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THE RACE: Brickyard 400

Winston Cup Race #21 of 36 for the 2002 Winston Cup season
Updated: often, leading up to the race

  • Race: Sunday, August 4, 2002 in Indianapolis, IN

  • TV: NBC - 2:30pm/et

  • Time Zone: Indianapolis is in the Eastern Time Zone but DOES NOT turn back the clocks in the spring, so the times are one hour behind the Eastern Daylight Timezone as they use Eastern Standard. Confused? See this page: time zone information for indiana, ALL TIMES HERE are Eastern Daylight (et). NOT looking to expand on this

  • Race re-air: TNT on Tues, Aug 6th at 1:00am/et; Speed Channel on Wed, Aug 7th, 8:00pm/et; Thurs, Aug 8th, 1:00am/et;

  • Pre-Race Show: NBC - 2:00pm/et - Hosted by Bill Weber

  • Pay Per View/NASCAR In Demand:

  •'s NASCAR on TV

  • Announcers: Allen Bestwick, Benny Parsons and Wally Dallenbach

  • Pit Reporters: Bill Weber, Matt Yocum, Marty Snider, Dave Burns

  • Posted Awards/Purse: $7,423,979 (was $6,752,478 in 2001)

  • Entry List Link at:

  • 2001 Race Winner: Jeff Gordon, 130.790mph, started 27th (his 3rd win at Indy)

  • Race Speed Record: Bobby Labonte, Aug 2000, 155.912mph

  • Track/Race Length: 2.5 quad-oval, 160 laps, 400 miles

  • Pit Road Speed: 55mph


  • Practice: Friday, August 2nd, 3:00pm - 5:00pm/et; Saturday, August 3rd, 3:00 - 3:45pm/et.

  • Happy Hour Practice: Saturday, August 3rd, 4:45 - 5:30pm/et on TV-Speed Channel at 6:00pm/et tape delay.


  • Qualifying Draw: Friday, August 2, 2:00pm/et

  • Qualfying Order: at or

  • Qualifying: 2 laps for positions 1-36, Saturday, August 3 at 11:00am/et, TV-TNT and live via IMS Radio Network(link below), XM Satellite Radio and via's Racecast (paid). No re-air date I have found for TV.

  • NASCAR Online will have live lap-by-lap coverage of Winston Cup qualifying via the web (NOTE: this is a paid subscription service).

  • Second-Round Qualifying: there is no longer a 2nd round of qualifying (since the 2001 season)

  • Track Qualifying Record: Brett Bodine, August 2000, 181.072mph

  • Last Year's Pole Sitter: Jimmy Spencer, 179.666mph, finished 13th.

    Track Specs:
    Superspeedway: 2.5 mile quad-oval
    Banking: turns: 9 degrees, 12 minutes
    Straights: Front/Back - 3300 feet, Short Shute(between turns 1 and 2/3 and 4) - 660 feet
    Attendence: ~350,000

  • Track Homepage: Brickyard 400 - IMS


    1994  24    Jeff Gordon      Chevy      131.977        3rd
    1995   3    Dale Earnhardt   Chevy      155.206       13th
    1996  88    Dale Jarrett     Ford       139.508       24th
    1997  10    Ricky Rudd       Ford       130.814        7th
    1998  24    Jeff Gordon      Chevy      126.772        3rd
    1999  88    Dake Jarrett     Ford       148.194        4th
    2000  18    Bobby Labonte    Pontiac    155.912        3rd
    2001  24    Jeff Gordon      Chevy      130.790       27th


    Winston Cup Series: 1,000; 1,000
    IROC: 150, 150

    Left Front - 26 psi; Right Front - 36 psi
    Left Rear - 26 psi; Right Rear - 36 psi

    Left Front - 19 psi; Right Front - 34 psi
    Left Rear -- 19 psi; Right Rear -- 31 psi

    TIRES: Goodyear Eagle Speedway Radials
    Circumference: Left Side: 87.3-inches Right Side: 88.6-inches
    D-Codes: Left Side: D-6344; Right Side: D-6346

    Inner Liners: Required on all four wheel positions and inflated 12-25 psi greater than the outer tire pressure.

    Estimated Pit Stop Window: 38-42 laps (based on fuel mileage)

    Did you know?... The same tire recommendation was introduced in 2001 at tracks in Indianapolis, Pocono and Homestead, and it remains the same at those locations for 2002. Similarities between Indianapolis and Pocono allow race teams to transfer much of what they learn between the two tracks.

    GOODYEAR QUOTE: Mark Keto, lead engineer, stock car tire development:
    "The Eagle tire codes that Goodyear is bringing to the 2002 Brickyard race originally were tested at the Speedway in mid June of 2001 by Ricky Rudd and Kevin Lepage. Then, in April of 2002, the asphalt at Indy underwent "diamond grinding" to smooth the racing surface. This smoother surface, along with the small grooves left in the asphalt as a result of the grinding process, leads to more overall grip. This situation resulted in increased speeds during the July team testing sessions at the Speedway."

    Note: Within Goodyear's 2002 NASCAR race tire lineup (consisting of 18 tire codes), Indianapolis Motor Speedway falls into Speedway Group 5, which also includes tracks at Pocono, Homestead, Pikes Peak and Gateway.

    More NASCAR racing: Goodyear also will supply Eagle radials at Indianapolis Raceway Park this weekend. For the Busch Series, there will be 440 left-side and 440 right-side tires. For the Craftsman Truck Series, there will be 325 lefts and 325 rights. They are D-Codes D-6348 left, and D-6350 right, and no inner liners are used. These tires also are used at Milwaukee, Nazareth and Memphis.


  • The NASCAR Winston Cup Leader Bonus is $160,000 at Indianapolis for leading the points and winning the race (Sterling Marlin last won the award, $20,000 at Darlington on March 17, 2002). The $360,000 annual award is paid at $10,000 per race to the point leader at the end of each event if he is also the winner. The award increases by $10,000 each week the it goes unclaimed. If the point leader is not the race winner at the end of the year, the balance of the award is distributed among the top-10 finisher in the point standings(7-28-2002)


Radio Coverage:
IMS Radio Network, see the site for affiliates,
no idea of any live coverage besides a radio site and on XM Satellite Radio (Subscription - required).
Airtime: 2:00pm/et

Satellite/Backhaul Listing's:
Satellite/Backhaul Listing's: Stutzman Computer Service/Sales - Racing Feed Locations

Scanner Frequencies:
are linked on my Scanner Freq/Equipment Links Page

Local Newspaper and other Sites that cover the Indianapolis, IN Area:
Jayski's Story/Column/Article Links Page
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
Hoosier Times
The Indianapolis Star/News
Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association
The Republic
Shelbyville News
Star Press

by The Weather Channel
Weather Underground
National Weather Service

Track/Travel/Camping Info for the Fans:
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Review by ARS Racing - Indy

