• #98 CLOSED UP? UPDATE: Just heard that the #98 Cale Yarborough team is in the process of closing it's shop and laying off the crew. The Philips and Geoff Bodine deal never materialized. Looks like Philips just may leave the sport.(11-20-98) -- Yep, it's true, mid afternoon on Friday the crew/team were informed and most were back in Saturday to collect their tools and belongings. Yarborough maintains that he is still looking for a sponsor and hopes to get the team back up and running(11-22-98)

  • Lake News: at The Lake Speed Fan Club Online - News(11-20-98)

  • Bodine Info: Geoff Bodine is currently working on a sponsorship deal with the casino that the Cherokee Indians own in North Carolina. If Bodine can work out that deal he would stay in Winston Cup, if not he may stay there anyway waiting for that first pink slip to be handed out in 1999(MRN Radio's Marty Snider's Two Cents' Worth)(11-20-98)

  • Beverley No-Sell: Tim Beverley says his #17/35 team is not for sale(Times-Dispatch)(11-20-98)

  • Donlavey News: Junie Donlavey, owner of the #90 Ford team, is confident that his team will be back next season -- he is building the 1999 cars in the Richmond shop. He has not signed with anyone yet, but says he is talking to a few people. Some of those deals come with their own driver, others would give him a choice. For now, it's business as usual for the veteran owner(Times-Dispatch)(11-20-98)

  • Not closed yet: The Stavola Brothers have laid off some employees, but have not closed the doors to their shop yet. According to employees there, no decision to shut down operations will be made until January 1999(Times-Dispatch)(11-20-98)

  • #58 Sponsor at Japan: Tempe-based Innovative Environmental Products (), a 20-year-old environmental technology company, has announced that its MiraChem(R) livery will appear on the SB111 Motorsports #58 Ford Taurus on Nov. 21 at the NASCAR Thunder, Special Coca-Cola 500 at Twin Ring Motegi in Japan. The race will mark the debut of both MiraChem and of SB111's entry with Ricky Craven driving(PRN Newswire)(11-20-98)

  • Mattei news: Good chance that Philips will not be back as the sponsor of the #7 Mattei Motorsports #7 team in 1999. The team has signed all it's associate sponsors but not Philips and needs a decision by Philips by Monday(WC Today Radio)(11-19-98)

  • More changes at Tyler Jet: I hear Team Manager John Cunningham and Tyler Jet Motorsports(#35 Tabasco Team in 1998) have parted ways. Not sure what this means for the future of the team(11-19-98)

  • Speed Magazine article: RJR may sever some big ties (11-19-98)

  • Benson Crew Chief CORRECTION and UPDATE: Jack Roush and Johnny Benson were at Road Atlanta today, for the 'Roush Ride and Drive' and did a satellite interview with Alan Bestwick on Speedvision's 'Inside Winston Cup Racing' where Roush announced that Bobby Leslie would be Benson's Crew Chief with the #26 Cheerios Ford in 1999.(Wide Freakin' Open). Jayski Note: Leslie was the interim crew chief after Steve Hmiel left Roush Racing.(11-10-98) -- My mistake - Bobby Leslie has not been the interim crew chief in 1998, it was Ben Leslie who was formerly the car chief stepped in to perform crew chief duties after Steve Hmiel left. Bobby Leslie (no relation to Ben) was the crew chief for Mark Martin's BGN ride in 1998 and provided support to Martin's team on race day for Winston Cup.(11-10-98) -- Little old but...NASCAR Online reports Leslie named Benson's crew chief(11-19-98)

  • Morgan-McClure/Microsoft? Hey, a wild one - hear that a second Morgan-McClure team effort is may still happen in 1999. The sponsor rumored is Microsoft. No word on a driver yet.(11-18-98)

  • Martin has cold UPDATE 2: Mark Martin's back surgery has been postponed a couple of days because Mark has a cold.(WC Today Radio)(11-17-98) -- small blurb, more details at GoRacing - Martin Standing By. Surgery not needed for Martin: Surgery not necessary for Martin(NASCAR Online)(11-18-98)

  • Pardus News: Midwest Transit Racing, owner of the #07 car driven by Danny Pardus has announced the signing of a two year engine support agreement with Hendrick Motorsports covering Winston Cup Seasons 1999 and 2000. Midwest has puschased 4 additional cars from Sabco and intends to run a full schedule during the 1999 season with Danny Pardus to be nominated for Rookie of the Year.(11-18-98)

  • More MacDonald Stuff: For the past year or so Randy MacDonald has been advising the 3M company (1997 sales, $15.1 billion US) as it has deliberated how to best jump into NASCAR racing as a primary sponsor. See the story at MacDonald pushes for a 3M deal(11-18-98)

  • Gamers: NASCAR Goes Online, Sierra and NASCAR are officially launching the NASCAR Racing Online Series (NROS) on November 23.(go to above link for info, don't email me, not into games)(11-18-98)

  • #13 News: Hearing that Rich Bickle is another driver under consideration by the #13 Bill Elliott owned team.(11-17-98)

  • Crew Changes: Tony Liberati, car chief/engineer for the #50 Bud team this past season has been released from Hendrick Motorsports and is looking. From what I hear Liberati is a crew chief in the making.(11-17-98)

  • UPS: I hear that UPS may end up being the sponsor on the #7 Mattei Ford(11-17-98)

