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PAST NEWS JUNE 14-20, 1999

  • Mast Leads: Rick Mast in the #98 Woody Woodpecker Ford, led a lap for the first time in 1999 in the Pocono 500, he was the 36th driver in 1999 to lead a lap. To see who has led the most laps in 1999, see my 1999 Bonus Points Page(not updated for Pocono...yet)(6-20-1999)

  • Marlin Top 5: Sterling Marlin's 4th place finish in the Pocono 500 was his first in 62 races(6-20-1999)

  • Pontiac: Bobby Labonte's win in the Pocono 500 was Pontiacs first since Kyle Petty in 1993(6-20-1999)

  • It's Back...UPDATE Speculation continues to grow that Terry Labonte may be driving for Yates' operation next season(PitNow Notes), expect denials within a few days from one or both teams, Yates saying no third team and Hendrick saying Terry and Kelloggs are signed with them through the end of 2000(6-19-1999) -- UPDATE: sources tell me that Labonte is signed through 2000 with Hendrick and Kelloggs, and plans on retiring there. And from Speedwords: Rumors of Terry Labonte moving to a third (or current) Robert Yates team appear to be unfounded. Sources deep in the Yates organization are very skeptical of such a deal due to what they describe as Roberts "total concentration" on Dale Jarrett's shot at the Winston Cup championship(6-20-1999)

  • Rudd News UPDATE: During qualifying today Eli Gold noted that Tide will let Ricky Rudd know by June 30th if they will stay with the team next year. Ricky says if they decide to leave he has a "contingency plan" lined up(MM)(6-18-1999) -- UPDATE His team is behind schedule, but Ricky Rudd said he still is working to secure a business deal that will allow him to start up a second team. Rudd hopes to have his plans finalized by June 30 to get a head start on the new venture(Times-Dispatch)(6-20-1999)

  • #75 UPDATE: Butch Mock has said he is planning a significant reorganization of his #75 Cup operation and could have something to announce in the next few days(PitNow Notes), new sponsor? new partner? selling out?(6-19-1999) -- UPDATE: from same story - Conrad Ordt(#40 team but isn't the name Darwin Oordt), a little-known businessman who is one of the new figures on NASCAR's Busch tour, is now interested in buying a Winston Cup team, according to sources familiar with the situation. There is speculation he may have his eye on Butch Mock's team(PitNow)(6-20-1999)

  • Now this is New - Schrader UPDATE 2: I had heard rumblings that Skoal may not return but....from PitNow: Andy Petree says that he's signed a sponsorship contract with a new company to back what would be his third Winston Cup team next season and that Kenny Schrader will drive for the new team. Petree says he is still waiting to hear from U.S. Tobacco(Skoal) on whether it wants to sponsor him again next season. If UST says yes, Petree says he will begin looking for a new driver for #33, the car that has been so closely associated with UST's Skoal brand since the Burt Reynolds-Hal Needham Bandit days with Harry Gant. Petree says he has talked with Greg Moore, the Indy-car driver who has expressed an interest in a NASCAR ride(PitNow Notes) -- UPDATE: Sources tell me Oakwood Homes will move up to Winston Cup to sponsor Schrader in 2000(#52?)(6-19-1999) -- UPDATE 2: but you have to wonder after seeing this story if Oakwood Homes will be it: Oakwood Homes Corp., the country's largest retailer of manufactured homes, announced Friday that third-quarter earnings could fall as much as 50 percent below Wall Street expectations and that the company is looking for a potential buyer. See complete story at - Oakwood says company is for sale(The Depot)(6-20-1999)

  • #98 Crew Chief? UPDATE: hearing rumors that Dave Charpentier, who presently is working as an engineer at the #1 Pennzoil team and recently left the #25 Hendrick Bud team, may be the new crew chief on the #98 Woody Woodpeacker Ford driven by Rick Mast. Mast and Charpentier worked together at the #75 -- UPDATE: but saw this in an NOL story: "Interim crew chief Mark Tudor, who may remove the the first word from that title if things go right with the team. After Friday's lap, that looks more like a possibility for Tudor, who had a similar role with Darrell Waltrip earlier this season. Mast says that the addition of Universal made the addition of people like Tudor possible"(NOL)(6-19-1999)

