• Winston 500 at Talladega: Race Results, Starting Lineups, Qualifying Results, Happy Hour speeds, Practice speeds at Speedworld, GoRacing(2nd round coverage) and, NASCAR Online. Jayski's Provisional Page with unofficial owners points has been updated thru Talladega.

  • How about Dave Marcis pulling off a 12th place finish, awesome, even after blowing a tire and losing most of his front drivers side fender. And part time driver, Billy Standridge, was able to keep an ill handling Ford Thunderbird out of trouble and finished 28th in the #47 Team Fans Can Race Ford. Standridge's Ford was damaged in a Happy Hour accident with Geoff Bodine and the crew did a great job getting it repaired so it could run the race.(10-11-98)

  • Where did the five No Bull 5 drivers finish in the Winston 500? #88-Dale Jarrett 1st(and winning the bonus); #24-Jeff Gordon 2nd; #99-Jeff Burton 10th; #3-Dale Earnhardt 32nd; and #12-Jeremy Mayfield 5th.(10-11-98)

  • Drivers eligible for the Winston plan at the Daytona 500 bonus in February 1999: Dale Jarrett, Jeff Gordon, Terry Labonte, Jimmy Spencer and Jeremy Mayfield. The new plan will be announced at the Pepsi 400 at Daytona.(10-11-98)

  • UPDATE: The five finalists for Winston's "They Win, You Win" sweepstakes(No Bull 5), are Elizabeth Naylor of Boaz, AL; Paige Siker of Montogomery, AL; Sheila Altmann, Jamesburg, NJ; Wayne Lechleidner, Moorestown, NJ; and Carlos Vogel, Beaver Dam, WI. Jeff Gordon, who won the the Southern 500, chose the winner today Talladega. The winner: Elizabeth Naylor of Boaz, AL, congrats(10-11-98)

  • UPDATE: Hearing former Winston Cup driver Robby Gordon will drive in the CART(not IRL) for John Menard in 1999 if Mernard decides to move to CART and leave the IRL(10-10-98) -- If Menard stay IRL, the team will probably go to one team with Robby Buhl.(Raceday)(10-11-98)

  • Possible drivers for the #98 Cale Yarborough Ford for the 1999 season are present driver Rich Bickle and Geoff Bodine.(10-11-98)

  • NASCAR'S Mike Helton says to discount those reports that NASCAR's plan to limit the size of Winston Cup pit crews may be dying on the vine. The bulletin will be coming out in about two weeks, Helton says, with all the details.(more at the JournalNow)(10-11-98)

  • Kenny Schrader will run the old 18 degree chevy engine instead of the SB2 that he had problems with during happy hour.(RPM2Day)(10-11-98)

  • NASCAR appears to be close to a decision on new rules regarding testing. Testing has been a hot topic this year because it is widely regarded that the current rules favor multi-car teams. Each car gets seven tests, meaning a three-car team can share information from 21 test dates while a single-car team gets only seven. It appears likely that NASCAR will set up a series of tests for Ford and General Motors cars at tracks where most teams test. These would be similar to the tests at Daytona each January and would likely be at Charlotte, Talladega, Indianapolis and perhaps Texas or Las Vegas. Multi-car teams would likely be limited in the number of cars and drivers it could bring to the sessions. Beyond that, each car would get two to three additional tests at tracks of their choosing.(That's Racin')(10-10-98)

  • NASCAR inspectors cracked down hard on teams during inspection at Talladega Friday, so hard that when practice opened only a few drivers were cleared to go out on the track. Even Richard Childress was busy with the Bondo on his car's rear. NASCAR inspectors confiscated Childress' rear decklid, altered padding from Bill Elliott's safety fuel cell, and fender braces from Robert Yates' car. NASCAR had no word on possible penalties.(JournalNow)(10-10-98)

  • Alec Bell, a three-year-old boy with cerebral palsy who lives in Sylvania, Ala., got to visit with his NASCAR hero -- Derrike Cope -- today at Talladega. Bell and his family were treated to a limousine ride to the track by Cope's Bahari' Racing associate sponsor Jimmy Dean Foods, which serves as the national sponsor for United Cerebral Palsy. Earlier this year Cope donated some autographed caps and sheet metal to a benefit auction for Alec that raised more than $10,000. His condition has improved since he began hyperbaric oxygen treatments enabled by the donations, and Cope was elated to hear the news and to finally get to meet his special fan.(NASCAR Online)(10-10-98)

