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PAST NEWS APRIL 12-18, 1999

  • McDonald's and Elliott: The following statement is attributable to Bill Korbus, McDonald's motorsports manager: "Contrary to unfounded reports, McDonald's is committed to Bill Elliott Racing with its current sponsorship agreement through the year 2000."(McDonald's PR)(4-18-1999)

  • Yates 3rd Team? Speedwords, while checking rumors of McDonalds going to the Yates operation is hearing that a third team could be formed for the 2000 season. Texaco does not appear to be ready to leave what has been a very good relationship and Yates has the space in his new facility to house a third team there. Remember, Kenny Irwin's #28 team moved to Harrisburg, NC earlier this season. At this point it does not appear that McDonalds will go to Yates (probably to the #25 car) but we have long heard the Yates organization has been courted by other major sponsors looking to get into a stable, competitive organization(Speedwords). Jayski Notes: 1) In the next news note here, Sponsorships and restructuring, it mentions Yates doesn't plan on a third team and 2) with the #24 having Pepsi as an associate, would McDonald's go to Hendrick when McDonald's has an exclusive contract woth Coke?? Could be intersting or nothing at all(4-18-1999)

  • Gentilozzi to Cup: Paul Gentilozzi, defending SCCA Trans-Am Champion will attempt the two road course events at Watkins Glen and Sears Point(TNN's Raceday)(4-18-1999)

  • #16 Crew Chief UPDATE 1: Tommy Morgan will be the interim crew chief on the #16 Primestar/TV Guide Ford and driver Kevin Lepage for Martinsville and Talladega(RPM2Nite)(4-17-1999) -- UPDATE 1: Skip Eyler, crew chief for the #91 LJ Racing Chevy will leave after Martinsville to become the crew chief for the #16 Primestar/TV Guide Ford and driver Kevin Lepage. Eyler has worked for Roush Racing in the past as a crew chief for the #97 John Deere Ford(Raceday-TNN)(4-18-1999)

  • DW/Kmart Scheme UPDATE 2:: Darrell Waltrip will unveil a new design of his #66 Fords during a news conference at 9am/et Saturday at Martinsville Speedway. The redesign is part Big Kmart's - Waltrip's sponsor - introduction of a national commercial campaign that will debut Sunday on NBC. Waltrip will be featured in two 30-second TV spots over the next several weeks. The commercials, filmed on America's "mother road," were made to advertise Big Kmart's "Route 66" line of apparel(That's Racin'/Jim Utter)(4-15-1999) -- UPDATE 1: saw an image of DW and the #66 in a Winston Cup Scene ad and if it is the paint scheme discussed here, the main difference is the yellow Route 66 logo on the hood(4-16-1999) -- UPDATE 2: Darrell Waltrip, basking in the glow of another creditable qualifying performance, screened a couple of commercials that Kmart will be displaying beginning with tonight’s prime-time movie on NBC. The commercials’ theme is a veteran driver who insists on telling his pit crew old stories from his long career. We won’t ruin the surprise, but suffice it to say that the first spot involves revenge from a spurned wife. Kmart is hyping its Route 66 line of sportswear with the sponsorship of Waltrip’s #66 Ford(Monte Dutton/Gaston Gazette)(4-18-1999)

  • Copes: I hear former #27 CTS driver Ernie Cope will change tires for his cousin Derrike on the #30 Jimmy Dean Barhari Pontiac, Sunday at Martinsville. Ernie Cope is presently looking for a crew chief job and has given up driving(4-18-1999)

  • Jeff Green: On Monday night April 12, 1999, Jeff Green was the guest during "On The Circuit" radio show(WAMB - AM 1160) with host John Jenkins. Green was asked if he had talked with Morgan-McClure about the 2nd ride rumor and he said 'NO'. Any Cup ride he might take would be next year because he is after a BGN championship. No word on the #15 Bud Moore ride but it is obvious that Green is commited to the BGN in 1999(4-17-1999)

