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THE RACE: Daytona 500

Winston Cup Race #1 of 36 for the 2002 Winston Cup season
Updated: often, leading up to the race


  • What: A 70-lap race for eligible drivers who won Bud Poles Awards during the 2001 Winston Cup season
    or are former Winston Cup Champions or former Bud Shootout winners not already in.

  • Race: Sunday, February 10, 2002 in Daytona, FL

  • Draw for Starting Spot: Thursday, February 7th, 2002

  • TV: TNT 2:15pm/et - NO Re-air date/time that I know of.

  • Pre Race show: TNT 1:30pm/et

  • Purse: $900,000 with $200,000 to the winner

  • Entry List: 2002 Bud Shootout Page

  • Starting Lineup: at .

  • 2001 Race Winner: Tony Stewart

  • Track/Race Length: 2.5 mile oval, 70 laps, 175 miles

  • Practice: Friday, Feb 8th, 4:00-5:00pm/et; Saturday, Feb 9th, 9:15-10:00am/et and one hour after the Goody's Dash Series race.


  • Races: Thursday, February 14, 2002 in Daytona, FL

  • Start Time: Race 1) 1:00pm/et with Race 2 starting after the 1st

  • TV: TNT - live

  • 2001 Race Winners: 1) Sterling Marlin; 2) Mike Skinner

  • Track/Race Length: 2.5 mile oval, 50 laps each, 125 miles each

  • 2002 Daytona 500 - Twin 125 Lineups


  • Race: Sunday, February 17, 2002 in Daytona, FL

  • TV: NBC - 12:30pm/et, re-aired on TNT Monday, Feb 18th, 12:00noon/et
  • Pre-Race Show: 12:00noon/et - Hosted by Bill Weber

  • Race Re-Air: 2/18 Daytona 500 TNT Noon
    2/19 Daytona Busch Race Speed Channel Noon
    2/20 Daytona 500 - Enhanced Version Speed Channel 8:00 p.m. and 1:00am.
    2/21 Daytona 500 - Enhanced Version Speed Channel Noon
    2/21 Daytona Busch Race Speed Channel 3:00pm.

  • NASCAR on TV and TNT TV Schedule and CNN/SI Schedule

  • Announcers: Allen Bestwick, Benny Parsons and Wally Dallenbach

  • Pit Reporters: Bill Weber, Matt Yocum, Marty Snider, Dave Burns

  • Purse/Race Awards: $12,314,505; Winner gets: $1,327,030; 2nd: $928,100; 3rd: $631,500; 4th: $479,075; 5th: $353,175; 43rd: $114,236

  • Purse/Race Awards(2001): $11,049,049; Winner gets: $1,303,826; 2nd: $905,700; 3rd: $608,050; 4th: $452,600; 5th: $334,650

  • Entry List: Entry List for the: Daytona 500 from

  • 2001 Race Winner: Michael Waltrip, 161.783 mph, started 19th

  • Race Record: Buddy Baker, Feb 1980, 177.602mph
  • Track/Race Length: 2.5 mile oval, 200 laps, 500 miles

  • Pit Road Speed: 65mph

  • All-time Daytona 500 winners


  • Practice:
    Friday, Feb 8th 10:00am-12:00noon/et, TV-none; 1:00-2:50pm/et, TV-none;
    Saturday, Feb 9th, no practice listed;
    Monday, Feb 11th, 10:00-11:45am/et, TV-none;
    Tuesday, Feb 12th, 12:30-2:15pm/et, TV-none;
    Wednesday, Feb 13th, 12:00noon-12:45pm/et, TV-none; 1:45 - 2:30pm/et, TV-none;
    Friday, Feb 15th, 9:30-10:30am/et, TV-none

  • Happy Hour Practice: Saturday, Feb 16th, 11:15-12:00noon/et, TV-TNT at 12:00noon/et


  • Qualifying Draw: Friday, Feb 8th, 9:00am/et (approx)

  • Qualfying Order: Daytona 500 qualifying order - and/or Daytona 500 qualifying order -

  • First Round Qualifying: 2 laps for positions 1-2 and the Gatorade Twin 125's lineup, Saturday, Feb 9th at 1:00pm/et, TV-NBC (coverage starts at 12:00noon/et) and live via MRN radio/internet(link below)

  • First Round Qualifying Results: on my Daytona 500 Qualifying Page

  • NASCAR Online will have live lap-by-lap coverage of Winston Cup qualifying via the web (NOTE: this is now a paid subscription service).

  • Second-Round Qualifying: Monday, Feb 11th at 2:00pm/et for 2 laps, TV-?

  • The traditional third round of qualifying was discontinued after the 1999 race

  • Event/Track Qualifying Record: Bill Elliott, 210.364mph, February 1987

  • Last Year's Pole Sitter: Bill Elliott, 183.565mph

  • Track Specs:
  • Daytona International Speedway is a tri-oval with 31-degree banking in the turns, 18-degree banking in the tri-oval and 6-degree banking on the straightaways. Daytona International Speedway
    Grandstand Seating: 168,000.

  • Track Homepage: Daytona International Speedway

    PAST RACE/POLE WINNERS of the Daytona 500

  • Daytona 500 Pole and Race Winners


    Tire: Goodyear Eagle Superspeedway Radials

    Number of Tires Required:
    Winston Cup: Left = 1,600; Right = 1,650
    Busch Series: Left = 500; Right = 500
    Truck Series: Left = 400; Right = 400
    IROC: Left = 120; Right = 120

    Tire Numbers(codes): Left = D-5664; Right = D-5688

    Tire Circumference: Left = 87.9 in.; Right =88.5 in.

    Recommended Cold Pressure:
    Left Front - 27 psi; Right Front - 50 psi
    Left Rear - 27 psi; Right Rear - 45 psi

    Estimated Pit Window: Every 50-55 laps, based on fuel mileage.

    Notes: This successful Goodyear Eagle tire combination is the same one run at Daytona since July 1999 . . . Daytona is the only track this tire combination will be run on this season, though it is similar to the one run at NASCAR's other restrictor plate track (Talladega) . . . all three of NASCAR's top series, as well as IROC, will run the same tire combination throughout Speed Weeks 2002 . . . at Daytona, as on all NASCAR ovals longer than one mile, teams are required to run inner liners in all four tire positions . . . the recommended inflation of the inner liner is 12-25 psi higher than that of the outer tire.

    Goodyear Quote -- Mark Keto, Lead Engineer, Stock Car Tire Development: "All four series running this tire combination this weekend have had excellent performance the past two seasons at Daytona. With a return to 2000 aerodynamic rules for the Winston Cup Series at Daytona, track position will play a more critical role than last year. Because of that, teams will likely take advantage by utilizing two-tire pit stops to gain track position throughout the race."(Goodyear PR)(2-8-2002)


    Step 1) Positions 1-2: set by first round qualifying, the fastest two drivers.

    Step 2) Positions 3-30: set by the results of the Twin 125's, 28 drivers, not already in by step 1.

    Step 3) Positions 31-36: the fastest six drivers from round 1 and 2 of qualifying not in already from steps 1 and 2.

    Step 4) Positions 37-42: the highest drivers in the previous season's OWNERS points standing not already in the race.

    Step 5) Postion 43: to a former Winston Cup Champion not already in by the criteria set in steps 1 thru 4. If there is no former champ not in, the next driver whose team in the highest in the previous OWNERS points standings

  • The Daytona 500 has a different qualifying format. Only the two fastest drivers secure starting spots for the 500 in that first round. Drivers can stand on Saturday's speed or try to go faster in second-round qualifying. Once a driver elects to go again, his previous speed is wiped off the slate and the new speed becomes his official mark. After qualifying ends on Monday, the speeds will be used to set the lineups for Thursday's Gatorade 125-mile qualifying races. Odd numbers -- first, third, fifth and so on -- go in the first race, even numbers in the second. Results from the 125s will set positions 3 through 30 for the 500. The next six spots in the 500 field will go to the drivers with the six best qualifying speeds who have not yet made the field. The final seven spots go to provisional starters based on last season's car owner points standings. The second-fastest driver is assured of starting on the outside of the front row for the 500. The third-fastest, however, could start the main event as far back as 31st depending on how he does in his 125-miler.