  • Several Winston Cup moves that were rumored to be forthcoming are not being made, and as a result, the mad rush of hirings that usually follows has not yet taken place. The linchpin was Ward Burton, who, contrary to the best efforts of John Hendrick, will not be moving in Team Hendrick's third car. That's because Burton has another year on his contract with Bill Davis, and Davis is not going to let him out of it. As a result, Wally Dallenbach Jr. has now been signed to drive the car, which will revert to #25 and probably pick up Caterpillar sponsorship, next year.(Monte Dutton/SpeedNet), but I continue to hear taht Caterpillar will go to the #22 and Ward Burton and the only way Caterpillar was going to the #25(/50) was if Burton was part of the package.(10-10-98)

  • And...Buz McCall, owner of the #96 Chevrolets, has decided to allow his sponsor out of the final year of its contract, making way for Caterpillar to move to the #22 Pontiacs owned by Bill Davis next season, a source close to the situation said. The move ensures Ward Burton will remain Davis' driver. Burton had been rumored as a candidate for several teams next season after Davis lost his sponsor. According to the source, McCall is exploring his options. They include selling his team, merging with another team or finding another sponsor.(That's Racin')(10-10-98)

  • Chevrolet's new Monte Carlo is still under wraps, and company officials are reluctant to give a date for its 1999 debut. Ford executives said yesterday that they wouldn't be surprised if General Motors waited until the Brickyard 400 in August to bring out the new model, because that would allow Chevy teams to run the well-tested current model in three of next year's four restrictor-plate tracks.(JournalNow)(10-10-98)

  • Ten NASCAR fans were selected this weekend as winners of the NASCAR Fan Fantasy Weekend contest. Each of the 10 winners will be offered an honorary position to help produce the season-ending NAPA 500 Winston Cup race Nov. 8 at Atlanta. The winners were selected from among 50,000 fans that correctly answered four NASCAR history questions. There were 55,000 entries in all. The winners are: Joseph Worsham of Jackson, Mich., Paula Smith-Lane of Tunkhannock, Pa., Kenneth Thuis of Highland, Calif., Kimberly Stetson of Lakeville, Mass., Terri Clark of Dover, Fla., Teresa Cawley of Carnegie, Pa., Randy Clayton of Alta Loma, Calif., Leslie Howard of Joplin, Mo., Pat Hayes of Conneaut, Ohio, and Charles Kiehl of Myerstown, Pa. The winners will fill these honorary positions: NASCAR technical inspector, pace car passenger, ESPN reporter, PRN radio reporter, Victory Lane assistant, Winston Cup Scene photographer, NASCAR Online photographer, driver introductions assistant and a drivers' meeting assistant. Winners will also receive VIP tours of Atlanta Motor Speedway, a press conference in their honor, dinner with NASCAR personnel and suite passes for that weekend's Grand National race. On Winston Cup race day, the winners will be recognized during pre-race festivities and perform their honorary ``duties'' during the race.(That's Racin')(10-10-98)

  • Kenny Schrader's and Bobby Hamilton's teams had to make engines changes after Happy Hour practice.(NASCAR Online)(10-10-98)

  • There was a three car wreck during Happy Hour involving Geoff Bodine, Derrike Cope and Billy Standridge. With less than 10 minutes remaining in Happy Hour practice on Saturday afternoon Bodine spun his #7 Philips Ford coming out of the trioval at Talladega after getting "tangled up" with Derrike Cope's Gumout Pontiac. He suffered all the damage when Billy Standridge came through the smoke cloud and collided, nose to nose, with his car. Bodine will go to a back-up car, Copes care was untouched and Standridges team was hacking, grinding and bending the nose of his Team Ford Thunderbird to rebuild the car and preserve its 28th starting spot.(NASCAR Online)(10-10-98)

  • 2nd round Cup qualifying is over at Talladega: Thirteen drivers made attempts and eleven stood on their 1st round time. Dan Pardus was the only driver who stood on his time and missed the race(he crashed in practice). Derrike Cope was the fastest 2nd round attempt at 193.103mph which moved him up to 26th. Six drivers missed the race including Rick Mast and Rich Bickle. Darrell Waltrip took another Champions Provisional. To see who missed the race and why and who took provisional and why, see the Jayski's Provisional Page. Billy Standridge improved to 192.754mph and will start the Winston 500 in 28th place.(10-10-98)

  • Morning practice is over, speeds are mixed, some teams are faster some are still slow. Bobby Labonte was fastest with a speed of 195.656mph. There should be quite a few runs during 2nd round. Bobby Gerhart did takes osme laps but was 47th of 49 drivers with a speed of 189.838mph. Other drivers who are running slow include #41-Rick Wilson, #78-Gary Bradberry, #35-DW(but he's safely in the race with the champ prov). #47-Billy Standridge was 10th fastest with a speed of 193.775mph in pnly 8 laps. He is running a Cale Yarborough engine this weekend.(10-10-98)

