• New Testing Rules: NASCAR officials have announced a change in the rules for testing in Winston Cup. The current rules allow each team seven total tests over the course of the season. For 1999, NASCAR will allow Winston Cup teams four tests that will be determined by the manufacturers (Daytona, Talladega, Charlotte and Indianapolis) and three tests at any track a team chooses.(Williams Company PR), teams will be allowed two cars, one transporter. Rookies can test up to 12 times total(TNN), also see the story at GoRacing: New Testing Rules For Cup in 1999.(11-1-98)

  • ACDelco 400 at The Rock: Race Results, Starting Lineup, Qualifying and Practice speeds at Speedworld, GoRacing(great 2nd round stuff) and, NASCAR Online(has qualifying order). TNN RACING also has news, history, racecams, images, etc. at Jayski's Provisional Page with unofficial owners points.

  • PE2 Crewmember hurt: Greg Burkhardt, a crew member for the #44 Hot Wheels Pontiac driven by Kyle Petty, suffered minor first-degree burns to his face when Petty pulled into the pits two-thirds of the way through Sunday's race with his car on fire. Burkhardt was taken to the infield care center, treated and released.(NASCAR Online)(11-1-98)

  • 1st time since 1994: That the Winston Cup Championship has been won before the final race of the season, when Dale Earnhardt won the championship.(11-1-98)

  • K Wallace in the #55 at Japan: I hear Kenny Wallace will make his Andy Petree team debut in Japan in the #55 EA Sports Chevy.(11-1-98)

  • #27 team done? I am hearing that the #27 David Blair team cannot find sponsorship for the 1999 season, will sell the team and has told remaining personnel to look for jobs.(11-1-98)

  • Ingle remains with Rudd: During the early part of the race, it was mentioned that Bill Ingle would remain with Ricky Rudd and the #10 Tide team for the 1999 season. He was thinking about leaving back around Richmond/Darlington a few weeks back.(11-1-98)

  • #41 painted blue: The #41 Hedrick Motorsports Chevy sported the blue Kodiak Ice paint scheme at Rockingham.(11-1-98)

  • Martin to have surgery: Mark Martin plans to have back surgery on the morning following the final BGN Series race of the season. It's an operation he has planned all season. The lower-back surgery should remove the pain that has, at times, been crippling for the driver this year.(Times Dispatch)(11-1-98)

  • Kennedy's last race: Rockingham was #44 crew chief, Bobby Kennedy's last race with the team. He moved on to the #7 Mattei Motorsports team. No idea who will handle the crew chief job at Atlanta for Kyle.(TNN, during the ACDelco Race)(11-1-98)

  • Hmiel signs with DEI: Dale Earnhardt Inc(DEI) announced Sunday the signing of Steve Hmiel to a three-year contract that calls for the longtime crew chief to oversee DEI's motorsports operations. Hmiel will oversee all of the technical development and testing for DEI's three existing teams as well as the development of Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s new NASCAR Winston Cup Series team(#8). Hmiel will coordinate DEI's involvement in RAD -- the new aerodynamics alliance DEI formed with Richard Childress Racing and Andy Petree Racing. Other duties include the development of the 1999 Monte Carlo and implementing race day pit strategy.(NASCAR Online)(11-1-98)

  • Nadeau in the #9 for 1999 - UPDATE: Sue's Newsletter reports that Jerry Nadeau said he will be back in the #9 Melling Ford with the Cartoon Network as the sponsor in 1999.(10-30-98) -- Jerry Nadeau plans to sign with the Harry Melling team for next season but has not done so yet. Neither has the sponsor, Cartoon Network.(Times Dispatch)(11-1-98)

  • Four Teams were out of Provisionals until the 32nd race, Rockingham. None had to use them and will have one available at Atlanta if needed.: #7-Geoff Bodine; #9-Jerry Nadeau; #41-David Green and #30-Derrike Cope.(11-1-98)

  • #9 Cartoon Network car news: Jerry Nadeau will once again be at the wheel of the #9 Cartoon Network Ford at Atlanta this weekend.(11-1-98)

  • 2nd round Cup qualifying is over at Rockingham and the field is set: Ten drivers made attempts and eleven stood on their 1st round time. Bill Elliott was the fastest 2nd round attempt at 154.162mph(would have been 23rd fastest) which moved him up to 26th. Three drivers missed the race including Dave Marcis. To see who missed the race and why and who took provisional and why, see the Jayski's Provisional Page.(10-31-98)

