-Burton, #40-Marlin; and #31-Skinner. They would fill the 31-36 spots on the grid if they fail to make the race via the Twin 125's. Seven other drivers are locks via the Provisional System who are not the top six speeds(not counting the pole and outside pole): #18-Labonte(1st in 2000 Owners Points), #3-Earnhardt(2nd), #99-Burton(3rd), #28-Rudd(5th), #2-Wallace(2th), #6-Martin(8th), and #5-Labonte(as a past champion). Remember, until after the 4th Cup race (Atlanta), 2000 Owners Points are used for provisionals. Three teams have no 2000 owners and won't be able to use a provisional: #15-Waltip, #80-Shepherd, #37-Cope, #51-Purvis. Others like #96-Houston and #19-Atwood have 2000 Owners Points, but are probably too deep in the owners points standings to be able to use a provisional(2-14-2001)

    • Wednesday Practice is over: got some bytes from readers who have a Fox Sport Network who is showing Cup practice today: #6-Martin and #24-Gordon made contact when Martin tapped the rear corner of Gordon, who got loose but saved the car, no damage to either. So far the fastest is #10-Johnny Benson at 190.925 (has to be in drafting conditions)
      UPDATE: #36-Ken Schrader was the fastest at 191.355moh, followed by #40-Sterling Marlin at 191.196 and #10-Johnny Benson at 191.054. Slowest was #72-Dwayne Leik at 184.532mph. See the list of speeds via : Wednesday's Winston Cup practice speeds(2-14-2001)

    • Tuesday Cup practice for the Daytona 500 is over. #31-Skinner was the fastest at 189.251mph, 2nd was #32-Craven, followed by #77-Pressley, #99-Burton and #37-Cope. Slowest was #84-Norm Benning at 184.400, see for Tuesday's Cup Practice Speeds(2-13-2001)

    • 2nd Round Results for the Daytona 500. The fastest 2nd round (and final 2nd roud of 2001) qualifier on Monday was #11-Brett Bodine who ran a fast lap of 180.941mph up from his 1st round lap of 180.636. The list of 2nd round qualifiers is as follows:
      #11-Bodine 180.941(first round was 180.636mph) - faster;
      #71-Marcis 180.437(180.386) faster;
      #01-Leffler 179.394(180.119 but disq) - slower;
      #77-Pressley 178.916(179.329) - slower;
      #51-Purvis 178.462(179.777) - slower;
      #12-Mayfield 178.398(178.116) - slower;
      #25-Nadeau 178.271(182.763 but disq) - slower;
      #72-Leik 174.659(no speed);
      All eight will be in the back of the Gatorade Twin 125's. The speeds come into play if they fail to get into the Daytona 500 thru the 125's and have to fall back on speed. (see above for how qualifying for the Daytona 500 is done, it is quite different then the normal).
      See for the following:
      Twin 125's Lineup Race 1;
      Twin 125's Lineup Race 2;
      Final Daytona 500 qualifying speeds;
      Monday Practice speeds.
      And see a story at Speed Vision: B. Bodine Fastest in Final Trials (2-12-2001)

    • NASCAR issues a Bunch of fines and 2 suspensions: NASCAR Officials announced today the suspension of two NASCAR Winston Cup Series crew chiefs for rules violations discovered in pre- and post-qualifying inspections for the Daytona 500.
      Tony Furr, crew chief of the #25 Chevy, received a four-race suspension and a $10,000 fine for not meeting the minimum height specifications following Saturday's qualifying at Daytona. The team's qualifying time was disallowed. Furr was penalized under Section 12-4-T in the 2001 NASCAR Winston Cup Series rule book, "Any modification that permits the lowering of a race car while in competition..." Furr was fined an additional $2,500 for fuel cell violations prior to Saturday's qualifying. Furr was penalized under Section 12-4-U, "Any violation of fuel cell or fuel cell container specifications..." Both of these violations place Furr on probation until the end of the year. Along with the above-mentioned penalties, Furr was issued another $250 fine for adjustable braces and penalized under Section 12-4-Q, "Any determination by NASCAR Officials that parts and/or equipment used in the Event do not conform: adjustable braces..." Furr's suspension begins on Friday, Feb. 23rd at the North Carolina Speedway in Rockingham, NC.
      Kevin Cram, crew chief of the #01 Dodge Intrepid, received a four-race suspension and a $10,000 fine for fuel violations during Saturday's qualifying. The team's qualifying time was disallowed. Cram was penalized under Section 12-4-AA, "Use of altered fuel or fuel other than the official fuel at the event..." Cram's suspension will begin on Friday, Feb. 23rd at the North Carolina Speedway in Rockingham, NC.
      Gary DeHart, crew chief of the #5 Chevy received a $5,000 fine and placed on probation for the year for roof air deflector violations prior to Saturday's qualifying. DeHart was penalized under Section 12-4-Q: "Any determination by NASCAR Officials that parts and/or equipment used in the Event do not conform: roof air deflectors." DeHart also received an additional $1,000 fine for fuel cell violations prior to Saturday's qualifying. He was penalized under Section 12-4-U, "Any violation of fuel cell or fuel cell container specifications..."
      Additional fines were levied against the following crew chiefs for rules violations prior to Saturday's qualifying for the Daytona 500 at Daytona:
      Joe Garone, #96-Ford, Thin control arm,$2,500
      Mike Ford, #9-Dodge, Thin control arm, $2,500
      Robbie Loomis #24-Chevy, Unapproved fuel cell check valve, $1,000 and Unapproved air deflecto $250
      Royce McGee #31-Chevy, Unapproved underpan, $1,000
      Paul Andrews #1-Chevy, Fuel cell check valve violation, $1,000 and Oversize fuel cell container $250
      Chris Carrier #33-Chevy, Oversized fuel cell containers(2) $500 and Windshield template violation $250
      Larry Carter #66-Ford, Fuel cell check valve violation $250 and Adjustable braces $250
      Frankie Stoddard #99-Ford, Oversized fuel cell container $250
      Stan Hoover #80-Ford, Fuel cell check valve violation $500
      Tim Brewer #7-Ford, Adjustable braces $250
      Patrick Donahue #19-Dodge, Adjustable braces $250
      Robin Pemberton #2-Ford, Adjustable braces $250
      Kevin Hamlin #3-Chevy, Oversized fuel cell container $250
      Barry Dodson #27-Pontiac, Oversized fuel cell container $250
      Lee McCall #40-Dodge, Adjustable braces $250
      (NASCAR PR)(2-12-2001)

