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THE RACE: Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500

Nextel Cup Race #33 of 36 for the 2005 season

Nextel Cup Chase Race #7 of 10 for the 2005 season
Updated: often, leading up to the race

  • Race: Sunday, Oct 30, 2005 in Atlanta, GA

  • TV: NBC 12:30pm/et

  • Pre-Race Show: NBC - 12:00pm/et - with host Bill Weber

  • Green Flag: around 12:40pm/et

  • Race Re-Air: on Speed Channel
    Wednesday, Nov 2 [Fast Forward, 2-hour recap] at 5:00pm/et;
    Thursday, Nov 3 [Replay] at 3:00pm/et;
    Saturday, Nov 5 [Fast Forward, 2-hour recap] at 3:00am/et;

  • Pay Per View/NASCAR In Demand:

  • Announcers: Bill Weber, Benny Parsons, Wally Dallenbach

  • Pit Reporters: Allen Bestwick, Matt Yocum, Marty Snider, Dave Burns

  • War Wagon: no more war wagon, Bill Weber from the booth

  • TV Listings and Info:
    Jayski's TV Listings Page
    NASCAR on TV

  • Purse/Race Awards: $5,889,437 (was $5,781,269 in 2004)

    Practice Dates/Times/TV

  • Practices: Friday, October 28, 12:00 - 1:00pm/et

  • Happy Hour Practice: Friday, October 28, 1:30 - 2:30pm/et, TV-Speed Channel

    Qualifying Info

  • Qualifying Draw: Friday, October 28, 11:00am/et

  • Qualifying: 2 laps for positions 1-42 and 43 [past champ or fastest left] if open, Friday, October 28 at 7:10pm/et, TV-Speed Channel LIVE, re-air at 1:00am/et AND live via radio at PRN Radio and XM Satellite NASCAR Radio.

  • Impound? cars WILL be impounded for this race after qualifying, see rules on my Impound Rules page.

  • NASCAR Online will have live lap-by-lap coverage of Nextel Cup qualifying via the web (NOTE: this is a paid subscription service).


    9:00 AM 11:50 AM IROC PRACTICE
    12:00 N 1:00 PM NNCS PRACTICE

    1:45 PM IROC RACE ( 67 LAPS, 103.18 MILES)
    3:15 PM NCTS RACE ( 130 LAPS, 200.2 MILES)

    12:40 PM NNCS RACE ( 325 LAPS, 500.5 MILES)

    NNCS = NASCAR Nextel Cup Series
    (Information Provided by NASCAR Statistical Services, 1-888-782-8725)


    Goodyear Eagle Speedway Radials (Nextel Cup and IROC);
    Goodyear Wrangler Speedway Radials (Craftsman Truck)

    Number of Tires:
    Nextel Cup: Left-side -- 1,400, Right-side -- 1,400;
    Truck Series: Right-side -- 325, Right-side -- 325;
    IROC: Left-side -- 150, Right-side -- 150

    Tire Codes: Left-side -- D-6856; Right-side -- D-6858

    Tire Circumference: Left-side -- 87.4 in.; Right-side -- 88.7 in.

    Technical Inspection Inflation:
    Left Front -- 30 psi; Left Rear -- 30 psi;
    Right Front -- 50 psi; Right Rear -- 47 psi

    Minimum Recommended Inflation:
    Left Front -- 24 psi; Left Rear -- 24 psi;
    Right Front -- 47 psi; Right Rear -- 44 psi

    Estimated Pit Window: Every 60-65 laps, based on fuel mileage.

    Notes: This is the second consecutive NASCAR Nextel Cup race weekend at Atlanta that Goodyear has brought this specific combination of left- and right-side tires . . . all three series in action -- Nextel Cup, Craftsman Truck and IROC -- will run the same tire codes, though the Cup and IROC tires will be branded "Goodyear Eagle," while the truck tires will be branded "Goodyear Wrangler" . . . this is the only NASCAR track at which this tire combination will be run in 2005 . . . as on all NASCAR ovals greater than one mile in length, teams are required to run inner liners in all four tire positions at Atlanta . . . the air pressure in the inner liners should be 12-25 psi greater than that of the outer tire.

    Goodyear Quote -- Mark Keto, Lead Engineer, Stock Car Racing: "We run a different set-up at Atlanta compared to the other one-and-a-half-mile speedways because of the unique characteristics of its racing surface -- Atlanta requires a tougher, more wear resistant compounds. Also, we expect to see between two- to two-and-a-half-seconds of 'give-up' over the course of a fuel run."


  • The NASCAR Nextel Cup Leader Bonus is $50,000 at Atlanta Motor Speedway [7 of the top-10 drivers have a shot at it] for leading the points and winning the race.
    The $360,000 annual award is paid at $10,000 per race to the point leader at the end of each event if the driver is also the winner. The award increases by $10,000 each week the it goes unclaimed. If the point leader is not the race winner at the end of the year, the balance of the award is distributed among the top-10 finishers in the drivers point standings.
    2005 NASCAR Nextel Cup Leader Bonus Winners:
    #48-Jimmie Johnson, Las Vegas, 3/13/2005, $30,000
    #48-Jimmie Johnson, Lowe's Motor Speedway, 5/29/2005, $90,000
    #20-Tony Stewart, Indianapolis, 8/7/2005, $90,000
    #20-Tony Stewart, Watkins Glen, 8/14/2005, $10,000
    #48-Jimmie Johnson, Dover, 9/25/2005, #60,000

  • MBNA Mid-Race Leader Award: The MBNA Mid-Race Leader Award is worth $10,000 to any eligible NASCAR Nextel Cup driver who leads a race at the halfway mark and displays the MBNA Mid-Race Leader Award decal on their race car. An additional $5,000 is earned if that driver also wins the race. If the race-win bonus is not earned, the $5,000 rolls into the next week’s award. Eligible drivers earn two points for winning the MBNA Mid-Race Leader Award and another point if they also go on to win the race. The driver who earns the most points during the season will win the MBNA Mid-Race Leader Award Championship.
    Largest Award was when Tony Stewart won at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Oct 2003, $10,000 plus a $75,000 bonus.

    Bonus for leading at halfway and winning at Atlanta Motor Speedway: $15,000

    Winners for 2005 so far:
    Daytona: #20-Tony Stewart, $10,000
    California: #01-Joe Nemechek, $10,000
    Las Vegas: #97-Kurt Busch, $10,000
    Atlanta: #16-Greg Biffle, $10,000
    Bristol: #2-Rusty Wallace, $10,000
    Martinsville: #20-Tony Stewart, $10,000
    Texas: #16-Greg Biffle, $45,000*
    Phoenix: #97-Kurt Busch, $15,000*
    Talladega: #24-Jeff Gordon, $15,000*
    Darlington: #16-Greg Biffle, $15,000*
    Richmond: #9-Kasey Kahne, $15,000*
    Charlotte: #12-Ryan Newman, $10,000
    Dover: #5-Kyle Busch, $10,000
    Pocono: #25-Brian Vickers, $10,000
    Michigan: #20-Tony Stewart, $10,000
    Sonoma: #20-Tony Stewart, $30,000*
    Daytona: #20-Tony Stewart, $15,000*
    Chicago: #17-Matt Kenseth, $10,000
    New Hampshire: #20-Tony Stewart, $20,000*
    Pocono: #97-Kurt Busch, $15,000*
    Indianapolis: #9-Kasey Kahne, $10,000
    Watkins Glen: #20-Tony Stewart, $20,000*
    Michigan: #10-Scott Riggs, $10,000
    Bristol: #17-Matt Kenseth, $20,000*
    California: #20-Tony Stewart, $10,000
    Richmond: #5-Kyle Busch, $10,000
    New Hampshire: #6-Mark Martin, $10,000
    Dover: #97-Kurt Busch, $10,000
    Talladega: #21-Ricky Rudd, #10,000
    Kansas: #6-Mark Martin, $40,000*
    Charlotte: #20-Tony Stewart, $10,000
    Martinsville: #20-Tony Stewart, $10,000
    (* won race and bonus)

    NOTE: the award goes to the eligible driver leading on the 5th consecutive green lap following a mid-race caution if one occurs.
    NOT Eligible: #38 and #88 due to Citi Financial sponsoring Yates
    #29, #31 and #07 due to HSBC's(GM Card) relationship with RCR
    #48 due to Lowes Sponsorship ( Capital One does that credit card)
    MBNA Mid-Race Leader Award Standings:
    Tony Stewart, 24
    Kurt Busch, 10
    Greg Biffle, 8
    Kasey Kahne, 5
    Matt Kenseth, 5
    Mark Martin, 5
    Kyle Busch, 4
    Jeff Gordon, 3
    Joe Nemechek, 2
    Rusty Wallace, 2
    Ryan Newman, 2
    Brian Vickers, 2
    Scott Riggs, 2
    Ricky Rudd, 2


Radio Coverage:
Performance Racing Network (PRN)
XM Satellite - NASCAR Radio - Channel 144
including Internet coverage (NOTE: now a paid subsription thru

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    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Augusta Chronicle
    Macon Telegraph
    Savannah Morning News

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    Laid Back Racing (lots of info)
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    news and links

    • Edwards sweeps Atlanta: #99-Carl Edwards won the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway for his 3rd win of 2005 and his career, 2nd at Atlanta, being the first driver to sweep both Atlanta Cup races since Bill Elliott in 1992 and only the 6th driver to do so at the track. #24-Jeff Gordon follows up last weeks win with a 2nd place finish, followed by #6-Mark Martin, #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr. [who led the most laps] and #17-Matt Kenseth. Points leader, #20-Tony Stewart finished 9th and coupled with #48-Jimmie Johnson's [2nd in points] finish of 16th, Stewart increases his points lead from 15 to 43. Three Chasers had bad days, #97-Busch, #2-Wallace and #19-Mayfield all had bad days and finished 36th, 37th and 38th respectfully and for all practical purposes are out of the hunt for the Championship. #39-Reed Sorenson, in his 1st career start, crashed late and finished 41st out of the race. There were 9 cautions for 39 laps and 11 drivers led laps with 25 lead changes.
      For race results and awards, and other site links, see my
    • Jayski's Atlanta Race Results/Awards page.(10-30-2005)

