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  • Hey, Motorsports TV has it's Silly Season too UPDATE 2: I hear that Dave Despain leaves ESPN for Fox Speedvision, where he will return to his roots, anchoring a weekly show on motorcycle racing, and a show on motorcycle touring. Despain's slot hosting the ESPN pre-race shows goes to Bill Weber. Weber's move may make some room on pit road for Matt Yocum, who leaves TNN to become a field reporter for ESPN2's RPM Tonight, NASCAR2Day and SportsCenter. It's yet to be seen who will lead NBC's broadcast team for the Homestead Cup race. NASCAR is pushing for one of their "house" announcers, Alan Bestwick, who may also get the nod for the TBS anchor seat. UPDATE: Tyler Potter from Inside NASCAR has left the show(no idea what his plans are) and I hear Randy Pemberton will return to Inside NASCAR on TNN. Also I hear, get this, that after 20 years at ABC, IROC will be televised by TNN, the Daytona IROC race will be shown on TNN Saturday Feb. 20th at 3:30pm/et after the BGN race at Rockingham(per in the Motorsports TV programing section, thanks Kyle)(1-8/10-1999) -- And Steve Waid of the Winston Cup Scene is now a studio host on TNN's Inside NASCAR(or he was today, nice job)(1-10-1999)(

  • Barrett Sponsor? Hearing Heritage Consumer Products will sponsor Stanton Barrett in the #84 Cup Chevy. Barrett is scheduled to run 15 races. Heritage Consumer Products also sponsors the BGN #89 Northstar Motorsports Chevy, to be driven by Jeff Fuller in 1999. Sponsor announcement supposedly Jan 16th(1-10-1999)

  • Tyler Jet closer to a sponsor? UPDATE: Continue to hear that Lucky Dog Phone Card(AT&T) will be the sponsor of the yet numbered(was #17/35) Tyler Jet Motorsports Pontiac(not chevy) and Rich Bickle. I hear the deal is similar to the Close Call Phone Card deal Brett Bodine had in 1997(1-7-1999) -- I hear the car number will be #45(1-10-1999)

  • The Hardee's Rumor: It grew into it's own story, it all started innocently enough - Pop Secret will not be back on the #26 Cheerios Ford in 1999 and will have Hardee's as an associate as all the Roush cars will, the #16 Primestar Ford of Kevin Lepage will have a different look to make it more identifiable to Lepage(no idea what) UPDATE 1: CORRECTION I now hear Pop Secret WILL return to the #26 Ford (the General Mills products have been rotated, Hamburger Helper is on the trunk, Betty Crocker spoon is on the side, and Pop Secret is lower on the rear fender) and Hardee's will not come aboard as an associate sponsor on the Roush cars.(1-7-1999) -- and now I hear Johnny Benson filming a TV commercial for Hardees yesterday in Charlotte's Freedom Park and that Hardees is shooting a commercial using all Roush cars at Concord Motorsport Park, Jan 6 thru Jan 10, the shoot is being done by Dektor Films out of Hollywood(1-9-1999) more to come?.....

  • Buckshot popular: Buckshot Jones won the most popular driver at the BGN awards. See images at the Official Buckshot Jones Site(1-9-1999)

  • Rick Hendrick Returns: Rick Hendrick will return to control of his Hendrick Motorsports Empire after returning from vacation with his family. Hendrick plans to be at the Daytona 500 next month(many sources)(1-9-1999)

  • ILD Telecommunications announced its CallNCarry Prepaid Phone Card will increase its associate sponsorship of the MD2 #36 M&M's Pontiac and Ernie Irvan in 1999(NSSN)(1-9-1999)

  • FirstPlus info? I emailed First Plus and asked them about all the racing images still up on their site and got this answer: "Thank you for contacting FIRSTPLUS Financial. The NASCAR photos and information you see on our web site are based on last year's NASCAR participation. FIRSTPLUS has not made an announcement regarding the company's participation in NASCAR for 1999, but hope to do so by the end of the month." Otherwise then taht I have heard nothing on their plans(1-8-1999)

  • Who is Stanton Barrett? who recently announced he would run in the Cup series in 1999 and compete for ROTY - check out the Speed Magazine article by Buddy Shacklette - Barrett's new stunt: The Winston Cup(1-7-1999)

  • Daytona Speeds for Thursday: 31A-Dave Marcis 190.488mph; 33A-Ken Schrader 189.950; 3T-Mike Dillon 189.585; 00-Larry Pearson 189.546; 33-Ken Schrader 188.119; 3D-Mike Dillon 187.473; 84-Stanton Barrett 187.457; 31A-Paul Newman 184.653; 31B-Dave Marcis 184.490(DaytonaUSA)(1-7-1999)

