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THE RACE: The Food City 500

Nextel Cup Race #5 of 36 for the 2005 season

Updated: often, leading up to the race

  • Race: Sunday, April 3, 2005 in Bristol, TN

  • TV: FOX 1:00pm/et

  • Pre-Race Show: Fox - 12:30pm/et - with hosts Chris Myers and Jeff Hammond

  • Race Re-Air: on Speed Channel
    Wednesday, April 6 [Fast Forward, 2-hour recap] at 5:00pm/et;
    Thursday, April 7 [Replay] at 3:00pm/et;
    Friday, April 8 [Fast Forward, 2-hour recap] at 12:00pm/et
    Saturday, April 9 [Fast Forward, 2-hour recap] at 3:00am/et;

  • Pay Per View/NASCAR In Demand:

  • Announcers: Mike Joy, Darrell Waltrip, Larry McReynolds

  • Pit Reporters: Dick Berggren, Matt Yocum, Steve Byrnes, Jeanne Zelasko

  • Hollywood Hotel: Chris Myers and Jeff Hammond

  • TV Listings and Info:
    Jayski's TV Listings Page
    NASCAR on TV

  • Purse/Race Awards: $5,336,617 (was $5,293,316 in 2004)

    Practice Dates/Times/TV

  • Only One Practice: Friday, April 1, 11:30am - 1:30pm/et, on Speed Channel via tape from 2:00-4:00pm/et

    Qualifying Info

  • Qualifying Draw: Friday, April 1, 10:30am/et

  • Qualifying: 2 laps for positions 1-42 and 43 if open, Friday, April 1 at 5:40pm/et, TV-Speed Channel, no re-air date/time found AND live via radio at PRN Radio and XM Satellite NASCAR Radio.

  • Impound? cars will be impounded for this race after qualifying, see rules below.

  • NASCAR Online will have live lap-by-lap coverage of Nextel Cup qualifying via the web (NOTE: this is a paid subscription service).


    Goodyear Eagle Speedway Radials
    Codes: Left-side -- D-6860; Right-side -- D-6864
    Circumference: Left-side -- 87.4 in.; Right-side -- 88.7 in.
    Other Tracks With This Same Tire Combination: None
    Estimated Pit Window: Every 150-160 laps, based on fuel mileage.
    Number of Tires Required:
    Nextel Cup: Left-side -- 1,500, Right-side -- 1,500
    Busch Series: Left-side -- 550, Right-side -- 550

    Technical Inspection Inflation:
    Left Front -- 26 psi
    Left Rear -- 26 psi
    Right Front -- 42 psi
    Right Rear -- 40 psi

    Minimum Recommended Inflation:
    Left Front -- 21 psi
    Left Rear -- 21 psi
    Right Front -- 40 psi
    Right Rear -- 37 psi

    Notes: Both the Nextel Cup and Busch Series will run the same tire codes this weekend . . . this is the first time Goodyear has brought this tire combination to Bristol . . . this is the only Nextel Cup track at which these left- and right-side tires will be run together in 2005 . . . this left-side code (D-6860) will be run with a different right-side code at Las Vegas and Pocono this season . . . this weekend's right-side tire (D-6864) will only be run at Bristol in '05 . . . contrary to other NASCAR ovals one mile or less in length, teams are required to runner inner liners in their right-side tires at Bristol . . . inflation of the inner liners should be 12-25 psi greater than that of the outer tire.

    Goodyear Quote: Mark Keto, Lead Engineer, Stock Car Racing -- "There are a couple notable changes to the tires we will bring to Bristol this season. On the left side, the construction of this tire is a little more stiff, while the right-side tire features a softer, faster wearing compound, which should offer significantly more grip than last year."


  • The NASCAR Nextel Cup Leader Bonus is $20,000 at Bristol Motor Speedway for leading the points and winning the race. The $360,000 annual award is paid at $10,000 per race to the point leader at the end of each event if the driver is also the winner. The award increases by $10,000 each week the it goes unclaimed. If the point leader is not the race winner at the end of the year, the balance of the award is distributed among the top-10 finishers in the drivers point standings.
    2005 NASCAR Nextel Cup Leader Bonus Winners:
    #48-Jimmie Johnson, Atlanta, 3/13/2005, $30,000

  • MBNA Mid-Race Leader Award: The MBNA Mid-Race Leader Award is worth $10,000 to any eligible NASCAR Nextel Cup driver who leads a race at the halfway mark and displays the MBNA Mid-Race Leader Award decal on their race car. An additional $5,000 is earned if that driver also wins the race. If the race-win bonus is not earned, the $5,000 rolls into the next week’s award. Eligible drivers earn two points for winning the MBNA Mid-Race Leader Award and another point if they also go on to win the race. The driver who earns the most points during the season will win the MBNA Mid-Race Leader Award Championship.
    Bonus for leading at halfway and winning at Bristol: $25,000
    Winners for 2005 so far:
    Daytona: #20-Tony Stewart, $10,000
    California: #01-Joe Nemechek, $10,000
    Las Vegas: #97-Kurt Busch, $10,000
    Atlanta: #16-Greg Biffle, $10,000
    (* won race and bonus)
    NOTE: the award goes to the eligible driver leading on the 5th consecutive green lap following a mid-race caution if one occurs.
    #48-Jimmie Johnson and #29-Kevin Harvick are not on the program.
    Capital One does Lowe's Credit card and doesn't wish to have MBNA on the #48
    The #29 has the GM Card (Household Bank) as an associate sponsor on the B-post.
    MBNA Mid-Race Leader Award Standings:
    Tony Stewart, 2
    Joe Nemechek, 2
    Kurt Busch, 2
    Greg Biffle, 2



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news and links

  • Harvick wins at Bristol: #29-Kevin Harvick won the Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway, his first win in 55 races at Indy in 2003 and also the first win for RCR since Robby Gordon won at Watkins Glen in 2003 [a week later then Harvick]. It is Harvick's 5th career win and RCR's 77th win, which breaks a tie with Roush Racing. Harvick officially started 13th, but ended up starting from the rear as the team needed to make repairs to the power steering pump, which is unapproved after impounding. The rest of the top-5 was #38-Sadler [pole sitter], #20-Stewart, #8-Earnhardt Jr. and #88-Jarrett. #77-Travis Kvapil was the rookie of the race with a 7th. #45-Kyle Petty finished 8th for his first top-10 since Talladega in April of 2002 when Petty finished 10th, 99 races [Petty DNQ's 5 races in that span]. #48-Johnson finished 6th and increased his points lead to 94 over #16-Biffle, who faded late to 9th.
    Race results on Jayski's Bristol Race Results page
    Points on Jayski's Driver/Owners Points after Bristol.(4-3-2005)

    Other sites Race Results at:

  • NASCAR Nextel Cup Drivers Points after Bristol - 5 of 36 races
    #48-Jimmie Johnson, 835
    #16-Greg Biffle, 741, -94
    #20-Tony Stewart, 679, -156
    #99-Carl Edwards, 678, -157
    #38-Elliott Sadler, 657, -178
    #29-Kevin Harvick, 654, -181
    #97-Kurt Busch, 635, -200
    #6-Mark Martin, 614, -221
    #88-Dale Jarrett, 611, -224
    #2-Rusty Wallace, 611, -224

