• Pepsi 400 at Daytona: Results, Points, Starting Lineup, Qualifying and Practice speeds at Speedworld, GoRacing(2nd Round) and, NASCAR Online. Jayski's Provisional Page with unofficial owners points has been updated thru Talladega. Bobby Labonte wins the pole with a speed of 193.611mph and how about Billy Standridge!! Qualifies the Team Fans Can Race #47 Ford 18th with a speed of 190.565mph! Other pleasant surprises include Steve Grissom in the #96 Caterpillar car and Dave Marcis makes the show!

  • Speed Magazine at the Daytona Beach News-Journal has a ton of stories to check out about the first night time running of the Pepsi 400, see the main page at Speed Magazine - Pepsi 400.(10-18-98)

  • Jeff Gordon's #24 DuPont Chevy may be painted with new colors next season. (JournalNow)(10-18-98)

  • UPDATE: Ford teams are using a new rear decklid this weekend, according to NASCAR sources, though there has been no official word of any template change in the Taurus. General Motors men are unhappy about the decklid.(JournalNow)(10-16-98) -- No New Ford Decklid: Rumors of the Ford Taurus using a new trunk lid have proven to be false according to high placed sources at Ford. While there is no change to the factory stampings the teams use there is a probable change in how NASCAR checks their compliance with the templates. Areas of the templates that now are allowed 1/4 inch of variance are likely to be held to a 1/8 inch tolerance in the near future. This may be a part of NASCAR´s effort to be sure specific portions of the body are true to the centerline of the car.(Stock Car Racing Magazine)(10-18-98)

  • Bliss Returns: Craftsman Truck Series driver Mike Bliss returns to Buzz McCall's #96 Chevrolet at Phoenix next weekend. Bliss drove for the team in Martinsville earlier this season. As a sprint car driver, Bliss has won Silver Crown races at Phoenix. He already will be in Phoenix for the Truck race. Steve Grissom, currently unsigned, is tentatively slated to return to the car for the final two races of the season unless he gets another ride. Buzz McCall still is weighing his options for next season. He lost his deal with Caterpillar and has been unable to secure a sponsor for 1999.(Times-Dispatch)(10-18-98)

  • Sammy Johns will be crew chief of the #33 Andy Petree owned Skoal Chevy and driver Kenny Schrader in 1999. Petree feels he cannot handle all the duties of being an owner and a crew chief, plus will have to watch over his new 2nd team with Kenny Wallace. Johns comes from the #96 Caterpillar team which has been widely rumored to be selling out or closing shop after the 1999 season.(in part from the JournalNow)(10-18-98)

  • Bill Elliott has at least one offer on the table from a Tennessee businessman wanting to buy his team, according to team sources.(JournalNow) Jayski Note: It was rumored a week ago or so Elliott may sell out, also I am sure McDonald's would have a big say in what happens here.(10-18-98)

  • Crew chief Doug Richert, who has played a key role in the success of Joe Falk's #91 unsponsored team this season, and Dave Charpentier, crew chief for Butch Mock and the #75 Remington Ford team, are two of the top candidates to become crew chief for Tony Stewart and the #20 Home Depot Pontiac team, according to team sources. Jimmy Makar still hasn't signed a crew chief yet for Stewart's rookie season as teammate with Bobby Labonte in the Joe Gibbs' operation.(JournalNow)(10-18-98)

  • Sacks Back?: Here is some good news from NASCAR Online - Greg Sacks was at Daytona to take in the inaugural nighttime Pepsi 400. Sacks, who has been virtually unseen since his accident at Texas Motor Speedway in April, told Sean Kernan of The News-Journal, the local Daytona Beach paper, that he was putting together a deal for 1999 but was not able to say much more about it. So I checked the News-Journal Pepsi 400 section and there is a story in the Notes section: Sacks, injured earlier this year in a hard crash at Texas, put to rest rumors his racing career was over. He hopes to be behind the wheel of a car instead of behind the pits when the next 400 is raced under the lights.(10-18-98)

