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THE RACE: Pepsi 400

Winston Cup Race #17 of 36 for the 2003 Winston Cup season
Updated: often, leading up to the race

  • Race: Saturday, July 5, 2003 in Daytona Beach, FL

  • TV: NBC - 7:30pm/et

  • Pre-Race Show: NBC - 7:00pm/et - hosted by Bill Weber

  • Race Re-Air: Speed Channel - July 9th at 8:00pm/et; and July 10th at 1:00am/et and 3:00pm/et.

  • Announcers: Allen Bestwick, Benny Parsons, Wally Dallenbach

  • Pit Reporters: Bill Weber, Matt Yocum, Marty Snider, Dave Burns

  • War Wagon: Bill Weber and many guests

  • NASCAR on TV and Fox Sports

  • Purse/Race Awards: $5,202,185 (was $4,516,848 in 2002)

  • Entry List Links: Entry List for the race from

  • 2002 Race Winner: Michael Waltrip, 135.952mph, started 7th

  • Race Speed Record: Bobby Allison, 1980, 173.473

  • Track/Race Length: 2.5 mile oval, 160 laps, 400 miles

  • Pit Road Speed: 55mph


  • Practice: Thursday, July 3rd, 3:15 - 5:15pm/et; and Friday, July 4th, 4:30 - 5:15pm/et

  • Happy Hour Practice: Friday, July 4th, 6:10 - 6:55pm/et on TV-Speed Channel live.


  • Qualifying Draw: Thursday, July 3rd, 2:15pm/et

  • Qualifying Order: and/or

  • First Round Qualifying: 2 laps for positions 1-36, Thursday, July 3rd at 8:05pm/et, TV-TNT live, no re-air date/time found, and live via MRN radio/internet and XM Satellite - NASCAR Radio (Subscription Required)

  • Qualifying Results: on my Pepsi 400 Qualifying Page

  • NASCAR Online will have live lap-by-lap coverage of Cup qualifying via the web (NOTE: this is a paid subscription service).

  • Second-Round Qualifying: there is no longer a 2nd round of qualifying (since the 2001 season)

  • Event Qualifying Record before: Sterling Marlin, July 1986, 203.666mph(before restrictor plates)

  • Event Qualifying Record after: Greg Sacks, July 1990, 195.533mph(after restrictor plates were introduced in Feb 1988) in 1987 Davey Allison ran 198.085mph when a 390 CFM carburetor was used to slow the cars down

  • Track Qualifying Record: Bill Elliott, 210.364mph, February 1987

  • Track Qualifying Record with Restrictor Plate: Ken Schrader, 196.996, February 1989

  • Restrictor Plates: Daytona is one of two tracks (the other being Talladega) that require the use of a restrictor plate on the engines to slow the cars down, see my Restrictor Plate page for info.

  • 2002 Pole Sitter: Kevin Harvick, 185.041mph, finished 11th

    Track Specs:
    Superspeedway: 2.5-mile trioval 40 feet wide with 12- to 30-foot apron
    Turns: Banking: 31 degrees, Length: 3,000 feet Radius: 1,000 feet
    Trioval: Banking: 18 degrees (at start/finish line)
    Frontstretch: Chute length: 1,900 feet (from turn to middle of trioval) Total length: 3,800 feet Banking: Minimal for drainage only
    Backstretch: Length: 3,000 feet, Banking: Minimal for drainage only
    Pit Road: Length: 1,600 feet Width: 50 feet
    Grandstand Seating: 168,000.

  • Track Homepage: Daytona International Speedway

  • Last Year: see my 2002 Pepsi 400 Race Info page.

    PAST RACE WINNERS of the Daytona 500

  • - Winners and Pole Sitters at Daytona


    Tire: Goodyear Eagle Superspeedway Radials

    Number of Tires Required:
    Winston Cup: Left - 900, Right - 900;
    Busch Series: Left - 550, Right - 550

    Tire Codes: Left - D-5664; Right - D-5688

    Tire Circumference: Left - 87.9 in.; Right - 88.5 in.

    Technical Inspection Inflation:
    Left Front - 30 psi; Right Front - 55 psi;
    Left Rear - 30 psi; Right Rear - 50 psi

    Minimum Recommended Inflation:
    Left Front - 27 psi; Right Front - 50 psi
    ; Left Rear - 27 psi; Right Rear - 45 psi

    Estimated Pit Window: Every 32-36 laps, based on fuel mileage.

    Notes: This Goodyear Eagle tire combination is the same one run at Daytona since July 1999, making this the ninth consecutive race for these left- and right-side codes at "The World Center of Speed" . . . Daytona is the only track this tire combination will be run on this season, though it is similar to the one run at NASCAR's other restrictor plate track -- Talladega . . . both the Winston Cup and Busch Series will run the same tire codes this week . . . at Daytona, as on all NASCAR ovals larger than one mile, teams are required to run inner liners in all four tire positions . . . air pressure in the inner liners must be 12-25 psi greater than that of the outer tire.

    Goodyear Quote -- Mark Keto, Lead Engineer, Stock Car Tire Development: "Goodyear has a great history with this tire set-up at Daytona. This is the ninth straight race we've brought this left-right combination to this superspeedway, so teams benefit by having a solid book of notes to work from on these tires. For the most part, tires are generally only a story on restrictor plate tracks in the area of pit strategy. Especially since NASCAR has mandated that teams run smaller fuel cells at Daytona, teams can feel comfortable mixing in two-tire stops at certain points of the race, without really sacrificing anything in performance."


  • The NASCAR Winston Cup Leader Bonus is $170,000 at Daytona for leading the points and winning the race (Sterling Marlin last won the award, $20,000 at Darlington on March 17, 2002). The $360,000 annual award is paid at $10,000 per race to the point leader at the end of each event if the driver is also the winner. The award increases by $10,000 each week the it goes unclaimed. If the point leader is not the race winner at the end of the year, the balance of the award is distributed among the top-10 finishers in the drivers point standings(6-22-2003)

  • 47 Races since...: Leader bonus has been won. It's been 47 races since the NASCAR Winston Cup points leader won a race and took home the NASCAR Winston Cup Leader Bonus. #17-Matt Kenseth leads the series points and has the only realistic shot at claiming the bonus at Daytona. In the very unlikely event that Kenseth fails to start this weekend's race, #24-Jeff Gordon or #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr., could go ahead of Kenseth for the points lead. Should a driver win the bonus at Daytona, it would bypass the second-largest payout in the history of the program. #18-Bobby Labonte collected the biggest paycheck, $190,000, with a win at Indianapolis in 2000. The $10,000 bonus is available following every NASCAR Winston Cup Series race. If the point leader does not win the race, the bonus rolls over to the next week. Sterling Marlin last won the award, $20,000 at Darlington on March 17, 2002, it was NOT won by #15-Waltrip at Daytona, it rolled over to Rockingham.(6-22-2003)