  • Sponsorship? The season is well into its third month and business is booming, yet still four regular Winston Cup teams lack reliable, week-to-week sponsorship. Four owners -- Junie Donlavey, Joe Falk, Cale Yarborough/Wayne Burdette and Billy Jones -- do not a principal sponsor. Jones' Pontiac, driven by his son Buckshot, carries Crown Fiber, which is the elder Jones' own company. Donlavey's car is being driven this weekend by Morgan Shepherd, Falk's by Dick Trickle and Burdette's by Rick Mast. Ricky Rudd, who has won at least one race in each of the last 16 seasons, is trapped in a long-term deal with Tide that no longer provides adequate funding. Larry McReynolds, crew chief for Richard Childress Racing's No. 31 team, confirmed that he recently made an offer to buy Rudd's team, which Rudd considered but declined. Rudd was also rumored to be selling out to CART owner Chip Ganassi, a notion now strenuously denied on all sides(Monte Dutton/SpeedNet)(4-17-1999)

  • DEI Changes: I hear that Engine Shop Manager of the Dale Earnhardt Inc, Mark Isler, has been released as of this past Wednesday, no replacement named(4-17-1999)

  • More Rudd UPDATE 2: Ricky Rudd's NASCAR team is for sale, and Larry McReynolds, crew chief for the Richard Childress-Mike Skinner team, has made an offer to buy it, McReynolds has confirmed. Rudd could not be reached for comment(PitNow) -- UPDATE 1: Ricky Rudd said Friday he is not trying to find someone to buy out his team, despite the rash of rumors recently to the contrary. Rudd denied Friday he has talked to CART owner Chip Ganassi. Sources confirmed Friday, however, that Larry McReynolds had made Rudd an offer on his team. McReynolds has said that if he found proper funding and the right sponsor, that he would resign his position at Richard Childress Racing and form his own team for the 2000 season. But Rudd emphasized Friday what he is looking for is a partner who would run the day-to-day operations of the team, while Rudd would remain as the driver. See quotes and more at the That's Racin' story - Rudd denies rumors of team's sale(4-16-1999) -- UPDATE 2: Following qualifying on Friday, Larry McReynolds said Ricky Rudd had declined the offer to sell his team to McReynolds and John Dangler, McReynolds partner(NOL) and from PitNow: Ricky Rudd says he will definitely restructure his team this season, because he's finding it increasingly difficult as a small single-team owner-driver to compete against the giant teams dominating the Winston Cup tour today. But he says he won't sell more than 50 percent of his team to anyone(PitNow)(4-17-1999)

  • Menard/Stewart: ut-oh, lawsuit. Team Menard Sues Former Driver Stewart. Tony Stewart has been issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting him form working for any other Indy 500 competitors of his former sponsor, Team Menard(WRAL)(4-17-1999)

  • Yes it was Kyle: Had many questions about the Kyle Petty testing accident at Talladega on Wednesday, here is what Monte Dutton has in a SpeedNet story: Kyle Petty, already mired in a horrible slump, had a freak accident while testing on Wednesday at Talladega Superspeedway. The throttle stuck as Petty was driving down pit road, and the Pontiac lurched violently out of control and through a fence, eventually rocketing into an infield flagpole. Petty was unhurt, but he car was obviously demolished. "I rank through the chain-link fence and over a couple of azaleas, and I think a couple of dandelions gave their lives, too," said Petty. "It was just a freak deal".(SpeedNet)(4-17-1999)

  • TV Dates: By giving up the right to negotiate television contracts, Bruton Smith and his fellow track owners may also have given up some of their traditional race dates. NASCAR may move dates to accommodate TV, and Smith's end-of-the-season Atlanta finale could be on the table(PitNow)(4-17-1999)

  • Falk and Larry: Larry's Homes is sponsoring Falk's #91 LJ Racing Chevy this weekend(at Martinsville, if they pick up some speed during 2nd round). Falk said he is meeting with company representatives Monday about a six-race deal. If he does not get a sponsor, Falk said he will skip the race in Fontana, Calif., on May 2(Times-Dispatch)(4-17-1999)

  • Shepherd Back UPDATE 1 why? Hearing Morgan Shepherd will be in the #90 Donlavey Ford at Martinsville, not Stanton Barrett as previously reported here(4-16-1999) -- UPDATE 1: Stanton Barrett turned down the opportunity to drive the car(That's Racin')(4-17-1999)

  • Noticed: The #33 Skoal Chevy has the blue paint scheme at Martinsville and the #36 M&M's Pontiac has a red air dam instead of the yellow with M&M's(ESPN2 Qualifying)

  • 15 years ago, Dale Jarrett, then 27, made his first Winston Cup start at Martinsville(on April 29th, 1984), starting 24th and finishing 14th. Though he has never won here, Jarrett has finished in the top five four times on the .526-mile track. In last year's race he finished third(SpeedNet)(4-17-1999)

