• #93 to Cup: As reported months ago, the #93 Amoco Bill Davis team will run some Cup races in 1999 with Dave Blaney. No idea when or where yet(11-15-98)

  • Look for Jeff Fuller to run at Homstead in his own unsponsored #94 car.(11-9-98) -- and Fuller made the race(11-14-98)

  • Stefanik to CTS: Mike Stefanik announced he will be driving Dale Phelon's Carlin Burners #66 in the Craftsman Truck Series in 1999. Stefanik, who is also the NASCAR Busch North champ for 1997 and 1998, drove the Phelon truck to an 8th place finish at Las Vegas in his "audition" for the team.(11-14-98)

  • Yates looking?? UPDATE 2: Robert Yates, who owns the #28 and #88 teams, is in the market for a crew chief, according to sources close to his operation. Yates wouldn't confirm/deny. Donnie Wingo, the crew chief for Jimmy Spencer and Travis Carter, may be one man under consideration. Richard Labbe, Irwin's crew chief and a rookie at the job, says he's heard the talk too, but has been told his job is safe.(JournalNow)(11-9-98) -- Ut oh, hearing that this is true and that Labbe and Yates have parted.(11-12-98) -- Richard Labbe, who took over crew chief duties on the #28 Robert Yates Racing Texaco Havoline Ford driven by Raybestos Rookie of the Year Kenny Irwin after the third race of the 1998 NASCAR Winston Cup season, has parted ways with the team, according to team spokesperson Pam Colbert. According to Colbert, Yates is on vacation until early next week, and the team will not have an announcement on a possible replacement for Labbe until after Yates returns(NASCAR Online)(11-13-98)

  • DW Chat UPDATE 2: On Thurday, 11-12 at 2pm/et, Darrell Waltrip chated with fans on CNNSI, I have had no luck in finding the transcript on the chat, I now hear that they do not post a transcript, so what's the sense of a chat??(11-12-98) -- Had a few readers email what they saw in the chat and have compiled a few things: Q) As for his 1999 plans - A) doesn't know yet but is trying to work out a deal to be a member of a multi-car team, with the resources, people and technology to be successful. Q) about the #91 LJ Racing team and that Tabasco may go with them and that DW is at the top of Joe Falks list - A) DW has been absolutely fascinated by Joe Falk, on his budget. That car has been very competitive.. he is not on the top of my list, but he is on my list. That's it for now. -- HEY A TRANSCRIPT - check it out at: Chat Transcript: Darrell Waltrip at CNNSI.(11-13-98)

  • LaJoie Out - NOW? NOPE During TNN's Raceday show, an argument was show been the owner of the #74 Fina Chevy and soon to be ex-driver Randy LaJoie. Owner Bill Baumgardner basically blamed LaJoie for blowing their 8th motor of the year, saying the tach was at 10,000. When both were asked about LaJoie racing next week in the #74 at Homestead, Baumgardner was pretty much non-committal why LaJoie just smiled and said he didn't know but he'd be racing someone's car. Stay tuned for what may happen with this.(TNN Raceday)(11-8-98) -- LaJoie is in the #74 car for the weekend.(NASCAR Online)(11-13-98)

  • Bodine/Philips?? UPDATE: Now here's an odd RUMOR - I hear that Geoff Bodine now has control over the Philips sponsorship and will take it wherever he lands. I also hear that Philips has not signed with the #7 team for 1999 yet. Truth is in there somewhere, I guess. Also I once again hear that the #7 team WILL switch to Chevy's for 1999.(11-11-98) -- maybe not as odd as I thought, looks like Bodine is taking Philips to the #98 Cale Yarborough team.(11-12-98)

  • MacDonald/3M 1999: "The Toronto Sun reports MacDonald would be part of an ambitious sponsorship campaign by 3M company, which is looking to get into stock car racing next year. Patsy Bartley, the manager of communications, development and planning, told the newspaper that any NASCAR involvement will include MacDonald behind the wheel. 3M, which is best known for its Scotch brand of tape, is also a major supplier of auto parts. They were behind MacDonald's last minute attempt at qualifying for last weekend's Busch race in Atlanta. But 3M executives say the failure to qualify was all part of the learning process as they investigate just what it takes to go racing with the big boys. MacDonald approached 3M more than a year ago in an attempt to land some sponsorship for his racing career. He was hired on as a consultant with the company once it began to consider using auto racing as a means to promote itself." From the Headlines section, Canadian MacDonald to catch a break?.(TSN Motorsport, Canada's sport source), doesn't mention if it's for Cup/BGN/CTS.(11-12-98)

