PAST NEWS AUGUST 24-30, 1998

  • After three days of extensive testing at Darlington Raceway, Elliott Sadler finally found the speed he was searching for Wednesday, preparing to make his Darlington NASCAR Winston Cup debut in the Sunday, Sept 6, Pepsi Southern 500. He'll be in the #92 Gary Becthel owned Chevy(8-30-98)

  • Kenny Wallace and the #81 Square-D Filmar team are using Robert Yates engines at Loudon and next week at Darlington.(TNN's Raceday)(8-30-98)

  • During TNN's broadcast of the Farm Aid on CMT 300, Eli Gold mentioned that the Wood Brothers hope to name a new driver to their #21 CITGO Ford within the next 10 days and that they have had 11 applicants for the ride from many other forms of motorsports.(8-30-98)

  • Bill Elliott/Dan Marino's #13 FirstPlus Ford, which released driver Jerry Nadeau at mid-season, has auditioned drivers, with short-tracker Dennis Setzer in the car the past couple of weeks. Elliott, who has made some major moves with the #13, including moving the group from Georgia to the new team headquarters in Hickory, NC says he hopes to make his two teams assets to one another and will continue to look for a long-term driver, saying he has not made a choice for next week's run at Darlington. He did not indicate any anxiety about the sponsorship.(SpeedNet/Ben Blake)(8-30-98)

  • Budweiser, sponsor of the #50 Chevy, which has a contract with Hendrick Motorsports through 2000, likely would be the last to bolt. Hendrick, one of NASCAR's top four multi-car operations, has a way of keeping sponsors happy, although Bud has not won with Hendrick since 1995. Complicating matters is a driver search, with Randy LaJoie and now Wally Dallenbach replacing starter Ricky Craven, with Wally supposedly in the car the rest of this year.(SpeedNet/Ben Blake)(8-30-98)

  • The Tabasco program has been troubled from the start, and team/sponsor let starting pitcher Todd Bodine go in June. After a strange transaction which transferred car number (35), sponsor, and some equipment to Tim Beverley (buyer in April of Darrell Waltrip's team), Waltrip now is in the car, with little improvement seen in race performance. Word is that Tabasco could end up with Bill Davis/Ward Burton, who lose sponsor MBNA after this season.(SpeedNet/Ben Blake)(8-30-98)

  • Hut Stricklin is expected to be back in the #96 Caterpillar Chevy at Darlington.(TNN's Raceday), Also, Buzz McCall, owner of the Caterpillar No. 96, admits he has had a far tougher season than he would have imagined. He let David Green go in June, then brought on Hut Stricklin, who stepped down shortly after taking a lick at New Hampshire in July. Ron Fellows has driven the past couple of weeks but likely will not be in the car at Darlington, McCall says. There are rumors, denied by McCall, that the team has gone through its annual sponsor budget and darker whispers that the team may be for sale.(SpeedNet)(8-30-98)

  • "Interstate Batteries Pontiac transporter driver Peter Jellen is the series point leader for the FINA Piggly Wiggly Truck Driver Challenge, a season-long contest for NASCAR Winston Cup transporter drivers. The next round will be Sept. 4 in conjunction with the Pepsi Southern 500 at Darlington (S.C.) Raceway. The contest will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the Florence (S.C.) Civic Center. Admission is free to the precision driving contest."(NASCAR Online)(8-30-98)

  • Brian France, Senior Vice President of NASCAR and Richard Petty will present $50,000 to Willie Nelson during the live broadcast of Farm Aid 98 on October 3, (6 pm to midnight) on Country Music Television. You can make donations to Farm Aid by calling 1-800-FARMAID(1-800-327-6243)(Stock Car Eacing Magazine Webiste)(8-30-98)

  • #90 Heilig-Meyers Team manager Jeff Kirk and crew chief Tommy Baldwin will leave the Junie Donlavey/Dick Trickle team after this season because of commitments (family and otherwise) in the Charlotte(NC) area. The Donlavey team is based in Richmond, Va. Team members also wonder whether sponsor Heilig-Meyers will return, although no word has come from the company. Donlavey, returning from heart surgery in the spring, says he intends to continue the way he always has.(SpeedNet/Ben Blake)(8-30-98)

  • Farm Aid on CMT 300 at Loudon: Results, Starting Lineup, Qualifying, Practice speeds at NASCAR Online, GoRacing(also 2nd round qualifying), and Speedworld. Also check out TNN's Farm Aid On CMT 300 On-Line Webcast.