  • mistake.... Regarding pit-stalls, there are 31 of them on the front stretch at North Carolina Speedway(Rockingham).(2-20-98) -- So that means the following teams will pit on the front stretch: #'s 94, 78, 31, 3(who I had said fell to the backstretch), 40 and 98. the #11 of Brett Bodine fell from 31st to 32nd and to the backstretch. Sorry for the confusion.(10-31-98)

  • Pit Crew Competition at the Rock, UPDATE 2: The Tosco 76/Rockingham Pit Crew Competition, which determines the fastest pit crew in NASCAR Winston Cup competition, is held at "The Rock" each Fall race as part of the AC Delco 400 weekend, Bill Elliott and his #94 Ford team took top honors and the $12,000 first prize in the competition a year ago.(TNN)(10-29-98) -- see a That's Racin' story: Elliott's crew in gear, Team prepares to defend pit title.(10-30-98) -- The #31 Lowe's Pit Crew won the Unocal 76/Rockingham World Championship Pit Crew Competition Saturday. The pit crew had a pit stop of 20.322 seconds to win the $15,100. The team, comprised of front tire changer Michael Lingerfelt; rear tire changer Ron Otto; jackman Mike Scearce; gasman Brian Englehart; gas catch man Rick Tulbert; front tire carrier Kevin Gabard and rear tire carrier James (Taco) Landon, edged the No. 1 Pennzoil Chevrolet crew, led by crew chief Phillipe Lopez, by .215-second.(NASCAR Online), see the results at That's Racin': Pit Crew Challenge results. TNN will televise the Unocal 76/Rockingham World Championship Pit Crew Competition on Nov 22nd at 1:30pm/et with a repeat on Nov 29th at 1:30pm/et.(10-31-98)

  • Scooby Doo is back: The Melling team had reported Scooby as missing since the Richmond race, Sept. 12, 1998. On Oct. 30th The No. 75 team of Rick Mast returned Scooby at The Rock. Check it out at: Ruh Roh, Scooby Doo is BACK.(Sue, just for fun folks)(10-31-98)

  • Irvan done for the year? There are strong indications that Irvan will skip the Atlanta race. He skipped Daytona and Phoenix. Irvan, who says he doesn't feel quite right, met with Dr. Erroll Erlandson on Wednesday at St. Joseph's in Ypsilanti, Mich., to discuss his aches and pains.(JournalNow)(10-31-98)

  • DJ Back but... Dr. James Magary has given Dale Jarrett clearance to postpone surgery to remove his gall bladder until after the remaining two races of the Winston Cup season. Jarrett will attempt to compete this weekend at Rockingham but will have Hut Stricklin standing by as a relief driver. Jarrett, who is 3rd in championship points, need only start the race to get whatever points the car wins during the event. We suspect Jarrett will make a large effort to qualify and start the race and then Robert Yates will use his "influence" to order the driver change should he feel it necessary before Jarrett. Jarrett said Friday during practice that he expects to put Hut Stricklin in the car after starting. He remains sore but more importantly feels somewhat weak from not eating much this entire week.(SCR)(10-31-98)

  • Rules...Rules: NASCAR officials say they do not plan to release any rules changes this weekend. Winston Cup crew chiefs and Detroit factory officials are braced for the fax machines to start ringing on Monday morning if Jeff Gordon, as expected, clinches the championship in Sunday's 400.(JournalNow)(10-31-98)

  • Tony Furr returns to track: Broken leg and all Tony Furr is back in the Winston Cup garage area, now assisted by Dave Charpentier. Charpentier apparently will work as a team engineer for the Budweiser team. It is unclear right now whether Charpentier will spread his engineering across all three teams or concentrate on the #50 car in 1999. Furr also has Ken Howes, the former crew chief of the Budweiser team to fall back on if need be on race day.(SCR)(10-31-98)

  • #50 news: Dave Charpentier has started work as engineer for the Wally Dallenbach-Tony Furr team at Hendrick Motorsports.(JournalNow)(10-31-98)

