• UAW-GM 500 at Charlotte. Race Results, Happy Hour results, Starting Lineups, Qualifying Results and Practice speeds at Speedworld, GoRacing(2nd Round) and, NASCAR Online. How about that, Derrike Cope pulls off the upset and wins the pole, just the kind of luck the #30 Gumout team and Cope need. Cope's speed was 181.690mph.

  • Some Race Notes from the UAW-GM 500: The race was red flagged on lap 94 when a sewage pump on U.S. Highway 29, which runs in front of Charlotte Motor Speedway, temporarily shut down Sunday afternoon, causing a line backup. The malfunction caused an overflow from a manhole located in the East Grandstand on the backstretch of CMS, and the overflow made its way onto the race track causing a slick condition for the cars, the red flag lasted 40 minutes or so; The #3 looked like the old Earnhardt espicially with the old paint job back(No more red Plus) until the big wreck; Wow, lap 202 a Talladega/Daytona-like wreck broke out when he #18 of Bobby Labonte spun(just spun out, didn't blow an engine) involving the following teams: #10-Ricky Rudd; #12-Jeremy Mayfield; #2-Rusty Wallace; #5-Terry Labonte; #3-Dale Earnhardt; #31-Mike Skinner; #40-Sterling Marlin; #7-Geoff Bodine; #28-Kenny Irwin ; #24-Jeff Gordon(very slight damage on left rear 1/4 panel); and #99-Jeff Burton, amazing how Ernie Irvan just barely missed hitting the #18. Ward Burton's 2nd place finish was his first top 5 in 85 races. I have updated Jayski's Stat Page and Jayski's Provisional Page.(10-4-98)

  • According to Waddell Wilson, vice president of racing operations for Mattei Motorsports, NASCAR is considering limiting the number of tests for each team. Each car is currently allowed seven independent tests per season, meaning that Jack Roush's five-car team essentially has 35 tests. The proposed rules change would allow each car three independent tests, with the potenital for four more manufacturer's tests.(Times-Dispatch)(10-4-98)

  • UPDATE: During the BGN race the announcers (Ken Squier, Buddy Baker and Darrell Waltrip) mentioned that Dale Jarrett would 'retire' from the BGN series at the end of the season and concentrate on Winston Cup in 1999.(TBS), (10-3-98) -- Dale Jarrett's son Jason will be taking over the driving duties of the #32 DAJ Racing team for the '99 season. The team is actively seeking sponsorship to run a full season, but will run as many events as sponsorship levels allow. Jason has put together some good runs so far this year. In 11 starts this year, he has 4 top 20's and a total of 14 BGN starts in his short career.(10-4-98)

  • Francis Flock, widow of former NASCAR champion Tim Flock, received a check for $67,584.69 on Friday for a trust fund set up to honor her late husband's memory. Darrell Waltrip presented the check to Flock Friday afternoon during his ninth annual fan club celebration at his shop near Charlotte Motor Speedway. Diecast models of the car Waltrip drove at Darlington were sold to raise money for the family of Flock, who lost his battle with cancer this spring. Race fans and other race teams also contributed to the donation given to Flock's widow on Friday.(That's Racin')(10-4-98)

  • I hear Frank Leisson, former chief engine builder at Bill Davis Racing(#22 MBNA Pontiac) resigned Friday. No idea of his plans, he had been with team for eight or nine years.(10-4-98)

  • Bruton Smith, by moving his Indy Racing League event to May 1 next year, is giving Indy's Tony George a big boost with the flagging IRL. In effect, Smith and Humpy Wheeler will be the advance team for the Indy 500. And the fate of the IRL is in some jeopardy. There has been speculation in the Winston Cup garage that NASCAR itself might be taking over the IRL and putting that league under its impressive corporate umbrella.(Mike Mulhern/JournalNow)(10-4-98)

  • Rain could be a problem today at Charlotte today. The Derrike Cope and Jerry Nadeau teams had to change engines this morning. The race is blackedout in Charlotte because there are 10,000 unsold tickets, that's not good(10-4-98)

  • Jay Guy has replaced Bobby Guilbranson as the crew chief for Hermie Sadler's #29 Chevrolet in the BGN.(That's Racin')(10-4-98)