    • Monday Practice Speeds? 2nd Round Qualifying? no lists yet, but Ben Blake of SpeedVision has a few posted: in morning drafting practic, #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr. ran a lap of 188.210mph. Also fast were #31-Mike Skinner at 187.445, #40-Sterling Marlin at 187.418, #15-Michael Waltrip at 187.391 and #55-Bobby Hamilton at 187.328. The fastest Ford was the #99-Jeff Burton was the fastest Ford, 8th, with a speed of 187.126. 2nd round qualifying is not on TV, Also NOL's live scoring is still not working, so not much on practice or 2nd round, but found something on SpeedVision: Eight drivers will make a 2nd round attempt(or have made since it started at 2:00pm/et): #01-Leffler(dnq'd in 1st round) and #25-Nadeau(dnq'd). #72-Dwayne Leik(in a Dave Marcis entry who didn't go out in first round), #12-Jeremy Mayfield(46th fastest in 1st round), #77-Robert Pressley(42nd), #51-Jeff Purvis(39th), #71-Dave Marcis(33rd) and #11-Brett Bodine(29th).(SpeedVision)
      Speeds posted at the MRN Radio site: Mon Practice Speeds(note, having a hard time getting to this link), also noticed, #80-Morgan Shepherd, who was 35th fastest, is listed as driving the Hayes Jewelers Ford, a sponsor?(2-12-2001)

    • Pole Slowest since and Dodge facts: #9-Bill Elliott's pole speed Saturday for the Daytona 500 is the slowest since Ramo Stott won the pole in 1976 with a lap of 183.456mph. Elliott also has the fastest pole speed at Daytona, 210.364mph, set before restrictor plates were mandated to slow the cars.
      The last time a Dodge won a pole was by Neil Bonnett at Bristol on April 1, 1978.
      The last time a Dodge won the pole at Daytona was by Buddy Baker in 1973.
      The last Dodge Daytona 500 victory was by Richard Petty in 1974.
      The last time a Dodge competed in the Daytona 500 was by Rick Baldwin in 1983(Roanoke Times)
      Last Dodge Daytona victory was by Richard Petty in July 1975.
      Last all Dodge front row at the Daytona 500 was when Buddy Baker and Bobby Isaac did it in 1969.
      Last Dodge to run in Winston Cup was #76-Phil Good at Pocono on June 8, 1985.
      Last Dodge to win a Winston Cup race was #5-Neil Bonnett at Ontario, CA on Nov 20, 1977.(2-11-2001)

    • Nadeau's Run Disqualified UPDATE 3 Penalty soon? Furr Suspended?: #25-Jerry Nadeau's second-place time was disqualified due to an unapproved shock absorber and spring shackle discovered in post-qualifying inspection. So Nadeau's speed of 182.763 mph has been disallowed and it moves #92 Dodge driver Stacy Compton into the front row. Elliott and Compton are the only drivers locked in their starting positions for the Daytona 500(ESPN)(2-10-2001)
      UPDATE: #92-Stacy Compton inherited the outside spot on Row 1 when Jerry Nadeau's second-fastest lap at 182.763 mph was disallowed. Nadeau's car failed to meet the minimum height requirement in post-qualifying inspection. There's also the matter of further potential penalties and, almost certainly, fines for Nadeau's #25 Hendrick Motorsports team. NASCAR officials, meanwhile, were working on figuring out the parts they confiscated from the rear suspension of Nadeau's Chevy. "We have disallowed his time," said Gary Nelson, Winston Cup Series director. "The height of the roof was more than a half-inch low in inspection. Some of the suspension parts we have in our possession … and we are holding these parts for further study. We will decide what further action to take." Nelson said Nadeau will "most likely" be allowed to make a second-round qualifying run on Monday to post a speed that could help him make the Daytona 500 field if he doesn't finish in the top 15 in Thursday's second 125-mile qualifier.()
      AND Because Nadeau ran timed laps in practice, he would not need to requalify, NASCAR garage chief Gary Nelson explained, although Nadeau could try again in Monday's second round in order to establish a fast time. Nelson would not be more specific, although he indicated further penalties were possible. Nelson, accompanied by Nadeau crew chief Tony Furr, was seen walking to the NASCAR office carrying a spring shackle/wedge bolt assembly. There also was word that the car's rear shocks had been confiscated, although rear shocks at Daytona and Talladega are sealed units handed out by NASCAR(SpeedVision)(2-11-2001)
      UPDATE 2: NASCAR president Mike Helton said any further penalties as a result of questionable suspension parts found on the Chevrolet of Jerry Nadeau will likely be announced Monday()
      UPDATE 3: hearing crew chief of the #25 UAW-Delphi Automotive Chevy, Tony Furr, will be suspended for four races (Rockingham thru Darlington) and fined $10,000(2-12-2001)

    • Leffler also DNQ'd? UPDATE yes: hearing from sources at the track that #01-Jason Leffler's 1st round speed will be thrown out as there is some irregularity found in the cars fuel system possibly an additive in the fuel
      UPDATE: Two days after the fact, NASCAR announced Monday that #01-Jason Leffler has been disqualified for use of questionable fuel in Saturday's first round of Daytona 500 time trials. Analysis of a routine fuel sample revealed what NASCAR called "discrepancies", and Leffler's time was disallowed. Leffler had been 36th-fastest in the opening session. Immediately after qualifying, NASCAR disallowed the time of Jerry Nadeau, who had been second-fastest, for failure to meet minimum height requirements. Parts from the car's rear suspension were confiscated, and penalties are expected. Penalties had not been announced in either case as of midday, although NASCAR said it intends to announce its actions Monday. Last year, questionable fuel was found in the car of Jeremy Mayfield. The result was a $50,000 fine, subtraction of 151 championship points, and a four-week suspension for crew chief Peter Sospenzo. Leffler, like Nadeau, will be shown with no time and will start his 125-mile qualifying race Thursday at the end of the field. He would have started 18th in the second 125(SpeedVision)(2-12-2001)

