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THE RACE: Tropicana 400

Winston Cup Race #18 of 36 for the 2003 Winston Cup season
Updated: often, leading up to the race

  • Race: Sunday, July 13, 2003 in Joliet, IL

  • TV: NBC - 3:00pm/et

  • Pre-Race Show: NBC - 2:30pm/et - hosted by Bill Weber

  • Scheduled Race Re-Air: Speed Channel - July 16th at 8:00pm/et; and July 17th at 1:00am/et and 3:00pm/et.

  • Pay Per View/NASCAR In Demand:

  • Announcers: Allen Bestwick, Benny Parsons, Wally Dallenbach

  • Pit Reporters: Bill Weber, Matt Yocum, Marty Snider, Dave Burns

  • War Wagon: Bill Weber and many guests

  • NASCAR on TV and Fox Sports

  • Purse/Race Awards: $5,106,510 (was $4,491,173 in 2002)

  • Entry List Links: Entry List for the race from

  • 2002 Race Winner: Kevin Harvick, 136.832mph, started 32nd

  • Race Speed Record: Kevin Harvick, 2002, 136.832mph

  • Track/Race Length: 1.5 mile oval, 267 laps, 400.5 miles

  • Pit Road Speed: 45mph


  • Practice: Friday, July 11th, 12:20 - 2:20pm/et; and Saturday, July 12th, 10:30 - 11:15am/et

  • Happy Hour Practice: Saturday, July 12th, 12:10 - 12:55pm/et on TV-Speed Channel live.


  • Qualifying Draw: Friday, July 13th, 11:20am/et

  • Qualifying Order: and/or

  • First Round Qualifying: 2 laps for positions 1-36, Friday, July 11th at 4:05pm/et, TV-Speed Channel live, no re-air date/time found, and live via MRN radio/internet and XM Satellite - NASCAR Radio (Subscription Required)

  • Qualifying Results: on my Tropicana 400 Qualifying Page

  • NASCAR Online will have live lap-by-lap coverage of Cup qualifying via the web (NOTE: this is a paid subscription service).

  • Second-Round Qualifying: there is no longer a 2nd round of qualifying (since the 2001 season)

  • Track Qualifying Record: Todd Bodine, July 2001, 183.717mph

  • Last Year's Pole Sitter: Ryan Newman, 183.051mph, finished 5th.

    Track Specs:
    1.5 mile tri-oval
    18 degrees in the turns
    11 degrees in the front stretch
    5 degrees in the back stretch
    Attendence: ~75,000 another 10,000 in the infield

  • Track Homepage: Chicagoland Speedway

  • Last Year: see my 2002 Tropicana 400 Race Info page.


    RACE Winners:
    2002: #29-Kevin Harvick, 136.832mph, started 32nd
    2001: #29-Kevin Harvick, 121.200mph, started 7th

    POLE Winners:
    2002: #12-Ryan Newman, 183.051mph, finished 5th
    2001: #66-Todd Bodine, 185.717mph, finished 14th


    Tire: Goodyear Eagle Speedway Radials

    Number of Tires Required:
    Winston Cup: Left - 1,200, Right - 1,200;
    Busch Series: Left - 570, Right - 570; IROC: Left - 130, Right - 130

    Tire Codes: Left - D-6352; Right - D-6356

    Tire Circumference: Left - 87.3 in.; Right - 88.6 in.

    Technical Inspection Inflation:
    Left Front - 30 psi; Right Front - 48 psi;
    Left Rear - 30 psi; Right Rear - 45 psi

    Minimum Recommended Inflation:
    Left Front - 24 psi; Right Front - 46 psi;
    Left Rear - 24 psi; Right Rear - 42 psi

    Estimated Pit Window: Every 60-65 laps, based on fuel mileage.

    Notes:. This Goodyear Eagle tire combination is the same one run at Chicagoland since the NASCAR Winston Cup and Busch Series began running there in July 2001 . . . Chicagoland is the only track this tire combination will be run on this season, though this particular left-side code (D-6352) will be run with different right-side codes at Texas, California, Charlotte, Michigan and Kansas . . . both the Winston Cup and Busch Series will run the same tire codes this week . . . as on all NASCAR ovals longer than one mile, teams are required to run inner liners in all four tire positions at Chicagoland . . . air pressure in the inner liners must be 12-25 psi greater than that of the outer tire.

    Goodyear Quote -- Mark Keto, Lead Engineer, Stock Car Tire Development: "This is the third straight year we have brought this tire set-up to Chicagoland, so teams should have a lot of notes to work from.. The biggest change we expect to see is that as the track ages, the asphalt will lose grip and lead to a broader racing groove through the corners.. Drivers will experiment with different racing lines, depending on what the car is asking for, and that will lead to more side-by-side racing."