  • The Food City 500 at the Bristol Motor Speedway:
    The UNOFFICIAL Top Ten (start pos in parens), lap leaders, cars out, cautions and some notes
    after 500 of 500 laps:

    car#, driver, starting spot, laps led
    #29-Harvick (13-started in the back)(109 laps led)
    #38-Sadler (1)(35 laps led), -4.6 seconds
    #20-Stewart (11)
    #8-Earnhardt Jr. (19)
    #88-Jarrett (21)
    #48-Johnson (14)(1 laps led)
    #77-Kvapil (5)
    #45-Petty (37)
    #16-Biffle (10)(91 laps led)
    #10-Riggs (28)

  • Cars on the lead lap: 10 (of 43 starters)

  • Off track/out of race (8):
    #41-Mears (accident-out);
    #00-Long (over heating-out)
    #92-Barrett (oil pressure-out);
    #08-Hmiel (over heating-out);
    #32-Hamilton Jr. (accident-out);
    #31-Burton (accident-out);
    #97-Busch (accident-out);
    #4-Wallace (accident-out);

  • Laps Leaders Unofficial (9 with 14 lead changes):
    #38-Sadler (35);
    #2-Wallace (157 led the most and halfway);
    #15-Waltrip (19);
    #29-Harvick (109);
    #44-Labonte (10);
    #17-Kenseth (50);
    #16-Biffle (91);
    #48-Johnson (1);
    #24-Gordon (24);

  • Lap leaders: #38-Sadler pole; #38-Sadler 1-35; #2-Wallace 36-71; #15-Waltrip 72-90; #29-Harvick 91-100; #2-Wallace 101-144; #29-Harvick 145-176; #2-Wallace 177-187; #44-Labobte 188-197; #2-Wallace 198-263; #17-Kenseth 264-313; #16-Biffle 314-367; #48-Johnson 368; #24-Gordon 369-396; #16-Biffle 397-433; #29-Harvick 434-500;

    Cautions: 14 for 115 laps

    Caution 14 - Laps 426 - 431: Debris on the track.
    Caution 13 - Laps 414 - 419: #4-Wallace spun out in turn 3.
    Caution 12 - Laps 381 - 385: #25-Harvick got tapped by #-Wallace and wiggled, Wallace and #20-Stewart split Vickers, after the pass, #2-Wallace came down and clipped Stewart who spun and did a 360, but drove on and seems the car is ok.
    Caution 11 - Laps 362 - 375: #31-Burton got hit by #48-Johnson, Burton hit the inside wall of the back stretch, then up the track and #97-Busch t-boned Burton, both drivers walked away from the wrech.
    Caution 10 - Laps 333 - 342: Big Wreck, #49-Schrader got tagged by #32-Hamilton Jr., lost control and a ton of cars got together, #21-Rudd rear-ended #2-Wallace, other involved #18-Labonte, #07-Blaney, #6-Martin, #4-Wallace, #97-Busch, #24-Gordon, #15-Waltrip, #42-McMurray. The race was red flagged as the track was blocked with wreckage.
    Caution 9 - Laps 324 - 329: #21-Rudd tapped #17-Kenseth, both spin out.
    Caution 8 - Laps 300 - 313: #43-Green lost a tire and hit the wall in turn 1.
    Caution 7 - Laps 186 - 192: #01-Nemechek left debris in turn 3.
    Caution 6 - Laps 151 - 159: #12-Newman spins after getting into #49-Schrader in turn three and nosed into the outside wall.
    Caution 5 - Laps 136 - 142: Debris in the groove turn 2 from the #92 car after Barrett came back on the track and lost something off the car.
    Caution 4 - Laps 69 - 74: #5-Busch and #0-Bliss got together in turn 2. Looked like Bliss was spinning before Busch got to him.
    Caution 3 - Laps 50 - 53: #92-Barrett lost it in turn one and hit the outside wall.
    Caution 2 - Laps 22 - 35: #5-Busch got ito #01-Nemechek, who lost control and got into #41-Mears, bot spinning into the front stretch inside wall, Busch who cut down a tire from the contact, then spun and backed into the wall.
    Caution 1 - Laps 3 - 9:

    #9-Kahne got tapped by #20-Stewart, #9-Kahne went high, #25-Vickers got into Kahne, #15-Waltrip checked up went high, got into #50-Spencer, who got into #11-Leffer, who spun, #99-Edwards go into #66-Sadler, who then had no place to go and Sadler ran into #11-Salder, riding Leffler a bit.

  • Who got a lap back on each caution at Bristol - The Lucky Dog Pack: (and their finish)
    Caution 14: #25-Vickers, still a lap down, finished 12th
    Caution 13: #40-Marlin, 11th
    Caution 12: #45-Petty(2), 8th
    Caution 11: #77-Kvapil(2), 7th
    Caution 10: #77-Kvapil, 7th
    Caution 9: #10-Riggs(2), 10th
    Caution 8: #88-Jarrett, 5th
    Caution 7: #24-Gordon, 15th
    Caution 6: #45-Petty, 8th
    Caution 5: #10-Riggs, 10th
    Caution 4: #66-Sadler, still 42 laps down?, 32nd
    Caution 3: none, no one a lap down, that is on the track
    Caution 2: #50-Spencer, 21st
    Caution 1: none, no one a lap down
    See past races, rules, news and who has used the most Lucky Dog passes on my
    Lucky Dog page.

  • RACE/PIT NOTES: (as noted heard on TV or Radio)
    ---- on lap 492, #24-Gordon had to pit while running 4th, had a tire going down.
    ---- on lap 285, #17-Kenseth has a tire going down and is losing spots, he was running 4th.
    ---- after the 13th caution green, #15-Waltrip drifted up and inbto #48-Johnson and may had brushed the wall and hurt the toe-in.
    ---- all the lead lap cars but the leader, #16-Biffle, during the 13th caution, Biffle wasn't happy with the call.
    ---- #29-Harvick came back in during the 11th caution as he had loose lug nuts on the left rear.
    ---- on lap 360, #9-Kahne cut down a tire, slowed up and headed to the pits.
    ---- just before the 8th caution, #19-Mayfield had to come in for a battery change and #2-Wallace, while running 2nd, cut down a right front tire, almost hit the wall, but recovered and got it to the pits, but lost 2 laps.
    ---- on lap 266, while running 4th, #42-McMurray had a tire go down and had to make an unscheduled pit stop and lost a few laps.
    ---- on lap 260, while running 7th, #31-Burton had a left front tire down and had to make an unscheduled pit stop and lost a few laps.
    ---- during the 7th caution, #19-Mayfield and #29-Harvick got together in the pits, Mayfield may have some front damage.
    ---- on lap #165, #77-Kvapil got int o#07-Blaney, then #08-Hmiel got into Kvapil, but all drove on after they recovered.
    ---- during the 6th caution, #45-Petty got the lucky dog pass, but ran the stop-go signon pit road and had to serve a penalty and lost the lap.
    ---- on lap 122, #24-Gordon had a bad vibration and had to make an unscheduled green flag pit stop for two tires and lost 2-laps.
    ---- on lap 82 range, #18-Labonte and #8-Earnhardt Jr. got together and Earnhardt wiggled and fell back a few laps.
    ---- looks like all the leaders came in to pit during the 4th caution, #07-Blaney came in to pit and had a stuck clutch pedal, lost some time.
    ----- #4-Wallace got his laps back the old fashioned way, he stayed in front of the leader after the 2nd caution and got his lap back during the 3rd caution.
    ---- #19-Mayfield has no radio communication as of lap 35, #25-Vickers is having problems hearing his crew chief/spotter.
    ---- #99-Edwards has radiator damage after the Lap 3 wreck and the crew is replacing it, Edwards came back out on lap 26.
    ---- TO The BACK: #99-Edwards [backup car]; #29-Harvick [power steering pump change];