  • MBNA Mid-Race Leader Bonus: is $5,000 at Daytona. The MBNA Mid-Race Leader Award is $10,000 to the Winston Cup driver who leads the race at midway. If the driver wins the race they receive a $5,000 bonus. If the MBNA Mid-Race Leader fails to win the race the $5,000 bonus rolls into the next week (Jeff Gordon last won the bonus, $25,000 + $10,000 at Martinsville on Apr 13, 2003). No word on if a driver gets the award if the halfway is under yellow at the time or if the award is given out if the leader is not participating in the program and if it would go to the next place car at the time. The 2003 MBNA Mid-Race Leader Winners:
    Daytona: Michael Waltrip, $15,000* (plus $5,000 bonus)
    Rockingham: Rusty Wallace, $10,000
    Las Vegas: Dale Earnhardt Jr., $10,000
    Atlanta: Bobby Labonte, $25,000* (plus $15,000 bous)
    Darlington: Mark Martin, $10,000
    Bristol: Jimmy Spencer, $10,000
    Texas: Matt Kenseth, $10,000
    Talladega: Matt Kenseth, $10,000 (Jimmie Johnson led at halfway, assume the team does not participate in the program)
    Martinsville: Jeff Gordon, $35,000* (plus $25,000 bonus)
    California: Jamie McMurray, $10,000
    Richmond: Bobby Labonte, $10,000
    Charlotte: Bobby Labonte, $10,000
    Dover: Ryan Newman, $30,000 (which includes the $20,000 bonus)
    Pocono: Elliott Sadler, $10,000
    Michigan: Sterling Marlin, $10,000
    Sonoma: Robby Gordon, $25,000 (which includes the $15,000 bonus)
    (* won race and bonus)(6-22-2003)


Radio Coverage:
Motor Racing Network (MRN) and

Satellite/Backhaul Listing's:
Satellite/Backhaul Listing's: Stutzman Computer Service/Sales - Racing Feed Locations

Scanner Frequencies:
are linked on my Scanner Freq/Equipment Links Page
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Local Newspaper and other Sites that cover the Daytona, FL Area:
Daytona News-Journal
Florida Times-Union
Florida Today
Lakeland Ledger
Orlando Sentinel
St Petersburg Times
Tampa Tribune
Treasure Coast Palm

Weather Forecast:
by The Weather Channel
Accuweather - Current Radar
Intellicast - NASCAR weather
National Weather Service
Weather Underground

Daytona Review by ARS Racing
Laid Back Racing (lots of info)
Daytona Champber of Commmerce - Speedweeks
Daytona Beach Campground
City of Daytona Beach, FL

any I know of are listed on my Driver Appearances/Chats page with info and links

TV Coverage/Info/News Pages:
Race Fan TV


news and links

  • HUGE UPSET at THE PEPSI 400: Rookie of the Year candiate, #16-Greg Biffle WON the Pepsi 400 at Daytona...WOW. Biffle's teammate, #99-Jeff Burton ended up 2nd as #18-Bobby Labonte ran out of gas with a 1/2 lap to go, Lanonte ended up 5th as he coasted to the start/finish. Biffle is the first ever Rookie of the Year Candiate to win a race at Daytona [Mario Andretti was a 'rookie' when he won the Daytona 500 in 1967 but wasn't running a full season]. The unofficial top ten finishers:

    #16-Greg Biffle (20 laps led)
    #99-Jeff Burton
    #21-Ricky Rudd
    #5-Terry Labonte
    #18-Bobby Labonte (11 laps led)

    #17-Matt Kenseth (10 laps led)
    #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr.(44 laps led)
    #19-Jeremy Mayfield
    #29-Kevin Harvick (54 laps led)
    #88-Dale Jarrett

    Cars on the lead lap: 22 (of 43 starters)

    Off track/out of race (2): #32-Craven (out-accident); #49-Schrader (out-engine);

    Laps Leaders Unofficial (11): #29-Harvick (54 laps led - the most); #22-Burton (3); #15-Waltrip (9); #48-Johnson (3); #45-Petty (1); #38-Sadler (4); #8-Earnhardt Jr. (43); #24-Gordon; #17-Kenseth (10); #18-Labonte (11); #16-Biffle (20 - won)

    Cautions 2 for 9 laps

    Caution 2 - Laps 75 - 79: #97-Busch got loose after a right rear tire let go in turn 2 while running 3rd, other's involved: #01-Wallace, #30-Park, #31-Gordon, #32-Craven, #25-Nemechek, #42-McMurray.
    Caution 1 - Laps 64 - 68: #77-Blaney spun after getting high and coming down on #0-Sprague in turn 2, and spun around a few times.

    RACE NOTES: (as noted on TV or MRN Radio)
    On Lap 139, many of the leaders [#8, #15, etc] came in for a pitstop.
    The top five or so lead laps cars came in to pit on lap 103.
    On lap 98 or so, the Terminator car, #42-McMuarray came back out, after the team made repairs.
    #49-Ken Schrader and Carrott Top left the track on lap 93 with engine problems.
    The top five didn't pit during caution 2 [#8-Earnhardt Jr., #15-Waltrip, #38-Sadler, #29-Harvick, #6-Martin.]
    During his pitstop, #17-Kesneth came in too hot and slid thru his pit stall, hit no one, but lost a bunch of time
    During the first caution all the cars on the lead lap came in to pit.
    #54-Bodine and #31-Gordon got together on lap 58, but Bodine saved it.
    #22-Burton led a lap, made it to lap 39, but ran out of fuel, and the car is overheating too.
    #20-Stewart stalled his car after running out of fuel, causing his pit stop on lap 38 to be very long
    some teams are starting to pit on lap 34, no front runners
    On lap 32, #4-Compton was the first car lapped
    On lap 32, #14-Foyt was the first to make a pitstop and drove thru his pit stall, luckily missed the crew men
    If no cautions, the cars will need to pit around laps 32-26
    On lap 17, #15-Waltrip was warned by NASCAR to stay above the yellow line.
    #4-Stacy Compton was held in the garage area to be inspected, supposedly had an illegal fuel cell, but was released from the garage before the drop of the green flag.
    #2-Rusty Wallace lost an engine during Thursday's practice at Daytona and will have to fall to the rear of the field before the start of the Pepsi 400, Wallace was to start 38th using a provisional.
    Race Re-Air: The race is scheduled to re-air on Speed Channel, Wed, July 9th, 8:00pm/et and Thurs, July 10th, at 1:00am/et and at 3:00pm/et.
    Race Results at

  • Unofficial Drivers Points after Daytona
    #17-Matt Kenseth, 2551
    #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr., 2371, -180
    #24-Jeff Gordon, 2348, -203
    #18-Bobby Labonte, 2296, -255
    #15-Michael Waltrip, 2159, -392
    Standings at or

  • Important where you start at Daytona? check where the top five finishers started in the Pepsi 400 at Daytona:
    #16-Greg Biffle started 30th
    #99-Jeff Burton 36th
    #21-Ricky Rudd 27th
    #5-Terry Labonte 25th
    #18-Bobby Labonte 15th (7-6-2003)