Driver Appearances:
any I know of are listed on my Driver Appearances/Chats page with info and links

TV Coverage/Info/News Pages:
Race Fan TV



  • Oops: After NASCAR's inspection sticks were found to be a quarter-inch off Friday, and teams were forced through re-inspection before the error was discovered, some crew chiefs - taking note of NASCAR's new tough policy on height infractions - suggested NASCAR give each team 25 points and $25,000 for the error. Jokingly, of course.(Winston Salem Journal)(8-5-2002)

  • Some Indy Stats: Bill Elliott, at 8.875, has the best average finish of the 16 drivers who have competed in all eight NASCAR races at Indianapolis. Five of the eight Cup races at Indianapolis have been won from a top-10 starting position; all from seventh or better. The other three have been won from 13th or worse [24th and 27th].(Atlanta Journal-Constitution), Three times from 3rd and none from the pole or outside pole.(8-2-2002)

  • NBC Brickyard 400 Media Call Highlights: NBC Sports today conducted a media conference call to preview the Brickyard 400 from the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway. NBC & TNT’s coverage of the Brickyard 400 weekend begins Saturday at 11 a.m. ET on TNT with Bud Pole Qualifying. Saturday night in primetime, Midas presents NASCAR Busch Series Racing from Indianapolis Raceway Park at 8 p.m. ET on TNT. NBC’s Brickyard 400 coverage begins Sunday at 2 p.m. ET with the “Discover Card Countdown to Green” pre-race show immediately followed by the green flag at 2:30 p.m. ET. On today’s call were NASCAR on NBC & TNT analysts Benny Parsons and Wally Dallenbach; pre-race host/lead pit reporter Bill Weber and producer Sam Flood.
    Highlights of the call follow: On the 79 cameras NBC has deployed to cover the Brickyard 400:
    Flood: “This event is obviously the biggest event on the calendar this weekend, and one of the top two or three events on the Winston Cup schedule. Unlike any other track there is, one camera cannot follow the leaders around the racetrack. [In adding more cameras] We have raised the degree of difficulty for Mike Wells, our director, but we know that Mike can handle it. A lot of this [additional cameras] is because this is such a big event, but in the same breath you can’t do your normal coverage.”
    Parsons: “It’s a BIG event. It’s the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It’s without a doubt the most famous Speedway in the world. When Tony George and Bill France got together and we started running the Brickyard 400 in 1994 - I think it elevated NASCAR another notch.”
    On the S.A.F.E.R. “Soft Walls” being used at IMS:
    Parsons: “I have been talking about soft walls, for what seems like forever, but I guess it’s been five or six years. It started when drivers started hitting the walls and breaking their shoulder blades We have got to some how soften this blow, the cars are faster and they are going through the corners faster. Twenty years ago they hit a metal guardrail that gave, then the cars got faster and the rails really gave - they broke. So you have to have the concrete walls, but you have got to start to soften the blows that these drivers are taking. I cannot tell you what a pleasure it is for me to go to a racetrack that is going to soften that blow for these drivers.”
    Dallenbach: “I think Benny hit the nail on the head, it’s going to be a big test this weekend, I hate to say it, but everybody is waiting to see the first guy to hit the wall. That’s the information that they need. NASCAR and everybody else is waiting to see what the result of a Winston Cup car hitting a soft wall in competition is. From a drivers standpoint, heck yeah, I would rather hit a soft wall than a concert wall - there is no question about it.”
    On Jeff Gordon’s 2002 season and chances of repeating his Brickyard 400 victory:
    Parsons: “He has won Indy three times, but if you look back at Pocono (last Sunday), unless they find some magic this week he did not have a car that is good enough for him to win at Indy.”
    Weber: “I love to disagree with Benny and I will disagree with him here, I would have a hard time picking against Jeff Gordon in this race. That is not to say that if he does not win here that his season is a total disaster. If you go back and look at his history of how strong he normally is in the Winston Cup season’s second half, he is not only a contender this weekend but I think he is a contender for the championship. If I were going to Vegas I might put some money on someone else, but I would definitely put money on Jeff Gordon. When you talk to these guys in the garage you hear what they are saying, and you sometimes hear what they are thinking. This team is clearly pointing to certain events in the second half to show there muscle and I think one of theses events is Sunday. No one wants to win here more than Gordon, especially since the last time he won was Kansas City.”
    On Dallenbach driving three NASCAR Busch races, beginning Aug. 17 in Michigan: Dallenbach: “This is something that is not only going to be good and not only a lot of fun for me, but also adds credibility for me in the booth Sunday after just coming off the racetrack Saturday. I will be able to talk to the booth during cautions. Benny will be able to pick my brain on what we are doing and what we have accomplished.”(NBC PR)(8-1-2002)

  • Pontiac/Ford gets a rules change: NASCAR announced a ½-inch increase to the front air dam and ¼ inch rear spoiler increase for the Pontiac Grand Prix beginning with the Sirius Satellite Radio 400 at Michigan on June 16th. The leading edge of the air dam for the Pontiacs now must not extend more than one (1) inch forward of the bumper. Measurements for the rear spoiler will now read at 7 1/8* inches high by 57 inches wide (prior to this, the rear spoiler measured at 6 7/8 inches high by 57 inches wide). This dimension will not be used at Daytona or Talladega. Officials also reduced the spoiler size on the Ford Taurus from 6 inches to 5-7/8 inches for next month's Pepsi 400 at Daytona. During the Daytona 500 in February, the Ford's rear spoiler was 5 ¾ inches tall and in April at Talladega, Ford's measurements were 6 inches tall. The Chevrolet and Dodge teams rear spoiler will remain at 6 ¼ inches tall, while the Pontiac teams will measure at 6 ½ inches tall by 57 inches wide.(NASCAR PR)(6-12-2002)

  • Provisonals Rules changed a bit: NASCAR Officials announced this week that teams in the Cup and BGN will not be charged for using a provisional starting position if the entry field for an event is equal to or less than the number of starting positions provided by the official entry blank.[such as 43 at a Cup race]. A team is granted a maximum season allotment of eight provisionals [charged provisional, if not in the top 25 in Owners Points] and under this amendment, provisionals assigned to fill starting positions 37-43 will not count against this allotment. Prior to this amendment, teams were charged for a provisional regardless of the number of entries at an event.( For more info on provisionals, see my Provisionals Status page.(3-21-2002)