  • McDonald's Out? UPDATE 2 Yates? I hear from a good source that WGOW-FM 102.3(Chattanooga, TN) reported during the "Racing Hour" radio show that McDonald's was pretty much a done deal with Elliott after 1999, and they'd be moving to the #25 car. No word on a replacement sponsor for Elliott -- UPDATE 1: I also hear that McDonald's is signed with Elliott thru 2000 and won't leave until the contract is up(4-15-1999) -- UPDATE 2: McDonald's, which sponsors Bill Elliott's #94 Fords, is looking at moving its sponsorship to another team in 2000 or leaving Winston Cup racing altogether, sources said Friday. Elliott has a contract with McDonald's through the 2000 season, but McDonald's does have an ``out clause'' that would allow it to leave Elliott's team, sources said. McDonald's is reportedly looking at two other Winston Cup teams to focus its sponsorship money - Hendrick Motorsports' third team, currently with driver Wally Dallenbach, and Robert Yates' second team, currently with driver Kenny Irwin. Dallenbach's team will lose sponsor Budweiser at the end of the 1999 season, when it will move to the #8 Chevrolets of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Texaco is currently the sponsor of Irwin's #28 Fords(That's Racin'/Jim Utter). Wow, the Yates deal is a new twist, hard to imagine the #28 in anything but Texaco colors(4-16-1999)

  • Irvan-Simo: Boris Said and Marc Simo were on RPM2Nite Wednesday and Said confirmed that he would drive the #14 Federated Auto Parts Ford at Fontana and probably two more oval races in 1999(of the six total, LaJoie ran Texas) along with the two road course events. Marc Simo mentioned he was busy getting ready for 2000 with the plan doing a full Cup deal(RPM2Nite)(4-16-1999)

  • Gordon Story: a buddy of mine relayed this to me: When Jeff Gordon tested at Greenville-Pickens(SC) on April 7th. he took time out to visit with a 7 yr old boy who has been fighting leukemia. Gordon doesn't usually meet with fans or press at any test but took time out to do so. The boy is still smiling as Gordon and Evernham allowed him sit in the car and take pictures along with signing a Dupont hat and gave it to the young boy. The family said that the boy had thrived to survive this disease because of Jeff Gordon and his wonderful testimony. Special thanks to Jeff Gordon, Ray Evernham and Pete, Tom and Craig Blackwell for fulfilling this young boys lifetime dream(MRM /Community Informer)(4-16-1999)

  • More Morgan-McClure UPDATE 3: Morgan-McClure Motorsports' plans for a second Cup team continue to advance, team co-owner and general manager Larry McClure says, and there's a chance that a car could be on the track during the 1999 season. Morgan-McClure currently fields only the #4 Chevrolets driven by Bobby Hamilton. The team has reserved the #14(what about the Irvan-Simo team?) with NASCAR to use on the second team. The team has a 90,000 square-foot shop in Abingdon, Va., so there is room for a second team to operate. There has been speculation that the team is close to making a sponsorship deal for the second team with Microsoft, but McClure declined comment on that Thursday at an open house held at the team's shop. McClure says the testing advantages enjoyed by multicar teams are too obvious to be ignored(That's Racin'/David Poole)(4-13-1999) -- UPDATE 1 on the #14: "Irvan-Simo Racing is currently using the #14 in the Winston Cup Series. They were granted this number by NASCAR at the begining of the season and have already run one race (Texas) and have earned car owner's points under that same number" -- UPDATE 2: Sources tell me that the #14 is Morgan-McClures and Irvan-Simo is using it until/if the 2nd Morgan McClure team happens. The owners points listed on NOL has Irvan-Simo as #114, which is used for part-time teams(Winston West etc). Not sure what Irvan Simo would use in the event both teams attempt the same race, as could happen later this season, but Morgan-McClure would be the #14(4-14-1999) -- UPDATE 3: Per the NSSN-National Speed Sport News: "The long-reported 2nd team from Morgan-McClure Racing will feature Microsoft as the sponsor and Jeff Green as the driver"(NSSN), hmm I thought Green was going to drive for Bud Moore?(4-16-1999)