  • Daytona News for Thursday: Paul Newman (movie actor) is on site at Daytona International Speedway. Newman, who is friends with Stan Barrett, (Stanton Barrett's dad) is scheduled to take the #31 Lowes Chevrolet out a little later this afternoon. In order to prepare for the run Newman was taken onto the track in Richard Childress' Corvette and shown the line. Newman and the Barrett's just finished shooting a movie Canada --- it sounds like a racing based movie. In other news Glen Morgan looped his #45 Chevy out of turn four. The screech of tires lasted quite some time but no big crunch was heard. The #45 didn't return undamaged, but what little damage there was was limited to the RF and RR of the car. UPDATE: Newman turned about 6 laps with a best lap speed of 184.653mph in race trim(Mike in Daytona)(1-7-1999)

  • #81 Pinnacle MS Info and Articles: NASCAR Online has two articles online about Mark Collins and Pinnacle Motorsports and about former part owner, Gil Martin. Check them out at: Reluctant Martin steps away from 81 and Pinnacle Motorsports sees highs and lows by Shawn A. Akers(1-7-1999)

  • GM Speeds from Daytona day 1: 1) #33A-Kenny Schrader 189.893mph; 2) #31A-Dave Marcis 189.211; 3) #3T-Mike Dillon 188.052; 4) #3D-Mike Dillon 187.813; 5) #33-Kenny Schrader 187.590; 6) #00-Larry Pearson 187.231; 7) #84-Stanton Barrett 186.548; 8) #31B-Dave Marcis 184.456; and 9) #45-Glen Morgan(chevy-ARCA driver) 184.068 (DaytonaUSA)(1-7-1999)

  • Irvan-Simo UPDATE 2: The Cup car will be the #84 Federated Auto Parts Ford, The BGN car will be the #14 Federated Parts Ford and the Truck will stay #44 even when Irvan drives. Ernie will run the Truck at Martinsville(4/17); Richmond(9/9) and California(10/30). Ernie will run the #14 BGN Ford at Richmond(5/14); Dover(6/5) and Michigan(8/21). Said runs the truck races at Portland, Nashville and Heartland(KS) and the Cup car at Sears Point and Watkins Glen. The other driver has not been chosen for the other 6 Cup events(Federated Auto Parts Racing Site)(1-2-1999) -- Per NASCAR Online, the new Stanton Barrett Cup team is #84. I have found out the Irvan-Simo will be #14 in Cup and BGN, the #84 was probably from a Winston West race they ran(1-6-1999)

  • RJR News: "It appears there may be some "wiggle room" in the tobacco settlement between the major manufacturers and state governments. Under the settlement, Winston would supposedly be limited to one sports sponsorship when the agreement kicks in. That one series, obviously, would be Winston Cup, but the agreement endangers, at least on the surface, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco's sponsorship of NASCAR's national short-track circuit, the Winston Racing Series. Now comes word that RJR's lawyers are privately advising the company that it could continue to sponsor the short-track program in addition to NASCAR's headliner series. The contention is that NASCAR involvement is the company's one sponsorship program, not the more specific major-league series alone. RJR does not quibble with its obligation to pull the plug on its other racing programs, such as the National Hot Rod Association's national drag-racing series. The possibility of continued support will warm the hearts of short-track promoters, who are far more dependent on Winston's largesse than the major- league circuit. NASCAR could find a new corporate sponsor for its Cup series with relative ease. Finding a new benefactor to pump money and promotional material into short tracks located all over the country would be more difficult. This issue could end up being resolved in court."(Monte Dutton in Wednesday's Gaston Gazette - link gone)(1-6-1999)

  • Sprague to Cup? I hear that CTS driver Jack Sprague may run up to five Cup events in 1999. Probably a #52 Hendrick Chevy and not a Pontiac(as in 1997). Likely tracks include: Charlotte, Indy, Phoenix, Rockingham(1-6-1999)

  • It's GM's turn UPDATE: Chevy and Pontiac teams may test at Daytona, Wednesday and Thursday. Those scheduled so far: Mike Dillon, and Dave Marcis testing Childress Chevy's, uncertain whether or not Earnhardt will test the #3, Kenny Schrader in the #33 and Stanton Barrett in the #84 PBH Motorsports chevy. Buckshot Jones will be testing the #00 Pontiac. Additional teams may join the test session(NASCAR Online) -- At Daytona for the Chevy test today are -- Stanton Barrett(#84), Dave Marcis(#31), Kenny Schrader(#33), Glen Morgan(#45-ARCA), Mike Dillon(#3) and Larry Pearson in Buckshot's car(#00). Buckshot and Earnhardt are in CA for the Busch Banquet, Mike Skinner is fine but being better safe than sorry after recent knee surgery(Mike in Daytona)(1-6-1999)