  • Stock Car Fans: Rumblings - Daytona: In what can only be labeled as a major shocker from Daytona International Speedway, #16-Greg Biffle had just enough fuel to last and captured his first ever Winston Cup victory in the Pepsi 400. In becoming the first first-timer since Johnny Benson won at Rockingham last November Biffle proved once again that the race doesn't always go to the swift.
    Biffle's win was the 65th for Roush racing, and ties him for 109th on the all-time win list. One interesting point.....Roush Racing's last 11 victories have been gained by drivers other than Mark Martin or Jeff Burton (arguably Jack's premier teams). Or maybe it proves they really have figured out a way for equal equipment for all.
    Quite a night for Roush engines....1, 2, 3 and 6.
    Biffle is the 14th different winner in the first 17 races this season. His previous best was a 5th at Bristol in March.
    #99-Jeff Burton (2nd) had his best finish since he won at Phoenix in October of 2001.
    #21-Ricky Rudd (3rd) had his best finish since he was 3rd at Martinsville last October.
    #5-Terry Labonte (4th) had his best finish since he was 3rd at Infineon Raceway in June of 2002.
    #19-Jeremy Mayfield (8th) had his best finish since he was 8th when we were here in February.
    #23-Kenny Wallace (15th) had his best finish since he was 12th at Martinsville in April.
    #09-Buckshot Jones (17th) had his best finish since he was 12th at Atlanta in March of 2002 (only 5 races).
    #45-Kyle Petty (23rd) had his best finish since he was 11th at Talladega in April.
    STREAKIN....Bobby Labonte has 8 Top-10's in the last 9 races. Matt Kenseth has 7 Top-10's in the last 8 races.
    This Week's Elevator....UP: Operator of the Week is Jeff Burton (+34), followed by Matt Kenseth (+31), Greg Biffle (+29), Jimmy Spencer (+28), Todd Bodine (+28), Ricky Rudd (+24), and Terry Labonte (+21). DOWN: The Big Dropper was Steve Park (-38) followed by Ken Schrader (-34), Jamie McMurray (-29), Ricky Craven (-26), and Robby Gordon (-22). Nearly 30% of the field was "in the shaft" this week.
    Six of the Top-10 in points changed hands this week. Matt Kenseth now has a 180 point lead over second place as Dale Earnhardt Jr re-assumes that spot.
    Greg Biffle advanced the most spots (25th to 20th), while Ricky Craven (14th to 17th) and Dave Blaney (23rd to 26th) fell three spots each in the standings.(Stack Car Fans Winston Cup Newsletter)(7-6-2002)

  • Seven Different Winners in the last Seven Races in the Pepsi 400 [and 11 different in the last 12 races]: 2002: #15-Michael Waltrip
    2001: #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    2000: #99-Jeff Burton
    1999: #88-Dale Jarrett
    1998: #24-Jeff Gordon (won in 1995)
    1997: #98-John Andretti [not in race]
    1996: #4-Sterling Marlin [now in the #40]
    1994: #27-Jimmy Spencer [now in the #7]
    1993: #3-Dale Earnhardt (won in 1990)[deceased]
    1992: #4-Ernie Irvan [retired]
    1991: #9-Bill Elliott
    (MRN's Race Coverage)(7-5-2003)
    UPDATE: make it Eight winners in the last eight races with Greg Biffle Winning.(7-6-2003)

  • Jayski's Pepsi 400 Qualifying/Grid Page

  • Hendrick Third at Daytona: Car owner Rick Hendrick, who fields Chevy for #5-Terry Labonte, #24-Jeff Gordon, #48-Jimmie Johnson and #25-Joe Nemechek [plus this week, #60-David Green], is third all-time with seven Winston Cup victories at Daytona. He trails only the Wood Brothers (12) and Petty Enterprises (11). Gordon (four), Geoffrey Bodine, Tim Richmond and Darrell Waltrip all have driven Hendrick cars to first-place finishes here, including four Daytona 500s.(Gaston Gazette)(7-5-2003)

  • Happy Hour Practice Friday: is over, a drafting practice as the cars were all bunched up. The fastest were #40-Sterling Marlin at 187.356mph, #16-Greg Biffle at 187.356 and #1-Jeff Green at 187.293. Slowest were #60-David Green at 183.135 and #24-Jeff Gordon at 184.543. #48-Jimmie Johnson had a rear tire go down and spun right in front #49-Schrader, lucily he didn't hit the wall and Schrader missed him, he did loop the car around four times, but no major damage.
    See speeds at

  • new page: check out my new Practice Page, goes race by race, with the fastest listed for each session for each race, who won the pole and who won the race...and where each 'practice winner' started and ended in the race, see it: Practice Page.(7-4-2003)

  • The First Friday Practice is over at Daytona for the Pepsi 400. #32-Ricky Craven was the fastest at 189.131mph, followed by #15-Michael Waltrip at 188.119 and #40-Sterling Marlin at 187.966. Slowest were #45-Kyle Petty at 183.374 and #10-Johnny Benson at 183.374. #22-Ward Burton, schedule to start 28th, was shown with 2 laps run and a speed of 127.613, as his brakes locked up and the team needed to repair them.
    See speeds at

  • Stock Car Fans Ramblings - Daytona: #30-Steve Park grabbed his second Bud Pole of the season tonight at Daytona Internations Speedway, and it was in the same car that Jeff Green put on the pole for the 500 in February. It's the 4th pole of Park's career (he was the fastest qualifier at Fontana when he was still in the #1 car in April). He'll bring 'em to the green on Saturday Night for the Pepsi 400 with his Richard Childress teammate #29-Kevin Harvick alongside. For Harvick, this is his best starting spot since he lined up on the outside pole at Talladega in April.
    #40-Sterling Marlin (4th) has his best starting spot since he started on the pole at Darlington last September....but qualifying was rained out there and the field lined up by points. This is his best starting spot on time since he lined up 4th at Chicagoland last July.
    #15-Michael Waltrip (6th) has his best starting spot since he started 6th at Atlanta last March.
    #49-Ken Schrader (7th) has his best starting spot since he lined up 4th at Martinsville in April.
    #42-Jamie McMurray (8th) has his best starting spot since he lined up 7th at Rockingham last February.
    #14-Larry Foyt (26th) has his career-best starting spot. His previous best was 29th at Lowe's Motor Speedway in May.
    A buncha Welcome Back's this week: Buckshot Jones (19th) makes his first start since Martinsville in April of 2002, David Green (21st) makes his first start since Darlington in September of 2000, Mike Bliss (32nd) makes his first start since Martinsville last October, and Stacy Compton (43rd) makes his first start since Lowes Motor Speedway last October.
    STREAKIN...Jeff Gordon has 6 Top-10 starts in the last 7 races.
    The Trouble Train had four cars on it tonight. Kerry Earnhardt (he's 0 for 3 this season), Tony Raines (that team had made every race....quite a feat considering they're grossly underfunded), Shane Hmiel (in the #43 this week), and Christian Fittipaldi (in the #44 this week). For Petty Enterprises, it wasn't a night to remember. This is the first DNQ for the #43 since John Andretti missed the May race at Lowe's Motor Speedway in 2001.(Stock Car Fans Winston Cup Newsletter)(7-3-2003)