    • Stewart wins the Shootout: #20-Tony Stewart wins the Budweiser Shootout at Daytona, #3-Dale Earnhardt was 2nd and #2-Rusty Wallace was 3rd. The average speed was 181.034 mph in a race that ran without a yellow flag. Stewart collected $200,000 from a total purse of $900,000. First time a Pontiac has won the Shootout. See the story at and results at SpeedVision(2-11-2001)

    • Elliott wins pole for the Daytona 500: Bill Elliott, driver of the #9 Dodge, wins the pole for the 2001 Daytona 500 with a speed of 183.565mph. So Dodge will be on the pole in it's first Cup race of it's return to the sport. It is Bill Elliott's 4th Daytona 500 pole, his 5th overall at Daytona, his 50th career pole and his first pole since Sept 1997 at Richmond. #25-Jerry Nadeau, Elliott's former driver(in a 2nd team car), qualified 2nd. Elliott and Nadeau are the only drivers who set their starting spots for the Daytona 500. The Gatorade Twin 125's will set the rest of the field, along with six spots by speeds and seven by provisionals (see my Daytona 500 Race Info page for the explanation). In the top 10, there are four Dodges, four Chevys, one Pontiac and one Ford. See the full rundown of 1st round qualifying on my Daytona 500 Qualifying Page which includes when the driver went out in qualifying, both laps, difference between the two laps, best practice lap and provisional position. 2nd round qualifying is Monday, Feb 12th at 2:00pm/et, no TV is listed(2-10-2001)

    • Final Budweiser Shootout Practice: #12-Jeremy Mayfield had the fastest speed of 187.375 mph., in the final practice on Saturday for Sunday's Budweiser Shootout. The second fastest was Mayfield's teammate #2-Rusty Wallace with a speed of 186.990mph. #6-Mark Martin was 3rd at 186.970, #31-Mike Skinner was 186.959 and 5th was #99-Jeff Burton at 186.908(Catchfence), didn't say but these speeds look like speeds in drafting conditions(2-11-2001)

    • Budweiser Shootout Practice news UPDATE: during this morning Budweiser Shootout practice, there was an incident involving #8-Dale Earmhardt Jr, #31-Mike Skinner and #99-Jeff Burton, Earnhardt Jr's car has some slight damage to the back or the car as Burton rear-ended Earnhardt Jr, when Earnhardt jr was heading to the pits and Slinner was going to follow. Burton's car has slight nose damage but both cars will be repaired. #36-Ken Schrader is supposedly the fastest, have seen no speeds listed. There was Bud Shootout practice on Friday but have seen no speeds, just heard #1-Steve Park spun, but did no damage to his car(2-10-2001)
      UPDATE: #31-Mike Skinner has been involved in both accidents which have occurred at Daytona since Winston Cup teams began practice. On Friday, Skinner hit #1-Steve Park from behind and send him spinning into grass in the trioval during a practice session for Sunday's Budweiser Shootout. During Saturday's final Shootout practice, Skinner was again involved in an on-track incident, forcing #99-Jeff Burton down low on the track and into #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr., who was slowing and preparing to enter pit road. Both Earnhardt and Burton's cars suffered some sheet metal damage, but both were expected to be repaired in time for Sunday's race()(2-11-2001)

    • The Starting Lineup: for the Budwesier Shootout:
      Lineup for Sunday's Budweiser Shootout at Daytona International Speedway, determined by a random draw on Thursday.(Starting spot by draw, car#, driver, manu, eligibility)
      1.  #36-Ken Schrader, Pontiac, past winner 1989,1990
      2.  #3-Dale Earnhardt, Chevy, past winner 1980,86,88,91,93,95
      3.  #88-Dale Jarrett, Ford, 3 poles in 2000
      4.  #6-Mark Martin, Ford, past winner 1999
      5.  #1-Steve Park, Chevy, 2 poles
      6.  #24-Jeff Gordon, Chevy, 3 poles
      7.  #20-Tony Stewart, Pontiac, 2 poles
      8.  #18-Bobby Labonte, Pontiac, 2 poles
      9.  #33-Joe Nemechek, Chevy, 1 pole
      10. #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr., Chevy, 2 poles
      11. #28-Ricky Rudd, Ford, 2 poles
      12. #5-Terry Labonte, Chevy, 1 pole
      13. #9-Bill Elliott, Dodge, past winner 1987
      14. #12-Jeremy Mayfield, Ford, 4 poles
      15. #2-Rusty Wallace, Ford, 9 poles (kind of deserves the pole)
      16. #99-Jeff Burton, Ford, 1 pole
      17. #90-Ted Musgrave, Ford, fastest 2nd round qualifier drawing winner
      18. #31-Mike Skinner, Chevy, 1 pole
      (Geoffrey Bodine was eligible for the event, but did not enter.)()
      Practice for the Cup teams begins at 10:00am on Friday (weather permitting)(2-8-2001)

    • Saturday AM Practice is over at DIS for the Daytona 500. #36-Ken Schrader was the fastest with a speed of 183.110mph. 2nd was #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr at 182.570 followed by #22-Ward Burton at 182.570mph. So that's a Pontiac, Chevy and Dodge, the fastest Ford was #2-Rusty Wallace who was 7th quickest at 181.760mph. Friday's practice leader, #4-Robby Gordon was 10th fastest at 181.610mph. See the Sat results at or SpeedFX. No Saturday speeds on NOL??(2-10-2001)