  • The NASCAR Winston Cup Leader Bonus is $180,000 at Chicago for leading the points and winning the race (Sterling Marlin last won the award, $20,000 at Darlington on March 17, 2002). The $360,000 annual award is paid at $10,000 per race to the point leader at the end of each event if the driver is also the winner. The award increases by $10,000 each week the it goes unclaimed. If the point leader is not the race winner at the end of the year, the balance of the award is distributed among the top-10 finishers in the drivers point standings(6-22-2003)

  • 48 Races since...: Leader bonus has been won. It's been 48 races since the NASCAR Winston Cup points leader won a race and took home the NASCAR Winston Cup Leader Bonus. #17-Matt Kenseth leads the series points and has the only realistic shot at claiming the bonus at Chicago. In the very unlikely event that Kenseth fails to start this weekend's race, #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr., could go ahead of Kenseth for the points lead. Should a driver win the bonus at Chicago, it would bypass the second-largest payout in the history of the program. #18-Bobby Labonte collected the biggest paycheck, $190,000, with a win at Indianapolis in 2000. The $10,000 bonus is available following every NASCAR Winston Cup Series race. If the point leader does not win the race, the bonus rolls over to the next week. Sterling Marlin last won the award, $20,000 at Darlington on March 17, 2002, it was NOT won by #15-Waltrip at Daytona, it rolled over to Rockingham.(7-6-2003)

  • MBNA Mid-Race Leader Bonus: is $10,000 at Chciago. The MBNA Mid-Race Leader Award is $10,000 to the Winston Cup driver who leads the race at midway. If the driver wins the race they receive a $5,000 bonus. If the MBNA Mid-Race Leader fails to win the race the $5,000 bonus rolls into the next week (Jeff Gordon last won the bonus, $25,000 + $10,000 at Martinsville on Apr 13, 2003). No word on if a driver gets the award if the halfway is under yellow at the time or if the award is given out if the leader is not participating in the program and if it would go to the next place car at the time. The 2003 MBNA Mid-Race Leader Winners:
    Daytona: Michael Waltrip, $15,000* (plus $5,000 bonus)
    Rockingham: Rusty Wallace, $10,000
    Las Vegas: Dale Earnhardt Jr., $10,000
    Atlanta: Bobby Labonte, $25,000* (plus $15,000 bous)
    Darlington: Mark Martin, $10,000
    Bristol: Jimmy Spencer, $10,000
    Texas: Matt Kenseth, $10,000
    Talladega: Matt Kenseth, $10,000 (Jimmie Johnson led at halfway, assume the team does not participate in the program)
    Martinsville: Jeff Gordon, $35,000* (plus $25,000 bonus)
    California: Jamie McMurray, $10,000
    Richmond: Bobby Labonte, $10,000
    Charlotte: Bobby Labonte, $10,000
    Dover: Ryan Newman, $30,000 (which includes the $20,000 bonus)*
    Pocono: Elliott Sadler, $10,000
    Michigan: Sterling Marlin, $10,000
    Sonoma: Robby Gordon, $25,000 (which includes the $15,000 bonus)*
    Daytona: Dale Earnhardt Jr., $10,000
    (* won race and bonus)(7-6-2003)


Radio Coverage:
Motor Racing Network (MRN) and

Satellite/Backhaul Listing's:
Satellite/Backhaul Listing's: Stutzman Computer Service/Sales - Racing Feed Locations

Scanner Frequencies:
are linked on my Scanner Freq/Equipment Links Page
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Local Newspaper and other Sites that cover the Joliet/Chicago, IL Area:
Belleville News-Democrat
Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago Tribune [need to regiater to view]
Daily Herald
Joliet Herald News
Northwest Herald
Ottawa Daily Times
Peoria Star Journal
Rockford Register

Weather Forecast:
by The Weather Channel
Accuweather - Current Radar
Intellicast - NASCAR weather
National Weather Service
Weather Underground

Chicago Review by ARS Racing
Laid Back Racing (lots of info)

Driver Appearance List from Chicagoland Speedway site
any I know of are listed on my Driver Appearances/Chats page with info and links

TV Coverage/Info/News Pages:
Race Fan TV


news and links

  • Newman wins the Tropicana 400 at Chicagoland Speedway: #12-Ryan Newman won the Tropicana 400 for his third 2003 win and fourth career win. His sponsor for the race was Mobil One Speedpass. #20-Tony Stewart was the runnerup after #29-Kevin Harvick ran out of fuel. The top ten unofficial finishers:

    #12-Ryan Newman (67 laps led)
    #20-Tony Stewart (80 laps led)
    #48-Jimmie Johnson (25 laps led)
    #24-Jeff Gordon (47 laps led)
    #15-Michael Waltrip (1 lap led)

    #99-Jeff Burton
    #31-Robby Gordon
    #42-Jamie McMurray (1 lap led)
    #38-Elliott Sadler
    #19-Jeremy Mayfield
    where are the points leaders running?
    #17-Kenseth = 12th, 1 lap down
    #24-Gordon = 4th
    #8-Earnhardt Jr. = 38th out
    #18-Labonte = 36th out
    #15-Waltrip = 5th

    Cars on the lead lap: 11 (of 43 starters)

    Off track/out of race (10):
    #37-Cope (out-engine);
    #25-Nemechek (out-engine);
    #14-Foyt (out-accident);
    #0-Sprague (out-engine);
    #97-Busch (out-engine);
    #8-Earnhardt Jr. (out-accident);
    #18-Labonte (out-accident);
    #01-Wallace (out-accident);
    #41-Mears (out-accident);
    #54-Bodine (out-?);