  • Ken Schrader left after winning the pole to fly to Pevely, Mo., to attend the opening night of a two-night Skoal Bandit World of Outlaws show he's promoting at I-55 Speedway, which is located about 20 minutes outside of St. Louis.(NASCAR Online)(10-10-98)

  • NASCAR Online Truck Notes are up: Notes.(10-10-98)

  • Randy Tolsma will drive the #11 Phil Bonafield owned Nicklaus Golf Equipment/Red Line Oil Chevrolet.(NASCAR Online)(10-10-98)

  • If it rains at Sears Point during the Kragen/Exide 151 truck race, teams should be prepared to change to rain tires, add windshield wipers, and activate the taillight and defogger. Teams will given ample time to make the mods. The weather forcast shows little chance of this happening.(NASCAR Online Notes)(10-10-98)

  • Dale Fischlein has stepped down as the driver of the #70 Adrian Carriers /Murphy Motorsports Chevy Monte Carlo. The team will be at Gateway next weekend with 21 year old ARCA driver Eric Jones. Jones and team tested at Gateway a couple weeks ago and were quite pleased. Fischlein will probably take on the role of crew chief possibly even partial owner as he still has a good relationship with the team owners.(10-10-98)

  • Teams that failed to make the field in first round qualifying and are 26th or worse but are guaranteed(by this I mean whatever happens in 2nd round, not where things stand now) to make the Winston 500 at Talladega based on owners points: #4-Bobby Hamilton(11th in owners points); #23-Jimmy Spencer(13); #21-Michael Waltrip(17); #16-Kevin Lepage(19); #26-Johnny Benson(20); #22-Ward Burton(21) and #35-Darrell Waltrip(champ prov). The five teams that would miss the race if things stayed the same: #41-Rick Wilson(36 but out of provsionals); #98-Rich Bickle(37); #13-Ted Musgrave(42); #71-Dave Marcis(44); and #78-Gary Bradberry(45). Kenny Schrader gets his first 1998 pole with a speed of 196.153mph in the #33 Skoal Bandit. See Jayski's Provisonal Page for the Provisional Standings.(10-9-98)

  • Some part-time drivers listed on the Qualifying Order list: #54-Bobby Gerhart, Chevy; #00-Buckshot Jones, Chevy; #07-Danny Pardus, Chevy; and of course #47-Billy Standridge, Ford. Gerhart was not listed on the practice charts and didn't make a qualifying attempt. The #00 is 11th; #07 is 32nd; #47 is 33rd.(10-9-98)

  • NASCAR Inspectors took exception with the rear deck lid of the #3 GM Goodwrench Chevy and confiscated it from the team. See the complete story at GoRacing: Pain in the Tech.(10-9-98)

  • Really bad fumes and smoke inside the #50 Bud car of Wally Dallenbach, apparently very toxic, when Wally attempted to get in twice, his face got all red and eyes tears up immediatly. Then when he went out the first time to qualify his window net fell down and he had come back in to get it fixed. Wally went out a 2nd time and shut it off, Benny Parsons said he saw a puff off smoke and during an interview, Wally said something under the hood, not sure what. He will have to try again tomorrow.(ESPN2 Qualifying)(10-9-98)

  • Some things noticed during qualifying on ESPN2: Kenny Wallace is running the #81 Square-D Lightning Ford; Geoff Bodine making his 500th start has a special decal on the car that says "Way to go Dutch"; GTE is on the lower quarterpanel of the #36 Wild Berry Pontiac Ernie Irvan is driving; John Andretti is running the special paint scheme planned to be used at Daytona without the Smokey the Bear and Firefighter thanks; the #91 LJ Racing Chevy is back to the dark blue and has no sponsor on the car at all; Bobby Labonte is running the #18 Small Soldiers/Interstate Batteries Pontiac; Sterling Marlin has an all silver #40 Coors Light Chevy with yellow numbers; #98 car had the Gone Grill Crazy Paint Scheme; and Jeremy Mayfield has bleached his hair(ESPN2 Qualifying)(10-9-98)

  • Where did the five No Bull 5 drivers qualify for the Winston 500? #88-Dale Jarrett 3rd; #24-Jeff Gordon 6th; #99-Jeff Burton 9th; #3-Dale Earnhardt 14th; and #12-Jeremy Mayfield 24th.(ESPN2 Qualifying)(10-9-98)

  • Check some Talladega stats at the TNN Motorsports site, Winston Cup Race #29 - The Winston 500, such as: 48 of the 58 Talladega races have been won from the Top 10 - 83%.(10-9-98)