    • UPDATE - Afternoon Cup Practice is over at DIS for the Daytona 500. #4-Robby Gordon was the fastest non-drafting car and overall with a speed at 182.382mph. #15-Michael Waltrip and #11-Brett Bodine 2nd and 3rd, but it was mentioned on the FSN broadcast(so I am told) that Waltrip and Bodine had the benefit of the draft, but looking at the speeds, didn't make much difference. #6-Mark Martin is not listed in the 2nd practice, no idea why. The Top Five speeds:
      1. #4-Robby Gordon, 182.382mph
      2. #15-Michael Waltrip, 182.212
      3. #11-Brett Bodine, 182.057
      4. #92-Stacy Compton, 181.998
      5. #32-Ricky Craven, 181.998
      Slowest were:
      48. #85-Carl Long 175.984;
      49. #84-Norm Benning 173.910
      50. #80-Morgan Shepherd 173.792

    • AM Cup Practice is over at DIS for the Daytona 500. The Top five speeds:
      1)  #4-Robby Gordon 182.160mph
      2)  #92-Stacy Compton, 182.127
      3)  #88-Dale Jarrett, 181.943
      4)  #22-Ward Burton, 181.851
      5)  #40-Sterling Marlin, 181.558
      See the full rundown of speeds at : Friday morning's practice speeds(2-9-2001)

    • Qualifying order is up at : See the link above. 1st scheduled out is: #77-Robert Pressley(he has some luck with these draws, he was 1st in quite a few orders in 2000). Last scheduled out is #27-Kenny Wallace. 52 drivers are listed, including some non-regulars: #51-Jeff Purvis, #72 Dwayne Leik, #80-Morgan Shepherd, #84-Norm Benning.(2-9-2001)

    • Daytona 500 Entry List is up at the new NOL: Above for the link(note, the new format is a little awkward, alphabetized by first name).
      Some notes: #72 Dwayne Leik is entered in a 2nd Marcis Racing Chevy; #51-Jeff Purvis in an unspored Phoenix Racing Ford; #97-Kurt Busch is listed in a John Deere Ford(unless something has changed, that must be a mistake as well at the #27-Kenny Wallace car being listed with Sqaure-D, which is the #55 sponsor, his old team); #84-Norman Benning is entered; no mention of the #85-Carl Long car, but I hear he is in Daytona and will attempt the race, also missing is #80-Morgan Shepherd who is scheduled to make an attempt. 49 cars are listed, 43 will start the Daytona 500(2-9-2001)

    • an interesting point: When NASCAR officials decided to disallow Jerry Nadeau's qualifying time yesterday, it raised an interesting question. With the Winston Cup series having only one round of qualifying the rest of the season, what happens if an unapproved part is found? According to NASCAR, drivers no longer have to post an official qualifying time to use a provisional, they only have to practice. So a driver could have a penalty on a qualifying issue but still have access to one of the seven provisionals for the race(Richmond Times Dispatch)(2-11-2001)

    • How to break a tie during qualifying?(same speed/time) When drivers are tied for a starting spot during qualifying, it is broken by owners points standings(not drivers). For provisionals standings see the Jayski Provisional Status page(2-20-2000)

    • Links: Practice speeds, qualifying and results can be found at these sites: NASCAR Online, Racin Network, and


    • Chassis Dyno UPDATE: Following Thursday's Twin 125's, NASCAR officials took several cars from each race and tested them on a chassis dynometer, which tests rear-wheel horsepower. The cars of #40-Sterling Marlin, #9-Bill Elliott, #25-Jerry Nadeau, #26-Jimmy Spencer, #3-Dale Earnhardt and #96-Andy Houston were tested after the first qualifying race. From the second race, the cars of #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr., #32-Ricky Craven, #2-Rusty Wallace and #22-Ward Burton were examined(). What is a Chassis Dyno? See my Racing FAQ for a brief explanation(2-16-2001)
      UPDATE: Rusty Wallace's Ford pulled 423 horsepower at the rear wheels, according to NASCAR sources. (The sanctioning body didn't release official figures.) But tghe #2 Ford was just a couple of horsepower better than the #22 Dodge whose motor was overheating late in the race, past 260 degrees. Eight cars tested were within 10 or so engine horsepower. But the #3 Chevy was so far off the pace on the dyno, pulling only 400 horsepower, that car owner Richard Childress ordered a second run to see what was wrong, and said that a valve problem was the culprit.(Winston Salem Journal)(2-17-2001)

    • Sold Out: The largest crowd in the history of Daytona International Speedway will watch the 43rd running of the Daytona 500. The 2001 “Great American Race” is a complete grandstand sellout. Tickets are still available for the CTS, IROC and BGN races(DIS PR)(2-15-2001)

    • Daytona 500 Grand Marshal: UPS will be making a special delivery at Daytona International Speedway on Sunday, Feb. 18, when James P. (Jim) Kelly, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for United Parcel Service, delivers the command to start engines for the 43rd Daytona 500. Kelly will serve as the Grand Marshal for the "Great American Race." UPS was recently named the official express delivery company of Daytona International Speedway through the 2004 season.(DIS PR)(2-15-2001)

    • No Changes in the Restrictor Plate UPDATE 3: NASCAR president Mike Helton said Monday that its unlikely NASCAR will give Winston Cup cars a larger restrictor plate - with 1-inch openings instead the 15/16ths of a inch the cars tested with last month - once Daytona 500 preparations begin. Ray Evernham said over the weekend that he suspected the larger plates might be used if speeds aren't a little higher than those in the 182 mph range seen in testing. ALSO, NASCAR does not plan to put restrictor plates on the trucks that will race at Daytona on Feb. 16th. That could change, however, if the trucks go faster than they're expected to in practice and qualifying()(2-6-2001)
      UPDATE: NASCAR officials, sources say, will announce tomorrow(Friday) the use of larger restrictor plates for Winston Cup cars at the Daytona 500(Toronto Sun)(2-8-2001)
      UPDATE 2: ESPN2's RPM 2Night reports that NASCAR won't make any changes to the restrictor plate until after the Budweiser Shootout on Sunday (Feb 11th 2:00pm/et), using the race as a test for the courrent rules....BUT from Speed Magazine - Team owner Ray Evernham mentioned that NASCAR might change the size of the holes in the restrictor plates this weekend at Daytona. NASCAR president Mike Helton said he had no intentions of changing the size of the holes, currently at 15/16 of an inch, to a 1-inch hole. "I don't know where that came from," Helton said. "We're pretty happy with the package. It's unlikely (we will change). It's not out of the question." Helton also said that restrictor plates won't return to New Hampshire, where NASCAR used them for the first time last year. "We've got some other things we're looking at to do in general on the race cars," Helton said without elaboration(Speed Magazine)(2-9-2001)
      UPDATE 3: NASCAR's Gary Nelson has ruled out any change in restrictor plates before the Daytona 500(Winston Salem Journal)(2-12-2001)