  • Dale Jarrett's son Jason will be taking over the driving duties of the #32 DAJ Racing team for the '99 season. The team is actively seeking sponsorship to run a full season, but will run as many events as sponsorship levels allow. Jason has put together some good runs so far this year. In 11 starts this year, he has 4 top 20's and a total of 14 BGN starts in his short career.(10-4-98)

  • #96 owner Buz McCall lost his sponsor recently when Caterpillar began eyeing more successful teams in the garage. As McCall begins to search for a new source of money, he has little to offer, at least on the major points. Although most of his team is in place, the No. 96 car has had eight drivers this season.(in part from the Times-Dispatch)(10-3-98)

  • Sources tell me Chris Hussey will NOT become the new crew chief of the #44 Hot Wheels PE2 Pontiac and Kyle Petty.(10-3-98)

  • Strange things happening over at Petty Enterprises2. It was expected that half of the team would move at seasons end with the team to Level Cross, to be a part of the Petty Enterprises. However, crew chief Bobby Kennedy was informed before Martinsville that he nor anyone else would be moving with the team. Kennedy then apparantly informed the crew guys, some of which left the team. Glenn Funderburk, a general mechanic quit nearly on the spot. The PE2 team could look pretty bare by the time Atlanta roles around. The new crew chief is expected to be Chris Hussey, the son-in-law of Dale Inman who is the Petty Enterprises team manager.(Garage Note from Inside Central Florida)(10-3-98)

  • Although everyone denies it, sources tell me(not sure who me is) say that Thorn Apple Valley will not be back as sponsor on Cale Yarborough's Ford's in '99. Yarborough is talking to investors, so there might be partners in his team before season's end.(Garage Note from Inside Central Florida)(10-3-98)

  • #90 Owner Junie Donlavey says he is close to signing a sponsor. Other teams have made him offers to merge or sell -- proposals he has kindly but firmly rebuffed. After half a century in the sport, the Richmond, Va.-based owner has no doubt that a sponsor will be signed in the coming weeks.(in part from the Times-Dispatch)(10-3-98)

  • Brian France, senior vice president of NASCAR, along with seven-time Winston Cup champion Richard Petty, will present a donation for $50,000 to country music star Willie Nelson during tonight's Farm Aid benefit concert at the New World Amphitheater located outside of Chicago (6pm-midnight/et, Country Music Television). The concert is held each year to raise public awareness about the plight of the American family farmer and provide assistance to those families whose livelihoods are dependent upon agriculture.(That's Racin')(10-3-98)

  • UPDATE: Noticed the #91 LJ Racing Chevy was mostly red(actually a florescent orange color) in a shot on RPM2Nite from Charlotte, see image of the red car at -- ok, it's Day-Glo Orange, and from what I hear is that it was repainted to make the car more visible.(Victory Lane Online(10-3-98)

  • Sunday's pre-race program at Charlotte will be billed as a Showdown at Charlotte featuring Batman and The Joker with the frontstretch transformed into Gotham City.(NSSN), Of course the Batman car will be the #88 with Dale Jarrett and the Joker car will be the #28 with Kenny Irwin, Jr as the driver.(10-3-98)

  • Not sure why, but Sterling Marlin did not participate in the Saturday AM Winston Cup practice.(10-3-98)

  • In a JournalNow story, Gordon set for five Busch races next year, Tony Libertti and Wally Dallenbach from Hendrick Motorsports say there are tricks to keeping a driver cool. Thought it was interesting after the Martinsville meltdown.(10-3-98)

  • UPDATE 2: I hear the new M&M's #36 Pontiac design is supposedly complete and approved. The scheme will be simliar to what Ernie ran at Vegas. I hear that there will be a press conference on Friday, October 2nd to announce the 1999 change from Skittles to M&M's in Charlotte.(8-30-98) -- TNN's Raceday reports that this announcement will happen as I hear, I also hear the announcement will take place at Ernie's ranch/home.(9-27-98) -- RPM2Nite had the Ernie Irvan/MB2 Press Conference/Barbecue on the show and it's now Official, M&M's will be the sponsor in 1999 thru 2001. The #36 Pontiac is similar to the Vegas car, the differences I could see was that it has M&M's on the front in various areas and the number 36 is more rounded sort of like the Wild Berry car.(RPM2Nite)(10-2-98)