    Laps Leaders Unofficial (7): #20-Stewart(80 - most led); #29-Harvick(46); #15-Waltrip(1); #24-Gordon(47 lead half way); #48-Johnson(25); #42-McMurray(1); #12-Newman(67);

    Cautions 7 for 35 laps

    Caution 7 - Laps 234 - 239: #41-Mears got loose and backed into the wall.
    Caution 6 - Laps 216 - 222: #18-Labonte got tagged by #10-Benson who got driven into by #41-Mears who moved down the track to avoid #6-Martin. When Labonte spun, #01-Wallace spun just ahead of Labonte. Also #9-Elliott and #30-Park spun while trying to check up, and #32-Craven got hit but Labonte when the #18 slid down the track. Labonte got out and fell to the ground, ended up walking away. It took the crews a while to put the car out as it was full of fuel. #45-Petty stopped to see if Labonte was ok.
    Caution 5 - Laps 208 - 212: #8-Earnhardt Jr. got very loose and backed into the wall, he is OK.
    Caution 4 - Laps 128 - 131: #97-Busch toasted an engine, be interesting to hear his comments.
    Caution 3 - Laps 106 - 113: #4-Sauter lost a tire, save it and brought it down pit road, but left debris on the track, had to go to the garage for repairs.
    Caution 2 - Laps 92 - 95: #14-Foyt spun around after getting high and loose and backed into the wall in turn four.
    Caution 1 - Laps 83 - 86: Debris in turn one.
    RACE NOTES: (as noted on TV or MRN Radio)
    * #29-Harvick ran out of fuel with 2 laps to go and running in 2nd place.
    * during the 7th caution, four drivers made pit stops, four of the five at the rear of the lead lap cars: #9-Elliott, #19-Mayfield, #38-Sadler and #42-McMurray. Then some of the driverss more then a lap down came in to pit.
    * #2-Wallace had too many crew people over the wall and were penalized on lap 195 pit and was held there. #16-Biffle ran out of fuel on lap 195 but made it to the pits, also had too many crew people over the wall and was penalized. #74-Raines and #15-Waltrip got together in the pits, no major damage.
    * Scheduled pit stops are occuring laps 185-190 range.
    * On lap 175, #24-Gordon came in for a scheduled pit stop, he is a bit out of sequence as he didn't pit during the caution 4 pit stops.
    * On the caution 4 pit stops, all leaders stopped but #24. The #40 came in to fix that brake duct that keeps cutting tires down. #29-Harvick topped off at the end of rhe caution. #20-Stewart drove up to #31-Gordon and gave him a few hand gestures [probably said he was #1].
    * #31-Gordon ran high and pushed #20-Stewart high, who had to back off, then the #31 got into the #38-Sadler car, who went hign and fell back.
    * On the caution 3 retart, #40-Marlin had a right front tire go down and had to come in to pit and lost a lap.
    * Some of the lead laps car came in, some didn't, one that didn't was the leader at the time, #29-Harvick.
    * #8-Earnhardt Jr. ran over some of #4-Sauter's tried debris and bent some of the valance in, had to pit to fix it.
    * Before the drop of the green flag at the end of the 2nd caution, four cars came in to top off their fuel: #9-Elliott, #19-Mayfield, #31-Gordon and #40-Marlin - who came in twice to repair an air duct.
    * All lead lap cars (18) came in to pit during the 1st Caution. Seems most only got 2 tires [right side]. #31-Gordon and #29-Harvick took fuel only, #19-Mayfield took four tires.
    * Some Penalties on the first round pit stops, #45-Petty for speeding on pit road, #18-Labonte stop and go, left a wrench in and it got knocked out of the pit box, fell off on pit road.
    * #6-Martin stalled during his pit stop [lap 65] and had to be push started
    * All the Dodge's came in earlier then the other manus.
    * #9-Elliott and #19-Mayfield came in to pit a bit early, arould lap 52-54 range.
    * #25-Nemenck is having engine problems and brought the car to the pits on lap 46.
    * Unless there is a yellow, looks like pitstops will happen around laps 65-70 range.
    Re-air: the race will be re-aired on Speed Channel, Wed, July 16th, 8:00pm/et and Thurs, June 17th, at 1:00am/et and at 3:00pm/et.
    Lineup/Qual Results/Lineup Links at Jayski's Tropicana 400 Grid page.
    Race re-air: The race will be re-aired on Speed Channel, Wed, July 16th, 8:00am/et and Thurs, Jyly 17th, 1:00am/et and at 3:00pm/et.
    Unofficial Race Results at

  • Top five in Drivers Points after Chicago:
    #17-Matt Kenseth, 2678
    #24-Jeff Gordon, 2513, -165
    #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr., 2420, -258
    #18-Bobby Labonte, 2351, -327
    #15-Michael Waltrip, 2294, -384
    See unofficial results at or