    Another Explanation: The Twin 125-Mile Qualifying Races will determine positions 3 through 30. The drivers who posted the odd-number rankings in the qualifying rounds compete in the first race, which will set the inside rows -- positions 3, 5, 7, etc. -- for the Daytona 500. The even-number rankings from the timed qualifying compete in the second 125-mile race and set the outside rows -- positions 4, 6, 8, etc. In the event of cancellation, the top 30 positions will be set from the timed qualifying sessions. Starting positions 31 through 36 are determined by qualifying speeds set in one of two qualifying rounds. The 30 cars in the field are removed from the equation, and the remaining cars with the fastest official qualifying speeds fill the six positions. Starting positions 37 through 42 are provisionals assigned beginning with the car owner ranked highest in the previous Winston Cup championship points standings who did not qualify for positions 1 through 36. Starting position 43 is assigned to any car owner who has a past NASCAR Winston Cup champion driver who participated in the Winston Cup Series last season and did not otherwise qualify. The most recent past champion driver not assigned a position will receive this starting spot. If the 43rd position remains unused, it will be assigned to the next eligible owner based on last seasons final owner points standings.(That's Racin')

    AND: Daytona Beach News Journal - How qualifying works for the 500.(2-14-2002)


  • The NASCAR Winston Cup Leader Bonus is $10,000 at Daytona for leading the points and winning the race (Jeff Gordon last won the award, $60,000 at Kansas on Sept 30, 2001). The $360,000 annual award is paid at $10,000 per race to the point leader at the end of each event if he is also the winner. The award increases by $10,000 each week the it goes unclaimed. If the point leader is not the race winner at the end of the year, the balance of the award is distributed among the top-10 finisher in the point standings(12-31-2001)


    Radio Coverage:
    Motor Racing Network(MRN)
    including RealOne coverage(NOTE: now a paid subsription thru
    Airtime: 12:00noon/et with Announcers: Barney Hall and Joe Moore
    Turn Reporters: Kurt Becker, Dave Moody and Mike Bagley Pit Reporters: Jim Phillips, Winston Kelley and Adam Alexander

    Daytona Radio Coverage:
  • WNDB-AM 1150 in Daytona Beach will have full coverage of the Daytona 500 in Daytona and can be heard via the web at:, you will need Microsoft Media Player(not Real Audio).

    Satellite/Backhaul Listing's:
    Satellite/Backhaul Listing's: Stutzman Computer Service/Sales - Racing Feed Locations

    Scanner Frequencies: are linked on my Scanner Freq/Equipment Links Page
    (NOTE: these pages are NOT maintained by Jayski and are NOT on the site).

    Local Newspaper and other Sites that cover the Daytona, FL Area:
    Daytona News-Journal
    Florida Times-Union
    Inside Central Florida
    Orlando Sentinel
    And sites with Special Daytona 500 sections:
    CNN/SI - 2002 Daytona 500 Page
    Daytona Beach News Journal - Speed Magazine - The Daytona 500
    Florida Times Union - Daytona 500
    MSNBC - Daytona 500 Central
    Orlando Sentinel - Speedweeks 2002
    Sports Network - Daytona 500
    USA Today - Daytona 500 Coverage

    Daytona Champber of Commmerce - Speedweeks
    Daytona Beach Campground

    Weather forecast for Daytona Beach, FL by The Weather Channel
    Weather Point - Daytona Beach, FL
    Weather Underground - Daytona Beach, FL
    The Weather Pit

    Daytona Review by ARS Racing
    RaceDiva Track Reviews
    Tube or Travel

    any I know of are listed on my Driver Appearances/Chats page with info and links

    TV Coverage/Info/News Pages:


    Fans Can Online(NASCAR Online)
    looks like this is all that there is out there now....


    • Larger Plate? Despite speculation that NASCAR would order all teams to use a slightly larger restrictor plate, giving drivers about another 15 horsepower, worth maybe another two miles an hour, Helton said no: "We're not going to rule it out, but it's not a short-list item right now. We're not expecting it now."(Winston Salem Journal)(2-11-2002)

    • Yellow Line: Jeff Gordon thinks NASCAR needs to alter the yellow-line rule before the Daytona 500. Last season, officials instituted a rule banning drivers from making a pass below the yellow stripe painted on the track. While Gordon agrees it was a good rule for the faster cars running in tighter packs a year ago, he hopes the new setup and slower speeds lead NASCAR to lighten up on the limitation. "That yellow line is not making things any easier," he said. "The yellow line worked for the rules we had last year because you were coming so fast that you would go below that yellow line every lap. Now I think there's places where we could move that line to get a little bit more room because you don't have the momentum you used to have."(Richmond Times Dispatch)(2-11-2002)

    • Some Daytona 500 Facts: The 2002 Daytona 500 purse, which will be in excess of $12 million, is an all-time NASCAR Winston Cup record, continuing a string of money records set at Daytona. Twenty of the 43 Daytona 500s have been won from a top-five starting position. Nine have been won from the Bud Pole, including two of the last three: Jeff Gordon (1999) and Dale Jarrett (2000). The only Daytona 500s won from outside a top-10 starting position since 1980 were Derrike Cope (12th in 1990) and Michael Waltrip (19th in 2001). Dale Jarrett (2000 Daytona 500) is the most recent driver to win at Daytona from the Bud Pole. Jeff Gordon won the 1999 Daytona 500, also from the Bud Pole. Prior to Gordon.s victory, the most recent driver to win at Daytona from the Bud Pole was Bill Elliott in the 1987 Daytona 500. Dale Jarrett has posted six finishes of sixth or better, including three victories, in his 12 races at Daytona since joining the No. 88 Robert Yates Racing team. His victory in the 1996 Daytona 500 was the first NASCAR Winston Cup race for the No. 88 team. John Andretti posted his career-first NASCAR Winston cup victory in the 1997 Pepsi 400 at Daytona. That remains his only finish better than 14th in 16 races at Daytona. Jeff Gordon won back-to-back races at Daytona in July 1998 and February 1999. His best finish in the five races there since is 10th in the 2000 Pepsi 400. Chevrolet has won nine of the last 14 NASCAR Winston Cup races at Daytona. Ford won the other five races, including three of the last five. Pontiac.s last victory at Daytona was posted by Richard Petty in the 1984 Pepsi 400. Dodge recorded its last Daytona victory in the 1977 Firecracker 400, also by Richard Petty. Dale Earnhardt Jr., has acclimated himself to restrictor-plate racing better than any driver in recent history. In his rookie season, Earnhardt Jr. posted an average finish in the four restrictor-plate races of 26.0. In his sophomore season his restrictor-plate average finish improved to 3.0, a 23-place jump.(NASCAR PR)(2-7-2002)

    • No Rules Chnages....yet UPDATE cars to the wind tunnel and Ford gets a 1/4" off spoiler: Jim Hunter, NASCAR vice president of communications, said no rules change will be considered until after Thursday's Twin 125s.(Daytona Beach News Journal)(2-10-2002)
      UPDATE: NASCAR announced after the race that it was taking the cars of #20-Tony Stewart, #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr, #40-Sterling Marlin and #88-Dale Jarrett to a wind tunnel. Spokesman Jim Hunter said officials were going to discuss Ford's complaints. Any change wouldn't go into effect until after Monday's final time trials, Hunter said, but they would in place by Thursday's twin 125-mile qualifying races.(Yahoo/AP)
      AND NASCAR announced Winston Cup Ford teams would get to reduce their spolier height by another quarter-inch, effective with Tuesday's practice at Daytona. All four manufacturers currently have a 57-inch wide spoiler. Dodges and Pontiacs have a rear spoiler 6.5 inches high. Fords and Chevrolets practiced, qualified and ran Sunday's Budweiser Shootout with 6.25-inch spoilers.(
      UPDATE 2 Chassis Dyno: NASCAR is sending five cars from Sunday's Budweiser Shootout to the wind tunnel to check their aerodynamic performance. The #20-Pontiac of winner Tony Stewart, the #8-Chevrolet of Dale Earnhardt Jr., the #40-Dodge of Sterling Marlin and the #88-Ford of Dale Jarrett were to be tested Monday. All four cars, plus the #24-Chevrolet of Jeff Gordon, was also tested on the chassis dynometer, which measures rear-wheel horsepower.()(2-11-2002)