  • Parks Poles Rare: something I wondered about when #30-Steve Park got the pole late in qualifying at Daytona for the Pepsi 400. When was the last time a driver won a pole in the same season for two different teams? Park won the pole at California Speedway while driving the #1 Pennzoil Chevy and won the pole for the Pepsi 400 at Daytona in the #30 AOL Chevy this year. So did a little research and the nearest I found was in 1993 when Jayski Fave Ernie Irvan won four poles that season, two with the #4 Kodak team and two with the #28 Texaco team [took over after Davey Allison was killed].(7-4-2003)

  • To the Back: #2-Rusty Wallace lost an engine during Thursday's practice at Daytona and will have to fall to the rear of the field before the start of the Pepsi 400, Wallace was to start 38th using a provisional.(7-4-2003)

  • Park on the pole at Daytona: #30-Steve Park won the pole for the Pepsi 400 at Daytona with a speed of 184.752mph, his 2nd Bud Pole of 2003 [1 with the #1 car, and 1 with the #30]. On the outside pole is Park's teammate, #29-Kevin Harvick. Petty Racing had a tough night qualifying, #45-Kyle Petty had to use a provisional, #43-Shane Hmiel and #44-Christian Fittipaldi [in a cool Bugle's car] both missed the race as did #83-Kerry Earnhardt and for the first time in 2003, rookie of the year #74-Tony Raines misses a race. #09-Buckshot Jones, #80-Mike Bliss and #60-David Green are among the non-regular's who made the race. #4-Stacy Compton just made the race, using a provisional and the team is now out of provisionals until Bristol in August. See the qualifying results, DNQ's, Provisionals, Other lineup links and other stuff on Jayski's Pepsi 400 Qualifying/Grid Page.
    Odd Daytona fact the Busch Series pole was 186.308mph by Dale Earnhardt Jr., the Cup pole is 184.752mph [just my opinion, but that shouldn't happen, and the Busch run was in the heat of the day].(7-3-2003)

  • Pole Progression at Daytona: (who had the pole first, who got it next and who ended up with it)
    #5-Terry Labonte, 1st out to qualify, 182.856, starts 25th
    #19-Jeremy Mayfield, 2nd out, 183.951, starts 10th
    #24-Jeff Gordon, 3rd out, 184.498, starts 3rd
    #30-Steve Park, 40th out, 184.752, starts 1st

  • Rookie of the Year Candidates: how fast were they? and where do they start:
    #0-Jack Sprague, 182.437, starts 35th
    #14-Larry Foyt, 182.838, starts 26th
    #16-Greg Biffle, 182.541, starts 30th
    #41-Casey Mears, 183.643, starts 12th
    #42-Jamie McMurray, 184.173, starts 8th
    #66-Hideo Fukuyama, is not racing this week
    #74-Tony Raines, 181.726, DNQ.(7-3-2003)

  • Some Qualifying Notes: #43-Shane Hmiel lost 2nd and 3rd gears during his qualifying run.(7-3-2003)

  • Fastest Qualifier by Manufacturer::
    Chevy - #30-Steve Park, 184.752, starts 1st
    Dodge - #40-Sterling Marlin, 184.411, starts 4th
    Ford - #38-Elliott Sadler, 184.113, starts 9th
    Pontiac - #32-Ricky Craven, 183.258, starts 17th
    Toyota - oops, not yet.......(7-3-2003)

  • Thursday Practice is over at Daytona for the Pepsi 400. The fastest was....surprise...#60-David Green at 185.851, followed by #15-Michael Waltrip at 185.113mph and #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr. at 185.056, the rest of the top 10: #'s 21,42,48,12,24,25,41]. Slowest were #17-Matt Kenseth at 181.068 and #80-Mike Bliss at 181.324. #2-Rusty Wallace finally made it out and ran 4 laps and was 29th fastest. Wallace's car was shown on FSN's Totally NASCAR as having some rear end damage, Wallace ran the least number of laps, #22-Ward Burton, who was 34th fastest, ran the most laps: 16.
    For speeds see - Thursday Practice or - practice 1.(7-3-2003)

  • Qualifying Order link is up for the Pepsi 400 at Daytona. 47 cars/teams are listed. First driver scheduled to qualify is #5-Terry Labonte. Last scheduled out is #77-Dave Blaney. See above for the links.(7-3-2003)

  • All 62: Seven drivers have competed in all 62 restrictor-plate races at Daytona and Talladega: Bill Elliott, Terry Labonte, Mark Martin, Ricky Rudd, Ken Schrader, Rusty Wallace and Michael Waltrip.(4-13/7-3-2003)

  • Double Duty at Daytona: 12 drivers will attempt to run both the Busch and Cup race at Daytona (five considered 'Buschwackers - #42, #16, #8, #25, #15):
    #01-Mike Wallace (#4 in Busch)
    #4-Stacy Compton (#59)
    #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr. (#8)
    #15-Michael Waltrip (#99) #16-Greg Biffle (#7)
    #25-Joe Nemechek (#87)
    #42-Jamie McMurray (#1)
    #43-Shane Hmiel (#48)
    #54-Todd Bodine (#92)
    #60-David Green (#37)
    #80-Mike Bliss (#20)
    #83-Kerry Earnhardt (#12)(7-1-2003)

  • Provisionals at Daytona: two teams are OUT of provisionals [oops], #43-Shane Hmiel and #49-Ken Schrader. #14-Larry Foyt will have one to used if needed [which is probably] once an attempt is made [which mean practice]. #80-Mike Bliss' and #44-Christian Fittipaldi's team has no owners points, thus, no provisionals, #09-Buckshot Jones, #60-David Green and #83-Kerry Earnhardt are deep in the owners points, so the #09,43,44,49,60,80 and 83 will almost for sure need to get in the top 36 [by speed] to make the race with 47 drivers/teams entered.(7-1-2003)

  • Entry List link is up for the Pepsi 400 at Daytona. 47 drivers/teams are listed, the 42 full time teams, plus #09-Buckshot Jones, #44-Christian Fittipaldi, #60-David Green, #80-Mike Bliss and #83-Kerry Earnhardt. As announced earlier, Shane Hmiel is in the #43. #11-Brett Bodine's team is NOT entered. Also Stacy Compton is listed as the driver for the #4 Kodak Pontiac. See above for the links.(6-27-2003)

  • Best 25 Over Last Six Races from

  • Jayski's - 2003 Winston Cup Race Results Page

  • How to Calculate Track Speeds: use the formula Speed = Distance divided by Time. Distance is Track Length, and Lap Time into Hours. Once hour is 3600 seconds, so the calculation for a 48 second lap at Daytona(2.5 miles) would be: Speed = 2.5 x (3600/48), = 2.5 x 75 = 187.500mph. For a 19 second lap at Bristol(.533 miles): Speed = .533 x (3600/19), = .533 x 189.474 = a speed of 100.990mph

  • How to break a tie during qualifying?(same speed/time) When drivers are tied for a starting spot during qualifying, it is broken by owners points standings(not drivers). For provisionals standings see the Jayski's Provisional Status page


    • American history on display at Daytona: As part of Fourth of July festivities, NASCAR fans attending this weekend's activities at Daytona International Speedway will have an opportunity to view one of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence. The display is part of The Home Depot's sponsorship of the Declaration of Independence Road Trip, a traveling exhibit featuring the document.(Atlanta Journal-Constitution)(7-3-2003)