  • Harvick to the back: Kevin Lepage was interviewed on Speed Channel's NASCAR This Morning and said the team found a power steering pump leak and they changed the power steering pump and have to start at the rear of the field, Harvick was to start 13th.(4-3-2005)

  • Sadler wins pole at Bristol: #38-Elliott Sadler, the 39th driver out, won the pole for the Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway with a speed of 127.733mph. It is Sadler's 3rd career pole, first at Bristol and first in 47 races [Talladega in Sept 2003] and puts him in the 2006 Budweiser Shootout. The rest of the top five are: #07-Blaney, #2-Wallace, #24-Gordon and #77-Kvapil. Missing the race were #09-Sauter, #7-Gordon, #37-Lapage, #27-Teague and #34-LaJoie; #89-Jason Jarrett withdrew.
    See qualifying results, pole progression, where the rookies ended up, a few notes, starting lineup and links on myJayski's Bristol Start Up/Qualifying Page.(4-1-2005)

  • How did the non Top-35 teams do in the Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway qualifying? Eight got in and six didn't make the race:
    #00-Carl Long - starts 43rd
    #08-Shane Hmiel - 33rd
    #09-Johnny Sauter - DNQ
    #4-Mike Wallace - 21st
    #7-Robby Gordon - DNQ
    #11-Jason Leffler - 36th
    #27-Brad Teague - DNQ
    #34-Randy LaJoie - DNQ
    #37-Kevin Lepage - DNQ
    #44-Terry Labonte - 16th
    #50-Jimmy Spencer - 28th
    #66-Hermie Sadler - 35th
    #89-Jason Jarrett - WITHDREW
    #92-Stanton Barrett - 22nd

  • NASCAR NEXTEL CUP - Qualifying Notes - Bristol:
    * Elliott Sadler won the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series Bud Pole for the Food City 500, lapping Bristol Motor Speedway in 15.022 seconds at 127.733 mph. Ryan Newman holds the track-qualifying record of 14.908 seconds, 128.709 mph, set March 21, 2003.
    * This is the 42nd Bud Poe for Robert Yates Racing. Those Bud Poles have come with six different drivers: Dale Jarrett (16), Ernie Irvan (10, Davey Allison (six), Ricky Rudd (four), Kenny Irwin (three) and Sadler (three).
    * This is Sadler's third career Bud Pole in 218 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series races. His most recent Bud Pole was at Talladega in September 2003.
    * This is Sadler's first Bud Pole and sixth top-10 start in 14 races at Bristol Motor Speedway. It is his third consecutive top-10 start here. It is his second top-10 start in 2005.
    * Dave Blaney posted the second-quickest qualifying lap of 15.056 seconds, 127.444 mph, and will join Sadler on the front row for the Food City 500. It is second top-10 start in nine races at Bristol. It is his first start better than 27th this season.
    * This is the second Bud Pole for Ford in 2005. Dodge also has two Bud Poles and Chevrolet has one.
    * Rusty Wallace (third) posted his first start better than 21st in 2005. It is his best start at Bristol since he won the Bud Pole here in August 2000.
    * Jeff Gordon (fourth) scored his 22nd top-10 start in 25 races at Bristol. It is his first top-10 start this season.
    * Travis Kvapil (fifth) posted his career-best and his second top-10 start in 2005.
    * There were five sets of ties in this qualifying session: Ryan Newman and Jeremy Mayfield (seventh and eighth); Kasey Kahne and Greg Biffle (ninth and 10th); Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Ricky Rudd (19th and 20th); Dale Jarrett and Mike Wallace (21st and 22nd); Scott Wimmer and Shane Hmiel (32nd and 33rd) The ties were broken by 2004 owner points.
    * There have been eight different Bud Pole winners in the last 13 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup races at Bristol Motor Speedway, but only three in the past seven. Jeff Gordon (four), Ryan Newman (two) and Rusty Wallace (two) are the repeat Bud Pole winner in the 12-race period.
    * Forty-eight races at Bristol have been won from the first four starting positions (54 percent).
    * Only 15 races have been won from a starting position outside the top 10, including five of the past eight.
    * The furthest back in the field that a Bristol race winner has started was 38th by Elliott Sadler in the 2001 Food City 500.
    * Kurt Busch is the defending champion of the Food City 500. He has won the last three spring races and four of the last six races at Bristol.(NASCAR Statistical Services)(4-1-2005)

  • Stockcar Fans - Ramblings - Bristol: We beat the rain today at Bristol Motor Speedway, and it was Elliott Sadler who grabbed the Bud Pole for Sunday's Food City 500 at the sweetest little half-miler on the planet. Sadler's time of 15.022 (127.733 mph) was good enough for his 3rd career pole and first since he had the top-spot at Talladega in September of 2003. He becomes the fourth qualifier for next February's Budweise Shootout.
    Dave Blaney (2nd) will join Sadler on the front-row.....this is his best starting spot since he had the pole at Rockingham (we used to race there?) in February of 2003.
    Five....count 'em....Five sets of ties today! We time out to a 1000th of a second, and almost 25% of the field is involved in duplicate times. Remember, ties are broken by Owner points.
    Rusty Wallace (3rd) has his best starting spot since he was on the outside pole at Martinsville last October.
    Travis Kvapil (5th) tied his career-best qualifying effor today. He also started 5th at Martinsville last October.
    Jeff Green (6th) has his best starting spot since he lined up 3rd at Richmond last May.
    Mike Wallace (22nd) has his best starting spot since he started 18th at Dover in June of 2003!
    Stanton Barrett (23rd) has his best starting spot since he started 20th at Dover last June (only two races).
    Hermie Sadler (35th) has his best starting spot since he qualified 31st at Martinsville last October (only five races).
    STREAKIN....Ryan Newman has 12 Top-10 starts in a row.
    Greg Biffle has 4 Top-10 starts in a row.
    The dnq's of the #7 (Robby Gordon) and #37 (Kevin Lepage) were crucial indeed. Starting next week we'll use current year Owner points to determine who has to time into the field, and their misses will open the door to Jason Leffler, Mike Wallace, Bobby Labonte, and Ricky Rudd. While Bobby Labonte is eligible for a past-champions provisional, it'll be interesting to see how this shakes out for the other drivers.(StockCarFans.Com)(4-2-2005)