    • Parts Seized: NASCAR inspectors confiscated several parts from various Winston Cup cars prior to Friday’s first practice of the season. Series director John Darby said nothing looked "too serious," however. Several cars had parts taken for use as "underpans," which help the aerodynamics of the bottom of the cars. Part of the exhaust system of the #14 Pontiac driven by Stacy Compton was taken for its use as an underpan. Among the teams that also had underpan parts confiscated were those of #21-Elliott Sadler, #25-Jerry Nadeau, #15-Michael Waltrip, #59-Bobby Gerhart and #1-Kenny Wallace. Unapproved aluminum strips were taken from the teams of #24-Jeff Gordon, #48-Jimmie Johnson, #15-Waltrip and #85-Carl Long. An unapproved drive shaft was taken from Ricky Rudd’s #28 team; unapproved metal clips Brett Bodine’s #11-car; and unapproved window braces from Wallace’s #1-car.()(2-8-2002)

    • Money at the Daytona 500: In the first Daytona 500 back in 1959, Lee Petty collected $19,050 in prize money for taking the checkered flag. Second-place finisher Johnny Beauchamp earned $7,650. The purse for the race totaled $67,760. How things have changed through the years. This year's 44th annual Daytona 500 on Feb. 17 will award the winner of the "Great American Race" a minimum $1,327,030 with the race's entire purse exceeding $12 million, an increase of more than a $1 million from last year. The runner-up finisher in the Daytona 500 will receive a minimum $928,100 while the driver that finishes in the 43rd position will collect a minimum $114,236.
      Total posted awards: $12,314,505
      1st $1,327,030
      2nd $928,100
      3rd $631,500
      4th $479,075
      5th $353,175.(Speedway PR)(1-30-2002)

    • Ford Spoiler Decreased: NASCAR announced a ¼-inch decrease for the rear spoiler height on the Ford Taurus to be used in next month's Daytona 500. Measurements for the rear spoilers on the Ford Taurus will now read at 6 ¼ inches tall by 57 inches wide. The past two weeks during Winston Cup Series testing at Daytona, Ford's rear spoiler was 6 ½ inches tall. The Ford and Chevrolet teams now have the same measurements, while the Dodge and Pontiac teams measure at 6 ½ inches tall by 57 inches wide. NASCAR announced last November that modifications to the current aero-package might be necessary to assure parity amongst the various manufacturers. It was also announced that teams would be informed of these modifications prior to testing and could continue through the weeks leading up to the Daytona 500.(NASCAR PR)(1-22-2002)

    • No Engine Rule at Daytona: NASCAR has decided to allow teams to change engines following qualifying Feb. 9 for the Daytona 500. Beginning this season, teams are required to use the same engine for qualifying and the race. The move for Daytona was made because of the 125-mile qualifying races held prior to the race.(That's Racin')(1-8-2002)

    • Officials for NASCAR have announced specifications teams can use in testing for the 2002 Daytona 500/PPI Seat Approved:
      Beginning with the first NASCAR Winston Cup Series test session on Jan. 7, all manufacturers will use restrictor plate size with 7/8th-inch openings. Measurements for the rear spoilers on the Dodge Intrepid, Ford Taurus and Pontiac Grand Prix will be 6 ½ inches tall by 57 inches wide at 55 degrees. Measurements for the Chevrolet Monte Carlo will be the same as those mentioned above except that the rear spoiler height will be 6 ¼ inches tall. NASCAR also said that the leading edge of the front air dam for the Ford Taurus must not extend more than 1 ½ inches forward of the bumper (an increase from their previous measurement of one inch). The Dodge Intrepid (1 ½ inches forward of the bumper), Chevrolet Monte Carlo (2 ½ inches forward of the bumper) and the Pontiac Grand Prix (1/2 inch forward of the bumper) all remain the same. NASCAR officials will make a final decision regarding rules for the Daytona 500 after January testing is completed. Teams will be allowed to change engines following qualifying to be used in competition for the Daytona 500. However, all internal engine parts must conform to the minimum weights for the 2002 season.
      In addition: NASCAR has approved the use of the PPI composite seat. In years past, only seats comprised of aluminum materials have been approved for use.(NASCAR PR)(1-7-2002)

    • That's Racin': Daytona 500 Race Info

      Frontstretch: Raceday Today - Daytona 500

    • Crew Chief Club

    news and links

    • Ward Burton wins the Daytona 500: #22-Ward Burton won the Daytona 500, the first win in the race for Dodge since Richard Petty won in 1974. #21-Elliott Sadler was 2nd and #09-Geoffrey Bodine was 3rd. The 'big wreck' occured on lpa 148 with about 15-18 cars/drivers being involved in the wreck.(2-17-2002)

    • Daytona 500 results and a column: Ward Burton wins a wild Daytona 500 via .(2-17-2002)

    • Daytona 500 Starting Grid/Lineup

    • Canceled: Happy Hour practice for the Daytona 500 on Saturday was canceled due to rain and wet conditions.(2-16-2002)

    • Backup Cars: At least three drivers will have to fall to the rear of the field before the start of the Daytona 500 on Sunday: from the practice wreck on Tuesday, #66-Todd Bodine and #55-Bobby Hamilton (oops not #99-Jeff Burton) had to go to backup cars for the Twin 125's and the Daytona 500, from the wreck in the 2nd Twin 125, #2-Rusty Wallace will have to use a backup for the Daytona 500(2-15-2002)
      AND also during a TNT interview (rain delayed Happy Hour/BGN race) with Shawna Robinson, it was mentioned she would go to a backup #49 Dodge for the Daytona 500.(2-16-2002)

    • Friday's Daytona 500 Practice: #29-Kevin Harvick was the fastest in Friday's only Cup practice with a speed of 189.243mph with #21-Elliott Sadler next at 189.084 and #5-Terry Labonte 3rd fastest at 188.949 (all in the draft). Slowest were #45-Kyle Petty at 185.155 and #49-Shawna Robinson at 184.634. Five of the 43 drivers did not practice: #24-Jeff Gordon, #15-Michael Waltrip, #36-Ken Schrader, #25-Jerry Nadeau, and #66-Todd Bodine. See for the Speeds from Friday's Cup practice.
      Damaged Cars: four cars were damaged in a practice accident Friday morning. #45-Kyle Petty’s Dodge was the most damaged, suffering severe front and rear sheet metal deformities. #5-Terry Labonte’s Chevy, #71-Dave Marcis’ Chevy and #11-Brett Bodine’s Ford all suffered some degree of body damage and all were being repaired Friday afternoon. The teams of Petty, Bodine and Marcis made planned engine changes later Friday. Labonte’s team made repairs to the “TV panel” and left rear fender and Marcis’ team -- with big help from a couple fabricators from Richard Childress Racing -- repaired the left front fender and nose of the car. Bodine’s team made major repairs to the front of the #11 while Petty’s crew worked on the right front and right rear of their Intrepid.(

    • The Daytona 500: Of course #48-Jimmie Johnson will start on the pole and #29-Kevin Harvick will be on the outside pole to start the race. #24-Gordon(3rd) and #15-Michael Waltrip will be in row two. #71-Dave Marcis made the race (will start 14th) as did #49-Shawna Robinson (36th, last in on speed), #09-Geoffrey Bodine will be in the race (35th, in on speed), and #45-Kyle Petty made the race on speed (34th). #23-Hut Stricklin, #41-Jimmy Spencer and #90-Rick Mast missed the race.
      See my Daytona 500 Starting Grid Page, for the full lineup, how they made the race and which 10 drivers missed the race and links to other Lineup pages at other sites.(2-14-2002)

    • Twin 125 #2 at Daytona: #15-Michael Waltrip held off #20-Tony Stewart to win the 2nd Twin 125 Qualifying race at Daytona. #71-Dave Marcis finished 7th and will run the Daytona 500, his 33rd (a new all time record) and it will be the last Cup race of his long and successful career. There was a multi car accident around lap 10 when #4-Mike Skinner slowed (ignition box died) and others couldn't check up, others involved: #1-Wallace, #41-Spencer, #44-Jones, #2-Wallace, #49-Robinson, #77-Blaney, #59-Gerhardt. On lap 28, #41-Jimmy Spencer hit the wall after a tire went down and brought out the yellow, Spencer missed the cut and will not run in the Daytona 500. After 30 laps, #15-Michael Waltrip is in the lead. See for the STORY and the RESULTS of the 2nd Twin 125.(2-14-2002)