  • New Pit Road Rules: NASCAR will change its policies for speeding violations on pit road following confusion over an infraction for which eventual race-winner Sterling Marlin was never penalized a week ago at Las Vegas. NASCAR president Mike Helton announced the changes Sunday morning at the drivers’ meeting prior to the MBNA 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The new rules go into effect next weekend at Darlington Raceway. The key change is that, under green-flag conditions, the penalty for speeding on the way onto pit road will now be the same as the penalty for speeding off the pit lane. The new penalty will be what NASCAR is calling a “pass through,” meaning the offending car will have to come off the track and travel the length of pit road at its speed limit without stopping. Under the old rule, a car speeding on the way onto pit road during a green-flag stop was held for 15 seconds in its pit stall. A car speeding off pit road was brought back to its pit box for a stop-and-go penalty. During last week’s UAW 400 at Las Vegas, NASCAR officials said Marlin was speeding as he came to his pit stall after being spun out in Turn 4. NASCAR’s race control officials called for the 15-second penalty, but that message was not heard by the official working in Marlin’s pit stall. Marlin left without serving a penalty and NASCAR decided not to enforce any further sanction, saying that bringing Marlin back to pit road would be too severe of a penalty. Since the usual penalty for speeding on the exit to pit lane was to bring a car back in for a stop-and-go, that raised the question of why the sanction for speeding on the way out should be more severe for speeding on the way in. The rule change announced Sunday addresses that issue. Helton admitted Sunday that not giving Marlin a penalty last week might not have been the right decision. Helton said the change was made to avoid the kind of confusion and miscommunication that happened at Las Vegas. Under the rule that goes into effect next week, a driver speeding on the way in and on the way out on the same pit stop will be brought back in for a stop-and-go penalty. A driver who exceeds the pit road speed limit as he serves the “pass through” penalty for speeding will also get a stop-and-go. The penalty for speeding in or out of a pit stop made under yellow-flag conditions will not change - the offending car will be sent to the end of the longest line of traffic for the restart.()(3-10-2002)
    UPDATE: plus a nice breakdown at RacingOne:
    The New Pit Road Rules

    Speeding Entering Pit Road
    Current Penalty: 15 seconds
    New Penalty: Pass through at correct pit road speed.

    Speeding Exiting Pit Road
    Current Penalty: Stop and Go
    New Penalty: Pass through at correct pit road speed

    Entering and Exiting Pit Road
    Current Penalty: 15 seconds after stop; brought back for stop and go
    New Penalty: Stop and Go

    Speeding on Pass Through
    New Penalty: Stop and Go
    Multiple Violations: NASCAR’s Discretion.(RacingOne)(3-11-2002)

  • Spoilers - not at Daytona/Talladega: the spoilers on the Winston Cup cars are as follows:
    Chevy: 6 1/4" height, 55" wide
    Dodge: 6 1/4" height, 55" wide
    Ford: 6 1/4" height, 55" wide
    Pontiac: 6 7/8" height, 57" wide
    70 degrees at intermediate tracks.(2-22-2002)

  • Crew Chief Club


news and links

  • Been asked, didn't know, here ya go - Seven cars Dyno'd at Indy UPDATE: Seven cars, including the #9 Dodge of race winner Bill Elliott, were put on the chassis dynamometer for testing following Sunday's race at Indy - Brickyard 400. The device measures rear wheel horsepower. The other cars were those of #20-Tony Stewart, #2-Rusty Wallace, #17-Matt Kenseth, #29-Kevin Harvick, #24-Jeff Gordon and #88-Dale Jarrett.()(8-5-2002)
    UPDATE: Perhaps you recall several weeks ago NASCAR administered chassis dyno testing. In those NASCAR tests the motor in #9-Bill Elliot’s car turned 685 horsepower at the rear wheels following the Indianapolis win. But all the other cars tested that day showed more than 700 hp, with #2-Rusty Wallace’s Larry Wallace (no relation)-built motor producing 740 horsepower. The others tested following the Indy event all showed power over 700 hp with #24-Jeff Gordon’s SB2 based block running 708 hp, #17-Matt Kenseth’s at 715 hp, #20-Tony Stewart’s SB2 based platform giving 733 hp, #2-Wallace’s at 740 and the monster of the lot coming from the Robert Yates camp in the form of the #88-Dale Jarrett, which turned a generous 749 horsepower. (Ford Racing)(8-17-2002)

  • Did ya know? the last four winners of the Brickyard 400 went on to win the Winston Cup Championship that year? 1998-Jeff Gordon; 1999-Dale Jarrett; 2000-Bobby Labonte; 2001-Jeff Gordon.

  • Elliott Dominates the Brickyard 400: #9-Bill Elliott won the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, his first win at the hallowed track, his 2nd win in a row, 2nd win of 2002 and 43rd career win for Elliott and moves up into 6th in Drivers Points. Elliott became the first driver to win the Brickyard 400 from the front row (started 2nd). By winning last week's race at Pocono and this weeks Brickyard 400, Elliott also scored his first set of back-to-back victories since March 1992. #2-Rusty Wallace finished 2nd, the third time he finished 2nd at the Brickyard 400. The final top ten finishers, caution info, lap leaders, and Jayski Notes:

    #9-Elliott (93 laps led)
    #2-Wallace (12 laps led)

    #88-Jarrett (nice recovery after the catch can incident)

    Pole sitter #20-Stewart who led 43 laps, faded after the last caution and finished 12th
    2001 Cup champ, #24-Gordon is running 6th
    2002 Points Leaders: #40-Marlin is 27th (had engine problems); #6-Martin was 28th

    Cars on the lead lap: 30
    Lap Leaders(10): #20-Tony Stewart(43); #98-Kenny Wallace(1); #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr(3); #19-Jermey Mayfield(1); #9-Bill Elliott(93); #43-John Andretti(1); #40-Sterling Marlin(1); #25-Joe Nemechek(1); #6-Mark Martin(4); #2-Rusty Wallace(12);
    DNF's: #14-Mike Wallace(accident); #11-Brett Bodine (accident); #97-Busch(accident-); #09-Bodine(accident); #19-Mayfield(engine); #7-Atwood(accident); #10-Benson(engine); #4-Skinner(engine); #21-Sadler(out); #26-Bodine(engine);

    Cautions: 8 for 36 laps
    Caution 8 - lap 153-155: Debris/oil on the track
    Caution 7 - lap 127-132: #21-Ellott Sadler lost a right front tire, did some damage to the right fender and scraped the wall.
    Caution 6 - lap 98-102: #7-Casey Atwood crashed, after getting close to #8-Earnhardt Jr and #28-Rudd got into Atwood when Atwood let off the gas, the car's driver side hit the SAFER wall, Atwood walked away.
    Caution 5 - lap 79-83: #19-Jeremy Mayfield loses an engine.
    Caution 4 - lap 68-72: Debris on the track.
    Caution 3 - lap 52-55: #09-Geoffrey Bodine got loose in turn two and backed into the outside wall, then shot accross the track and backed into the inside wall harder, Bodine walked away unharmed.
    Caution 2 - lap 36-41: #97-Kurt Busch got booted by #41-Jimmy Spencer in turn 3 and Busch spun around and went into the wall backwards/driver side. Spencer drove off and Busch motioned to him next lap around.
    Caution 1 - lap 13-16: #14-Mike Wallace went into the wall and collected #11-Brett Bodine, both cars are pretty torn up, first test of the SAFER walls, both drivers are ok. #10-Benson and #19-Mayfield had an incident on pit road with the #10 getting a lot of damage on the right front.