  • Happy Hour practice is over. Looks like there was rain and it got delayed for a few hours. Bobby Hamilton was the fastest at 191.346mph. During the practice, the hood flew off of Johnny Benson's #26 Betty Croker Ford Taurus, damaging a good part of the roof. The crew couldn't figure out exactly why it happened because three of the four hood pins were in place after the incident. The team took a hood from Benson's backup car to fit onto the car(Orlando Sentinel). Ricky Craven drove the #36 Wild Berry Skittles Pontiac for 13 laps and then Ernie Irvan jumped in after the rain and rain 11 laps with a speed of 190.597mph which was 8th fastest. NASCAR Online says Irvan ran a few laps at the beginning of practice. Either way Irvan can now run if he feels up to it on Saturday. Looks like a race day decision. See the latest news on Ernie Irvan's condition and links to stories at Jayski's Ernie Irvan Site.(10-16/17-98)

  • Jeff Gordon won for the first time during his Cup career in October. Gordon needs to finish 32nd(NOT 37th) or better in the last three races to win his 3rd Winston Cup Championship.(10-17-98)

  • Two big wrecks tonight: The first invloved #'s 7, 13, 16, 21, 26, 46, 55 and 98. The #'s 7, 16 and 55 were done for the night. The second involved #'s 1, 9, 10, 23, 28, 43 and 97. The night was over for the #'s 1 and 28. Billy Standridge was the first car out with a blown motor and finished 43rd. Rain caused three cautions including the last one, which turned into a red flag. Last lap accident occurred when Jimmy Spencer tapped Chad Little.(10-17-98)

  • Standridge Racing has secured sponsorship for the Pepsi 400 from Competitive Motorsports, a Mooresville, NC-based company which produces a variety of officially licensed NASCAR products including calendars, desk pads and pocket planners. Independent owner/driver Billy Standridge qualified an impressive 18th for the the inaugural event under the lights at Daytona International Speedway driving the same Ford Thunderbird he competed in last weekend at Talladega Superspeedway. He finished 28th in that event after sustaining damage in an accident with Geoff Bodine during the final practice session. "Last week, we had to make emergency garage repairs to get the car on the track," explained Standridge. "We ran with a front end vibration and could not achieve maximum speed. The crew spent day and night, Monday and Tuesday at our shop in Shelby, NC rebuilding the front end of the car. The guys did a great job." One of just a handful of "independents" left running on the Winston Cup circuit, Standridge has attempted to run six events this season -- qualifying for four -- including both races at Daytona and Talladega. "We are still looking for a prime sponsor," said Standridge, "however, two associate sponsors, All Wood Machinery and Diabetes Home Care, have been with us all year. They helped bring us to Daytona." In addition, the team has received support from The Fans Can Race program, an Internet-based fan club which sells racing memorobilia.(GoRacing)(10-17-98)

  • DW Wonders: "What would happen if about 15 or 20 of us were racing along and the lights went out?" he asked. "I hope somebody else thought about that." Track officials did, of course. There's a backup system running on generators whenever the lights are on, and that system would provide enough light if the primary system failed to allow the cars to slow down safely.(That's Racin')(10-17-98)

  • Interesting tidbit from TNN's Motorsports site: Why have Larry McReynolds' and Buzz McCall's (team owner of the #96 American Equipment Racing CAT car) names been linked lately? Supposedly Larry Mac and McCall may partner-up in a new team for 1999.(TNN) More from the Stock Car Racing Mag site: Word in the garage area at Daytona indicate Larry McReynolds, crew chief for Mike Skinner's RCR Monte Carlo could be talking with Winston Cup owner Buzz McCall (#96) team about a partnership or outright purchase of McCall´s team. McCall has said lately he is unsure of his plans for 1999 since losing Caterpillar, his primary sponsor to the #22 Bill Davis team. McReynolds has expressed an interest in becoming a car owner in the Winston Cup series. McCall´s team is said to have good equipment and a solid base of personnel, both would make the team attractive as a beginning for McReynolds. Another factor could be the prospect of franchising of Winston Cup teams, something that is thought to be coming in the near future.(10-17-98)

  • Four for Four: Billy Standridge of Shelby,NC is perfect in restrictor plate races this year, making the field in all four of the events at Daytona and Talladega. Standridge will start 18th tonight after his lap at 190.565 mph in Thursday night's first-round qualifying. He started and finished 28th last weekend at Talladega. He also finished 28th at Talladega in April and 35th in the Daytona 500. Standridge, running without major sponsorship, used Ford Thunderbirds to make those four races. He tried to make the race at Texas and the May race at Charlotte in a Taurus, but failed. An Internet-based fan club called Fans Can Race at helps provide Standridge some backing for his independent effort. The Thunderbird Standridge will race tonight is the same one he had last weekend at Talladega. It was damaged in a wreck with Geoff Bodine in the final Winston Cup practice. "We had to make emergency garage repairs to get the car on the track," Standridge said. "We ran with a front-end vibration. ...The crew spent day and night Monday and Tuesday at our shop in Shelby rebuilding the front end of the car. The guys did a great job."(That's Racin')(10-17-98)

