• UPDATE 2: I hear that Todd Bodine will be in the #91 LJ Racing Chevy for the remainder of the 1999 season and....also intends to run the full 1999 season with the team. Supposedly a sponsor deal is close to being secured.(9-11-98) -- hmm...I now hear that Todd Bodine will stay with Team 34 next year and drive the #30 sponsored by Phillips 66.(9-12-98) -- from what I hear, the LJ Racing rumor is false and the Team 34 rumors seems to more plausible.(9-13-98)

  • Jimmy Elledge has been named Andy Petree's new crew chief, and starts working for Kenny Wallace's new team this week.(JournalNow)(9-13-98)

  • I hear Rich Bickle has told the #98 team he will not return to the team in 1999. He supposedly plans to go back to the truck series full time.(9-13-98)

  • UPDATE: Last night on the NASCAR Family Chat Super Site, Geoff Bodine was talking about his son, Barry and said that Barry would race a Busch car in Rockingham and Homestead(didn't say what team or car he would drive)(9-10-98) -- After running 13 truck races this year with out much sponsorship, Barry Bodine will run 3 to 4 BGN races, sponsorship is in place. Planned races are Charlotte, Rockingham and Homestead and possibly Atlanta.(9-13-98)

  • UPDATE: I hear Randy LaJoie will drive for James Finch next year with Mark Reno as crew chief, possibly as a teammate to Jeff Purvis in the #4 Lance Snacks Chevy(8-22-98) -- #4 BGN Team Owner James Finch confirms that he is adding a second race team for the 1999 season. The driver will be Randy LaJoie. They've been talking for about a month now, and they officially announced it this week. Former Ernie Irvan & Kenny Irwin crew chief Marc Reno will be the crew chief for LaJoie. An announcement on sponsorship will come later. Finch says they're weighing several offers from potential primary sponsors. They'll also expand their shop space in the coming months. Jeff Purvis returns to the Jeff Purvis #4 Lance Snacks Chevrolet from his four-race suspension this week as well.(WMBB Radio, Panama City, FL)(9-10-98) -- See the story at: Phoenix expanding its racing stable from the Panama City News Herald.(9-13-98)

  • Exide NASCAR Select Batteries 400 at Richmond: Race Results, Starting Grid, Qualifying results, Practice speeds at NASCAR Online, GoRacing(2nd round), Speedworld and That's Racin'.

  • 2nd round Cup qualifying is over at Richmond: Only seven drivers made attempts, Mike Skinner was the fastest 2nd round attempt at 122.912mph and was the only one of the seven who could break into the top 36. DW made the race once again on the past champions provisional(his 14th used). Rich Bickle missed the race in the #98 Ford. Dennis Setzer crashed in practice and will go to a backup car and the rear of the field tonight when the race starts. To see who used provisionals and missed the race, go to Jayski's Provisional Page.(9-12-98)

  • From the JournalNow: And for teams looking to NASCAR's post-race chassis dyno tests at Darlington for some hint of just how much horsepower Gordon might have to play with -- no such luck either. Chevrolet's SB2 engines are widely thought to be pumping out a lot of horsepower, maybe as much as Robert Yates' vaunted Ford motors. If so, GM teams managed to disguise the power quite well, because Gordon's engine, according to sources privy to the dyno results, pulled only 627 horsepower at the rear wheels, much less than the 658 horsepower Jeremy Mayfield and the 668 horsepower Dale Jarrett pulled. Backing up Gordon's figures, Ernie Irvan's 636 horsepower chart. NASCAR doesn't officially release chassis dyno results but the figures were widely available yesterday in the garage, which is unusual.(JournalNow)(9-12-98)

  • Teams that failed to make the field in first round qualifying and are 26th or worse but are guaranteed to make the Exide NASCAR Select Batteries 400 at Richmond based on owners points: #12-Jeremy Mayfield(6 in owners points); #3-Dale Earnhardt(8); #5-Terry Labonte(9); #36-Ernie Irvan(14); #21-Michael Waltrip(16); #16-Kevin Lepage(19); and #35-Darrell Waltrip(champ prov). The four teams that would miss the race if things stayed the same: #98-Rich Bickle(38); #78-Gary Bradberry(45); #00-Buckshot Jones(49); and #79-Ken Bouchard(59-none). And how about Dave Marcis, making the show(22nd) on the first day in the #71 Realtree Chevy!(9-11-98)

