• Morgan and the #98: Hearing that Morgan Shepherd may end up on the #98 Cale Yarborough team with a sponsor(12-6-98)

  • Snowball Derby Update: From a correspondent: There were twelve drivers there. There were only four trucks. So the drivers decided to run three heat races with the winner of each advancing to the main race. They would draw a name from the second place finishers for the other truck in the main race. They also drew for trucks. Curtis Markham drew the best truck for his heat and started on the outside pole. Markham won the heat race and went on to the feature. Also in the main race were: Rich Bickle, Red Farmer (Gary St. Amant won the heat but gave up his seat to Red), and Kerry Earnhardt. He drew the worst truck for this and Red Farmer had the best truck. They only had three trucks by now so they put Kerry Earnhardt in a Late Model Stock Car. Kerry brought out the only caution of the night by spinning out as soon as he got on the track. Farmer won the race. The drivers there: Barry Bodine, Geoff Bodine, Mike Dillon, Kerry Earnhardt, David Green, Robert Pressley, Stevie Reeves, Randy Tolsma, Jerry Nadeau, and Gary St. Amant.(no Petty's?)(12-5-98)

  • Tyler Jet UPDATE 2: Hearing a possible sponsor for the Tyler Jet Motorsports Pontiac and driver Rich Bickle may be AT&T. Also hear the car may not carry #35 or #17 but a different # in 1999(11-30-98) -- actually hear the sponsor will be Lucky Dog phone card, a division of AT&T(12-1-98) -- Sources close to the situation tell goracing that AT&T, through one of its telecommunications brands, will likely sponsor the Tyler Jet Entry of owner Tim Beverly. The deal, originally offered to Buz McCall and his number 96, has some pretty strong strings attached - the major one being that there will be a three month review after which time AT&T will decide whether it is meeting its marketing goals. This has nothing at all to do with on-track performance but whether AT&T is getting its "bang for its buck". If AT&T doesn't believe they are getting a proper return on their investment they will pull the sponsorship at the three month mark(goracing)(12-4-98)

  • DW It's OFFICIAL: Kmart Corp. today announced an agreement to enter the Kmart Racing Team in the 1999 Winston Cup Series with three-time NASCAR champion Darrell Waltrip driving the #66 Big Kmart Ford Taurus. See the complete story at - News, Image at NASCAR Online and on their Photo Gallery #5(12-3-98)

  • Most Popular: Bill Elliott won the National Motorsports Press Association's most popular driver contest for the eighth consecutive year and a record 13 times overall. The NMPA, using a 900-number for voting, received nearly 40,000 votes. Elliott garnered nearly 49 percent to lead all drivers(That's Racin')(No idea who the other drivers were in the most popular list)(12-3-98)

  • Melling Sponsor UPDATE2: I hear the Cartoon Network will be back in a different role with the #9 Melling Ford. Supposedly will be a few paint schemes reflecting different Turner Broadcasting stations/shows, like the Cartoon Network and WCW.(11-18-98) -- I hear this will be announced Thursday in NYC(12-1-98) -- Cartoon Network will continue to be the primary sponsor the #9 Fords driven by Jerry Nedeau, however Turner Broadcasting sister companies TBS Superstation and World Championship Wrestling will also be used as sponsors in selected races. Each of the three divisions of Turner Broadcasting will have complete control over the car's design and associate sponsorships for its races. The Cartoon Network will continue as the dominant sponsor for Turner Broadcasting. The Superstation's car will feature the National League East Division champion Atlanta Braves and the TV show "Dinner & A Movie," while WCW will use the car to promote wrestlers and pay-per-view events(That's Racin')(12-3-98)

  • a million bucks and... Ronald Sims is the latest winner of the Winston No Bull 5 "They Win, You Win" $1 million fan sweepstakes. Sims' name was drawn at random from a nationwide pool of sweepstakes entrants following Jarrett's million-dollar victory in the Winston 500 at Talladega Superspeedway.(NASCAR Online) - Winston's No Bull 5 driver bonus program will offer $1 million to five eligible drivers should they win at five Winston Cup races next season -- the Daytona 500, Las Vegas, Texas, the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte and the Winston 500 at Talladega. On Thursday, R.J. Reynolds announced a change in how money will also be awarded to eligible fans. Five fans will be chosen from a national sweepstakes before each No Bull 5 event and will be paired with one of the five eligible drivers. If one of those drivers wins the race, the fan paired with that driver will also win $1 million.(That's Racin')(12-3-98)