  • No Moore? Rumors of a Greg Moore ride at Daytona in two weeks seem to have subsided. Bill Elliott said he has no ride for the CART driver. Another possibility is Felix Sabates' recently founded #01 Chevrolet, but Sabates was unavailable for comment, and representatives of his teams professed no knowledge of any arrangement with Moore(Monte Dutton/SpeedNet Notes)(6-19-1999)

  • Carter's Picks? If car owner Travis Carter and Spencer split at the end of the season, two drivers who may possibly be on his list: Jerry Nadeau and his former driver Rick Mast(PitNow Notes), but expect Mast to stay with the #98(6-19-1999)

  • Felix to show: #40/#42/#01 Team owner Felix Sabates had not planned to come to Pocono for the Pocono 500, usually doesn't make the trip. But after Sterling Marlin(#40) won the pole he changed his mind and will come up for the race(6-19-1999)

  • Gordon Worst: Jeff Gordon's 17th starting spot for the Pocono 500 is his worst of 1999. Gordon and Mark Martin are the only two Cup drivers to have started every race and made it on first round qualifying(6-19-1999)

  • Lead Laps: Geoffrey Bodine has led the most laps in the history of the Pocono Raceway, 801 laps(GoCarolinas) -- Bodine slowed down 3/10's of a second from his best lap in qualifying. The cause of this was a skip in the engine during the one lap of qualifying. The team first encountered the problem in practice and made changes in the fuel system in an effort to solve the problem. These changes did not help and the problem was much worse in qualifying. After qualifying, the team tore down the engine and determined that a faulty camshaft was the cause of the day's problems. The team will change engines before Saturday's first practice session(PowerTeam Site)(6-19-1999)

  • More Tethers: At Pocono on Sunday, three cars will help NASCAR test tethers designed to keep a car's hood attached to the car in case of a crash. The #2-Rusty Wallace, #24-Jeff Gordon and #18-Bobby Labonte have been fitted with the hood tethers. NASCAR is trying one tether with each car make to be sure the restraints don't offer any interference with the way the car performs on the track. As for the wheel tethers? Each team now has set of tethers they are permitted to use at all tracks. NASCAR has not yet made them mandatory in the Winston Cup series, but that may change in the next few weeks(David Poole/That's Racin')(6-18-1999)

  • From NOL: In response to the extreme hardship being suffered by the refugees forced from their homes in Kosovo, Robert Yates Racing sponsor Texaco has partnered with Relief International, a Los Angeles-based humanitarian relief organization. The focus is to offer help and hope to the refugees by addressing their short and long term needs. Texaco has implemented two humanitarian relief programs through Relief International, first by committing $50,000 to establish 10 schools that will provide education and social activities for up to 300 children per day, and second by matching gifts donated by Texaco employees in support of the Kosovo crisis (to an aggregate total of $25,000)(NOL-Thursday Notes)(6-18-1999)

  • Rudd News: During qualifying today Eli Gold noted that Tide will let Ricky Rudd know by June 30th if they will stay with the team next year. Ricky says if they decide to leave he has a "contingency plan" lined up(MM)(6-18-1999)

  • More on Moore: Who is Greg Moore? Good interview in the Vancouver Sun at: Moore still in hunt for CART crown by Lyndon Little. One Note: at the end of the story it mentions - Moore says any discussion of his future with Player's Forsythe will have to wait until June 30. That's the day he can begin talking to potential suitors in rival circuits(Vancouver Sun, thanks Sean & Crystal)(6-18-1999)

  • Hubert and the #19: Tom Hubert, who works for Bill Davis Racing, will drive the #19 Kurt Roehrig owned Pontiac at Sears Point Raceway next week. The team will also run the August Michigan Cup race with Bradford White Water Heaters as the sponsor for both events(WC Scene), Bradford White also has a racing related contest going, check out the above link(6-18-1999)

  • Gentilozzi to Cup UPDATE: Paul Gentilozzi, defending SCCA Trans-Am Champion will attempt the two road course events at Watkins Glen and Sears Point(TNN's Raceday)(4-18-1999) -- UPDATE 1: Paul Gentilozzi Gentilozzi, reigning champion in the Trans-Am Series, plans to make his Cup debut in the Frontier at the Glen, Aug. 15 at Watkins Glen. He will be in a Ford Taurus bought from NASCAR team owner Jack Roush. Gentilozzi is also considering becoming a Cup team owner when his driving days are over. The car will be sponsored by Homelink a Johnson Controls electronic device for activating garage doors, estate gates and lighting(That's Racin')(6-18-1999)