  • UPDATE: Here are a few highlights from the Gordon-Evernham Motorsports press conference in Harrisburg, NC today: Jeff Gordon will run in 5 BGN races in 1999: Both Charlotte races, Texas, Las Vegas, and Michigan. All are on the Saturday of a WC race weekend. Ricky Hendrick will race in other events (not the full season schedule). For Ricky, Gordon said that they just want him to qualify, stay out of trouble, and learn as much as he can. See the story on Jeff Gordon Online(by Larry), Ricky Hendrick, son of Hendrick Motorsports owner Rick Hendrick, will drive 5 short track events, including Richmond and South Boston. Other drivers and dates could be announced later. Pepsi of course will be the sponsor of the #24 Chevy, associate sponsorship also from Fritos and Hasbro. See images and full stories at Gordon-Evernham Motorsports Unveil '99 BGN Car and The Stock Car Racing Magazine Site.(10-2-98)

  • I hear Caterpillar will make an announcement what team it'll sponsor in 1999. Rumors I have heard and posted include: staying with the present #96 Buz McCall team; going to the #22 Bill Davis Pontiac and driver Ward Burton(the strongest rumor); and going to the #25/50 Hendrick Motorsports Tony Furr crew chiefed team(seems to be the front runner now).(10-2-98)

  • The #50 Budweiser car of Hendrick Motorsports is a prime ride. There are plenty of people who will whisper that Wally Dallenbach doesn't stand a chance of keeping that seat in '99. Don't be so sure. According to a source close to the team, their chemistry is coming together. The first association that has to work is that between driver and crewchief, and that seems to working well with Tony Furr and Dallenbach. See more good NASCAR notes and images from Charlotte at TNN's Motorsports site at: Slouching To The Season's End.(

  • The Winston Cup Scene reports that Larry Hedrick Motorsports has offered the #41 Kodiak Chevy ride to David Green for the 1999 season. Green has not made a decision about the 1999 season yet. Green will drive the car for the rest of 1998 with the exception of Talladega and Daytona. Rick Wilson will run the #41 at those races.(10-2-98)

  • Some Announcements/Functions scheduled today: Ray Evernham and Jeff Gordon have an 11am/et news conference to announce details of their plans for a BGN team of their own next year. Gordon will drive the car in several races, with another driver in the others. This evening, Ernie Irvan is hosting a media event at his farm to announce his sponsor is changing from Skittles to M&M's. Darrell Waltrip will hold his annual fan club event at his team's shop near the speedway, and Mattei Motorsports is also hosting an event at its shop in the same neighborhood.(That's Racin')(10-2-98)

  • Rick Wilson will drive the #41 Kodiak Hedrick Racing Chevy at Talladega and Daytona.(JournalNow)(10-2-98)

  • 2nd round Cup qualifying is over at Charlotte: Nine drivers made attempts, Dick Trickle was the fastest 2nd round attempt at 177.795mph which moved him up to 35th and dropped #75-Rick Mast into the provisional mix. Five drivers missed the race. Darrell Waltrip took another Champions Provisional. Sadly Dave Marcis missed the race. To see who missed the race and who took provisional and why, see the Jayski's Provisional Page.(10-1-98)

  • Don't forget to check out the website for info, RaceCams the Batman and Robin showdown.(10-1-98)

  • Speeds are slower in both AM practices. Jimmy Spencer was fastest at 176.759mph in the 1st AM practice, which would had been 41st fastest in 1st round qualifying. Geoff Bodine was fastest in the 2nd AM practice, with a speed of 176.516mph, would have been 42nd fastest yesterday. This does bode well for some the teams 37th and worse. 2nd round comes up at 1:30pm/et.(10-1-98)

  • A FOLLOW-UP: On the most recent(9-30-98) Winston Cup Today Radio program, Darrell Waltrip dispelled the DEI rumor(that I posted) and said 1999 would not be his last season. He said that if he does have a farewell tour it may be in 2000 if at all.(10-1-98)

  • The Petty Page will bring In-Car Audio on race day for Kyle Petty and John Andretti for the UAW-GM 500 on Sunday.(