    • Twin 125 #1: #24-Jeff Gordon won the first Twin 125 with #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr the runner-up. Two driver's were black flagged for running below the yellow line (both were forced/pushed by other cars): #09-Geoffrey Bodine and #48-Jimmie Johnson. The reasoning given was that the drivers advanced their position when they went below the line, the penalty being a stop and go in the pits. See for the STORY and the RESULTS of the 1st Twin 125.(2-14-2002)

    • 15 drivers guaranteed a spot in the Daytona 500, before the Twin 125's are run:
      (pole and outside pole winners are set)
      #48-Jimmie Johnson - pole winner
      #29-Kevin Harvick - outside pole
      (no matter what happens in the Twin 125's, these drivers have locked up at least a spot in 31 thru 36)
      #24-Jeff Gordon - 3rd fastest
      #92-Robert Pressley - 4th fastest
      #22-Ward Burton - 5th fastest
      #31-Robby Gordon - 6th fastest
      #5-Terry Labonte - 7th fastest
      #15-Michael Waltrip - 8th fastest
      (no matter what happens, these drivers will at least have a provisional spot)
      #20-Tony Stewart, 2nd in 2001 Owners Points
      #40-Sterling Marlin, 3rd
      #28-Ricky Rudd, 4th
      #88-Dale Jarrett, 5th
      #18-Bobby Labonte, 6th
      #2-Rusty Wallace, 3rd
      #9-Bill Elliott, champions provisional
      (these are worse case starting spots for these drivers)
      How to make the Daytona 500? See above for info(2-14-2002)

    • Second Daytona 500 Practice Wednesday: #9-Bill Elliott was the fastest at 188.595mph in the late afternoon practice, #14- Stacy Compton was the 2nd fastest with #10-Johnny Benson was third at 188.414. #25-Jerry Nadeau was called into the NASCAR trailer and told to sit out the rest of practice after ignoring a black flag during Wednesday's practice session. #09-Geoffrey Bodine was one of several drivers who received warnings for improperly merging into traffic or similar driving miscues. Most drivers were attempting to run their cars in large packs to practice drafting. Six drivers did not run practice: #36-Schrader, #6-Martin, #24-Gordon, #29-Harvick, #5-Labonte and #71-Marcis. See for Practice Speeds.(2-13-2002)

    • First Daytona 500 Practice Wednesday - 190mph: #7-Casey Atwood was the fastest Wednesday with a speed of 190.102mph (speeds in the draft), 2nd fastest was ##21-Elliott Sadler at 189.470 and #02-Hermie Sadler at 189.115. Slow cars were: #80-Kirk Shelmerdine at 184.520, #71-Dave Marcis at 182.466 and #84-Norm Benning at 173.250. No word on any accidents or incidents, only two Fords in the top 10. See for Practice Speeds(2-13-2002)

    • Daytona 500 Tuesday Practice and an Accident: #6-Mark Martin was the fastest Tuesday at Daytona with a speed of 187.758mph, the Daytona 500 pole sitter, #48-Jimmie Johnson was the second quickest at 187.555 and #2-Rusty Wallace was third at 187.492. Slowest were #85-Carl Long at 184.339, #80-Kirk Shelmerdine at 180.007 and #84-Norm Benning at 174.085 (which is fast enough to allow him to race in the 2nd Twin 125). There was an accident involving seven(7) cars that forced #66-Todd Bodine and #55-Bobby Hamilton to backup cars. Both drivers will have to move to the rear of the field in their respective 125-mile qualifying race on Thursday. Others involved in the accident included #28-Ricky Rudd, #20-Tony Stewart, #99-Jeff Burton, #41-Jimmy Spencer and #11-Brett Bodine. The incident started when Brett Bodine apparently snagged the wall and hit Hamilton’s car, forcing the cars nearby to sharply turn and cut their speed. If Hamilton or Todd Bodine fail to make the Daytona 500 field, by finishing in the top 15 of their 125-mile qualifier, they are still able fall back on their qualifying speed from Saturday, however, they would have to start from the rear in the Daytona 500 as well. #99-Jeff Burton ended up backed into the backstretch wall with damage to the entire left side, including a knocked-in left-rear fender. Despite the damage the team immediately set to work attempting to repair the car. #41-Jimmy Spencer stopped on the apron between Turns 3 and 4 with a flat right front tire and a wrecker brought him back to the garage. His car suffered no other damage.(
      See for the story Practice wreck brings out backup cars and Tuesday's practice speeds. These speeds are with drafting halp and the first run since the new Ford spoiler rules took effect.(2-12-2002)

    • 2nd Round Qualifying is over: Four drivers/teams went out, the three who missed first round qualifying and #4-Mike Skinner. The speeds:
      #45-Kyle Petty, 183.061 (27th fastest overall), had no speed in first round
      #4-Mike Skinner, 181.785mph (41st fastest overall), was 46th in 1st round with a speed of 180.531mph
      #80-Kirk Shelmerdine, 178.246 (51st fastest overall), had no speed in 1st round
      #84-Norm Benning, 168.429 (53rd and last fastest overall but not fast enough), had no speed in 1st round
      See my Daytona 500 Qualifying Chart(after 1st round) and Daytona 500 Qualifying Chart(after 2nd round)
      See my Unofficial Twin 125 Lineup Charts/page for Thursday's lineup.
      #84-Norm Benning, who has not yet achieved the minimum 172 mph qualifying standard on either his qualifying laps or in morning practice, would be added to the second race if he achieves that speed in practice(on Tues or Wed)(2-11-2002)

    • Monday AM Practice: #09-Geoffrey Bodine was the fastest with a speed of 188.379mph, #77-Dave Blaney was 2nd fastest at 188.304 and #28-Ricky Rudd was third fastest at 188.111. Looks like all these speeds were in the draft. Slowest were #59-Bobby Gerhart at 180.112; #80-Kirk Shelmerdine at 176.101; and #84-Norm Benning at 171.412. See for Monday morning's practice speeds. NOTE: the Ford's did NOT run with the new spoiler size, that rule will take effect AFTER 2nd round qualifying. #33-Mike Wallace and #97-Kurt Busch got together in practice with damage to the right side/rear of the #97 Ford(2-11-2002)

    • Stewart wins the Budweiser Shootout: #20-Tony Stewart won the 2002 Budwesier Shootout, beating #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr for the win and $200,000 prize. Six lead changes. See a story at : Stewart stays in front for win and for: Unofficial Race Results. At the end of the TNT broadcast, it was mentioned that NASCAR is going to take one of each make (Chevy,Dodge,Ford, Pontiac) to the wind tunnel for testing, didn't say which teams. See updated story below in the News section on the wind tunnel and rules change.(2-10-2002)

    • Benning/Shelmerdine News: #84-Norm Benning's car never got through inspection Friday, so he couldn't attempt to qualify Saturday.(Daytona Beach News Journal) AND #80-Kirk Shelmerdine and #84-Norm Benning haven't even cleared technical inspection yet. The cars have a "variety" of problems that have caused them to fail inspection on each attempt. Late yesterday, they were still running through the inspection bay repeatedly. The pair can attempt to qualify in tomorrow's second round. If the cars still haven't cleared inspection, they have until the final practice on Wednesday to make minimum speed for the race (170 mph). If the drivers pass inspection and make minimum speed, they can race in the Twin 125s. Each would then have to finish in a high enough position to qualify for the race.(Richmond Times Dispatch)(2-10-2002)