    • Driver Points Standing after Atlanta race 7 of 10 in the Chase:
      #20-Tony Stewart, 6100
      #48-Jimmie Johnson, 6057, -43
      #16-Greg Biffle, 6025, -75
      #99-Carl Edwards, 5993, -107
      #12-Ryan Newman, 5993, -107
      #6-Mark Martin, 5957, -143>BR> #17-Matt Kenseth, 5945, -155
      #2-Rusty Wallace, 5843, -257
      #97-Kurt Busch, 5840, -260
      #19-Jeremy Mayfield, 5790, -310
      and the fight for 11th and the $1 million
      #42-Jamie McMurray, 3782
      #24-Jeff Gordon, -42
      #38-Elliott Sadler, -60
      #29-Kevin Harvick -71
      #01-Joe Nemechek -89
      For drivers/owners points, classic points top 15, see my
    • Jayski's Drivers/Owners Points after Atlanta page.(10-30-2005)

    • "Classic" Points Standings - Top 15...the old way, not the Chase after Atlanta, race 33 of 36:
      1) #20-Tony Stewart, 4766
      2) #16-Greg Biffle, 4511, -255
      3) #48-Jimmie Johnson, 4422, -344
      4) #2-Rusty Wallace, 4215, -551
      5) #6-Mark Martin, 4205, -561
      6) #97-Kurt Busch, 4114, -652
      7) #99-Carl Edwards, 4092, -674
      8) #17-Matt Kenseth, 4044, -722
      9) #12-Ryan Newman, 4043, -723
      10) #19-Jeremy Mayfield, 3998, -768
      11) #42-Jamie McMurray, 3782, -984
      12) #24-Jeff Gordon, 3740, -1026
      13) #38-Elliott Sadler, 3722, -1044
      14) #29-Kevin Harvick, 3711, -1055
      15) #01-Joe Nemechek, 3693, -1073

    • The Chasers...where do they start/finish at Atlanta:
      #20-Tony Stewart, starts 10th, finished
      #48-Jimmie Johnson, 12th, 16th
      #12-Ryan Newman, 1st, 23rd
      #16-Greg Biffle, 16th, 7th
      #99-Carl Edwards, 2nd, 1st
      #2-Rusty Wallace, 32nd, 37th
      #6-Mark Martin, 4th, 3rd
      #97-Kurt Busch, 30th, 36th
      #17-Matt Kenseth, 23rd, 5th
      #19-Jeremy Mayfield, 19th, 38th.(10-30-2005)

    • Atlanta Race Notes:
      • Carl Edwards won the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway, scoring his third NASCAR NEXTEL Cup victory in his 46th career start.
      • Edwards scored his third victory in 2005. His last victory came at Pocono in June, 19 races earlier.
      • It was Edward’s second victory in three races at Atlanta.
      • Edwards scored the third sweep in 2005 joining Jimmie Johnson (Charlotte) and Jeff Gordon (Martinsville).
      • This was the first sweep at Atlanta since Bill Elliott swept both races in 1992.
      • Edwards has scored 15 top-10 finishes in 33 races in 2005.
      • This was Edwards third top-five finish in three races at Atlanta. Edwards finished third in his first race there in 2004.
      • Edwards climbed from fifth to fourth in the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup point standings, now 107 points behind point leader Tony Stewart.
      • Edwards led eight times for 115 laps including the final 36 laps.
      • Edwards scored the fifth victory for car owner Jack Roush at Atlanta Motor Speedway. This was Roush’s 87th victory as a car owner and 13th in 33 races this season.
      • This is the 14th victory by a Ford in 2005. Chevrolet has 16 and Dodge has three.
      • Dale Earnhardt Jr. led 142 laps, leading the most laps for the first time this season. Prior to today’s race he had led only 27 laps in 2005. The last time he led the most laps in a race was at Phoenix last November.(NASCAR Statistical Services)(10-30-2005)

    • Rumblings - Atlanta:
      Carl Edwards completed the Atlanta sweep today as he captured the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 in rather easy fashion....winning at Atlanta Motor Speedway by a comfortable 2.712 seconds. This was his 3rd win of they season (besides the spring race here he also won at Pocono in June) and he's now all the way up to 84th on the all-time win list. Win #87 for Roush Racing was worth $314,700 from the over $5.9M in posted awards.
      Dale Earnhardt Jr (4th) had his best finish since he won at Chicagoland in July. Jamie McMurray (6th) had his best finish since he was runner-up at Daytona in July. Michael Waltrip (11th) had his best finish since he was 7th at Michigan in June. Mike Bliss (13th) had his best finish since he was 7th at Bristol in August. Johnny Benson (28th) had his best finish since he was 27th at Daytona in February of 2004 (only 6 races). STREAKIN....Carl Edwards has 5 Top-10's in the last 6 races.
      Tony Stewart has 4 Top-10's in the last 5 races.
      This Week's Elevator...UP: Operator of the Week is Jeff Burton (+33), followed by Michael Waltrip (+26), Jeff Gordon (+22), and Jamie McMurray (+22). DOWN: The Big Dropper was Martin Truex Jr (-32), followed by Kasey Kahne (-29), Kevin Lepage (-29), Mike Skinner (-28 ), Ryan Newman (-22), and Jeremy Mayfield (-20). This was Op #2 for Burton, while Truex makes his first ever appearance in the "Shaft".
      Tony Stewart's lead in the "Chase" is now 43 markers. For all practical purposes, the "Chase" is down to the Top-7.
      In "Classic" points, Jeff Gordon gains the most spots (15th to 12th), while Jeremy Mayfield (7th to 10th) fell the same number of spots. That vaunted 11th spot is still in Jamie McMurray's grasp....but only by 42 points over Gordon.(Stock Car Fabs)(10-30-2005)


    • The Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway:
      The UNOFFICIAL Top Ten (start pos in parens), lap leaders, cars out, cautions, lucky dogs and some notes
      after 325 of 325 laps:

      car#, driver, starting spot, laps led
      #99-Edwards-f (2x)(115 laps led)
      #24-Gordon-c (24)
      #6-Martin (4x)(43 laps led)
      #8-Earnhardt Jr.-c (17)(142 laps led)
      #17-Kenseth-f (23x)(1 laps led)
      #42-McMurray-d (28)
      #16-Biffle-f (16x)(5 laps led)
      #31-Burton-c (41)
      #20-Stewart-c (10x)(1 laps led)
      #38-Sadler-f (3)(10 laps led)

      other chasers. running
      #48-Johnson-c (12x) 16
      #12-Newman-d (1x)(1 laps led) 22, -2 laps
      #97-Busch-f (30x) 36, -55 laps
      #2-Walllace-d (32x) 37, -67 laps
      #19-Mayfield-d (18x) 38, -99 laps

      x=driver in The Chase
      c=chevy; d=dodge; f=ford

    • Cars on the lead lap: 16 (of 43 starters)

    • Drivers down at least a lap [and still running]: #'s 21,01,11,40,41,29,12,07,45,77,22,23,43,04,18,00,97,2,19

    • Cars on the track: 35 (of 43 starters)

    • Off track/out of race (8) and reason:
      #37-Skinner (accident-out)
      #66-Lepage (engine-out)
      #39-Sorenson (accident-out)
      #1-Truex Jr. (accident-out)
      #32-Hamilton Jr. (engine-out)
      #9-Kahne (accident-out)
      #49-Schrader (engine-out)
      #10-Riggs (engine-ofut

    • Laps Leaders Unofficial (11 leaders with 25 lead changes):
      #8-Earnhardt Jr. (142);
      #99-Edwards (115);
      #6-Martin (43);
      #38-Sadler (10);
      #16-Biffle (5);
      #5-Busch (4);
      #45-Petty (1);
      #20-Stewart (1);
      #43-Green (1);
      #12-Newman (1);
      #0-Bliss (1);

    • Lap leaders: #12-Newman - pole; #38-Sadler 1-2; #99-Edwards 3-6; #38-Sadler 7-14; #99-Edwards 15-18; #6-Martin 19-50; #99-Edwards 51; #45-Petty 52; #8-Earnhardt Jr. 53-58; #20-Stewart 59; #8-Earnhardt Jr. 60-66; #43-Green 67; #8-Earnhardt Jr. 68-104; #99-Edwards 105; #8-Earnhardt Jr. 106-130; #5-Busch 131-134; #16-Biffle 135-139; #8-Earnhardt Jr. 140-159; #12-Newman 160; #8-Earnhardt Jr. 161-206; #99-Edwards 207; #8-Earnhardt Jr. 208; #99-Edwards 209-229; #0-Bliss 230; #6-Martin 231-241; #99-Edwards 242-288; #17-Kenseth 289; #17-Edwards 290-325;

      Cautions: 9 for 39 laps

      Caution 9 - Laps 284 - 288: debris in turn 1, a piece of metal
      Caution 8 - Laps 229 - 232: #41-Mears lost a tire, smacked turn 3 wall.
      Caution 7 - Laps 191 - 194: debris on the frontstretch
      Caution 6 - Laps 159 - 163: #1-Truex Jr. scapred the wall along the backstretch after a tire went low.
      Caution 5 - Laps 134 - 138: #39-Sorenson got high and lost it, sliding up the track, #9-Kahne had no place to go and ended up nose to nose with the #39 along turn 3.
      Caution 4 - Laps 123 - 127: #97-Busch lost a right rear tire and nosed into the turn 4 wall and down the track onto the apron and to the garage.
      Caution 3 - Laps 66 - 69: debris in turn 2, then #07-Blaney spun off the corner, no damage.
      Caution 2 - Laps 51 - 54: debris in turn 2
      Caution 1 - Laps 7 - 9: #37-Skinner blows a right front tire and goes up the track and smacks the turn 2 wall, just catching #66-Lepage, who slid down the track and into the path of #2-Wallace who ended up with some front end damage.