  • Jimmy Spencer is expected to be driving the #23 Winston Ford today, Ted Musgrave will stand by in case Spencer needs relief.(RPM2Day)(8-30-98)

  • Sad News: Chad Coleman died Friday night of injuries from a multicar crash on the first lap of the ARCA Georgia Power 200 stock car race at Atlanta Motor Speedway. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family(8-29-98)

  • 2nd round qualifying is over: All the teams 26th or slower made a 2nd round attempt. Johnny Benson and Ron Fellows had trouble but used provisionals to get in the race. DW made the race once again on the past champions provisional. Ron Bouchard and Danny Pardus withdrew and did not make 2nd round attempts. Jerry Nadeau was the fastest 2nd round with a speed of 127.538mph(11th fastest overall). Derrike Cope, out of provisionals missed the race but his loss was Dave Marcis' gain, Marcis used his 1st provisional of the year to get in the race, Marcis also has a different Paint Scheme this week for TNN's Indoor-Outdoor program(see Paint scheme page for an image). To see who used provisionals and missed the race, go to Jayski's Provisional Page.(8-29-98)

  • Ken Bouchard of Fitchburg, Mass., had a short homecoming when the engine in his Trix Racing/Premier Steel Fabricating Chevrolet broke during morning practice, causing the team to withdraw the black and day-glo lime #79 for lack of a back-up powerplant.(NASCAR Online)(8-29-98)

  • 2nd round qualifying/AM practice news from GoRacing: The American Equipment Racing team had a backup, backup #96 Chevrolet transported to NHIS last night and, as it turns out, it's a good thing they did. Ron Fellows wrecked his second Monte Carlo of the weekend during his qualifying lap as he exited turn two and will need that third race car to start tomorrow's race from the 41st spot after taking a provisional to make the field. Danny Pardus backed into the outside wall in turn three and damaged the rear end of his #07 Midwest Transit Chevrolet so badly that he was unable to participate in the qualifying session. Jimmy Spencer flattened the left side of the #23 No-Bull Ford in a close encounter with the third turn wall. Spencer will give up the 17th place starting position that he earned to start a backup car from the rear of the field.(GoRacing)(8-29-98)

  • Roush Racing deployed a Busch Series hauler driver Larry Morris from Liberty, NC to Mooresville, NC yesterday afternoon. His orders were to pick up an extra #99 Roush Ford and a #36 MB2 Motorsports Pontiac to be standing by for drivers Jeff Burton and Ernie Irvan....just in case. The cars arrived at New Hampshire International Speedway this morning at 11:00am/et and all concerned are hoping that they will not be needed. Burton and Irvan wrecked their primary cars during Friday's first practice session and were forced to qualify their back up rides.(GoRacing)(8-29-98)

  • Pionite is helping the #91 LJ Racing team with some sponsorship, they are on the TV panel (just below the rear spoiler) of the car this weekend at Loudon.(LJ Racing Website)(8-29-98)

  • Bobby Labonte, driver of the Joe Gibbs-owned #18 Pontiac, said with all the shake-ups and driver changes this season, he's thought about moving to another team, but doesn't have any plans to do so.(That's Racin')(8-29-98)

  • UPDATE 2: Crew chief Michael "FatBack" McSwain has been released from the #77 Jasper Ford Motorsports team. No new crew chief has been announced.(8-27-98) - McSwain is at NHIS helping out the team this weekend until a replacement can be found.(NASCAR Online), I hear McSwain resigned from the position, not released.(8-29-98)

  • After first round Winston Cup qualifying was completed Ray Evernham (crew chief #24) took out a loaner NASCAR "mod" (modified) car for a quick spin around the 1.058 mile New Hampshire International Speedway. It took Evernham several laps for Evernham to get the feel of the car but was soon popping off laps in the high 31 second range, which was well off the 29.442 second pole speed for the Farm Aid on CMT Double Header which was established by Mike Ewanitsko earlier today.(GoRacing)(8-28-98)