    NOTES: During the last caution, IMS Radio reported that #6-Mark Martin ran into #22-Ward Burton, cutting down a tire on the #22 and forcing him to pit just before the green flag on lap 156. With 18 laps to go, it was reported that #6-Martin's engine is fading. During caution #7, #40-Marlin ran into #44-Nadeau and did some damage to the front and hood. #77-Blaney is showing smoke, could have an engine problem. #88-Jarrett, who was in the top 10, had the catchcan left in the car and will have to come into the pits, seems the crew didn't get all the gas in the car, Jarrett will have to fall to the rear of the longest line. #32-Craven had made a green flag stop and lost a lap when the 7th yellow came out just after he came out. Around lap 100, it was mentioned on the radio that #40-Marlin is down a cylinder. Most of the field came in to pit during the 2nd caution, #9-Elliott beat #20-Stewart out of the pits to take the lead. Just about all the cars came in to pit during the first caution. #29-Kevin Harvick has food poisoning but says no way he gets out of the car for a sub.
    Race Re-air: The race will be re-aired on TNT, Tues, Aug 6th, 1:00am/et; Speed Channel on Wed, Aug 7th, 8:00pm/et and Thurs, Aug 8th, 1:00am/et.
    Race Results at: or

  • Oldest to win Brickyard 400: At 46 years old, Elliott became the oldest winner of the Brickyard 400 and the first driver of a Dodge to win the event. The previous oldest winner was Dale Earnhardt, who was 44 when he won in 1995.(Fort Wayne Journal Gazette)(8-5-2002)

  • Brickyard - Rumblings: Kevin Harvick has 4 Top-10's in a row. Ryan Newman has 6 Top-10's in the last 7 races. This Week's Elevator....UP: Operator of the Week is Rusty Wallace (+33), followed by Bobby Labonte (+29), Jimmie Johnson (+28), and Hut Stricklin (+24). DOWN: The Big Dropper is Jeremy Mayfield (-27), followed by Johnny Benson (-26), and Mike Skinner (-23). For Rusty, this is is 3rd Op of the year.....Mayfield makes it two weeks in a row as the BD. Kenny Wallace led a lap today for the first time since Rockingham last November. He's the 41st different driver to lead a lap this season (last year's number was 48).(Stock Car Fans)(8-5-2002)

  • Drivers Point Standings after Indy
    #40-Marlin, 2866
    #48-Johnson, -93
    #6-Martin, -109
    #24-Gordon, -125
    #2-Wallace, -171
    For full points standings, see .(8-4-2002)

  • Assigned Pit Stalls at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Brickyard 400

  • To the Back UPDATE: #30-Jeff Green lost an engine during Friday's practice(Roanoke Times), so no matter where he qualifies, he will fall to the rear of the field just before the start. Why make a qualifying attempt? For pit stall selection, pit stalls are chosen in order of how a driver/team qualifies.(8-3-2002)
    UPDATE: also making engine changes were #4-Mike Skinner; #55-Bobby Hamilton; #14-Mike Wallace (43rd) and had to go to the rear of the field before the green flag.(8-4-2002)

  • Jeff Gordon retains starting spot: #24-Jeff Gordon thought he might have to go to the back of the field for Sunday's start after feeling something snap in his Chevrolet just as he completed his qualifying lap. The crew later determined the problem was a broken rear-end gear, so the team did not have to change engines and Gordon will keep his starting spot.()(8-4-2002)

  • Infield Cleared Out: [Indianapolis Motor] Speedway officials cleared out the infield Saturday evening for a thorough security check. Even motorhomes were vacated. The exercise was done before the Indianapolis 500 in May, too.(Indianapolis Star)(8-4-2002)

  • Happy Hour Practice: is over at Indy for the Brickyard 400. #9-Bill Elliott was the fastest at 176.205mph, followed by #20-Tony Stewart at 175.142 and #32-Ricky Craven at 175.087. Slowest were #11-Brett Bodine at 170.862 and #7-Casey Atwood at 169.795. #98-Kenny Wallace and #26-Todd Bodine did not run in Happy Hour as they are qualifying their BGN cars at IRP. For speeds, see .(8-3-2002)

  • Look out for Fake Tix: Police are warning race fans to check their tickets after more than 500 counterfeit tickets for the IROC race were confiscated at Indianapolis Motor Speedway today. Ticket takers noticed the counterfeits early Saturday. Police arrested five people selling the counterfeit tickets on streets outside the track. A spokesman for the speedway -- Fred Nation -- cautioned race fans against buying tickets from people they do not know. There have been no reports of counterfeit tickets for Sunday's Brickyard 400.(

  • Stewart wins pole at Indy: #20-Tony Stewart won the pole at Indy for the Brickyard 400 with a track record speed of 182.960mph. It is Stewart's 2nd Bud Pole of 2002 and 6th of his career. #9-Bill Elliott will start on the outside pole after running a speed of 182.109 (also faster the the old track record - three other drivers also went faster). #07-Ted Musgrave made the race, starting 36th, and will start his 300th career Winston Cup race.
    Lineup/Qual Results and

  • Earnhardt Jr fastest in the 1st Saturday practice: #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr was the fastest at Indy in the mid afternoon practice with a speed of 174.351mph, followed by #88-Jarrett at 174.213 and #9-Elliott at 174.118. Slowest were #11-Bodinr at 169.071 and #4-Skinner at 169.437. For speeds, see .(8-3-2002)

  • Stewart wins pole at Indy: #20-Tony Stewart won the pole at Indy for the Brickyard 400 with a track record speed of 182.960mph. It is Stewart's 2nd Bud Pole of 2002 and 6th of his career. #9-Bill Elliott will start on the outside pole after running a speed of 182.109 (also faster the the old track record - three other drivers also went faster). #07-Ted Musgrave made the race, starting 36th, and will start his 300th career Winston Cup race.

