• Tony Stewart plans to run five Winston Cup races this fall, probably the events at Charlotte, Daytona, Phoenix, Rockingham and Atlanta.JournalNow(8-2-98)

  • Two Charlotte-based companies are teaming with NASCAR to produce a syndicated television show aimed at stock-car racing's younger fans. "NASCAR Think Fast!" will debut in September in more than 125 markets. Sunbelt Video and Raycom Sports, both Charlotte-based, will produce it. The show will use NASCAR racing to educate young viewers about science, mathematics and other factors that go into building and operating a race car. Kyle Petty will be the show's host. Joining Petty on the set will be young actors Miriam Dolin of Greensboro and Christopher Jepsen of Raleigh.(That's Racin)(8-2-98)

  • Ford's Dan Davis says the common body template concept is dead for 1999, but General Motors officials say that's not the way they read NASCAR.JournalNow(8-2-98)

  • Elliott Sadler is fielding offers from Winston Cup team owners looking to make a driver change. It is still unclear what car owner Gary Bechtel, who owns Sadler's contract, plans to do next season.JournalNow(8-2-98)

  • After an overnight stay at Methodist Hospital for observation, Arie Luyendyk, a two-time Indianapolis 500 winner, was released yesterday morning. Luyendyk sustained a mild concussion in a multi-car crash on Friday during the IROC(at Indy) race.JournalNow(8-2-98)

  • Brickyard 400: Race Results, Starting Lineups, Qualifying, Happy Hour speeds and Previous Practice speeds are up at GoRacing and Speedworld and NASCAR Online. Ernie Irvan won the pole with a track record of 179.394mph.(8-1-98)

  • Jeff Gordon is the first winner of the No Bull 5 bonus by winning the Brickyard 400. The five drivers who will run for the No Bull 5 Bonus at Darlington in the Pepsi Southern 500 are: Jeff Gordon, Mark Martin, Bobby Labonte, Mike Skinner and Dale Earnhardt. Bobby Labonte has been eligible all four times.(8-1-98)

  • Goodyear announced an award Friday and named Daytona International Speedway as its first recipient. The Goodyear Heart of Racing Award will be presented annually to a group or individual in motorsports for exceptional humanitarian efforts. A panel of national motorsports journalists will select winners. The Daytona track was chosen for its assistance in fire-fighting efforts in Central Florida. The track's July 4 race was postponed until Oct. 17 because of the fires, and it allowed firefighters to use the track's facilities and also served as a command post. As part of the award, Goodyear donated $25,000 to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund on the track's behalf.(That's Racin')(8-1-98)

  • More on Tabasco from a source at the track: The source tells me that the Tabasco people are really upset about this whole deal of the change of teams. Supposedly team owners Bob Hancher(#35) nor Tim Beverley(#17) ever called Tabasco and told them what their plans were to switch deal over to the then #17 team. Tabasco did not know anything about the deal until they saw it on TV. I hear Tabasco is saying that they are going to stay in racing but on their on terms. They may possibly look for another team to sponsor. Folks it looks like we have not heard the last of this deal. Also there is a story on the subject at Speedworld: Tabasco Draws Hot Fan Response.(8-1-98)

  • Some good notes by David Poole of That's Racin' including a note about Jerry Nadeau's time in Dawsonville, GA, The Ford Taurus a year later, Jeff Green and the Money Store, Testing at Atlanta, Jeff Gordon, Jeff Purvis and this story: Sauce isn't the only thing that's hot around Tabasco's racing program this week. Company officials canceled plans to come to Indianapolis because they don't like the way the deal came down that put their sponsorship on Darrell Waltrip's car. Tabasco officials feel Bob Hancher, owner of ISM Racing, and Tim Beverley, owner of Tyler Jet Motorsports, didn't keep them informed about the deal that moved the 35 car number and the Tabasco sponsorship from ISM's Pontiacs to Beverley's Chevrolets. Tabasco is reportedly so angry it might end its NASCAR involvement. One year ago at Indianapolis, Tabasco announced the program that went full time with Todd Bodine as its driver at the start of the 1998 season. See the notes at Dawsonville not so awesome for Nadeau.(8-1-98)

  • Great page of Brickyard 400 stats at the TNN Motorsports site: Winston Cup Race #19 - Indy Stats.(8-1-98)