  • Friday/Final Practice is over for the Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway. The rain held off so far. The fastest::
    #2-Wallace 127.191
    #24-Gordon 127.090
    #19-Mayfield 126.812
    #8-Earnhardt Jr. 126.403
    #-5-Busch 126.195
    slowest: #89-Jason Jarrett 110.466 and #27-Brad Teague 118.510.
    most laps run: #12-Newman, 161; #19-Mayfield, 147; #2-Wallace, 131
    Best average speed [all laps averaged]
    (from's leaderboard service)
    #09-Sauter, 121.856 [39th fastest lap], 49 laps
    #29-Harvick, 121.838 [13th], 98 laps
    #43-Green, 121.821 [25th], 73 laps
    #97-Busch and #5-Busch both spun during practice, no damage to either car.
    See practice speeds at:

  • How did the non Top-35 teams do in the Food City 500 final practice at Bristol Motor Speedway:
    #00-Carl Long - 46th fastest
    #08-Shane Hmiel - 26th
    #09-Johnny Sauter - 40th
    #4-Mike Wallace - 21st
    #7-Robby Gordon - 36th
    #11-Jason Leffler - 29th
    #27-Brad Teague - 48th
    #34-Randy LaJoie - 47th
    #37-Kevin Lepage - 39th
    #44-Terry Labonte - 42nd but IN
    #50-Jimmy Spencer - 34th
    #66-Hermie Sadler - 41st
    #89-Jason Jarrett - 49th
    #92-Stanton Barrett - 38th

  • Qualifying Order for the Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway is up, 49 drivers listed, #14-Andretti and #75-Garvey are no longer on the list. Jason Jarrett is now listed in Morgan Shepherd's #89 Dodge. First driver scheduled to qualify is #41-Casey Mears and last and 49th scheduled out is #25-Brian Vickers.
    FoxSports - Qualifying Order
    Qualifying Order -

  • Rookie News and Notes

  • Rudd to 2nd: #21-Ricky Rudd is expected to make his 55th start at Bristol, placing him second in all-time starts there behind Richard Petty, who had 60. Dave Marcis had 54, followed by Darrell Waltrip and Terry Labonte at 52.(NASCAR Stat Services)(3-28-2005)

  • Rain at Bristol? so what happens? [UNOFFICIAL] Bristol Motor Speedway officials hope to start a ninth season without any race-delaying weather woes. "Everyone out here is of the same mind – on race weekend, you do whatever you can to race on the (scheduled) day," said track spokesman Wayne Estes. Rain’s in the forecast for later in the week, but Estes didn’t seem concerned. Neither did News Channel 11 Chief Meteorologist Mark Reynolds, who predicted the rain should be out of the area by Saturday morning. "Some (weather) models are trying to keep rain in on Saturday, but personally I think we might just have some cloud cover," Reynolds said. Rain on Friday could cause problems with qualifying. If drivers cannot qualify Friday night, they would line up according to last year’s [OWNERS] points, Estes said. "No one wants to see that happen," he said. "We are going to do everything to get them to qualify." Should the rain linger and force the cancellation of either of the weekend’s races, NASCAR’s longstanding policy would be to schedule the race for the next open day – in this case, the following Monday, Estes said.(Bristol Herald Courier)
    CORRECTION 2 #14 Withdraws
    [UNOFFICIAL] - Unless the rules have changed, I have it as:
    #1) - Previous season Owner Points [position 1-35]
    #2) - Race winners from the previous and current season not already in the field
    #3) - Past Nextel Cup Champions not in by 1 or 2
    #4) - Current season Owner Points [Top 35][not in by rules 1-3]
    #5) - Current season race attempts ties broken by current owners points standings
    So we'd have the top 35 in 2004 Owners Points, lining up 1-35. The #44-Terry Labonte as a past champ.
    Then would have 37 and 38th to #37-Lepage [34th in 2005 owners points] and #11-Leffler [35th], the by 2005 race attempts, with all making the race having four, so tie broken by current owners points standings, #4-Wallace [36th], #14-Andretti [37th] withdrew from the race, #7-Gordon [40th], #34-LaJoie [42nd], #66-Sadler [43rd] and #92-Barrett [4 attempts, 45th owners points].
    Missing the race would be: #27-Shelmerdine [4, 52nd], #89-Shepherd [3, 49], #09-Sauter [2, 54th], #00-Long [2, 56th], #50-Spencer [1, 47th], #75-Garvey [1, 57th] and #08-Hmiel [1, 58th.(3-30-2005)

  • Entry List for the Food City 500 at Bristol Mottor Speedway is up, 49 [wasd 51] drivers [for 43 spots] are listed, including these drivers who need to get in on speed and are NOT in a 2004 Top-35 Owners Points Position:
    (for the the last time, after Bristol, 2005 Owners Points are used)
    #00-Carl Long (limited sched)
    #08-Shane Hmiel (limited sched)
    #09-Johnny Sauter (limited sched)
    #4-Mike Wallace (full-time 2005 planned)
    #7-Robby Gordon (full-time 2005 planned)
    #11-Jason Leffler (full-time 2005 planned)
    #14-John Andretti (now part-time 2005 planned)[WITHDREW}
    #27-Kirk Shelmerdine (full-time 2005 planned)
    #34-Randy LaJoie (was #98 in 2004)(full-time 2005 planned)
    #37-Kevin Lepage (full-time 2005 planned)
    #44-Terry Labonte [10 race sched](has Champions Provisional to use)
    #50-Jimmy Spencer (limited sched)
    #66-Hermie Sadler (full-time 2005 planned)
    #75-Mike Garvey (unknown plans)[WITHDREW]
    #89-Morgan Shepherd - Jason Jarrett listed in qualifying order [didn't attempt Calif.]
    #92-Stanton Barrett (full-time 2005 planned)(3-29/30-2005)

  • Entry List Page: - Food City 500

  • 2004 Chase Drivers, where are they in drivers standings after four races?
    #97-Busch is 4th in drivers points with 3 top-5's
    #48-Johnson is 1st with a win and 4 top-5's
    #24-Gordon is 12th with a win in the Daytona 500 2 top-5's and 2 DNF's
    #6-Martin is 5th with 3 top 10's
    #8-Earnhardt Jr. is 26th with a top 5, and a DNF
    #20-Stewart is 7th with 2 top-10's
    #12-Newman is 6th with 2 top-10's
    #17-Matt Kenseth is 31st with a top-10 and a DNF
    #38-Sadler is 8th with 2 top-10's
    #19-Mayfield is 21st.(3-22-2005)

  • IF current Owners Points were being used to lock in the top-35 teams in owners points the following drivers would need to get in the race on speed:
    #4-Mike Wallace [36th]
    #18-Bobby Labonte [38th in owners points...However, he would be able to use the Champ Provisional..if needed]
    #21-RIcky Rudd [39th]
    #7-Robby Gordon [40th](3-22-2005)

  • Race Penalties Now Less Severe: Beginning with Sunday's Food City 500, eight infractions that used to bring a stop-and-go penalty will now be addressed with a pass through the pits. They include a crew member jumping over the wall too soon, too many crewmen in the pit service area, using more than two air wrenches during a stop, and tossing the fuel or catch cans. Other violations now covered by a pass-through penalty are: crew members returning from the equipment side of the wall, illegal use of extension poles, failing to carry the front air wrench to the pit wall side, and noncompliant refueling. A stop-and-go requires a car to return to its pit box for 15 seconds, while the lesser penalty is merely going back through pit road at the required speed limit.(FoxSports/AP)(3-20-2005)