  • Tabasco Stays....for now: McIlhenny Company, makers of TABASCO® brand Pepper Sauce, announced today they have come to an amicable agreement with Tim Beverley and ISM Racing Corp. to complete the 1998 Winston Cup season. Darrell Waltrip will remain as the driver of the No. 35 TABASCO® Pontiac for the final two races of 1998. No plans are mentioned for Tabasco to return to NASCAR racing beyond the final two races of 1998. So far there has been nothing from Tyler Jet Motorsports indicating their intentions or plans, or those for Darrell Waltrip. (SCR)(10-31-98)

  • Irvan to race? UPDATE 2: Per PRN's Winston Cup Today Radio show on Thursday - Ernie Irvan had been seen/examined in Michigan on Wednesday by Dr. Errol Erlandson, the doctor that treated him after the 1994 Michigan accident. Irvan was told that he was having a "normal" recovery from his Talladega crash. No additional damage to the head, etc. Erlandson did recommend an MRI to check out neck/pain pain Irvan had earlier in the summer. Depending on how Irvan feels on Friday will be the determining factor on if he will race at Rockingham this weekend. -- Ricky Craven will practice and qualify the #36 Skittles Pontiac today at Rockingham, substituting for the injured Ernie Irvan. Irvan is awaiting results of an MRI taken on his neck Thursday in Mooresville, NC. After a review of Irvan's tests and discussion of aches and pains, Erlandson recommended an MRI to examine neck pain that plagued Irvan earlier this year who reported pain in his shoulder and arm in late July. At that time, doctors diagnosed Irvan with a herniated disc between the fifth and six vertebrae.(NASCAR Online) Also see the GoRacing Item and Notes, updates on Irvan can also be found at Jayski's Ernie Irvan Site.(10-30-98) -- Ernie Irvan decided to sit out of the Rockingham race due to nagging problems with a herniated disc in his neck suffered in an earlier crash, then aggravated at Talladega. Ricky Craven practiced and qualified the Skittles Pontiac Friday and will continue through the weekend. Ernie will wait until further conversations with his doctors before making a decision on racing at Atlanta.(SCR)(10-31-98)

  • Entering your first NASCAR Busch race usually means a tough weekend, often ending in disappointment as even making the field is very difficult these days. Philip Morris didn't let any of that get in his way as he qualified 12th and finished a remarkable 5th. You can bet there are some interested car owners wanting to know more about Morris. I´d be willing to bet there are car owners who are also interested in who was crewing his car. 5th in a Busch race at Rockingham is not something you luck into.(SCR)(10-31-98)

  • There is expected to be an announcement at Atlanta on Nov 6th that Fleming-IGA will become the fulltime sponsor on the #57 Progressive Motorsports Chevy's driven by Jason Keller in the BGN series.(WC Scene) Didn't happen(10-31-98)

  • Teams that failed to make the field in first round qualifying and are 26th or worse but are guaranteed(by this I mean whatever happens in 2nd round, not where things stand now) to make the ACDelco 400 at Rockingham based on owners points: #3-Dale Earnhardt(8th in owners points); #40-Sterling Marlin(14); #36-Ricky Craven/Ernie Irvan(15); #94-Bill Elliott(17); #31-Mike Skinner(19); #11-Brett Bodine(25); and yes #35-Darrell Waltrip(champ prov). The three teams that would miss the race if things stayed the same: #96-Steve Grissom(43); #71-Dave Marcis(44); and #80-Andy Hillenburg(--). The four teams that were out of provisionals, #7-Geoff Bodine(28 in owners points); #30-Derrike Cope(39); #9-Jerry Nadeau(34); and #41-David Green(37) all gained a provisional for attempting their teams 32nd race. Only the #41 may need it, the other three are in the race on 1st round speeds #7-7th, #11-8th, #9-11th. Dale Jarrett showed no ill effects of those gall stones and qualified 4th. Mark Martin wins the pole! See Jayski's Provisional Page for the Provisional Standings.(10-30-98)

  • Kennedy New Job? UPDATE 2 Kyle Petty's current crew chief Bobby Kennedy and the remaining crew of the #44 that has not left yet, will move with crew chief Kennedy when he announces his new deal which should be in the next few weeks. Kennedy will be the 1999 crew chief for a current NASCAR Winston Cup but we'll have to wait until next week to find out the details.(MRN's Marty Snider's Two Cents)(10-28-98) -- I hear Kennedy will be working at the #7 Mattei Motorsports team in 1999(10-29-98) -- It's on NASCAR Online, Kennedy will take over starting at Japan.(10-30-98)