  • At the Petty Page: The Petty In-Car Audio Feed at Talladega featuring Kyle Petty and John Andretti on a dedicated Raceday In-Car Audio Feed.(10-9-98)

  • From iRACE: Special Edition: Talladega Boycott, September 8-14, 1969: Talladega opener marred by driver boycott.(10-9-98)

  • UPDATE: Correction in this story from the icFlorida site: Contrary to rumors circulating in Winston Cup garages, Steve Park is not out of a ride, close to being out of a ride, or even remotely in danger of being out of his ride. The rumors are totally false. They started in Martinsville, when the Charlotte Observer quoted Don Hawk, president of DEI, about Dale Earnhardt, Jr, running a Winston Cup car in Charlotte. That was all the rumor-millers needed to get this one underway, even after Hawk held a small press conference race morning to clear up the confusion. The #1 team was built around Steve Park, he made many of the suggestions on whom to hire on the team, and many would leave if indeed he were on his way out. Plus the phone would be ringing from other owners wanting to hire the highly talented driver. If you want to judge it yourself, here's a link to the Charlotte report that started all the fuss.(Inside Central Florida Garage Notes)(10-9/10-98)

  • 1998 ARCA Champion Frank Kimmel is rumored to be a candidate for the #41 Larry Hedrick Kodiak Chevy in 1999. Also his ARCA team may attempt a Cup race in 1999.(RPM2Nite)(10-9-98)

  • Ted Musgrave let the cat out of the bag during an interview with Jerry Punch. He said he would be in the #75 car in 1999 with Yates engines. Present driver of the #75, Rick Mast wouldn't bite and said he is looking at all his options for 1999.(ESPN2 Qualifying)(10-9-98)

  • ESPN race announcer Bob Jenkins mentioned during Winston 500 Qualifying on ESPN2 that Winston would have some sort of special plan like the No Bull 5 in 1999 and that the top drivers from the Winston 500 race will be a part of it.(10-9-98)

  • Buckshot Jones is in the #00 Stavola Bros Aquafresh Chevy with a Hendrick engine this weekend at Talladega. The Stovola Bros are talking to some sponsors and have talked to a veteran Winston Cup driver about driving in 1999.(ESPN2 Qualifying), I hear it may be Lake Speed or Geoff Bodine.(10-9-98)

  • I now hear Thorn Apple Valley will not return to the #98 Cale Yarborough team in 1999.(10-9-98)

  • Triad Motorsports has made some changes in recent weeks that driver Gary Bradberry hopes will allow the #78 Pilot Ford to become more competitive as the 1998 season winds down. Joining the team as a minority owner and general manager is Fred Turner who has been fielding a part-time BGN team since the late 1980's and joins principal owners Jim Wilson, Steven Lane and Billy Hagan. Most relevant to the next two weekends, is the fact that the team's Taurus will be powered by Robert Yates-built engines.(GoRacing)(10-9-98)

  • The #78 team has a new crew chief as Dennis Adcock takes over at Talladega.(GoRacing)(10-9-98)

  • ANOTHER UPDATE - IT's OFFICIAL: I hear that Wally Dallenbach signed with Hendrick Motorsports this afternoon for the 1999 season.(10-5-98) -- Per Winston Cup Today (PRN) Radio: Hendrick Motorsports denies reports that it has signed Wally Dallenbach for 1999 and still has not decided on a driver for next season. They expect to make an announcement in the next 2-3 weeks. But this is the same team that said Ricky Craven would be their driver for the rest of the season and released him a week later.(10-6-98) -- Sources continue to tell me that Wally Dallenbach HAS signed for 1999 with Hendrick Motorsports to run the #25/50 chevy. I hear Budweiser may stick it out for the 1999 season.(10-7-98) -- Wally Dallenbach Jr., who replaced Ricky Craven this summer in the #50 Bud Chevy will drive the car again in 1999.(RPM2Nite) also see the AP story at the WRAL site: Dallenbach to Drive for Hendrick Motorsports in 1999.(10-8-98) -- From NASCAR Online: "Budweiser Racing is excited to have Wally Dallenbach Jr. as our driver for the 1999 NASCAR Winston Cup season," said Tony Ponturo, vice president, corporate media and sports marketing for Anheuser-Busch, Inc. So that looks to me like Budweiser WILL be the sponsor of the #25/50 Chevy in 1999 along with Dale Earnhardt Jr's limited run.(10-9-98)

  • In part from the Victory Lane Online Website: With races left to go, and Joe Falk is going ahead with plans to add a 20,000 square foot expansion to their new race shop. That alone indicates he has something up his sleeve. Falk has never stopped hunting for a sponsor, and says he was close to getting one. He also indicated he had been close before, but many of the major sponsor's that he has been courting, have gone with better known teams.(10-9-98)

