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  • The Rules: After two days of complaints from teams, NASCAR Senior Vice President Mike Helton addressed the issue. There are no changes planned yet to even the competition, but Helton didn’t rule out the possibility it could happen before the Daytona 500. A rules change during prerace activities would be a first in the 52-year history of the sanctioning body. NASCAR officials will have another look at the cars in race conditions during today’s Bud Shootout events(Times-Dispatch)(2-13-2000)

  • Stocks: Conseco, already a major backer of stock-car racing, said Friday it would take over management of a mutual fund marketed to NASCAR fans. Conseco Capital Management, the financial services company's money-management arm, will become investment adviser to StockCar Stocks Mutual Fund. Pending shareholder approval, the fund will be rechristened the Conseco StockCar Stocks Mutual Fund. Terms were not disclosed(SpeedNet)(2-13-2000)

  • Bill France better UPDATE: Although word has not officially been released, NASCAR president Bill France Jr. apparently is well on his way to recovery after cancer surgery, sources said Thursday, see the full story: France Bounces Back from Treatment at SpeedVision by Ben Blake(2-10-2000) -- UPDATE: see an update on Mr France's condition at: SpeedVision(2-13-2000)

  • #13 Crew Chief UPDATE: Team Gordon announced three key elements to their 2000 NASCAR Winston Cup program. Fred Graves, previously technical director of Hendrick Motorsports, will lead as crew chief; Doug Louth, former Ford Racing & Vehicle Dynamics engineer, anchors the engineering department; and Peter Guild(was Pro Motors), in a newly-created partnership with Team Gordon, will build engines exclusively for the #13 Team Gordon Ford(Team Gordon PR)(1-3-2000) -- UPDATE: Both Team Gordon and Pro-Motor shall retain their identities but both groups shall have a mutual interest in progressing each other(2-13-2000)

  • CUP? UPDATE: Adam Petty hedged when asked if he will move from the Busch Series to Winston Cup next year. "We've got a decision, but we just haven't made an announcement yet," Petty said(St Petersburg Times) it was announced on NOL back on 11-11-99 that Adam Petty would make his Cup debut at Texas run up to five Cup races in 2000 with an eye towards CUP in 2001 if his father Kyle thought he was ready. From my understanding, if Kyle does not feel Adam is ready for CUP this May, Adam's debut will come at a later date. See the #45 Team News and Links page for the past stuff(2-11-2000) --UPDATE: Adam Petty said Saturday he is not planning on expanding his five-race Cup schedule in 2000 despite a new NASCAR rule that allows drivers to run as many as seven Winston Cup races in a season and maintain rookie status. He is considering running the Winston Open at Lowes as practice for the Coke 600(That's Racin')(2-12-2000)

  • #34 10 races? The Winston Cup team owned by Jackie Joyner-Kersee, her husband, Bob Kersee, and Kurt Roehrig plans to run 10 races this season(Times-Dispatch)(2-12-2000)

  • Crew Move: Tire changer Mark Armstrong has left #2-Rusty Wallace for #99-Jeff Burton‘s team(Times-Dispatch)(2-12-2000)

  • Daytona 500...important for the season? How important is it to run well at the Daytona 500? Consider this: Of the top-five finishers in last year's race, none finished in the top five in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series Championship standings. Jeff Gordon won the race and finished sixth in the points, while Dale Earnhardt was second in the race and seventh in points. Kenny Irwin finished third in the race and 19th in points, while Mike Skinner was fourth in the race and 10th in the standings and Michael Waltrip was fifth in the race and 29th in the standings. On the other hand, Dale Jarrett won the championship after finishing 37th in the race; Bobby Labonte was second after finishing 25th in the race; Mark Martin was third after finishing 31st in the race; and Jeff Burton was fifth after running 35th in the race.(Times-Union/AP) pretty wild(2-12-2000)

  • #13 Team Gordon UPDATE: during an interview on ESPN2's practice coverage, saw the #13 Ford that Robby Gordon will drive and Ingersoll-Rand was on the 1/4 panels of a black car(ESPN2) -- UPDATE: Gordon was interviewed on RPM2Nite and has a Team Woody decal on his uniform along with CD2. Another shot of the car was show and it has a bright red/orange hood and roof with a black rear.(2-11-2000)

  • Petty and Dodge: During an interview on ESPN2's practice coverage, Kyle Petty said that Petty Enterprises has set Monday(2-14) as the deadline for deciding what manufacturer the team will use in 2001(ESPN2)(2-11-2000)

  • ARCA Crewmen Shot: Police are looking for a man who shot two Tennessee Speedweeks visitors Thursday night during an attempted robbery at an International Speedway Boulevard hotel. Glenn Prost and Robert Garvin both were listed in satisfactory condition Friday afternoon at Halifax Medical Center, according to a hospital spokeswoman. Prost was discharged later in the afternoon. The men are voluntary crew members for ARCA driver Chad Chaffin(Daytona Beach News Journal)(2-11-2000)

  • RCR/Earnhardt/Bass Reup: Richard Childress Racing picked up some additional financial support Friday, renewing their associate sponsorship with Bass Pro Shops and Tracker Boats. Company and team officials announced the renewal Friday, extending their backing of RCR and Dale Earnhardt for a third year.(goRacing)(2-11-2000)