  • UPDATE: Owner of the #35 Tabasco Chevy, Tim Beverley, said that the Tabasco sponsorship is not in jeopardy and that the rumors of Tabasco leaving are unfounded.(RPM2Nite)(7-30-98) - But Tabasco has really cancelled their planned promotions at the Brickyard and some problems still exist from what I hear.(7-31-98)

  • Ricky Hendrick, son of the founder of Hendrick Motorsports, will be one of the driver options for Jeff Gordon and Ray Evernham on their Grand National team next season. Gordon denies the operation, for which he'll drive in a handful of races, is a precursor to him and Evernham leaving Hendrick Motorsports to start their own big-league operation. Evernham is crew chief for Gordon's Winston Cup car.(USA Today - Skip Wood)(7-31-98)

  • Jeff Green has been named to drive the #46 SABCO chevy for the rest of 1998 and The Money Store(recently purchased by First Union) will be the primary sponsor on the #46 for the rest of the season. Tommy Kendall will still drive the #46 at Watkins Glen in a pre-arranged deal.(TNN's Motorsports Site)(7-31-98)

  • Jimmy Spencer hasn't signed a contract with Travis Carter or sponsor R.J. Reynolds for 1999, and that could put him on the list of drivers who might be moving to a new team next season. But Spencer, who is having one of his best seasons, certainly his most consistent season, says he's happy where he is and would like to stay.(JournalNow - Mike Mulhern)(7-31-98)

  • A Goodyear tire test is planned for Atlanta before the season finale on Nov. 8, and Goodyear plans to ask the top three in the points to do the test sometime in October, according to NASCAR sources.(JournalNow - Mike Mulhern)(7-31-98)

  • 2nd round qualifying is over, all but seven teams stood on their speeds from first round qualifying. Derrike Cope was fastest in 2nd round but not fast enough to make the race. Cope ran a lap of 172.838mph. Morgan Shepherd got the last spot based on speed, if anyone had run faster, he would have missed the race and no one came close. Randy MacDonald took over in the #95 but could not get it up to speed either. Dan Pardus wrecked in AM practice and didn't attempt a 2nd round run. Lance Hooper in the #14 Richard Jackson car, never took the track today as the team withdrew from the race. DW took a Champions Provisional in his new #35 Tabasco ride. To see who took provisionals, who missed the race and current owners points and provisional standings see: Jayski's Provisional Page.(7-31-98)

  • People watching Saturday's Brickyard 400 on television will see something that even the most observant race fan at the track will miss. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway will use the race to test "virtual" advertising -- signage that appears to the TV viewer to be part of the venue but actually is computer-generated. See the rest of the story at: Speedway will test virtual ads.( Sue's Newsletter - 3 Wide!! 200 MPH!! A Lighter Side)(7-31-98)

  • UPDATE 3: Looks like the readers and DW fans made their point. While I have no idea if the following story is true, you all showed Tabasco how much sponsorship means to the fans and the drivers. Looks like the plethora(first time used on this page) of posts on the two message boards has caused the Tabasco webmaster to shut down both boards. The phone number that was posted here is supposedly incorrect(some idiot posted a hoax message on the board with bad email addresses), so I have removed it. But there is an 800 number you can try if you wish to voice your support of Tabasco sponsoring NASCAR and DW in the #35. 1-800-634-9599 press 3 at menu for customer service reps. Also there is a fax number you can use 504-596-6444, send to Martin Manion, VP of Marketing.(7-30-98)

  • Story by Mike Mulhern of the JournalNow: Tabasco red hot, may quit NASCAR, some of the story includes: Company wasn't informed that Beverly purchased team; Waltrip works as peace-maker. But Waltrip and Beverley may not carry Tabasco's colors very long. Tabasco officials are reportedly upset over Hancher's move, and attorneys for Tabasco are working toward ending its NASCAR marketing program. The attorneys have told company officials to cancel plans to attend this weekend's race and not to do anything that would appear to sanction support of Hancher's sale of his team and sponsorship.(JournalNow)(7-30-98)