  • Stewarts Crew Chief: The crew chief for the #20 Home Depot Joe Gibbs owned Pontiac that Tony Stewart will drive in 1999 wii be Greg Zipadelli(sorry for the miss spelling), who has been Jeff Burton's chassis specialist this season at Roush Racing.(JournalNow) No word on what happened to news that Stewart would run a few Cup races at the end of the 1998 season.(10-30-98)

  • Hornaday and DEI, UPDATE: I hear CTS Driver Ron Hornaday will drive a 2nd BGN Dale Earnhardt Chevy at the Daytona BGN race in February 1999. NAPA will be the sponsor.(10-29-98) -- was announced on RPM2Nite and will happen. No idea of a #.(10-30-98)

  • Earnhardt Sponsor: Dale Earnhardt Jr. and The Outlaw® will team up in the Cup Series for the next four years. Dale Jr. will carry Pennzoil's The Outlaw® Performance Additives as an associate sponsor he runs five Cup races in 1999 and begins a full schedule in 2000. The black, yellow and orange The Outlaw® horse head logo will adorn the rear quarter panels of Earnhardt Jr.'s (#8?)Budweiser Monte Carlo. The Outlaw® Performance Additives are a family of high-quality fuel additives promoted as "additives with attitude."(Pennzoil PR)(10-30-98)

  • ACDelco Stats: from TNN's Motorsports site - AC Delco 400 At A Glance.(10-29-98)

  • STP and the #43? Hearing STP will scale down to an associate sponsor in 1999 with the #43 Richard Petty team and driver John Andretti. The team is supposedly talking to some primary sponsor candidates.(10-29-98)

  • Stavola Bros at Atlanta: The #8 Stavola Bros Chevy will race at Atlanta with Morgan Shepherd behind the wheel. The team has also agreed to give up the #8 to Dale Earnhardt Inc after the 1998 season. Earnhardt's late father, Ralph used the #8 during his NASCAR career. The Stavola's will also shut down operations of their team if they do not find sponsorship for the 1999 season by Nov 13th.(not 19th)(WC Radio)(10-28-98)

  • Ah..more testing/rules rumors: NASCAR's proposed new testing rules and spoiler rules changes are still up in the air. There was again no word from Daytona Beach, Fla., headquarters yesterday about the rules changes. On the testing rules, NASCAR officials are expected to require that anyone testing a Winston Cup car during the year also try to make the field at that track during the season, to forestall any car owner from bringing in testing ringers. NASCAR is considering raising rear spoilers about 1 1/2 inches for the race at Atlanta to make the cars handle better. That prospect is meeting with mixed response.(JournalNow)(10-29-98)

  • Some sons of NASCAR folk making an attempt at the Rock this weekend in the BGN series: Adam Petty, son of Kyle Petty; Bobby Hamilton Jr.; Barry Bodine, son of Geoff Bodine; and Toby Robertson, son of former Sports Marketing Enterprises president the late T. Wayne Robertson. All of them tested on the 1.017-mile oval on Monday. (CBS SportsLine)(10-29-98)

  • Ernie Ready? Many readers have reported that during This Week in NASCAR last night(TV), Alan Bestwick mentioned that Ernie Irvan would be meeting with doctors this week to determine if he will race this weekend and that whether or not he will race is still a question. Also from Marty Snider's My Two Cents(MRN): One of the other big story lines of the Phoenix race was the absence of Ernie Irvan from the starting line-up. Irvan is still recuperating from accident at Talladega that left him a little woosy but without any broken bones. Feeling 'unsure of himself' Ernie turned the car over to Ricky Craven in Saturday morning practice and Sunday's race. The question now is, can Ernie drive this weekend? "That's what we're working towards is trying to get me better for Rockingham and at least as good as the car is," said Irvan before the race. Some team members say that the possibility of Ernie sitting out the rest of the year exists. The reasons for Ernie staying out to avoid further injury are easy to come by…only two races remaining, you have a more than capable back up in Ricky Craven, and those two races are tough ones (Rockingham and Atlanta). The reasons to keep Ernie in the car are not so easy to come by…he wants to race. That's not a strong enough argument. Right now it looks like the fear of further injury might win this battle…stay tuned.(MRN)(10-29-98)