  • Budweiser is in the same predicament as Pennzoil last year. They want out of a deal that has another year left on the contract. Hendrick wants Bud to pay the remaining year and leave, while Bud just wants out clean. Who will blink first? Hendrick has a sponsor ready to sign, but does not want to let Bud off the hook that easy.(Inside Central Florida - NASCAR), Jayski note: I hear there is a possibility that another Anheuser-Busch beer may be the sponosr on the car in 1999.(10-9-98)

  • Everyone knows it is a done deal, but there hasn't been a statement on Michael Waltrip's future. However, expect an announcement in Daytona that Michael Waltrip will officially be going to the Mattei Motorsport team to drive the #7 car.(Inside Central Florida - NASCAR)(10-9-98)

  • Morgan-McClure should know this week, if they will field a second car in '99. Managing partner, Larry McClure, is talking to several sponsors about the ride. Tops on his driver list is Jerry Nadeau.(Inside Central Florida - NASCAR)(10-9-98)

  • Yahoo NASCAR Team Power Rankings Through Sunday, October 4th.(10-9-98)

  • Apparently Tony Stewart was given a talking to by Joe Gibbs about his language on TV. He said the "s" word during the Indy 500, and did the same in the recent IRL race. It seems that one of the teams sponsors was worried about Stewart's on camera P.R.(Inside Central Florida - NASCAR)(10-9-98)

  • The last time the Winston Cup series stopped at Talladega Superspeedway, the race produced one of the biggest wrecks of the season. Only one accident marred April's DieHard 500 at the 2.66-mile superspeedway, but it claimed nearly half the 43-car field. The wreck, started when Ward Burton tagged the rear of Dale Earnhardt's car on Lap 142, was wide-ranging. Twenty cars suffered damage (10 were knocked from the race) and two drivers -- Earnhardt and Bill Elliott -- were injured. See the rest of Jim Utter's story at That's Racin': Drivers bracing for "the crash".(10-8-98)

  • If Mark Martin can gain 35 points in each of the remaining races, Martin will take home the Winston title by one point over Jeff Gordon.(Bill Weber/ESPN/RPM2Nite)(10-8-98)

  • TODAY - Bill Elliott, along with legends Junior Johnson and David Pearson, has been voted by the fans to be inducted into the Talladega/Texaco Walk of Fame Saturday, October 10, the eve of the Winston 500 at Talladega Superspeedway. See the full story at iRACE: Talladega Walk of Fame to honor 3(iRACE)(10-8-98)

  • Despite the in-court efforts of The McIlhenny Co., first-year Winston Cup team-owner Tim Beverley of Tyler will conclude the 1998 schedule with Tabasco sponsorship on the #35 Pontiacs driven by Darrell Waltrip. Beverley bought the team from three-time Cup champion Waltrip in March, and merged it with ISM Racing and owner Bob Hancher in July. The McIlhenny Co., the Louisiana-based manufacturer of Tabasco, has claimed breach of contract on nine points in its bid to pull financial backing worth a reported $8.3-million.(That's Racin'/John Sturbin/Fort Worth Star-Telegram)(10-8-98)

  • Chuck Gafrarar, Rusty Wallaces former Tire Specialist, took home a second place finish on Sunday night, October 3rd at the Concord Motorsports Park in his 5th start. Gafrarar presently serves as a fabricator for Team Penske. At the shop, he helps hang the bodies on the race cars. Gafrarar is known for his accomplishments in the Pro Kart circuits and Legends car series. He claimed over 15 champion titles in his kart racing endeavors ranging from National, Regional, Grand National, Indoor World and Pro Kart Champion. His accomplishments in the Legends Series include fourteen wins, a Charger Division National Championship, and the Young Lion of the Year Award! Gafrarar’s next race will be Saturday, October 17th at the Nashville Speedway, Nashville, TN, and will be televised live on TNN. See the Tarheel Racing Page for more info.(10-8-98)

  • Mark Martin and Jeff Gordon tested at Miami-Dade Homestead Motorsports Complex on Tuesday (10-6) and Wednesday (10-7) in preparation for the inaugural Winston Cup Jiffy Lube Miami 400 scheduled for Nov. 14, 1999. Martin ran a lap of 148.80mph and Gordon ran 148.47mph(GoRacing)(10-8-98)

  • UPDATE: The #99 Bill Papke owned Luxaire BGN team's shop was broken into and approx $75,000 worth of Computers, Welder, Engines, Transmissions, etc was stolen.(RPM2Nite)(10-7-98) -- It was actually the race team transporter that was broken into instead of the shop at the #99 team(10-8-98)