  • Jayski's Chicago Qualifying/Grid Page

  • Happy Hour practice at Chicagoland Speedway is over for the Tropicana 400. The fastest were:
    #48-Jimmie Johnson, 178.625
    #12-Ryan Newman, 177.907
    #20-Tony Stewart, 177.602
    [Rest of the top 10: #9, #25, #8, #41, #74, #24 and #40]
    slowest are:
    #37-Derrike Cope, 172.966
    #43-Christian Fittipaldi, 172.689
    Tangle: #48-Johnson and #10-Benson got together when Benson was heading to pitroad, no major damage bit the left front is damaged on the #48 and the rear right is damaged on the #10.
    Wreck: Halfway thru practice, #37-Cope wrecked hard in turn one, looks like he ran over some debris that cut down right rear his tire, the car is junked, he will need to go to a backup GBR Chevy, shame he was scheduled to start 25th. Cope is out and walking around.
    For speeds see or

  • To the Back: #48-Jimmie Johnson and #37-Derrike Cope will have to fall to the rear of the field before the start of the Tropicana 400 at Chicagoland Speedway; Johnson lost an engine; and Cope wrecked in practice.(Speed Chanel Coverage of Happy Hour)(7-12-2003)
    AND #14-Larry Foyt's team changed engines and had to fall to the rear of the field before the start of the race.(7-13-2003)

  • Saturday 1st Practice is over. The fastest were:
    #12-Ryan Newman at 179.110 mph
    #20-Tony Stewart at 178.560
    #41-Casey Mears at 178.212
    #37-Derrike Cope, 172.452
    #32-Ricky Craven, 173.166
    Most laps were run by #20-Stewart (40; #17-Kenseth (44) and #9-Elliott (39) and #18-Labonte (39)
    #24-Jeff Gordon only ran 7 laps and was 15th fastest.
    #48-Jimmie Johnson lost an engine in the practice, causing a break in the practice session.(7-12-2003)

  • StockCarFans.Com: Ramblings -- Chicagoland: It was a record-bustin day at Chicagoland Speedway on Friday afternoon. A little delayed....a little damp....but certainly not a little slow. #20-Tony Stewart nabbed his first Bud Pole of the season today, and he led five other drivers who were all quicker than the previous track record. Tony will start from the top-spot for the first time since Atlanta last October, but that was a rain-out for qualifying.....just like at Lowe's Motor Speedway earlier that month when he again led the points thereby getting the #1 starting spot. So....this is his first pole on speed since he won the one back home in Indiana at The Brickyard last August. It's the sixth Bud Pole of Stewart's career, and he'll be joined on the front-row by Jeff Gordon. For Gordon, this is his best starting spot since he had the pole at Martinsville in April.
    #9-Bill Elliott (3rd) has his best starting spot since he lined up on the outside pole at California Speedway in April.
    #41-Casey Mears (4th) has his career-best starting spot this weekend. His previous best was 10th at Talladega in April. Throw in a Busch pole for tomorrow's race and Casey had a banner day
    #16-Greg Biffle (7th...and another guy who's had a pretty good week) has his best starting spot since he started 5th at Homestead last November.
    #4-Johnny Sauter (20th....just how many Sauter's are there?) will make his first Cup start on Sunday.
    #37-Derrike Cope (25th) has his best starting spot since he lined up 24th at Bristol in March (only 4 starts, tho).
    STREAKIN....Jeff Gordon has 7 Top-10 starts in the last 8 races. Tony Stewart has 4 Top-10 starts in the last 5 races. Elliott Sadler has 4 Top-10 starts in the last 5 races.
    Provisionals were taken by: Ricky Rudd, Kenny Wallace, Todd Bodine, Mike Wallace, Kyle Petty, Christian Fittipaldi, and Ken Schrader. We're into the Special Provisional part of the rules now as both Fittipaldi and Schrader were out of freebies, but make the event since this was the #81 car's first attempt (Keller). If you're scoring at home (and I know you do), this is the #43 car's 8th total non-charged, six charged, and one special. It's gonna be a tough stretch for the #4, 43, and 49 till we get to Bristol the end of next month.(StockCarFans.Com Winston Cup Newsletter)(7-11-2003)

  • Stewart wins pole at Chicago: After a near two-hour delay due to a rain storm, #20-Tony Stewart won the Bud Pole for the Tropicana 400 at Chciagoland Speedway, blistering the old track record [183.717] with a lap of 184.786mph. Five other drivers ran faster then the old track record, including #24-Jeff Gordon who is on the outside pole at 184.445. And how about #4-Johnny Sauter, out of provisionals and qualifies 20th, the highest Pontiac, not bad for his first start. For qualifying results, speeds, and other qualifying stuff, see my Jayski's Chicago Qualifying/Grid Page for speeds, practice speeds, qualifying order, provisional rank, if a team is out of provisonals, where a driver started and finished in 2002 at Chicago. Due to the small entry list and #81-Keller not being fast enough to make the race and since it was the first attempt for the race, it had no provisonals avaiable to use, #43-Fittipaldi and #49-Schrader, both out of provisonals, made the field by Owners Points postions and will starts 42nd and 43rd.
    Qualifying is scheduled to be re-aired tonight at 9:30pm/et and on Saturday, July 12th at 2:30am/et.(7-11-2003)