  • Evans new gig: Veteran Winston Cup engine specialist David Evans has been named chief engine builder for Larry Hedrick Motorsports and the #41 Kodiak Racing Team. Evans, a native of South Hill, VA, assumes his position immediately and will operate out of the team's state-of-the-art engine facilities at the team shop in Statesville, NC. Evans has 46 Winston Cup wins to his credit, numerous pole positions and was named the All-Pro Engine Builder in 1988, 1989, 1993 and 1994(Muhleman Marketing via the Stock Car Magazine Site)(12-3-98)

  • Ted Musgrave News and Link: Some Official Info about Butch Mock, the #75 team and Ted at the Ted Musgrave Fan Page(12-3-98)

  • Waddell to leave? UPDATE 2 Word has Waddell Wilson, VP of Racing Operation at the #7 Mattei Motorsports team leaving at the end of the month(WC Today Radio)(12-1-98) - I hear Wilson may end up with Bill Elliott as Team Manager(12-2-98) -- Wilson will NOT be with Elliott, not sure what his plans are(12-3-98)

  • The long version DW in A Ford?/Kmart/Carter UPDATE 7 or 8 but who's counting: Hearing the second Travis Carter team(currently owns the #23 No Bull Ford) is close to becoming reality with Rick Mast as the driver. Jimmy Spencer even talked about it on the radio(Winston Cup Today Radio), I hear Peter Guild-ProMotors and Carl Haas (used to own part of the #37 now #12 team) are involved with Kmart to sponsor.(11-5-98) -- Carter cancelled a scheduled Saturday morning Press Conference(11-6-98), supposedly sponsorship for the 2nd team and Rick Mast have fallen through(11-7-98) -- I now hear that the press conference was postponed and the deal is still in the works, if it falls thru look for Mast to sign with the #13(11-8-98) -- I hear the Travis Carter 2nd team is still on, just delayed in the announcement, which was planned in Atlanta. One rumor I hear is that the car will be the #66 BIG Kmart/Route 66 Ford. CART team owner Carl Haas is rumored to be a partner.(11-10-98) -- During the Japan race Saturday night on TBS, commentator Dick Berggren mentioned that it was almost a lock that Darrell Waltrip would have a deal to drive a Ford in 1999. The only rumors I have heard with DW in a Ford is the #13 Elliott Racing 2nd team or maybe the 2nd Carter Ford(11-22-98) -- Winston Cup Today Radio reports that DW is rumored to be a possible driver for the 2nd Travis Carter Ford, with Kmart as the sponsor and Carl Haas as a partner. Rick Mast is still in the running(WC Today Radio)(11-25-98) -- I hear DW has signed a two year deal with Kmart and the announcement and car unveiling will come on Thursday in NYC by team owner Travis Carter, I am sure DW will be there(WC Today Radio), I hear the car # will be #17 or #66(11-30-98) -- the announcement will take place in in New York City at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel at 3pm/et (That's Racin' Notes)(12-1-98) -- per NASCAR Online: Three-time NASCAR Winston Cup Series champion Darrell Waltrip has found a ride for next season and beyond. The long-time General Motors man will drive for a second Ford team fielded by owner Travis Carter beginning in 1999, informed sources have said. The source said the second Carter team will also be based out of Statesville, with equipment and a race shop bought from David Blair, who hasn't fielded a competitive team in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series since 1996(NASCAR Online), also Dale Earnhardt was prepared to buy the #96 team from owner Buzz McCall in the next few weeks and field a team for DW in 99 had Waltrip not found another ride(MRN-Marty)(12-2-98)

  • Liberati Back: A few weeks ago I ran a jayskiism about Tony Liberati - Marty from MRNNet reports that Liberati, who was released as chief mechanic from Hendrick Motorsports' Budweiser team has landed with Jimmie Johnson, the driver. Liberati will head Johnson's 10-race NASCAR Busch Series effort in 1999. The two worked together in Homestead a few weeks ago, where Liberati was just "helping out." Liberati will serve as crew chief and team manager for Johnson, the ASA driver, who competed in two NASCAR Busch Series races this year(Marty's Two Cents-MRN)(12-2-98)

  • Craven's New Spotter: Mike Calinoff has accepted a position with Ricky Craven and SBIII Motorsports to be the Team Spotter. Over the years, Calinoff has worked with Brett Bodine, Jimmy Spencer, Kenny Wallace, Dick Trickle, Dennis Setzer, and Ted Musgrave. Mike is also the publisher of