    • Twilight Rides at Daytona: After the the Pepsi 400, fans get a chance of their own to ride the historic high banks of Daytona International Speedway under the lights with the Twilight Richard Petty Driving Experience ride-along program. For the second straight year, the RPDE program will offer rides to guests under the lights on Sunday, July 6 and Monday, July 7 from 5-10pm. The Twilight Richard Petty Driving Experience costs $134, which is the regular price for Richard Petty Driving Experience at DIS. It's recommended that fans sign-up in advance for an hour time slot to participate in the Twilight Rides, but walk-ins are allowed. Call DAYTONA USA Guest Services at (386) 947-6530 for more information or to sign up for Richard Petty Driving Experience Twilight Rides. Only individuals who purchase tickets for a Twilight RPDE ride can participate. Tickets are not transferable.(DIS PR)(7-2-2003)

    • DIS President To Meet With Select Fans: Daytona International Speedway President Robin Braig believes that not only do "moms know best," but fans have pretty good insight as well. With that, as part of its track-wide, comprehensive initiative called Fans First!, Braig will meet with several fans in town for the Pepsi 400 weekend on July 2-5 to discuss ways to enhance their race experiences. The "Meet & Greet" is a hands-on effort to improve the race time experience for its thousands of guests that visit the "World Center of Racing" each year. Braig will meet with fans from North Carolina, Michigan, Florida and Alabama to get feedback on those things important to race fans traveling to DIS events including, traffic patterns, free parking and shuttle information, and guest information assistance centers. Continuing to build on its Fans First! initiative which launched in early June, Daytona International Speedway recently named Jay Gritton as Manager of Guest Services. Gritton's new role includes management of the Speedway's front door areas where a guest's first impressions occur, including the gates, guest information centers, disabled guest assistance carts and usher programs. Fans First! also focuses on expanded training of event staff and volunteers, plus participating in the Speedway's fan feedback forums.(DIS PR)(6-27-2003)

    • NFLer Warren Sapp and Model Angie Everhart Grand Marshals; Evans to sing National Anthem at Daytona: Super Bowl champion and Florida native Warren Sapp, and supermodel Angie Everhart, will add "Grand Marshal" to their list of distinguished accomplishments as both will serve as Grand Marshals for Daytona International Speedway's 4th of July Weekend extravaganza, the NASCAR Winston Cup Series Pepsi 400. In addition, RCA recording artist Sara Evans, whose single "Born to Fly" propelled her to the top of the Country Music Charts and garnered rave reviews in Rolling Stone Magazine and the Los Angeles Times, will perform a pre-race concert on the superspeedway's frontstretch and will also sing the National Anthem at the Pepsi 400 before a national television audience and thousands of race fans. Sapp will give the command of "Start Your Engines" at the nationally-televised nighttime spectacle, while Everhart will get the race underway by leading the field from the Pontiac Grand Marshal car.(

    • Daytona 500 best friends to RV's: The Good Sam Club, the world's largest membership organization of RV owners, announced Monday its award winners for the 2nd annual Welcome Mat Awards. The awards recognize those businesses that know how to accommodate RVs and offer good service to the growing number of RVers. The Daytona 500 was tapped as best RV-friendly NASCAR event, and the Florida RV Supershow was tapped for best RV-friendly RV show. The voting process took place over several months. Nearly 1 million members of the Good Sam Club were eligible to vote.(Orlando Business Journal)(6-17-2003)

    • Winn-Dixie, PepsiCo to Sponsor Summer Busch Series Race at Daytona: Daytona International Speedway announced a multiyear agreement for the 250-mile Busch Series race on Pepsi 400 weekend. In 2003, Winn-Dixie and PepsiCo will jointly sponsor the race, known as "The Winn-Dixie 250 Presented by PepsiCo," to be held under the lights on Friday, July 4 at 8:00pm/et. Winn-Dixie is building from its previous relationship with the Daytona International Speedway, as promotional partner of The Daytona 500. In order to share in the celebration of this new relationship with race fans and customers, Winn-Dixie is selling tickets to the race at select stores for a discounted price when customers use their Customer Reward Card. Tickets for the Winn-Dixie 250 Presented By PepsiCo and the 45th running of the Pepsi 400 are available.(DIS PR)(6-7-2003)

    • Rally Race: The Great Race, the longest-running cross-country vintage rally in the country, will finish July 5 at Daytona International Speedway. As many as 120 vintage automobiles -- they must be at least 45 years old -- are scheduled to take part in this event, which will encompass more than 4,000 miles in 16 days. The rally starts June 20 at Michigan International Speedway and will finish at DIS with a ceremony on the grid immediately prior to the Pepsi 400. Winston Cup team owner Jack Roush plans to enter one of his vintage cars in the event.(Daytona Beach News Journal)(4-20-2003)

    • Pepsi 400 staying put - in July: "We're not going to discuss the 2004 schedule until we've firmed it up and had discussions with everyone involved," NASCAR's Jim Hunter said. "I don't know if we've done that at this point in time. We'd like to release the schedule by August or September." But Hunter and Daytona Intl Speedway spokesman David Talley would talk about one part of the schedule -- the Pepsi 400. It will remain as Winston Cup's midseason stopping point. "I don't foresee in the near future the Pepsi 400 being moved to the end of the season," Talley said. Hunter was even more adamant on the subject. "There are no plans to do that," he said. "In our conversations with the tracks regarding realignment 2004, I haven't heard that even come up as an option. That's not on the drawing board."(Daytona Beach News Journal)(4-17-2003)

    • Past track news: posted in the past at Jayski's Past Track News/Rumors - Daytona International Speedway


    • Elliott's Foot - update: "I'm telling you what, these guys have done a fantastic job of keeping us moving forward. I struggled trying to get a feel for what I had to do to drive with this foot, and I feel like I was a little bit of a negative to this team. We kept on plugging away at it though and Sonoma was a good day for us. We needed that little boost after what we've been through the past month or so. I'm anxious to keep that going into the part of the season where're we've done pretty well in the past." says Bill Elliott, driver of the #9 Summer Days Sales Dodge Dealers Dodge.(Evernham Motorsports PR)(7-2-2003)

    • Jeff Green injury update; going synthetic: Jeff Green, driver of the #1 Pennzoil DEI Chevy, about his broken tailbone: "I feel very good this week. Having the past two weeks off was actually a blessing for me. I am able to do things this week that I wasn't a week ago, and a week ago I could do things that I wasn't able to before. Truly it's not an issue for me. I feel great." Green returns to action in the Pennzoil Synthetic Scheme car this weekend at Daytona International Speedway. The specialized silver paint scheme promotes Pennzoil's synthetic brand of lubricants, which protects a car's engine through extreme temperatures. This same paint scheme has previously been used during the Coca-Cola 600.(Jeff Green site), see images of the car on my Paint Scheme Gallery.(7-2-2003)