  • UPDATE: Matt Kenseth recorded the fastest time in unofficial testing at the Miami-Dade Homestead Motorsports Complex, turning in a lap of 147.139 mph on the 1.5-mile circuit in preparation for the November 13-15 Jiffy Lube Miami 300. Kenseth and Mike McLaughlin, the two drivers chasing Dale Earnhardt Jr. for the 1998 championship, were among seven drivers testing for the NASCAR Busch Series season finale. McLaughlin, the current track record holder, was second fastest with a lap of 146.659 mph - less than three-tenths of a second off his track record lap of 147.771 mph, set in qualifying for last year's Jiffy Lube Miami 300 qualifying. Also practicing were Joe Nemechek, Dave Blaney, Andy Michner, Ashton Lewis and John Preston. Nemechek, the defending winner of the Jiffy Lube Miami 300, ran a fast lap of 146.341 mph. Blaney, a former World of Outlaws champion, turned in a lap of 145.591 mph, in his first visit to the circuit. Other drivers testing were Ashton Lewis and John Preston, driving a pair of Fords fielded by Ruark Racing. Lewis, who once raced in the IMSA Barber Saab Pro Series in the streets of Miami, ran a lap of 144.0 mph, while Preston, a NASCAR Busch North winner at Holland, N.Y., had a best speed of 142.857 mph.(StockCarFans BGN Newsletter) -- Andy Michner broke his leg in a crash at Homestead yesterday, 2nd time he has wrecked Busch cars in 3 tests to date(10-8-98)

  • From iRACE: Diamond Ridge Motorsports, owned by Gary Bechtel, won't run any races in 1999 unless they have sponsorship, see the story at: Diamond Ridge Motorsports searching for sponsorship.(10-8-98)

  • UPDATE 2: Adam Petty, the 18-year-old son of Winston Cup driver Kyle Petty, said he hopes to enter three Grand National races before season's end. Petty, who won the EasyCare 100 ARCA race at Charlotte Wednesday night in his debut in the series, plans to enter the Oct. 17 race at Gateway International Raceway outside St. Louis. He also hopes to enter BGN races at Rockingham and the season finale at Homestead, Fla.(That's Racin'), I hear he'll be in the #59 BGN car in 1999(10-2-98) -- Adam Petty will drive the #22 ST Motorsports BGN Spree Chevy at Gateway(RPM2Nite)(10-7-98) -- Petty may drive for ST motorsports next year, but it would be a 2nd car, Mike Dillon has already committed to ST for the 59 car next year from what I hear(10-8-98)

  • Continue to hear that Caterpillar would go where ever Ward Burton decided to go, stay at Bill Davis Racing or move to the #25/50 Hendrick Chevy. Everything I hear or read says Ward Burton will stay with Bill Davis racing in the #22 and Caterpillar will come aboard. There is no rush to make an announcement.(10-7-98)

  • I hear Mattei Motorsports(#7) has not, and will not sign anyone until after Talladega, or possibly even Daytona.(10-8-98)

  • Hut Stricklin plans to race at Daytona next week in the new #55 car. The car is owned by Andy Petree and will compete in a one-race deal as part of a team with Ken Schrader.(That's Racin') In July the car was supposed to be sponsored by Oakwood Homes, Petree's BGN sponsor, not sure if that is the case still. Stricklin at present does not have a ride for Talladega this weekend, which is a shame as he is from Alabama. You can see an image of the #55 on Jayski's Paint Scheme Gallery(10-7-98)

  • Final speeds from the 2nd and last day of testing at Daytona: #3-Dale Earnhardt 189.514mph; #36-Ernie Irvan 189.268; #7-Geoff Bodine 188.758; #30-Derrike Cope 188.758; #3a-Mike Dillon 188.285mph; #89-Dennis Setzer 187.970(in an Elliott owned car); #13-Ted Musgrave 187.931; #41-Rick Wilson 187.032; #11-Brett Bodine 185.567. Ernie Irvan had the fastest overall speed in the #36 Skittles Pontiac with a speed of 189.713 mph(SpeedNet/RPM2Nite), see the speed chart at SpeedNet: Earnhardt turns quick lap as Pepsi 400 testing closes.(10-6/7-98)

  • Jamie Jones has joined the #89 BGN Team as the crew chief with Ashton Lewis as the driver.(10-7-98)