    • Qualifying for the Daytona 500 is over. #48-Jimmie Johnson wins the pole with a speed of 185.831, just ahead of of #29-Kevin Harvick at 185.770mph who are the only two drivers who have their starting positions set for the 2002 Daytona 500. Johnson is only yhe thrid ever rookie to capture the pole for a Datona 500. Loy Allen Jr won the pole in 1994 and Mike Skiner won it in 1997. Seven Chevy's are in the top ten and three Dodge's are in the top 10. The top five in qualifying were:
      1) #48-Jimmie Johnson, 185.831
      2) #29-Kevin Harvick, 185.770
      3) #24-Jeff Gordon, 185.491
      4) #92-Robert Pressley, 185.273
      5) #22-Ward Burton, 184.426
      slowest was #85-Carl Long at 176.419mph. #45-Kyle Petty lost an engine before he took the green flag. #80-Kirk Shelmerdine did not make an attempt, the plan is to run practice Sunday and make an attempt in 2nd round qualifying on Monday. #84-Norm benning did not make an attempt and did not practice, no word on his plans. Shelmerdine's #80-Hooters Ford is painted mostly orange.
      Fastest by Manufacturer:
      Chevy - #48-Jimmie Johnson, 185.631, 1st and on the pole.
      Dodge - #92-Robert Pressley, 185.273, was 4th fastest.
      Ford - #88-Dale Jarrett, 183.711, was 13th fastest.
      Pontiac - #18-Bobby Labonte, 183.775, was 12th fastest.
      See my Daytona 500 Qualifying Charts, or , orMotorsportsOne or, for qualifying results(2-9-2002)

    • Bud Pole Progression: for the Daytona 500
      #25-Jerry Nadeau, 183.700mph, 1st out to qualify, was 14th fastest
      #30-Jeff Green, 183.989, 2nd out, was 10th fastest
      #48-Jimmie Johnson, 185.831, 4th out, is on the pole (2-9-2002)

    • Why no Benning or Shelmerdine? Neither #84-Norm Benning nor #80-Kirk Shelmerdine got on the track Friday during practice at Daytona. Both cars failed to pass the aerodynamic portion of technical inspection, and their crews were busy with grinders and Bondo. If they don't get on the track for today's qualifying, their next practice opportunity isn't scheduled until Monday morning. Second-round qualifying is scheduled for Monday afternoon. #29-Kevin Harvick sat out the 2nd session as the team decided to save the engine for qualifying and didn't want to put a lot of miles on it.(Daytona Beach News Journal)(2-9-2002)

    • Practice Speeds: see a nice Friday Speed Chart at the DIS Site, with speeds from all three practices and how many laps each driver ran(2-9-2002)

    • Final Practice for the Budweiser Shootout had #09-Geoffrey Bodine as the fastest again with a speed of 186.787 and #18-Bobby Labonte seconf fastest at 186.772. Slowest was #30-Jeff Green at 184.923. Speeds were while running in the draft, see for the Practice Speeds(2-10-2002)

    • Busch on pole for Budweiser Shootout: #97-Kurt Busch Thursday drew the pole position for Sunday’s Budweiser Shootout at Daytona. The Shootout is a 70-lap special event for the Bud Pole winners in the 2001 NASCAR Winston Cup Series and former winners of the event. #1-Kenny Wallace drew the second starting position and #24-Jeff Gordon will start 22nd/last. For more info, see my Budweiser Shootout page. See for the Budwesier Shootout Lineup.(2-7-2002)

    • Budweiser Shootout Practice Friday: #09-Geoffrey Bodine was fastest with a speed of 186.513mph with #19-Casey Atwood 2nd fastest at 186.451. Slowest was #24-Jeff Gordon at 182.996. See for the Budweiser Shootout Practice Speeds. Most of the top speeds were accomplished in the draft. #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr ran the most laps, 51.(2-9-2002)

    • Qualifying Order for the Daytona 500 has been posted, Fifty-Three (53) drivers/teams are listed for 43 starting spots. has the first driver scheduled to qualify as #30-Jeff Green, has #25-Jerry Nadeau; Both have the last scheduled to go out(53rd) as #9-Bill Elliott. Some different drivers attempting the race: #02-Hermie Sadler in the Little Trees Chevy; #09 Geoffrey Bodine Miccosukee Indian Gaming Ford; #16-Greg Biffle in the Roush Racing Ford; #49-Shawna Robinson in the BAM Racing Dodge; #59-Bobby Gerhart in the Gerhart Racing Pontiac; #80-Kirk Shelmerdine in the Hooters Ford; #84-Norm Benning in the Benning Racing Chevy; #85-Carl Long in the Mansion Motorsports Dodge(2-8-2002)
      TV/TIME/RADIO: Qualifying coverage will begin on NBC at 12:00noon/et today. MRN Radio will carry it on radio (and internet radio at, not sure if will have live scoring online. I will post a run down about every 5-7 drivers here and report any inciednts and news I see or hear during the coverage. AND Daytona Qualifying Pre-Empted in Some Markets: One of the traditions of Daytona is the unfortunate fact that some of the racing is not on television in some markets. This is usually due to the fact that some NBC affiliates (CBS did this in the past too) have elected to show college basketball instead of Daytona qualifying. Your best bet is to call or e-mail your local program director and voice your concern. The basketball contracts are between the station and the basketball program or conference. Also - 2/9 Goody's Dash Race - Daytona televised on Speed Channel at 4:00pm; and 2/10 ARCA 200 - from Daytona televised on Speed Channel at 11:00am.(MotorsportsTV)(2-9-2002)

    • Friday PM Practice Session is over: #48-Jimmie Johnson was fastest again in the #48 Lowes Chevy, the top five in speeds:
      1) #48-Jimmie Johnson, 184.862mph
      2) #28-Ricky Rudd, 184.740
      3) #24-Jeff Gordon, 184.211
      4) #22-Ward Burton, 184.098
      5) #25-Jerry Nadeau, 184.004
      Slowest were:
      49) #02-Hermie Sadler, 178.250
      50) #85-Carl Long, 176.786
      #84-Norm Benning, #29-Kevin Harvick and #80-Kirk Shelmerdine did not practice - doesn't bode well for the #80 and #84 making an attempt on Saturday as there is no more practice until after qualifying on Saturday. See for Friday's 2nd practice session speeds. #33-Mike Wallace ran the most practice laps, 15.(2-8-2002)

    • Friday AM Practice: from Catchfence - Winston Cup Morning Practice / Schedule Changes: So far at Daytona, the #48 Chevy driven by Jimmie Johnson holds the top spot with a speed of 185.033mph. The fastest Ford is Ricky Rudd in the #28 with a speed of 183.453 mph., which puts him the 4th fastest. The fastest Dodge is the #22 driven by Ward Burton with a speed of 183.438mph which is 5th overall fastest. #10-Johnny Benson is Pontiac's fastest driver with a speed of 182.801mph, which is 14th fastest overall. #24-Jeff Gordon, is currently the second overall fastest, with a speed of 184.506mph, while #25-Jerry Nadeau is the 3rd fastest with a speed of 183.884mph. ARCA qualifying got postponed yesterday due to rain, and got underway earlier this morning (8:30am), which then took until 10:20am to get all 59 cars the chance to qualify. This pushed Winston Cup practice up to 11:00am, for their first 2 hour session. The Goody's Dash series practice until 1:55pm., then Cup comes back out at 2pm-3:50pm, with the Budweiser Shootout practice from 4pm-5pm.(Mike Paz -DIS Announcer via Catchfence)
      AND see for Friday's 1st practice session speeds. The Top Five:
      1) #48-Jimmie Johnson, Chevrolet, 185.033mph
      2) #24-Jeff Gordon, Chevrolet, 184.506
      3) #25-Jerry Nadeau, Chevrolet, 183.910
      4) #28-Ricky Rudd, Ford, 183.453
      5) #22-Ward Burton, Dodge, 183.438
      49) #02-Hermie Sadler, Chevrolet, 177.961
      50) #85-Carl Long, Dodge, 176.225
      DNP: #84-Norm Benning, #59-Bobby Gerhart and 80-Kirk Shelmerdine(2-8-2002)

    • How to break a tie during qualifying?(same speed/time) When drivers are tied for a starting spot during qualifying, it is broken by owners points standings(not drivers). For provisionals standings see the Jayski's Provisional Status page