  • Impound Rules: NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series Impound Procedures In 2005
    The NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series will impound cars after qualifying in 21 of 36 championship events plus the NASCAR NEXTEL All-Star Challenge. The following are tracks in which NASCAR will implement this procedure: Feb. 27-California; Mar. 20-Atlanta; Apr. 3-Bristol; Apr. 23-Phoenix; May 7-Darlington; May 14; Richmond; May 21-Lowe’s (All-Star Challenge); June 12-Pocono; June 19-Michigan; July 2-Daytona; July 17-New Hampshire; July 24-Pocono; Aug. 14-Watkins Glen; Aug. 21-Michigan; Aug. 27-Bristol; Sept. 10-Richmond; Sept. 18-New Hampshire; Oct. 9-Kansas; Oct. 30-Atlanta; Nov. 20-Homestead.
    Following qualifying for the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series event, the cars will be escorted to their respective garage stalls by a NASCAR Official (with the exception of the top five cars, which will be placed in a designated area for post-qualifying inspection).
    Once the car is pushed to the garage stall, only two crew members will be allowed to remain in the garage.
    The following work list will be allowed:
    1. Shut off electrical switches and master power switch;
    2. Remove radio;
    3. Check air pressure in tires;
    4. Cover the car; and,
    5. Crewmembers exit garage and garage doors close.
    Pit road selection will be immediately after the last car has qualified.
    Procedure for race day for NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series teams:
    Garage Stall A maximum of two (2) crew members per car, accompanied by a NASCAR Official, will be allowed in the garage stall. Below are the procedures that will be completed in the garage stall:
    Teams May:
    1. Plug in oil heater (if teams use a generator, it must remain outside the garage);
    2. Open hood;
    3. Prime oil system;
    4. Back car out of garage to start;
    5. Turn master switch on;
    6. Open oil cooler bypass valve (optional)’
    7. Start engine;
    8. Close hood;
    9. Set tire pressure;
    10. Torque wheels;
    11. Install radio and water bottle;
    12. Remove or repair tape on front of car (i.e. grille, valance, brake ducts.); and
    13. If applicable, BST or Pi Research may replace equipment batteries under NASCAR supervision.
    Teams May NOT:
    1. Enter the garage without a NASCAR Official present;
    2. Jack up any part of the car;
    3. Add water or pressurize the cooling system;
    4. Climb inside the car;
    5. Adjust wedge bolts, shocks or sway bars;
    6. Add fuel, oil or brake fluid;
    7. Remove air box; or
    8. Adjust fenders, spoiler or any body components.
    Fuel Pumps: A maximum of three (3) crewmembers per car at anytime, escorted by NASCAR Officials, may go to the fuel pumps. For Tracks 1 mile and under, a maximum of two gallons of fuel will be added. For Tracks 1 ½ miles, a maximum of three gallons of fuel will be added. For Tracks above 1 ½ miles, a maximum of four gallons of fuel will be added.
    Height Platform A maximum of three (3) crewmembers per car at anytime, accompanied by NASCAR Officials, may escort the respective car to the height platform.
    Teams May:
    1. Adjust front and rear wedge bolts: A maximum of one (1) turn for front bolts. A maximum of 1 ½ turn for rear bolts.
    2. Adjust track bar at frame end adjuster. No maximum on track bar adjustment.
    3. Adjust external shock bleeds.
    Teams May NOT:
    1. Change any components.
    2. Add spring inserts.
    Scales A maximum of three (3) crewmembers per car at anytime, accompanied by NASCAR Officials, may escort the respective car to the scales. Any car that does not meet required weight specifications may be subject to penalty. After completion, the generator will be reconnected to the car and pushed to pit road. Generators will be permitted out on pit road with the car.(NASCAR)(3-18-2005)

  • some 2005 Changes in the Cup Series:

  • New Dodge Model: Charger takes over for the Intrepid
  • Spoilers reduced 1" to 4 1/2" at all tracks BUT Talladega and Daytona
  • Gear Ratio rule, teams will have 2 choices of what gear ratio to use at all tracks BUT Talladega and Daytona, supposedly the gear ratio's will be between 3.80 and 4.00
  • Hard Liquor sponsors now allowed
  • NASCAR is using a computer timing system to check for speeding on pit road
  • The top 35 teams in Owners Points will be guaranteed to make the race, the final teams by speed, then field set by speed, for the first FIVE races, 2004 owners points standings will be used for the top 35.
  • The Impound Rules will be used at over half the races.
  • Each car must have a full tank of fuel in the gas tank when the driver makes a qualifying lap, for ALL races.
  • Restrictor plate size changed from 29/32 [58/64] to 57/64"

  • No Racing to the Caution Rule and Q&A/Lucky Dog

  • Jayski's - 2005 Nextel Cup Race Results Page

  • How to Calculate Track Speeds: use the formula Speed = Distance divided by Time. Distance is Track Length, and Lap Time into Hours. Once hour is 3600 seconds, so the calculation for a 48 second lap at Daytona(2.5 miles) would be: Speed = 2.5 x (3600/48), = 2.5 x 75 = 187.500mph. For a 19 second lap at Bristol(.533 miles): Speed = .533 x (3600/19), = .533 x 189.474 = a speed of 100.990mph

  • How to break a tie during qualifying? (same speed/time) When drivers are tied for a starting spot during qualifying, it is broken by owners points standings(not drivers).

  • Links: Practice speeds, qualifying and results can be found at these sites:


  • WHO'S HOT coming ito Bristol:
    * Jimmie Johnson has scored five victories and 10 top-10 finishes in the 10 races since Charlotte last October.
    * Kurt Busch has scored three top-five finishes in the four races in 2005.
    * Greg Biffle and Mark Martin have each scored three top-10 finishes in four races this season.
    * Greg Biffle has climbed from 24th to second in the point standings in the last three races.
    * Ryan Newman has climbed from 19th to sixth in the point standings in the last three races.
    * Jamie McMurray has climbed from 32nd to 10th in the point standings in the last three races.(NASCAR Statistical Services)(3-29-2005)

  • Bristol News and Notes:
    Active Drivers Selected Firsts and Lasts First Start
    First Pole
    Green, Jeff 8-24-01
    First Win
    Wallace, Rusty 4-6-86
    Sadler, Elliott 3-25-01
    Busch, Kurt 3-24-02
    Last Pole
    Gordon, Jeff 8-26-04
    Last Win
    Last Victory at This Track
    in a Chevrolet Dale Earnhardt Jr. 2004 Sharpie 500
    in a Dodge Richard Petty 1975 Volunteer 500
    in a Ford Kurt Busch 2004 Food City 500

    Car Owner Victories
    Junior Johnson 20
    Holman-Moody 9
    Richard Childress 7
    Roger Penske 7
    Rick Hendrick 7
    Jack Roush 6

    Pit Road Rules:
    Beginning with the 2002 spring race at Bristol, NASCAR instituted a change in the yellow-flag pit road procedures at the Tennessee short track. The pace car will pick up the field in turn three (as opposed to turn one). All lead car laps will enter pit road at the turn-two entrance (regardless of front or backstretch pits). Cars pitting on the front will drive the backstretch pit road then on the apron to the front stretch pit entrance in turn four. Cars pitting on the back will follow the same path and all cars will exit pit road using the exit in turn one.