  • Winston Safe: R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. would be allowed to continue its title sponsorship of NASCAR's premier racing series under the proposed settlement with state attorneys general announced Monday. See the That's Racin's story at: Winston Cup looks safe under proposed deal(11-17-98)

  • Tobacco Deal: States Outline Big Tobacco Deal and JournalNow - Tobacco Articles(11-16-98)

  • Beam Gone from the #94 to the #21 UPDATE 3: Hearing rumors that Team Manager Mike Beam and Owner/Driver Bill Elliott have parted ways, no confirmation on this yet. Elliott owns/drives the #94 McDonald's Ford and owns the #13 Ford team. -- Winston Cup Today radio reports that the team says this is not true. But....I hear he is looking at his options and they may include the #28 team(11-12-98) -- Am now hearing that Beam has left the Elliott team and that the #28 team may be an option for 1999. -- No #28 but.....At the beginning of December, Mike Beam, will join forces with driver Elliott Sadler and the Wood Brothers Racing Team. Beam has served as crew chief for driver Bill Elliott since 1995 before taking his current role of chief operating officer with Bill Elliott Racing in 1998. Beam will serve as the crew chief for the #21 CITGO Ford and spearhead Elliott Sadler's campaign for rookie of the year. Initial plans are for Beam to work one or two days a week in Stuart, Virginia at the Wood Brothers' race shop and then oversee the team's operations at the race track.(GoRacing via CITGO Racing)(11-16-98)

  • DJ OK: Dale Jarrett underwent successful gall bladder surgery in Phoenix Monday, will be released Tursday, and given a routine checkup Wednesday before heading home(WC Today Radio) and see the story at GoRacing: Jarrett in Good and Stable after Successful Glallbladder Surgery also check out the DieHard Yates Fan's Dale Jarrett "Get Well" Wishes page.(11-16-98)

  • #81 team done? UPDATE: Hearing that Filmar Racing has let all of the shop personnel go as of Friday the 13th. Supposedly the team(equipment, cars) is for sale(11-15-98) -- I hear that Filmar racing has not officially closed its doors, but the equipment has been lined up and prepared to sell. Supposedly team owner Filbert Martocci had the option of selling it to Ford teams that want to gain a 2nd team, however since former crew chief Gil Martin(now works for Bill Davis Racing and the #93 team) is still 45% owner, Martin may seek an injunction blocking the sale, which Martocci is trying to conduct quietly. I hear Martocci would not sell the remaining portion of the team to Martin. The ownership of #81 is public knowledge, though not many know.(11-16-98)

  • STP/#43 Stuff UPDATE 2: There are rumors abound that STP will do one of the following: 1) STP Stays as primary; 2) STP drops down to an associate sponsor; 3) STP leaves the team(most unlikely). One rumor has UPS becoming a primary or associate sponsor. A few fans have emailed STP and gotten the following response: "As you know "Clorox" has purchased STP. During the sale discussions it was NEVER mentioned that STP would discontinue their relationship with Richard Petty. From a business standpoint I'm sure we agree its a win win situation for both parties. This rumor regarding a partial sponsorship has never been implied nor told to my office. Unless told otherwise I can assume nothing. Thank you for your time and patience as well as your interest in #43."(11-3-98) -- "A spokesman for STP said rumors the product won't return as a sponosr of Petty Enterprises weren't true. He said STP would be on the #43 next year"(Winston Cup Scene), what he didn't say was in what capacity, primary or an associate sponsor. Also the WC Scene reports that Dale Inman, Team Manager will not return to Retty Enterprises for the 1999 season. Inman, Richard Pettys cousin has been fulltime with the team since 1962(with the exception 1984 when he was part of Terry Labontes 1st championship with Billy Hagen). Other notes on the team: Mike Suter was Kyle Petty's crew chief Atlanta, Bobby Kennedy left after Rockingham. Doug Hewitt comes aboard for the 1999 season(as previosuly announced).(11-14-98) -- After talking to UPS concerning sponsorship of the #43, Richard Petty has signed STP to a one year deal as the primary sponsor with Petty having a two-year option(Winston Cup Today Radio) I am hearing that UPS is looking to sponsor a Cup team in 1999, no word on who they are looking at.(11-16-98)

  • Shepherd/Stavola's? UPDATE 3: I hear that the Stavola Brothers and Morgan Shepherd may be joining forces for the 1999 Winston Cup season. Also added two shot's of the Nokia Chevy Shepherd ran at Atlanta for the Stavola's on Jayski's Paint Scheme Gallery.(11-12-98) -- The self-imposed deadline passed Friday afternoon for the Stavola Brothers team to find a sponsor in order to compete in the 1999 NASCAR Winston Cup season, but the team was still waiting and hoping to hear from a potential sponsor and had yet to give the official word that they were or were not shutting down.(NASCAR Online)(11-13-98) -- I hear the sponsorship for the Morgan Shepherd & Stavola Brothers race team has fallen through and will not happen for 1999. Stavola Brothers racing are again looking for a driver and sponsorship. Would love to have a Geoff Bodine or a Darrell Waltrip or even a rookie. As of Monday 11/16 the employees of Stavola Brothers are free to seek employment elsewhere. Also from what I hear, the team GAVE the #8 up to DEI, they did not sell it.(11-14-98) -- The team has laid off 18 employee's but has not toatally closed up shop yet, in case sponsorship can be found. See NASCAR Online Story.(11-16-98)

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