  • Interesting things being done for the Talladega-Daytona two step: The Mark Martin, Terry Labonte, and Jeff Burton teams built an additional speedway car. Petty Enterprises built a new car that they are purposefully leaving unpainted, if Kyle wrecks it gets painted in Hot Wheels colors, if John Andretti wrecks it's an STP machine, if both wreck.....? Ricky Rudd and Dick Trickle are among those who will have T-Birds on the truck as back-ups. The #98 Thorn Apple Valley team will have a Thunderbird as the primary and a Taurus as the backup. Ray Evernham had sold a speedway car earlier in the year and bought it back when the Pepsi 400 was postponed.(paraphrased from Marty-MRN Notes)(10-6-98)

  • From David Poole's Random Thoughts at the That's Racin' site: Bobby Labonte has clearly had the right stuff when it comes to restrictor-plate racing so far this year, winning the DieHard 500 at Talladega in April and finishing second in the Daytona 500 in February. Here are the top drivers (based on Winston Cup points earned) in those two races this year: 1) Bobby Labonte 355. 2) Ernie Irvan 300. 3) Terry Labonte 299. 4) Jimmy Spencer 298. 5) Jeremy Mayfield 289. 6) Rusty Wallace 287. 7. Jeff Gordon 280 (10-6-98)

  • Geoff Bodine goes for his 500th career Winston Cup start at Talladega. He will become the 19th Cup driver to accomplish the feat and the 7th active with 500 or more starts.(NASCAR Today Radio)(10-6-98)

  • This weekend at Talladega, Speed Demon will once again be the official trackside apparel for Y92FM the MRN affilate in Talladega, AL. The ARCA event on Saturday will be produced and broadcast by Y92FM. Speed Demon will be a sponsor on the ARCA event and also will have two in car radios linked back to Y92FM. One of the radios will be carried by Jimmy Kitchens not sure of the other one yet.(10-6-98)

  • UPDATE: I hear Roush Racing will announce soon that Hardees will come on board as an associate sponsor on most or all of the Roush Cup cars in 1999.(10-5-98) -- Confirmed today for the 1999 season, will be announced soon(10-6-98)

  • Here is what I hear about the #98 Cale Yarborough team: The driver situation has not been decided yet, Rich Bickle could still be the driver for 1999. Thorn Apple Valley looks like they will be back as the sponsor and Yarborough is still talking about selling part of the team to three owners from the Arena Football League.(10-6-98)

  • Adam Petty was supposed to test his father's NASCAR Winston Cup car at Rockingham this past Monday. The test was canceled however because PE-2 is so short of people. There has been a mass exodus over the past two weeks because all of the shop employees were told they would not be moving with the team to Level Cross, NC, home of Petty Enterprises and the stable for car #43.(paraphrased from Marty-MRN Notes)(10-6-98)

  • Butch Mock and Ted Musgrave are close to signing a deal that would put Musgrave behind the wheel of the Remington Ford next year. Mock's current driver Rick Mast has expressed an interest in being released so he can pursue other options. Musgrave has driven for several teams since being released by Jack Roush. Beyond changing drivers next year it appears that Mock may be changing around his own in-house engine program. Mock is reportedly on the verge of signing an alliance with Robert Yates Racing. The alliance would include Mock leasing engines from Yates and the two teams working together on engine research and development.(paraphrased from Marty-MRN Notes)(10-6-98)

  • UPDATE 2: Daytona International Speedway News Release for 10/2/1998: Six NASCAR Winston Cup teams will particiate in a two-day test session Monday and Tuesday at Daytona International Speedway in preperation for the inaugural nighttime running of the 10/17/98 Pepsi 400. The following drivers and teams are scheduled to participate: #36-Ernie Irvan; #11-Brett Bodine; #13-Ted Musgrave; #30-Derrike Cope; #41-Rick Wilson; #89-Dennis Setzer. The test is scheduled for 3 - 10pm/et. A section of the Oldfield Grandstand will be open for the two-day test at no charge with access through DAYTONA USA. Tickets for Bud Pole Qualifying for the Pepsi 400 are still available through the Speedway ticket office at 904-253-7223(StockCarFans Newletter) -- Some speeds from the testing on Monday: #36-Ernie Irvan 188.403mph; #3-Mike Dillon(in DE's car) 188.363; #89-Dennis Setzer 186.761; #7-Geoff Bodine 186.413; #30-Derrike Cope 186.146; #13-Ted Musgrave 185.529; #41-Rick Wilson 185.414 and #11-Brett Bodine 184.995.(SpeedNet/RPM2Nite)(10-5/6-98)