  • Derrike Cope, Pole winner for Sunday's UAW-GM 500 at Charlotte, will drive the IWX Motor Freight Pontiac BGN car at the upcoming STIHL 300 race at Atlanta on November 7. Xpress Motorsports recently announced the limited campaign in 1999 with Cope. Cope and Fuge have a long history both beginning their career in the northwest. Cope and Fuge came east together in 1987 at the beginning of Cope's Winston Cup career. While both have enjoyed considerable success in different directions, the timing was right for them to get back together. The taupe-colored Pontiac will hit the track on Friday, November 6 for qualifying determining a starting spot in Saturday's race at the state-of-the-art Georgia facility. The STIHL 300 is the next-to-last race of the 1998 BGN campaign.(XPress PR)(10-1-98)

  • Adam Petty, Kyle's 18-year-old son, opened a new phase of his young career with a victory in the ARCA 100, his first ARCA race and his first race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.(JournalNow)(10-1-98)

  • Once Again: The newly formed Grand National team of Gordon-Evernham Motorsports -- owned by Brooke Gordon, wife of Winston Cup driver Jeff Gordon, and Jeff Gordon's crew chief, Ray Evernham -- has a press conference planned for Friday at their new shop in Harrisburg. The team plans to unveil its new car, announce sponsorship and its race schedule for next season.(That's Racin), #24 Pepsi(diet?) Chevy with possibly Ricky Hendrick driving a few races along with Gordon(10-1-98)

  • Ken Schrader and Kenny Wallace, who will be Cup teammates in 1999 at Andy Petree Racing, will join as owners of a BGN car for the 10-17 Carquest 250 at Gateway International Raceway in Madison, Ill. Driving the car will be Scott Hansen, who pilots Schrader's car in ASA events. The blue and yellow #12 Graybar/Bussmann Chevrolet will appear only at the second annual visit for the BGN at Gateway.(NASCAR Online)(10-1-98)

  • Hearing that Nabisco is rumored to be the sponor of the new 2nd team for James Finch and driver Randy LaJoie(10-1-98)

  • Late Model driver Philip Morris has had a record year of 28 wins at six different race tracks in 1998. The Ruckersville, Va. driver has teamed up with local businessman Calvin Spencer to move up to a NASCAR Busch effort. They have recently purchased a ready-to-go ex-Dale Earnhardt Jr. #3 Monte Carlo with a spare engine as a good start. The No. 01 Chevy team is currently putting together the rest of the pieces for a full season next year and an entry in the Busch finale at Homestead, FL(Racin' with Russ, Daily News Leader, Staunton, VA)(10-1-98)

  • Jay Sauter will continue as driver of the Richard Childress Racing #3 GM Goodwrench Chevy Craftsman Truck in 1999, the team announced Wednesday. See full story at iRACE: Sauter confirmed in RCR ride next year(10-1-98)

  • Hey got some Kat news! Kat Teasdale is excited about driving for DK Ulrich in 1999. A formal announcement is expected very soon detailing sponsorship and who will be crew chief for the Busch Grand National Team. She completed testing at the 1.25 mile Gateway International Raceway during General Motors open test days last week. Kat says, "I'm very excited about working with DK Ulrich who gave Ernie Irvan, among other drivers, their start in racing. Testing at Gateway went really well and I'm looking forward to putting together a top notch team and going after the Rookie of the Year title in 1999."(Kat Teasdale Webpage)(10-1-98)

  • UPDATE: RPM2Nite reported that Martinsville winner Ricky Rudd met with Team Manager/Crew Chief Bill Ingle during the week about parting ways but decided to stick it out for the next two races. A win and the way Ingle talked an ill and overheating Rudd through the race may cure their problems.(9-27-98) -- Ingle will go to Charlotte and decide after the race what he will do.(WC Today Radio)(9-30-98)

  • Teams that failed to make the field in first round qualifying and are 26th or worse but are guaranteed(by this I mean whatever happens in 2nd round, not where things stand now) to make the UAW-GM 500 at Charlotte based on owners points: #24-Jeff Gordon(1st in owners points and the 1st time in 1998 Gordon has not qualified in the top 25 1st round-not counting the Daytona 500); #99-Jeff Burton(7); #3-Dale Earnhardt(8); #94-Bill Elliott(16); #21-Michael Waltrip(17); #16-Kevin Lepage(19) and #35-Darrell Waltrip(champ prov). The five teams that would miss the race if things stayed the same: #46-Jeff Green(39); #71-Dave Marcis(44); #19-Tony Raines(53); #85-Randy MacDonald(60) and #80-Andy Hillinburg(67). Some surprises had to be Copes pole run, Todd Bodine qualifying 8th, David Green made the field with the #41 team who is out of provisionals, Gary Bradberry in the #78 was 16th and two rookies did quite well, Jerry Nadeau in the #9 Cartoon Network Ford(12th) and Kenny Irwin, who failed to make the Coke 600 at Charlotte in May is 10th!(9-30-98)