  • UPDATE: Geez, not much of a chance huh? From RPM2Nite: Speculation is that the Brickyard 400 could be Ricky Craven's last race in the #50 Bud Chevy. Rpm2Nite reported this and said that Wally Dallenbach is the front runner for the job. Dallenbach said he will wait until Sunday to decide what he may do.(RPM2Nite)(7-29-98) - John Hendrick of Hendrick Motorsports said on RPM2Nite that Ricky Craven is the driver of the #50 Bud Chevy for the rest of the year and his contract runs thru the end of 1998. So that kills that rumor(RPM2Nite)(7-30-98)

  • Driver Geoff Bodine and Lincoln Technical Institute have joined forces to create a $300,000 annual scholarship program intended to provide Lincoln Tech students with scholarships. Lincoln Tech consists of eight schools which offer training to prepare students for a career in automotive technology. Lincoln Tech currently has an internship program in place with Mattei Motorsports, which fields the No. 7 Philips Taurus driven by Bodine on the Winston Cup circuit. The arrangement allows eight of the institute's students annually to spend one week working with the team. Boyd Wolff, of Martinsville, Ind., is the lucky student currently working with Mattei Motorsports who traveled with the team to Indianapolis for the Brickyard 400 experience.(GoRacing)(7-30-98)

  • Not only was suspension of BGN driver Jeff Purvis held us by NASCAR, his fine was increased from $5,000 to $10,000. Purvis will miss the next four BGN races at IRP, Michigan, Bristol and Darlington. Matt Hutter, recently released from the #36 Stanley Tools Pontiac will qualify and drive the #4 Lance Snacks Chevy at IRP.(NASCAR Online), also see the story at GoRacing.(7-30-98)

  • You see his name on the Brickyard 400 speedcharts and entry list but just who is Dan Pardus in that #07 Chevy? - Check this story: Pardus hanging tough by Goodwin Kelly of the Daytona News-Journal/Speed Magazine or see The Official Danny Pardus Homepage.(7-30-98)

  • Charles Strang, retired CEO and chairman of the board of the Outboard Marine Corp., was named commissioner of NASCAR, replacing Semon Knudsen, who died July 6. As commissioner, Strang will supervise rules and race administration. NASCAR's overall activities remain under the control of President Bill France.(Times-Dispatch)(7-30-98)

  • From SpeedNet and a few readers: Tempers flared Wednesday in the NASCAR Winston Cup garage at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. And get this: the teams weren't even there. That was the problem. An estimated 7,000 people paid $5 to attend Community Day, organized by the 400 Festival. With admission, they expected to receive an opportunity to get autographs from several drivers and to tour Gasoline Alley, where the stock cars are prepared. For the rest of the story and refund info see Poor Festival planning hurts fans.(SpeedNet)(7-30-98)

  • CORRECTION(missed Chad Little) - Seven teams/drivers that qualified 26th or worse and are guaranteed to make the race based on owners points are: #99-Jeff Burton(7th in owner points); #3-Dale Earnhardt(9); #94-Bill Elliott(12); #21-Michael Waltrip(15); #97-Chad Little(18); #22-Ward Burton(19); #16-Ted Musgrave(20); and #35-Darrell Waltrip(champ prov). Teams in trouble with a hot slick track on tap for Friday afternoon: #19-Robby Gordon; #15 Loy Allen, Jr; #95-Bob Schacht; #07-Dan Pardus; #30-Derrike Cope; #78-Gary Bradberry and #96-Hut Stricklin. No idea why #14-Lance Hooper in the Richard Jackson Pontiac did not make a run. Curious about where you driver/team stands in the provisional process? See Jayski's Provisional Page.(7-30-98)

  • SpeedNet has a section all about the Brickyard 400: Brickyard Extra Daytona Beach to the Brickyard ...NASCAR celebrates 50 years of racing.(7-29-98)

  • Brickyard 400 Fact Sheet at GoRacing.(7-29-98)

  • Things noticed during practice by myself and some readers: Jeff Gordon had the #24 on the roof in red. This may be for the No Bull deal. Noticed the same on Rusty's car too. Also noticed all the No Bull cars had the red spoilers and the $ on the passenger side window(I know there is no passenger side but you know what I mean). Michael Waltrip's BLUE Citgo/Wood Woodpecker Ford is very sharp looking.(7-29-98)