    • Bliss in a third Gibbs car? UPDATE #80: Mike Bliss reportedly will drive a third Winston Cup car for Joe Gibbs Racing at the Pepsi 400 in Daytona and the EA Sports 500 at Talladega in September. Bliss currently drives for Gibbs in the Busch Series.(Winston Cup Scene - need subscription to read)(5-29-2003)
      UPDATE: Joe Gibbs Racing announced Saturday that they will field a third car out of their Huntersville, NC shops for the Daytona and Talladega races this season. Piloting what will be the #80 Chevy is 2002 Truck Series champion Mike Bliss. Sponsorship for the team will be coming from one of Joe Gibbs Racing's major associate sponsors. GlaxoSmithKline, the maker of Advair Diskus (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol inhalation powder), a leading asthma maintenance product, will be the primary sponsor of the #80 car. Earlier this year, GSK and Joe Gibbs Racing announced a joint asthma education initiative, Racing Against Asthma, designed to help raise awareness of Advair and help bring information about asthma and effective asthma management to the public. As part of the education initiative, fans attending the Daytona and Talladega races will have the opportunity to visit the Racing Against Asthma trackside education center, which offers free lung function testing and interactive displays that provide fans with an engaging way to learn more about asthma. In his first season with Joe Gibbs Racing, Bliss, the driver of the #20 Rockwell Automation Chevy in the Busch Series sits in seventh-place in the current point standings. With 30 NASCAR Winston Cup career starts under his belt, Bliss is no stranger to the big leagues of NASCAR, but admits this opportunity is the best he has ever had in his career and something he is very excited about. "It's a great opportunity for me and I hope I can contribute to this whole effort," said an elated Bliss. "I have always said in the past that I never wanted to go back to 'Cup' unless the opportunity was right or it was with a capable team, so it's easy to see why I'm excited. I am looking forward to working with Jimmy Makar and everyone at Joe Gibbs Racing to make this project successful." In light of the current environment within the Winston Cup garage and the level of competition on the track, Joe Gibbs Racing felt as though the time was right to add a third car to an already successful program. It will be a big undertaking with a lot of extra man-hours for all involved, but the thought behind the program is that the benefits will far outweigh any negatives. It will also allow the entire Joe Gibbs Racing operation to gain extra information that would otherwise be unattainable without the addition of the third car at these particular events. "With as tough as the competition has become in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series, we felt the timing was right to add a car for a couple of races to benefit our overall race program," said J.D. Gibbs, President of Joe Gibbs Racing. "We owe it to all of our sponsors to make sure we are as competitive as possible every week on the track. Adding this car at Daytona and Talladega will allow us to continue to do that. We are every excited that Advair Diskus has agreed to be the primary sponsor for this special initiative.. Our relationship with Advair Diskus has been great for Bobby Labonte and the '18' team this year and we look forward to having them play a bigger role in the sponsorship of that team next year." Heading up the program will be veteran crew chief and Joe Gibbs Racing's first employee, Jimmy Makar. After serving as crew chief of the Gibbs owned #18 Interstate Batteries Chevrolet for 11 seasons, Makar made the move up to Team Manager at the conclusion of the 2002 season to help manage the continually growing race operations. With 13 years experience behind him and considered by his peers as one of the best ever, Makar is excited at the opportunity to get back to the track and call the shots again. "This is something we have been discussing for quite some time and I am excited to be able to be a part of it," admitted Makar. "Looking at what's going on in the garage area today, we felt like the time was perfect to give this a try. This will also be a great opportunity for Mike. I have great confidence that he will do a good job for us and it will enable us to gather a lot of information we have otherwise not been able to obtain. It will also give us a chance to try some things we wouldn't normally try."(Joe Gibbs Racing PR)(6-14-2003)

    • Buckshot back: Buckshot Jones will be driving the #09 Miccosukee Resorts & Gaming Dodge for Phoenix Racing and team owner James Finch in the Pepsi 400 at Daytona. He will be filling in for Mike Wallace who is subbing for Jerry Nadeau in the #01 US Army Pontiac.(Buckshot PR)(6-13-2003)

    • All 62: Seven drivers have competed in all 62 restrictor-plate races at Daytona and Talladega: Bill Elliott, Terry Labonte, Mark Martin, Ricky Rudd, Ken Schrader, Rusty Wallace and Michael Waltrip.(4-13-2003)

    • See the 2003 Team Chart which has links to past news for each team and info on each team.


    • Compton in the #4 at Daytona as a pirate (puffy shirt?): Eastman Kodak Company and The Walt Disney Company announced a joint promotion of Disney's epic motion picture, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, through Kodak's NASCAR marketing program. A Pirates of the Caribbean 'wrap' will adorn the Kodak #4 car during the Pepsi 400 at Daytona International Speedway on July 5. The movie theme also will appear on the suit worn by driver Stacy Compton. "NASCAR is the perfect venue to build awareness for a fast-paced, adrenaline-rush-type of motion picture such as Pirates of the Caribbean," said Eric Rodli, president, Entertainment Imaging and senior vice president, Kodak. "This is the first time ever that a Kodak race car has featured a motion-picture film theme - and we wanted to involve our studio partners in this exciting opportunity. Disney is one of our long-standing partners - in fact, Pirates of the Caribbean was shot and printed on Kodak film - so this promotion is just a great fit for both companies." From producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Pirates of the Caribbean stars Johnny Depp as the roguish yet charming Captain Jack Sparrow whose nemesis Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) steals his ship, the Black Pearl. When Barbossa later attacks the town of Port Royal and kidnaps the governor's daughter, her childhood friend (Orlando Bloom) joins forces with Captain Jack in a gallant attempt to rescue her and recapture the Black Pearl. The movie is scheduled for release on July 9. Disney and Kodak also will host a Pirates of the Caribbean show car at the movie's premiere at Disneyland in Los Angeles. During the week of July 7, the show car will be on display at Walt Disney World in Orlando. (Business Wire)(6-25-2003)

    • Herman to run special scheme at Daytona: #23-Kenny 'Herman' Wallace will run a special Stacker2 scheme at the Pepsi 400 in Daytona promoting the new energy drink, YJ Stinger. YJ Stinger, the newest energy drink from Stacker 2 [NVE Pharmaceuticals], is set to launch this summer and comes in three flavors: Pounding Punch, Sinful Citrus and Enraged Raspberry.(mentioned by Kenny Wallace in Speed Channel's Inside Winston Cup TV progran)(6-24-2003)

    • #43 Berry Scheme UPDATE 2: John Andretti is scheduled to run a Cheerios Berry Scheme at the Winston Open and Coca Cola 600 at Lowe's Motor Speedway in May, this is a very cool looking scheme.(2-5-2003)
      UPDATE: Petty Enterprises and sponsor Cheerios joined forces Thursday morning, Feb. 13, prior to the "Great American Race" to unveil a special paint scheme for the legendary #43. The paint scheme celebrates Berry Burst Cheerios, the first-ever pairing of wholesome Cheerios with great tasting real berries right in the box. Petty Enterprises and sponsor Cheerios will race the new paint scheme in July, when the NASCAR Winston Cup teams come back to the 2.5-mile Daytona International Speedway. The two new products - Berry Burst Cheerios Strawberry (with real sliced strawberries) and Berry Burst Cheerios Triple Berry (with real sliced strawberries, whole blueberries and.whole raspberries) - provide the taste and experience of fresh fruit through the process of freeze-drying. The #43 Berry Burst Cheerios Dodge will have John Andretti behind the wheel in the July race at Daytona.(Williams Company PR)(2-18-2003)
      UPDATE 2: since Andretti was released from the #43 ride, no idea who will drive the car, Christian Fittipaldi was named the new #43 driver, but will drive the #44 Bugles car at Daytona.(6-10-2003)
      UPDATE 3: Shane Hmiel will drive the car at Daytona.(6-24-2003)