  • In 77 Winston Cup races at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Dale Jerrett's win in 1994 in the fall race after starting 22nd is the farthest back anyone has started and won at the track.(RPM2Nite-Bill Weber, stat master)(9-30-98)

  • HOAX THE END. The Darrell Waltrip driving a Dale Earnhardt Inc Chevy sponsored by Bud is TOTALLY FALSE. I could not confirm or substantiate the rumor. The person who sent it came clean and I jumped the gun yesterday even reporting it. I apologize to all and will be more careful in the future.(9-30-98)

  • From Tyler Jet Motorsports: Darrell Waltrip is under contract to Tyler Jet Motorsports all of next year. Darrell has a deep appreciation for Tim Beverley, and the help and support Tim has given him over the last few months. This team is getting better by the day, Phil Hammer and Darrell are working together very well, we see marked positive change every week. Tim Beverley has been putting every effort into correcting any and all problems that routinely arise on a race team. Tim said " I believe Darrell and I have a firm and meaningful agreement with each other and expect our relationship to continue and grow."(9-30-98)

  • The five finalists for Winston's "They Win, You Win" sweepstakes(No Bull 5), are Elizabeth Naylor of Boaz, AL; Paige Siker of Montogomery, AL; Sheila Altmann, Jamesburg, NJ; Wayne Lechleidner, Moorestown, NJ; and Carlos Vogel, Beaver Dam, WI. Jeff Gordon, who won the most recent Winston No Bull 5 race, the Southern 500, will be on hand to draw the winner on Oct. 11 at Talladega Superspeedway.(SpeedNet)(9-30-98)

  • From a Glen Grissom of the TNN Motorsports site: In a move that we may see again in the future of Winston Cup, three former co-workers, who now own their own race teams, have entered into an agreement with Automotive Aerodynamics, Inc. (AAI) and its founder, Louis Duncan. Richard Childress Racing, Dale Earnhardt, Inc., and Andy Petree Racing will form RAD Aerodynamics (Richard, Andy and Dale, get it?) to handle all the aerodynamic engineering for their three NASCAR teams in partnership with AAI. The agreement is effective December 1, 1998, exclusive to these teams, and a multi-year arrangement. Each of the teams will have full access to and share all of the information among themselves, including wind tunnel and track testing data. This is some of the most closely guarded information teams collect, so this is an unprecedented alliance of teams not owned by a common owner, i.e., Jack Roush or Rick Hendrick. Louis Duncan founded AAI in 1983, and his most recent aero contract was with Ford Motor Co. to supply aerodynamic support to all its Stock car programs: WC, BGN, ARCA and NCTS. See the rest of the story at the TNN site: Multi-year Aerodynamic Alliance (9-30-98)

  • In a story at GoRacing that can be termed related to the above story: Beginning October 1st, Ford Motor Company will take all NASCAR aerodynamic engineering operations in-house. This change marks a departure from the "norm" where an independent engineer handled such items for the teams directly at the track. Ford, who had been looking at bringing their "aero" operations in-house, was forced to move on the project after long-time engineer Lewis Duncan decided to move on to other challenges within the business. See the story by Mike Snow at Ford Brings Aero Work In-House.(9-30-98)

  • From That's Racin': Venerable NASCAR announcer Ned Jarrett said Tuesday that he expects 2000 to be his last full-time season on the air. Citing a nagging back injury and the desire to spend more time with his family, Jarrett said he would like to curb his announcing schedule to a fill-in role after 2000. Jarrett, 65, said he's close to signing a two-year extension with CBS that would take him through 2000. See the rest of the story at: Jarrett says 2000 will be last season on air. I'll miss ya Ned, but we still have a couple of years yet. Also see the That's Racin' story about Ned: Ned Jarrett becomes hometown hero.(9-30-98)

  • Some Japan News: Rich Woodland Racing is EXTREMELY pleased to announce Rich Woodland (ARCA #86) has been selected by NASCAR to be one of the 30 drivers invited to compete in Japan at the Twin - Ring Motegi Coca-Cola 500 in November(Sue's Newsletter)(9-30-98)