  • Bradberry Back UPDATE: Gary Bradberry will be attempting to make the Homestead BGN race this week. The BGN team is still searching for sponsorship for next year. Bradberry will also be back driving the #78 TRIAD Motorsports Ford in 1999. More info can be found at The Official Gary Bradberry Fan Site(11-10-98) -- Also Pilot Travel Centers will return to the #78, they will once again have Yates engines, and no 1999 Crew Chief has been named.(11-12-98)

  • iRace stats: NASCAR by the Numbers, Statistics compiled by iRACE historian Gene Granger. Including drivers and team owners with at least one win and one pole in consecutive seasons, drivers with 300 consecutive starts, winning percentage, etc.(11-12-98)

  • 4th Quarter Nominee: Bill Elliott, who organized a relief fund for tornado victims in Georgia is the fourth quarter nominee for the NASCAR True Value Man of the Year Award.(NASCAR Online)(11-12-98)

  • Whitaker to run Query: Ed Whitaker, one of the winningest car owners in the BGN Series, will field the #7 Pilot™ Chevy for Freddie Query in this at Homestead. With four poles, nine victories, 13 top-five finishes and 14 top-10 finishes Query has clinched the 1998 NASCAR Slim Jim All Pro Series Championship. Pilot™, is a product of Pilot™ Automotive and a division of Wang's International Inc. Wang's International, Inc., established in 1984, offers a wide range of product lines, including: Pilot™, He-Beam™, Navigator™, Pilot Motorsports™ Performance Accessories, Restyling Accessories, Bully™ Truck Accessories, Spoilers and Fender Trim, among others.(The Premiere Group)(11-12-98)

  • The latest Japan list: Includes 13 Cup drivers - via NASCAR online: NASCAR Thunder Special Motegi - Coca-Cola 500 Driver List, including Cup drivers Jeff Gordon, Michael and Darrell Waltrip, Rusty and Kenny Wallace, Jeff Burton, Dale Earnhardt(Jr and Sr), Bobby Hamilton, Sterling Marlin, Jeremy Mayfield, Mike Skinner, Ricky Craven and Bill Elliott.(11-11-98)
  • Lake Speed News: Lake Speed will speak this Saturday(11-14) at 7pm/et at the Bible Baptist Church Gym in Danville, WV. Speed will give his testimony on the topic of his “Greatest Race” and will be followed by an autograph session. There will be a display of memorabilia from his racing career and refreshments will be served. Speed will also speak in the morning worship service Sunday at 11am/et. The event is being sponsored by the Lake Speed Fan Club and for more information contact VP Joe Linville at: (11-11-98)

  • Nadeau on RPM2Nite UPDATE: Jerry Nadeau is scheduled to be on RPM2Nite, Wednesday, 11-11 at 7pm/et to announce his 1999 plans.(11-10-98) -- Jerry Nadeau was on RPM2Nite and announced that he has signed with Melling Racing for 1999 in the #9 Ford. Sponsorship will be announced soon, Mark Melling said it is a big deal and is very happy with both Jerry and crew chief Jeff Buice.(11-11-98)

  • 46 Team Done: I just heard that the #46 SABCO team has shut down operations as no sponsorship was found. I also hear that the #7 Mattei team will buy up some of the chevy's from the SABCO left over from the #46.(11-11-98)

  • Tyler Jet: I hear the team will go back to the #17(from the #35) and will stay with the Pontiacs because the team has spent so much money converting from Chevy's to Pontiacs. One rumor has Rich Bickle as a possible driver for the team.(11-11-98)

  • Morgan OK: I hear that Morgan Shepherd is ok after that nasty run-in with the wall, just a headache but checked out ok and is fine.(11-11-98)

  • Ray Hill's mother passed away over the weekend. Hill is the Busch Director and is retiring at the end of the 1998 season. Condolences to the Hill family.(11-11-98)