  • Trump, team owner? Speedwords is hearing that "The Donald" Trump is interested in more than just co-owning a track with NASCAR. Sources in Charlotte say representatives of Trump are quietly investigating opportunities to buy an established team or facility in which to start a new team(Speedwords)(6-18-1999)

  • Buckshot news? UPDATE: Hearing that Buckshot Jones may step back his Winston Cup program and run most of the BGN events remaining in 1999(6-14-1999) -- UPDATE: Buckshot Jones and the Buckshot Racing team announced today that they will be scaling back the races they compete in on the Cup circuit for the remainder of the 1999 season. Jones will also be taking over the driving duties of the team's #00 Cheez-It® Pontiac on the BGN series when the schedule allows. Jones will not compete in the Pocono 500 at Pocono Raceway this weekend, with the next scheduled Winston Cup race being the Pepsi 400 at Daytona International Speedway on July 3rd. Jones is also scheduled to drive in the Lysol 200 Busch Series race at Watkins Glen on June 27th(Buckshot Racing Site)(6-17-1999)

  • The 'Hat Man' UPDATE 1: been getting a rash of what happened to Bill 'The Hat Man' Broderick? Well from what I hear, after he was released of his duties when Tosco bought out Unocal he bought a restaurant or tavern in the Chicago area(6-16-1999) -- UPDATE 1: some more tidbits, Broderick is the owner of a tavern near the Fox River in Algonquin, Illinois, in the Northwest Chicago suburbs, that he actually has owned for some time(6-17-1999)

  • Moore to Cup? UPDATE 2: Look for a CART driver to jump into a Cup car during the July 4th weekend. Greg Moore has an open weekend and after savvy driving today in the IROC race he could prove quite a handful at Daytona. A team has yet to be officially announced(SpeedNet)(6-12-1999) -- UPDATE 1: CART FedEx Championship PPG Cup contender Greg Moore has made no secret about his interest in NASCAR. The Winston Cup Series to be exact. Rumors were rampant earlier this season that Moore would leave CART after this season. Depending on who you talk to, Moore will a) definitely attempt to qualify for the July 3rd Pepsi 400 or b) test with the Roush organization, or c) drive a second McDonald's backed car for Bill Elliot at the Pepsi 400. Take your pick.(in part from a GoRacing article)(6-16-1999) -- UPDATE 2: Sources tell me that Moore will NOT drive a 2nd Elliott Ford. Elliott also mentioned in his recent NOL chat that he has no plans for a 2nd team in 1999(6-17-1999)

  • The Return of Gordon? Robby that is? In a SpeedVison column, Morgan-McClure close to fielding second car, it mentions that: Whether he inks a deal or not, McClure intends on testing the waters with a second car this year. He admits he has discussed his driver’s position with Jeff Green as well as Robby Gordon, and they could both be considered "possibilities". Other things mentioned in the story include, the team is taking two vars to the GM wind tunnel on Thursday(6-17), a Daytona car and a high-downforce car and the team have 22 chassis built(SpeedVision)(6-17-1999)

  • Mag Covers UPDATE 1: TV Guide's June 19 issue will have three different covers, featuring Jeremy Mayfield, Jeff Burton or Bobby Labonte(News and Record)(5-26-1999) -- UPDATE 1: June 19th issue has That's 70's show, no NASCAR drivers(6-17-1999)

  • Lake Speed to Drive? from the Lake Speed Fan Club Site: Many of you have been writing wanting to know what the possibility would be for Lake to drive the #50 Midwest Transit Chevrolet at Daytona next month in the Pepsi 400. According to Lake he will not drive in that race. He stated that he had been concentrating 100% on getting the race team reorganized and turned around to bring them up to a competitive level. How ever he did mention there "could" be a possibility that he might drive the car at a later date, if and only if the situation and the conditions were right(Lake Speed Fan Club(6-17-1999)