  • The qualifiers after all drivers
    (Friday practice speed in parens - TR means ran faster then Track Record):

    #20-Tony Stewart, Pontiac (180.270-10th) 182.960 TR 11th out to qualify
    #9-Bill Elliott, Dodge (181.613-2nd) 182.109 TR 4th out
    #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr., Chevy (180.759-4th) 181.627 TR 3rd out
    #31-Robby Gordon, Chevy (179.551-15th) 181.543 TR 9th out
    #12-Ryan Newman, Ford (180.422-6th) 181.287 TR 49th out

    #1-Steve Park, Chevy (178.948-22nd) 180.923 31st out
    #29-Kevin Harvick, Chevy (180.198-11th) 180.886 10th out
    #40-Sterling Marlin, Dodge (180.992-3rd) 180.701 50th out
    #6-Mark Martin, Ford (180.578-5th) 17th out
    #25-Joe Nemechek, Chevy (179.544-16th) 180.429 13th out

    #10-Johnny Benson, Pontiac (180.285-9th) 180.288 26th out
    #19-Jeremy Mayfield, Dodge (178.713-23rd) 180.231 34th out
    #4-Mike Skinner, Chevy (178.479-28th) 180.231 18th out - tie goes to the #19, higher in owners points
    #15-Michael Waltrip, Chevy (180.368-7th) 180.187 42nd out
    #41-Jimmy Spencer, Dodge (178.710-24th) 180.173 14th out

    #43-John Andretti, Dodge (178.476-29th) 180.018 2nd out
    #88-Dale Jarrett, Ford (179.487-17th) 180.011 39th out
    #17-Matt Kenseth, Ford (180.292-8th) 179.928 21st out
    #22-Ward Burton, Dodge (178.706-25th) 179.824 46th out
    #26-Todd Bodine, Ford (179.315-20th) 179.497 29th out, was sched to go out 42nd

    #24-Jeff Gordon, Chevy (178.504-27th) 179.494 19th out
    #32-Ricky Craven, Ford (178.137-31st) 179.336 33rd out
    #99-Jeff Burton, Ford (179.659-12th) 179.272 20th out (2nd lap fastest)
    #09-Geoffrey Bodine, Ford (177.162-38th) 179.015 37th out
    #28-Ricky Rudd, Ford (179.361-19th) 178.998 7th out

    #98-Kenny Wallace, Chevy (177.082-39th) 178.834 27th out
    #45-Kyle Petty, Dodge (177.722-35th) 178.749 43rd out
    #7-Casey Atwood, Dodge (177.068-40th) 178.742 24th out (2nd lap fastest)
    #30-Jeff Green, Chevy (176.405-46th) 178.688 6th out
    #36-Ken Schrader, Pontiac (178.066-32nd) 178.674 32nd out

    #5-Terry Labonte, Chevy (177.982-34th) 178.653 44th out
    #55-Bobby Hamilton, Chevy (179.365-18th) 178.610 35th out
    #77-Dave Blaney, Ford (178.281-30th) 178.593 45th out
    #44-Jerry Nadeau, Dodge (178.525-26th) 178.511 40th out
    #2-Rusty Wallace, Ford (179.659-13th) 178.405 8th out

    #07-Ted Musgrave, Dodge (179.030-21st) 177.894 25th out (2nd lap fastest)

    Provisional Land(37th-43rd)
    #48-Jimmie Johnson, Chevy (176.831-41st) 176.929 38th out (3rd in Owners Points)
    #97-Kurt Busch, Ford (181.734-1st) no speed-spun 36th out (5th in Owners Points)
    #21-Elliott Sadler, Ford (179.605-14th) 177.641 15th out (18th in Owners Points)
    #18-Bobby Labonte, Pontiac (177.595-36th) 177.771 23rd out (19th in Owners Points)
    Charged Provisionals:
    #23-Hut Stricklin, Dodge (176.391-47th) 177.859 5th out (34th in Owners Points)
    #11-Brett Bodine, Ford (177.301-37th) 176.080 48th out (37th in Owners Points)
    #14-Mike Wallace, Pontiac (176.585-45th) 173.574 22nd out (40th in Owners Points)

    Missing the Race(44-50th)
    #49-Ron Hornaday, Dodge (176.609-44th) 177.848 16th out
    #37-Derrike Cope, Ford (176.672-42nd) 177.396 1st out (49th in Owners Points)
    #27-Scott Wimmer, Dodge (176.665-43rd) 177.026 30th out, was sched to go out 43rd (70th in Owners Points)
    #74-Tony Raines, Chevy (178.006-33rd) 176.405 28th out, was sched to go out 35th (52nd in Owners Points)
    #71-Jim Sauter, Chevy (173.974-49th) 176.236 41st out (44th in Owners Points)
    #57-Stuart Kirby, Ford (175.254-48th) 175.521 12th out (53rd in Owners Points)
    #50-P.J. Jones, Pontiac (173.284-50th) 172.127 47th out (no Owners Points)

    (Speeds compiled from watching TNT and listening to IMS radio)
    #97-Kurt Busch spun out on his qualifying lap, but didn't hit anything and didn't take a 2nd lap
    #36-Ken Schrader is running the Pedigree scheme this week
    NASCAR has allowed the drivers who are running the BGN race to qualify directly after #98-Wallace: #74-Raines, #26-Bodine, #27-Wimmer.
    #37-Derrike Cope is running the Poison paint scheme, same as Pocono
    #24-Jeff Gordon broke at the end of his qualifying run and he parked it at the rear of pit road, Gordon said something broke but he doesn't think it is the motor.

    Lineup/Qual Results also at:


  • Pole Progression at Indy for the Brickyard 400:
    #37-Derrike Cope, 1st out to qualify, 177.396, DNF
    #43-John Andretti, 2nd out, 180.018, starts 16th
    #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr, 3rd out, 181.627, starts 3rd
    #9-Bill Elliott, 4th out, 182.109, starts 2nd
    #20-Tony Stewart, 11th out, 182.960, on the pole.(8-3-2002)

  • Practice Speeds fast on Friday: #97-Kurt Busch, 181.734mph and #9-Bill Elliott, 181.613 were the fastest at Indy on Friday, both going faster then the track record of 181.072mph, set by Brett Bodine in 2000. #40-Sterling Marlin was 3rd fastest at 180.992. Slowest were #50-P.J. Jones at 173.284, #71-Jim Sauter at 173.974 and #57-Stuart Kirby at 175.524.
    For speeds see .(8-2-2002)

  • Qualifying Order is up at ThatsRacin for the Brickyard 400 qualifying on Saturday. See above for the link(s). #37-Derrike Cope is scheduled out 1st, #40-Sterling Marlin is sceduled out last (50th). Fifty(50) cars are on the list, #07-Ted Musgrave, #09-Geoffrey Bodine, #27-Scott Wimmer, #37-Derrike Cope, #49-Ron Hornaday, #50-P.J. Jones, #57-Stuart Kirby, #71-Jim Sauter, #74-Tony Raines, and #98-Kenny Wallace, #89-Morgan Shepherd is not on the list and will not be at Indy this weekend.(8-2-2002)