    • Who got a lap back on each caution at Atlanta Lucky Dog Pack: (and their finish)
      (FOX calls it 'the Free Pass Car', NBC/TNT calls it the Lucky Dog - which I prefer)
      Caution 9: #48-Johnson, 16th
      Caution 8: #40-Marlin, 20th
      Caution 7: #0-Bliss, 13th
      Caution 6: #41-Mears, 21st
      Caution 5: #01-Nemechek, 18th
      Caution 4: #11-Hamlin, 19th
      Caution 3: #38-Sadler, 10th
      Caution 2: #22-Wimmer, 27th
      Caution 1: none, no one a lap down.
      See past races, rules, news and who has used the most Lucky Dog passes on my
      Lucky Dog page.

    • RACE/PIT NOTES: (as noted heard on TV or Radio)
      ---- after the 6th caution, #0-Bliss was penalized a lap for pitting out side his pit box; and #5-Busch was sent to the end of the longest line for passing in the grass on pit road, he had done that earlier and was warned.
      ---- on lap 79, #41-Mears made unscheduled pitstop for a vibration.
      ---- speeding on pit road during the 3rd caution: #17-Kenseth, #97-Busch, #45-Petty...all to the end of the longest line.
      ---- just before the 3rd caution, #49-Schrader made an unscheduled pit stop for a flat left rear tire.
      ---- #6-Martin, while leading off pit road during the 2nd caution was busted for speeding on pit road and goes from the lead to the end on the longest line which is 28th.
      ---- on lap 44, #19-Mayfield is off the track with an engine or transmission problem.
      ---- during the 1st caution, #-Kahne caught speeding on put road and goes to the end of the longest line.
      ---- on the 1st lap, #99-Edwards got hight and scraped the wall, but didn't lose position and took the lead on lap 3.
      ---- To the BACK [2]: #29-Harvick [engine change]; #92-Hamilton Jr. in for Chaffin [driver change]

    • Race Coverage of the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway is on Sunday, October 30, 2005.
      TV: NBC at 12:00pm/et [green flag around 12:40pm/et].
      Pre-Race: NASCAR This Morning, Speed Channel, 10:30am/et
      Radio: PRN Radio and XM Satellite NASCAR Radio
      Internet: [Pit Command/Trackside - paid]
      Jayski: on my Jayski's Semi-Live Race Coverage/Narrative Page.
      Race Re-Air: Speed Channel, Thursday, November 4th at 3:00pm/et

    • Newman wins 6th straight pole at Atlanta: #12-Ryan Newman won the Budweiser Pole for the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway with a lap of 193.928mph for his 7th pole of 2005 and 34th of his career. It is the 6th straight pole at Atlanta for Newman [his finishes in the other five races were: 10th, 29th, 5th, 17th, 14th] The rest of the top five are: #99-Car Edwards, #38-Elliott Sadler, #6-Mark Martin and #07-Dave Blaney. #1-Martin Truex Jr. was the highest non top-35 team, starting 8th and some nice runs by #66-Lepage 13th, #37-Skinner 15th, #23-Benson 19th and #00-Carl Long 20th. Reed Sorenson makes his first career Nextel Cup start in the #39 Discount Tire Dodge and #92-Chad Chaffin starts his 2nd career race. Ten drivers failed to make the race: #80-Yeley, #36-Said, #32-Hamilton Jr., #09-Sauter, #7-Gordon, #51-Kirby, #4-Wallace, #50-Spencer, #75-Garvey and #89-Shepherd.
      See practice speeds, qualifying order, pole progression and more on my Jayski's Atlanta Qualifying/Practice/Starting Grid Page.(10-28-2005)

    • The Chasers...where do they start at Atlanta:
      #20-Tony Stewart, starts 10th
      #48-Jimmie Johnson, 12th
      #12-Ryan Newman, 1st
      #16-Greg Biffle, 16th
      #99-Carl Edwards, 2nd
      #2-Rusty Wallace, 32nd
      #6-Mark Martin, 4th
      #97-Kurt Busch, 30th
      #17-Matt Kenseth, 23rd
      #19-Jeremy Mayfield, 19th.(10-28-2005)

    • Atlanta Qualifying Notes:
      • Ryan Newman won the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series Bud Pole for the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500, lapping Atlanta Motor Speedway in 28.588 seconds at 193.928 mph. Geoffrey Bodine holds the track-qualifying record of 28.074 seconds, 197.478 mph, set Nov. 15, 1997, in the first qualifying session held on the 1.54-mile configuration.
      • This is Newman’s 34th career Bud Pole in 149 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series races.
      • This is Newman’s seventh Bud Pole and 27th top-10 start in 2005 – both more than any other driver.
      • This is Newman’s sixth Bud Pole in eight races at Atlanta. It is his seventh front-row start here. His worst start here was sixth in October 2002.
      • Newman extended his record consecutive Bud Poles at Atlanta to six. Buddy Baker posted three consecutive Bud Poles at Atlanta (fall 1979-fall 1980). No other driver has posted more than two consecutive Bud Poles here. This is the most consecutive Bud Poles since Bill Elliott posted six straight at Talladega (spring 1985-fall 1987). The all-time record for consecutive Bud Poles at a track is held by David Pearson with 11 at Charlotte (October 1973-October 1978).
      • Carl Edwards posted the second-quickest qualifying lap of 28.663 seconds, 193.420 mph – and will join Newman on the front row for the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500. He posted his third top-five start in as many races at Atlanta and his ninth in 2005.
      • This is the 10th Bud Pole for Dodge in 2005. Chevrolet has 13 Bud Poles and Ford has eight. Qualifying was canceled at Dover in June and Watkins Glen.
      • Elliott Sadler (third) posted his fifth top-10 start in 14 races at Atlanta, all in the past six races here. It is his 19th top-10 start this season.
      • Mark Martin (fourth) posted his 25th top-10 start in his 40 races at Atlanta, but just his third in the past eight. Martin has just nine top-10 starts in 2005.
      • Dave Blaney (fifth) posted his sixth top-10 start in his 12 races at Atlanta but his first in the past seven. It is his fifth top-10 start this season.
      • Martin Truex Jr. (eighth) posted the best qualifying effort in his six-race NASCAR NEXTEL Cup career.
      • Only four of the 10 Chase drivers qualified in the top 10: Newman, Edwards, Martin and Tony Stewart (10th).
      • Reed Sorenson (22nd) became the 10th different driver to qualify for his career first NASCAR NEXTEL Cup race this season.
      • The last race won form the Bud Pole at Atlanta was by Bobby Labonte in the 1996 season finale NAPA 500.(NASCAR Statisical Services)(10-28-2005)

    • Ramblings - Atlanta: Ryan Newman took his 6th straight Bud Pole tonight at Atlanta Motor Speedway, and he certainly lived up to his "Rocket Man" monicker. His time of 28.588 (193.928 mph) was almost a tenth of a second quicker than Carl Edwards and was good for his 7th pole of 2005 and the 34th of his NEXTEL Cup career. He's now clinched the contingency for most Bud Poles this season as his nearest pursuer is Elliott Sadler with four....but Ryan would win the tiebreaker as he has more outside poles.
      For Carl Edwards, this is his best starting spot since he had the pole at California in September.
      Dave Blaney (5th) has his best starting spot since he lined up 3rd at Bristol in August.
      Martin Truex Jr (8th) has his career-best starting position this weekend. His previous best was 10th at Daytona in February.
      Brian Vickers (11th) had his best qualifying run since he timed in 9th at California in September.
      Mike Skinner (15th) has his best starting spot since he lined up 7th at Daytona in February.
      Johnny Benson (19th) has his best starting spot since he qualified 9th at Richmond in September of 2003!
      Carl Long (20th) has his career-best starting position this weekend. His previous best was 21st at Darlington in May.
      Reed Sorenson (22nd) makes his NEXTEL Cup debut this weekend. He'll go the full schedule for Chip Ganassi next season.
      Bobby Hamilton (26th) has his best starting spot since he lined up 17th at Homestead in November of 2002 (only 3 races).
      Chad Chaffin (43rd) makes his first Cup start since Martinsville last October. He started 37th and finished 39th that day.
      STREAKIN....Elliott Sadler has 6 Top-10 starts in a row.
      Tony Stewart has 5 Top-10 starts in a row.
      Ryan Newman has 5 Top-10 starts in the last 6 races.
      (Stock Car Fans)(10-28-2005)

    • Coverage of Qualifying for the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway is scheduled for Friday, October 28, 2005 at 7:10pm/et.
      TV: Speed Channel - 8:00pm/et via tape
      Radio: PRN Radio and XM Satellite NASCAR Radio
      Internet: [Pit Command/Trackside - paid] Jayski's FREE Semi-Live Qualifying Page.
      Qualifying Re-Air: Speed Channel at 1:00am/et

    • Qualifying Order for the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway is up, 53 drivers [for 43 spots] are listed, #43-Jeff Green is due out first, the last driver scheduled out is #5-Kyle Busch. For the Qualifying order, see my Jayski's Atlanta Practice/Qualifying/Lineup Page.(10-28-2005)

    • Friday's Happy Hour practice for the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway is over, the fastest:
      #8-Earnhardt Jr. 189.215
      #43-Green 188.661
      #25-Vickers 188.642
      #6-Martin 188.546
      #1-Truex Jr. 188.520
      slowest: #89-Shepherd 174.340 and #45-Petty 182.063
      most laps run: #6-Martin 49; #20-Stewart 44
      Best average speed [all laps averaged]
      (from's leaderboard service)
      #36-Said, 186.827 [17th fastest lap], 7 laps run
      #66-Lepage, 185.044 [19th], 9 laps
      #04-Hamilton, 184.874 [27th], 9 laps
      See practice speeds, qualifying order, pole progression and more on my Jayski's Atlanta Qualifying/Practice/Starting Grid Page.(10-28-2005)