  • Snow Ball Derby UPDATE 4: The Snowball Derby is set for December 3-6, and Grassmann says that Kyle Petty is very supportive and will run in the race along with his son Adam, the first time they will race against each other. Don Grassmann, of Kannapolis, NC, and his partner Ernest Mascha are seeking corporate sponsorship, and will possibly televise the race. This years Snowball Derby is the 31st annual event, and will be 331 laps around the fastest half mile in America at the Five Flas Speedway in Pensacola, FL. Each year another lap is added to the race, see all the info(tickets and such) at: Five Flags Speedway(11-24-98) -- I now hear the Petty's will NOT be there but cannot confirm that, anyone know? I hear that the Petty's will be there, but later in the week and have heard that Rich Bickle & Butch Miller will be there(11-27-98) -- Both Geoff Bodine and son Barry are scheduled to appear at the Snowball Derby, Wednesday December 2nd(Geoff Bodine Fanclub), also check out the Five Flags Link(above) for more news - in addition to the Adam Petty and father Kyle Petty face-off, a short list of racing stars who will compete includes Steve Park, Barry and Geoff Bodine, Rich Bickle, David Rogers, Gary St. Amant, Boris Said, David Green, Robert Pressley and Curtis Markham, all of whom will be on the bill for this years version of the Wintertime racing spectacular called the Snowball Derby. Also check out the iRACE story: Years of red-hot action hasn't melted Snowball(12-2-98)

  • Sad News: former NASCAR Winston Cup Director Dick Beaty passed away. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends(NASCAR Online)(12-1-98)

  • Hoover to new shop: Hover Motorsports, who attempted a few Cup races in 1998, has broken ground for a 4000sq ft addition on their shop in Salisbury, NC. The addition is for a Motor room/fab shop and the team is converting all their T-birds to Taurus'(12-1-98)

  • Washington-Erving Stuff: WEM is not looking to move up to Cup in 1999. The BGN will run a full schedule and switch to Chevy's. No driver announced yet. Have heard in the past that Dr Pepper would return as the 1999 sponsor(12-1-98)

  • SABCO PR: Team SABCO will return to a two-car NASCAR Winston Cup operation in 1999 after fielding a third entry for the past several seasons. The #46 Chevrolet had been sponsored by First Union and The Money Store, however, the financial institution opted to refocus their involvement in the Winston Cup series. "If in the next few weeks a sponsor shows interest in SABCO, we'll investigate further into the possibility of bringing the 46 team back," said Team SABCO owner Felix Sabates. "At this time, we've chosen to concentrate our efforts on a two-car operation and focus on returning to a top-notch Winston Cup organization." Sabates' two other teams will remain intact. Joe Nemechek extended his contract to drive the #42 BellSouth Chevrolet through 2001, while two-time Daytona 500 winner Sterling Marlin returns to the No. 40 Coors Light Chevrolet for the next two years.(SABCO PR via Stock Car Racing Mag)(11-30-98)

  • Cale done? Not yet? It was 11 years in the making, but as of late last week Cale Yarborough Motorsports ceased operations. Yarborough, a three time Winston Cup champion, without a sponsor for his #98 Ford team, decided it was time to call it quits. See full story at GoRacing(11-25-98) -- Missed it but heard that Reece Davis of RPM2Nite talked to Cale Yarborough, who owns the #98 Ford. Cale supposedly said that the team has started working again with a skelton crew and it's engine shop and may have a sponsor lined up and hopes to have an announcement within the next two weeks, Winston Cup Today Radio reports the same, Cale calls it a glimmer of hope. See the NASCAR Online story(11-30-98)

  • Another DW rumor: Darrel Waltrip may have a deal lined up for the next two years with an owner new to NASCAR(no idea who). Could involve using Buz McCall's shops or Joe Gibbs old shop(11-29-98). Looks like this won't happen as DW will be in the 2nd Travis Carter ride(11-30-98)

  • Graves leaves DEI: It was announced today that Fred Graves, crew chief for the Dale Earnhardt, Inc. (DEI) No. 16 NASCAR CTS team sponsored by NAPA, has resigned his position with the team. Graves is leaving to pursue other opportunities in motorsports. The DEI organization has begun the process of searching for a team leader.(GoRacing) and although not stated in the release from DEI, has learned that Graves will be joining the Hendrick Motorsports Winston Cup organization in a team management role with the #5 car. Graves' son, Andy Graves, will continue as the crewchief of the #5, driven by Terry Labonte, but the senior Graves will join the team to assist during testing, at the shop, and at the track(TNN's website)(11-30-98)

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