    • Qualifying Rules Changed UPDATE one lap, then back to 2 laps: ESPN2's RPM 2Night mentioned tonight that starting at New Hampshire that qualifying would consist of one lap of qualifying instead of the two laps that have been run this year. The exceptions are tracks smaller then one mile (Bristol, Richmond and Martinsville) and the two restrictor plate tracks, Daytona and Talladega(7-5-2001)
      UPDATE: it was mentioned on FSN's Totally NASCAR show on Thurs that the Cup drivers would run 2 laps of Qualifying for the New England 300 at New Hampshire. The plan is to still have one lap of qualifying at all intermediate tracks (1 to 2 miles in length) but the format will be determined in a track-to-track basis for the rest of the season(7-19-2001)
      UPDATE 2 Back to 2 laps: it was announced at the beginning of CNN/SI's qualifying coverage that qualifying would go back to 2 laps of qualifying at all Super Speedways (1 mile or more) starting this week at Michigan. So I guess that means 2 laps is back for all the tracks since 2 laps were going to be the cast at the two short tracks and restrictor plate tracks. All but the road courses which there will be no more in 2001(8-17-2001)
      UPDATE 3: NASCAR officials have changed their minds again and gone back to two laps during its single round of qualifying. NASCAR announced at Daytona in early July that qualifying would be reduced to a single lap at tracks of 1-mile or longer except for Daytona and Talladega, beginning at New Hampshire on July 22. Teams ran two laps at New Hampshire, however, because of a new sealer that had been applied to the track's surface. The cars then ran one lap for three races, but after complaints from the teams that a single lap prevented them from overcoming a mistake, the policy has been changed again and cars can now once more run a second lap if they choose(That's Racin')(8-18-2001)

    • an interesting point: When NASCAR officials decided to disallow Jerry Nadeau's qualifying time at Daytona in Feb 2001, it raised an interesting question. With the Winston Cup series having only one round of qualifying the rest of the season, what happens if an unapproved part is found? According to NASCAR, drivers no longer have to post an official qualifying time to use a provisional, they only have to practice. So a driver could have a penalty on a qualifying issue but still have access to one of the seven provisionals for the race(Richmond Times Dispatch)(2-11-2001)

    • Links: Practice speeds, qualifying and results can be found at these sites: NASCAR Online


    • F-16's: Four F-16 fighter jets will soar over Daytona International Speedway Sunday during the final notes of the national anthem. The 78th Fighter Squadron from Shaw Air Force Base, SC, will perform the flyover just before the Daytona 500. Their thunderous roar will come seconds after fireworks explode in the sky. A base spokeswoman said Friday one of the F-16s was rigged with a cockpit camera to relay a live feed for NBC's racing broadcast. The camera was installed this week at Daytona International Airport.(Daytona Beach News Journal Report)(2-16-2002)

    • Daytona Sold Out but sitll some infield left: Daytona International Speedway officials announced a grandstand sellout for Sunday's 44th Daytona 500. While all 167,785 grandstand seats are sold out, fans can still purchase infield tickets for the "Great American Race."(Speedway PR)(2-17-2002)

    • No Changes for DIS: Bill France Jr., chairman of the board of NASCAR and chairman of the board of International Speedway Corp., said he will not consider alterations to Daytona International Speedway in an effort to improve competition at the track. Better aerodynamics on the cars have created a problem for NASCAR in its attempt to keep racing at Daytona and Talladega safe and exciting. Some have suggested that a solution would be to bring the cars off the oval in the backstretch and through the short chicane just before turn three, slowing them down and forcing the drivers to lift. "No," France said, "we wouldn't even consider that. I don't think our fans would like it."(Lakeland Ledger)(2-10-2002)

    • Free Qualifying for Scouts: Good scouts can see fast cars for free today at pole qualifying competition for the Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway. Active members of the Central Florida Council of Boy Scouts, the Citrus Council Girl Scouts, and their leaders will be admitted free if they arrive in uniform between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the Gate 18 grandstand entrance. General admission tickets for family members and friends of scouts are $20. (Children younger than 11 are free with a paying adult.) For more information, call (386) 947-6416.(Daytona Beach News Journal)(2-9-2002)

    • National Anthem at the 500: Noted Mezzo-soprano and recording artist Denyce Graves will sing the National Anthem for the 44th running of the Daytona 500 on Feb. 17 at Daytona International Speedway. A native of Washington, DC, Ms. Graves was invited by President Bush to participate in the National Prayer Service in Washington's National Cathedral after the September 11 tragedy. Since then, Denyce Graves has participated in numerous benefit concerts and RCA Records plans to release a recording of patriotic songs by Ms. Graves with the proceeds benefiting various groups affected by the events of September 11. She has been named one of the "50 Leaders of Tomorrow" by Ebony Magazine and was one of Glamour Magazine's 1997 "Women of the Year."(Speedway PR)(2-8-2002)

    • More on the Haas-Carter/Kmart sitiuation UPDATE Kmart wants out of the Daytona 500: hearing that the reason Kmart will stay on the #26 and #66 Fords is that their February payment was made before the Chapter 11 filing and that the Kmart decals will come off the cars after Rockingham. See past news on my #26 Team News and Links page(2-5-2002)
      UPDATE: Kmart Corp. has requested a bankruptcy court's permission to opt out of a sponsorship agreement with the Daytona 500. The discount retailer, which sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Jan. 22 in Chicago, called the Daytona 500 contract an unnecessary use of its much-needed cash. The Troy-based company filed its request Monday with Judge Susan Pierson Sonderby, who is scheduled to render her decision Feb. 13. In April 2000, Kmart agreed to pay International Speedway Corp., a motorsports promoter and racetrack owner, $685,000 this year and $735,000 next year to become an official corporate sponsor and official mass retailer of the Daytona 500, which will be held Feb. 17. Kmart also chose not to seek renewal of its deal to sponsor the race known for three years as the Kmart 400, Michigan International Speedway spokesman Jeff Bleiler told The Jackson Citizen Patriot. Until the speedway signs a deal with a new sponsor, the June 16 race in Brooklyn, Mich., will be called the Michigan 400. Bleiler and Kmart spokesman Dave Karraker said Kmart's three-year deal to sponsor the June race expired last year. Karraker said Tuesday that Kmart's decision not to renew its sponsorship of the MIS race was made last year and was unrelated to its bankruptcy filing.(Sporting News/AP)(2-5-2002)

    • Daytona/ISC Tracks/Cooler/Securtiy Rules UPDATE: After the events of Sept. 11, security will be tighter at Daytona International Speedway for fans attending Speed Weeks events. New regulations allow fans to carry in:
      One soft side bag or cooler no larger than 6-by-6-by-12 inches. Examples: a soft side insulated cooler, a scanner bag, a fanny pack, a purse, a diaper bag or a binocular bag.
      One clear plastic bag, no larger than 18-by-18-by-4 inches. The bag may not contain ice.
      Binoculars, scanners, headsets and cameras not in bags, worn separately over the neck or on a belt.
      Seat cushions. Those with compartments will be inspected.(Daytona Beach News Journal)(2-2-2002)
      UPDATE: Extensive inspections of Daytona International Speedway are occurring daily and security personnel have been added as track officials prepare for the season-opening Daytona 500. Speedway President John Graham says state, local and federal authorities have been consulted as security plans for “The Great American Race” have been developed by track officials. The increased security is the result of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington. Both uniformed and undercover officers will be on security detail for Speedweeks and people, including those in the motorsports community, should always carry photo identification with them. One soft-side bag or cooler no larger than 6-by-6-by-12 inches, and a clear plastic bag, no larger than 18-by-18-by-4 inches, will be allowed per person. Ice may only be carried in the cooler. Strollers, umbrellas, backpacks, fanny packs, large bags and/or camera bags won’t be allowed in the grandstand area. Everything brought through a gate is subject to inspection and coolers will be checked just as they have been in previous years. Items not permitted inside the facility won’t be allowed to be left around a gate area.(NASCAR Scene Plus - need sub to read)(2-7-2002)

    • Starter at Daytona: Angie Harmon, former star of NBC's Law and Order, will drop the green flag on the 44th running of the Daytona 500 on Sunday, Feb. 17. The 29-year-old actress of Dallas, TX, is perhaps best known for her role as Assistant District Attorney Abbie Carmichael on NBC's popular drama series Law and Order. Harmon got her start in show business when she won a National Cover Girl Contest for Seventeen Magazine at the age of 15. Since then, she has been featured on the cover of Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Entertainment Weekly. Harmon also made headlines when on a Tonight Show appearance in March of 2000, she received a surprise marriage proposal from her then-boyfriend Jason Sehorn, New York Giants defensive back. Sehorn and Harmon were married in June of 2001 and he will join her for pre-race activities for the Daytona 500. As previously announced, Chad Holliday, CEO of DuPont, will be this year's Daytona 500 Grand Marshal.(Daytona International Speedway PR)(2-6-2002)