  • What happens if at least 43 cars attempt a race but more then one team is out of provisionals and fails to qualify for the race with still a spot open in the field?
    If one or a few of the teams without provisionals fail to get in on speed, then the part time teams (don't attempt all races and are deep in the OWNERS points) get a shot at the provisionals, lining up by Owners Points. If spots are still available, then the teams without provisionals get placed in the field by fastest qualifying speed until all 43 spots are filled.
    UPDATE: looks like some more changes to this procedure I was not aware of, the rules I have are off a 2002 Entry Blank, have not seen a 2003. #81-Keller misses the race as he is not eligible as the team has not made any previous attempts. That is not the change, the change is now, qualifying for SPEED used to be how the drivers out of provisonals would start, now it goes by the owners points positions, so #43-Fittipaldi starts 42nd [37th on owners points, speed was 179.503mph] and #49-Ken Schrader starts 43rd [39th in owners points, but was faster then the #43 at 180.222].(7-11-2003)

  • Now this should be fun: Jim McMahon the often outrageous former quarterback that piloted the 1985 Chicago Bears to a Super Bowl XX victory [and was a Philly Eagles QB for a few year - a Jayski Fave], is scheduled to be piloted around Chicagoland Speedway by NBC analyst Wally Dallenbach for Dallenbach’s “Wally’s World” segment in NBC’s “Discover Card Countdown to Green” pre-race show.(NBC PR)(7-10-2003)

  • Some Chicago Stuff: #29-Kevin Harvick, #6-Mark Martin, #97-Kurt Busch and #9-Bill Elliott are the only drivers to score top-10 finishes in both races at Chicagoland Speedway. Elliott is the only driver to start and finish in the top 10 in both races at Chicagoland Speedway. Only two other drivers have started in the top 10 at both Chicagoland events, #40-Sterling Marlin and #25-Joe Nemechek. Only Harvick, Martin and #38-Elliott Sadler have led at least one lap in each race at Chicagoland.(NASCAR PR)(7-11-2003)

  • Friday Practice at Chicagoland Sppedway for the Tropicana 400 is over. Fastest were #48-Jimmie Johnson at 184.150mph, followed by #24-Jeff Gordon at 183.824 and #20-Tony Stewart at 183.648. Slowest was #37-Derrike Cope at 178.059 and #43-Christian Fittipaldi at 178.660 [no provisionals, needs to pick it up]. The track record is held by Todd Bodine at 183.717mph in July 2001. #97-Kurt Busch crashed suring practice and will need to go to a backup for qualifying and the race.
    For full list of speeds, see or - 1st Practice.(7-11-2003)

  • Qualifying Order is up for the Tropicana 400 at Chicagoland Speedway. 44 drivers/cars are listed [one goes home]. First driver scheduled to qualifyin at 4:05pm/et is #74-Tony Raines. Last driver scheduled to qualify is #41-Casey Mears. For the order see above or

  • 44 at Chicago [bang-bang]: oops my mistake, there are 44 [not 43 as I reported] drivers/teams listed on the Entry List for the Tropicana 400 at Chicagoland Speedway. 42 full time teams, plus #37-Derrike Cope and #81-Jason Keller. Johnny Sauter is of course listed in the #4 Kodak Pontiac. So that means that there are three team that need to make the race by speed [top 36] as they are out of provisionals: #4-Sauter, #43-Fittipaldi and #49-Schrader. OK, so what happens if all three are too slow and are in Provisional Land?
    What happens if at least 43 cars attempt a race but more then one team is out of provisionals and fails to qualify for the race with still a spot open in the field?
    If one or a few of the teams without provisionals fail to get in on speed, then the part time teams (don't attempt all races and are deep in the OWNERS points) get a shot at the provisionals, lining up by Owners Points. If spots are still available, then the teams without provisionals get placed in the field by fastest qualifying speed until all 43 spots are filled. See the entry list link above.(7-8-2003)

  • Best 25 Over Last Six Races from

  • Jayski's - 2003 Winston Cup Race Results Page

  • How to Calculate Track Speeds: use the formula Speed = Distance divided by Time. Distance is Track Length, and Lap Time into Hours. Once hour is 3600 seconds, so the calculation for a 48 second lap at Daytona(2.5 miles) would be: Speed = 2.5 x (3600/48), = 2.5 x 75 = 187.500mph. For a 19 second lap at Bristol(.533 miles): Speed = .533 x (3600/19), = .533 x 189.474 = a speed of 100.990mph

  • How to break a tie during qualifying?(same speed/time) When drivers are tied for a starting spot during qualifying, it is broken by owners points standings(not drivers). For provisionals standings see the Jayski's Provisional Status page


    • Chicagoland Cup Race Sold Out: Chicagoland Speedway announced a third sold-out season. The third consecutive sold-out season is another example that Chicagoland Speedway has become a major player in one of the nations premier sports markets.(Chicagoland Speedway PR)(6-20-2003)