  • Gordon Tested UPDATE 1: Jeff Gordon tested his BGN and Cup cars at Memphis Motorsports Park on Tuesday. Not sure why they chose the track(6-16-1999) -- UPDATE 1: Gordon was driving a primer Cup car and Ryan Newman was driving the BGN car. They were testing to see how well the BGN car would keep up with a Cup car on a track the size of Memphis's(reason given in the Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper). The track is a 3/4 mile tri-oval with eleven degrees banking which very similiar to Richmond. Derrike Cope was testing the #30 cup car on Monday June 14th(6-17-1999)

  • 2nd Morgan-McClure sponsor? UPDATE 3: hearing LandAir(LandAir Transport, Inc. and ForwardAir), an associate on the #4 Kodak Chevy driven by Bobby Hamilton, may be the primary sponsor for the rumored 2nd Morgan-McClure team(6-12-1999) -- UPDATE 1: Hearing Jimmy Spencer spoke to the Larry McLure concerning the ride??(6-14-1999) -- UPDATE 2: I also hear that owner Larry McClure has talked to Steve Grissom regarding the second car, most recently at Dover(6-15-1999) -- UPDATE 3: Morgan-McClure Motorsports owner Larry McClure all but affirmed Tuesday that he will add a second NASCAR Winston Cup Series team by the end of July, and may even take the track with two cars by season's end. See the complete NOL story at: McClure says second team is 'close'. See the #14 Morgan-McClure page I have which compiles the news and rumors I have heard. Also, PitNow has a good story on the team: McClure says a second team is almost a necessity for next season(6-16-1999)

  • Rudd news: NASCAR Today radio reports that Ricky Rudd hopes to announce something by the end of the month concerning a sponsor, a partner and a possible 2nd team(6-16-1999)

  • Spencer stuff: Jimmy Spencer says “my name’s in the hat” after learning that sponsor Winston will leave Travis Carter at the end of the year. Spencer has been vocal about the lack of power his Pro Motor engines provide and has had a dismal year with no top 15 finishes(Racer Magazine)(6-16-1999)

  • Marcis News: Dave Marcis(#71) is denying rumors that this will be his final season in the series. Reports have said Marcis will announce his decision at the Pepsi 400 next month in Daytona, and will retire from driving after next year's Daytona 500(Tennessean)(6-16-1999)

  • No Pocono for Buckshot: Buckshot Racing canceled its entry in this weekend's Pocono 500 for Buckshot Jones. Jones intends to test at Daytona next Tuesday and Wednesday in preparation for the July 3 Pepsi 400(NOL)(6-16-1999)

  • 3rd SABCO team: Jeff Green will be at Pocono this weekend attempting to get the #01 Trac Fone Chevrolet owned by Felix Sabates in the race. It'll be the 2nd attempt for Green and the orange chevy, they tried the Coke 600 also(6-16-1999)

  • Randon Thoughts: Pontiac had five cars in the top 10 last week at Michigan, but Pocono hasn't been the Grand Prix's best track. In the past 16 Winston Cup races there, a Pontiac has been in the top five only eight times out of a possible 90 chances. Kyle Petty had Pontiac's last win here in 1993(That's Racin')(6-16-1999)

  • Track Star to Own Cup Team? Heard this on the Winston Cup Today Radio show by PRN and went hunting, found the story in the St Louis Business Journal: Track Star Jackie Joyner-Kersee is roaring into auto racing with an $8 million NASCAR team that might be backed by local corporate sponsors. Joyner-Kersee and her husband, trainer Bob Kersee, have been negotiating for months with potential sponsors, including Ralston Purina Co. and World Wide Technology Inc. They hope to announce a driver and car manufacturer soon and to have the team in place by Sept. 1st. The couple's race for a NASCAR team comes amid efforts by Gateway International Raceway to attract a Winston Cup by increasing its seating(6-15-1999)

  • RJR Back? While the release does say that Winston doesn't have any plans to sponsor an entry in 2000 'at this time', the Speedway Scene has learned that if RJ Reynolds could put together the right combination they might consider forging ahead with a "super" team in 2000(6-15-1999)