  • Some teams we have not seen in a while have showed up at the Brickyard: Lance Hooper is driving the #14 WCW Pontiac for Richard Jackson; Bob Schacht is driving the #95 Shoney Inn's Sadler Brother Chevy; Loy Allen, Jr is in the #15 Rescue Engine Formula Bud Moore-David Robinson(no not the basketball player) Ford and Dan Pardus is in the #07 Midwest Transit Chevy trying to make his first ever Cup race. The #14, 15 and 95 were slowest of the 51 cars in 1st practice.(7-29-98)

  • Each starter of the Brickyard 400 is guaranteed to receive $66,530.(ESPN2 Qualifying)(7-29-98)

  • During practice, Dr. Jerry Punch asked Mark Martin about his back and the herniated disk he has. Martin says Acupuncture has kept him close to pain free and saved his season until he can have surgery.(ESPN2 Practice)(7-29-98)

  • Also during practice, Bill Weber mentioned to Robby Gordon that there are many rumors he may return to Cup in 1999. Gordon said he has nothing signed in either Cup or CART for 1998.(ESPN2 Qualifying)(7-29-98)

  • RPM2Nite reports that Kenny Wallace is expected to be named Kenny Schrader's teammate at Andy Petree Racing next week. Square-D is supposedly coming along as sponsor. Double 'K' Racing? (7-29-98)

  • I hear Jimmie Johnsom, who currently races for Herzog Motorsports (#44) on the ASA series and is third in points and the leading rookie will drive the #59 Kingsford Charcoal / ST Motorsports BGN car this weekend at IRP.(7-29-98)

  • Good story about W.C. "Junie" Donlavey owner of the #90 Helig-Meyers Ford: Donlavey has influenced young and old by Curt Cavin of SpeedNet.(7-28-98) - Noticed the story mentions: "Donlavey's investment in young drivers has been so significant that there is a movement to get NASCAR's rookie of the year award named after him." Now that would be a great idea, has anyone else heard this?? On my FAQ page there is a email address to NASCAR Online, go there and send in requests to named the award after Junie if you like.(7-29-98)

  • Lonnie Rush will run a Ohio State truck at the Cummins 200 at Indianapolis Raceway Park on Thursday. See the story at OSU enters the race for exposure.(7-29-98)

  • Truck driver Mike Bliss will drive Michael Waltrip's #21 Band Aid BGN Ford at IRP Friday night.(many sources)(7-29-98)

  • As reported way back in February but now the movie will come out: Dale Earnhardt plays a small role in the comedy movie "BASEketball," which opens Friday in theaters across the country. Earnhardt is featured as a washed up race car driver who now drives a taxi cab for a living. Earnhardt drives Yasmine Bleeth(lucky Dale) and a dozen children through the streets of Los Angeles. His scene was filmed the week after the he won the Daytona 500.(That's Racin')(7-29-98)

  • Hearing that #37 Timberwolf BGN driver Mark Green, who's contract is up at the end of this season, is rumored to be a candidate for different BGN rides in 1999.(no idea of which rides)(7-29-98)

  • Players Inc, Richard Petty, Cummins, and Dodge will unveil the new Players Inc/Cummins special paint scheme for the #43 Dodge truck in Indy on July 30, at a press breakfast hosted by Players Inc at the Brickyard Crossing Resort Hotel. Jimmy Henseley will drive the truck at IRP in the Cummins 200 that night.(7-29-98), looked the same to me, not sure when it'll race.

  • RaceComm Named as Associate Sponsor of Jasper Engines Ford for Brickyard 400. One of the fastest growing NASCAR-related web sites, has joined Federal Mogul as an associate sponsor of Robert Pressley's Jasper Engines Ford Taurus for this weekends Brickyard 400 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Future considerations will include a program that will span the remainder of the Winston Cup season. The sponsorship news comes on the heels of an announcement last week that outlined a joint-venture project with RaceComm and America Online (AOL). For more info on both annoucements and many stories see RaceComm.(7-28-98)
  • The Brickyard 400 is going to be shown live on ABC on the West Coast for the first time since the inaugural telecast in 1994.(7-28-98)

  • UPDATE: Loy Allen will run a one race deal in the #15 Moore-Robinson Rescue Engine Formula Ford at the Brickyard 400 in Indy.(7-27-98) - the team is still looking at other drivers after its deal with Tim Steele failed to materialize. The team plans to test and run the Pepsi 400 presented by DeVilbiss at Michigan.(NASCAR Online)(7-28-98)