  • Dale Jarrett Update 2: According Ned Jarrett, who was on NASCAR Live tonight (Tues), Dale is still in the hospital in Phoenix. Ned stated that Dale has gallstones. Some have moved to other parts of his body, and can not be treated with laser surgery because his gallbladder has been torn. Ned continued to say they would know more about Dale's release from the hospital within the next day or two. Depending upon whether the gallstones pass soon, will determine if he can at least start the car at Rockingham this weekend. But according to Ned "it doesn't look promising for Dale to do that at this point, as major surgery is still a possibility." Ned and Jason are in Myrtle Beach, SC this weekend to fill in for DJ at his golf tournament.(SpeedRacerReturns via StockCarFans Newsletter) -- Dale Jarrett is scheduled to be released from John C. Lincoln Hospital in North Mountain, Phoenix, AZ on Oct. 29 after a final day of rest. Jarrett's condition will be monitored closely for the next two weeks and is tentatively scheduled to undergo surgery for his gallstone condition following the season-ending event at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Hut Stricklin will stand by in relief(GoRacing) also check out Dale Jarrett Online Q&A, updating fans on DJ's condition.(10-28-98)

  • UPDATE 2: NASCAR Winston Series shoe Philip Morris will enter the AC Delco 200 this Sunday at Rockingham. Morris, from Ruckersville, VA racked up 13 feature wins in the tough NASCAR Winston Racing Series with top 5 finishes in 20 events this year. He will run a car bought from DEI, the #84(not 94) Chevy. See an image of the car at the Stock Car Racing Magazine site: PHILIP MORRIS MAKES JUMP TO BUSCH.(10-26-98) -- McFarland Motorsports, Inc./ #82 Carolina Shoe raceteam of driver Mark McFarland is assisting Phillip Morris's BGN team this weekend at Rockingham and also at Homestead with the use of their 18 wheeler and some of the pit equipment.(10-28-98)

  • Rules Change: Expect news on a rules change soon, not for Rockingham but possibly for Atlanta.(NASCAR Today Radio)(10-28-98)

  • Wallace/Elledge/Ifft: Jimmy Elledge will act as the crew chief for the #81 Filmar team and Kenny Wallace once again at Rockingham on Friday and Saturday and return to his regular duties as Mark Martins tire changer on Sunday. David Ifft will act as Wallace's crew chief on Sunday. Elledge will be Wallace's crew chief on the 2nd Andy Petree team in 1999, the #55 Square-D Chevy. Elledge and Wallace were in Atlanta the past two days testing.(RPM2Nite)(10-28-98)

  • Testing at Atlanta on Wed: Thirteen Cup teams tested at Atlanta on Wednesday, the speeds: 1) #22-Burton 188.957mph; 2) #75-Mast 188.443; 3) #12-Mayfield 188.315; 4) #4-Hamilton 187.996; 5) #33-Schrader 186.729; 6) #50-Dallenbach 186.603; 7) #97-Little 185.604; 8) #77-Pressley 185.600; 9) #98-Bickle 185.046; 10) #41-D Green 184.800; 11) #43-Andretti 184.554; 12) #55-K Wallace 184.370; no idea who #13 was.(NASCAR/WC Today Radio and RPM2Nite)(10-28-98)

  • Waltrip in Japan: Mattei Motorsports will put Michael Waltrip behind the wheel of the #7 Philips Ford at this year's Japanese exhibition race.(NASCAR Online)(10-28-98)

  • Mast Rumors: It appears that Mast may be on the verge of finding a place to hang his hat for 1999. After flirting with offers from Bill Elliott and Larry Hedrick, Mast appears to be ready to sign with a brand new team for next year. This new team will be a second team to an already existing Ford team. Perhaps the much anticipated Peter Guild team that would be a second team to Travis Carter's team?(MRN's Marty Snider's Two Cents)(10-28-98)

  • Stavola Bros to shut down? Hearing the #8 Stavola Bros Cup team will cease operations at the end of the 1998 season. Supposedly DEI will get the #8 for their 2nd team with Dale Earnhardt, Jr who will drive five Cup races in 1999.(10-27-98)