    • Scanners at ISC Tracks UPDATE: International Speedway Corporation, parent company of Americrown Service Corporation, has entered into a marketing agreement that limits scanner related vendors to two companies at their tracks (Calif, Chicagoland, Daytona, Darlington, Homestead, Kansas, Michigan, Phoenix, Richmond, Rockingham, Talladega, Watkins Glen), Racing Electronics and Track Scan. This agreement leaves six scanner vendors in a position that they are not allowed on International Speedway Corporation property. Two of the other vendors are Race-Scan and Frequency Fan Club, not sure of the other four.(in part from a RACE-SCAN Communications PR/Site, see more there)(1-24-2002)
      UPDATE: been told that TrackScan and Racing Electronics will honor Race-Scan membership cards and provide frequency updates for scanners at ISC facilities with the following restrictions:
      Current membership card in hand, valid for 2002 season
      One update per weekend
      Frequency support when Race-Scan is not in the vicinity
      Programming option is limited to current Uniden SC200 model
      Support for members good for transition period through 2002
      Further restrictions may apply(1-30-2002)

    • Daytona 500 presenting sponsor? UPDATE: Rumor has Coors Light set as a sponsor for the 2002 Daytona 500. The beer company, who currently sponsors Sterling Marlin in the #40 Dodge of Chip Ganassi Racing, may be named the official beer of the season-opening race. The race name will remain the Daytona 500, as it has since its inception in 1959. But Coors Light might be listed as the official beer or presenter of the race.( Buzz)(1-17-2002)
      UPDATE: Coors Brewing Company Coors will be the official beer of the Daytona 500 and will be a track sponsor of the "World Center of Racing." The multi-year partnership makes Coors an official corporate sponsor of the Daytona 500 and a track sponsor of Daytona International Speedway.(DIS PR)(1-18-2002)

    • Leno tests at Daytona - pace car: ``The Tonight Show'' host and automobile enthusiast Jay Leno took a spin around the Daytona International Speedway to get ready for his role in the Daytona 500 as a pace car driver. Leno did some laps around Daytona's 2.5-mile oval in the 2002 pace car, a horsepower-rich Pontiac Firebird. With the Daytona race, Leno becomes the first driver to pace America's three biggest racing events. Last year he was the pace car driver for the Indianapolis 500 (news - web sites) and the Brickyard 400, both at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.(Yahoo/AP)(1-13-2002)

    • Daytona 500 Grand Marshal: Charles O. Holliday, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DuPont, will serve as the Grand Marshal for the 44th annual Daytona 500 on Feb. 17 and give the command to start engines for the “Great American Race.” DuPont will celebrate its 200th anniversary in 2002 and will have a celebratory paint scheme on the #24 DuPont Automotive Finishes Chevrolet driven by Jeff Gordon during Speedweeks. Gordon, the 2001 Winston Cup champion and a two-time Daytona 500 champion, will drive the anniversary car in the Budweiser Shootout, the Gatorade 125's and the Daytona 500.(DIS PR)(12-1-2001)

    • How to Calculate Track Speeds: use the formula Speed = Distance divided by Time. Distance is Track Length, and Lap Time into Hours. Once hour is 3600 seconds, so the calculation for a 48 second lap at Daytona(2.5 miles) would be: Speed = 2.5 x (3600/48), = 2.5 x 75 = 187.500mph. For a 19 second lap at Bristol(.533 miles): Speed = .533 x (3600/19), = .533 x 189.474 = a speed of 100.990mph

    • Past track news: posted in the past at Jayski's Past Track News/Rumors - Daytona International Speedway


    • Winning Car Induction UPDATE: After the winner of Sunday's 44th Daytona 500 finishes celebrating in Daytona International Speedway's Victory Lane, the star car will be rolled inside DAYTONA USA to a place of honor specially reserved for the champion. On Monday, DAYTONA USA will induct the winner of this weekend's "Great American Race." The winning car will remain on display until next year's DAYTONA 500. The induction celebration will begin with a media breakfast, where press can interview the winning driver, at 8 a.m. in the Bill France Room of DAYTONA USA. At 9 a.m., the winner and his crew chief will go to DAYTONA USA's Gatorade Victory Lane for a special presentation. DAYTONA USA opens at 9 a.m. and the public is welcome to attend this annual event.(DIS PR), #22-Ward Burton's Caterpillar Dodge will be inducted(2-18-2002)
      UPDATE: A day after winning the 44th annual Daytona 500, Ward Burton gave up his #22 Caterpillar Dodge to DAYTONA USA, the official motorsports attraction of NASCAR. Burton met with the media on Monday morning and then visited his car, which now rests in Gatorade's Victory Lane inside the attraction. Burton strolled around the car that remains in the condition it was when it pulled into Victory Lane on Sunday afternoon. The South Boston, VA native peeked inside the windows and penned his autograph on the front hood. Burton's Bill Davis Racing crew signed the car in Victory Lane on Sunday. Burton, in his eighth Daytona 500 start, became the first Virginian to win the "Great American Race." Burton, owner Bill Davis and crew chief Tommy Baldwin participated in a fan forum before traveling to New York City for a media tour.(DIS PR)(2-19-2002)

    • Win does not equal title: Only once since 1980 has the Daytona 500 winner gone on to win the Winston Cup title. #24-Jeff Gordon did it in 1997.(many sites)(2-18-2002)

    • Pit Crew/Hero of the Week: At the end of every NASCAR Winston Cup race the National Association of Pit Crew Members announces its "Pit Crew of the Week". This is the pit crew that really showed their skills during the race.
      NAPCM Pit Crew of the Week - #21 Motorcraft Crew - kept Elliot Sadler in contention all day and deserved to finish better than 2nd.
      NAPCM Hero of the week - Dale Earnhardt Jr. - when rear tire blew out and brakes failed, Dale Jr., risked speeding through the grass at 200mph rather than risk injuring pit crew members on pit road. Dale Jr. would have been safer (himself) racing down pit road with no brakes at 150-200mph but instead chose to drive through the grass (much more dangerous for him). This shows why he is a favorite among NAPCM members.(NAPCM PR(2-18-2002)

    • Non Winning Streak: for the Daytona 500: drivers with the most Daytona 500 starts without winning:
      #71-Dave Marcis 32
      #28-Ricky Rudd 24
      #5-Terry Labonte 23 - 2nd three times
      #45-Kyle Petty 20
      #2-Rusty Wallace 19
      #6-Mark Martin 17
      (Active Drivers)(2-16-2002)

    • Penalties: NASCAR issued two penalties Saturday for rules violations found over the past week in the Winston Cup and Grand National series. Tony Furr, crew chief for the #25 Chevys and driver Jerry Nadeau in the Winston Cup series, was fined $25,000 after the car did not meet the minimum height requirement following Thursday’s 125-mile qualifying race. The minimum height requirement is 51 inches, measured from the center of the roof, and the #25 was found to be approximately 1/8th of an inch too low. In the BGN, a $5,000 fine was levied against Fred Bickford, crew chief for the #94 Chevrolet driven by Jeff Spraker. NASCAR officials confiscated the engine from the car, as internal components did not meet the minimum weight requirements.()(2-16-2002)

    • Shawna could be #2 UPDATE she IS #2: Shawna Robinson, driver of the #49 BAM Racing Dodge, could be the 2nd woman driver ever to make the Daytona 500. Janet Guthrie was the first in 1977 (and last in 1980), finishing 12th after starting 39th. (1980 race: started 18th and finished 11th).(Baltimore Sun)(2-12-2002)
      UPDATE: Robinson made the Daytona 500 and will start 36th and be the 2nd ever woman driver to run the race.(2-14-2002)