  • Teams that failed to make the field in first round qualifying and are 26th or worse but are guaranteed to make the CMT300 based on owners points: #40-Sterling Marlin(14th in points and he missed a race); #16-Kevin Lepage(16); #97-Chad Little(17) #26-Johnny Benson(18); #21-Michael Waltrip(20); #50-Wally Dallenbach(23); and #35-Darrell Waltrip(champ). The four teams that would miss the race if things stayed the same: #07-Danny Pardus(no prov's); #79-Ken Bouchard(no provs-didn't make an attempt); #00-Buckshot Jones(45th in owners points using Stavola Bros); and #71-Dave Marcis(44)-(FYI-this is not bashing any of these drivers, just stating a fact). To see where the drivers and teams stack up in the provisional standings check Jayski's Provisional Page.(8-28-98)

  • Rumor in the garage area has Ted Musgrave as the driver of the second Travis Carter Ford in 1999 as a teammate to Jimmy Spencer.(WC Today Radio)(8-28-98)

  • NASCAR will join the fight to raise public consciousness about the plight of the American family farmer by donating $50,000 during the Farm Aid benefit concert on October 3. See the rest of the TNN website story at NASCAR Donates $50K To Farm Aid.(8-28-98)

  • Darrell Waltrip is in an ISM Racing Pontiac this weekend. ISM and Bob Hancher were the former owners and Tyler Jet Motorsports has not gotten their own cars reskinned from Chevy's to Pontiac's yet. I hear it will be a few more weeks, then look for the team to improve. Per Speedworld - When you look at the #35 car, if the roll bars are red, it is a ISM/Hancher car. If they are grey, it is a Tyler Jet Motorsports car that has been re-skinned.(8-28-98)

  • Kenny Wallace who drove the Square-D special Lightning paint scheme at Bristol last week, will drive the same paint scheme at all the remaining night races(Richmond and Daytona)(8-28-98)

  • 47 cars will make an attempt at NHIS for 43 spots, including the #00 Auqufresh Chevy with Buckshot Jones, the #07 Midwest Transit Chevy with Danny Pardus and the #79 Premier Steel Fabricators Trix Chevy with Ken Bouchard. The #78 Pilot Ford and Gary Bradbery will skip the race at NHIS. Steve Grissom(#41), Derrike Cope(30), Morgan Shepherd(91) and Jerry Nadeau(9) do not have provisional starting positions to fall back on at NHIS and have to be up to speed. Provisonal info and owners points stands at Jayski's Provisional Status Page. Jeff Gordon won the pole with a speed of 129.003mph.(8-28-98)

  • Sterling Marlin is driving the Non-Alcoholic Coors chevy at NHIS. Images can be seen on the Paint Scheme page(8-28-98)

  • Jeff Burton, Dale Earnhardt, Ernie Irvan and Ron Fellows all crashed their primary cars during practice for the CMT 300 and had to go to backups for qualifying and the race. Sterling Marlin scaped the wall and got the car fixed in time for qualifying. Bill Elliott blew and engine during practice and Dale Jarrett lost one just before qualifying.(GoRacing)(8-28-98)

  • UPDATE: Got this from a few readers and saw it on the Stock Car Fans Newsletter(sorry so long, no 'net link):
    The head of race car driver Dale Earnhardt's corporate office near Mooresville said he doesn't believe a shot fired into the company building was a prank. Donald Hawk, president of Dale Earnhardt Enterprises, said the shot, which damaged a window and ceiling tile, could have killed or injured someone. "We will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law," Hawk said. He added that a reward is being offered for information on the person responsible for the shooting. The gunshot was fired into the upper floor of Earnhardt's glass building sometime during the last two weeks. Fortunately, the shot struck a window in an uncompleted office according to Earnhardt's security chief Bill Malcolm. Both Hawk and Malcolm said they believe the shot was fired in the early morning hours, from a high-powered weapon. What concerns them the most is that someone could have been inside the building. The windows are tinted so anyone inside the building is not visible from the outside. It is not unusual, Hawk said, for Dale or Teresa Earnhardt to be in the building working, and many times, he said, they may have their young daughter, Taylor, with them. Other employees also may bring their children to the office at night or on weekends. Hawk said he is not sure if this was a fan of some other NASCAR driver or just an isolated incident. But either way, he said, it is being addressed. Malcolm explained that high definition cameras are being installed to monitor the entire property. Other security measures are being taken as well. Some were planned before this incident, but the shooting has prompted others. With the new security measures in place, Hawk said, he has a warning for anyone thinking about doing something like this again. Anyone with information about the shooting can call the Iredell County Sheriff's Office at 878-3183 or the Mooresville-South Iredell Crime Stoppers at 663-7066. Callers to Crime Stoppers do not have to reveal their identity or testify in court, and rewards of up to $1,000 (which are in addition to the reward offered by Earnhardt Enterprises) are possible.(In part from the The Mooresville Tribune(NC), By Donna Swicegood)(8-28-98)