  • Larry is Back UPDATE 2 Win Pit Passes: Dick Trickle will pilot the #91 Larry's Homes Chevy owned by LJ Racing at Martinsville Speedway in the Goody's Body Pain 500(LJ Racing) Larry's-Homes did some sponsor dels with the #91 in 1998.(4-15-1999) -- UPDATE 1: Associates for the weekend are Coachmen RV and Sonny's Camp-n-Travel -- UPDATE 2: LJ Racing is giving away Pit Passes at locations where they have show cars being displayed this weekend, check the LJ Racing Site for info and locations(4-16-1999)

  • Trucks: Three Cup drivers made attempts for the Truck race. Ernie Irvan was 11th fastest in qualifying, Rich Bickle was 12th and Bobby Hamilton was 22nd. Randy MacDonald, who has dabbled in Cup was a big surprise with the third fastest time(4-16-1999)

  • Rusty Chat: during Rusty Wallace's NOL chat, it was asked about special paint schemes, Wallace said "that they aren't going to have any special paint schemes but he knows that the Miller Brewing Company is planning something special for his 50th win, but are not even telling him and it'll be a surprise(4-16-1999)

  • Talladega: Cummulative Talladega Winston Cup test speeds (That's Racin')(4-16-1999)

  • Nike/Reebok: per this weeks NASCAR Winston Cup Scene, large article that says 'Nike, Reebok Target NASCAR'. The companies are looking to supply apparel(shoes, etc) and money in exchange for promotional oppurtunities with drivers and teams, and not to be a primary sponsor of a Cup team. Right now it looks like an interest in NASCAR and some teams have been contacted. Nike already supplies shoes to the Hendrick Motorsports crews, and others(4-16-1999)

  • Another Funny UPDATE 1: ESPN2's RPM2Nite on Wednesday, showed a Coca-Cola commercial of some sort with Dale Earnhardt, Kenny Irwin, Kyle Petty, Dale Jarrett, Jeff Burton and Bobby Labonte doing all kinds of short sketches and voices. Some were Wayne and Garth(Waynes World), Irwin did a pretty good GodFather/Brando voice, Burton as Garth and Labonte as Wayne was pretty funny. -- UPDATE 1: The Coke "commercial" was made for use in movie theaters to be run before the movie with previews of other movies, etc.4-16-1999)

  • Irvan Paint Scheme UPDATE 3: Had a few readers email me saying they heard there was going to be a Crispy M&M's paint scheme for Ernie Irvan and the #36 MB2 Pontiac, at the Pepsi 400 in Daytona this year, but sources tell me that they had heard nothing of any special paint schemes for 1999 and that M&M Mars and the team really wanted to focus on the M&M's car and get rid of the confusion about switching from Skittles to M&M's(3-19-1999) -- UPDATE 1: Hmm....hearing now that there WILL be a Crispy M&M's Pontiac Schemes at the Pepsi 400 in Daytona, they didn't announce it on QVC but alluded and hinted to some sort of paint scheme but never announced it or discussed it with Ernie.(3-25-1999) -- UPDATE 2: Once again I hear that Ernie will have a crispy M&M's paint scheme at the Pepsi 400 in Daytona on July 3rd and a new one, I hear the team may run a Pedigree Dog(an associate sponsor) food paint scheme sometime in 1999(maybe the Winston??)(4-5-1999) -- UPDATE 3: Did a search on Irvan on a few collectible sites and they now list an Action #36 Crispy M&M's Diecast available in August and a #36 Pedigree Diecast available in July, could be the RUMORED paint schemes(got a readers rendition of the #36 Crispy car on the Ernie Irvan site(4-15-1999)

  • Bud Moore Back? UPDATE 1, Looking Good: I broke this story a few weeks ago and NOL has an update and even a drawing of the car for a possible return of the #15 Bud Moore Engineering team and sponsorship for the team with AMVETS, see the NOL story at Sponsorship deal possible for Moore Engineering(4-13-1999) -- UPDATE 1: in part...."For AMVETS, the possible deal with the decorated World War II Army veteran and long-time NASCAR team owner(Bud Moore, #15) appears to be a great pairing. AMVETS wants to use the deal, which will be voted on by its committee late next week, to help increase its membership numbers. And ever since the talks became public, AMVETS -- more formally known as the American Veterans of World War II, Korea and Vietnam -- has been receiving calls about the chances a deal will be completed. All of the interest is persuading AMVETS to approve the deal. The calls are exactly what the organization would be shooting for with a sponsorship program. The proposed deal would be for 21/2 years, beginning with the Coca-Cola 600 on May 30. The Moore team has made several trips to Washington, D.C., for marketing purposes and there already is an artist's rendering of what the #15 Ford would look like(see NOL for the drawing). If the deal is approved, Jeff Green - who tried to qualify the car at Daytona - would drive most weekends, but the team would need a fill-in during conflicts with Green's Busch Series schedule. The chances of the deal being approved, according to Moore, are about 70 percent. But he won't know for sure until next week." See full tory at Moore, AMVETS near sponsorship deal (Herald-Journal)(4-15-1999)