    • #97 and Irwin Tools UPDATE 2: hearing that Kurt Busch will run a #97 Irwin Tools scheme at Daytona in July, Chicago, Talladega in Oct and Lowe's in Oct.(2-5-2003)
      >UPDATE The Box: at Michigan Internation Speedway on Saturday, June 14th, Kurt Busch will open some sort of 'big box' in a press conference with sponsor Rubbermaid [it was for Irwin Tools], Busch drivers the #97 Rubbermaid/Sharpies Ford.(6-14-2003)
      UPDATE: While race fans have grown accustomed to seeing Kurt Busch's red, black and silver #97 Rubbermaid Racing Ford running up front in the 2003 NASCAR Winston Cup Series, they will get an exciting surprise in four races, kicking off the second-half of the season. It was announced today that Busch's #97 Roush Racing Ford will don the new trademark blue and yellow colors of IRWIN Industrial Tools beginning with the NASCAR Winston Cup race at Daytona International Speedway on July 5, 2003. IRWIN will also be the primary sponsor of the #97 Roush Racing Ford for the Chicagoland Speedway race on July 13th as well as the races at Talladega SuperSpeedway (Sept. 28th) and Lowe's Motor Speedway (Oct. 11th). The formal announcement was made at Michigan International Speedway, site of this weekend's NASCAR Winston Cup Series event. Just like the #97 IRWIN car, both product and packaging feature IRWIN's new trademark blue and yellow color scheme. IRWIN brand products are available at industrial and contractor supply houses, hardware stores, home centers and automotive tool distributors worldwide.(Irwin Tools PR). See images of the car on my Paint Scheme Gallery.(6-14-2003)

    • Square Pants for Johnson UPDATE: #48-Jimmie Johnson is scheduled to run a Sponge Bob Square Pants paint scheme at Daytona in July for the Pepsi 400.(3-20-2003)
      UPDATE: Lowe's announced on Tuesday that Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants is swimming onto the NASCAR scene and taking over the #48 Lowe's Chevy paint scheme for the Pepsi 400 at Daytona International Speedway later this summer. Team Lowe's will run the special SpongeBob paint scheme over the Fourth of July weekend to promote American Tradition Signature Colors Design Centers located in Lowe's stores nationwide. Lowe's and The Valspar Corporation have joined forces to deliver a breakthrough paint formulation in distinctive palettes with colors inspired by children's favorite Nickelodeon programs as well as five other popular American brands. In addition to the SpongeBob SquarePants palette, the Nickelodeon collection will feature five other color families inspired by favorite children's programs, including Blues Clues, Oswald, Dora the Explorer, Rugrats and Jimmy Neutron. These exciting and familiar bright colors are especially designed for children's bedrooms and playrooms, as are the coordinated kits of themed sponges and appliqués.(Golin Harris PR), see an image on my Paint Scheme Gallery.(6-11-2003)

    • Confetti for Martin at Daytona: #6 Mark Martin will run a Viagra/Confetti Ford at the Pepsi 400 in Daytona.(5-20-2003)

    • T3 Announcement: #42-Jamie McMurray and representatives from Havoline and Action Performance will hold a press conference on Saturday, April 26 at 9:30am/pt in the California Speedway media center to unveil McMurray's "T3: Rise of the Machines" car that will run July 5th in Daytona.(Jamie McMurray Site), see my 2003 Winston Cup Paint Schemes page for an image.(4-21-2003)

    • Pepsi and a Billion: Michael Davies' Diplomatic Productions and The WB are near a deal for a two-hour live special in which the grand prize is $1 billion, according to a report in today's Daily Variety. Pepsi will be partnered in the program, for which contestants are selected through the purchase of a few specially marked Pepsi products. Plans call for Pepsi to promote the program throughout the summer and up to the special's September airdate. Details are still being worked out for the contest, in which contestants will face off in a game of nerve and "chicken," the report said. Mr. Davies was responsible for bringing ABC's "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" to the United States.(TV Week), looks like one of the promotions will be at the Pepsi 400 in Daytona, see the car Jeff Gordon will drive there on my Paint Scheme Gallery.(4-4-2003)

    • Stewart special at Daytona: hearing that #20 Tony Stewart will run a Daytona Special in July which supposedly be unveiled in Feb 2003)(12-19-2002)
      UPDATE - Stewart and Home Depot Unveils Declaration of Independence-Themes Scheme: Tony Stewart, driver of the #20 Home Depot Chevy, proudly unveiled the new Declaration of Independence-themed car today prior to qualifying for the Bass Pro Shops/MBNA 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Stewart will race this car at the July 5 Pepsi 400 at Daytona International Speedway to celebrate The Home Depot's sponsorship of the Declaration of Independence (DOI) Road Trip. Founded by producer Norman Lear, the DOI Road Trip is touring an original copy of the Declaration to inspire Americans to participate in civic activism, to exercise their rights, and above all, to vote. The Declaration of Independence Road Trip will travel to cities and towns across the United States, creatively combining elements of education, entertainment, and community outreach. The project is led by Honorary Co-Chairs and former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford. The Home Depot is the Presenting Sponsor of the Road Trip. The United States Postal Service is the Official Carrier of the DOI Road Trip and AXA Financial, Inc. is also a Sponsor of The Declaration of Independence Road Trip. For additional information on the Declaration of Independence Road Trip, please visit Depot PR), see my 2003 Cup Schemes page for an image of the car.(3-7/8-2003)

    • #8 MLB News UPDATE: #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr will run a MLB - Major League Baseball scheme at ChicagoLand Speedway in July to promote the MLB All Star game on July 15thm which will be held at Chicago's Comisky Park(Go Phillies)(1-24-2003)
      UPDATE: Action Performance Companies announced the release of a Dale Earnhardt Jr. special edition die-cast collectible featuring the No. 8 Budweiser Chevrolet Monte Carlo and Major League Baseball [MLB]. Since 2001, Budweiser and MLB have emphasized their close association via an All-Star Game paint scheme, honoring the Mid-Summer Classic, featured on Dale Jr.'s #8 Budweiser Chevy during the July night race at Daytona. That same year, Earnhardt took a pearl-white colored Budweiser/MLB All-Star Game car all the way to Daytona's victory lane. This year, Chicago sports fans will enjoy quite an action-packed July when both NASCAR and MLB descend on the Windy City. On July 13, 2003, Dale Jr. will showcase the latest #8 Budweiser/MLB All-Star Game paint scheme during the 400-mile NASCAR Winston Cup race at Chicagoland Speedway. The following Tuesday night, July 15th, baseball's best players and coaches will headline the 74thAll-Star Game being held at Chicago's Comiskey Park, home of the Chicago White Sox. In cooperation with Dale Earnhardt Inc., Major League Baseball, Anheuser-Busch and Action Performance Companies again will produce the full line of die-cast collectibles and related memorabilia featuring the 2003 Budweiser/All-Star Game paint scheme.(Action Performance PR)(1-27-2003)