  • Mike Wallace will drive the Dr Pepper #50 for Washington Erving Motorsports at Darlington for the BGN Dura Lube 200.(

  • From Marty at MRN: It appears as though Elliott Sadler is the leading candidate to replace Michael Waltrip in the Wood Brothers car next year. Last week Waltrip and the Woods announced that they would not continue their partnership next season. It also appears as though the second Wood Brothers team for 1999, which has been talked about so frequently this season, will not happen until at least the 2000 season.(Marty's Two Cents - MRN Notes)(8-27-98)

  • WC Today Radio(PRN) reports that although some published reports have Geoff Bodine being let go at anytime from the #7 Philips Mattei Motorsports Ford, Jim Mattei, owner says that is not so. Both Bodine and Mattei are exploring other possibilities for 1999. They expect to make a decision by mid September. One rumor at Brsitol had the team merging with SABCO and Michael Waltrip as the driver, in the Winston Cup Scene this week, Mattei said 'the option was open'.(WC Today Radio and WC Scene). The Ricky Craven to the #7 car rumor is false.(8-27-98)

  • Update on Lake Speed and Greg Sacks per NASCAR Online Radio: Lake Speed is doing much better, but his ribs are still hurting, he says he may consider subbing if needed towards the end of the season. Greg Sacks is in therapy for his neck and nerve injuries and is doing personal appearances for his sponsor, Thorn Apple Valley.(8-27-98)

  • Jeff Gordon is about to brighten the life of ten-year-old Robert Martinson from Idaho Falls, Idaho. Robert, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, will be in New Hampshire this weekend for the racing activities and a meeting with Gordon. On Friday, he'll dine with members of Gordon's crew. He gets to meet his hero on Saturday and will be in the stands on Sunday for the CMT 300. The trip is being provided by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses. Robert's wish is the 200th granted by the Idaho group.(Gordonline)(8-27-98)

  • UPDATE: Check this Birmingham News(AL) story out: Same driver, same race track, same day, the only difference was the car - story at: Grissom shows he can ride, given a steed instead of a dog by Neal Sims.(8-26-98) - I heard from a source closly associated with the team, and that #41 Cup Team Owner Larry Hedrick paid for Steve Grissom's ride in Jimmy Spencers #12 BGN car at Bristol and that the team is working hard to improve their qualifing problem. I also hear that Tim Brewer. recently hired as the crew chief for the team, is building new cars and the team hopes to have the first one ready to go at Darlington. Oh yeah, the team doesn't feel that they deserve to be called a dog.(8-27-98)

  • Testing News: Richmond testing was rained out today; Kenny Schrader tested at Darlington; Bobby Hamilton tested at Greenville-Pickens(SC)(WC Today Radio)(8-27-98)

  • From The Stock Car Racing Magazine Site - "The Silly Season in NASCAR got it´s name because everyone thought it was silly for drivers to begin changing teams halfway through the season. Recent events suggest there is no chance the "Silly" moniker will be lost anytime soon. Cale Yarborough´s Winston Cup team had the best finish of the year at Bristol, then came home and immediately released crew chief Mike Hillman. Now Team 34, one of the most successful BUSCH operations in that series has reorganized, including replacing their successful crew chiefs. Kevin Caldwell, crew chief for the #36 Stanley Tools Pontiac driven by David Green was replaced just prior to leaving for last Saturdays event at Bristol by John Fabian. We always hear about "chemistry" within a team but Team 34 cited "unbalanced chemistry" as the reason they relieved Gary Cogswell from crew chief duties on Mike McLaughlin´s #34 BUSCH team. Cogswell will be replaced by co-crew chiefs Steve "Big Guy" Helwig and John Birosh.(SCR)(8-27-98)