    • How did the non Top-35 teams do in final practice at Atlanta?
      Eight in and ten out [53 entered for 43 spots]:
      #1-Martin Truex Jr., 5th fastest
      #37-Mike Skinner, 10th
      #39-Reed Sorenson, 12th
      #32-Bobby Hamilton Jr., 15th
      #36-Boris Said, 17th
      #66-Kevin Lepage, 19th
      #80-J.J. Yeley, 21st
      #09-Johnny Sauter, 23rd
      if things stay the same, these drivers miss out:
      #04-Bobby Hamilton, 27th
      #7-Robby Gordon, 28th
      #23-Johnny Benson, 34th
      #75-Mike Garvey, 36th
      #92-Chad Chaffin, 38th
      #51-Stuart Kirby, 43rd
      #50-Jimmy Spencer, 44th
      #4-Mike Wallace, 46th
      #00-Carl Long, 50th
      #89-Morgan Shepherd, 53rd.(10-28-2005)

    • Friday's first practice for the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway is over, the fastest:
      #16-Biffle 190.352
      #97-Busch 189.662
      #5-Busch 189.636
      #5-Martin 188.873
      #12-Newman 188.751
      slowest: #89-Shepherd 176.313 and #51-Kirby 181.129
      no speed listed for: #04-Hamilton
      #96-Hall is not on the qulaifying order and must have withdrawn
      most laps run: #31-Burton 41; #20-Stewart and #88-Jarrett 40
      Best average speed [all laps averaged]
      (from's leaderboard service)
      #36-Said, 185.710 [17th fastest lap], 9 laps run
      #5-Busch, 184.360 [3rd], 24 laps
      #6-Martin, 183.876 [4th], 19 laps
      See practice speeds, qualifying order, pole progression and more on my Jayski's Atlanta Qualifying/Practice/Starting Grid Page.(10-28-2005)

    • Entry List for the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway is up, 54 drivers [for 43 spots] are listed, including these drivers who need to get in on speed and are NOT in a 2005 Top-35 Owners Points Position:
      Not in top 35 of owners points - 32 race attempts by team:
      #4-Mike Wallace (full-time team)
      #32-Bobby Hamilton Jr. (full-time team)
      #7-Robby Gordon (full-time team)
      #37-Mike Skinner (full-time team)
      #92-Chad Chaffin in for Eric McClure (full-time team)
      Not in top 35 of owners points - less then 32 'team' attempts
      #00-Carl Long (21 attempts)
      #04-Bobby Hamilton (1 attempt)
      #09-Johnny Sauter (16 attempts)
      #1-Martin Truex Jr. (6 attempts)
      #23-Johnny Benson (8 attempts)
      #36-Boris Said (11 attempts)
      #39-Reed Sorenson (5 attempts)
      #50-Jimmy Spencer (9 attempts)
      #51-Stuart Kirby (8 attempts)
      #66-Kevin Lepage (31 attempts)
      #75-Mike Garvey (11 attempts)
      #80-J.J. Yeley (no attempts)
      #89-Morgan Shepherd (19 attempts)
      #96-Shane Hall (no attempts)
      IF qualifying was rained out the eight who would make it [8]: #'s 4,32,7,37,92,66,00,89
      missing the race would be [11]: #'s 09,36,75,50,51,23,1,39,04,96,80
      For the full list see my Jayski's Atlanta Entry List, 54 cars entered.(10-24-2005)

    • Weather -- IF qualifying is rained out, the field would be set as follows (per the rulebook):
      #1) - First 35 by current Owner Points
      #2) - Previous Years Cup Champ or the Event Champion if already NOT in the field by step 1
      #3) - Car Owners whose team has won in the previous and current season not already in the field
      #4) - Drivers who have won in the previous and current season not already in the field
      #5) - Past Nextel Cup Champions not in by 1 thru 4
      #6) - Qualifying Attempts with Owners points as the tie breaker
      #7) - Qualifying Order Position
      (all above apply as long as the team was entered by the entry deadline - usually 13 days before the race)

    • Air Pressure Checked: NASCAR told teams at the Michigan drivers' meeting that it would begin recording air pressures on the front tires of all cars before each race, keep the information confidential and use it to evaluate performance and to investigate tire problems.(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)(8-22-2005)

    • New Camber Rule starting at MIS: NASCAR has finally stepped in to eradicate the excessive tire problems teams have experienced this season--and remove some of the heat from Goodyear in the process. A new camber rule will be in place starting this weekend at Michigan that limits the angle of the front tires to 8 degrees. "We've had tire issues this summer at Pocono and Indy (because of) excessive camber," says Robin Pemberton, NASCAR vice president of competition. "Some teams were on the mark, but others were way off." NASCAR already has a rear camber rule of 2 degrees and checks cars with a camber gauge during inspection.(Sporting News)(8-15-2005)

    • Race Penalties Now Less Severe: Beginning with the Advance Auto Parts 500 at Martinsville, eight infractions that used to bring a stop-and-go penalty will now be addressed with a pass through the pits. They include a crew member jumping over the wall too soon, too many crewmen in the pit service area, using more than two air wrenches during a stop, and tossing the fuel or catch cans. Other violations now covered by a pass-through penalty are: crew members returning from the equipment side of the wall, illegal use of extension poles, failing to carry the front air wrench to the pit wall side, and noncompliant refueling. A stop-and-go requires a car to return to its pit box for 15 seconds, while the lesser penalty is merely going back through pit road at the required speed limit.(FoxSports/AP)(3-20-2005)

    • Impound Rules: NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series Impound Procedures In 2005
      For all the rules and the races [21 of 36], see my Impound Rules page.
    • some 2005 Changes in the Cup Series:

    • New Dodge Model: Charger takes over for the Intrepid
    • Spoilers reduced 1" to 4 1/2" at all tracks BUT Talladega and Daytona
    • Gear Ratio rule, teams will have 2 choices of what gear ratio to use at all tracks BUT Talladega and Daytona, supposedly the gear ratio's will be between 3.80 and 4.00
    • Hard Liquor sponsors now allowed
    • NASCAR is using a computer timing system to check for speeding on pit road
    • The top 35 teams in Owners Points will be guaranteed to make the race, the final teams by speed, then field set by speed, for the first FIVE races, 2004 owners points standings will be used for the top 35.
    • The Impound Rules will be used at over half the races.
    • Each car must have a full tank of fuel in the gas tank when the driver makes a qualifying lap, for ALL races.
    • Restrictor plate size changed from 29/32 [58/64] to 57/64"

    • No Racing to the Caution Rule and Q&A/Lucky Dog

    • Jayski's - 2005 Nextel Cup Race Results Page

    • How to Calculate Track Speeds: use the formula Speed = Distance divided by Time. Distance is Track Length, and Lap Time into Hours. Once hour is 3600 seconds, so the calculation for a 48 second lap at Daytona(2.5 miles) would be: Speed = 2.5 x (3600/48), = 2.5 x 75 = 187.500mph. For a 19 second lap at Bristol(.533 miles): Speed = .533 x (3600/19), = .533 x 189.474 = a speed of 100.990mph

    • How to break a tie during qualifying? (same speed/time) When drivers are tied for a starting spot during qualifying, it is broken by owners points standings(not drivers).

    • Links: Practice speeds, qualifying and results can be found at these sites:


    • WHO'S HOT heading to Atlanta Motor Speedway:
      • Tony Stewart has scored 16 top-five and 22 top-10 finishes in 2005, both the most of all drivers. Stewart has scored four top-five finishes in the six races of the Chase, the most of all drivers. He has also led the most laps (583) in the first six races of the Chase, earning 40 lap leader bonus points, 15 more than any other Chase driver.
      • Jimmie Johnson has scored two victories in the first five races in the 2005 Chase for the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup.
      • Jimmie Johnson and Ryan Newman have each scored top-10 finishes in five of the six races in the 2005 Chase for the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup.
      • Rusty Wallace has scored 24 top-15 finishes in 32 races in 2005, the most of all drivers.
      • Ryan Newman has posted 26 top-10 starts in 32 races this season, the most of all drivers.
      • The “Ford Five” drivers of Jack Roush Racing have won 12 of the 32 races in 2005. Hendrick Motorsports drivers have won nine while Joe Gibbs Racing has five victories. Evernham Motorsports has two and Robert Yates Racing, Dale Earnhardt Inc., Richard Childress Racing and Penske Racing all have one each.(NASCAR Statistical Services)(10-24-2005)

    • 2004 Race Winner: Jimmie Johnson, 145.647mph, started 8th

    • March 2005 Race Winner: Carl Edwards, 143.478mph, started 4th

    • Race Record: Bobby Labonte, Nov 16, 1997, 159.904mph

    • Slowest Race Record: Fred Lorenzen, 1962, 101.983mph

    • 2004 Pole Sitter: Ryan Newman, 191.575, finished 17th

    • March 2005 Pole Sitter: Ryan Newman, 194.690, finished 14th

    • Track Qualifying Record: Geoffrey Bodine, 11/16/97, 197.479mph

    • Most Wins - Active Driver: Bobby Labonte, 6

    • Most Wins - All Time: Dale Earnhardt, 9

    • Most Poles - Active Driver: Ryan Newman, 5

    • Most Poles - All Time: Buddy Baker, 7

    • Most Top 5s: 26 - Dale Earnhardt

    • Most Top 10s: 33 - Richard Petty [65 starts]

    • Oldest Winner: Morgan Shepherd, 51 years, 4 months, 27 days, 3/20/93

    • Youngest Winner: Jeff Gordon, 23 years, 7 months, 8 days, 3/12/95

    • Most Cautions: 11 - 11/1993

    • Fewest Cautions: 1 - 7/9/1961BR>
    • Most Caution Laps: 99, 11/6/1977

    • Fewest Caution Laps: 7, 11/2/1986

    • Most Running at the Finish: 39 - Oct 2002

    • Fewest Running at the Finish: 10 - April 1964

    • Worst Starting Spot to Win: Bobby Labonte, Nov 2001, started 39th

    • Most Lead Changes: 45 - Nov 1982

    • Fewest Lead Changes: 6 - 3 times, most recently June 1963

    • Most Wins by Manufacturer: 33 - Chevrolet

    • Fewest Laps Led by a Race Winner: 1 - David Pearson 9/17/1961

    • Most Laps Led by a Race Winner: 308 - Cale Yarborough, 3/30/1969

    • Races won from starting pos 1: 13 [of 92] 14.1%

    • Races won from starting pos 2: 9

    • Races won from starting pos 3: 8

    • Races won from starting pos 4: 9

    • Races won from starting pos 5: 13

    • Races won from starting pos 6: 2

    • Races won from starting pos 7: 6

    • Races won from starting pos 8: 6

    • Races won from starting pos 9: 6

    • Races won from starting pos 10: 1

    • Races won from starting pos 11,14,17,20,21: 2

    • Races won from starting pos 12,13,15,18,19,22,31,35,37,39: 1

    • Races won from the top 5: 51 of 92 - 55.4%

    • Races won from the top 10: 72 of 92 - 78.3%

    • First Career Starts at Atlanta: Rusty Wallace [3/80]; Jeff Gordon [11/92]; Scott Wimmer [11/2000]