  • More Carter 2nd team stuff UPDATE 3: Hearing the second Travis Carter team(currently owns the #23 No Bull Ford) is close to becoming reality with Rick Mast as the driver. Jimmy Spencer even talked about it on the radio(Winston Cup Today Radio), I hear Peter Guild-ProMotors and Carl Haas (used to own part of the #37 now #12 team) are involved with Kmart to sponsor.(11-5-98) -- Carter cancelled a scheduled Saturday morning Press Conference(11-6-98), supposedly sponsorship for the 2nd team and Rick Mast have fallen through(11-7-98) -- I now hear that the press conference was postponed and the deal is still in the works, if it falls thru look for Mast to sign with the #13(11-8-98) -- I hear the Travis Carter 2nd team is still on, just delayed in the announcement, which was planned in Atlanta. One rumor I hear is that the car will be the #66 BIG Kmart/Route 66 Ford. CART team owner Carl Haas is rumored to be a partner.(11-10-98)

  • Japan List: See a list from September on who will drive at Twin Ring Motegi from NASCAR Online: NASCAR teams set for Coca-Cola 500K. It has Rich Bickle listed, but doesn't list Ricky Craven who will drive the #58.(11-10-98)

  • Hendrick to return: NASCAR Online story - John Hendrick looks ahead to return of his brother, on January 1, 1999. Also mentioned in the story, no turnover with the #24 DuPont team, minor changes on the #5 Kelloggs team including the addition of a new No. 2 man behind crew chief Andy Graves and the Bud team will go back to the #25 from the #50 and is the main concern within Hendrick Motorsports.(11-10-98)

  • Spencer/Trickle UPDATE: It was just announced that Jimmy Spencer's BGN team, Spencer Motor Ventures, will field a full time effort next year with Dick Trickle as the driver and Schneider National's trucking division. Trickle currently drives the #64 Schneider National Chevrolet in the BGN.(SpencerFan Newsletter)(11-6-98) -- not sure what to make of this, but am hearing that this is not a not a done deal and that Schneider is still not sure about it's 1999 plans but wants to be with Trickle and is happy with Shoemaker racing, this could get interesting.(11-10-98)

  • Stavola's/Bodine UPDATE: During Happy Hour practice on ESPN2, Dave Despain mentioned that Geoff Bodine is supposed to get the ride with the #8 Stavola Bros team, BUT, that the team has no sponsorship and may close the doors if none is found soon.(11-7-98) -- The Stavola brothers have told their crew "If they don't get a sponsor, they're closing the doors next Friday," according to crew chief Jim Long. Morgan Shepherd gave Long's car a good workout Sunday, battling Jeff Gordon for seventh late in the race. Gordon tangled with Shepherd, who ended up in the wall.(JournalNow)(11-10-98)

  • Stanley Tools ride: I hear Jeff Green and Steve Grissom remain the two leading candidates for the #36 Stanley Tools Pontiac ride with Randy Lajoie and Mike Stefanik as outside candidates. I have also heard this may have been one of Geoff Bodine's BGN offers.(11-10-98)

  • Many at Homestead: See the story at NASCAR Online: Big entry list for Homestead event.(11-10-98)

  • Earnhardt and the #8: I reported on this weeks ago but am getting much email about it, so here it goes again: Dale Earnhardt, who bought the #1 from Richard Jackson's team last year and put it on his car for Steve Park, has purchased #8 from the Stavola Brothers. Dale's dad, Ralph, used that number, and his son, Dale Jr., will drive that number during a five-race 1999 stint.(many sources, this one SpeedNet)(11-9-98)

  • Kenny's new car UPDATE: Kenny Wallace will unveil his new 1999 Andy Petree ride at Atlanta this morning, he will be driving the #55 Square-D Chevy.(TNN's Inside NASCAR)(11-8-98) -- NASCAR Online has an image of the #55 Square-D Chevy at NASCAR Photo Gallery #3.(11-9-98)

  • Jarrett Surgery: Dale Jarrett is scheduled to undergo surgery to remove his gall bladder on 11/16 in Phoenix, AZ. Jarrett will return to John C Lincoln Hospital - North Mountain, where he was treated by Dr. James Magary, a gall bladder specialist, following a gall stone attack during the Dura Lube/Kmart 500 at Phoenix. Magary is scheduled to perform the surgery. Jarrett does not anticipate missing the NASCAR Winston Cup Awards Banquet on Dec. 4 in New York City.(NASCAR Online)(11-9-98)