  • Smith hospitalized UPDATE: Louise Smith, the first woman elected to the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in Talladega, AL, was in fair condition at Greenville(SC) Memorial Hospital Friday.(NandoNet)(10-23-98) -- From iRACE: Louise Smith released from hospital.(10-27-98)

  • UPDATE 3 on Jarrett's condition from GoRacing: Dale Jarrett is still in a local Phoenix hospital and is being evaluated for possible gall stone treatments. Jarrett, who was taken from his car on lap 127 of Sunday's Dura-Lube/Kmart 500, was transported, via air ambulance, to St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix on Sunday. Jarrett was examined at that time where doctors determined that Jarrett suffered from gall stones. At the family's request and in order to consult with Dr. James Magary, a surgeon who specializes in gall bladder ailments, he was discharged from St. Joseph's Hospital and admitted to John C. Lincoln Hospital - North Mountain in Phoenix. Jarrett remains in the hospital at this time and is listed in fair and stable condition while he undergoes a battery of tests to determine the best course of medical action. No determination has yet been made on whether Jarrett will be discharged and cleared in time for this coming weekend's event at Rockingham with doctors saying they "not ruled out the possibility of Jarrett driving in this weekend's NASCAR Winston Cup event at North Carolina Motor Speedway."(GoRacing)(10-26-98) -- From That's Racin' Jarrett searches for quick gallstones fix. -- late Tuesday update at GoRacing: Jarrett Continues His Best Rest In Phoenix, also check out Dale Jarrett Online Q&A, updating fans on DJ's condition.(10-27-98)

  • Charpentier to Bud Team? UPDATE Rumors are swelling that the # 50 Bud team may be on the verge of acquiring the services of the #75 crew chief Dave Charpentier. Charpentier has been shopping his name around over the past few weeks looking for a job, not as a crew chief but rather just as a team engineer. Many people in the garage area say that Charpentier has said that he has 'tried being a crew chief' and is ready to go back to 'just being an engineer.' Charpentier is widely considered to be one of the best engineering minds in stock car racing, any team will be extremely lucky to land him even though he may "just be the engineer," as he puts it.(MRN's Marty's Two Cents Worth)(10-22-98) -- It was mentioned on RPM2Nite that Charpentier has left the #75 Butch Mock team and he was supposedly at Atlanta assisting the #50 Bud team during testing. Charpentier's replacement will be announced by Mock at a later date.(RPM2Nite) and see the story at TNN #75 Remington Arms Changing Crewchief(10-27-98)

  • Marcis and Realtree extend: Dave Marcis and Realtree has extended their agreement another year, Realtree will once again be on Marcis' #71 Chevy.(NASCAR Online and TNN)(10-27-98)

  • Cool Stats: By the numbers: Wallace maintains streak of winning years by Gene Granger the iRACE Historian. Including: Consecutive-year race, pole winners; Drivers with 300 consecutive starts; Best winning percentage; Races with less than one-lap MOV(margin of victory)(10-27-98)

  • Testing at Atlanta: Fifteen Cup teams tested at Atlanta on Tuesday, the speeds: 1) #22-Burton 187.297mph; 2) #12-Mayfield 186.666; 3)#33-Schrader 185.915; 4) #4-Hamilton 185.666; 5) #97-Little and #75-Mast 185.480; 7) #43-Andretti 184.247; 8) #55-K Wallace 182.669; 9) #98-Bickle 181.940; #41-D Green 181.770; #77-Pressley 181.651; #50-Dallenbach 181.592; #42-Nemechek, #44-Petty and #07-Dan Pardus no speeds.(NASCAR/WC Today Radio and RPM2Nite)(10-27-98)

  • #41 team to talk to Green: #41 team plans to sit down with David Green this week in an effort to secure Green's services for the 1999 season.(NASCAR Today Radio)(10-27-98)

  • Elliott Selling? Bill Elliott was asked about rumors that he was selling his 2nd race team and responded by saying he was not actively selling the team, but if someone came by with the right deal....right now he is concentrating on racing.(NASCAR/WC Today Radio)(10-27-98)

  • Pressley Tests at Atlanta: Robert Pressley tested his #77 Jasper Engines Ford at Atlanta Monday, no speeds mentioned. Pressley also tested his BGN car there.(WC Today Radio)(10-27-98)