    • Kenseth and Smirnoff Ice? UPDATE: hearing #17-Matt Kenseth will race either 8 Cup or 8 BGN races with Smirnoff Ice as the sponsor, the BGN thing makes sense, since he is running 15 races with Bayer/Alka Seltzer, not sure about the Cup part of the rumor.(1-25-2003)
      UPDATE: hearing this is for 8 Cup races, with at least one Richmond race to be part of it.(1-27-2003)
      UPDATE 2: Smirnoff Ice Triple Black will sponsor Roush Racing driver Matt Kenseth's #17 Ford in a limited program of 2003 Cup races, beginning with The Winston all-star race in May at Lowe's Motor Speedway. The program includes at least co-primary sponsorship of Kenseth's Ford Taurus, whose five wins in 2002 led the series, for eight races and secondary status for the balance of the season. The partnership includes driver appearances, the use of show cars and image rights, a large hospitality program and an extensive social responsibility agenda. A Smirnoff spokesperson said an advertising program was in the works featuring Kenseth, who said that was one of the "coolest" aspects of the program. Kenseth will drive the Smirnoff Ice car at The Winston, Pepsi 400 at Daytona, Brickyard 400, Southern 500, Richmond (Sept), Talladega (Sept) and Atlanta (Oct). The race at Texas on March 30 is a co-primary event with Dewalt Tools.(, see an image of the car there - do NOT email it to me)(2-8-2003)

      Car#/Driver Sponsor/Scheme/Promo Race/Date Image?
      #4-Stacy Compton Pirates of the Caribbean Daytona - July Car #'s 0-23 page
      #6-Mark Martin Viagra/Confetti Daytona - July Car #'s 0-23 page
      #15-Michael Waltrip Stars and Stripes Daytona - July Car #'s 0-23 page
      #17-Matt Kenseth Smirnoff Ice Triple Black Daytona - July
      Brickyard 400 - Aug
      Darlington - Aug
      Richmond - Sept
      Atlanta - Oct
      Car #'s 0-23 page
      #20-Tony Stewart Declaration of Independence Daytona - July Car #'s 0-23 page
      #23-Kenny Wallace YJ Stinger Daytona - July Car #'s 0-23 page
      #24-Jeff Gordon Pepsi $1 Billion Daytona - July Cars #'s 24-99 page
      #31-Robby Gordon Reverse Cingular Daytona - July
      Bristol - Aug
      Richmond - Sept
      Lowe's - Oct
      Cars #'s 24-99 page
      #38-Elliott Sadler Groovy M&M's Daytona - July
      Chicago - July
      Cars #'s 24-99 page
      #42-Jamie McMurray T3: Rise of the Machines Daytona - July Cars #'s 24-99 page
      #43-Shane Hmiel Cheerios Berry Burst Daytona - July Cars #'s 24-99 page
      #44-Christian Fittipaldi Bugles Daytona - July
      Talladega - Sept
      Lowe's - Oct
      Cars #'s 24-99 page
      #48-Jimmie Johnson Sponge Bob Square Pants Daytona - July Cars #'s 24-99 page
      #97-Kurt Busch Irwin Tools Daytona -July
      Chicago - July
      Talladega - Sept
      Lowe's - Oct
      Cars #'s 24-99 page

    • More Paint Scheme news can be found on Paint Schemes Gallery


    • Waltrip going for a rare triple: If #15-Michael Waltrip wins Saturday night's Pepsi 400, he'll become only the second driver to win three consecutive NASCAR Winston Cup points races at Daytona. Cale Yarborough is the only driver to have a Daytona "triple". Yarborough won the 1967 Firecracker 400, then swept the Daytona 500 and Firecracker 400 in 1968.(NASCAR PR)(7-2-2003)

    • Dry Spell at Daytona for Pontiac: There have been 38 Cup races since the last Pontiac victory at Daytona when Richard Petty drove the #43 STP Pontiac to a win, with President Ronald Reagan in attendance, on July 4, 1984. It was Petty's 200th and last NASCAR Winston Cup victory.(NASCAR PR)(7-2-2003)

    • Free Preview NASCAR in car in Demand: iN DEMAND will offer NASCAR fans and viewers a free-preview of the innovative and ground-breaking NASCAR IN CAR on iN DEMAND package “ television's first enhanced multi-channel digital sports package “ on Saturday, July 5, for the Pepsi 400 at Daytona International Speedway. The July 5 free preview of NASCAR IN CAR on iN DEMAND marks the start of the second half of the 2003 NASCAR season and the availability of the package to digital cable subscribers for the half-season rate of $89. NASCAR fans were first invited to preview the NASCAR digital package on iN DEMAND at the start of the season during the Daytona 500 on Feb. 16, 2003, at Daytona International Speedway. More information at

    • Free Trackpass for Daytona: This year is providing fans free access to TrackPass for the weekend of the Pepsi 400 on July 3-6. users will have full access to all of TrackPass' features, including PitCommandcoverage of the Pepsi 400 on July 5 at 8:00pm/et. Users will be able to view Live Leaderboard timing and scoring coverage of NASCAR Winston Cup Series practice and qualifying events, NASCAR Busch Series qualifying and race, as well as exclusive multimedia features such as live in-car race audio, condensed races, and searchable video clips. To take advantage of the free TrackPass trial, fans only need to log on to July 3-6. Since its launch in February 2002, TrackPass has attracted over 150,000 signups.(NASCAR PR)(6-26-2003)

    • Safety Meeting: NASCAR has driver safety update meetings scheduled for July 4th for competitors in the Cup and Busch Series at Daytona. The series has been holding such meetings a couple of times a year or so since Dale Earnhardt 's fatal crash at Daytona in 2001.(Roanoke Times)(6-23-2003)

    • Fins Increased: NASCAR recently told teams to increase the rear window fins from 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches for the Pepsi 400 July 5 at Daytona. While officials were researching the possibility of adding a third roof flap to the cars for restrictor-plate races, they discovered that adding an inch to the fins improved the efficiency of the two existing flaps. NASCAR still is working on adding a third flap, but for now the larger fins should make the cars more stable.(Sporting News)(6-23-2003)

    • Some Rules Changes for Daytona: NASCAR on Friday issued a four-page technical bulletin to all Winston Cup teams outlining several changes that must be made to cars for next month's Pepsi 400 at Daytona International Speedway. The most visible change is the requirement of an additional rear roof air deflector, which will likely slow the cars slightly as well as help keep them stay grounded should they get involved in an accident. NASCAR recently conducted a wind-tunnel test with a third roof flap and discovered a change in the air deflector improved the efficiency and performance of the two flaps currently in use. Several other, minor changes were outlined in the bulletin, including rules mandating the height and thickness of air filters, quarter panels, and the fuel cells.(



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