  • Evernham honored: Ray Evernham, crew chief for Jeff Gordon, won the 1998 NASCAR Winston Cup Illustrated Person of the Year Award. The award is decided by a vote of Winston Cup fans and a panel of motorsports experts and is given to someone who brings positive attention to Winston Cup racing through achievement, contributions, influence and service.(That's Racin' notes)(11-9-98)

  • Cale Back? Cale Yarborough also seems secure for another season as a Winston Cup car owner. Although his #98 Ford failed to qualify at Atlanta, don’t be surprised to see Yarborough and a new sponsor at Daytona next season.(Times Dispatch) I hear Geoff Bodine and Jeff Green are candidates for this ride along with present driver Rich Bickle.(11-9-98)

  • Donlavey/Shepherd? If Junie Donlavey can sign a new sponsorship, and he's talking with a financial services company, he is considering hiring Morgan Shepherd to drive for him next season, according to sources close to the team.(JournalNow) Everything I have heard is that Shepherd plans to run his own team in 1999 and supposedly has a three year sponsorship deal in place.(11-9-98)

  • Passport? UPDATE Kenny Irwin won't drive the #88 Yates Ford in Japan because he forgot to get his passport photo taken. Irwin was set to drive the car because teammate Dale Jarrett was scheduled to undergo gallbladder surgery this week in Phoenix. Irwin went to the SEMA trade show in Las Vegas to fulfill a sponsor obligation and simply forgot to have the photo taken.(many sources including Times Dispatch) -- Have gotten many messages about this, saying how simple it is to get a Passport and the photos and that NASCAR could have done something to speed up the process, that may be true, I am not worrying about it, just reporting what most other sites have reported about the situation.(11-9-98)

  • Monte Carlo news: The 1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo fared well in testing at Talladega last week. According to John Hendrick, the acting chief of Hendrick Motorsports, the car performed as expected in its final track runs. NASCAR officials were on hand, counting the test as their own. BGN driver Mike McLaughlin drove the car because Hendrick drivers Jeff Gordon, Terry Labonte and Wally Dallenbach were busy preparing for the NAPA 500. The car currently has its own rear end, not the proposed common template with the Ford. Hendrick said NASCAR will be looking at the final model of the car in the next few weeks. He said the car should debut at the Charlotte race in May.(Times Dispatch)(11-9-98)

  • DW and DEI? Darrell Waltrip is trying to get Dale Earnhardt to buy Buz McCall's operation(#96), according to sources close to the situation, but Earnhardt isn't very interested. Waltrip is pushing Earnhardt for help in landing a ride.(JournalNow) and Waltrip is surveying his options for next season and talking to several owners, including Joe Falk. Falk has several potential deals -- some of which involve Waltrip. Waltrip, who’s leaving the No. 35 car, reportedly is trying to work out a deal with Dale Earnhardt Inc. Waltrip wants the company to purchase Buz McCall’s Chevrolet so he can drive it. McCall, who has no sponsor for next year, is waiting to make a final decision on the status of his team.(Times Dispatch) and see the story at That's Racin': Waltrip wants to go out in style.(11-9-98)

  • Houston to Cup? CTS driver, Andy Houston, and team has purchased two new Cup Chevys from the Diamond Ridge racing team, and Houston had his first laps in a Winston Cup car this weekend at Las Vegas. Houston plans to run five Winston Cup races next season, but the venues have not yet been selected.(NASCAR Online Truck Notes)(11-9-98)

  • Skinner to BGN - UPDATE 2: Mike Skinner will drive up to 12 BGN races in 1999 with Riddling Motorsports.(TNN's Raceday) Sponsor will be Yellow Freight on a Chevy, supposedly Skinners son Jamie will run a few races.(NSSN)(11-8-98) -- The team, which will donate 10 percent of all prize money earned next season to Motor Racing Outreach(MRO), is also looking for another driver to enter eight additional races in 1999.(That's Racin' notes) -- The team is owned by the Emerald Performance Group and not Ridling Motorsports and will be referred to as Team Yellow Racing. They also have major associate sponsorship from Pameco Corporation and their Thermalzone brand of HVAC products. Other announcements concerning the other driver(s) in the very new future.(11-9-98)

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