  • The #15 Bud Moore team has split from David Robinson and Rescue Engine Formula and will not attempt to make the Charlotte race this weekend. Greg Moore hopes to have a sponsor signed so the team can compete at Rockingham.(RPM2Nite) Looks like Ted Musgrave who was to drive the #15 Ford at Daytona will now be available(9-29-98) -- See the whole story at NASCAR Online: Moore loses sponsorship, ponders future(9-30-98)

  • Andy Hillenburg, president of Fast Track High Performance Driving School, will attempt to qualify a Stan Hover-owned car in the UAW-GM 500.(Times-Dispatch), this is the #80 Tampico/Classic Scents Ford, Randy MacDonald will also make an attempt in the #85 Mansion Motorsports Ford.(9-30-98)

  • UPDATE 2: Raceday reports that Ted Musgrave will announce today who he will drive for in 1999. Either the #13 FirstPlus Ford or the #75 Remington Butch Mock Ford(? and I thought we dispelled that rumor) are the teams mentioned by Raceday.(TNN's Raceday)(9-27-98) -- Ted Musgrave isn't saying much about where he might drive next season, but one of the options he may be looking at, according to sources, is a ride with Butch Mock. And there are indications that Rick Mast, Mock's current driver, may be on Bill Elliott's list to run his second team in 1999(JournalNow), no Musgrave announcement that I saw of heard.(9-28-98) -- Sources tell me that Musgrave will be in the #75 in 1999, no idea what is up or what Rick Mast will do.(9-29-98) -- Rick Mast is expected to announce he will drive the #13 Ford owned by Bill Elliott and Dan Marino. Ted Musgrave should take over in the #75 currently driven by Mast in 1999.(Times-Dispatch)(9-30-98)

  • Xpress Motorsports, the team which fielded the #61 IWX Motor Freight Truck Series Chevrolet, and Doug Taylor Motorsports, which fields the Channellock Chevrolet in the BGN have joined together for this weekends All Pro Auto Parts Bumper to Bumper 300 Race at Charlotte. Kerry Earnhardt, son of seven-time Winston Cup Champion Dale Earnhardt, will drive the second Channellock entry. The Xpress Motorsports team will be handling car preparations, maintenance, and pit stops for the third-generation driver. The effort will use Xpress Motorsports equipment throughout the week. Doug Taylor Motorsports will be fielding the Channellock #40 for Kevin Lepage as it usually does and Earnhardt's car will carry the traditional Channellock colors and the #04. Earnhardt has two BGN starts this season (23rd-place finish at Myrtle Beach, 26th-place finish at South Boston). Xpress Motorsports has announced that the 1999 season will have it fielding a BGN team for Winston Cup driver Derrike Cope on a limited (15 - 20 races) basis. The team also has plans to run a limited Winston Cup schedule (driver and races to be determined).(PR)(9-30-98)

  • Toby Porter will attempt to qualify for the All Pro Bumper to bumper 300 at Charlotte this weekend for Team Carolina Motorsports # 90 Chevy's. This is the same team Jeff Fuller drove for a Darlington and qualified 8th. The team plans to finish out the year with Porter running events at Rockingham, Atlanta and Homestead.(MRM)(9-30-98)

  • UPDATE: With all of its ducks nearly in a row for 1999, Cicci-Welliver Team 34 is looking to the millennium ó and a possible entry into NASCARís Winston Cup Series. The locally-owned Busch Grand National team just needs to dot the Iís and cross the Tís of a new sponsorship deal for Todd Bodineís No. 30 Chevrolet. An announcement is scheduled for Wednesday in Charlotte. The new sponsor, which would replace Slim Jim, is already an established name in the Busch Grand National Series. See the rest of the story at With new sponsorship deal in works, Team 34 looks at í99, beyond.(Star-Gazette(NY) ), the rumor I hear is Phillips 66 as the sponsor. This pretty much kills the #91 LJ Racing and Todd Bodine in 1999 rumor.(9-24-98) -- In a press conference Phillips 66 announced that they would be moving their sponsorship support to Team 34 beginning with the 1999 season. The sponsorship effort will land on Todd Bodine's Busch Series car. The move takes the sponsorship from the #66 Gary Bechtel owned team. See the complete story at GoRacing: Phillips 66 to Team 34, so that means Diamond Ridge Motorsports(#29 and #66) has lost both it's sponsors in the last two days.(9-30-98)

