• Geoff Bodine on TNN: TNN's Inside NASCAR had an interview with Geoff Bodine. It was mentioned that Bodine has talked to five Cup teams, three BGN teams, a CTS(truck) team and Bodine mentioned that he has talked to an IRL team, not an existing one but a possible new IRL team and he is considering it but wants to stay in Cup and would like to run most of the BGN season if possible so he could race with hid son Barry(11-29-98)

  • Texas Testing: Both Firestone and Goodyear are scheduled to test during the first two weeks of December with drivers such as NASCAR Winston Cup driver Jeff Burton and Greg Ray of the Pep Boys Indy Racing League. The Indy Racing League will also hold a two-day test for five potential new drivers for the IRL. Test are closed to the public. On Ded. 8-9 / GOODYEAR - NASCAR Winston Cup driver Jeff Burton will be on the speedway testing for Goodyear. Burton, who won the inaugural Winston Cup event at Texas in 1997, will be the first Cup driver to run full speed on the reconfigured speedway(Sue's ADNASCAR Daily Newsletter)(11-28-98)

  • #91 Close? Joe Falk is close to a deal with UPS to sponsor the #91 Chevy in 1999. He hopes Todd Bodine will be the driver. However, Bodine has a contract to drive Cicci-Welliver Racing's Phillips 66 Cheverolet in the BGN(NSSN)(11-27-98)

  • Philips/Mattei/Bodine? According to sources, the rumored split between Philips and Mattei Motorsports is not happening, but apparently it is happening. Confused? Supposedly former Mattei driver Geoff Bodine has won over some friends at Philips and will take a significant associate sponsorship from the Philips Lighting divisions with him to another team, possibly Junie Donlavey's #90 Ford. Meanwhile the Philips electronic division will remain with the #7 Mattei car(Chevy?) and new driver Michael Waltrip(NSSN-thanks Sharon))(11-27-98)

  • Elliott 2nd team: Bill Elliott said he is still waiting to hear if FirstPlus Financial will return to the #13 for 1999. As a result, the driver announcement is also in limbo(NSSN)(11-27-98)


  • #96 Team Alive UPDATE: The Buz McCall #96 team appearing headed to a sure sellout or merger, could be close to signing a deal with a backer for next season(Times-Dispatch)(11-20-98) -- Nope, looks like the team will close down, most of the help has found other jobs or are looking, no one will buy the Team as is, just the euqipment will go up for sale(11-25-98)

  • SABCO #46 Alive? UPDATES: WC Today Radio reports that an 11th hour deal may have been found that will keep the third SABCO in action for the 1999 season.(11-19-98) -- Felix Sabates appears to be breathing new life into the #46, which lost its sponsor and driver Jeff Green late in the year(Times-Dispatch)(11-20-98) -- sources tell me this team is done and if anything may becoame a test or R&D operation of some sort but will not race. The #7 Mattei Motorsports team will use SABCO engines and possibly buy some Chevy's from the team(11-23-98) -- SABCO has announced that the #46 is done and the team will run a two car team(WC Today Radio)(11-25-98)

  • Bickle Signs: Rich Bickle announced that he will drive Pontiacs for Tyler Jet Motorsports in 1999 and the team is also on the verge of making a sponsorship announcement for next season(NASCAR Online)(11-25-98)

  • Elliott 2nd Team UPDATE 2: Bill Elliott remains silent about the status of his second car(#13), though he apparently has a sponsor willing to sign(Times-Dispatch)(11-20-98) -- The NASCAR Online Notebook, also says Elliott has nothing to announce, yet(11-23-98) -- Now I hear that Elliott may not run the second team in 1999 and concentrate on the #94 team only(11-25-98)