    • Petty Streak UPDATE - stays intact: Should #45-Kyle Petty fail to earn a spot in Sunday's Daytona 500, it would be the third of 44 runnings of stock car racing's premier event and first since 1965 without a Petty in the starting lineup.(Miami Herald)(2-12-2002)
      UPDATE: Kyle Petty made the race and will start 34th and the streak continues(2-14-2002)

    • No Leffler in Shootout: Jason Leffler, who as a rookie for Chip Ganassi Racing last season won a pole for the Winston Cup race at Kansas Speedway, will not participate in Sunday's Budweiser Shootout, a 70-lap race featuring pole winners and past winners of the event. Leffler has since joined Ultra Motorsports and will drive its #2 Dodge Truck in the CTS this season. "I wish I were in the Shootout," Leffler said Wednesday. "We hoped to have a car from Ultra Motorsports, but since they were late in signing their sponsor, they got behind in getting things ready for Casey (Atwood)." Leffler's withdrawal leaves 22 entries for Sunday's Shootout, an event record. There were 18 entries last season.()(2-6-2002)

    • Rolex 24 at Daytona, TV, Drivers, Sites: The Rolex 24 At Daytona is a 24-hour race beginning at 1:00pm/et on Saturday, Feb 2nd at Daytona International Speedway. Speedvision will televise the race from 12:30 to 7:00pm on Saturday and from 9:00am to 1:30pm on Sunday. Motor Racing Network [MRN] will have an hour-long report for the start and end of the race at 12:30pm Saturday and Sunday, and half-hour reports at 4:30pm and 8:30pm Saturday and at 12:30am and 8:30am Sunday.
      The cars in the race:
      SRP(SportsRacing Prototype): The premier class in the series such as Lola, Ferrari, Riley & Scott, Kudzu, Norma and Ascari. Ford, Judd, Mazda and Porsche supply engines.
      SRPII(SportsRacing Prototype II): Smaller versions of the SRP cars, sch as Nissan Lola, the Nissan Pilbeam, the BMW Picchio and the Mazda Kudzu.
      GTS(Grand Touring Super): These closed-cockpit cars use high-performance engines -- V8-powered Corvettes and Saleens and a Jaguar, V10-powered Vipers and turbocharged Porsches, Ferraris and Marcos Manteras.
      GT(Grand Touring): Resemble street cars such as the Porsche GT3, BMW M3, Ferrari GT, Marcos Mantis and Mosler.
      AGT(American Grand Touring): Tube-frame constructed with American iron or aluminum block V8 engines with a 375-cubic inch maximum. Class includes Corvettes, Mustangs, Camaros and Auroras.
      Some drivers with NASCAR ties who are scehduled to run the race:
      #2 SRP - Tony Stewart
      #3 GTS - Paul Gentilozzi, Brian Simo and Scott Pruett
      #7 GTS - Boris Said
      #8 SRP - Anthony Lazzaro
      #16 SRP - Butch Leitzinger
      #20 SRP - Dorsey Schroeder
      #29 AGT - Irv Hoerr
      #33 GT - Derrike Cope
      #36 SRP - Robby Gordon
      #43 GT - Kyle Petty, Mike Borkowski, [John Andretti is supposed to drive in this car but not listed]
      #46 AGT - Charles Morgan, Rob Morgan
      #72 GT - David Murry
      #74 SPR - Jack Baldwin, Wally Dallenbach Jr, Mark Simov #90 AGT - Rick Carelli, Kevin Harvick, John Metcalf
      #95 SRP - Jeret Schroeder (not NASCAR just a local Jersey guy)
      For more see story at the Daytona Beach News Journal: A primer on the Rolex 24 at Daytona or see the sites:, will have hourly updates, and, will have periodic updates.
      Also the RE/MAX team will be driving one of the Flis Corvettes in the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona this weekend with Kevin Harvick, Dave Liniger, Rick Carelli,. and John Metcalf as drivers. During the race, their site is scheduled to provide streaming video, race stats and hourly updates of teams in all classes at

    • Hermie at Daytona? UPDATE it's #02: hearing Little Trees air fresheners will sponsor Hermie Sadler for the Daytona 500 in the #02?/#13? Chevy(1-26-2002)
      UPDATE: Hermie Sadler announced today Car-Freshener Corp, makers of the popular "Little Trees" air fresheners, will sponsor his #02 Chevrolet in next month's Daytona 500. According to Sadler, "My team is very excited about this opportunity. We know it is a huge challenge for us and we like that. We have a lot to gain and nothing to lose, so we plan to have fun with it. Having the Little Trees team with us makes it even more special. They have done a great deal to further my career. They also know the loyalty of NASCAR fans and that there will be 200,000 of them watching the "Little Trees" car in Daytona in addition to the millions on television. NASCAR fans are Little Trees customers and I'll be honored to carry their colors in the biggest race in motorsports." Richard Flechtner, President and CEO of Car-Freshener Corp adds, "We are delighted to have the opportunity to have the Little Trees air fresheners involved in Daytona to complement our long-standing NASCAR involvement and Hermie Sadler is a class act and a great partner to have."(Sadler Enterprises PR)(1-28-2002)

    • #57 Team CLR withdraws from 500: #57 Team CLR owner Ted Campbell has decided not to enter the #57 Ford in the Daytona 500 for driver Derrike Cope. The team will test at Las Vegas for its next race attempt.(Team CLR site)(1-22-2002)

    • Gerhart to run the Daytona 500: ARCA veteran Bobby Gerhart will run the ARCA race, and is planning to enter either the Winston Cup or BGN races at Daytona. And the ARCAfan site is reporting that engine-builder Dan Begle has completed a Winston Cup engine for Bobby Gerhart to run in the Daytona 500(ARCA Fans site)(1-14-2002)

    • Benning to attempt the Daytona 500: Norm Benning has announced plans for a Daytona doubleheader next month. Following his fifth place finish in the season point standings for the ARCA RE/MAX series, Benning has been busy preparing his fleet of Chevrolet Monte Carlos for the upcoming year. One car that isn't requiring much off-season work is his main SoBe Beverages/Tobin's RV & Boat Cleaner superspeedway car. During its most recent on-track appearance, the car was one of the fastest on the track at Talladega before a problem with the passenger-side window forced Norm to pit. Benning did not take part in a recent ARCA RE/MAX Series test at Daytona, opting to take a break and "relax" at home, where he is busy planning a new race shop behind his residence. This month, Benning and crew chief Linda Nicholas will be heading south for a three-day test with the Winston Cup teams. Benning Motorsports will be entering both the ARCA RE/MAX Series season opener on February 10 and the Winston Cup Series' Daytona 500, which will take place on February 17. Benning's plan for 2002 is currently to run the full ARCA RE/MAX schedule, but he continues to explore opportunities in top NASCAR divisions.(Motorsports Fan Report)(1-3-2002)

    • See the 2002 Team Chart which has links to past news for each team and info on each team.


    • 2002 Gordon Scheme: #24-Jeff Gordon will run an either one event, or multiple races special paint scheme in 2002. It's in honor of DuPont's 200th anniversary in 2002. The car will be unveiled on September 20 at The DuPont Country Club in Wilmington, DE. It has a white front, red sides with "Blasberry" (mostly blue-purple) Prizm Chromalusion "Swoop" type stripes in it. The DuPont 200th anniversary logo is on the hood and rear decklid(Gordonline), have seen NO images of the car(8-30-2001)
      UPDATE - DuPont 200th Scheme: Jeff Gordon unveiled the special DuPont 200th Anniversary #24 Chevy at the DuPont Country Club on Thursday. Gordon also presented a check for $50,000 from the Jeff Gordon Foundation to the DuPont United Way Campaign for United Way of Delaware. The car has a celebratory paint scheme honoring the 200th anniversary of the DuPont Company, which will occur in 2002. The hood and the deck lid of the car will feature the "DuPont 200 Years" logo which is illustrated with a flask that has confetti spouting out of the top. The logo signifies DuPont as a leader in science for 200 years. Gordon will debut the anniversary car at Speedweeks in Daytona Beach, Fla., in mid-February. Fans will get to see it in three nationally televised races at Daytona International Speedway – the Budweiser Shootout, and one of the Gatorade Twin 125 qualifying races, and the Daytona 500( Performance Companies)(9-20-2001)

    • More Paint Scheme news can be found on Paint Schemes Gallery, choose current news


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