    • Atlanta Nuggets
      The Chase Drivers at Atlanta
      • Greg Biffle has scored top-10 finishes in his last three races at Atlanta
      • Kurt Busch has scored only one top-10 finish in his last five races at Atlanta
      • Carl Edwards has raced in only two races at Atlanta Motor Speedway finishing third and first.
      • Jimmie Johnson has scored four straight top-five finishes at Atlanta
      • Matt Kenseth has scored only one top-10 finish in his last four races at Atlanta
      • Mark Martin has scored top-five finishes in his last two races at Atlanta
      • Jeremy Mayfield has scored two top-10 finishes in his last 10 races at Atlanta
      • Ryan Newman has scored only one top-10 finish in his last four races at Atlanta
      • Tony Stewart has posted seven top-10 finishes in his last eight races at Atlanta
      • Rusty Wallace has scored only one top-10 finish in his last nine races at Atlanta.

      Driver Milestones at Atlanta
      • Ricky expected to make his 785th consecutive start, extending the all-time record for consecutive races by a driver.
      • Dale Jarrett is expected to make his 600th NASCAR NEXTEL Cup start this week at Atlanta
      • Jeff Burton is expected to make his 400th NASCAR NEXTEL Cup start this week at Atlanta
      • Kevin Harvick is expected to make his 175th NASCAR NEXTEL Cup start this week at Atlanta

      Ricky Rudd Expected to Set Mark at Atlanta Motor Speedway
      Ricky Rudd is expected to make his 56th start at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Rudd will tie Darrell Waltrip and Bill Elliott for third all-time in starts there behind Dave Marcis with 59 and Richard Petty who holds the record with 65 starts. Rudd has one victory at Atlanta Motor Speedway (March 1987).

      Defending NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Champion at Atlanta Motor Speedway
      Kurt Busch has competed in nine races at Atlanta Motor Speedway, scoring three top-10 finishes including a victory in October 2002.

      Point Leader at Atlanta Motor Speedway
      Tony Stewart has competed in 13 races at Atlanta Motor Speedway, scoring one victory (March 2002) and seven top-10 finishes, all in his last 10 races there. Tough at Atlanta in 2004
      • Greg Biffle, Jimmie Johnson, Kasey Kahne, and Tony Stewart all scored top-10 finishes in both races at Atlanta in 2004. Johnson and Kahne scored top-five finishes in both races.
      • The streaks continued this past March with Biffle scoring his third straight top-10, Johnson scoring his fourth straight top-five, and Kahne scored his third straight top-five finish at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

      Strong Starter at Atlanta Motor Speedway
      Ryan Newman has posted seven straight top-10 starts, including five straight Bud Poles in his seven races at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

      Winning From Up Front at Atlanta Motor Speedway
      Twenty-two of the 92 races at Atlanta Motor Speedway have been won from the front row (24 percent). However, only one of the last 10 races there was won from the front row.

      Atlanta Dominator
      Jimmie Johnson has finished fourth or better in his last four races at Atlanta Motor Speedway, the longest current top-10 streak among active drivers.

      Active Atlanta Dominators
      • Starts- Ricky Rudd (55)
      • Bud Poles - Ryan Newman (five)
      • Victories - Bobby Labonte (six)
      • Top Fives - Bobby Labonte (12)
      • Top 10s - Ricky Rudd (22)
      • Average Start (more than one) - Ryan Newman (1.857 in seven races)
      • Average Finish - Kasey Kahne (4.33 in three races)
      • Laps Led - Jeff Gordon (975)

      Manufacturer Domination at Atlanta
      A Chevrolet has won four of the last five races at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

      “Last-Timer” at Atlanta Motor Speedway
      Rusty Wallace has scored two victories and 16 top-10 finishes in his 46 races at Atlanta Motor Speedway. However, he has not scored a top-10 finish in his last six races at Atlanta.

      And Beat Goes On
      Kevin Lepage has been running at the finish in all 11 of his races at Atlanta Motor Speedway. No other driver has competed in 10 or more races at Atlanta without scoring a DNF there.

      Owner Domination at Atlanta
      The Wood Brothers have scored 12 victories at Atlanta Motor Speedway, the most of all car owners. Their last Atlanta victory came in the spring of 1993 with Morgan Shepherd scoring his last career victory.

      Starting and Finishing Up Front at Atlanta Motor Speedway
      • Ryan Newman has a 1.857 starting average and a 13.571 finishing average in seven races at Atlanta Motor Speedway. His starting average is the best among active drivers at Atlanta.
      • Kasey Kahne has a 16.33 starting average and a 4.33 finishing average in three races at Atlanta Motor Speedway. His finishing average is the best among all active drivers.

      Sweeps at Atlanta Motor Speedway
      There have only been five sweeps at Atlanta Motor Speedway since twice-a-year racing began there in 1960. Bill Elliott (1992) posted the most recent sweep at Atlanta Motor Speedway, 13 years ago.

      Don’t Tell Me You Can’t
      Bobby Labonte won the 2001 NAPA 500 from the 39th starting position, the furthest back a race winner has started in the 46-year history at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Only two other races in NASCAR history were won from deeper in the field (1950 Southern 500 and 1953 Raleigh 500- both won from 43rd).

      Leading the way at Atlanta Motor Speedway
      Ryan Newman is the only driver to lead in each of the last seven races at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Newman is also the only active driver that has led in every NASCAR NEXTEL Cup race that he has competed in at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

      Top 10 Lap Leaders at Atlanta Motor Speedway
      Driver Races Laps Led
      1. Yarborough, Cale 47 3,316
      2. Earnhardt, Dale 46 2,655
      3. Petty, Richard 65 1,867
      4. Pearson, David 39 1,468
      5. Allison, Bobby 48 1,156
      6. Elliott, Bill 56 1,016
      7. Gordon, Jeff 26 975
      8. Labonte, Bobby 25 944
      9. Martin, Mark 39 881
      10. Baker, Buddy 54 785

      Would You Believe?
      Rusty Wallace is still 59 laps shy of leading 20,000 laps in his career. Wallace has led 19,941 laps and ranks seventh all-time.

      Season Nuggets

      Winning Tougher than Ever in 2005
      After 32 races in 2005, there are still three drivers who won in 2004 that have not won in 2005: Elliott Sadler, Rusty Wallace and Joe Nemechek. Wallace is the only driver ranked in the top 10 that has not won a race but is also the only driver among the top-50 drivers without a DNF this season. There are six drivers not in the top 10 that have scored at least one victory in 2005.

      Manufacturer Dominance
      Chevrolet has clinched the 2005 Manufacturers’ Championship. This marks Chevrolets 29th Championship and 25th of the modern era (since 1972). Chevrolet has won the championship in the last three years. A Chevrolet has won 16 of the 32 races in 2005. Ford has won 13 and Dodge has three victories.

      Rusty Wallace has been running at the finish in 45 consecutive races (since Bristol in September 2004), the longest current streak.

      Get Those Bonus Points
      • Greg Biffle is the only driver to lead at least one lap in 23 of the 32 races in 2005. He has led 1,107 laps this season and is second behind Tony Stewart who has led 1,829 the most of all drivers.
      • Tony Stewart has led the most laps in 11 of the 32 races this season, more than any other driver.
      • Tony Stewart has scored 140 lap leader bonus points in the first 32 races, 10 more than any other driver.

      Maintaining a Top-10 Standard
      Jimmie Johnson is the only driver that has ranked in the top 10 in the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup point standings after every race in 2005. He has ranked among the top-10 drivers since Atlanta in March 2004, 65 straight races, the longest current streak.

      2005 Success
      • Rusty Wallace ranked 18th in the point standings after 32 races one year ago. This year he is sixth.
      • Greg Biffle ranked 20th in the point standings after 32 races one year ago. This year he is fourth.
      • Carl Edwards ranked 40th in the point standings after Martinsville one year ago. This year he is fifth.
      2005 Struggles
      • Kurt Busch ranked first in the point standings after 32 races one year ago. This year he is eighth.
      • Jeff Gordon ranked second in the point standings after 32 races one year ago. This year he is 15th.
      • Dale Earnhardt Jr., ranked third in the point standings after 32 races one year ago. This year he is 21st.
      • Elliott Sadler ranked seventh in the point standings after 32 races one year ago. This year he is 14th.
      • Bobby Labonte ranked 14th in the point standings after 32 races one year ago. This year he is 23rd.
      • Robby Gordon leads all drivers with 13 DNFs in 32 races.
      • Dale Earnhardt Jr., has led only 27 laps in 2005. One year ago he had led 1,013.
      • Michael Waltrip has finished 13th or worse in his last 16 races.(NASCAR Statistical Services)(10-24-2005)


    • Track Specs:
      Track/Race Length: 1.54 mile oval, 325 laps, 500.5 miles
      Degree of Banking: Turns: 24 degrees
      Straightaways: Banking: 5 degrees; Straights: Frontstretch - 1471 feet; Backstretch - 1380 feet.
      Pit Road Speed: 45mph
      Grandstand Seating: 124,000

    • Track Homepage:

    • Last Year: see my October 2004 Atlanta Race Info Page.