  • Entry List is up for Indy, see above for the link. 50 cars/drivers are entered including #07-Ted Musgrave (in what could be his 300th career Cup start), #09-Geoffrey Bodine, #27-Scott Wimmer (with Hills Bros listed as the sponsor but Siemens will be his sponsor), #37-Derrike Cope (supposedly a Rolling Stones scheme, had Friendly's at testing), #49-Ron Hornaday (not Shawna Robinson), #57-Stuart Kirby, #71- Jim Sauter in the Marcis Racing Chevy, #74-Tony Raines, #89-Morgan Shepherd, and #98-Kenny Wallace. The #59-Price Motorsports tested a few weeks ago but are not listed. #79-Carl Long previously announced he would make an attempt at Indy.(7-30-2002)
    Up to 51: add #50-P.J. Jones in a 2nd A.J. Foyt Conseco Pontiac BUT hearing #89-Morgan Shepherd may opt out of the Cup race and just run the CTS race at IRP instead due to to the large car count for the Brickyard 400.(8-1-2002)
    Looks like 50: hearing Shepherd will not go to Indy at all and will skip both the Cup and CTS race and plans to run the Nashville CTS race and Michigan Cup race.(8-2-2002)

  • How to break a tie during qualifying?(same speed/time) When drivers are tied for a starting spot during qualifying, it is broken by owners points standings(not drivers). For provisionals standings see the Jayski's Provisional Status page

  • an interesting point: When NASCAR officials decided to disallow Jerry Nadeau's qualifying time at Daytona in Feb 2001, it raised an interesting question. With the Winston Cup series having only one round of qualifying the rest of the season, what happens if an unapproved part is found? According to NASCAR, drivers no longer have to post an official qualifying time to use a provisional, they only have to practice. So a driver could have a penalty on a qualifying issue but still have access to one of the seven provisionals for the race(Richmond Times Dispatch)(2-11-2001)

  • Links: Practice speeds, qualifying and results can be found at these sites: NASCAR Online and on my Race Results/Points page


  • Indy and coolers UPDATE: have seen or heard nothing about coolers or security restrictions at the Brickyard 400 in Indy this weekend.
    UPDATE: On the back of each ticket , it mentions that coolers are limited to 14 inches in length, with no glass containers. PLUS: The Indianapolis Motor Speedway allows personal coolers not larger than 14" by 14" by 14" to be carried into the grounds. No glass containers are allowed. Patrons may also bring in small backpacks and/or carry a bag in for food and personal items. All coolers, bags, backpacks and purses are subject to search at the gate.(Brickyard 400 site).(8-1-2002)

  • Pole Day at Indy: The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has chosen Sirius Satellite Radio and H.H. Gregg to play host to qualifying day during the Brickyard 400 NASCAR Winston Cup weekend, Aug. 2-4. H.H. Gregg/Sirius Qualifying Day, scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 3, will provide an intense day of activity for fans at the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway, starting with NASCAR Winston Cup Series qualifying at 11:05am/et, followed by the 40-lap IROC at Indy race at 1 p.m., featuring many of the world’s best drivers competing in equally-prepared True Value International Race of Champions stock cars. The stars of the Winston Cup Series will end the day with two practices, at 3:00pm/et and 4L45pm/et [televised at 6:00pm/et] (2:00pm and 3:45pm/local). Tickets for H.H. Gregg/Sirius Qualifying Day are $25. Children ages 5 and younger are admitted free.(Brickyard 400 site)(8-1-2002)

  • Indy Walls to stay for F1: An energy-absorbing barrier installed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Indy 500 in May will remain in place for the upcoming U.S. Grand Prix. The Speedway put the steel and foam barriers in all four turns of the 2.5-mile oval for the 500, although Turn One - the 13th turn for the Formula One race - is the only one that is incorporated into the 2.6-mile road course. The U.S. Grand Prix will be held on Sept. 29.(Augusta Chronicle/AP)(7-31-2002)

  • IMS naming rights stay...for now: The media center at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will remain the WorldComplex at least through the end of this year despite the financial troubles of WorldCom Inc., which last year signed a long-term contract for the naming rights. Speedway spokesman Fred Nation said the company, which Tuesday admitted to $3.9 billion in accounting fraud, has paid its bill through the year. He did not reveal the amount.(Indianapolis Star News)(6-27-2002)

  • Indy Soft Walls - Announcement UPDATE: The energy-absorbing soft-wall system that will be unveiled today at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway could revolutionize driver safety in high-speed racing accidents. But the actual manufacturing of the padding configuration that covers the concrete outside walls in the track's four corners is relatively easy, project director Brian Barnhart told The Star on Tuesday. The energy-absorbing soft-wall system that will be unveiled today at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway could revolutionize driver safety in high-speed racing accidents. But the actual manufacturing of the padding configuration that covers the concrete outside walls in the track's four corners is relatively easy, project director Brian Barnhart told The Star on Tuesday. Officials at today's afternoon news conference will explain how the Speedway went from the tube-based arrangement that was installed in the inside of the fourth turn in 1998 to the new system. NASCAR president Mike Helton will also be in attendance today.(Indianapolis Star)(5-1-2002)
    UPDATE: Indianapolis Motor Speedway, America's most historic auto racing course, will this month serve as a real-world laboratory for a "next evolution" energy-absorbing barrier that has been installed on the outside walls of its four turns. "We believe this is a part of motorsports' future," Tony George, president of the 2.5-mile track that opened in 1909, said Wednesday as the new barrier, called the SAFER - for Steel and Foam Energy Reduction - was detailed to the media for the first time. The barrier, stacks of four rectangular steel tubes welded into modules 20 feet long and 38 1/2 inches high and then backed by several inches of polystyrene foam, covers 4,240 feet of the track's outside wall, 1,060 feet in each turn. George and Brian Barhnart, vice president of operations for the Indy Racing League, said the barrier will be in place throughout practice for the Indianapolis 500, which opens Sunday, and would stay there for the May 26 race itself barring unexpected problems in its performance. The Indianapolis track and the IRL have been working with of the University of Nebraska's Midwest Roadside Safety Facility on barrier research since 1998. At the IRL's invitation, NASCAR joined in the development project in September of 2000. Gary Nelson, NASCAR's managing director for competition, said NASCAR would watch the performance of the SAFER barrier during the Indy 500 activities, but would not commit to when NASCAR might install the barriers at one of its tracks. "It is really a misnomer to attach the word 'soft' to this in any way," Barnhart said, referring to the "soft wall" term often used to describe energy-absorbing barriers. "There isn't anything soft about an impact barrier for race cars."()(5-2-2002)

  • Indy Pagoda Named: The naming rights to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's landmark pagoda officially were awarded Tuesday to Bombardier, a Montreal-based transportation giant. For its undisclosed investment, Bombardier will get year-round access to one of the pagoda's major suites -- the one previously used by track chairman Mari Hulman George -- and signage atop the 160-foot-high structure. Bombardier will sponsor the IRL's $50,000 rookie of the year award, contribute to the 500's point fund and sponsor a race This year, that race will be Sunday in Phoenix. George also expects Bombardier to eventually be involved in the transportation of IRL teams, officials and sponsors to races through chartered aircraft. But the real benefit for both sides figures to come from Bombardier's national network of dealers, who sell company-made all-terrain vehicles, sport boats and snowmobiles. George envisions cross-promotions, including snowmobile trips with two-time Indy winner Al Unser Jr. The pagoda becomes the third Speedway building to have its naming rights sold. The others are the medical and media centers. George said title sponsorship of the 500 is not for sale and Bombardier's demographics do not fit with buying sponsorship of NASCAR's Brickyard 400.(Indianapolis Star)(3-13-2002)