  • New Cup Team to debut in Japan: UPDATE 2 It was reported on TNN's Raceday that a new Winston Cup team would debut at the Japan race with Rich Bickle as the driver. This may be the rumored Mike Hillman run team. No 1999 driver has been announced yet. -- Here is some info I hear on this new team(for Japan only at this point): I hear the team is Bickle/Smith Motorsports with Mike Hillman as crew chief. Turbine Solutions will be the sponsor on the #58 Ford Taurus. The Japan car is supposedly purchased from Roush Racing.(10-25-98) -- The team is NOT Bickle/Smith Motorsports. The team is actually SBIII (that's roman numeral 3) Motorsports owned by Scott Barbour, CEO of Turbine Solutions. Hillman is the crew chief. It is the #58 Ford Taurus. They will make their debut in Japan with Rich Bickle behind the wheel. Barbour and Hillman have not selected a driver at this point for the 1999 season. Turbine Solutions will be the sponsor on the car for the Japan race, however, they are seeking a full sponsor for the '99 season.(10-26-98)

  • Six Seasons to Stardom: Jeff Gordon is completing his sixth full season in Winston Cup competition, and his statistics stack up well against those from the first six seasons of some of the sport's other top drivers: Check out the story from That's Racin': Gordon is completing remarkable year and chart at Compare first six years of top drivers by David Poole.(10-26-98)

  • Craven to run 2nd MB2 Team? UPDATE Now there is talk that Ricky Craven is talking to MB2 Motorsports about fielding a 2nd team in 1999.(RACEDAY-TNN) During the Phoenix race Dick Berggren mentioned that on Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, Craven would be attending meeting which would hopefully decide his 1999 Cup plans.(TNN)(10-25-98) -- The MB2/Craven deal WILL NOT happen.(10-26-98)

  • Jarrett Taken to Hospital UPDATE 3: Dale Jarrett got out of the #88 Quality Care/Ford Credit Ford midway thru the Dura Lube/Kmart 500. Michael Waltrip relieved Jarrett. DJ was taken to the St Joesph's Hospital in Phoenix for dehydration and adominal pain. He also has the flu. Get well DJ.(TNN during the race) -- Jarrett will have an ultrasound on his adominal area, word is it may be a gall bladder/stone problem(RPM2Nite/AP)(10-25-98) -- See a story at That's racin': Jarrett suffers from gall bladder ailment(10-26-98)

  • Bonus Points: Leaders in bonus points(leading a lap or the most laps) - Jeff Gordon 155, Mark Martin has 150, Dale Jarrett 105, Rusty Wallace 100 and Jeff Burton 80.(Henry/StockCarFans) The only driver who has made all the events and has no bonus points is Kyle Petty.(10-26-98)

  • Mast Looking, #41? Rick Mast has put his name in the hat for the ride with Larry Hedrick next season, according to sources close to the team. Mast still has details to work out with present car owner Butch Mock(#75) over the final year (1999) of his driving contract with that team. Hedrick says that Geoff Bodine is not on his list of drivers for next season.(JournalNow)(10-26-98)

  • Geoff to the #41? UPDATE Geoff Bodine and Tim Brewer, who have teamed both successfully and unsuccessfully over the years, may be teaming again next season, with Larry Hedrick's Chevrolets(#41 Kodiak), according to sources close to the situation.(JournalNow)(10-24-98) -- Hedrick says that Geoff Bodine is not on his list of drivers for next season.(JournalNow)(10-26-98)

  • Points and more points: Mark Martin has scored 123 more points this year thru the first 31 races than he did in 1997, but Gordon has scored 365 more. That is an improvement of almost 12 points a race. Martin's total from the first 31 races of this season (4634) would have been good enough to be leading last years' points race by 36 points going into the finale.(Henry/StockCarFans Newsletter)(10-26-98)

