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On saturday, October 18th, 1997 the Jayski Silly Season car #18 started 13th ran as high as 8th and finished 11th in the Comdata 200 at Nashville Speedway on Saturday, October 18th! The car got a lot of air time on TNN at the beginning of the race but was never really mentioned. Billy James, the driver got caught up in lapped traffic and burned the tires up trying to get though it. After the pits stops after half way, I totally lost track of the car and until they showed us the final rundown, I had no idea where we were. It was cool seeing the car in the Silly Season paint.

I want to thank all the readers who pledged money to the cause, Chuck Barnett and his Dad Charlie, Scotty who owns the team, Tom, Chad and the rest of the crew, driver Billy James for a steady run, Creative Signs for supplying the decals for the car and to Lou Pascuzzi and John Vendetti from Danbury, CT for making the banners for the Jayski Racing Team.

The 1st four images are from Bob Hanner, Chuck Barnett took the rest.

Thanks to Bob Hanner for the video stills.


  1. John Adams
  2. Joseph & Sue Aguiar
  3. Ron & Barbara Alger
  4. Charles Beck
  5. David Bost
  6. Dale Brachtenbach
  7. Peter Cayer
  8. Dennis Dipietro
  9. Jack Dube
  10. William Everrett
  11. Randall Ford
  12. Kenneth Fry
  13. Dale Gannott
  14. Alan Graf
  15. Reid Gray
  16. Barry Guynn
  17. Joe Haardt
  18. Ronald Hahn
  19. Ben Harker
  20. Ernie Hassler
  21. Jeffery Hodgson
  22. Cindy Holder
  23. Gary Huntzinger
  24. Fred Jacobs
  25. Gerald Johnson
  26. Doug Jones
  27. Lawrence Lathrop
  28. William & Nancy Lehman
  29. Richard and Debra Levey
  30. Tracy Loncao
  31. Stephanie Looney
  32. Billy & Thelma Longgrear
  33. Paul Lowe
  34. David & Christine Martin
  35. Robert MacKenzie
  36. William R Matthews
  37. Matt McLaughlin
  38. Randall Mitchell
  39. Thomas Moriarty
  40. Tracy Mosebey
  41. Clayton Mowry
  42. David Ohrenich
  43. Stanley Perry
  44. Lori Peters
  45. Kevin Price
  46. Richard Prulhiere
  47. Dennis Renninger
  48. Dale Robison
  49. Ralph Russo
  50. Christopher Schacter
  51. Greg and Tracy Schlientz
  52. Leslie & Noreen Smirle
  53. John Stine
  54. Donald Stone
  55. Kevin Stowell
  56. Charles Taylor
  57. Thomas Topping
  58. Robert Urquhart
  59. David Varecka
  60. Wayne Wacker
  61. Harold Wainwright
  62. Michael Zgarrick

Once Again Thank for your support!! At least with the $2000 collected the team was able to run a race and get on TV. The team ended up being a one race and deal and will NOT be continued

The car was not at Richmond as rumored. The pledge plan and team has been discontinued as of early 1998.

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