  • After sitting out the last year from his NASCAR Slim Jim-All Pro Series effort in 1997, 32 year old Atlanta, GA resident, Steve Allison - nephew of NASCAR icons Bobby and Donnie Allison and cousin of Davey and Clifford Allison - is looking to 1999 for his re-entry into the sport he knows and loves. “With the new generation of drivers from all of the premier families in motorsports making such an impact, it’s a shame that the Allison family name is not being represented,” Steve recently stated. He continued, “Therefore, my Uncle Bobby, Brother Tommy and I, through our marketing team at Adalio/Roussel & Associates, Inc., have aggressively been pursuing sponsorship for our team in hopes of solidifying a program for the upcoming 1999 season.” Currently, there are a number of potential sponsors that are interested in capitalizing on the combined benefits of the extraordinary history of the Allison family and the tremendous growth of NASCAR racing. Dean Roussel, President of Adalio/Roussel & Associates, Inc. stated, “This sponsorship opportunity is unique in several ways. First, as with all Busch Grand National and Craftsman Truck Series Sponsorships, it provides an entry-level situation for companies interested in achieving high visibility to the lucrative and loyal NASCAR audience. Second, it links the well established and highly merchandisable Allison name to the company and third, it provides a very credible stepping-stone to a Winston Cup program in the not too distant future.” The staff at Adalio/Roussel & Associates, Inc. has developed a complete sponsorship program for the Allison team that incorporates not only the standard logo representation on the car, transporter and other team equipment, but also provides for increased on-site visibility, hospitality, and wholesale and retail value-added programs as well. John Adalio, Vice President of Adalio/Roussel & Associates, Inc. added, “Although we have made a number of formal presentations that have been well received and are progressing nicely, we are keeping every option open. Steve Allison, with the full support of his family, is preparing himself and his team for next year and we are talking to anybody who appreciates the superior driving skills of this young man and the exceptional marketability of his family’s legacy.” Interested sponsors and/or teams who are looking for a first-class driver with a high degree of marketability should contact John Adalio or Dean Roussel at Adalio/Roussel & Associates, Inc.(401) 455-0300.(PR)(10-6-98)

  • Ron Parker, Owner/President of Parker Racing announced that he and driver Mike Dillon will end their 3-year relationship following the end of the 1998 season. Parker Racing, which fields the #72 Detroit Gasket/MGM Brakes Chevrolet Monte Carlo, is in their 10th year as Owner/Sponsor in the BGN series.(Parker PR)(10-6-98)

  • UPDATE: I hear Loy Allen may get a one(or two) race deal to drive for the #91 LJ Racing Chevy team at Talladega and/or Daytona.(9-22-98) -- HEARD WRONG: Andy Hillenburg will drive the #91 LJ Racing Chevy at Talladega and Daytona.(WC Today Radio)(10-5-98)

  • I hear that Siemens, associate sponsor on the #96 will follow Caterpillar to whatever team it moves to, which I still hear is the #22 Bill Davis team(10-5-98)

  • I hear that #96 team owner, Buz McCall has told his employees to start looking for other jobs and that he's supposed to race the new Corvette GT-2 in world-class sports car events with driver Ron Fellows.(10-5-98)

  • I hear that the #77 will share info(Aero and Wind Tunnel) with the #75 and #90 teams in 1999. Much like many single car teams are doing this year(#10 and #90, #21 and #23, #81 wit the #'s 13 and 94)(10-5-98)

  • Per the StockCarFans Newletter(link below): Michael Waltrip will announce at Daytona that he will drive the #7 Philips Ford in 1999.(10-5-98)

  • Rodney has posted The Mathmatics of the Championship Race.(10-5-98)

  • Following Sunday's race, NASCAR officials -- including Winston Cup director Gary Nelson -- called Hendrick Motorsports president John Hendrick and Tony Furr, crew chief of Hendrick's No. 50 Chevrolet, to the NASCAR hauler for a meeting to discuss an incident during the race. According to a NASCAR source, the No. 50 crew wanted to move to a vacated pit stall during the race, asked for permission but started moving their equipment before NASCAR approved the move. Hendrick and Furr were admonished to follow NASCAR directives in the future, the source said.(That's Racin' Notes)(10-5-98)

  • UPDATE 2- OK Which is it? Tim Stephens of Liberty Racing announced that crew chief Doug George will be the team's driver for the Sears Point road course in two weeks(now this coming week). There was no word as to who will fill the role of crew chief, and Stephens said he's open to offers. George is currently 42nd in driver points with four starts in the series this year. He is a former NASCAR Winston West Series and Featherlite Southwest Series, NASCAR Touring, champion.(RacingPR)(9-27-98) and....Randy Tolsma will drive the #84 Truck at Sears Point Raceway and plans to make an announcement on future plans soon.(Inside NASCAR/TNN)(10-4-98) -- sources tell me it'll be Doug George. NASCAR Online has posted that Doug George will drive the truck at Sears Point.(10-5-98)

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