  • Provisional Stuff: With Michael Waltrip and the Wood brothers failing to make the field, there is some talk in the garage about changing second-round qualifying rules. The fastest 25 are now locked in after the first round, and the next 11 spots are given to drivers based on the fastest speeds run either in the first round or second round. Second-round qualifying is usually done under much less favorable conditions, such as a hotter time of the day. Hence, the prospect is being raised that everyone not making the top 25 have to requalify, and not stand on first-round times. Some in the garage said that if NASCAR officials had offered their champion's provisional to the most recent eligible champion, Dale Earnhardt would have gotten the last starting spot, Darrell Waltrip would have been out, and Michael Waltrip would have made the race.(JournalNow) Jayski Note: I think NASCAR is trying to be as consistent as possible with the provisionals, letting Earnhardt use the champ would have gone against everthing they have done with provisionals in 1999, plus knocking an already upset high paying sponsor out of the race may have really hurt the #35 team with trying to retain Tabasco. Making everyone run 2nd round is a good idea. I hear NASCAR is happy with the current provisional setup and the only changes they may make is to limit the number of Champions Provisionals a driver can use in a year. Also see a good story about the champ prov at Speed Magazine - Past champs shouldn't rest on provisionals.(10-26-98)

  • Rules Change Coming for 1999? UPDATE Winston Cup's rules governing spoiler size and front air dam clearance haven't changed since March, but that could change if Jeff Gordon clinches the points championship. NASCAR has been considering changes for several months, but with Gordon's Chevrolet and Mark Martin's Ford team locked in a tight points race for much of the summer it was reluctant to put anything into place that might alter the competitive balance. Based on several conversations in the garage area Saturday, it was not clear what changes NASCAR might make. Changes have been discussed with competitors, and -- as is usually the case when different car makers are involved -- there is disagreement over what changes should be made. Changes to 1999 testing rules may also be announced this week.(That's Racin')(10-25-98) -- A major aerodynamic spoiler rule is coming, possibly for the Atlanta season finale. The change would come as soon as Gordon clinches the 1998 Winston Cup title. Supposedly and inch and a half, front and back.(JournalNow) Also the Times-Dispath reports it may be for the the Ford Taurus only. Wow, that's a big change and would pretty much cancel out any testing done at Atlanta in recent weeks.(10-26-98)

  • Stricklin to New Team UPDATE: Looks like Hut Strickland will be signing up with the new team of RDJ Motorsports (known as the Sunshine Boys). An official announcement is planned to be made at Atlanta in Nov. Donnie Allison will also be signing up with RDJ as Crew Chief.(RDJ Motorsports PR Release)(10/24/98) -- Stricklin has indicated an interest in driving a Ford for this team and Allison has agreed to become a consultant providing that certain criteria is met(not sure what that is)(RDJ)(10-26-98)

  • Testing Rules Announced Sunday? UPDATE NASCAR's new testing rules will probably be released here on Sunday. One key provision is more NASCAR scrutiny. Another, four of the year's seven tests will be at set tracks, Daytona, Talladega, Indianapolis and Charlotte. Teams will be allowed just two cars at each test. Yet another, NASCAR officials will be closely scrutinizing who teams bring to each test. NASCAR might like to limit teams to one driver per test, but that might be difficult to enforce, because some teams bring in different drivers for each test. Dave Marcis and Jay Sauter will be testing for Richard Childress' teams next season, along with regular drivers Earnhardt and Mike Skinner.(JournalNow)(10-24-98) -- NASCAR did not release the 1999 test dates to drivers this weekend, as had been expected. However, the four mandatory test sites do seem to be locked in as Talladega, Daytona, Indianapolis and Charlotte. There apparently was some discussion of substituting Las Vegas as one of the tracks. Drivers also have three open test sites during the season. Rookies are allowed three additional tests. In other NASCAR news, pit crew limits could be implemented before the end of the season. NASCAR could test the new limits in Atlanta.(Times-Dispatch)(10-26-98)

  • Fan gets Martin's car: Scott Davis of Dripping Springs, Texas, is the new owner of a NASCAR Winston Cup Ford Taurus, and he says he has his 3 1/2-year-old son to thank. Davis entered the nationwide Valvoline SynPower Race Car Sweepstakes and won the grand prize, one of Mark Martin's 750-horsepower race cars. Davis, 34, said he entered the contest after his son Spencer insisted he buy a bottle of the Valvoline product because it included a Hot Wheels toy replica of the race car. Davis' name was drawn in September at random from nearly 150,000 entries. The car Davis won is no replica. Martin raced it 10 times, including a victory on Sept. 21, 1997, at Dover Downs International Speedway. The last time he raced the car was in Bristol, Tenn., in March. He finished seventh. Davis plans to store the car at his house in Texas.(Sue's NASCAR Newsletter)(10-26-98)
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