      Race Festivities:
      Grand Marshal:
      Command to start engines:
      Wave the green flag/honorary starter:
      National Anthem:
      Military Flyover:

    • Record Purse for Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 NASCAR drivers competing in the Oct. 30 Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 and the Oct. 29 EasyCare Vehicle Service Contracts 200 NASCAR Craftsman Truck series races at Atlanta Motor Speedway will be battling for nearly $6.4 million in posted prize money. The awards for the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup and Craftsman Truck Series events are part of a $7,610,966 purse announced for the three days of racing that comprise the October 28-30 Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 race week schedule of events. The Papa John's Invitational Legends race will battle for over $15,000 in cash and prizes. On Saturday, October 29 the Crown Royal International Race of Champions season finale will take place, with a $200,000 purse up for grabs and $1 million bonus going to the season champion. Following the Crown Royal IROC race, the Truck series will go door-to-door in the EasyCare Vehicle Service Contracts 200, where drivers will try and win their share of the $506,529 purse.
      On Sunday, the stars of the NEXTEL Cup series will be battling for a record purse of $5,889,437. This year's purse represents an increase of $1,197,036 over the prize money posted in the March 2005 Golden Corral 500 NEXTEL Cup race just seven months ago and $108,168 more than the 2004 edition of the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500. The purse for the first race ever held at Atlanta Motor Speedway was $39,500, a far cry from just the winner's take home pay of $285,900 for this year's race.
      Great seats are still available for the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 race weekend, October 28-30. Contact the Atlanta Motor Speedway ticket office at 770-946-4211 or via or .(AMS) or going to Premiere Sports Travel.(10-23-2005)

    • Reconstruction Coming to a Close at AMS: As the final coats of paint are applied, Atlanta Motor Speedway once again looks like the world-class racing facility it was before an F2 tornado ravished it on July 6. In fact, it is a much improved facility. "Since day one, we have pledged to build Atlanta Motor Speedway back in time for the October 28-30 Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500," said Ed Clark, president and general manager of Atlanta Motor Speedway. "Not only are we going to meet that goal, we were able to take this disaster and use it as an opportunity to make Atlanta Motor Speedway a more fan-friendly track." Getting the track to its current shape has been an enormous undertaking, requiring around-the-clock crews, hundreds of thousands of man-hours and countless contractors and sub-contractors. Below is a list of numbers compiled which represents just some of the reconstruction efforts:
      * Over 8 miles of fencing
      * 97 contractors and sub-contractors
      * 129 New flag poles
      * 639 plumbing fixtures
      * 750 tons of air conditioning systems
      * 10,000 tons of asphalt
      * Over 12,000 square yards of carpet
      * 20,250 cubic feet of concrete
      * 272,000 square feet of sheetrock
      * 350,000 man hours
      "Over the next year and a half, you will see even more improvements as we continue the rebuilding of the facility," Clark said. "We have a long history of continuous upgrades and improvements to bolster the overall fan experience we plan to continue after the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 weekend." Great seats for the entire Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 race weekend are still available and can be purchased by calling 770-946-4211 or 877-9AMSTIX. Fans can also order tickets 24 hours a day at or PR)(10-15-2005)

    • Bruton Smith Parkway Officially Opens: At 3:00pm/et on Monday, Oct 10th, the Bruton Smith Parkway (the newly realigned GA Hwy. 20) officially opened. Named after Atlanta Motor Speedway Chairman Bruton Smith, the four-lane parkway spans approximately ten miles and runs from exit 218 off I-75 directly to the speedway. Smith, Governor Sonny Perdue and DOT commissioner Harold Linnenkohl participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony to open the highway to vehicular traffic. Smith knows the addition of the new four-lane Georgia Highway 20 is one of the most significant improvements in the history of Atlanta Motor Speedway. "This is a great day for me," said Smith. "The Bruton Smith Parkway is great for the county, the surrounding counties and the hundreds of thousands of race fans that come here. We have people that come to this speedway from every state in the United States and I think that once people find out they have another way in and out of here, we might get some people from some other countries as well." The new Georgia Highway 20 joins Georgia Highway 19/41, which runs south from I-75 Exit 235, as the two main event traffic routes to Atlanta Motor Speedway. Fans may access the speedway web site at for more specific information on event traffic patterns as well as general race weekend information and to purchase tickets.(AMS)(10-11-2005)

    • New Highway opens for Atlanta race weekend: The addition of the new four-lane Georgia Highway 20 will provide fans attending the Oct. 28-30 Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 weekend one of the most positive improvements in the history of Atlanta Motor Speedway.. Spanning approximately eight miles from I-75 directly to the speedway, the new Bruton Smith Parkway, named for Speedway Chairman Bruton Smith, will give fans a second major traffic corridor to the track and should have a significant impact on race day traffic flow. The Bruton Smith Parkway will run from Exit 218 off I-75 to the speedway. It joins Georgia Highway 19/41 , which runs south from I-75 Exit 235, as the two main event traffic routes to Atlanta Motor Speedway. In preparation for the new Georgia Highway 20, Atlanta Motor Speedway officials have made many improvements to entrances and parking areas, including the addition of shuttle vehicle loops around the speedway and to on-property camping areas. Fans attending the upcoming race weekend are encouraged to follow the direction of speedway parking crews to parking areas and either ride the Nationwide shuttle vehicles or walk to their seating areas via new sidewalks surrounding the speedway. Fans may access the speedway web site at for more specific information on event traffic patterns as well as general race weekend information.(AMS PR)(10-7-2005)

    • Atlanta makes Numerous Improvements to Facility; Reconstruction On-Track: In the wake of the F-2 tornado that passed through Atlanta Motor Speedway on July 6, speedway officials have taken the opportunity to make numerous improvements as part of the extensive rebuilding process. Sidewalks have been installed around the speedway's perimeter, to give fans a walking area out of the roadways, which will ease the traffic flow around the speedway. Shuttle stops have also been added around the perimeter of the speedway. Trams and buses have been added to transport fans from camping and parking areas to their grandstands. In addition, a new Gate One ticket booth has also been added to expedite fans entry into the main grandstand area of the speedway and several other gates have been widened and made more accessible. Over 49 acres of unreserved camping has been added to the speedway's inventory for the October race weekend. The new spaces have been graded with campers needs in mind and offer a tree-lined backdrop. The largest difference fans will notice is the addition of the Georgia Highway 20 extension, a four-lane divided highway that runs from the speedway to I-75, scheduled to open in early October. To coincide with the Highway 20 addition, parking areas around the speedway have been improved with better access, drainage and spectator and vehicular flow. With just over one month remaining until the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 race weekend, the list of items that still need attention is growing shorter by the day. The suite level of the Champions and Earnhardt grandstands is on schedule and the remaining glass in the Earnhardt suites will be replaced this week. The roof is complete and all of the roof top air conditioning units are in place. The interiors of the suites will be the main focus in the closing weeks. The East Turn suites sustained minimal water damage and the roof was partially damaged. The roof has been repaired and carpet is being installed. The East Turn suite level will be completed by September 16. Over 9,000 seats in the Weaver grandstand were damaged and approximately 6,500 will be repaired in time for the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500. The major buildings in the infield will be ready for the September 17-18 NOPI Nationals Motorsports Supershow. All other buildings will be repaired prior to the October NASCAR race weekend.
      Interesting facts:
      * As many as 460 workers have been on property in a single day.
      * Construction crews are working 18-hour days to complete projects.
      * Over 25,000 meals have been served to construction workers on property since the storm.
      * 47 days until race weekend.
      Great seats are still available for the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 race weekend and are available by calling 770-946-4211 or 877-9AMSTIX. Fans can also visit the AMS ticket office to place their orders and get a sneak peek at the reconstruction efforts. In addition to working with an AMS ticket agent, fans can also order tickets 24 hours a day at PR)(9-7-2005)

    • Atlanta Motor Speedway Offers Family Entertainment at an Affordable Price: The cars and stars of NASCAR will come to Atlanta Motor Speedway to take on the fastest track on the circuit, the weekend of October 28-30, for the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 race weekend. Family ticket specials are in place, offering high-speed entertainment at an affordable price in a family atmosphere. For just $30, fans can purchase two Saturday tickets in the alcohol-free Petty Grandstand for the price of one. To further the family atmosphere, adults entering the family area of the grandstand must be accompanied by at least one child, 12-years-old or younger, who will be admitted free. Saturday has a full day of racing slated, starting with Truck series qualifying at 11:30 a.m. Immediately following the qualifying drama, the lightning fast Crown Royal International Race of Champions Series (IROC), featuring championship drivers like Mark Martin, Kurt Busch, Matt Kenseth, Martin Truex Jr. and more, will take to the high banks for what could be one of the best races of the weekend, in a 67-lap, 100-mile shootout. Following the IROC race, the toughest trucks on the planet will battle for 200-miles in the EasyCare Vehicle Service Contracts 200.
      Tickets can be purchased by calling 770-946-4211 or 877-9AMSTIX. Fans can also visit the AMS ticket office to place their orders and get a sneak peek at the reconstruction efforts. In addition to working with an AMS ticket agent, fans can also order tickets 24 hours a day at or PR)(9-2-2005)

    • Atlanta adds Camping Spaces: Atlanta Motor Speedway has added 49 acres of unreserved camping for the October 28-30 Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 race weekend. The addition brings over 2,000 camping spaces to the speedway's inventory. The new spaces have been graded with tent and pop-up campers needs in mind and offers a tree-lined backdrop. Accompanying the upgraded scenery, a new tram service is in place to shuttle fans from the campgrounds to their seats, and back. In addition to the 2,000 unreserved spaces, approximately 50 RV camping spots have been added in the Ragu campground. These new spots have been custom built to house larger motor coaches. Fans wishing to tent camp or bring a pop-up camper have the option of a reserved spot in the Mid-State campground or an unreserved camping spot adjacent to the lake in front of the ticket office. Fans with motor coaches can choose from four reserved areas: the Legends RV campgrounds, East Turn RV campgrounds, Mid-State RV family campgrounds and the Ragu reserved RV campgrounds. Camping is still available in limited quantities and is available by calling 1-877-9-AMS-TIX (1-877-926-7849).(AMS)(8-30-2005)