  • UPDATE: Tommy Baldwin, the crew chief for Dick Trickle who announced months ago that he would not be returning to #90 Donlavey Racing, reportedly is considering joining Bill Davis' #22 Pontiac team.(Times Dispatch)(9-7-98) -- I hear Chris Hussey has been released as crew chief of the #22 MBNA Bill Davis Pontiac who Ward Burton drives for. Tommy Baldwin who was the #90 Heilig-Meyers team crew chief takes over starting after(not at) Richmond. Baldwin mentioned that he thinks the #22 has a good sponsor lined up for next season.(that's good news)(9-11-98)

  • UPDATE 2: Tabasco(McIlhenny Co) has filed a lawsuit against ISM Racing and owner Bob Hancher. Tim Beverley, owner of the Tyler Jet Motorsports team that bought ISM is not not named in the lawsuit. Beverley is in negotiation's with Tabasco for them to remain as sponsor of the #35 Pontiac and DW in 1999.(WC Today Radio, I also hear this is in this weeks Winston Cup Scene, have not gotten my copy yet)(9-9-98) -- RaceShop(home of PRN Radio) has an AP story on the lawsuit which: McIlhenney(Tabasco) Loses First Round in NASCAR Dispute. Mentions that DW can keep Tabasco on the car for this weekend at Richmond, but if the judge grants the permanent injunction, the logos would have to come off. Yikes(9-10-98) -- Another AP update on the JournalNow site about the Tabasco deal: Waltrip's car to have Tabasco logos for race.(Jayski note: For an AP story there are a few mistakes here, they spelled Bob Hancher's name wrong(like I should complain about spelling, right) and they keep saying DW has not missed a race in 25 years, how about last year in Charlotte??)(9-11-98)

  • Not only will Tracy Leslie not return to the #63 Hensley Racing BGN Chevy in 1999, 5-year sponsor Lysol brand cleaners and disinfectants, will not return after this season to the car. Lysol also is the race sponsor at the BGN race at Watkins Glen, NY which will continue through 2000. Reckitt & Colman, makers of Lysol is currently exploring other BGN team sponsorship opportunities for the 1999 season.(NASCAR Online)(9-11-98)

  • Richard Childress Racing has signed Team Invinca-Shield as an associate sponsor for the Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse Chevrolet Monte Carlo driven by Mike Skinner.(SpeedNet), didn't say how long the deal is for, but says they hope to have a long term relationship with the team.(9-11-98)

  • Gary Bradberry will be driving in the BGN series for Marcrum Motorsports, it was announced Friday. The new team is owned by Don Marcrum and is based in Bessemer, AL. It will be crew chiefed by Gary's former ARCA crew chief Phillip Hamilton. The races on the teams schedule for the rest of 1998 are Rockingham, Homestead, and Atlanta while possibly running Charlotte if the equipment is ready. The team is presently searching for a sponsor. Interested parties who may wish to sponsor the team may send an inquiry to Gary Bradberry Site)(9-11-98)

  • Both Kyle and Adam Petty were out testing a #45 Pontiac on Hoosier tires during an open ARCA test at Charlotte on Wednesday. The car was primer in the front and rear with the roof being a dark blue. Adam's Spree Foncard crew was there working on the car. Petty ran 3rd fastest in the test at 171.537mph.(9-11-98)

  • Royal Crown Cola(RC Cola) Thursday announced a two-year sponsorship contract extension with the Impact Motorsports #86 Truck team and driver Stacy Compton. Impact Motorsports owner David Hodson said the team might eventually try to run some NASCAR Winston Cup events with Compton, backed by RC.(NASCAR Online), I had a rumor up months ago that Compton would attempt the Martinsville Cup race later this month, not sure if he still will.(9-11-98)

  • LJ Racing, Inc. announced that The Dare County Tourist Bureau and OBX(Outerbanks) will return as sponsors of the #91 LJ Racing Chevrolet. The famous Cape Hatteras lighthouse was displayed on the hood of the #91 Chevrolet during the DieHard 500 at Talladega Superspeedway on April 26, 1998. Now, at Richmond International Speedway, during the Exide NASCAR Select Batteries 400, on September 12, 1998, the Dare County Tourist Bureau and OBX will kick off their private/public partnership to promote the Outer Banks. The OBX logo will appear on the hood of the #91 Chevrolet, and the TV panel will broadcast Dare County Tourist Bureau’s toll free number 877-By-The-Sea. Todd Bodine will drive the car at Richmond.(see the full story at the LJ Racing Website.(9-11-98)

