• Testing is back: Dick Trickle(#13), Ricky Craven(#58), Robert Pressley(#77), Mark Gibson(#59) and Mike Harmon(#90) are scheduled to test their Fords on the 2.5-mile oval Sunday and Monday(1-3/4-99). Trickle will be driving Bill Elliott's second car at Daytona in February, but he has no definite Cup plans beyond that. Also see the Speed Magazine story about DIS testing - Fords to test for two days at DIS(1-3-1999)

  • Buckshot Sponsor? The #00 Pontiac is owned by Billy Jones, Buckshot's father, and will be getting its engines from Hendrick Motorsports. Associate sponsors AquaFresh and Brunswick have made the biggest financial commitments thus far. The car's primary sponsor early in the season could be Billy Jones' company, Crown Fiber Communications(From the Philadelphia Inquirer)(1-2-1999)

  • Trickle News: Am hearing that the number of the Trickle-Spencer Chevy will be #5 with Schneider National as the sponsor. There will be a photo shoot with Dick and the car on January 11, sporting the new colors and graphics. I hear that car will look similar to last year's, but with a few changes. The Schneider orange will stay, but the striping will be different and the new Schneider "swoosh" logo will be on the side. I hear no contracts have been signed yet by Trickle or the sponsor, but that it's just a formality at this point. Trickle still wants to return to Cup and will run the #13 Elliott Ford at Daytona and has talked to the #91 team if they get a sponsor. Also see the story at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online(1-2-1999)

  • Michael Holigan Franchise Systems a sponsor? A reader saw this story and I looked it up: "Michael Holigan Franchise Systems will begin selling Michael Holigan Home franchise's in January of 1999. Michael Holigan is also entering NASCAR Winston Cup racing as a team sponsor in 2000." not sure what team or anything, yet. See the complete story at PRNnews - Holigan Names New Senior Vice-President(1-2-1999)

  • Dan Pardus Update: Dan Pardus and Midwest Transit Racing has been assigned the #50 for the 1999 Cup season, they had been #07. Dan Pardus has just interviewed with Winston Cup Illustrated Magazine which should appear in the February 1999 issue for Speed Weeks. Pardus will be nominated for Rookie of the Year during Speed Weeks. The team also(as reported here a month ago or so) has a two year deal with Hendrick Motorsports for engine and techinical advice program(1-1-1999)

  • Morgan-McClure 2nd Team? UPDATE 4 Hey, a wild one - hear that a second Morgan-McClure team effort is may still happen in 1999. The sponsor rumored is Microsoft. No word on a driver yet.(11-18-98) -- Hearing the 2nd Morgan-McClure team is close to fruition and we may hear something next week -- during an interview with Larry McClure by WC Today Radio, McClure said they would run a 2nd team on a limited basis only if a sponsor is found and only for 5-6 races on 1999 with an eye towards 2000 with a full-time schedule(12-22-98) -- I hear the team will attempt the Daytona 500 with an yet unnamed driver and possibly up to 15 1999 starts(12-29-98) -- The Microsoft rumor have proven to be false and they will not be the sponsor of the 2nd team, if it happens(12-31-98)

  • #98 Sponsor?/Driver? UPDATE 6 Sue's ADNASCAR Daily Newsletter reports that on Monday(todau) there might be an announcement by Cale Yarborough regarding a driver and sponsor(12-21-98) -- Sue reports that she hears the announcement will not happen until next week(if it happens) -- and now I hear, get this, that Rick Mast may be the driver -- I hear Mast has signed with the #98. Rumored sponsors include RCA(yes again) and Lucent. Othered rumored drivers include Jeff Green(who has a full time BGN ride) and Steve Grissom(rumored to the #74 BGN BACE team)(12-23-98) -- Rick Mast has signed as the driver, Waddell Wilson will be the Team Manager, and Yarborough has gotten some investors. An announcement could come this week about a sponsor(WC Today Radio)(12-28-98) -- Story on NASCAR Online today - Mast, Wilson to lead Yarborough team, mentions the team will be at the second Daytona test for Ford cars on Jan. 12-13 and no sponsorship announcement yet(12-30-98)

  • #81 Back? UPDATE 4 I hear that Gil Martin, crew chief for the #93 Amoco Bill Davis Racing BGN Pontiac and co-owner of the #81 with Filbert Martocci, are close to reaching a settlement with Martocci to keep the team going in 1999 with a sponsor-driver package that Martin brought to the table. The deal would retain Martin as a part-owner with a new ownership group but he will remain as the central figure(crew chief) in Dave Blaney's program at Bill Davis Racing next season and beyond(unnamed source) -- The team has been sold to Pinnacle(sp?) Motorsports, one owner is Mark Collins. Sponsorship and driver announcement on Friday.(NASCAR Today Radio), one possibility I hear is Morgan Shepherd(12-15-98) -- No announcement today from what I have seen/heard(12-18-98) -- I hear Skip Eyler, former #97 Crew Chief will handle those duties with the team(12-30-98) -- "In a deal pieced together by driver Morgan Shepherd, the Pinnacle Motorsports Group bought the team. Shepherd came to the group with a sponsor and the idea. He had originally considered owning a team, but decided the dual role was too complicated. Martocci will remain with the team through this season as a minority interest holder. Shepherd will drive the car and Skip Eyler, formerly of Roush Racing, will be the crew chief. Everything seemed perfect until earlier this week. Then, the sponsor -- an insurance group that has signed a four-year contract with Shepherd -- told the owners it wants to wait another season to start on the Winston Cup circuit. The decision shocked the group. Mark Collins, president and CEO of Pinnacle Motorsports Group, said the sponsor approached Shepherd earlier this year after conducting demographic studies of its target markets. The studies showed Shepherd best fit the profile of prospective insurance buyers. So the company went to the driver and convinced him to sign the contract. Now, it may take a court action to force the sponsor to honor the contract. Even if it does bail out for a season, Collins said the team plans to try to run. Collins said they will definitely run in Daytona, sponsor or not."(Times-Dispatch Article)(12-31-98)