  • UPDATE: During the ESPN2 Qualifying show at Daytona, Benny Parsons said that Hut Stricklin would run a couple of races in the #55 Andy Petree Chevy, didn't elaborate on which races.(10-15-98) -- I hear it's just a one race deal.(10-17-98)

  • Ernie Irvan says he feels good and will start the Pepsi 400 at Daytona in the #36 Wild Berry Skittles Pontiac. Ricky Craven will stand by to jump in the car at the first caution as Irvan does not feel it's worth risking the rest of the season and get better. Irvan will have to start from the rear of the field, which is no big deal since the car was scheduled to start 39th anyhow.(many sources)(10-17-98)

  • Pre-race festivities for the Pepsi 400 will include a salute to the fire fighters. Apparently, those attending the race will see footage of local television coverage of the wildfires that caused the postponement of the Pepsi 400 in July. As I understand it, there will be jumbotrons throughout DIS for those fans in attendance to watch the tribute.(StockCarFans Newsletter/Nancy)(10-17-98)

  • Even Though Ernie Irvan drove only a few laps around the speedway on Friday night, he still may compete tonight in his #36 Pontiac. Ricky Craven practiced and qualified the car on Thursday while Irvan was recovering from injuries sustained last Sunday in a crash at Talladega. Irvan said he will make a decision whether to race just before tonight's event.(Orlando Sentinel). The Happy Hour move led to conjecture that Irvan would take the green in the Pepsi 400 Saturday evening and then give way to Craven at the first caution flag.(TNN's

  • Jimmy Elledge recently announced as the crew chief for the Andy Petree 2nd team, #55 Square-D and driver Kennu Wallace in 1999, will crew chief the #55 Oakwood Homes Chevy at the Pepsi 400 as well ascontinue his old job of changing tires for Mark Martin tonight. He will leave the #6 team at the end of the 1998 season.(SpeedNet)(10-17-98)

  • After a testing session Friday night for the first nighttime running of the Pepsi 400, several drivers concluded tonight's race was shaping up as a multi-car wreck waiting to happen. The combination of restrictor-plate racing, a lack of familiarity with running under the lights at NASCAR's showcase facility, and the pressure to put on a good show could create a volatile mixture. See the complete Speed Magazine artice at: Rough drafts can spark wrecks.(10-17-98)

  • Bill Elliott is the last driver to win at Daytona from the pole, doing so in the 1987 Daytona 500.(That's Racin')(10-17-98)

  • Also hear the sponsor for Brewco Motorsports second team and Driver Casey Atwood is signed and should be announced at St. Louis.(10-4-98) - didn't happen(10-17-98)

  • #13 FirstPlus news: Ted Musgrave will drive the car for the remainder of the 1998 season(10-17-98)

  • 2nd round Cup qualifying is over at Daytona and the field is set: Seven drivers made attempts and sixteen stood on their 1st round time. Dan Pardus was the fastest 2nd round attempt at 189.946mph which moved him up to 26th and he makes his first Winston Cup race, Congrats Danny! Five drivers missed the race including Dick Trickle and Robert Pressley(who stood on his 1st round speed or some reason). Kenny Wallace borrowed shocks and springs from the #96 Caterpillar team and got in the race. Darrell Waltrip took another Champions Provisional. Ricky Rudd took only his 2nd provisional of the year, the other? The Daytona 500. To see who missed the race and why and who took provisional and why, see the Jayski's Provisional Page.(10-16-98)

  • Thanks to John Kernan for mentioning Billy Standridge and his great qualifying run on 1st round and Bill Weber talking about Danny Padus' great run in 2nd round and making the show.(10-16-98)

  • Dan Pardus, driver of the Midwest Transit #07 Chevy, announced he will run 15 races next season. Pardus has attempted to qualify for Cup races this season, but has never made the field.(Times-Dispatch)(10-16-98)