    • New Director of Marketing at Chicago: Paul M. Connell has been appointed Director of Marketing and Sales of Raceway Associates. Connell will assume the role and responsibilities vacated by Matthew Alexander who moved to the position of Vice President/General Manager of Raceway Associates in the fall. Connell will maintain and enhance exiting marketing relationships with partners such as Tropicana, Dodge, Pepsi and Miller as well as to acquire new partnerships for the venue. His duties will also include the sales and management of corporate hospitality for both Chicagoland Speedway and Route 66 Raceway Hospitality Village and suites. In addition to his responsibilities at Chicagoland Speedway, Connell will also oversee the day-to-day marketing, corporate sales and corporate hospitality of Route 66 Raceway. Prior to his move to Joliet, Connell spent three years in Atlanta, GA, managing motorsports programs for event marketing leader ignition, Inc. His duties there included brand management and media services for a variety of teams, drivers and sponsors in the NASCAR Winston Cup and Busch Series.(Chicagoland Speedway PR)(1-21-2003)

    • Past track news: posted in the past at Jayski's Past Track News/Rumors - Chicagoland Speedway


    • BACE trying Hendrick for Chicago: during an interview with #74-Tony Raines, it was mentioned that his #74 BACE Chevy was using a Hendrick Engine AND to gauge its existing engine program, BACE Motorsports used a Hendrick Motorsports engine Friday at Chicagoland Speedway and came away with good results. Driver Tony Raines was 16th fastest during the Friday practice session and posted the 29th fastest speed in qualifying, safely making the field for Sunday's Tropicana 400. The team has been relying on Amick Engines for power. "We needed to know where we stack up," Raines said. "This is a new team and everything. We've got a different power plant to see how we stack up and it runs a little better, and that's something that we needed to answer for sure."(

    • Harvick looking to make history: #29-Kevin Harvick will be gunning for his name to be written in the record books by winning his third Tropicana 400 in a row at Chicagoland Speedway. No driver in recent NASCAR Winston Cup Series history has ever won the first three races at any track. Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart and Richard Petty have set the standard with two consecutive wins at a new track, but no driver has made it three in a row.(Chicagoland Speedway PR)(7-9-2003)

    • Nice Gesture by CAT: Caterpillar will host the family of Mike and Donna James, their son Grant and nephew Adam at this weekend’s race. The James family lost their son Evan in the Iraq war. The James Family is from LaHarpe, Ill., and their son Evan was a Marine Corporal. Chicagoland Speedway will provide race tickets and Caterpillar will provide hospitality passes as well as give them the opportunity to meet Ward Burton, driver of the #22 Caterpillar Dodge, during his visit to the hospitality tent Sunday morning.(Bill David Racing PR)(7-9-2003)

    • A Sauter in the #4? UPDATE 3 Sauter to run Chicago: hearing that Busch Series driver [#'s 21 and #43] Johnny Sauter will test the #4 Pontiac for Morgan-McClure next week in Chicago.(6-19-2003)
      UPDATE: Morgan-McClure Motorsports owner Larry McClure said he is in no hurry to find a permanent replacement for driver Mike Skinner in the team's #4 Kodak Pontiacs. McClure is using Trams-Am series driver Johnny Miller this weekend at Sonoma. "I don't have any pressure from (our sponsor) other than pressure to perform well, but that can't be any more pressure than we already put on ourselves to perform," he said. McClure said he would try out a few drivers, including taking some to test, before settling on a replacement. Busch series driver Johnny Sauter is among those under consideration.(; also hearing Stacy Compton may test with the team too.(6-21-2003)
      UPDATE 2: Stacy Compton is expected to be in Larry McClure's #4 Kodak Pontiac at Daytona next week, in what is a one-shot ride for the moment.(Winston Salem Journal)(6-23-2003)
      UPDATE 3: NASCAR Busch Series driver Johnny Sauter will drive Morgan-McClure's No. 4 Pontiac next weekend at Chicagoland, team officials confirmed. Sauter recently tested with the team at the track where Sauter won the Busch race last year. "It was a good test. It's a good opportunity for me to get in a Winston Cup car," he said. "I was happy. I think they were happy. We're going to run the race and see how it goes."(

    • USG to be the primary sponsor of the #01 at Las Vegas and three other races: USG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of building materials for the construction and remodeling industries, has reached an agreement with MB2 Motorsports to be a primary and associate sponsor for the 2003 season. The agreement calls for USG to be a season-long associate sponsor as well as the primary sponsor at four races on the MB2 #01 Pontiac Grand Prix, driven by Jerry Nadeau. The first of the four-race USG primary sponsorship package with the MB2 Pontiac will be Sunday (March 2) in Las Vegas. The three other events where USG and its flagship brand Sheetrock will adorn the MB2 Pontiac will be at Chicago (July 13), Watkins Glen (Aug. 10) and Talladega (Sept. 28). The U.S. Army, which will be the primary sponsor of the MB2 #01 Pontiac for a minimum of 27 races, will be an associate sponsor during the four USG races. The agreement also calls for a USG season-long associate sponsorship with MB2's teammate, the #10 Valvoline Pontiac, driven by Johnny Benson and owned by MBV Motorsports.(USG PR/Site), see the Paint Scheme Gallery for an image of the car.(2-26-2003)