    • Dodge at Daytona: With Dodge in the mix, Daytona will be exciting. Chevrolet has won seven of the last 12 Cup races at Daytona. The other five were won by Ford cars and Ford won the last three. Word from the shops is that Dodge might have a difficult time at Daytona - but will pick up steam after that(RaceWarrior)(2-9-2001)

    • Daytona - Big Payday: In the first Daytona 500 in 1959, Lee Petty pocketed $19,050 in prize money for taking the checkered flag. Second-place finisher Johnny Beauchamp earned $7,650. The purse for the race totaled $67,760. How times have changed. This year’s 43rd annual running of the Daytona 500 on Feb. 18 will award the winner an estimated $1.3 million, with the race’s entire purse totaling $11 million, an estimated increase of $2 million from last year. The second-place finish in the Daytona 500 will be awarded more than $900,000. Tickets are still available for Speedweeks and the Daytona 500(see the Daytona Speedway Site)(2-6-2001)

    • Restrictor Plate Change? Ray Evernham said Saturday he believes NASCAR is exploring the possibility of using a larger restrictor plate for Winston Cup cars at the season-opening Daytona 500. Evernham called the speculation "rumors" he has been hearing for several weeks and said the move may be prompted by the lower-than-expected speeds the new aerodynamic package has produced during preseason testing at Daytona. A restrictor plate with a larger air hole would theoritically increase speeds(see my Restrictor Plate page for the history of it). NASCAR officials could not be reached for comment Saturday night. The aero package, which includes higher rear spoilers and a roof spoiler, was first used in last October's Winston 500 at Talladega Superspeedway and designed to be used with a 1-inch plate()(2-4-2001)

    • Daytona 500 Nationa Anthem: O-Town, the newest boy band to break onto the pop music scene, will perform the National Anthem for the Daytona 500 at 1:00pm/et on Sunday, Feb. 18 at Daytona International Speedway(DIS PR)(1-27-2001)

    • Daytona 500 Pace Car UPDATE: Pontiac continues its tradition as the supplier of the Daytona 500 Pace Car in 2001 with a specially modified Aztek. Seeking something new, fun and exciting to usher the competitors around the track, the Daytona International Speedway selected Aztek to pace the Feb. 18 race. The Aztek Pace Car has a 340-horsepower engine with a supercharger and intercooling(Pontiac Insider, Marketing Udate)(1-14-2001)
      UPDATE: DIS announced today that the Pontiac Aztek will serve as the official pace car for the “Great American Race.” “This will be the 34th year that Pontiac has paced the Daytona 500, the world’s most prestigious race,” Daytona International Speedway President John Graham said. The version of the Aztek that will pace the field of the most watched motorsports event in the world has been enhanced in a number of areas to better its performance as a pace vehicle. It features a Magnuson supercharged powertrain by Vrbancic Brothers with headers done by Doug Thorley and Mike Cook. The supercharged engine, which has enlarged exhaust valves and Manley rods and pistons, will turn out 330 horsepower - an increase of 145 horsepower over its 3.4-liter V6 showroom counterpart. Additional ride and handling enhancements include stiffer bushings, springs and shocks, and the vehicle has also been lowered(DIS PR).(1-17-2001)

      from the DIS site

    • Bridge Closed: A malfunctioning drawbridge has Volusia County officials scrambling to make repairs before the start of Speed Weeks in early February. The 50-year-old Memorial Bridge is stuck in the raised position to allow nautical traffic on the Intracoastal Waterway to pass until at least Jan. 19. The bridge is the southernmost of four spanning Halifax River between Daytona Beach and its strip of hotels and motel and the mainland, where the Daytona International Speedway is located. Efforts to repair the panel have been hampered because parts to the 12-year-old equipment are not readily available, Flack said. The parts are being custom-made and should arrive by Friday(Miami Herald/AP)(1-12-2001)

    • Tix for Daytona: Tickets are still available for many of this year's Speed Weeks events, but be prepared to shell out a few more bucks. International Speedway Corp. officials acknowledged Monday that some of its stock car races at Daytona next month will cost a few more dollars to see. However, its exhibition hall, Daytona USA, is not planning any admission-fee increase. In return for the higher prices the Speedway has added more fan amenities, including more shuttles and more free parking. For the premier Winston Cup race, the Daytona 500 on Feb. 18, the Speedway has set an infield admission price of $85, up from the $80 charged last year. However the cost of infield and grandstand general admission for the Budweiser Pole Award on Feb. 10 to qualify for the Daytona 500 is $20, the same as last year(Speed Magazine). info on tickets at the DIS Website, they can be purchased too(1-9-2001)

    • Same Rules at Daytona UPDATE - slight change for Fords: NASCAR has told teams the same aerodynamic and engine package used in last fall's race at Talladega will be used in testing(the next two weeks for Ford, GM, Dodge at Daytona). Those rules helped create 49 lead changes and a spectacular finish. Dale Earnhardt went from 18th to first in the final five laps to win. The engines will have 15/16 of an inch restrictor plates, which reduce the airflow to the carburetor and reduce horsepower. The aerodynamic changes include roof strips, increased rear spoiler angle, increased front air dam clearance and a forward-facing flange on top of the rear spoiler(Roanoke Times)
      UPDATE: NASCAR made one slight aerodynamic change for the Ford Taurus in preparation for the Daytona 500 - a change the 20 Ford teams who arrived Monday for the manufacturer's test implemented right away. Each Ford team needed to slightly alter its roof spoiler. The original strip for all car makes was set at 1 and 3/8ths of an inch across the full width of the roof, but the curved shape of the Taurus' roof created more square inches of spoiler area compared to the flatter-roofed Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Ford officials were pleased with the change, saying the move would make the Taurus more in line with other makes as far as the amount of drag the car creates on the superspeedways of Daytona and Talladega(). As for the race? I guess we'll see after testing(1-8-2001)

