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Jayski's Talladega Experience

The #47 Jayski Ford Thunderbird

#47 car #47 crew & car jay & chuck #47 car
Billy's car getting the Restrictor plate removed after qualifying, taken by Jayski
The #47 Jayski Ford getting pushed happily back to the garage, nice shirts, a Jayski photo
Checking out the Jayski name on the deck lid, Jayski photo
Ned Jarrett interviewing Billy after he was 2nd round fastest qualifier, Jayski photo
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#47 car #47 crew & car   #47 car
The #47 Jayski Ford at Talladega, taken by Team Mgr Frank Parrish
The #47 Jayski Ford and Crew, taken by Team Mgr Frank Parrish
A NASCAR2 drawing from
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  #47 car #47 car #47 car, great
Another shot of the #47 Jayski Ford, check Lynne and her husband's web site Click Here
The #47 Jayski Ford in the garage, see the Jayski t-shirt on a crew member
Great shot of the deck lid with Jayski on it
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jay, lynn & chuck #47 car #47 car Jayski Banner
The Jayski Pitwall banner, thanks Lynne
Billy Standridge during Drivers intoductions, driving the Jayski Ford, taken by Lynne
Billy receiving the Busch Second Round Fastest Qualifier Award, taken by Lynne
Thanks Tracy & Paul Kondrla for taking this shot and sending it to me, we were hanging in that yellow hauler
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See the story by Stan Creekmore about the complete engine story at In The Best Interest Of The Sport

The Engine Heads Story!

  • Here is what the NSSN printed about the possible 'Illegal Engine' reported earlier this week in the #47 Jayski Ford driven by Billy Standridge at Talladega:
    "NASCAR officials seized the cylinder heads off the #47 Jayski's Ford driven by Billy Standridge following post race inspections. X-rays of the heads were enough to convince NASCAR officials to transport the the heads back to North Carolina for further testing. The engine Standridge ran with in the DieHard 500 was obtained from the #98 team owned by Cale Yarborough. Pentalties are pending."(NSSN) Actually the engine was borrowed(10-17-1997)

  • Here is the outcome:
    "The reason NASCAR took the heads back to Charlotte was to have a better look at them. It had gotten so late at Talladega(8:30-9:00P.M.)that there was not enough light to look at the heads. The reason it was so late was because the 98 team had to take their engine apart first before taking the borrowed engine apart that Billy used. NASCAR was ready to go back to Charlotte and that is why the heads where not checked until Tuesday. Billy has received the heads back and was told there would be no penalties and has also received money for second round fastest qualifier and race earnings."(10-19-1997)

    Born on Date: October 1997

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