  • CORRECTED 2: Testing at Richmond today was Kenny Irwin, Jr in the #28 and a slew of BGN drivers: #52-Kevin Grubb; #32 Ford-Dale Jarrett; #32 Chevy-Jason Jarrett; #14-Patty Moise; #42-JD Gibbs; #27-Casey Atwood; #72-Mike Dillion; #82-Mark McFarland; #20-Blaise Alexander; #71-Mario Gosselin(Hooters driver-sorry about the mis-spelling Mario, sponsor ITM?), The #'s 82, 72, 27, and 52 were turning the quickest laps of the BGN guys in the 22.5/22.6 second range(8-26/27-98)

  • Heard a few more Budweiser rumors: I hear Budweiser has talked to the #22 Bill Davis team concerning sponsorship in the future. I hear Budweiser may not sponsor the 1999 Watkins Glen race.(shame Bud at the Glen sounds cool)(8-26-98)

  • Joe Fink, Stockcarfans Newsletter/Website trivia guru has this interesting page: Meet Mr. X, He drives the car # X on the Winston Cup Circuit. Mr. X consistently finishes on the tail end of the lead lap EVERY race. However, he never leads a race. BUT, his consistency keeps him in the top 10 in points most of the season. Let's take a look at his stats. See the webpage at: Check out info on the consistent WC driver, Mr. X!.(NOTE: there is no real driver X and this is not based on any driver, it shows how being a consistent driver in the Cup series pays off)(8-26-98)

  • Jim Mattei of Mattei Motorsports said that he is considering replacing Geoff Bodine in the #7 Philips Ford with Michael Waltrip or Ricky Craven and is thinking about an option to merge with SABCO.(Winston Cup Today Radio),to cut off these questions: No idea what body style would be run IF the merger happens.(8-26-98)

  • Danny Pardus will be attempting to make his first Cup race at NHIS this weekend(he missed in tries at Daytona, Talladega, Charlotte and Indy). He will again be in the #07 Midwest Transit Chevy. See the image on the Paint Schemes page.(8-26-98)

  • UPDATE: No word on possible sponsors for the David Blair team. They have a full fleet of Tauruses done, ready to paint. The team did test at Darlington with Mike Wallace a week ago.(8-25-98) - The team is gearing up for a full 1999 run in Cup, says crew chief Don Disherim(sp?). The team plans to test at Charlotte in a few weeks and will make an announcement in the fall of 1998.(NASCAR Today Radio)(8-26-98)

  • Ted Musgrave tested the #15 Moore-Robinson Rescue Engine Formula Ford at Darlington, SC today and ran a speed of 163.104mph. Musgrave will drive the car in the Pepsi Southern 500 on Sept 6th.(RPM2Nite/WC Today Radio)(8-26-98)

  • Elliott Sadler, a 23-year-old considered a potential star, has emerged as the leading candidate to take over as driver of the Wood Brothers' #21 CITGO Fords for 1999. The Wood Brothers and driver Michael Waltrip announced last week that they would not continue their association beyond the end of this season.(That's Racin'/Speedworld)(8-26-98)

  • Andy Michner tested with Bace Motorsports(BGN series) earlier this week and wrecked the car on his third run of the day at Hickory, The car was used up in the front and rear. As far as I heard is that he is ok.(8-26-98)