    • How to Calculate Track Speeds: use the formula Speed = Distance divided by Time. Distance is Track Length, and Lap Time into Hours. Once hour is 3600 seconds, so the calculation for a 48 second lap at Daytona(2.5 miles) would be: Speed = 2.5 x (3600/48), = 2.5 x 75 = 187.500mph. For a 19 second lap at Bristol(.533 miles): Speed = .533 x (3600/19), = .533 x 189.474 = a speed of 100.990mph

    • Past track news: posted in the past at Jayski's Past Track News/Rumors - Daytona


    • #27 Sponsor? UPDATE it's Hills Bros: hearing the #27 Eel River Racing team will have a sponsor for the Daytona 500. No word yet on who the sponsor is. Could be one of the sponsors who missed out when their drivers failed to make the race, such as Kmart(but has #26 Spencer in the race), Hills Bros, K&N Filers (was on the #37 of Cope), Realtree(but is on the #3 as an assoc) or could be someone else. Also the #51 is looking for a sponsor for the race(2-16-2001)
      UPDATE: Hills Bros Coffee will sponsor the #27 Eel River Racing Pontiac and driver Kenny Wallace for the Daytona 500(Kenny Wallace Racing Site)(2-17-2001)

    • Musgrave: what happened to Ted Musgrave's #90 Ford that made him come down pitroad as the green flag waved to start the Budweiser Shootout? because a wheel on the #90 Ford was loose()(2-12-2001)

    • Stewart to Sub in IROC? UPDATE: hearing that Tony Stewart was offered yesterday afternoon to fill-in for Gil deFerran at Daytona in the IROC race due to deFerran injuries in a recent CART practice/test session. Stewart supposedly accepted the offer, but will have to get out of his deal to do TV for the IROC Daytona race(Matt Yocum/FoxSports)
      UPDATE: Tony Stewart will replace 2000 CART FedEx Series Champion Gil de Ferran in the first round of the 2001 True Value International Race of Champions at Daytona International Speedway. De Ferran had two incidents in recent Champ car test sessions resulting in injuries to his shoulder and ribcage. The 2001 CART testing schedule requires teams to do all testing out of season, concluding March 8th, which complicates Gil's injury situation. Tony Stewart, a two-time veteran of the True Value IROC Series, finished sixth in the final 2000 NASCAR Winston Cup points standings. Regarding de Ferran's replacement Signore said, "Tony is next in line according to the points standings and already in place at Daytona for the 500. We're grateful for his enthusiasm and proud to have him back in the series."(IROC Racing PR)(2-7-2001)

    • #77 and Jasper Motorsports will team up with, a leading Internet recruiting solutions company, to run a co-primary sponsorship package on the #77 Jasper Engines & Transmissions Ford driven in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series by Robert Pressley.  The marketing partnership will encompass all on-track activities during Speedweeks at Daytona International Speedway, in Daytona Beach, FL. will share the hood, decklid, lower quarter panel and C pillar with Jasper Engines & Transmissions during all of Speedweeks 2001, including the running of the Gatorade Twin 125 race as well as the 43rd annual Daytona 500 on February 18(Jasper Motorsports PR)(2-7-2001)

    • See the 2001 Team Chart which has links to past news for each team


    • #3 Sponsor: Nabisco's Oreo brand is now an associate sponsor of Dale Earnhardt's #3 Richard Childress Racing Chevy. The Oreo logo will be featured in a special paint scheme Earnhardt will run in the Budweiser Shootout and the Oreo logo will be featured on team uniforms and the team's transporter throughout the season(Winston Cup Scene - sub needed), see images of the car on my Paint Scheme Gallery(2-8-2001)

    • Martin Scheme at the Shootout? hearing that #6-Mark Martin will run a "JR's Garage" scheme for the Budwesier Shootout. What is JR's Garage? it is Roush Racing's in-house merchandise store(2-7-2001)

    • #33 - Charlie Daniel's Scheme back: Joe Nemechek will run the #33 Oakwood Homes/Charlie Daniel's scheme that he ran at Talladega in Oct 2000 in the Budweiser Shootout on Feb 11th. The team it was fitting that they run the same scheme that they won the pole with at Talladega in the Shootout(APR). To see images of the car, see the 2000 Cup page from my Paint Schemes Gallery(1-31-2001)

    • #17 Special Scheme: With a year of Winston Cup experience and the 2000 Raybestos Rookie of the Year(ROTY) crown under their belts, the only thing "rookie" about Matt Kenseth and the DEWALT Racing team in the year 2001 will be the paint scheme of the #17 Ford Taurus. In honor of last season's well-deserved title, the #17 car will feature yellow paint with the Raybestos Rookie of the Year logo on the hood. The paint scheme will be featured at Daytona, Rockingham and Las Vegas. In addition to the Rookie of the Year paint scheme, DEWALT Industrial Tools is launching a new product line for 2001 which is expected to be larger than their original launch in 1992. To market the new tools, DEWALT has decided to use the #17 car to help create excitement about the launch. Kenseth will have four new paint schemes throughout the season to compliment DEWALT's new power tools(DeWalt Racing PR). See images of the car at my Paint Scheme Gallery(1-19-2001)

    • Oreo Car? hearing that Dale Earnhardt will run an Oreo(cookie) scheme in the Daytona BGN race(10-16-2000)
      UPDATE: hearing now it will be for the Bud Shootout, or actually the qualifying race since Earnhardt has not qualified for the Bud Shootout....yet, but has qualified for the Bud Shootout Qualifier, the race for fastest 2nd round qualifiers(10-22-2000)
      UPDATE 2: well that all changed with the new Budweiser Shootout format and Earnhardt is in the race as a past winner and see an image of the Oreo scheme in my Paint Scheme Gallery(12-14-2000)