  • All year, Bobby Hillin's #8 Clean Shower Chevrolet has tracked the progress of St. Louis Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire as McGwire chased one of baseball's most famous records. Now that McGwire has topped Roger Maris' single-season home-run record, Hillin will run a special paint scheme to honor "Big Mac" when the NASCAR Busch Series comes to the St. Louis area. See the story and image at NASCAR Online: Hillin to salute McGwire's achievement.(9-11-98)

  • UPDATE: Have had many inquiries about Chris Bradley's(Adam Petty's crew chief who was killed over the weekend) arrangements: Viewing is Thursday, 9-10 at 2:00-4:00pm/et and 7:00-9:00pm/et. The Funeral is Friday(9-11) at 11:00am/et. Location: Throop Funeral Home, 290 Henry Street, Coopersville MI 616-837-8161. Contributions in Chris Bradly's name can be sent to: ASA Womens Aux., PO Box 350, Pendalton, IN 46064 or contact the ASA office in Pendalton IN. - see a related story about what happened, Miscommunication between crew members caused the death of crew chief Chris Bradley on Monday in the ASA Miller Lite 300 at the State Fair, a police investigator said: Miscommunication blamed for death at state fair race.(9-9-98) -- The Funeral for Chris Bradly is going to be at the Beerlin Raceway in Marne MI. Their going to give him one last lap around the racetrack.(9-11-98)

  • NASCAR might change the spoiler rules and give Ford more spoiler for this week's race at Richmond(JournalNow)(9-7-98) - have nothing else on this(9-11-98)

  • UPDATE II: Starting to hear rumors of a second Morgan-McClure team again. One rumor has Geoff Bodine driving for it.(9-9-98) - Am hearing that this rumor is completely false. At Bristol in August when Morgan-McClure announced an associate deal with Landair Transport Co. for the team, Larry McClure strongly denied a two car team anywhere in the near future.(9-9-98) - Just heard this from two sorces on the #4 team: I hear the team is still considering running a two car team in 1999 and get this...they are contemplating going to Pontiacs. Also last night on the NASCAR Family Chat Super Site, Bodine said he hasn't talked to Morgan about any possibility of driving for them.(9-10-98)

  • UPDATE 2: During the NASCAR special Prime Time Country on TNN last night, Dale Earnhardt said that oldest son, Kerry Earnhardt will be announcing a full time BGN deal for 1999 soon.(TNN), I have heard rumors he may be in the #40 ChannelLock Chevy in 1999(thanks Kevin)(9-4-98) -- It was announced on RPM2Nite that Kerry Earnhardt would drive the full 1999 BGN season in the #40 Doug Taylor owned chevy(RPM2Nite)(9-9-98) -- Kerry Earnhardt, son of seven-time Winston Cup Champion Dale Earnhardt, has been named the driver of the #40 Channellock Chevrolet for Doug Taylor Motorsports in the BGN for the 1999 tour. Earnhardt has been working as a fabricator in Taylor's shop this season while driving Late Model Stock cars at the New Asheville Speedway in NC. Earnhardt has two BGN starts this season, his debut in July at Myrtle Beach and a second race at South Boston. Earnhardt will begin his driving duties in the #40 Channellock Chevrolet at the October 17th race at Gateway International Raceway. Current driver, Kevin Lepage will finish out the tour this year. There is a possiblity that Earnhardt may drive a second car at some BGN dates this year.(THIS Week IN Motor Sports)(9-10-98)

  • Stock Car Racing Magazine - SCR has received many questions regarding the #24 teams use of nitrogen in their tires, many thinking this is itself illegal in NASCAR´S eyes. The fact is all teams use nitrogen in their tires, with NASCAR´s full knowledge. Normal compressed air contains enough humidity (moisture) to greatly increase the amount of pressure gain when the tire heats up. Nitrogen is essentially "dry" making the actual pressure change between cold and hot tires much more predictable. In this regard, the # 24 team is just going along with the crowd. Jayski Note: When I was in the Air Force working on the C-5A we used Nitro in the tires of the aricraft for the same reasons.(9-10-98)