    • Dale Jr BGN team takes a Chance, plus three Cup races UPDATE: Teresa Earnhardt helped Dale Earnhardt Jr. unveil a new name for the race team they've formed to compete in the BGN this year. The team is called Chance 2. The original Chance Inc. was a company Dale and Teresa Earnhardt formed in 1994 to give Earnhardt's children, Kerry, Kelly and Dale Jr., their first taste of racing. The company disbanded when Earnhardt Jr. started racing in the BGN for what has grown into Dale Earnhardt Inc [DEI]. Earnhardt Jr. will drive the #8 car in two BGN races at Daytona and one at Talladega. Steve Park will drive it in five races and Martin Truex Jr. will drive it in five more. The team will also enter a #81 car in three Winston Cup races. Jason Keller will drive it at Chicagoland Speedway and Ron Fellows will drive in the road-course events at Watkins Glen and Sonoma.(
      UPDATE: Keller's run will be a one-shot deal under the sponsorship of Kraft Foods, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary.(Greenville News)(1-22-2003)

    • See the 2003 Team Chart which has links to past news for each team and info on each team.


      Car#/Driver Sponsor/Scheme/Promo Race/Date Image?
      #01-Mike Wallace
      Jerry Nadeau
      USG/Sheetrock Chicago
      Watkins Glen, Talladgea
      Car #'s 0-23 page
      #2-Rusty Wallace Goo Goo Dolls Chicago - July Car #'s 0-23 page
      #5-Terry Labonte Got Milk? Chicago - July Car #'s 0-23 page
      #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr. Major League Baseball Chicago - July Car #'s 0-23 page
      #12-Ryan Newman Mobil 1 Chicago - July
      Pocono - July
      New Hampshire -Sept
      Atlanta - Oct
      Car #'s 0-23 page
      #18-Bobby Labonte Advair (hood) Chicago - July
      Pocono - July
      Darlington - Aug
      Kansas - Oct
      Phoenix - Nov
      Car #'s 0-23 page
      #30-Steve Park Kraft Chicago - July Car #'s 24-99 page
      #38-Elliott Sadler Groovy M&M's Chicago - July Car #'s 24-99 page
      #41-Casey Mears Fuji Film Chicago - July Car #'s 24-99 page
      #81-Jason Keller Kraft/Maxwell House Chicago - July Car #'s 24-99 page
      #97-Kurt Busch Irwin Tools Chicago - July
      Talladega - Sept
      Lowe's - Oct
      Car #'s 24-99 page

    • Fuji Film Scheme for #41 at Chicago: Target Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates announced a new paint scheme for the #41 Target Dodge in the Tropicana 400 at Chicagoland Speedway. The green, white and red of Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc., will be the featured artwork on the #41 Dodge driven by Casey Mears for this one event. Fujifilm is recognized around the world for its technological innovation and high quality, offering a complete portfolio of imaging and information products, services and e-solutions to retailers, consumers, professionals and business customers. Fujifilm has been a valued partner of Target Chip Ganassi Racing for over six years and the Tropicana 400 will mark Fujifilm's second primary sponsorship of a Winston Cup car. "Fujifilm has been riding along with me all season and I'm proud to carry the company's colors as the primary sponsor for the Chicagoland race," said Mears. "Race fans instantly identify with the Fujifilm green so I'm sure I will have plenty of fans behind me at the Tropicana 400."(Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates PR), see image of the car on my Paint Scheme Gallery.(7-3-2003)

    • #97 and Irwin Tools UPDATE 2: hearing that Kurt Busch will run a #97 Irwin Tools scheme at Daytona in July, Chicago, Talladega in Oct and Lowe's in Oct.(2-5-2003)
      >UPDATE The Box: at Michigan Internation Speedway on Saturday, June 14th, Kurt Busch will open some sort of 'big box' in a press conference with sponsor Rubbermaid [it was for Irwin Tools], Busch drivers the #97 Rubbermaid/Sharpies Ford.(6-14-2003)
      UPDATE: While race fans have grown accustomed to seeing Kurt Busch's red, black and silver #97 Rubbermaid Racing Ford running up front in the 2003 NASCAR Winston Cup Series, they will get an exciting surprise in four races, kicking off the second-half of the season. It was announced today that Busch's #97 Roush Racing Ford will don the new trademark blue and yellow colors of IRWIN Industrial Tools beginning with the NASCAR Winston Cup race at Daytona International Speedway on July 5, 2003. IRWIN will also be the primary sponsor of the #97 Roush Racing Ford for the Chicagoland Speedway race on July 13th as well as the races at Talladega SuperSpeedway (Sept. 28th) and Lowe's Motor Speedway (Oct. 11th). The formal announcement was made at Michigan International Speedway, site of this weekend's NASCAR Winston Cup Series event. Just like the #97 IRWIN car, both product and packaging feature IRWIN's new trademark blue and yellow color scheme. IRWIN brand products are available at industrial and contractor supply houses, hardware stores, home centers and automotive tool distributors worldwide.(Irwin Tools PR). See images of the car on my Paint Scheme Gallery.(6-14-2003)

    • Goo Goo for Rusty UPDATE: hearing that #2-Rusty Wallace will feature a Goo Goo Dolls (rock band) scheme at Chicago in July.(3-20-2003)
      UPDATE: see an image of the scheme on my 2003 Cup page.(3-22-2003)
      UPDATE 2: it ran at The Winston, and will also run at Chicago.(5-18-2003)