    Track Tidbits
    There have been 88 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup races at Bristol since the track opened in 1961.
    Thirty-seven drivers have posted Bud Poles at Bristol; 19 have scored more than one.
    Thirty-two different drivers have won a NASCAR NEXTEL Cup race at Bristol since 1961; 13 have won more than once.
    In the 44 years of twice-yearly NASCAR NEXTEL Cup racing at Bristol (1961 to 2004), a sweep of both races in the same year has occurred 14 times, most recently by Kurt Busch in 2003.
    Kurt Busch has won four of the last six races at Bristol and led in five of the six. Busch has only competed in eight career races at Bristol.

    Back-to-Back at Bristol
    There have been 12 back-to-back victories posted at Bristol since 1980, including seven consecutive races by Darrell Waltrip and three straight by Kurt Busch.
    * Darrell Waltrip Spring 1981 through spring 1984 (six)
    * Dale Earnhardt Both races 1985 and 1987 (two)
    * Alan Kulwicki Fall 1991 and spring 1992 (one)
    * Rusty Wallace Both races in 2000 (one)
    * Kurt Busch Both races in 2003 and Spring 2004 (two)
    Waltrip's seven consecutive Bristol victories tied the NASCAR record for consecutive wins at one track set by Richard Petty at Richmond in 1970-73.

    Selected Modern Era Performance at this Track
    (Minimum of three starts)

    A total of 386 drivers have competed in the 88 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series races at Bristol Motor Speedway since 1961.
    Eighty-four drivers have competed in the past 10 races there.
    Laps Led: Cale Yarborough, 4,306; Rusty Wallace, 3,577; Jeff Gordon, 1,264
    DNFs (Races) G.C. Spencer: 20 (23); Ricky Rudd: 14 (54); Joe Nemechek: 4 (10)
    Average Start (Races) Charlie Glotzbach: 3.25 (4); Jeff Gordon: 4.88 (24); Ryan Newman; 2.0 (6)
    Average Finish (Races) Dick Hutcherson: 2.40 (5); Kevin Harvick: 9.50 (8); Jamie McMurray: 7.25 (4)

  • 2004 March Race Winner: Kurt Busch, 82.607mph, started 13th

  • 2004 March Pole Sitter: Ryan Newman, 128.313, finished 7th

  • Track/Race Qualifying Record: Ryan Newman, Mar 2003, 128.709mph, 14.908 secs

  • Track Race Record 1st Race: Cale Yarborough, Apr 1977, 100.989

  • Track Race Record 2nd Race: Charlie Glotzbach, July 1971, 101.074

  • Slowest Race Record: Ned Jarrett, July 1965, 61.826mph

  • Worst Starting Spot to Win: Elliott Sadler, March 2001, started 38th

  • Most Wins - Active Driver: Rusty Wallace, 9

  • Most Wins - All Time: Darrell Waltrip, 12

  • Most Poles - Active Driver: Mark Martin, 7

  • Most Poles - All Time: Cale Yarborough, 9

  • Most Top 5s: 26 - Richard Petty

  • Most Top 10s: 37 - Richard Petty

  • Oldest Winner: Dale Earnhardt, 48 years, 3 months, 30 days, 8/28/99

  • Youngest Winner: Kurt Busch, 23 years, 7 months, 20 days, 3/24/02

  • Most Cautions: 20 - 3 times, most recently 8/23/03

  • Fewest Cautions: 0 - 7/11/71

  • Most Caution Laps: 167, 7/25/65

  • Fewest Caution Laps: 0, 7/11/71

  • Most Running at the Finish: 40 - 4/11/99

  • Fewest Running at the Finish: 7 - 3/20/66

  • Most Lead Changes: 40 - 4/14/91

  • Fewest Lead Changes: 0 - 3/25/73

  • Fewest Laps Led by a Race Winner: 1 - Fred Lorenzen 7/26/64

  • Most Laps Led by a Race Winner: 500 - Cale Yarborough, 3/25/73

  • Most Wins by Manufacturer: 38 - Chevrolet

  • Races won from starting pos 1: 20 [of 88 points race run], 22.7%

  • Races won from starting pos 2: 12

  • Races won from starting pos 3: 9

  • Races won from starting pos 4: 7

  • Races won from starting pos 5: 6

  • Races won from starting pos 6: 8

  • Races won from starting pos 7: 1

  • Races won from starting pos 8: 4

  • Races won from starting pos 9: 4

  • Races won from starting pos 10: 2

  • Races won from starting pos 12: 3

  • Races won from starting pos 13: 3

  • Races won from starting pos 14: 2

  • Races won from starting pos 18,19,24,26,27,30,38: 1

  • Races won from the top 5: 54 of 88 - 61.4%
  • Races won from the top 10: 73 of 88 - 83.0%


  • Track Specs:
    0.533-mile concrete oval
    500 laps, 266.5 miles
    Degree of banking in corners: 36 degrees
    Degree of banking in straights: 16 degrees
    Straightaways are 650 feet long.
    Concrete racing surface is 40 feet wide.
    Seating capacity: ~160,000
    Bristol has two pits roads: 21 pit stalls on the front stretch and 21 on the back stretch(1 must be shared)
    Pit Stall Size: 25.5 feet long, 15.5 feet wide
    Pit Road Speed: 35 mph
    Pace Car Track Speed: 40mph
    See below for special Bristol pit road rules.

  • Track Website:

  • Last Year: see my 2004 Bristol Race Info Page.

  • National Anthem and Starter at Bristol: Country music singer Buddy Jewell will perform the national anthem prior to Sunday's Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway and Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer will be the honorary starter, the Elizabethton Star reports. The Cumberland College Choir will sing the anthem prior to Saturday's Sharpie Professional 250 Busch Series race.(NASCAR Scene Daily Newsletter)(3-31-2005)

  • No Smoking at Bristol INSIDE....ok in the stands: Bristol Motor Speedway, the state's largest sports facility (160,000 seats), has announced starting with this weekend's races it will be smoke-free. Smoking will be banned from all indoor portions of the track, including the private luxury suites that surround the giant facility. Smokers will be required to go the open-air concourse level.(Tennessean). NOTE: Bristol Motor Speedway has not banned smoking. Smoking will continue to be permitted in the grandstand and concourse areas of the facility.(BMS Site), however it is NOT clear about smoking in the inside sections/suites of the track.
    AND In a rapidly changing social landscape, Bristol Motor Speedway’s Marketing Department instituted a “Smoke Free” tobacco policy on suite level, effective for this year’s Food City 500 weekend April 1-3. The vast majority of suite customers asked for this change, and in fact, the large majority of media covering BMS events made the same request. Consequently, the Public Relations Department joins the Marketing Department to make all indoor media facilities (Press Box, Infield Media Center, and Communications Center) “Smoke Free” as well in 2005. Any media member wishing to smoke can do so outside of the buildings in the infield area. Media members who wish to smoke but are in the Press Box cannot smoke in the hallways and will need to go to the concourse level to do so. For those of you who do smoke, we apologize for the inconvenience. We hope that by making you aware of this change before you get to Bristol Motor Speedway, it will help make your weekend covering our events here go more smoothly.(Bristol Herald Couirer)(3-31-2005)