  • UPDATE 3: I hear that on 106.7 WYAY Fm in Atlanta, it was announced that Dale Earnhardt and Dale Jr. will hold a press conference on Wednesday 8-26-98 at The World of Coca-Cola. WYAY-FM is offering chances to win tickets to meet one-on-one with both drivers, and front row seats for the press conference on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday before the press conference. Web-site address is: (Matt and Roxanne Ponds)(8-21-98) - I hear an interesting BGN rumors: Dale Earnhardt Jr. will drive a Coke sponsored car in Japan.(8-22-98) - Think these two rumors/items are somehow related? Check this out: "Dale Earnhardt and his son, Dale Earnhardt Jr, will make a special guest appearance at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta to "announce one of the most significant events in the history of NASCAR racing." Details will be disclosed at the World of Coca-Cola on Wed., 8-26 at 11am/et. PRN announcer/reporter, Mark Garrow, will emcee the announcement. Interviews follow the announcement." It also mentions Action Performance Companies in the WHO section, sounds like a diecast deal in the works.(Business Wire - Yahoo)(thanks to many reader for helping with this story)(8-24-98) - More on this deal: I hear Dale Earnhardt Sr and Jr. and Dale Jr will be going to Japan to the race in November. Supposedly Dale Sr. is going to be driving a Coca Cola sponsored car and Dale Jr is going to be driving a car sponsored by Coca Cola but will be painted with the Coca Cola Polar Bears on it. Action Performance is doing the merchandising.(8-25-98) - The complete story and images of each car are on NASCAR Online at: Earnhardts to race in Coca-Cola 500 in Japan. The paint schemes? Dale Earnhardt's red #3 car features the signature Coca-Cola Red Disk Icon and NASCAR-themed checkered contour bottle. Dale Earnhart's #1 Chevy features the Coca-Cola polar bear with ice-chunks lining the bottom of the car. NASCAR Online also has a Photo Gallary of the Press Conference on the main page.(8-26-98)

  • I hear that Rusty Wallace and Ricky Rudd were testing Tuesday at Greenville-Pickens Speedway(SC)(Thanks Cary)(8-26-98)

  • UPDATE: The #38 Barbasol Racing team and driver Elton Sawyer are scheduled to participate in a Unocal fuel test at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Monday, August 17th. The team will be testing the affects of unleaded fuel on the 9:1 engine.(GoRacing)(8-15-98) - The test, overseen by NASCAR officials, was conducted by the Barbasol/Akins-Sutton Motorsports NASCAR Busch Series team, with driver Elton Sawyer running a Ford with a 9.5-to-1 eight-cylinder engine using 105-octane UNOCAL unleaded fuel. According to Bob Sutton, co-owner of Akins-Sutton Motorsports, very few changes were required in both the engine and carburetor of Sawyer's Ford, which used a brand-new Roush Racing-built engine for last week's test. The rest of the story at: NASCAR tests unleaded gasoline in Busch car by Bill Kiser of iRace.(8-26-98)

  • In many interviews I have seen of recent concerning Michael Waltrip and the Wood Brothers(#21 CITGO Ford), both parties say if all of a sudden things start clicking and the team does well in the last 1/3 of the season, they are not ruling out teaming up again in 1999.(many sources)(8-26-98)

  • UPDATE: Good Story at Speed Magazine on Wally Dallenbach, Jr: Contract may be win away for Dallenbach by Godwin Kelly. - something I missed in this story Brad pointed out to me: "There are a couple of factors that could change Dallenbach's luck. Jack Sprague, the defending Craftsman Truck Series champion, has been promised a Winston Cup ride in 1999, and would likely slip into the seat of the #50 entry." I had heard rumors, but nothing concrete on Speague getting a Cup ride in 1999.(8-26-98)

  • Dennis Setzer will be in the #13 FirstPlus Ford at NHIS this weekend.(WC Today Radio)(8-26-98)

  • Some stats from That's Racin' - Miles Completed: 1) Mark Martin 8,690.62; 2) Michael Waltrip 8,629.80; 3) Jeff Gordon 8,605.08; 4) Bobby Hamilton; 8,601.07; 5) Bobby Labonte 8,567.53; 6) Sterling Marlin 8,060.52; 7) Brett Bodine 8,554.70; 8) Jeremy Mayfield 8,502.31; 9) Terry Labonte 8,438.35; 10) Ward Burton 8,420.42.(8-26-98)

  • Hearing rumors that fedEx and UPS (not together of course) are considering entering the Winston Cup ranks as a sponsor of some sort.(8-25-98)

  • UPDATE: During the Goody's 500, Benny Parsons said that Jimmy Spencer said he planned to be back next week at New Hampshire.(8-23-98) - Spencer palns to run the race, but Ted Musgrave will be on standby in case Spencer needs relief.(NASCAR Today Radio)(8-25-98)

  • UPDATE: Ron Fellows, who already has one outside pole run to his credit in his one NASCAR Winston Cup race this season, will drive the #96 Caterpillar Chevrolet at New Hampshire on Sunday. Fellows will replace Hut Stricklin, who had been driving on a race to race basis. Stricklin said he had aggravated an injury he suffered in a crash two months ago in a race at New Hampshire and doesn't feel he can give the team 100%.(Williams Company of America, Inc), not sure if Strickin will be back at Darlington. - Also hearing rumors that the #96 team may shut down at the end of the 1998 season. Let's hope not.(8-25-98)