  • Rudd/Ganassi? UPDATE 2: WAVY-TV (NBC) in Norfolk, Va. reported last night that sources have told them that Ricky Rudd is talking with Cart owner Chip Ganassi about buying Rudd's team. The team would be sponsored by Target with Rudd staying on as driver. The announcement is expected to come Thursday in Long Beach, CA where the Cart tour has a stop this weekend. WAVY sports director Bruce Rader talked with Rudd spokesman Kirby Boone at 4:20pm est Tuesday. Boone said Rudd heard about WAVY's report and says he "dosent know a thing about it." But Rudd added, "If Chip is interested in buying the team, tell him to call me."(many readers) and on RPM2Nite, Dr Jerry Punch did his patented "House Call" with Ricky Rudd and they talked about last years Martinsville win with the heat and the cooling system failure, it was pretty interesting...but there was no mention on the 'Target rumor'.(4-13-1999) -- UPDATE 1: From Rudd Performance Racing - "These rumors are completely unfounded. There has been no communication with Chip or Target." -- UPDATE 2: Ganassi Racing could well be on its way to getting involved in NASCAR someday, the team owner confirmed Wednesday, but he denied rumors that he is negotiating to purchase the team of driver/owner Ricky Rudd. A Portsmouth, Va., television station reported Monday night that Ganassi Racing was interested in purchasing Rudd Performance Motorsports (RPM) from veteran Winston Cup campaigner Ricky Rudd, a native of Chesapeake, Va. Kirby Boone, public relations director for RPM, denied that the team was for sale. The Winston-Salem Journal reported Wednesday that Larry McReynolds, crew chief for the No. 31 Richard Childress Racing team, has made Rudd a legitimate offer(but it has not been accepted). McReynolds has said that if he found proper funding and a substantial sponsor, that he would resign his position at Childress and form his own team for the 2000 season(iRACE/SpeedVision)(4-15-1999)

  • Testing: I hear the #23 Winston Team with Jimmy Spencer, Darrell Waltrip in the #66, Chad Little in the #97 and #75-Ted Musgrave are testing at Greenville-Pickens Speedway today in preparation for Martinsville this weekend. Also #58-Ricky Craven and #2-Rusty Wallace tested there today(4-14-1999)

  • #78 Done? UPDATE 1: Hearing the #78 Triad Motorsports team is closing it's doors. Driver Gary Bradberry was told he was free to look elsewhere a few weeks ago. No idea what Hut Stricklin's plans are(4-13-1999) -- UPDATE 1: I now hear the team has not closed up and is looking at some sponsor possibilities(4-14-1999)

  • Derby Car: Jeremy Mayfield will oversee the ribbon cutting ceremony for a commemorative 125th Kentucky Derby-theme car that he will drive at California on May 2. The ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at 12pm/et on Thursday, April 29 of Kentucky Derby Week, in the Clubhouse Gardens of historic Churchill Downs. Following the ceremony the car will be transported to downtown Louisville where it serve as part of the Kentucky Derby Festival's annual Pegasus Parade. The #12 Mobil 1 Taurus, that will be driven by Mayfield, a native of Owensboro, KY, was designed as a tribute to the milestone 125th Kentucky Derby through a special partnership of Churchill Downs, Action Performance Companies, Inc., Penske-Kranefuss Racing and Mobil Oil Corporation. The car's design features a Kentucky Derby-inspired paint scheme complete with the image of a Thoroughbred and the 125th Kentucky Derby logo over the rear quarter panels. Motorsports International Corp., the official trackside provider of Mobil 1 Racing/ Penske-Kranefuss Racing/ Jeremy Mayfield #12 car merchandise, will be offering a complete line of apparel items, souvenirs and collectibles exclusively at all NASCAR Winston Cup races, racing souvenir specialty stores and through mail order(William Co) also see some images of the car at Jayski's Paint Scheme Gallery from the announcement a few weeks ago(4-14-1999)