  • How to Calculate Track Speeds: use the formula Speed = Distance divided by Time. Distance is Track Length, and Lap Time into Hours. Once hour is 3600 seconds, so the calculation for a 48 second lap at Daytona(2.5 miles) would be: Speed = 2.5 x (3600/48), = 2.5 x 75 = 187.500mph. For a 19 second lap at Bristol(.533 miles): Speed = .533 x (3600/19), = .533 x 189.474 = a speed of 100.990mph

  • Past track news: posted in the past at Jayski's Past Track News/Rumors - Indianapolis Motor Speedway


  • 2nd Foyt car enters the Brickyard 400: A.J. Foyt has hired P.J. Jones, son of 1963 Indianapolis 500 winner Parnelli Jones, to drive the #50 Conseco Pontiac in the Brickyard 400. Foyt contacted Jones, who was in town to drive in tonight's USAC Silver Crown feature at Indianapolis Raceway Park, and reached an agreement earlier today. Foyt will file the second entry tomorrow at the track. Mike Wallace is slated to drive the No. #Conseco Pontiac in his second race for Foyt. "Originally, I had planned to run two cars at Indy, which was why Mike Wallace tested here a couple weeks ago in the #50 Conseco car," Foyt said. "After Stacy Compton was released, I decided to run just one car but that became an issue for NASCAR. They told me yesterday that they were going to penalize my team quite heavily because they thought I was trying to get around the limited testing issue. Well, that was the last thing on my mind, but I told Mike Hillman [crew chief] to enter the second car. I called P.J. about driving it and he said he'd love to. "I considered hiring his dad Parnelli but I couldn't get him off the golf course," Foyt joked about his longtime rival and good friend who retired from driving race cars in the 70's. "I am excited about this opportunity to run at the Brickyard, even if it came at the last minute," Jones, from Torrance, Calif., said. "We'd like to be more prepared but we'll just do the best we can. It'll be fun to drive for A.J. at Indy." Jones, 33, did run a stock car here at the first open test in 1994, but did not compete in the inaugural Brickyard 400 in 1994 (although Foyt did for what turned out to be his last Winston Cup race). Jones started racing midgets and sprint cars in California in the late 1980s. Dan Gurney hired Jones to race in the IMSA GTP series in 1992, and Jones won five races in two seasons, including an overall victory in the Rolex 24 in 1993 at Daytona. He also ran six races for the Melling Racing team that year, with a best finish of 9th at Watkins Glen. Jones concentrated on NASCAR racing in 1994, winning twice in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. He returned to Gurney's All-American Racers team in 1996 to drive in CART, staying there until 1999. Jones joined Patrick Racing in 1999, earning a career-best second-place finish at Nazareth Speedway. Since 1999, he has raced in the NASCAR Busch Series and in selected USAC Silver Crown Series events. He finished fourth in the Silver Crown feature at the Copper World Indy 200 in March at Phoenix International Raceway. Jones will race at IRP tonight and strap into the #50 Conseco Pontiac tomorrow afternoon when the Winston Cup teams practice for Saturday's qualifying session.(A.J. Foyt Racing PR)(8-1-2002)

  • Just a test - Gordon and Montoya to swap cars: F1 BMW Williams driver, Juan Pablo Montoya, is expected to try his hand at the American racing series, NASCAR, when he takes to the wheel of Jeff Gordon's #24 Dupont Chevy on the 12th of August. Meanwhile, Gordon, will take to the BMW Williams F1. Partly sponsored by BMW, Juan Pablo will return to the scene of the Brickyard's oval layout, where he won the Indy 500 back in the year 2000, while Gordon will lap the infield created for the Formula One series.(F1-Live)(8-1-2002)

  • Assoc's for the #57 at Indy: Team CLR Racing, with driver Stuart Kirby, will be entering their second Winston Cup race at the Brickyard 400 this weekend. Stuart Kirby while piloting #57 Ford Taurus in testing at the Brickyard posted some very respectable speeds that had both veterans and rookies taking notice in the garage area. Two local Indiana small business' have joined together to become associate sponsors on the #57 CLR Ford. LD Mechanical Contractors of Franklin, IN and Over The Wall Diecast of Beech Grove, IN worked out a one race deal to be on the. quarter panels for race.(PR)(7-31-2002)

  • R Gordon hurt but will race UPDATE 2: Winston Cup driver #31-Robby Gordon plans to drive Sunday's Pennsylvania 500 at Pocono Raceway despite sustaining two sprained ankles Saturday afternoon in a motocross incident. Gordon sprained both ankles after jumping a hill at Traxx Motorsports Park at Jack Frost Ski Resort on his Honda CRF450 motocross bike. He was with some members of his #31 Richard Childress Racing team at the time and was immediately evaluated by park physicians. Dr. Jay Golding, RCR's team physician, evaluated Gordon Sunday morning and concurred with the Traxx Motorsports Park physicians' diagnosis. Gordon¹s left ankle was injured more severely than his right ankle, and Dr. Golding plans to place an aircast on Gordon¹s left ankle and wrap the right ankle in an ACE bandage for the 500-mile race. Gordon's team will decide following Sunday's race whether Gordon will still test Monday and Tuesday at Watkins Glen (N.Y.) International.()(7-28-2002)
    UPDATE: Gordon sprained both ankles Saturday when he overshot a jump at a local motocross park and his bike landed on its chassis. He is scheduled to undergo x-rays Monday morning in North Carolina and his RCR crew chief Kevin Hamlin said the teams scheduled test at Watkins Glen was canceled.(
    UPDATE 2: Robby Gordon's injuries from a weekend motorcycle accident are a little more serious than first appeared. Upon further evaluation by doctors Monday in Charlotte, N.C., it was determined Gordon fractured his left heel in Saturday afternoon's motocross bike incident near Pocono Raceway. Gordon also sustained two sprained ankles in the incident but is still expected to drive the #31 Cingular Chevy in Sunday's Brickyard 400. The team cancelled this week's scheduled test at Watkins Glen. Gordon underwent x-rays and an MRI at Carolinas Medical Center Monday, at which time the heel fracture was discovered. Doctors placed an air cast on Gordon's left foot and taped his right ankle for support. Gordon, 33, was jumping hills on his Honda CRF450 motocross bike Saturday afternoon at Traxx Motorsports Park at Jack Frost Ski Resort near Pocono when the bike landed incorrectly on the top of a hill. Gordon plans to use the aluminum insert in his left shoe this weekend that team members made at Pocono to stabilize his left foot in the race car. He is not expected to miss any races.()(7-30-2002)