  • Trickle Fastest Again: For the second consecutive day, Dick Trickle posted the fastest time as Ford concluded its first Cup test of 1999 at Daytona. Trickle, 57, was clocked at 47.391 seconds, for an average speed of 189.909 mph in the #13 Bill Elliott owned Ford. Rest of the speeds: 1) 13A-Dick Trickle, 189.909 mph; 2) 13-Dick Trickle, 189.845; 3)77A-Robert Pressley, 187.563; 4) 90B-Mike Harmon, 187.274; 5) 58-Ricky Craven, 186.579; 6) 77B-Robert Pressley, 186.204; and 7) 90A-Mike Harmon, 185.716. General Motors teams will open their NASCAR Winston Cup testing schedule on Wednesday for two-days of action(DaytonaUSA)(1-5-1999)

  • #12 has top FOOD: Winslow Goodier, who has quickly become known as the top chef in NASCAR Winston Cup racing, has been voted Chef Of The Year by the Virginia Chefs’ Association. Goodier served as chef for Penske-Kranefuss Racing and the Mobil 1 Taurus team approximately 15 times in 1998. His menus included everything from grilled marinated ostrich to creme brulee, the latter receiving its sugar-caked glaze from a blowtorch. Goodier draws crowds each time he cooks behind the Penske-Kranefuss Racing hauler. Goodier is Executive Chef of the Hermitage Country Club in Manatkin, VA, located just outside of Richmond.(Williams Company of America, Inc) Goodier also served as a crewman when needed during the races.(1-5-1999)

  • Barrett to run Cup: Stanton Barrett will make a run for Winston Cup Rookie of the Year in 1999 while driving a limited schedule for Petty-Barrett-Huggins(PBH) Motorsports, which plans to run at least 15 of the 34 races in 1999. The team will run Chevy's and plans to announce its sponsor at the North Carolina Motorsports Expo in Raleigh on Saturday, Jan. 16. Terry Allen will be the crew chief, no idea on car# yet. Barrett also plans to run 3-5 BGN races in 1999 and the team will also attempt to field two trucks in the three NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series road course races -- at Heartland Park, Watkins Glen and Sears Point -- for Barrett's father, Stan, and actor Paul Newman. (NASCAR Online) Jayski Note: Actually they won't run Sears Point in the CTS this year, Portland becomes a road course race in 1999.(1-5-1999)

  • Sad News: Gerald Martin, a sports writer for The News & Observer whose storytelling style brought readers the fortunes and foibles of stock car racing for three decades, has died. He was 55. See the complete story at WRAL - Veteran Motorsports Writer Dead at 55 -- another story and picture at The News-Observer and a nice story by Monte Dutton at The Gaston Gazette - Fraternity of racing writers loses one of its stars(1-4-1999)

  • Falk Shocker: Joe Falk has hired Steve Grissom to drive his still unsponsored #91 Chevy's for 1999. John Birosh has been hired as the team's crew chief, Birosh last worked as co-crew chief for BGN driver Mike McLaughlin(NASCAR Online)(1-4-1999)

  • Bodine in full control: Brett Bodine as repurchased his #11 Paychex team in which he was a partner with Andy Evans and now wholly owns the team(WC Today Radio)(1-4-1999)

  • Talladega Testing: Kyle Petty and Derrike Cope tested their Cup cars at Talladega over the weekend, no speeds reported(WC Today Radio)(1-4-1999)

  • Pressley to the CTS: Robert Pressley, who drives the #77 Jasper Engines Ford in Cup, will also race 4-6 Truck races in 1999, no team or sponsor mentioned(WC Today Radio)(1-4-1999)

  • Daytona Ford Testing: Dick Trickle, taking turns in two Bill Elliott Fords, ran a quick lap of 189.032 mph to pace the first of two days of Winston Cup testing for Ford teams at Daytona International Speedway Sunday. Speeds: #13-Trickle 189.032; #77-Robert Pressley 187.367; #90-Mike Harmon 185.762; #58-Ricky Craven 185.464; and #59- Mark Gibson 184.064. Testing Results at iRACE- Testing Results and see complete story at iRACE - Ford turnout small; Trickle is quickest(1-4-1999)

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