  • Several Ford Taurus drivers from NASCAR's Winston Cup series will be in Charlotte later this month for the inaugural "Ford Fan Appreciation Day." Many of the top Ford drivers, including Mark Martin, a five-time winner this season, are planning to appear. See the story at That's racin' Fans get their day Sept. 23(9-10-98)

  • UPDATE: Morgan Shepherd has been released from the #91 LJ Racing Chevy. Todd Bodine will drive at Richmond this week.(Victory Lane Online), the team owner, Joe Falk is supposed to meet with a potential sponsor at Richmond, for more info also see the LJ Racing Website.(9-8-98) - Morgan Shepherd plans to form(or reform) his own Cup team for 1999.(Victory Lane Online)(9-9-98)

  • T.R.I.X. Racing has entered the Exide Batteries 400 at Richmond this weekend. 1988 WC Rookie of The Year, Kenny Bouchard will drive the black and day glo green #79 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. It has been a challenging year for the dedicated members of the T.R.I.X. crew, but they never give up. These guys work long hours for the love of the Winston Cup racing. The team entered Pocono in July, but failed to qualify due to the lack of horsepower. Most recently T.R.I.X. was in New Hampshire, where engine failure in practice kept them from making a qualifying attempt. We have come back with the help of our families, friends and sponsors more prepared to make our first race of the 1998 season.(T.R.I.X. Racing PR), Good Luck!(9-9-98)

  • Testing Speeds from Wednesday's testing at Charlotte: #7-Geoff Bodine 180.722mph; #30-Derrike Cope 180.000; #28-Kenny Irwin, Jr 178.217; #90-Dick Trickle 177.748; #4-Bobby Hamilton 177.690; #96-Bobby Hillin 177.514; #36-Ernie Irvan 177.049; #24-Jeff Gordon 176.701; #50-Wally Dallenbach 175.324 and #1-Steve Park 174.523. Ted Musgrave was also there testing the #89 Elliott Ford, all primer no decals but the #'s.(RPM2Nite), great story at the Stock Car Racing Magazine Website about the test with images to see: Testing at Charlotte by Tom Hintz.(9-9-98)

  • Xpress Motorsports, who fields the #61 IWX Motor Freight Chevrolet for driver Randy Tolsma in the truck series, plans a limited BGN schedule of as many as 15-20 races in 1999 with Derrike Cope driving. The team may also attempt a few Cup races with a driver, dates and sponsorship yet to be determined.(NASCAR Online)(9-9-98)

  • UPDATE 2 more speeds: Testing at Charlotte Monday and Tuesday nights: #28-Kenny Irwin 183.673; #30-Derrike Cope 180.602; #1-Steve Park 180.481; #7-Geoff Bodine 179.041; #27-Todd Bodine(David Blair Fords) 179.223; #4-Bobby Hamilton 178.223; #10-Ricky Rudd 178.335mph; #50-Wally Dallenbach 177.573; #24-Jeff Gordon 177.049; #36-Ernie Irvan 176.817; and #9-Jerry Nadeau 175.895. Other drivers at the test - #59-Mark Gibson; #90-Dick Trickle; #71-Dave Marcis; #96-Bobby Hillin(not #97 sorry); #19-Tony Raines and #85-possibly Randy MacDonald. No speeds for the last group. More testing on Wednesday from 9am-4pm to simulate race conditions, Bill Elliott is supposed to participate - the reason for the night testing: qualifying for the Fall race will be at night.(WC/NASCAR Today Radio/RPM2Nite/SpeedNet)(9-8/9-98)

  • UPDATE: "The second Andy Petree team is not only busy trying to sign their driver but they are also courting potential crew chiefs. Petree's outfit is one of the main teams after Larry McReynolds who was mum this weekend about his future plans. Word has it that Petree has offered McReynolds part ownership in the team which could be the key in luring him away from Richard Childress Racing(#31 Lowes Chevy). McReynolds has always been interested in owning his own team and this could be the first step in that process."(MRN Notes - Marty Snyder's Two Cents)(9-1-98) -- From Marty at MRN net: A quick note from something we reported here last week. We were close but… Larry McReynolds was not offered part ownership of the Andy Petree second team that will start operation in 1999. The team courting McReynolds is instead a new team that wants to start up next year. The team is composed of some businessmen from Florida but it would be based in Huntersville, N.C. That would be a much closer drive to work for McReynolds who still lives in the Charlotte area but has to drive over an hour every day to get to Richard Childress Racing in Welcome, N.C. Plus the team is offering McReynolds part ownership in the team, which is very enticing to McReynolds. We should know whether or not this team can sang Larry Mac sooner than later…stay tuned.(Marty's two Cents - MRN Notes)(9-9-98)