  • Jerry Nadeau will once again be at the wheel of the #9 Cartoon Network Ford at Loudon this weekend. Nadeau is on a race-to-race basis right now.(8-25-98)

  • Five teams tested at Darlington today, drivers and speeds: #99-Jeff Burton, 164.468mph; #31-Mike Skinner, 163.934; #6-Mark Martin 162.834; #26-John Benson 162.563; #18-Bobby Labonte 161.231. #3-Dale Earnhardt and #28-Kenny Irwin tested at Richmond.(RPM2Nite)(8-25-98)

  • Larry McReynolds is still undecided what he may do in 1999. He has set a deadline of Sept 15th to make a decision. He says there maybe is an oppurtunity to be owner or part-owner of a Cup team and he needs to look at that option.(Winston Cup Today Radio)(8-25-98)

  • I hear from a reader that Darrell Waltrip mentioned on Benny Parson's radio show Monday night that he and team owner Tim Beverley have a meeting today(8-25) with Tabasco officials where they hope to put all the rumors and troubles between the team and sponsor to rest.(8-25-98)

  • Winston Cup star Kenny Schrader spent his Sunday away from the NASCAR schedule running an ARCA Bondo/Mar-Hyde Chevrolet for Ed Rensi on the famous 1 mile dirt oval at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. Schrader took the top spot over ARCA Championship leader Frank Kimmel by a mere half of a car length.(Stock Car Racing Magazine Site)(8-25-98)

  • UPDATE: Mike Hillman has been released from the crew chief job of the #98 Thorn Apple Valley Ford owned by Cale Yarborough - Hillman's replacement is Skip Eyhler who was Chad Littles crew chief until Roush hired Jeff Hammond for the crew chief job. Not sure what Hillman's plans are.(8-24-98) - Good story on the News section of the Stock Car Racing Magazine Site (8-25-98)

  • UPDATE: Another NASCAR Silicon Motor Speedway will have a Grand Opening on Monday, August 24th at 7:30pm at the Dallas(Texas) Galleria on the third floor. Cup drivers Dale Jarrett and Jeremy Mayfield are scheduled to appear.(Thanks Lynne)(8-23-98) - While in Texas, Dale Jarrett stopped by Texas Motor Speedway on Monday and took the speedway pace car on a few laps around the reconfigured track. He was impressed by the changes. His quote: "You can see with the eye what's been done," said Jarrett. "It's going to be a very positive change for the stock cars."(NASCAR Online)(8-25-98)

  • I hear Todd Bodine is the top choice of the Filmar Racing to drive the #81 Ford in 1999(8-24-98)

  • Something I missed in the Winston Cup Scene a few weeks ago(August 6th to be exact): In a story by the great Deb Williams, Petty Enterprises To Reorganize: Kyle Petty will again have Hot Wheels as his primary sponsor in 1999, I had a rumor up a few months back, saying Mattel/Hot Wheels may leave, so squash that rumor. Negotiations are underway between Richard Petty and STP, his longtime sponsor. The story also said that Robbie Loomis would be the Team Manager of both the #43 and 44 cars and probably remain as the crew chief for the #43. So those Loomis rumors should stop now. It is undecided if the entire team will be known as Petty Enterprises or stay separate with PE2 and the #44.(thanks to NYPD Mike for the heads up)(8-24-98)

  • I hear there may be other changes in the #41 Hedrick Motorsports camp, supposedly both driver and owners are looking at other options.(8-24-98)

  • Tempers flew on the backstretch during the sixth caution period on lap 249 when rookie driver Elliott Sadler blocked Ernie Irvan's Grand Prix into his pit stall. A Skittles crew member ran up to Sadler's window net to let him know what he thought about the action but NASCAR officials quickly separated the MB2 Motorsports and Diamond Ridge Motorsports crew members before any damage could be done.(GoRacing)(8-24-98)

  • Jack Stantons Racing Connection Online Site is improved and has many stories and news on it, especially for us Motorsports starved NJ fans.(8-24-98)

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