    • Rudd Special Paint? UPDATE 2: hearing Ricky Rudd will run a few special paint schemes on the #28 Texaco Ford in early 2001, not known yet what they will be or promote, hearing it may be to promote Texaco's 100th birthday(10-25-2000)
      UPDATE: Rudd will be running a special scheme for the Bud Shootout and at Texas related to the 100th anniversary, have not seen the schemes or had them described(10-26-2000)
      UPDATE 2: the rumored Bud Shootout car for Rudd is similar to the new look of the cases of Texaco Oil, see a diecast image of the car on my Paint Schemes Gallery(11-6-2000)

    • More Paint Scheme news can be found on Paint Schemes Gallery, choose current news

    STATS and STUFF thru the race before this one

    • Hendrick Motorsports Double wins: Two drivers from Hendrick Motorsports have won at least one Winston Cup race for seven consecutive seasons. No other current multi-car team has done that.(Gordon 1994-2000, T Labonte 1994-1999 and Nadeau in 2000)(11-22-2000)

    • Four 1st Timers: The four first-time winners is the most since 1988 when there were also four, those winners: Ken Schrader(Talladega), Alan Kulwicki(Phoenix), Phil Parsons(Talladega), and Lake Speed(Darlington). Parsons and Speed have not won in Cup since and are out of the series. Kulwicki died in an aircraft accident in 1993. Schrader is still active on the Cup circuit and has four career Cup wins. The winners in 2000: Dale Earnhardt Jr(Texas), Matt Kenseth(Lowes), Steve Park(Watkins Glen) and Jerry Nadeau(Atlanta)(11-21-2000)

    • Pontiac Win Record: Pontiac Grand Prix, which clinched its third NASCAR Winston Cup Driver championship and first since 1989, thanks to driver Bobby Labonte, could had set a NASCAR modern-era standard for itself with a victory in Atlanta. Pontiac had 11 wins this season, matching the highest number of wins in a season that was set in 1993(Rusty had 10 of those). Tony Stewart, Labonte's teammate at Joe Gibbs Racing, had a series-leading six wins this season, while Labonte had four and Ward Burton one(AP), The All-Time Pontiac Record is held in 1961 with 30. Ford holds the all-time mark of 48 in 1965 while the all time modern-era(1972 to present) is held by Buick with 25 wins in 1982(Winston Cup Updates)(11-18-2000)

    • Different Winners in 2000: There were 14 different race winners in 2000, the most in a single season since 1991 when there were 14, which is a record for NASCAR's modern era, which began in 1972.
      The drivers who won in 2000: Dale Jarrett, Bobby Labonte, Jeff Burton, Dale Earnhardt, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Matt Kenseth, Tony Stewart, Rusty Wallace, Mark Martin, Steve Park, Jeremy Mayfield, Ward Burton, Jeff Gordon and Jerry Nadeau.
      Terry Labonte, Joe Nemechek and John Andretti are the drivers who earned victories in 1999 and did not win in 2000. Two drivers who won in 1998 Bobby Hamilton and Ricky Rudd, have not won since(11-21-2000)

    • Single Car Winner: The last time a single-car team scored a victory was by Ricky Rudd at Martinsville in September 1998(8-4-2000)

    • No Top 5's: Three drivers made all 34 Cup races in 2000 and did not have a top five, #4-Bobby Hamilton, #36-Ken Schrader and #43-John Andretti(11-21-2000)

    • Top Fives: There were 28 different Cup drivers who scored a Top-5 in 2000....1999's total was 28 and 1998's total number was 27(11-21-2000)

    • Top Tens: There were 41 different Cup drivers who scored a Top-10 in 2000.....1999's total was 40 and 1998's total number was 41(11-21-2000)

    • Provisonal Finishes in 2000: In 231 provisonal starts(33 races x 7, Watkins Glen qualifying rained out), drivers have accumulated 1 Win, 3 Top 5's and 15 Top 10's. See my Provisional Finishes Page for each race finish by the provisionals starters(11-21-2000)

    • Lap Leader/Bonus Points: 48 drivers led at least one Winston Cup lap in 2000. All drivers who made all the Cup races led a lap in 2000. To see who led laps and who led in the bonus points, see my Bonus Points Leaders Page(11-21-2000)

    • Consecutive Starts: Dale Earnhardt has 647 consecutive Winston Cup starts, Ricky Rudd is next with 608 followed by Rusty Wallace at 517, Ken Schrader with 487 and Mark Martin 401. Terry Labonte had 655 but sat out the 2000 Brickyard 400 to end his record streak(11-21-2000)

    • No Top Fives Since.... It has been a while since some drivers have had a top five finish on the Winston Cup circuit. Here are those with the longest streak of races without a top-five finish:

         Driver          Races  Finish    Track           Date
         Dave Marcis      314     3rd     Watkins Glen    8-10-87
         Brett Bodine     198     2nd     Indianapolis    8-6-94
         Rick Mast        127     4th     Martinsville    9-22-96
         Kyle Petty        91     3rd     Dover           9-21-97
         Chad Little       87     2nd     Texas           4-5-98
         Darrell Waltrip   79     5th     California      5-3-98
         Ken Schrader      76     4th     Richmond        9-12-98
         Hut Stricklin     67     2nd     Darlington      9-1-96
         Ricky Craven      53     3rd     Rockingham      10-27-97
         Ted Musgrave      52     5th     Phoenix         10-25-98
         Dick Trickle      49     5th     Rockingham      10-27-97
         Derrike Cope      46     5th     Atlanta         11-16-97
         Steve Grissom     45     4th     New Hampshire   9-14-97
      Dave Marcis has not had a top 10 since April 10, 1994 in the Food City 500 at Bristol, he finished 10th.
      Regular Drivers Without a Career Top Five
         Driver         Races
         Elliott Sadler  69
      Cup drivers(not including 2000 rookies)
      (data compiled from UMI Press Guides, Winston Cup Updates)(11-21-2000)
    • 1999 winners who did not win in 2000: Terry Labonte, Joe Nemechek and John Andretti are the drivers who earned victories in 1999 and did not win in 2000. Two drivers who won in 1998 Bobby Hamilton and Ricky Rudd, have not won since(11-21-2000)