    • New Assoc for Gibbs UPDATE: Joe Gibbs Racing has signed a deal with GlaxoSmithKline, which makes Advair, an asthma maintenance treatment, an associate sponsor on the team's #18 and #20 cars. Driver Bobby Labonte, who has asthma, will be a spokesman for the program and will encourage fans to visit an educational trailer to be located trackside at NASCAR events.(
      UPDATE: Bobby Labonte's car will switch from green to purple for the Food City 500 at Bristol next month. The color-scheme change is being used to promote Advair, an asthma treatment that Labonte has started using. Labonte's primary sponsor, Interstate Batteries, is taking its name off the car for that race to let him promote the medication. "It's helping me get off the quick-relief (inhalers)," Labonte said of Advair. "I was racing a car at Martinsville, Va., and saw a guy beside me that had quick-relief taped to his helmet in case he had to use it. I thought, 'Oh, my gosh, that guy's got it worse than I do.'" Part of Advair's season-long promotion includes testing for lung problems at most of the race tracks. Stan Hull, a representative of GlaxoSmithKline, which makes the product, said that more than 1,400 people underwent lung testing during Speed Weeks.(Fayetteville Observer) AND the #18 Chevy will also have Advair on the hood for the races at Rockingham, Atlanta, The Winston, Dover, Chicago, Pocono, Darlington, Kansas and Phoenix. See images of both schemes on on the 2003 Cup page.(2-22-2003)

    • Dale Jr and MLB again: looks like for the third season in a row, #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr will run a MLB (baseball) scheme at Daytona in July.(12-13-2002)
      #8 MLB News UPDATE: #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr will run a MLB - Major League Baseball scheme at ChicagoLand Speedway in July to promote the MLB All Star game on July 15thm which will be held at Chicago's Comisky Park(Go Phillies)(1-24-2003)
      UPDATE: Action Performance Companies announced the release of a Dale Earnhardt Jr. special edition die-cast collectible featuring the No. 8 Budweiser Chevrolet Monte Carlo and Major League Baseball [MLB]. Since 2001, Budweiser and MLB have emphasized their close association via an All-Star Game paint scheme, honoring the Mid-Summer Classic, featured on Dale Jr.'s #8 Budweiser Chevy during the July night race at Daytona. That same year, Earnhardt took a pearl-white colored Budweiser/MLB All-Star Game car all the way to Daytona's victory lane. This year, Chicago sports fans will enjoy quite an action-packed July when both NASCAR and MLB descend on the Windy City. On July 13, 2003, Dale Jr. will showcase the latest #8 Budweiser/MLB All-Star Game paint scheme during the 400-mile NASCAR Winston Cup race at Chicagoland Speedway. The following Tuesday night, July 15th, baseball's best players and coaches will headline the 74thAll-Star Game being held at Chicago's Comiskey Park, home of the Chicago White Sox. In cooperation with Dale Earnhardt Inc., Major League Baseball, Anheuser-Busch and Action Performance Companies again will produce the full line of die-cast collectibles and related memorabilia featuring the 2003 Budweiser/All-Star Game paint scheme.(Action Performance PR)(1-27-2003)

    • #30 and Kraft: hearing that the #30 AOL team will run a green AOL/Kraft car at Chicagoland.(12-11-2002)

    • More Paint Scheme news can be found on Paint Schemes Gallery


    • New Gas Can Rule: Beginning with the July 13 race at Chicagoland Speedway, NASCAR will prohibit teams from throwing or tossing gas cans or gas catch cans over the pit wall during a pit stop. The change was announced in Sunday's prerace drivers' meeting. If a violation happens under caution, the driver will have to restart at the end of the longest line. If it occurs under green-flag conditions, the driver must return to pit road to serve a 15-second penalty. The change is being made to reduce the liklihood of gas spills during pit stops.(

    • New Template for the future?: NASCAR introduced a template to the teams at Infinion Raceway. The new measuring stick is designed to keep the car bodies from twisting out of the approved shape in the hands of the teams. As TFR first reported from Pocono, some teams have found a way to skirt the intent of NASCAR’s strict body templates — sloping every so slightly the right rear roof panel. That slope allowed five teams a little extra rear downforce on the right-rear wheel. The handful of teams increased by a few at Michigan. NASCAR had been watching the rear of the car and performing spot measurements to develop the best approach to policing that area of the car. The result was this new cowl template, which lays on the car directly between the car’s hood and the windshield in the position of the air intake. This spot on the car bodies was getting twisted and fooling the templates to indicate the car was square. The new roof template displays a team's altered cowl, intended to gain the clearance needed for the latest trick. If the alteration doesn't disappear from the team's toolbox, the enforcement tool could go into action with the Chicago race. NASCAR is simply showing the template to the teams this weekend. Dealing with the aftermath of the new template one crew chief said of NASCAR, “They give us a [metaphorical] box to build these cars in and they should just leave us alone for the year. They just need to leave us alone or give us the cars – either way.”(Ford Racing)(6-21-2003)


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