  • SCR-Stock Car Racing Magazine spoke with Ford´s Preston Miller at Charlotte and learned that the much anticipated new cylinder head from Ford will not be ready for submitting to NASCAR for a while yet as there remains a considerable amount of testing to be completed. Plans for marketing the head outside of NASCAR are not complete though Miller expects it will be marketed in some fashion once testing defines the best applications.(SCR-other good info there)(9-9-98)

  • I hear both the #27 David Blair and the #81 Filmar teams are looking at Todd Bodine for their 1999 rides.(9-9-98)

  • Clarified: NASCAR sued by an inventor who contends NASCAR is illegally using his patented high-tech spoiler system to make race cars safer.(roof flaps) - here is the link to the story I somehow missed on That's Racin': NASCAR, Roush industries sued over race car-spoiler patent.(thanks Jonathan)(9-8-98)

  • Hearing rumors that Steve Hmiel(former Roush TM/GM) may end up with Dale Earnhardt Inc. in some capacity.(9-8-98)

  • UPDATE: #13 FirstPlus news: Dennis Setzer will drive the car at Richmond, Ted Musgrave will drive the car at Dover and possible some of the other larger tracks.(NASCAR Online)(9-6-98) - Setzer will also drive at Martinsville. Plans are to used both drivers in selected races.(9-8-98)

  • UPDATE: Sad News from the ASA: The ASA Miller Lite 300 Monday at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds race track was marred by an fatal accident near the entrance to pit row. A crew member for driver Adam Petty died after he was run over by Petty's car. The crew member, who was not identified because his relatives hadn't been informed of his death, was under Petty's car making an adjustment when the jack holding the car was lowered. Not knowing someone was still under the car, Petty -- the son of NASCAR Winston Cup driver Kyle Petty and grandson of former NASCAR driver Richard Petty -- accelerated out of his pit and ran over the crew member, see the story at Crew member dies after pit accident in Miller Lite 300, the crew member who died was Crew chief Chris Bradley, 40, of Grand Rapids, Mich., he was Johnny Benson's ASA Crew chief and Glenn Allen Jr.s along with Joe Nott and Adam Petty. My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family. Updated story at WRAL/AP.(many sources)(9-8-98)

  • The #81 Filmar team owner, Filbert Martocci says he has a few driver/sponsor possibilities he is working on.(NASCAR Today Radio)(9-8-98)

  • NASCAR Online has a story on Larry McReynolds: Decision on McReynolds' future forthcoming by Shawn A. Akers, some highlights: McReynolds will make clear his plans for the future following a meeting with his boss, Richard Childress, scheduled for next Tuesday(9-15). McReynolds said his plans may include starting up his own NASCAR Winston Cup team in 1999, a deal that is currently in the works and that he hopes will come to fruition. He says he has not talked to anyone from the Roush, Petree of Gibbs organizations.(NASCAR Online)(9-8-98)

  • From the JournalNow: It appears that Ward Burton will stick with Bill Davis and add a Caterpillar sponsor uniform to his wardrobe next season, turning down any overtures from the Rick Hendrick-Budweiser camp.(Mike Mulhern/JournalNow), sources tell me that Burton never talked to anyone in the Hendrick camp(9-8-98)

  • Testing at Martinsville: Kevin Lepage and Terry Labonte - Sept 8,9; Geoff Bodine - Sept 14,15,16.(Martinsville Newsletter)(9-8-98)

  • UPDATE 2: Wake County businessman Steve Husketh plans to start the area's first NASCAR team by building a 42,000-square-foot complex in Chatham County to house racing operations. Husketh, chairman of an auto-racing merchandising company and owner of six brake, tire and inspection shops in North Carolina, is the sole investor in a venture he estimates will cost about $2.5 million before the team tries to qualify for its first race. This story was first mentioned on this site on May 13th and can be seen at May 1998 past news(5-13-98), I have heard that the team will be called Premiere Motorsports - Steve Husketh owner - driver and sponsor yet to be named as the team is still actively looking for sponsors.(9-7-98) - I hear the ground is cleared at the site but no building has taken place yet.(9-8-98)