    • No Wins Ever.... Some regular drivers in Winston Cup who have never won a Cup race and how many starts they have:

      Active Drivers	
      Driver        Races Run
      Michael Waltrip  462
      Rick Mast        338
      Ted Musgrave     298*
      Hut Stricklin    271
      Dick Trickle     266*
      Wally Dallenbach 225
      Kenny Wallace    219
      Chad Little      216*
      Robert Pressley  170
      Johnny Benson    162
      Ricky Craven     144
      Mike Skinner     144
      Steve Grissom    141*
      Todd Bodine      110
      Kevin Lepage      96*
      David Green       78*
      Elliott Sadler    69
      All Time - Over 400 Starts	
      Driver          Races Run
      JD McDuffie       653
      Buddy Arrington   560
      Neil Castles      497
      Michael Waltrip-x 462
      Jimmy Means       455
      Cecil Gordon      450
      G.C. Spencer      415
      *not a full time or regular Cup driver
      (11-21-2000)(UMI Press Guides Stats/Winston Cup Updates)

    • Drivers with the longest streak since they won a CUP race:

         Driver          Races Run   Last Win   Track
         Dave Marcis      479        2/21/82    Richmond
         Brett Bodine     327        4/22/90    North Wilkesboro
         Ken Schrader     303        6/2/91     Dover
         Derrike Cope     272*       6/3/90     Dover
         Darrell Waltrip  251        9/6/92     Darlington
         Jimmy Spencer    202        7/24/94    Talladega
         Bill Elliott     193        9/4/94     Darlington
         Kyle Petty       162        6/4/95     Dover
         Sterling Marlin  148        7/6/96     Daytona
         Geoffrey Bodine  120        8/11/96    Watkins Glen
         Bobby Hamilton    93        4/20/98    Martinsville
         Ricky Rudd        75        9/27/98    Martinsville    
         *not a full time or regular Cup driver
      (11-21-2000)(UMI Press Guides Stats/Winston Cup Updates)

    • Drivers with the current streak of consecutive seasons with at least one win a year:

      Have already won in 2000 and extended or started their streaks:
         Driver          Years   Last Win
         Rusty Wallace     15    Bristol, Aug 2000
         Dale Jarrett       8    Rockingham, Oct 2000
         Jeff Gordon        7    Richmond, Sept 2000
         Bobby Labonte      6    Charlotte, Oct 2000
         Jeff Burton        4    Phoenix, August 2000
         Mark Martin        4    Martinsville, Apr 2000
         Dale Earnhardt     3    Talladega, Oct 2000
         Tony Stewart       2    Homestead, Nov 2000   
         Ward Burton        1    Darlington, Mar 2000
         Dale Earnhardt Jr  1    Richmond, Apr 2000
         Jeremy Mayfield    1    Pocono, June 2000
         Matt Kenseth       1    Charlotte, May 2000
         Steve Park         1    Watkins Glen, Aug 2000
         Jerry Nadeau       1    Atlanta, Nov 2000
      Thru 1999 season:
         Driver          Years   Last Win
         Terry Labonte      6    Texas, Apr 1999
         John Andretti      1    Martinsville, Apr 1999
         Joe Nemechek       1    New Hampshire, Sept 1999
      All Time Record is Richard Petty - 18 years from 1960-1977
      (11-21-2000)(info gathered using the 2000 UMI Official NASCAR Preview and Press Guide and Winston Cup Updates)

    • 43rd Fact: Last driver to win from the 43rd starting spot was Fonty Flock at Raleigh, NC in 1953, the only other driver to do so was Johnny Mantz in the 1950 Southern 500

    • Provisional Starting Winners: Jeff Burton was the first driver to win from a provisional starting spot EVER at New Hampshire in 1999 and that is the farthest back any driver has won from since Kyle Petty won from 37th at Dover in June 1995(in 1995 37th was not a provisional starting spot). Bill Elliott also won from 38th spot in the 1988 Pepsi 400. In fact ALL the provisional starters for the race finished in the top 25 at NHIS(7-11-1999)
      UPDATE: Add Bobby Labonte as the 2nd ever provisional winners by winning the 1999 NAPA 500 at Atlanta(11-21-1999)
      UPDATE 2: Add Bobby Labonte as the 3rd ever provisional winners by winning the 2000 Southern 500 at Darlington(9-3-2000)

    • Amazing Finishes: Races won from a starting position of 35 or worse in the history of NASCAR
      Starting Position  Race                                 Driver
       43                1950 Southern 500, Darlington        Johnny Mantz
       43                1953 Raliegh, NC                     Fonty Flock   
       38 provisional    1999 Jiffy Lube 300, Loudon          Jeff Burton
       38                1988 Firecracker 400, Daytona        Bill Elliott
       37 provisional    1999 NAPA 500, Atlanta               Bobby Labonte
       37 provisional    2000 Southern 500, Darlington        Bobby Labonte
       37                1995 Miller 500, Dover               Kyle Petty
       37                1959 Lakewood Speedway, Atl, GA      Lee Petty
       36                2000 Diehard 500, Talladega          Jeff Gordon
       35                2000 Cracker Barrel 500, Atlanta     Dale Earnhardt

    • Championship and no poles? ever happen? With Dale Jarrett winning the Cup championship and not scoring any poles in 1999, I was asked, has it ever happened before? Yep, five times, most recently, in 1991 when Dale Earnhardt won the Winston Cup Championship with four wins and NO poles. It also happened in 1983-Bobby Allison; 1980-Earnhardt; 1973-Benny Parsons; and 1950-Bill Rexford(The Stock Car Racing Encyclodepia)(11-14/21-1999)

    • Stats: Only five times in NASCAR's modern era(1972-present) has the eventual champion not won by the sixth race of the season. Those champions were Benny Parsons in 1973, Terry Labonte in 1984 and 1996, Darrell Waltrip in 1985 and Dale Jarrett in 1999

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