  • Despite the rumor mill, all indications point to Jerry Nadeau returning to the #9 Mehling Racing Ford next season. According to a source close to the team, an announcement should come in the next two weeks that Nadeau, who started the year in the #13 car out of the Bill Elliott stable, will be back in 1999. Expect the same for the Cartoon Network, sponsor of the #9 machine.(TNN Motorsports Site)(10-16-98)

  • Rich Bickle's crew had to replace an engine after reportedly sending the car out without any engine oil during practice at DIS Thursday Oct. 15, 1998(Speed Magazine)(10-16-98)

  • A "Fan Forum" -- one of several scheduled in the Pepsi Theater at DAYTONA USA will be on Saturday, October 17th: A "Legends" forum is scheduled at noon with retired drivers Bobby Allison and Buddy Baker tentatively scheduled to be joined by Darrell Waltrip.(NASCAR Online)(10-16-98)

  • When Eric Bodine is in need of some pointers, there is no one better to turn to than cousin Todd. Eric Bodine hopes the advice he receives from his cousin will count when it comes time to qualify for the CarQuest Auto Parts 250 BGN event at the Gateway International Raceway in Madison, Ill. Bodine, a regular on the Busch North series, is looking to make his second career BGN start this weekend. It is his first time competing at the 1.27-mile track. See the story at: Eric Bodine ready for second start in Busch series.(10-16-98)

  • Teams that failed to make the field in first round qualifying and are 26th or worse but are guaranteed(by this I mean whatever happens in 2nd round, not where things stand now) to make the Pepsi 400 at Daytona based on owners points:
    #4-Bobby Hamilton(11th in owners points); #23-Jimmy Spencer(12); #36-Ricky Craven/Ernie Irvan(15); #21-Michael Waltrip(16); #94-Bill Elliott(17); #26-Johnny Benson(21); and #35-Darrell Waltrip(champ prov). The five teams that would miss the race if things stayed the same: #81-Kenny Wallace(33); #75-Rick Mast(35); #41-Rick Wilson(36 and out of provisionals); #98-Rich Bickle(37); and #78-Gary Bradberry(45). See Jayski's Provisional Page for the Provisional Standings.(10-15-98)

  • Qualifying Notes: Kenny Schrader is in the Black and Green #33 Skoal Chevy he drove at Daytona in February; Johnny Benson the Betty Crocker colors on the #26 Ford; Kenny Wallace has the #81 Square-D Black Lightning Ford; Bobby Labonte has the #18 Small Soldiers Pontiac again; Jeff Burton has the red #99 still on his car from the Winston 500; The #36 team has the Wild Berry Skittles Pontiac again; Rich Bickle has the #98 Gone Grill Crazy Paint Scheme on his Tbird; Mark Martin is running his regular paint scheme and not the SynPower as was rumored on this site; Joe Nemechek has the #42 Americast/BellSouth Chevy Paint Scheme; the #07 of Danny Pardus is running a Hendrick Motorsports Engine; Steve Park is using a Richard Childress Engine in the #1 Pennzoil Chevy; Rick Mast has the #75 Stren/Remington Ford in it's purple colors. Dave Marcis is once again running a Richard Childress engine at Daytona. See all these cars at Jayski's Paint Scheme Gallery.(10-15-98)

  • ESPN2 did an excellent job during qualifying, and even interviewed many of the 'small team' drivers like Gary Bradberry, Billy Standridge and Dave Marcis. Thanks(10-15-98)

  • Teams running Thunderbirds this week at Daytona are: #97-Chad Little, #23-Jimmy Spencer, #98-Rich Bickle, #90-Dick Trickle and #47-Billy Standridge. Robert Pressley who had a Tbird at Talladega has a Taurus this week.(10-15-98)

  • NASCAR has decided not to let Randal Ritter run at Daytona in the Pepsi 400 due to an illegal chassis. The chassis was built it wrong, so much so that they cannot even fix it at the track. ESPN2 Qualifying show mentioned that Ritter has withdrawn from the race.(10-15-98)

  • Gary Bradberry has not firmed up his 1999 Racing plans yet and hopes to announce something within the next 2-3 weeks.(ESPN2 Qualifying)(10-15-98)

  • Winston Cup Today Radio reports that the 2000(not 1999) Chevy Monte Carlo is rumored not to be ready for Daytona and may make it's debut at Charlotte in the Coca-Cola 600.(10-15-98)