  • UPDATE 2: The #35 and #17 teams merge with Tabasco being the sponsor, Chevy being the car, Darrell Waltrip being the driver, the # being 35. You can forget about that Universal Studios rumor and image I have. More info: DW will drive the #35 car sponsored Tabasco for remainder of the season. The cars(Chevy's) will be prepared at Tyler Jet Motorsports in Harrisburg, NC.(Performance Racing Network and RPM2Nite). It also looks like Tabasco will be back as the sponsor for DW in 1999. The new team will show off the new colors this weekend at the Brickyard. The crew will be made up of the members of the Tyler Jet team almost none of the crew members from the ISM Team will be utilized.(7-27-98) - In a deal made final late Monday, Beverley bought an equity interest in ISM Racing Corp. and will combine the efforts of the two teams. ISM Racing, which also fields Indy Racing League cars driven by Jeff Ward, has shut down its Winston Cup operations.(Speedworld) Stories are popping up all over the place including: SpeedNet, That's Racin' Waltrip's new number is 35 and GoRacing...I also hear that six of the #35 Tabasco team members were hired by the #17 team(which is now the #35 Tyler Jet Motorsports team)(7-28-98)

  • Butch Miller, driver of the #18 Dana Truck on the Craftsman Truck Series, will do double duty this weekend at NHIS. Miller will drive his truck during the 200 lap CTS event there, and the #18 Busch North series car in the 100 lap BGNN event.(NE Racing)(7-28-98)

  • UPDATE: Wow! NASCAR ain't fooling around anymore: Jeff Purvis, driver of the #4 Lance Snacks BGN Chevrolet, has been fined $5,000 and suspended by NASCAR on Monday for "actions detrimental to the sport". Purvis will be out of action until Sept. 8 and miss four races: Indianapolis(IRP), Michigan, Bristol and Darlington. He can return at Richmond on Sept 11th. He was also put on probation for the rest of the 1998 season.(NASCAR Online) also a full story at GoRacing(7-27-98) - NASCAR BGN driver Jeff Purvis was suspended for four races and fined $5,000 Monday for an altercation with another driver(Mark Green) at a Busch series race(South Boston) last weekend. Purvis said he would immediately appeal the suspension, allowing him to race next weekend at IRP. Purvis is 14th in the BGN point standings(Speedworld)(7-28-98)

  • Bobby Hillin Jr.'s crew chief, Nick Short left the #8 BGN team before South Boston, VA.(7-28-98)

  • Wally Dallenbach tested an IRL car at Atlanta today.(WC Today Radio)(7-28-98)

  • Jerry Nadeau will be in the #9 Cartoon Network Ford again at Indy then the team will decide what to do.(RPM2Nite)(7-27-98)

  • During the CART Michigan race which I was watching(while listening to the Penn 500), a wheel assmebly flew up in the crowd when Adrian Fernandez hit the wall. He was ok, but three spectators died and six more were hurt. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who died and the injured.(7-26-98) - See the full AP story at the JournalNow(7-27-98)

  • Kenny Wallace has asked to be released from the last two years of his four-year contract with Filbert Martocci(#81 Square D Ford). But Martocci said yesterday that he's very upset over the situation and hasn't decided if he will give Wallace the release. Wallace is expected to move to Andy Petree's team as teammate to Ken Schrader, with sponsor Square D following him from Martocci's to Petree's, according to sources close to the situation.(JournalNow), Wallace said during an interview yesterday, that nothing would be decided until late August.(7-27-98)

  • Expect the following to happen in 1999, garage sources say: A change in test policies. Currently, each car can have seven test sessions. This gives an advantage to a multiple-car organization because it can share information. The new rule will allow a certain number of tests per organization, which will level the field a bit for one-car outfits.(Times-Dispatch/Mike Harris-NASCAR Notes)(7-27-98)

  • Expect the following to happen in 1999, garage sources say: Crew chief Larry McReynolds to join sponsor Square D and driver Kenny Wallace as part of Andy Petree's operation as a second team. Petree is owner/crew chief of Ken Schrader's car. McReynolds is working with Mike Skinner after being "traded" from Earnhardt's team in June. Kevin Hamlin, Skinner's old crew chief, now runs Earnhardt's show. Richard Childress owns both teams.(Times-Dispatch/Mike Harris-NASCAR Notes)(7-27-98)

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