  • Bristol Grand Marshal Named: On Sunday, April 3, former Virginia Attorney General and Republican candidate for Governor Jerry Kilgore will have the honor of saying the four most famous words in motorsports – "Gentlemen, start your engines," at the 2005 Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway. Kilgore, a Gate City, Virginia native, was chosen by Food City to be this year’s Grand Marshal. He will officially send the field of 43 NASCAR Nextel Cup Series drivers off for the start of the Food City 500 at the "World’s Fastest Half-Mile" in Bristol, Tenn. Jerry Kilgore served as Virginia's 42nd Attorney General from January 2002 through February 2005. Prior to his election as Attorney General, Kilgore served as Secretary of Public Safety for then Governor George Allen.(BMS Site)(3-25-2005)

  • Taxes on Drivers in TN? Legislation that would impose taxes and license fees on professional athletes in Tennessee hit a wall Tuesday with race drivers and officials at Bristol Motor Speedway. Four bills currently before the state General Assembly seek to impose registration or licensing fees for all professional athletes and coaches, along with taxes ranging from $400 to $2,500 each. Another bill would charge $400 per $100,000 of annual adjusted gross income. The bills, all introduced by legislators from the Memphis area, are aimed at players and coaches for the state’s three professional franchises – the NFL’s Tennessee Titans, the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies and the NHL’s Nashville Predators. But if approved, the measures would also apply to minor league baseball players and anyone who receives prize money at any auto race track in the state.(Bristol Herald Courier)(3-16-2005)

  • Luxury Boxes being added at Brisol: Work began this week on a project to add 35 luxury suites atop the Earnhardt Terrace and Turn 2 areas of the 160,000-seat Bristol Motor Speedway. The project marks the seventh major expansion since Speedway Motorsports bought the track in 1996. Bristol attracts more than 160,000 people twice annually to its Nextel Cup races and already has sold out both of this year’s contests. Workers brought in an industrial crane this week to move steel beams into a secure area, and work crews began preparing to install the base structure. An estimate of the project’s cost wasn’t available. The addition will bring the number of luxury suites to about 200. The expansion represents about 1,000 new seats. The new suites will range in size from 16 seats to 80 seats. More than half of them have been sold to corporations and businesses. The project includes one 144-seat public suite. In other projects, work crews plan to finish installing energy-absorbing barriers around parts of the oval within two weeks. The installation of a new video sign at the track’s main entrance should be finished next week.(Bristol Herald Courier with an image of the new area)(2-4-2005)

  • SAFER installation begins at Bristol: Construction on the SAFER Barrier System is scheduled to begin on the walls of Bristol Motor Speedway on Tuesday. Supplies have already been delivered to the infield, according to BMS spokesman Wayne Estes. Bristol Motor Speedway is the last circular track on the NASCAR circuit to install the barrier system. The installation was delayed at Bristol while engineers determined how to install the walls over the track’s gates. The road courses at Watkins Glen and Infineon Raceway will not install the barriers. NASCAR mandated that all tracks other than road courses have the barriers installed by this January. Dover International Speedway installed SAFER barriers its inside walls last year and will complete construction this summer. Martinsville Speedway was last the track before Bristol to complete construction on SAFER Barriers. Martinsville finished its barriers for the October race last year.(Bristol Herald Courier)(1-28-2005)

  • Bristol Cup Tix Sold Out: It's official. Bristol Motor Speedway's NASCAR NEXTEL Cup races are sold out again in 2005. More than 160,000 permanent seats will be filled to capacity for the Food City 500 in April and the Sharpie 500 in August. That's a story repeated every year since Bruton Smith's Speedway Motorsports, Inc., purchased the track in 1996, and even years before that. Only the capacity changed in the past nine years. About 55,000 seats overlooked the World's Fastest Half-Mile when SMI completed its purchase. Since then, capacity increased 170% to 160,000, placing Bristol's capacity among the top-five arenas of any kind in the United States. Bristol's final ticket renewal deadline passed this week when August Sharpie 500 ticket holders completed their purchases, making the expected 2005 sell-outs "official." Because virtually 100 percent of the Sharpie 500 ticket holders renew their tickets, NASCAR's most popular event is sold out again, a situation that continues to bewilder "wanna-be" night race ticket buyers as it has for more than 10 years. Meanwhile, Bristol's corporate clients also keep coming back. Customers fill all 150 luxury suites with multi-year contracts, and other companies await an opportunity to purchase behind suite customers that renew contracts at a 98 percent rate. Bristol's two primary NASCAR event sponsors - Food City and Sharpie, companies that sponsor both NEXTEL Cup and Busch Series races - are committed to NEXTEL Cup event programs through 2007. Food City's sponsorship with Bristol enters its 14th year in 2005, a sponsorship term exceeded only by Coca-Cola's sponsorship of the 600-mile race at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte. Corporate clients hosted more than 20,000 people in Bristol's hospitality village in August, and more are expected in 2005.(BMS PR)(1-22-2005)