  • According to wire service reports FirstPlus Financial has entered into a Strategic Alliance with Coast-To-Coast Financial Corporation and certain of its affiliates, including Superior Bank FSB ("CCFC"). The move brought 3,000 layoffs at the corporate offices of FirstPlus today. No word on what this may do to the sponsorship of the Elliott-Marino #13 team or the rumored move of Rick Mast into the seat in '99. Ted Musgrave, however, will drive the #13 for the remainder of the 1998 season.(GoRacing)(10-15-98)

  • Mark Martin is the third-quarter nominee for the National Motorsports Press Association's Spirit Award, which recognizes sportsmanship, determination and extraordinary performance in the face of adversity.(That's Racin'), incorrect: Kyle Petty was the 1st quarter and Jeff Gordon was the 2nd quarter nominee for the True Value Man of the Year. 1st quarter nominee for the Spirit award was Dale Earnhardt, 2nd quarter was Junie Donlavey.(10-15-98)

  • UPDATE 2: Speedworld has the Pepsi 400 at Daytona entry list posted. Add the #55 Oakwood Homes Chevy with Hut Stricklin driving, the 07 Chevy with Danny Pardus will make an attempt as will occasional ARCA driver Randal Ritter, from Franklin, TN, who drove the #31 HG Hills Food Stores Chevy to a 23rd place finish in February in the ARCA 200. No word on if the #'s 79 or 85 are going to make an attempt. Of course, #47 Billy Standridge will be making an attempt in a Ford TBird. Also I have heard that Dennis Setzer will not run anymore races for Bill Elliott in the #13 or #89.(10-14-98) -- Ritter will be in the #68 HG Hills Food Stores Chevy, no #79 or 85. 49 cars are planning on making an attempt for 43 spots.(10-15-98)

  • Despite the fact that Ernie Irvan has been medically cleared to race this weekend at Daytona International Speedway, the MB2 Motorsports driver has decided that he is not ready to get in the car. Ricky Craven has been chosen to practice and qualify the #36 Skittles Wild Berry Pontiac at the 2.5-mile superspeedway this evening while Irvan's status will be evaluated on a day-by-day basis.(GoRacing)(10-11/15-98)

  • CORRECTION: Buckshot Jones team tested a BGN car at the Atlanta Motor Speedway for Monday and Tuesday and had a top speed of 177.2mph. His second car is a car that has not been on the track for three months. Also the Stavola Racing Team was there with Geoff Bodine as their driver.(Rich via StockCarFans Newsletter)(10-14-98)

  • MBNA will move it's sponsorship from the #22 in 1999 to Bobby Labonte's Pontiac in the BGN and J.D. Gibbs' BGN car. MBNA will also be the associate sponsor of the Winston Cup car of Bobby Labonte and Tony Stewart.(RPM2Nite/iRACE) -- Bobby Labonte will drive for Joe Gibbs in 12 BGN events and 2 or 3 BGN events for Terry Labonte in the Slim Jim Car. Terry will be driving nearly all of the races, and son Justin will drive in the events that neither Terry nor Bobby attempt.(DWS44 Online - Labonte Tribute Page(10-14-98)

  • UPDATE 2: Buckshot Jones will attempt three more Winston Cup races this season -- Phoenix, Rockingham and Atlanta. Should he qualify for any of the three, he would lose the opportunity to run for the Winston Cup rookie of the year title in 1999.(That's Racin')(10-10-98) -- Buckshot Jones, a regular on the BGN, said he will meet with the Stavola Brothers Monday and decide whether to run any more Winston Cup races this season with the team. A sixth start would cost him his eligibility for the rookie of the year title in 1999.(That's Racin')(10-12-98) -- Sunday at Talladega was Buckshot Jone's last Winston Cup race for 1998. Dividing Buckshot's time between the Winston Cup and the Busch schedules proved to be very demanding. By racing in only 5 Winston Cup races this year, Buckshot will retain his rookie status for 1999.(10-13-98) -- "Retraction"- The Winston Cup schedule for Buckshot Jones for the remainder of the 1998 season has yet to be determined. Updates will follow.(The Official Buckshot Jones Page)(10-14-98)