    • NASCAR Prez Visits Atlanta Motor Speedway: Mike Helton, president of NASCAR, visited Atlanta Motor Speedway today to survey the damage the track sustained when a tornado struck the facility three weeks ago. Atlanta Motor Speedway president and general manager Ed Clark took Helton for a tour around the 870-acre facility to view the areas the tornado affected. Following the tour of the property, Clark and Helton addressed the media from AMS's Infield Media Center. "We have a schedule set up and some areas of reconstruction are ahead of schedule," said Clark. "The cleanup is complete and the insurance company is estimating values. The suites are currently being built back and almost all of the suite demolition is complete. One thing that we haven't shared yet is we have targeted October 14 as our completion date, our biggest challenge right now is coordination of scheduling. This way, we are giving ourselves a buffer in case any project runs over.
      Helton, prior to working for NASCAR worked for various racetracks, including the former Atlanta International Raceway where he once served as general manager. After having an opportunity to survey the damage he stated, "There is nothing I've seen here today that will stop us (NASCAR) from being here in October. Atlanta Motor Speedway has everything that NASCAR needs to run a race here." Great seats are still available for the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 race weekend. Tickets can be obtained by calling (770) 946-4211 or online at

    • Atlanta Recontruction Update - Week 2: It has only been two weeks since the tornado hit Atlanta Motor Speedway and track officials are pleased with the progress of the reconstruction. "Power has been restored to almost 100 percent of the property," said president and general manager of AMS, Ed Clark. "Our telephone lines, email, Internet and ticket office are back in business which is essential to our day-to-day operations. We have completed the cleanup of the grounds including the removal of all downed trees and broken limbs off trees, the suite level demolition is almost complete and we should have all the material removed by the end of the week. The decking is going on both suite levels this week. The building exterior penetrations have been sealed and all replacement glass and steel orders have been placed, some of the perimeter fencing has been replaced and we have contractors working on finishing that project."
      Contractors have been hired and assigned to specific areas as part of the rebuild process. Choate Construction has been hired to complete work on the Tara condominium and administration building, Rentenbach Constructors Inc. is tackling the Earhardt and Champions grandstands and suites, while J.A. Street & Associates Inc. is repairing the East Turn grandstands and suites.
      "The organizations we have contracted to work on specific projects have been wonderful to work with," said Clark. "They are committed to completing our projects on the timetable that has been set, so we can provide the fans the amenities they are accustomed to when they arrive for the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 race weekend this fall."
      Great seats are still available for the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 race weekend. Tickets can be obtained by calling (770) 946-4211 or online at PR)(7-23-2005)

    • Atlanta add's suites: Atlanta Motor Speedway officials announced today the addition of twelve 16-person suites to their frontstretch suite level. Currently, AMS offers 30-person and 64-person suites, but with the recent tornado damage the track sustained, track officials chose to reconfigure the suite level area, adding a third option for their customers. "We have had a lot of requests from companies in the Atlanta market for suites on a smaller scale," said Ed Clark, president and general manager of Atlanta Motor Speedway. "This option is perfect for an organization with fewer employees or wants to entertain their customers on a more intimate level. With the recent tornado damage the speedway received, we are excited to take this opportunity to make positive changes to our already fantastic facility. Our goal is to provide our customers an awesome experience each time they visit Atlanta Motor Speedway and this only enhances what we can offer our patrons."
      Companies interested in leasing Atlanta Motor Speedway's newly renovated suites for the upcoming Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 race weekend may contact the Atlanta Motor Speedway sales office at 770-946-3918.(AMS PR)(7-21-2005)

    • Update on Atlanta Motor Speedway: Only one week after suffering damage from an F2 tornado, Atlanta Motor Speedway is officially back in business. On Thursday, Performance Friction Brakes used the 1.54-mile oval to test their brake upgrade kit for BMW M3's by performing repeated stops. The test was scheduled prior to last week's storm and is one track rental among many that use the speedway facility approximately 265 days per year.
      In addition, Ed Clark, president and general manager of Atlanta Motor Speedway addressed the media with a construction progress update. The track property encompasses 870 acres and the following list of projects will be completed before the Bass Pro Shops MBNA race weekend held October 28-30:
      Fencing: Approximately 15 to 20 miles of ornamental and chain link fencing will need to be replaced. The track lost approximately 85% of their chain link fencing.
      East Turn Grandstands: The grandstands are in good condition with limited seat damage. Approximately 12 to 14 suites sustained roof damage and are in need of an interior remodeling. Frontstrech area: This area encompasses the Champion, Earnhardt and Petty Grandstands. The entire suite level will need to be remodeled but the grandstands are in good condition with limited seat damage. The entrance gates will need to be rebuilt.
      Weaver Grandstands: The Weaver Grandstand is located on the backstretch. The area is still being evaluated. The suites will be taken down as well as much of the concession area will be demolitioned. A significant amount of seat damage exists.
      Condominium and administrative office building: The building was surveyed by structural engineers and deemed sound. The building suffered considerable damage to the roof and many glass windows. The AMS staff was able to return to work in the building starting today, however, they have been moved into temporary offices on the third floor. A number of condominium units sustained damage and the building exterior will require major repair.
      Souvenir Warehouse: The souvenir warehouse located outside turn two will need to be rebuilt as it suffered structural damage.
      Ticket office and gift shop: This area will require roof and gutter repairs.
      Ticket booths: All ticket booths will need to be rebuilt.
      Catch fence: This is the fencing that separates the track surface from the grandstand areas. Almost half of the outside portion of the catch fence was damaged.
      Lighting: Many of the light poles, both to light the property and the racetrack, were downed and will need to be replaced. In addition, the majority of interior MUSCO reflector lights from turn one to the backstretch will be replaced.
      SAFER barrier: Installed one year ago, the SAFER barrier system is made up of steel tubes and pads of hard foam, which are affixed to the speedway's concrete walls to absorb some of the energy that is transferred during a crash. Several areas will need to be repaired.
      Garage area: The competitor garage areas received minor roof damage and several garage doors will need to be replaced.
      Media center and NASCAR sign-in building: Located in the infield, these two buildings will require roof and interior repair.
      Competitor infield camping: All the electrical outlets need to be replaced.
      Scoring towers: The turn one scoring tower will be rebuilt before race weekend. The backstretch scoring tower will be taken down. The turn four tower sustained minor damage.
      Pedestrian and vehicle tunnels: Both tunnels were surveyed by structural engineers and deemed sound.
      Grounds: The property lost many trees and will have to be replanted over the next coming year.
      The projects are being assessed for how long each project will take to complete and the construction projects are being scheduled based on priority. Great seats are still available for the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 race weekend. Tickets can be obtained by calling (770) 946-4211.(AMS Site/PR)(7-15-2005)

    • Oct Atlanta Race to move due to damage? DENIED - help out Cars on the Track..Thurs: Speculation continues in the NASCAR garage that damage from last week's tornado might force NASCAR officials to move the Oct. 30 race from Atlanta Motor Speedway, and Las Vegas, also owned by Bruton Smith, is still the buzz. But NASCAR president Mike Helton said he has had no such talks with Smith.(Winston Salem Journal)
      DENIED folks from Atlanta Motor Speedway tell me they will make repairs and hold the Oct 30th Nextel Cup race as scheduled and that fans can help by buying tickets for the race and supporting the track. Goto
      UPDATE: on Thursday, July 14, 11:00am/et at the Atlanta Motor Speedway Infield Media Center, Ed Clark, AMS president, will discuss construction progress of rebuild from the tornado damage. AND Performance Friction will be testing their street upgrade kit for the BMW M3 class on Atlanta Motor Speedway's 1.54-mile track. Thursday Thunder racing was cancelled last week and on Thursday, July 14. An overall assessment of the track and grandstand areas will be conducted before a decision regarding the remainder of the 2005 Thursday Thunder racing season can be made.(AMS PR)(7-12-2005)

    • Damage at Atlanta Motor Speedway: Remnants of Tropical Storm Cindy moved through metro Atlanta on Wednesday evening, overturning small planes, flooding highways, displacing residents and causing at least two deaths. The Hampton area in Henry County was hit particularly hard. Four planes were overturned and two hangars were damaged at Tara Field, fire officials said. A building at the start/finish line at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, housing several condominiums on the top floors and administrative offices on the bottom floor, suffered "severe" damage, speedway President Ed Clark said. "The condo building and the whole track area got hit pretty hard," Clark said. "It's pretty extreme." Clark said no one was injured, but windows were blown out and vehicles were blown around by strong winds he suspects were part of a tornado. "It had to be when you look at the damage over here," Clark said.
      Tonight's race has been canceled, but officials say they will have the track ready before the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500O on Oct. 30. "We'll pull together and make it happen," Clark said. Strong winds downed two of the three scoring towers and left the Weaver grandstand torn in pieces. In the Richard Petty tribute garden, flagpoles and lamp posts were uprooted and a large oak tree was blown over in the road. In the middle of it all, a statue of Petty signing an autograph for a little girl remained undamaged. The building at the start/finish line at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, housing several condominiums on the top floors and administrative offices on the bottom floor, suffered severe damage. Matresses were blown through some units and hung from balconies from some of the condos. Items from other units lay strewn on the ground more than a quarter mile away. The speedway offices were not as badly damaged as the condos, but officials worried about water damage. "We pulled Richard Petty's pictures off the wall and put tarps over the trophies," Clark said. Clark suspects the culprit was a tornado. "It had to be when you look at the damage over here," he said. Thursday morning, Clark estimated damage to the complex at $25 to 40 million. Henry County fire officials said they spotted one, possibly two, tornadoes that didn't touch ground in the area. Other tornadoes were reported in Fayette, Harris and Meriwether counties, but the National Weather Service said none had been confirmed.(Atlanta Journal-Constitution other links:

    • Nicorette to sponsor 2006 Busch race at Atlanta: GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare announced plans for Nicorette to sponsor next year's NASCAR Busch Series race on March 18, 2006 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The event would be renamed the Nicorette 300. This announcement was made today at Infineon Raceway in California prior to the Dodge/Save Mart 350 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup series event. Earlier this year GSK Consumer Healthcare became the first smoking cessation sponsor in NASCAR with an associate sponsorship on Chip Ganassi Racing Team's #41 Dodge Charger. The company is reaching out to NASCAR fans and their families, raising awareness for its clinically proven smoking cessation therapies and providing quit smoking counseling, with a special Winner's Circle exhibit at 23 NASCAR NEXTEL cup series races this year.(AMS PR)(6-29-2005)