  • #13 News: Dick Trickle will drive the #13 in the Pre-Shootout and also attempt to qualify for the Daytona 500. No sponsor named yet. Disregard all that other #13 stuff from the last few weeks, drove me crazy(crazier?)(12-30-98)

  • Marcis to test: Dave Marcis will sub for Mike Skinner at Daytona next week in the #31 Lowes Chevy. Skinner is recovering from knee surgury during the offseason(NASCAR Online)(12-30-98)

  • Pennzoil Stuff: Thought this PR was pretty interesting - Pennzoil's sponsorship of a NASCAR, NHRA, Indy Racing League or World of Outlaw car means more than just painting the race car bright yellow and providing the driver with a uniform. The following is a list documenting just some of the items Pennzoil distributed to fans, customers, and employees during the 1998 racing season. Pennzoil sponsorship is visible in nearly every major racing series in America. Items Distributed In 1998: Pennzoil Hats 45,922; Driver Autograph Cards 1,402,750; Racing Schedules 186,500; Pennzoil Oval Stickers 715,610; Pennzoil Cameras 4,238; Pennzoil Tote Bags 940; Pennzoil Barrel Covers 7,236; Pennzoil Press Kit Folders 2,110; Cardboard Standups 627; Pennzoil Umbrellas 516; Pennzoil Koozies 520; Pennzoil Racing Banners 6,406; Pennzoil Seat Cushions 4,142; Yellow Carrying Bags 496,260; Pennant Stringers 70,000; Pennzoil Ear Plugs 5,945; Pennzoil Key Chains 35,338; Pennzoil Team Posters 269,375(12-30-98)

  • Sad News: Lloyd "Shorty" Rollins, the first NASCAR Rookie of the Year, has died at a local hospital after a brief illness. Rollins, the circuit's top rookie in 1958, died Monday at age 69, a day after lapsing into a coma from complications of a heart ailment. In 1959, Rollins won the first stock car race at the new Daytona International Speedway. See the AP story at That's Racin' Former NASCAR driver Rollins dies(12-30-98)

  • 2nd Elliott Team/ yet another UPDATE 4: A week ago I mentioned the #13 team would race at the Bud-Shootout Qualifying race with Dennis Setzer driving. Actually it'll be the #89 team and they will do 3-4 other races with special McDonald's promotions of some sort. The #13 will not race in 1999, but may return in 2000.(12-18-98) -- but....sources close to Bill Elliott's #13 team have acknowledged that Rick Mast will pilot their Ford in the Bud Shootout and also attempt to qualify for the Daytona 500. No sponsor has been secured yet.(12-22-98) -- YES - this means the #13 and #89 will both attempt Daytona -- I hear Mast has signed with the #98 and will not drive the #13(12-23-98) -- I hear the #13 team still plans to attempt the Daytona 500, Greg Sacks MAY be a possibility(12-29-98)

  • Premiere Motorsports UPDATE 2: Wake County businessman Steve Husketh plans to start the area's first NASCAR team by building a 42,000-square-foot complex in Chatham County(Pittsboro,NC) to house racing operations. Husketh, chairman of an auto-racing merchandising company and owner of six brake, tire and inspection shops in North Carolina, is the sole investor in a venture he estimates will cost about $2.5 million before the team tries to qualify for its first race. This story was first mentioned on this site on May 13th(Triangle businessman gears up NASCAR team - link good)(5-13-98), I have heard that the team will be called Premiere Motorsports - Steve Husketh owner - driver and sponsor yet to be named as the team is still actively looking for sponsors.(9-7-98) -- I hear Premiere Motorsports, owned by Steve Husketh will run the BGN series in 1999 with Slim Jim All Pro Champion Freddie Querry as the driver. The team will use Ford's and the shop is still being built in Pittsboro, NC. Cars are now being built in a temp Charlotte shop. They may attempt a few Cup races later in the season(12-28-98)

  • NASCAR Rugs: Capel Rugs and NASCAR could be a winner, I hear the NASCAR driver mentioned is Shawna Robinson and plans may be for her to run a few BGN events in 1999(The Business Journal of Greater Triad)(12-28-98)

  • More night races planned during 2000 NASCAR season? Nighttime running lights installed at the Daytona International Speedway cost $5 million, but International Speedway Corp. apparently believes it was worth the cost: The success of October's Pepsi 400 -- the first-ever to be held at night -- has prompted speedway officials to plan more night races during the 2000 NASCAR season. In fact, all of the scheduled February Speedweek races(in 2000) are being considered for night races -- except the venerable Daytona 500. See the stories at Orlando Business Journal and the Orlando Sentinel(12-28-98)

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