  • UPDATE: I HEAR that Caterpillar has a sponsorship announcement on WEDNESDAY!(not Thursday), And here we go, finally OFFICIAL:
    In 1999, Caterpillar, Inc. will begin its fifth season in NASCAR as the primary sponsor of the #22 Bill Davis Racing Pontiac Grand Prix with driver Ward Burton. Siemens Energy & Automation, Distribution Products Division, also joins BDR as the major associate sponsor, continuing its relationship with the Caterpillar motorsports program for a second consecutive year. Burton ran 12 NASCAR Busch Series events in 1995 in Caterpillar-sponsored entries, posting three top-five and five top-ten finishes.(Press Release in part)(10-14-98)

  • Mark Gibson, injured in Saturday's Winn Dixie 300 at Talladega Superspeedway, underwent surgery on Sunday at Carraway Methodist Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama to set broken bones in lower left arm and has been released. Plans to compete in ARCA Bondo/Mar-Hyde Series finale at Atlanta Motor Speedway Nov. 6.(ARCA Racing Website)(10-14-98)

  • Skittles Donation - Ernie Irvan will be involved in a special program with his sponsor this weekend. Skittles Wild Berry and Smokey Bear will team up together and put a one-two punch on the effort to stamp out forest fires. The M&M/Mars division, through the Skittles brand candies will donate $50.00 per lap Ernie Irvan completes in Saturday's Pepsi 400 to the Florida Division of Forestry. In addition to the lap incentive, the company will donate $1,000 if Irvan should win the pole and an additional $1,000 if Irvan should win the race. A $5,000 check, minimum, will be presented to the Florida Division of Forestry regardless of Irvan's results. "This is a way for the SKITTLES(r) Wild Berry Brand to help the people of Florida that were affected by the wildfires and do everything that we can to make sure they're prevented in the future," stated Pat D'Amato, M&M/Mars spokesperson. "With October being Fire Prevention Month, we hope others will join in this effort so that we can make a bigger impact throughout the state." The program is in direct response to the local area that was ravaged by wildfires back in July, the same fires that forced the postponement of the Pepsi 400 from its scheduled July 4th date to this weekend. There are other, still undisclosed, plans for NASCAR to thank firefighters that put a stop to the fires that ravaged the area earlier in the year.(GoRacing), one of course is the #43 STP Pontiac will have Smokey Bear and a Thank You on the car(10-14-98)

  • Crew Chief Harold Holly has left Joe Bessey and Powerteam Racing to be the crew chief at Progressive Motorsports and driver Jason Keller for the rest of 1998.(MRM)(10-14-98)

  • I hear that David Ridling (formerly Ridling Motorsports #88) may return to the BGN series with sponsorship from Very Fine Juice.(10-14-98)

  • UPDATE 2: I hear that the #98 Cale Yarborough team has released crew chief Skip Eyler as of Sunday night. Also I continue to hear Thorn Apple Valley will not return as the teams sponsor in 1999. -- I hear Michael "Fatback" McSwain has replaced Skip Eyler at the #98. Still no official announcement on Thorn Apple Valley(TAV) leaving but I hear they have sent out letters to TAV employees saying they will leave after the 1998 season. Also Jeff Green is under consideration as a driver for the #98 and Rich Bickle is still a candidate to return, it now looks like Bodine is out of the picture.(10-12-98) -- Mike McSwain, the former crew chief for the #77 Jasper Engines Ford team, has agreed to finish out the season with Cale Yarborough Motorsports, but team manager Marlene Emery said McSwain will seek out other opportunities for next season.(NASCAR Online)(10-13-98)

  • From a reader: I hear on the Talladega Superspeedway Show which airs weekly in Birmingham had an interview with Dale Jarrett. Jarrett denied a 3rd Yates team and made it clear that Yates was very happy with Irwin and felt as if Irwin was on schedule to what they thought he would be at this point. RPM2Nite also reported that Dale Jarrett would probably retire from the BGN series and that his son Jason Jarrett would drive the full BGN season and that he may run Kenny Irwin in a few BGN races.(10-13-98)

  • Some Hut Stricklin rumors: The #81, #27 and #41 teams are possibilities. Stricklin is waiting for after his run in the #55 Petree car at Daytona to see if it will help his stock.(10-13-98)

  • Check out this story: The world's fastest sport is creating a niche in cyberspace as rapidly as cities are building speedways to host races - Auto racing sites gaining popularity by T.B. Elia, which includes: "One unusual fan page is worth a visit from knowledgeable fans who want "insider" details about racing teams and sponsors. lists media reports that its author, a New Jersey computer programmer and NASCAR diehard, has heard or read. He notes the source of all reports(Jayski note: not all...) and confirms or disputes many of them, making his site somewhat more substantial than a gossip sheet." Story may be short lived on the site, seeing how they have it set up.(Palm Beach Post)(10-13-98)