    • New Driector of Advertising at Atlanta: Dave Mullison has been promoted to Director of Advertising and Promotion, Atlanta Motor Speedway President and General Manager Ed Clark announced today. Mullison, an employee at Atlanta Motor Speedway since 1999, has served as Marketing Communication Manager for the past six years. He will continue primarily in that role, managing all aspects of advertising and event promotions, as well as the AMS website. A native of Frederick, Md., Mullison will work closely with the new Director of Marketing, Marcy Scott, who begins April 11.(AMS)(4-1-2005)

    • New Director of Marketing and Promotion at Atlanta: Ed Clark, president and general manager of Atlanta Motor Speedway, announced today the addition of Marcy Scott as Director of Marketing and Promotion for the facility. Scott has been a member of the NASCAR industry since 1998 and has worked in various capacities from public relations to account management for both sponsors and race teams. Past race teams and sponsors she has worked with include: Trex Decking and Railing, PPI Motorsports, Bill Davis Racing, Nestlé USA, Kellogg's and M&M Mars. A native of Atlanta, Scott graduated in 1994 from the University of Georgia. She is also a graduate of Parkview High School, located in Gwinnett County. Her duties will encompass media and community relations, event promotion, marketing and management of the AMS website. She will start her new role on April 11. Scott will replace Angela Revell, who is moving to Nashville with her husband.(AMS)(3-31-2005)

    • Past track news: posted in the past at Jayski's Past Track News/Rumors - Atlanta Motor Speedway


    • Martin on the #29 pit box at AMS: RCR's ACDelco Chevrolet Busch Series crew chief Gil Martin will spend his Busch Series bye week calling the shots on the #29 GM Goodwrench Monte Carlo for driver Kevin Harvick at Atlanta. Martin was the team's crew chief last Sunday at Martinsville Speedway.(RCR)(10-29-2009)

    • Milestones at Atlanta: #88-Dale Jarrett is scheduled make his 600 career start at Atlanta, #31-Jeff Burton is scheduled to make his 400 career start.(10-25-2005)

    • Lepage back in the of the season: Kevin Lepage will return to the driver's seat of the #66 Peak Performace Ford this weekend for Atlanta, and will finish the season with the team.(PSE-3 PR)(10-25-2005)

    • Benson to run #23 at Atlanta: The Challenger brand, which already graces a full line of quality tractors, combines and hay tools, is making its debut as a Nextel Cup Series primary sponsor by riding on board with Johnny Benson and the #23 Bill Davis Racing Dodge at Atlanta Motor Speedway next weekend for the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500. Atlanta is Challenger’s home track, as the corporate headquarters for parent company AGCO Corporation are located in Duluth, Ga. Next week’s appearance in the NASCAR garage will not be the first association between NASCAR and Challenger. The Challenger brand made its initial Nextel Cup sponsorship debut as a new associate sponsor of the #22 Caterpillar car this August in the Allstate 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and has been along for the ride every weekend since. It will continue its associate program with the No. 22 team through 2006. The last couple of years, HOLT CAT in Dallas, Texas, has supplied Texas Motor Speedway with several Challenger wheel tractors that are used for year-round maintenance of the 1,500-acre complex. For more information on any of Challenger’s full line of agricultural products visit For further updates regarding Benson’s Nextel Cup run in Atlanta, check in at

    • Sorenson Cup debut at Atlanta: Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates announced today that NASCAR Busch Series driver Reed Sorenson will make his NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series debut during the Oct. 31 race weekend at his home track of Atlanta Motor Speedway. Discount Tire Co., the primary sponsor of Sorenson's #41 Dodge in the Busch Series, will increase its support of the 19-year-old driver by serving as the sponsor on his #39 Dodge Charger. In addition, Sorenson will attempt to qualify for the NEXTEL Cup race at Texas Motor Speedway in the #39 Discount Tire Dodge in November. The paint scheme that Sorenson will be running in Atlanta and Texas is also a sneak peek at what his #41 Discount Tire Dodge will look like for the 2006 NASCAR Busch Series season. Discount Tire Company made its foray into racing in 2004 with its sponsorship of a CGRFS entry in the NASCAR Busch Series. After running eight races in 2004, Discount Tire expanded its sponsorship to a full season this year. Discount Tire will continue its support of Sorenson in the Busch Series in 2006.(Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates)(9-13-2005)

    • Mears to run #30? hearing the car number for the fourth Ganassi Racing team will be the #30 Home 123 Dodge for driver Casey Mears.(9-13-2005)

    • See the 2005 Team Chart and the 2006 Team Chart, which has links to past news for each team and info on each team.


      Car#/Driver Sponsor/Scheme/Promo Image Link
      #10-Scott Riggs Checkers #10 Schemes Page
      #12-Ryan Newman Mobil 1 #12 Schemes Page
      #17-Matt Kenseth USG Sheetrock #17 Schemes Page
      #18-Bobby Labonte Asthma Control Test #18 Schemes Page
      #22-Scott Wimmer CAT AccessAccount #22 Schemes Page
      #38-Elliott Sadler M&M Mini's Halloween #38 Schemes Page
      #41-Casey Mears Cancer Awareness #41 Schemes Page
      #77-Travis Kvapil Jasper Engines #77 Schemes Page
      #97-Kurt Busch Irwin Tools #97 Schemes Page

    • Special Scheme for Labonte at Atlanta: GlaxoSmithKline will display a unique message paint scheme on the #18 Chevrolet that Bobby Labonte will drive at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The sponsorship is to help raise awareness of the Asthma Control Test (ACT) and to motivate asthma patients to assess their level of control and encourage them to talk with their doctor about their asthma symptoms.(Joe Gibbs Racing), the ACT scheme was run at Calfornia in Sept., see an image of teh scheme on the #18 Team Schemes page.(10-26-2005)

    • Special paint for Wimmer: The #22 Caterpillar Dodge of Scott Wimmer will feature a CAT AccessAccount signature blue paint scheme at Atlanta Motor Speedway this weekend in the Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500. The special blue paint scheme highlights the recent rollout of the CAT AccessAccount, which is a new revolving charge account that enables customers to pay for parts, service and rentals at participating Caterpillar Dealers throughout the United States. For more information or to apply online, visit PR), see an image of the scheme on my #22 Team Schemes page.(10-25-2005)

    • Mears to run Cancer Awareness scheme in Oct: during Speed Channel's NASCAR This Morning, Casey Mears, driver of the #41 Target Dodge, said he will driver a pink Cancer Awarenss scheme in the October races.(8-8-2005)

    • Checkers to sponsor the #10 in five races...for 2005: Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, the Official Burger and Drive-Thru Restaurant of NASCAR, today announced that it is accelerating its presence in the sport by signing on as the primary sponsor for five high profile, NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series races this season with the #10 MB2 Motorsports Chevrolet driven by Scott Riggs. This weekend’s Allstate 400 at the Brickyard kicks off the five-race sponsorship package with Rally’s being the primary brand on the #10 Chevy. “This is our first year as the Official Burger and Official Drive-Thru Restaurant of NASCAR. Halfway through the season, Checkers/Rally’s has already realized tremendous brand exposure on a national basis,” said Keith Sirois, President and CEO of Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. “We have successfully activated our NASCAR and numerous track sponsorships at our restaurants throughout the country. Our NASCAR Combo is one of our best selling combos system wide. In addition, we have effectively integrated our sponsorships into our local, regional and national advertising messages for both consumers and franchising prospects, now, we look forward to adding a primary sponsorship of the No. 10 car to our already strong sponsorship initiative.”
      The other four primary brand sponsored races will be:
      --Sharpie 500, Bristol Motor Speedway – Checkers
      --UAW-Ford 500, Talladega Superspeedway – Rally’s
      --Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500, Atlanta Motor Speedway – Checkers
      --Ford 400, Homestead-Miami Speedway – Checkers
      In addition to this primary sponsorship, Checkers/Rally’s becomes an associate sponsor of MB2’s #01 U.S. Army Team and driver Joe Nemechek. Checkers/Rally’s also retains promotional rights with MB2 for the 2006 NASCAR season. “We’re thrilled that Checkers/Rally’s has chosen to partner with MB2 as we strive to have a strong finish in 2005,” said Jay Frye, General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of MB2 Motorsports. “We look forward to making Checkers/Rally’s first experience as a primary sponsor a memorable one and will continue to explore new opportunities for 2006.”
      Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. ( is the largest double drive-thru restaurant chain in the United States. The Company develops, owns, operates and franchises quick-service Checkers and Rally's double drive-thru restaurants. Checkers/Rally's is the Official Burger and Drive-Thru Restaurant of NASCAR. In 2005, the Company received the Nation's Restaurant News Hot! Again Award for its sizzling business performance.(MB2 Motorsports Site), not sure if this will be the news sponsor for the #10/#35/#02 [or whatever number it uses] in 2006. See an image of the Checkers and Rally car on my #10 Team Schemes page./(8-5-2005)

    • New #45 Scheme for Rest of 2005, Petty Blue Returns: This weekend, Kyle Petty and the #45 Georgia-Pacific/Brawny Dodge team head to the 1.5-mile Chicagoland for Sunday's Chicagoland 400. Petty and the #45 Georgia-Pacific/Brawny Dodge will have a new look for the rest of the season starting this weekend. Georgia-Pacific will pay tribute to the Petty family by returning the family Petty Blue to the #45 Dodge. The "Petty Blue" color is unmistakable in the minds of race fans across America. The color is synonymous with winning and with Richard Petty's record-tying seven Nextel Cup championships.(Williams Company)(7-7-2005)

    • Jasper Engines on the #77 for four races: Jasper Engines & Transmissions will return as the primary sponsor of the #77 Dodge driven by Travis Kvapil for four races in 2005. The scheduled races for the Jasper car are: Texas (April), Dover (June), Chicago (July) and Atlanta (October).(RacingOne)(1-20-2005)

    • More Paint Scheme news can be found on Paint Schemes Gallery


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