  • Tim Fedewa, driver of the #33 Kleenex Monte Carlo fielded by Bace Motorsports announced he will not return to the team in 1999. Apparently an inability to agree on contract provisions is why Fedewa decided to move on and explore other opportunities. Defending Busch Series champion Randy Lajoie announced a few weeks ago he would not return to the team. At the moment the only driver expected to drive for Bace in 1999 is rookie Andy Michner.(Stock Car Racing Magazine Website)(9-30-98)

  • Winston Cup driver Sterling Marlin will suit up Saturday and drive Team Sabco's #1 Rayovac Chevrolet Monte Carlo in this weekend's BGN All Pro Bumper to Bumper 300 at Charlotte. This will be in addition to his normal driving duties in the #40 Coors Light Chevrolet for the Winston Cup UAW-GM Quality 500 Sunday.(SpeedNet)(9-29-98)

  • IRL Team owner John Menard is looking at moving to CART and is also looking at possibilities in NASCAR, something he has been interested in since the early 1990s.(iRACE)(9-29-98)

  • If you missed the Robert Pressley chat at NASCAR Family Chat Super Site last night you can read a transcript on the Internet at Among the highlights Pressley reinterated that Jasper Engines will be his sponsor in 1999, and remarked that he holds no ill-will or rancor against Buckshot Jones for the crash at Bristol.(Sue's Newsletter)(9-29-98)

  • Clarence Brewer Jr, owner of Brewco Motorsports based in Central City, said Monday that Mark Green will not be back as the driver of the #37 Timber Wolf Chevrolet next year. Brewer said the search for a replacement driver is under way. Casey Atwood, a 17-year-old racer(now 18) from Tennessee, signed on with Brewco earlier this year for the '99 season. Brewer said the plans for Atwood are to go ahead with a second car. A sponsorship deal for Atwood could be announced later this week, said Brewer, who also owns the #37 Craftsman truck driven by Scot Walters. No word on where Green may end up. See the story at the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer: Green, Brewco to go separate ways.(thanks to the many readers on the heads up on this story)(9-29-98)

  • NASCAR Truck driver Tony Raines will attempt to make his first Winston Cup race at Charlotte this week in the #19 Yellow Freight Roehrig Motorsports Ford Taurus. The team went to Charlotte early this month for a two-day test session and planned to perform a chassis dyno test the Monday before Charlotte. Yellow Freight System, Inc. is the primary sponsor of the #19 Ford driven by Raines and is a Fortune 500 company.(Grandstand Communications, Inc. PR)(9-28-98)

  • UPDATE: Dale Earnhardt Jr. might not make his first Winston Cup appearance on the other side of the world(Japan) after all. It could come, in fact, next Sunday at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Don Hawk, president of Dale Earnhardt Inc., said Saturday it's possible the team might enter Earnhardt Jr., the Grand National circuit's points leader, in next Sunday's UAW-GM 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. See the rest of the story at That's Racin' - Dale Jr. may make Cup debut at Charlotte.(9-26-98) -- but I hear that Dale Earnhardt Jr. will NOT compete at this Sunday's Cup race in Charlotte(Racin' with Russ) and per That's Racin', who broke the initial story: Scratch the possibility of a Winston Cup debut for Dale Earnhardt Jr. next weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Don Hawk, president of Dale Earnhardt Inc., said that there's no longer a possibility the son of seven-time Winston Cup champion Dale Earnhardt will drive in next Sunday's UAW-GM 500 at CMS, see the story at That's Racin': Dale Jr.'s Cup debut will wait.(9-28-98)

  • Johnny Benson will try to qualify the Bace Motorsports Staff America #11 Chevy for the Bucsh Race in Charlotte on Saturday.(SpeedVision Inside Winston Cup per many readers)(9-28-98)

  • Sad News: Ralph Seagraves, who as president of R.J. Reynolds' sports marketing operation from 1972 through 1985 and played a key role in the promotion of NASCAR's Winston Cup series during its formulative years, died yesterday at Forsyth Hospital in Winston-Salem. Seagraves, 69, is survived by his wife Ardette and son Colbert.(JournalNow)(9-28-98)