  • UPDATE 3: Michael Waltrip will announce his 1999 Winston Cup plans on RPM2Nite in Daytona, Monday October 12th at 7pm.(ESPN2 Qualifying)(10-9-98) -- The #7 Mattei Motorsports team will switch from Fords to Chevy in 1999. Michael Waltrip is expected to be the driver in 1999.(Raceday)(10-11-98) -- I hear Waltrip has signed and the announcement will be tonight on RPM2Nite -- IT's OFFICIAL: Announced on RPM2Nite and NASCAR Online: Michael Waltrip has signed a 2 year deal with Mattei Motorsports to drive the #7 Philips CAR. When asked during RPM2Nite about the possible switch from Ford to Chevy, Jim Mattei, didn't commit either way, but said the team is looking at all aspects of the team to improve and manufacturer is one of those aspects.(NASCAR Online/RPM2Nite)(10-12-98) -- Waltrip will finish out the year in the #21 and Geoff Bodine will finish out the season in the #7 Philips car.(GoRacing)(10-13-98)

  • This looks pretty official: A story at Yahoo about Thorn Apple Valley in part: "Among the first casualties of the cost-cutting process will be Thorn Apple's NASCAR race car sponsorship, Dorfman said. He did not disclose how much Thorn Apple had spent on NASCAR, but said the company will not continue the sponsorship." See the complete story at INTERVIEW-Thorn Apple Valley will listen to offers from October 9th.(10-13-98)

  • DieHard Racing has named Jeri Jones, an X-ray technologist from Jonesborough, TN, the DieHard Race Fan of the Year, the Grand Prize winner in the DieHard Race Fan contest held to honor stock car racing's loyal and enthusiastic fans. Her award for winning the contest is a trip for two to the Daytona 500 in February 1999 and an April trip to the DieHard 500, where she will wave the green flag to start the race.(SpeedNet)(10-13-98)

  • TODAY: This Friday (10/16) Texas Motor Speedway and the Speedway Children's Charities are hosting a special event, Laps For Charity. For $25 (going to SCC), you can drive your car behind the TMS pace car for three laps on the track. Thanks to Mike from Pubbers Paradise Motorsports Page for the heads up.(10-13-98)

  • I hear Dick Trickle and #64 BGN car owner Dennis Shoemaker has been talking about the 1999 BGN season. One issue is a possible two car team. A couple of sponsors have been talking with the team about the possibility.(10-13-98)

  • Look for Larry Pearson to debut in a 2nd BGN car for Buckshot Racing Pontiac at either Atlanta or Rockingham in preperation for next year.(MRM)(10-13-98)...didn't happen

  • Rumor is Tim Fedewa will be a 2nd driver to Jason Keller and Progressive Motorsports next season...not sure of sponsor...hear Kleenex might possibly sponsor Keller because of certain contract obligations with Fedewa and Bace Motorsports(MRM)(10-13-98)

  • Scheduled for Friday afternoon at 5:45pm/et, at Daytona, is Winston's unveiling of its bonus program for next year. Sources say the No Bull Five will undergo a bit of fine tuning, but the basic program will remain intact.(SpeedNet) -- Look for the program to return next year, but for the five races involved may be a little different. We're hearing that the Daytona 500, the Coca-Cola 600 in May at Charlotte and the Winston 500 at Talladega will once again be bonus races, but that they will be joined by the Las Vegas race and by the August night race at Bristol. Those two would replace the Brickyard 400 and Southern 500.(That's Racin)(10-12-98)

  • UPDATE: (Geoff)Bodine may be headed to the Stavola Brothers once Buckshot Jones moves into his father's new Pontiac team with crew chief Ricky Pearson. Mickey Stavola may be getting ready to announce a sponsor for him and Bodine(SpeedNet) -- I actually hear that Bodine has already signed with the team.(10-12-98)

  • I hear Caterpillar has signed with the #22 Bill Davis team(10-12-98)