  • Craven? UPDATE 4: Hearing Ricky Craven has signed with the #50 Midwest Transit Winston Cup Chevy, makes sense if true since he and the new #50 crew chief, John Monsam, have worked together in the past(6-11-1999) -- UPDATE 1: Ricky Craven, released this week by car owner Scott Barbour(#58) and replaced by Loy Allen, didn't have to look long for a new ride. Craven was approached by Joe Falk(#91) but is now expected to be in Ted Milner's and Hal Hicks' Midwest Transit #50 car next week at Pocono(PitNow)(6-12-1999) -- UPDATE 2: BTW: the owners are Mike Witters and Hal Hicks, not Ted Milner. I hear they will NOT go to Pocono, checking on this further. TNN's Raceday also reported that the team would go to Pocono next week(6-13-1999) -- UPDATE 3: Sources tell me that the #50 team has NOT spoke to Ricky Craven about the ride....yet. As for Pocono, the team is not scheduled to race there and has not sent in the NASCAR Entry Form for the race. They hope to announce a driver within the next week(6-14-1999) -- UPDATE 4: From NOL - Lake Speed, general manager of the #50 Midwest Transit Racing team, is still in search of a driver to fill the position vacated when Dan Pardus was released from his driving responsibilities in May. Although Speed failed to specify the exact number of possible replacements for Pardus, he didn't shy away from a notion that Ricky Craven will likely be among those in consideration, see complete NOL story at Speed moving slowly with Midwest reorganization(6-15-1999)

  • Team Status: Larry McReynolds has another sponsorship meeting scheduled this week in his negotiations to put together a new Winston Cup team for next season. He's working against a June 30 deadline(PitNow)(6-14-1999)

  • Buckshot news? Hearing that Buckshot Jones may step back his Winston Cup program and run most of the BGN events remaining in 1999(6-14-1999)

  • RAD News: Only days after NASCAR approved the Winston Cup version of the 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, the #1 Pennzoil Monte Carlo team at Dale Earnhardt Inc along with two other RAD teams are working on a test car. RAD - the aerodynamics alliance of Richard Childress Racing, Andy Petree Racing and DEI - plan to model the cars it builds based on the information gathered by the test car(Pennzoil PR)(6-14-1999)

  • Tethers and Rain Tires: NASCAR officials reminded Crews during the driver's meeting to bring the steel cables used to keep the front wheels attached to the cars to Pocono next weekend. The devices were not mandatory in Sunday's race. Crews also were reminded to make sure their cars for the Sears Point race course were prepared to run in the rain. Rain tires have been developed and NASCAR officials have said they would hold the race in the rain(News and Record)(6-14-1999)

  • Ford/Chevy: Ford expects to get NASCAR approval of all the templates for their 2000 Taurus by the end of August. That would be remarkably fast, particularly for a model that has suposedly been in development for only a few months. General Motors officials say they expect Ford's new Taurus to have to meet the same aerodynamic numbers they had to meet with their own new 2000 Monte Carlo(PitNow)(6-14-1999)

  • #23 in trouble? Travis Carter's #23 team faces uncertainty with this week's announcement that R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.(Winston) won't return as the team's primary sponsor next season. Carter said Sunday he sensed as soon as last year that the contract wouldn't be renewed beyond its expiration after this season, and he knew well in advance of this week's announcement that the decision had been made. The team has been looking for a sponsor since the beginning of 1999 and is encouraged by the response he has found. Driver Jimmy Spencer is not signed beyond the end of the current season, and Carter said he wants to get the sponsorship matter settled before tackling that issue. Whatever happens, Carter said, his struggling team still needs to make the most of what's left this season(in part from That's Racin')(6-14-1999)

  • Interesting, but... With R.J. Reynolds' announcement it will no longer sponsor the Jimmy Spencer-Travis Carter team, several rival car owners in the garage are looking at that potential sponsorship. The three team owners considered most likely to land an RJR-Winston sponsorship if the company keeps a car on the tour are Rick Hendrick, Richard Childress and Robert Yates. There are increasing indications that Spencer and Carter will not be back together next season(PitNow) JAYSKI Note: In RJR's press release on leaving the #23 it said it would not sponsor another Cup team in 2000. See that story at NOL(6-14-1999)

  • #90 at Sears Point: Eric Comas, the former Formula One driver will try to qualify a Junie Donlavey #90 Ford at Sears Point. Comas is a Nissan factory sedan driver, and Nissan engineers are expected to be at Sears Point to check things out(PitNow)(6-14-1999)

  • Condolences: Dave Monsam father of Winston Cup Crew Chief John Monsam(#50) died June 10, 1999. Dave was a long time modified owner and crew chief in the north east in the 1960's and 1970's(6-14-1999)

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