  • GM Talladega Testing Day One UPDATE 1: Bobby Hillin stepped in for Jeff Gordon and tested the #24 DuPont Chevy. Mike Skinner had Mike Dillon subbing in the #31 Lowes Chevy. The top six speeds: #40-Marlin 195.376mph; #24-Hillin 195.369; #5-Labonte 194.362; #7-Waltrip 194.196; #3-Earnhardt 194.168; and #42-Nemechek 194.166. Twenty five teams are testing with Thirty five cars(WC Today Radio and RPM2Nite)(4-13-1999) -- UPDATE 1: Sterling Marlin topped 196mph during testing Tuesday. The top five: #40-Marlin 196.709; #24-Hillin 195.389; #5- Labonte 194.362; #7-Waltrip 194.212; and #3-Earnhardt 194.188. See the speeds of 27 drivers at SpeedNet(4-14-1999)

  • 300th start: Ernie Irvan will make his 300th career Winston Cup start at Martinsville on April 18th(4-6-1999) -- see a TNN story at Irvan Turns Dream Into Reality(4-14-1999)

  • #16 Lepage News UPDATE 1: James Ince, crew chief for Kevin Lepage and the #16 Primestar/TV Guide Ford, resigned today siting philosophical differences(WC Today Radio) Tommy Morgan, Jeff Burton's BGN crew chief will call the shots for the tean on Sunday at Martinsville.(4-12-1999) -- UPDATE 1: Jeff Burton confirmed Tommy Morgan's serving as the crew chief to the #16 team is only temporary(Winston Cup Tele-Conference)(4-13-1999)

  • Garone, new gig UPDATE 2 - Maybe? Joe Garone, former crew chief for Bill Elliott Racing has accepted a position with Rudd Performance Motorsports as crew chief for Ricky Rudd. His duties begin Monday. Jerry Pitts, who was the crew chief for Elliott's #13 team will assume the crew chief role for the #94(4-8-1999) -- UPDATE 1: Ricky Rudd said Saturday that he has not hired a new crew chief, referring to reports that he has hired Joe Garone, who stepped down as Bill Elliott's crew chief last week. Dan Stillman is still acting as the chairman of Rudd's crew chief by committee(That's Racin')(4-11-1999) -- UPDATE 2: Garone was spotted helping Ricky Rudd's #10 Tide team in the pits at Bristol. Rudd confirmed that Garone is high on the list of candidates to become his team's permanent crew chief. Rudd is talking to Garone and a few other possibilties(Times-Dispatch)(4-13-1999)

  • Spencer Info: Jimmy Spencer expects to go the distance at Martinsville. He says he's feeling much better and the problem last Sunday wasn't his injuries, it was that the padding they attached to him was taped on too tight(Winston Cup Tele-Conference)(4-13-1999)

  • Double Duty UPDATE:: at least two Cup drivers will attempt to make the CTS race at Martinsville this weekend. Ernie Irvan will be in the #44 Irvan-Simo Federated Auto Parts Ford and Rich Bickle will be in the #45 Tyler Jet Motorsports "Lucky Dog" 10-10-345 Truck(4-12-1999) -- UPDATE 1: NOL has the entry list up and Irvan, Bickle and Bobby Hamilton in the #4 Dana Dodge will atttempt both the CTS and Cup race at Martinsville(NOL)(4-13-1999)

  • Another New Car: Rusty Wallace, who took his 49th career Cup win in a brand new car at Bristol, will debut his new "PC-11" this coming weekend on the .526-mile Martinsville short track. "That was a pretty cool deal for our team at Bristol," Wallace said from his North Carolina mountain home on Monday. "When you stop and think about it, it was pretty incredible that we were able to take a brand new car...a car that had never seen a lap on a race track until last the pole, and then kick butt like we did there on Sunday. "The big difference [at Martinsville] is that we've already had the 'PC-11' out for a shakedown," said Wallace, who has six career Martinsville wins. "We had the car down at Greenville-Pickens (Speedway, near Greenville, S.C.)once and hope to go back this week. We logged a lot of laps and know we have a strong piece in this car. We'll tweak on it some more before we get to Martinsville."(Tom Roberts PR via Speedwords)(4-13-1999)

  • #77 Testing: Robert Pressley and the #77 Jasper Motorsports team are testing at Greenville-Pickens Speedway today(4-13-1999)