  • Rudd hopes to make an announcment UPDATE: about his future at or just after the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis.(TNT Rain Delay Coverage)(7-28-2002)
    UPDATE: Word in the garage is that Chip Ganassi will field a third Dodge next season with Ricky Rudd as the driver. The announcement might come this weekend at Indianapolis. A sticking point in Rudd's negotiations with current owner Robert Yates was that Rudd wanted to keep his #28 crew together next season.(Sporting News)(7-29-2002)

  • Long to skip the Brickyard 400 but plan to be at Pocono: #79 SR Racing and Carl Long have decided not to run the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis next week, because they want to concentrate on the race at Pocono this weekend.(Carl Long Racing site)(7-23-2002)

  • Hornaday in the #49 at Indy? Shawna Robinson is the only woman driver competing in NASCAR's Winston Cup Series, and last season she became the first female to finish a race in more than two decades. The question now, however, is: How much longer will she have a job? Although team officials have not confirmed any driver change, Robinson revealed in a phone interview yesterday that she may have taken her last ride in the #49 Dodge Intrepid. Ron Hornaday Jr., who replaced Robinson at two races earlier this season - failing to qualify for one and needing a provisional to make the other - is ticketed to drive BAM Motorsports' entry in the Aug. 4 race in Indianapolis. Both drivers were at the Brickyard for test sessions last week, but according to Robinson, "Ron was in a car built for Indy; I was testing a car not made for Indy. "I'm extremely frustrated," she said. "The owners are very good people and they've given me a great opportunity, but I just don't know where I stand with the team at this point." Starting fresh with the newly formed BAM Motorsports, which is owned by Beth Ann Morgenthau and her husband Tony, Robinson turned in a career-best finish of 24th in the Daytona 500. But in running a limited schedule, the team has been unable to secure primary sponsorship. Robinson noted that "things keep breaking on the cars," and admitted that she had just discovered on the Internet that BAM recently hired its third crew chief of the season. Because she is under contract with BAM Motorsports through the end of next season, Robinson is going to do what she is asked to do. In the last month, she said, she has been to New York three times trying to secure sponsorship. If she is released, Robinson will pursue a deal to possibly return to the BGN next season.(Philadelphia Inqurier)(7-23-2002)

  • Musgrave at the Brickyard 400? UPDATE: hearing Ted Musgrave, who drives the #1 Truck for the Ultra Motorsports CTS team, will drive a 2nd team car to #7-Casey Atwwod, the #07 Sirius Dodge, looks chrome, see an image of the car in my Paint Scheme Gallery.(7-3-2002)
    UPDATE: Current CTS points leader Ted Musgrave will enter at least five Winston Cup races this season in the #07 Dodge. The new team will be composed of personnel from Musgrave’s Ultra Motorsports Truck team as well as from the team of his teammate, Jason Leffler. Musgrave will work in Cup as a teammate with Ultra/Evernham Motorsports driver Casey Atwood, who drives the #7 Dodge. Both teams are sponsored by Sirius Satellite Radio. Musgrave’s first race will be the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It will mark his 300th career start in the Winston Cup series. "I’m pretty excited, coming back getting my opportunity here," Musgrave said. "We talked about doing something like this last year but we never really got the chance to get going because of the dedication we put into the Truck series. We’ll start off at the Brickyard 400 and run about four more races [Darlington, Phoenix, Atlanta and Homestead]. We’re building a new car for the race. I’m proud to be with these guys"()(4th of July 2002)

  • See the 2002 Team Chart which has links to past news for each team and info on each team. And see my 2003 Team Chart


  • Special Paint Scheme for the #43 at Indy: To rev students and parents up about the upcoming school year, the Cheerios/Betty Crocker #43 Dodge will feature a special Box Tops for Education paint scheme during the Brickyard 400 on August 4 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Box Tops for Education is General Mills' acclaimed school fund-raising program. Through the Box Tops for Education program, eligible schools can earn up to $30,000 per school year. To date, General Mills has contributed nearly $70 million cash back to America's schools through the program. NASCAR Winston Cup driver John Andretti, who will race the Box Tops for Education car, is excited to help promote this celebrated program. "I'm happy to help support Box Tops for Education and raise awareness of General Mills' efforts to help schools earn cash," said Andretti. "Families are such an important part of the NASCAR experience which makes it the perfect place to feature a great program like Box Tops for Education." The special paint scheme features the vibrant Box Tops for Education logo on the hood and TV panel. Additionally, Kroger affirms its commitment to Box Tops for Education through the Kroger Racing logo prominently displayed on the deck lid.
    Introduced in 1996, Box Tops for Education is a school fundraising program run by General Mills, Inc. Box Tops for Education is open to any accredited public, private or parochial school, containing any class with students from Kindergarten to 8th grade, in the United States that is organized and primarily operated for education purposes and to any United States military school, containing any class with students from Kindergarten to 8th grade, worldwide. The Box Tops for Education program provides consumers three ways to earn cash for their school: Clip with the original Box Tops for Education; Shop online at the Box Tops for Education Marketplace; Charge with the Box Tops for Education Visa card. For more information about Box Tops for Education, visit PR)(7-31-2002)

  • Tide to go Retro at Indy/IRP: Tide Racing will be celebrating 15 years as a primary sponsor in NASCAR Winston Cup Series racing this weekend at the Brickyard. In addition to their regular #32 Winston Cup entry of Ricky Craven, they will also sponsor Darrell Waltrip's #17 Craftsman Truck in the Friday event at Indianapolis Raceway Park. Both teams will sport Tide's "retro" look, which goes back to their original Tide "America's Favorite" logo for the paint schemes and white crew uniforms. Some stats: Tide's involvement began in 1987 with Hendrick Motorsports and Darrell Waltrip. Tide sponsored teams have raced to 19 victories including the Daytona 500 (Waltrip, 1989) and the Brickyard 400 (Rudd, 1997). Tide drivers have included Darrell Waltrip (1987-1990), Ricky Rudd (1991-1999), Scott Pruett (2000) and Ricky Craven (2001-present). Tide as a sponsor has 5 victories at Martinsville, 3 victories at Lowe's Motor Speedway, 2 victories at Dover and one victory at Daytona, Atlanta, Bristol, Darlington, Michigan, New Hampshire, Phoenix, Rockingham and Indianapolis -Of the Tide victories, Waltrip won 9, Rudd won 9 and Craven has one.(PPI PR), see my Paint Scheme Gallery for images of the #32 car and #17 truck.(7-31-2002)

  • More Paint Scheme news can be found on Paint Schemes Gallery, choose current news


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