  • Ricky Rudd extended his Winston Cup record of 16 seasons with at least one victory when he took the checkered flag Sunday in the NAPA AutoCare 500 at Martinsville Speedway. Rudd needed fluids and oxygen following the race, as the hot day and a malfunctioning cool suit produced sizzling temperatures in his No. 10 Ford. Here are the highlights of Rudd's post-race press conferences Sunday at That's Racin':Q&A with Winston Cup driver Ricky Rudd, also Joe Fink of the StockCarFans site has Win Streak of Ricky Rudd broken down when he won and where.(9-28-98)

  • Now this is interesting: NASCAR officials plan to limit the number of crew members each team uses on race weekend, so crew members who fly to the track on race day may become a thing of the past. Winston Cup teams bring anywhere from 12 to more than 20 crew members to the track on race weekend -- but NASCAR is considering cutting that number down to eight. That leaves seven crew members to pit the car during the race -- and one extra, just in case. See the rest of the story at the Orlando Sentinel site: NASCAR to limit pit crew(9-28-98)

  • UPDATE: Car owner Gary Bechtel hasn't made many track appearances lately and there is speculation he is ready to sell his NASCAR operation. Bechtel just sold a Busch car to Kenny Schrader.(JournalNow - NASCAR Notebook)(9-28-98) -- Diamond Ridge Motorsports/Gary Bechtel is NOT selling out. They have 4 BGN cars for sale, (1 of which was sold to K.Schrader), all to be replaced by new cars. They are currently working on their new speedway car, and will be ordering 3 more cars as they sell off the older ones. They have done this every year, in order to keep their fleet up to date. They are also selling a transporter left over when they shut down the #29 Winston Cup operation, as well as the WC cars that were built for Elliott Sadler (since he is moving on). BRM still has active plans to compete full time on the BGN circuit with two(2) teams.(9-28-98)

  • An infield pit photographer, Darlene Ryland of Danville, GA., suffered "a possible right lower-leg fracture" when she was struck by the car driven by Jeff Green as it coasted behind the pit wall. Ms. Ryland was transported to nearby Memorial Hospital for further treatment.(SpeedNet), during the race they interviewed Green, who said he had no brakes and couldn't stop when he hit the fan, he said he was sorry and felt bad. ESPN reported a possible spained ankle at the time(9-28-98)

  • Kyle Petty's move to Level Cross means job changes, and Bobby Kennedy won't be Petty's crew chief next season. Who will get the job with Kyle? "That's up to Robbie Loomis," Petty said. "He's the team manager and he'll be heading both teams." One possibility is Chris Hussey(former #22 chief). Petty Enterprises is being reorganized, and the Level Cross shops are being redesigned to accommodate Kyle's team, which is moving up from Charlotte.(JournalNow)(9-28-98)

  • UPDATE: David Green failed to make the field for the NAPA AutoCare 500, but a regular job driving Larry Hedrick's #41 Kodiak Chevrolet is his for the asking. Team manager Mike Hill said Green's failure to make the field would not affect the decision and confirmed that an offer had been made. Green is under no pressure to make up his mind any time soon. Contrary to rumors(not here), Hill said Ricky Craven had not been considered for the ride.(SpeedNet/Monte Dutton)(9-27-98) -- Green will drive the #41 at Charlotte and possibly at Daytona and Talladega as well.(Times-Dispatch)(9-28-98)

  • UPDATE: I hear Melling Racing(#9 Cartoon Network Ford) has not yet been able to re-sign the Cartoon Network for next year and is looking for other opportunities if they don't come back.(9-22-98) -- I hear the team is very happy with Jerry Nadeau, who is still race-to-race and hope to have him back in 1999 but the sponsorship plans are still up in the air.(9-28-98)

  • Hear the Jeff Gordon-Ray Evernham #24 Pepsi Chevy BGN team will be unveiled at Charlotte this week!(9-28-98)

  • A press conference is scheduled for Wednesday at 6:00 at CMS to announce the 1999 BGN sponsorship (car with paint scheme will be there), driver and crew chief for the #00 Buckshot Racing Pontiac.(9-28-98)

  • Bryan Reffner drove the #22 Thompson Craftsman Ford truck to a 23rd place finish at Martinsville. The best and ONLY finish for the fledging Crimora, Va. team in about seven attempts over the past two years. This was the first time the team had made a race.(Racin' with Russ)(9-28-98)

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