  • Triplett Joins Bristols Management Team: Kevin Triplett, bringing more than 15 years of experience working in the NASCAR field, will join Bristol Motor Speedway as Vice President of Public Affairs. He will oversee the Media and Public Relations Department, with additional responsibilities for Government Affairs. "With his vast knowledge of the sport, his respect within the NASCAR family, his experience in politics, and his love for his home region, Kevin Triplett delivers an unparalleled skill set to our management team," said Jeff Byrd, President of BMS. "Following Kevin's Congressional campaign, he called seeking to represent us through a new program he planned to launch through a local agency," said Byrd. "I liked his concept, but preferred he do it as a full-time member of our Bristol family." Triplett worked for the sanctioning body from March 1994 until June 2003, beginning in the public relations department, overseeing several of NASCAR's 50th Anniversary projects. He finished with NASCAR as Managing Director of Business Operations. In that position he directed operation and administration aspects of the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series, Busch Series, and Craftsman Truck Series. He left NASCAR in 2003 to run for the U.S. Congressional seat in Virginia's ninth district.
    Prior to his NASCAR tenure, the Clintwood, Va., native and East Tennessee State University graduate covered motorsports and other sports for the Bristol Herald-Courier and Gaston Gazette in North Carolina. From 1992 until 1994, Triplett represented General Motors Parts (GM Goodwrench and AC Delco) in NASCAR, specifically Richard Childress Racing and Ken Schrader Racing, and their drivers, including Dale Earnhardt. Triplett grew up in Clintwood, Va., and now makes his home in Abingdon, Va., with his wife, the former Jill Mumpower of Bristol, Va., and their two children Lucas William, 4, and Sarah Grace, 2.
    In addition to Kevin Triplett's position, Bristol Motor Speedway announces several employee promotions.
    * Janet Callahan, to better serve the Speedway's growing corporate client base, moves from Advertising and Promotions to become an Account Manager in the Marketing Department, reporting to Marketing Vice President Logan McCabe. Prior to her new position, Janet served as BMS Director of Advertising and Promotions. She came to the Speedway in June 1999 from the Nashville Arena (now the Gaylord Entertainment Center) where she was Director of Marketing.
    * Ben Trout is promoted to Director of Advertising and Promotions, reporting to Logan McCabe. In his new position, he will be responsible for creative advertising and developing promotions for the Speedway and Dragway. Previously, Ben served as the Speedway's Senior Manager of Communications, overseeing the Speedway and Dragway's media operations, publications, website and other communications responsibilities. Prior to joining the Speedway in 2000, the Belfry, Ky., native worked as manager of public relations and sports marketing at Food City.
    * Gail Hulse is promoted to Director of Ticketing, reporting to Ticketing and Technology Vice President Evelyn Hicks. She oversees the Speedway and Dragway's Ticketing Department of six permanent employees and 30 race weekend temporary ticket office staff members. She also manages the Ticket Office database and financial and sales reports. She joined the Speedway Finance Department in 1996 and moved to the Ticket Department two-and-a-half years later. Before joining the Speedway, she worked as office manager at Marcum's Pharmacy in her hometown of Kingsport, Tenn.
    * Tanyua Kerns is promoted to Director of Events, reporting to Events and Communications Vice President Wayne Estes. Tanyua manages a full-time Events Department staff of four employees and oversees the Speedway and Dragway logistics, including an event-time staff of hundreds of ushers, parking attendants, ticket-takers and guest service representatives. The Bristol native joined the Speedway's Ticket Department staff in 1995 after working four years for United Parcel Service.
    * Lori Worley will assume expanded responsibilities as Senior Manager of Media and Public Relations, reporting to the Vice President of Public Affairs Kevin Triplett. In her new role, she will be responsible for, among other duties, media and public relations at NASCAR events as well as the NHRA National Event, the O'Reilly Thunder Valley Nationals. She joined the Speedway's staff in May 1997 after working as a sportswriter for the Bristol Herald-Courier beginning in 1982.
    * Donnie Foster is promoted to Events Manager, reporting to Tanyua Kerns. Donnie oversees, among other duties, gate operations and co-manages the Speedway Children's Charities fund-raisers "Speedway In Lights Powered by TVA," and the York Ice Rink.
    * Angela Olegario is promoted to Senior Customer Service Representative in the Speedway's Ticket Office, reporting to Gail Hulse.(BMS PR)(1-21-2005)

  • Bristol's 2005 Schedule not effected by new rule: Because more than 50,000 fans attend Charter Communications Pole Day at Bristol Motor Speedway each spring, BMS and NASCAR officials today announced that NASCAR's new qualifying procedure will not change the 2005 qualifying schedules for its NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series events. NASCAR on Monday announced changes in qualifying procedures at most tracks on the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series schedule, eliminating the so-called "happy hour" practice after qualifying, but Bristol's popular Charter Communications Pole Day remains on Friday, April 1, before Saturday's Sharpie Professional 250 Busch Series race and Sunday's April 3 Food City 500.
    Also, the August weekend schedule improves for fans when Busch Series and NEXTEL Cup qualifying takes place on Friday before the Food City 250 Busch Series night race, providing even more action and greater value for Food City 250 ticket holders. Busch Series qualifying for the Food City 250 moves from Thursday, making it easier for fans to attend Food City Family Race Night, the NEXTEL Cup Transporter Parade and Eastman Motorsports Club Auction for Speedway Children's Charities.
    "We praise NASCAR for its continuing efforts to reduce costs for teams, and eliminating costly qualifying set-ups will do that," said Jeff Byrd, BMS president and general manager. "We also applaud NASCAR for working with us as we recognize the fans and keep popular events like Charter Communications Pole Day on the spring schedule. The adjustment to the August schedule also creates greater value for Food City 250 ticket holders by moving Busch Series qualifying to the same day as the race and opening up Thursday for fan events like Food City Family Race Night."(BMS PR)(11-17-2004)

  • Past track news: posted in the past at Jayski's Past Track News/Rumors - Bristol Speedway


  • #4 Morgan-McClure gets Food City as assoc. sponsor at Bristol: Food City has formed a partnership with Morgan-McClure Motorsports and driver Mike Wallace for a one-race associate sponsorship. The Morgan-McClure Motorsports #4 Lucas Oil/Food City Chevrolet will debut during qualifying for the Food City 500 on Friday, April 1st.(Morgan-McClure Motorsports)(3-30-2005)

  • Fruit of the Loom Debuts at Bristol: The April 3 Food City 500 will mark the debut of Fruit of the Loom as a NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series sponsor. It’s the first of 10 races this season in which the world-renowned apparel company will be featured on Robby Gordon's #7 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Fruit of the Loom sponsored Gordon’s Busch Series effort in 2004, a pairing that yielded a victory at Richmond and nine other top-10 finishes to lay a strong foundation for their ascent into the NEXTEL Cup arena.(Robby Gordon site)(3-30-3005)

  • East Tennessee Trailers to sponsor Hermie in four races: East Tennessee Trailers will be the primary sponsor of the #66 Peak Performance Motorsports Ford driven by Hermie Sadler in four NASCAR Nextel Cup Series races in 2005, beginning with the Food City 500 on April 3, at Bristol Motor Speedway. ETT, a season-long associate of the Peak Performance #66, will also be primary sponsor for Darlington in May as well as the fall races at Talladega and Martinsville. In addition to carrying the East Tennessee Trailers colors at Bristol, the car will also carry the Autism Awareness ribbon to signify April as Autism Awareness Month. Jeff Stec, owner of Peak Performance Motorsports, agrees that the ETT association is a good fit. "As we continue to grow our team, it is important that we have quality marketing partners to help us get where we want to go. ETT understands the loyalty of NASCAR fans and we look forward to a good run for them." Hermie Sadler will visit ETT's new manufacturing plant in Oneida, Tennessee on Thursday, March 31 to meet with ETT employees and dealers. For more information on East Tennessee Trailer products and dealers, visit

  • See the 2005 Team Chart, which has links to past news for each team and info on each team.


    Car#/Driver Sponsor/Scheme/Promo Image Link
    #5-Kyle Busch CARQUEST #5 Schemes Page
    #7-Robby Gordon Fruit of the Loom none...yet
    #16-Greg Biffle Charter none...yet
    #42-Jamie McMurray Autism Society of America #42 Schemes Page
    #97-Kurt Busch Autographs for Education ....none yet

  • Charter to sponsor the #16 at Bristol: #16-Greg Biffle will sport a special Charter paint scheme on the #16 Nextel Cup Ford Taurus.(Roush Racing)(3-30-2005)

  • Special Sharpie Scheme for Busch: Kurt Busch will race another Sharpie special paint scheme at both Bristol races in 2005 featuring the retractable autographs for education marketing program. The #97 will carry the familiar Sharpie black colors and the autographs for education logo on the hood and rear quarter panels. Last Spring, Busch put the Sharpie 40th Anniversary car in Victory Lane at Bristol and placed eighth in the August event (Sharpie 500) driving the Sharpie RT Click paint scheme.(RacingOne)(12-28-2004)

  • More Paint Scheme news can be found on Paint Schemes Gallery


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