  • LJ Racing News: #91 LJ Racing team owner Joe Falk expects to name a sponsor by December 1st and has three good possibilities. Falk hopes to have Todd Bodine in the car, but he would have to miss three Cup races because of his committment to the #30 Phillips 66 BGN team, Falks second choice may be Geoff Bodine for the seat.(Winston Cup Today Radio) Also the LJ Racing team will be profiled on TNN's Inside NASCAR this weekend. The show is scheduled to air on Saturday, Nov 28 at 6pm/et and Sunday, Nov 29 at 10am/et. The TNN crew was at the shop a couple weeks ago, filming activities and interviews with Owner Joe Falk and Crew Chief Doug Richert, as well as other events(LJ Racing Online)(11-25-98)

  • Noticed: Many results(NASCAR Online, That's Racin', etc) I have seen of the Japan race last weekend list Bill Elliott in a Chevy, just a misprint, he was in a Ford(Speedworld and GoRacing lists Elliott correctly in a Ford)(11-25-98)

  • Craven Crew UPDATE: I hear Stan Meserve will become shop foreman for Ricky Craven's new Cup team beginning next week. Meserve has raced for over 30 years, including a few Winston Cup events in the early 1970's, and was one of Craven's early mentors(11-23-98) -- See a full report on this at North East Racing(11-25-98)

  • DW and Yates: Have heard NOTHING to confirm any rumors that Darrell Waltrip would a third Yates car in 1999 or replace Kenny Irwin in the #28. As far as everything I hear, is that Irwin returns to the #28 in 1999 and the DW news is in a note on this page from the 22nd(11-24-98)

  • Green and the #36? NO and CORRECTION, I messed this one all up - RETRACTION BGN that is - saw on TNN's Raceday that David Green is going to drive the #36 Stanley Tools BGN Pontiac on a limited basis. The Cup #41 team will be pitting the car on raceday. -- Green(not Grissom, doh) will NOT drive the #36 BGN car, he will drive a Hedrick Motorsports BGN entry in some companion WC/BGN events, which will be crewed by the #41 Cup crew.(11-23-98) -- CORRECTION, This is what was EXACTLY said on TNN's RACEDAY: "If all goes according to plan, former BGN champ David Green could be back in busch part-time. Green drove for team 34, the second half of this year, his NEW team will be separate from his Winston Cup ride with Larry Hedrick, but will be pitted on raceday by the hedrick over the wall gang." No mention of the #36 car being part of this deal, I regret this error(11-24-98)

  • Gordon Driver of the Year: Jeff Gordon Takes Third Driver of the Year Award, see the story at the WRAL-TV NASCAR site.(11-24-98)

  • New Cope Crew Chief? UPDATE Looks like Jim Long is the man heading the list to replace Doug Hewitt as crew chief for Derrike Cope in 1999. Long started the 1998 season working for Ricky Rudd and finished it with the Stavola Brothers. Hewitt left Bahari Racing to become Kyle Petty's new crew chief(MRN Radio's Marty Snider's Two Cents' Worth)(11-20-98) -- I hear Long will not be the crew chief and an announcement is expected soon pertaining the sponsor and new crew chief(11-24-98)

  • TOP Cop Racing: Top Cop racing is a program designed to benefit the youth throughout the state. Although the actual driving of the cars is done by sworn law enforcement officers, all of the money raised is used to benefit youth charities throughout the state, the drivers receive only trophies for their efforts. The cars and other equipment used in the races are either obtained through donations, or in a lot of cases, at the expense of the driver and his crew. See the site at Top Cop Racing(11-24-98)

  • Philips to Stay? Michael Waltrip, who now drives for the #7 Mattei Motorsports team, says he is confident that Philips will remain with the team next season. Speculation was that the sponsorship was shaky after 1998 driver Geoff Bodine left the team and that Philips has gone through changes and realignment in their business strategies, but feels confident that things will work out(NASCAR Online)(11-23-98)

  • Honda? NO: Mike Helton of NASCAR was asked if he saw Honda participating in NASCAR competition any time soon. He said that Honda does not currently have a motor that meets specifications for NASCAR racing(NASCAR Online Notebook)(11-23-98)

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