  • Black Flag: Had a few questions on why Steve Park and Mike Skinner got black flagged towards the end of the Food City 500. From David Poole of That's Racin': Mike Skinner and Steve Park were shown the black flag by NASCAR late in the race for violating rules governing how they should blend back into position with cars pitting on the frontstretch. Skinner ignored the black flag while his team, led by crew chief Larry McReynolds, questioned NASCAR officials about the decision. So NASCAR pulled the scorecard on the #31 Chevrolet. Skinner was running on the lead lap at the time the penalty was imposed and probably would have finished 12th. Skinner was originally put in 30th in the final rundown, but after reviewing the situation NASCAR moved him back up to 21st in the revised finish(That's Racin')(4-13-1999)

  • Did ya Know? UPDATE: #12 Mobil One Ford driver Jeremy Mayfield is the only driver to have been in the top 10 of the Cup standings every week since the start of the 1998 season(Williams Co PR)(4-12-1999) -- CORRECTION: Mayfield was 19th after the 1999 Daytona 500 since he finished 20th and led a lap(4-13-1999)

  • GM Testing: begins at Talladega on Tuesday for the Chevy and Pontiac teams. Steve Grissom will sub for Kyle Petty for at least Tuesday as his father-in-law passed away over the weekend and Kyle plans to be with his wife and her family(WC Today Radio)(4-12-1999)

  • #43 Violation? UPDATE 3 - Good News: Hours after the race, NASCAR officials announced that initial post-race testing had revealed a compression-ratio violation -- the Winston Cup limit is 12:1 -- in the fourth-place Pontiac of John Andretti. Citing difficult conditions, NASCAR official Kevin Triplett announced that further examination of the Petty Enterprises engine would be conducted Monday(SpeedNet/Monte Dutton)(4-11-1999) -- UPDATE 1: I hear the engine and NASCAR inspectors will do the testing/inspection at Petty's shop this morning -- UPDATE 2: NASCAR has cleared Andretti's engine, see the full story at NOL - Andretti's engine clears inspection(NOL) -- UPDATE 3: NASCAR Officials announced today that after a thorough post-race inspection of John Andretti's, Richard Petty owned Pontiac, the results of Sunday's Food City 500 NASCAR Winston Cup Series event at Bristol Motor Speedway will stand. Andretti's engine was held by NASCAR overnight for further evaluation after Sunday night's post-race inspection. "The process to determine the exact compression ratio is very precise," said Mike Helton, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for NASCAR. "In the case where the finding is so very close to being legal or not legal, it is NASCAR policy to be as correct as possible before our final decision. In order to maintain the integrity of the post-race inspections, we will develop even more exact practices and procedures to finalize the inspections in a credible and timely manner." The results of Monday's continued post-race inspection showed a compression ratio which met NASCAR rules as described in Section 20 Rule 5.4 Article C of the 1999 NASCAR Winston Cup Series rule book, "For all Events, the maximum allowable compression limit permitted on any cylinder will be 12.0 to 1 on all engines."(NASCAR PR)(4-12-1999)

  • Hamilton Test: Bobby Hamilton tested at Greenville-Pickens(SC) Speedway today in the #4 Kodak Chevy(WC Today Radio)(4-12-1999)

  • #45 Changes UPDATE 1: I hear Phil Hammer has been released from the #45 Tyler Jet Motorsports crew chief position and Bill Ingle, formerly of the #10 Ricky Rudd team has taken the job on an interim basis -- UPDATE 1: Bill Ingle has been named interim crew chief for Tyler Jet Motorsports and the #45 10-10-345 Pontiac. e replaces Phil Hammer, who's future involvement with the team is under negotiation. Ingle joins the team immediately, and will take part in the team's GM test at Talladega on Tuesday and Wednesday. Also Tom Mitchell has been named as the team's General Manager(NOL)(4-12-1999)

  • 10-10-345 scheme UPDATE 2: I hear the Tyler Jet Motorsports #45 10-10-345 Pontiac, driven by Rich Bickle, will have a different look to it at Bristol this weekend, still purple but different(4-6-1999) -- UPDATE 1: Looked the same as usual to me, saw no differences(4-10-1999) -- UPDATE 2: after looking at the story and image on the Tyler Jet Motorsports Site, I saw the differences, the 10-10 on '10-10-345' is bigger on the hood and 1/4 panels and the #45 on the roof is the same design as the #45 on the doors, not the plain #45 it was(4-12-1999)

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