  • UPDATE: Mark Martin, Ken Schrader, and Chad Little will run in the Dura Lube 200 on Saturday and the Southern 500 on Sunday at Darlington. Then they'll head to California for Monday, Sept 7th's L.A. Street Race/Kroger Z-One 200 at 12noon/pt. Martin will drive a Roush Ford NASCAR Featherlite Southwest Tour car on the 1.4-mile course, which starts at the Los Angeles Coliseum and rolls through city streets to the Southern California campus. Willy T. Ribbs will also drive in the race.(many sources)(9-5/6-98) - See the AP story - NASCAR Stars Martin, Schrader, Little to Hit LA.(WRAL)(9-7-98) - Steve Portenga won Monday's Kragen Z-One 200 on the streets of Los Angeles. Mark Martin, Chad Little and Ken Schrader all failed to finish. Truck driver Boris Said was 2nd.(SpeedNet)(9-8-98)

  • UPDATE: After finishing the Pepsi Southern 500 with no power steering, Ken Schrader passed out in his #33 Chevy and needed time in the infield hospital to recover.(Sue's Newsletter)(9-7-98) - Ken Schrader apparently did briefly pass out after the race ended because he ran into the pit wall and did quite a bit of damage to his car while attempting to drive back to the garage. Mike Skinner needed relief help from Morgan Shepherd. But perhaps the most notable scene was Jimmy Spencer, behind the wheel of his passenger car after the race, waiting to get out of the track, still hooked up to oxygen.(News and Record)(9-8-98)

  • Ted Christopher will be attemping to make the Busch race at Richmond this Friday night. He and the #13 Marsh Racing team will also attempt the Rockingham and Homestead BGN races later this year. They hope to then run for the 1999 BGN Rookie of the Year title. Details at North East Racing)(9-8-98)

  • Casey Attwood will drive the Dr Pepper #50 for Washington Erving Motorsports at Richmond for the Autolite Platinum 250. Darrell Bryant(crew chief) and the Crew are getting everything ready for Casey Attwood for a good qualifying effort for this "Young Lion". He's the youngest driver ever in the NASCAR Busch Series, and at the BellSouth Mobility / Opryland 320 he became the youngest to win a Bud Pole.(

  • Jim Mattei, owner of the #7 Philips Ford that Geoff Bodine drives, will make a decision on his 1999 driver within the next 10 days. He said he as talked to a few drivers, including Michael Waltrip.(RPM2Nite)(9-7-98)

  • NASCAR has impounded the top six cars following Sunday's event for testing on the chassis dyno. The Fords driven by Jeff Burton, Dale Jarrett and Jeremy Mayfield, the Chevrolets of Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt, and the Pontiac piloted by Ernie Irvan were all put through their paces. The purpose of the test is to determine the horsepower output of the engine as measured at the rear wheels.(GoRacing)(9-7-98)

  • Mike Skinner was hoping to be in contention to collect the million dollar bonus anteed up by series sponsor RJ Reynolds. Instead, after losing a lap early in the event he was forced to get out of the car during the second caution period after being overcome by carbon monoxide. Morgan Shepherd replaced Skinner behind the wheel and brought the No. 31 Lowe's Chevrolet home 26th.(GoRacing)(9-7-98)

  • While Gary Bechtel is understandably dissappointed in Elliott Sadler's decision to leave the Diamond Ridge Team, He has no plans to pursue any legal action to prevent him from leaving. Diamond Ridge Motorsports has commitments to both Phillips 66 & Dewalt to complete the 1998 BGN season, and plans to do so. Diamond Ridge Motorsports plans to continue competing in both the WC & BGN series, and is currently putting together final plans for the 1999 season.(9-7-98)

  • I hear that BGN driver, Mike Dillon, who drives the #72 Chevy will drive for Richard Childress in Busch Series in 1999. Dillon is Childress' son-in-law.(9-7-98)

  • I hear their will be a new BGN team for 1999, the #62 Metro Motorsports Pontiac out of Mishawaka, Indiana. They are talking to drivers and sponsors.(9-7-98)

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