  • UPDATE: Junie Donlavey assumed a new responsibility with his Heilig-Meyers team: crew chief. After losing Tommy Baldwin to the Bill Davis team earlier this season, Donlavey picked up driver Dick Trickle's former crew chief Mike Hillman starting with the Dover(fall) race. Hillman left Donlavey Racing earlier this week to concentrate on his team. He has formed an alliance with Scott Barber, an associate sponsor on the #98 Cale Yarborough car. The duo plans to compete in the postseason race in Japan. Barber remains with the Yarborough team as well. Donlavey, meanwhile, remained upbeat about his team's prospects. Team manager Jeff Kirk is also on the short list. This weekend is his last with Donlavey Racing.(Times-Dispatch) - Jayski note: not sure what this means with the Hillman-Barber duo being at Japan, in what?? Until I saw this story, I had not heard that Hillman had left.(10-10-98) --Team Manager Jeff Kirk of the #90 Junie Donlavey team will NOT be leaving the team until the end of the season, not after Talladega as reported a few days ago.(10-12-98)

  • Some interesting tidbits at Winston 500 notebook from the Alabama Online page.(10-12-98)

  • Bill Elliott, who has owned his own Winston Cup team for four years, is rethinking his role as owner-driver, according to Ford sources, and may be considering a driver-only role. The pressures on NASCAR's owner-drivers, sich as Ricky Rudd, Elliott, Geoff Bodine and Brett Bodine, have become intense over the past two seasons, with the success of multi-team owners such as Rick Hendrick and Jack Roush.(JournalNow)(10-12-98)

  • Dave Marcis used a borrowed Richard Childress engine for Sunday's Winston 500 at Talladega, both in qualifying and the race, and when Marcis suffered damage to his car Sunday, Childress allowed Marcis to borrow some parts needed to keep his #71 Chevrolet on the track. See the rest of the story about Dave Marcis and Richard Childress Racing at Thats's Racin': Marcis gets big boost from RCR.(10-12-98)

  • Chuck Rider said Saturday that he will soon be ready to announce a new sponsor for Derrike Cope and the #30 Pontiac. Apparently it will be from the Sara Lee Group, most likely the Jimmy Dean line of sausage and breakfast foods.(SpeedNet)(10-12-98)

  • Brett Bodine has regained control of his race team, according to NASCAR sources. Bodine sold a large part of his team to Andy Evans last summer.(JournalNow)(10-12-98)

  • UPDATE: Jeff Gordon is set to make his TV sitcom debut on Spin City with Michael J. Fox, according to NASCAR sources.(JournalNow), one of my favorite shows.(10-10-98) -- Jeff Gordon said that his Spin City television appearance with Michael J. Fox will come Nov. 17.(JournalNow)(10-12-98)

  • Many of NASCAR Winston Cup's biggest names are scheduled to make special guest appearance at DAYTONA USA, Daytona International Speedway's award winning "Ultimate Motorsports Attraction" during festivities leading up to the inaugural nighttime running of the Pepsi 400 on October 17. Headlining the list of drivers is John Andretti, defending champion of the Pepsi 400 at Daytona, who is scheduled to greet hundreds of fans in an informal 20-minute Q&A session at 12 noon on Thursday, October 15. Other drivers scheduled for Thursday's fan forums include Andretti's car owner Richard Petty, Joe Nemechek and Brett Bodine. A full list of drivers who are scheduled for Thursday and the times they are scheduled to appear follow (drive availability is tentative and subject to change). Thurs. 10/15/98: 10am-Jeff Green; Noon-John Andretti and Richard Petty; 1pm-Joe Nemechek; 2pm-Brett Bodine. An attraction ticket is required for attendance to these forums. Admission is $12 for adults, $10 for seniors over 60, and $6 for children 6-12. DAYTONA USA features a variety of hands-on-activities and live shows designed to thrill audiences of all ages. Guest can change tires in a timed pit stop, design and video-test a stock car, and experience "The Daytona 500" ThunderRound-Sound(TM) movie. For more information, contact DAYTONA USA at 904-947-6800, or for Pole night tickets call 904-253-7223(10-12-98)

  • It was announced that late Model driver Philip Morris has entered the final BGN race at Homestead. Morris, a 29 time winner at six different race tracks in 1998, has combined forces with three other owners to put together a full campaign for 1999 and are actively looking for backers. The team, just last week, purchased a second DEI BGN car and will be renting a brand new hauler but have a new one on order. The crew chief will be Sammy Houston, the ex-crew chief for the Grubb Brothers of Virginia who currently campaign on the Busch tour. The team will test at Homestead at the end of October.(Racin' with Russ)(10-12-98)

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