  • Reverse Engineering At Daytona: The new rules mandating NASCAR approved shocks and springs are designed to prevent cars blasting around the 2.5 mile oval with their suspensions bottomed out. But will these rules work? Most believe they will to a large extent. But, about the same number of people within the Winston Cup community believe the more ingenious mechanics are going to qualify cars that will squat down at speed more than the rest. So how are they going to do that? We are told there are ways to use suspension geometry to overcome at least some of the spring resistance. An even more interesting ploy is manipulating the bodies to generate more downforce in specific areas. Until the new rules, teams worked hard at reducing any kind of drag, including excessive downforce. Now with NASCAR propping their cars up with stronger springs some teams are stepping backwards in their aerodynamic engineering and trying to create just enough downforce to push the car down out of the air stream. The problem is more downforce eats horsepower, much like more drag, so the balance is critical. The trick on the superspeedways now is to use all of the above to create a package that is a little lower and slicker than the next guys car. And so the development goes. In two years NASCAR may have to increase the spring strengths again just to get the cars back up in the air, and the teams will look harder for ways to get them back down again(Speedway Illustrated)(2-11-2000)

  • Irvan/Fox: Ernie Irvan will be the Fox Sports News' Racing Analyst for the 2000 Daytona 500 and through out Speedweeks. Irvan will be giving his racing expertise and insight durning the sport show's broadcasts. Irvan's segments will air, starting Wednesday Feb 16, 2000 from Daytona( site)(2-11-2000)

  • Babies: two ROTY candidates have recent family additions: Mike Bliss’ wife Sue gave birth to a 6-pound, 2-ounce girl, Brittney Taylor on Feb. 9, the couple’s first child. And Cameron Scott Pruett was born on Monday to Scott and Judy Pruett. The couple’s third child(Gaston Gazette)(2-11-2000)

  • NOL and $$ UPDATE: The Tennessean(print version) is reporting that NASCAR could get $50 million for the rights to produce it's Internet site, industry analyst said. It'll gladly take less. Rather than auction off it's popular site to the highest bidder as other sports leagues have done, NASCAR plans to sell these rights only to NBC, Fox, or Turner Sports, the companies that paid a combined $2.4 billion to show races on television. ESPN currently produces the NASCAR Online site and their contract to do so runs through 2001, but NASCAR has the right to buy it'self out of that agreement(Insider Racing News via Tennessean)(2-10-2000) -- UPDATE: NASCAR reportedly is looking for more than cold cash when it sells the rights to produce its Internet site. According to a Bloomberg News report, the stock-car giant wants one of its new TV partners--NBC, Fox or Turner Sports--to get the job, even if it might get only about 75 percent of what the site is worth on the open market. NASCAR's Web site currently is done by Walt Disney Co.'s Sun-Times)(2-11-2000)

  • Article 4 controversary lives: NASCAR officials spent its controversial competitor and media credentialing language, see full story and Article 4 language at SpeedVision(2-11-2000)

  • Atwood, Dodge? No? UPDATE 2: TNN's Raceday reported today that Casey Atwood, driver of the #27 Castrol Oil Chevy in the BGN, would probably NOT be a driver for the Ray Evernham Dodge team as rumored the last few months, but it was reported that it is looking like Bill Elliott will be the driver for one of Evernhams two Dodge cars(TNN Raceday)(1-30-2000) -- UPDATE: now hearing the 'rookie' driver for Evernham may be Jay Sauter(2-3-2000) -- UPDATE 2: The Tennessean is reporting that Evernham has a clause in his severance agreement from Hendrick Motorsports that he cannot contact Casey Atwood. "It is unclear why Hendrick singled out Atwood. A spokesman for Hendrick Motorsports yesterday said the team owner could not comment on the matter because of a confidentiality clause in the agreement he and Evernham signed." See the story: Hendrick may hinder Atwood(2-10-1999)

  • NASCAR and...SpeedVision? "Word on the street is that it might be looking to add the television network Speedvision to a lineup that already includes a radio network, several magazines, several licensed weekly radio and TV shows, and an extensive website." From Autoweek(2-10-2000)

  • RCR/Earnhardt Re-Up: GM Goodwrench Service Plus, Richard Childress and Dale Earnhardt have been one of the most successful combinations in NASCAR over the last decade and today they announced the extension of their relationship through the 2003 NASCAR season. Dale Earnhardt and Richard Childress started their relationship in 1981 with a brief stint of 11 races. They rejoined in 1984 and never looked back. Together the two have achieved legendary success as car owner and driver winning six NASCAR Winston Cup championships and 67 Winston Cup races. This newest contract extension puts the championship duo together for a 20-year period dating back to the 1984 season. GM Goodwrench Service Plus began its relationship as an associate sponsor in 1985 winning two championships in 1986 and '87. In 1988 the colors changed to that of the now infamous black #3 GM Goodwrench Service Plus Chevrolet. As the relationship blossomed so did the success winning four out of five championships from 1990 to 1994, and putting GM Goodwrench in the record books as Earnhardt accomplished a record tying seven championships. Earnhardt does NOT plan on retiring in 2003 and would like to drive for maybe five or six years(Champion Sports Group)(2-10-2000)

  • Petty/TV: Kyle Petty again will serve as analyst for ESPN's 14 Busch Grand National broadcasts this season(Times-Dispatch)(2-10-20000

  • Stewart Car: One of the cars Tony Stewart drove last season on the way to winning rookie of the year honors was sold recently on an Internet Web site for $35,887. Mark Reed of Bakersfield, Calif., bought it. He is a driver/owner in the NASCAR Featherlite Southwest and Winston West Series. He plans to run the car for the first time at Mesa Marin (Calif.) Raceway on March 25 and at a few other tracks this year(Times-Dispatch)(2-10-20000

  • #41 Sponsor? UPDATE: hearing from very good sources that a new sponsor of the #41 Larry Hedrick Motorsports Chevy will be.......Big Daddy's BBQ(2-9-2000) -- UPDATE: on NOL's Daytona 500 entry list, the #41 is listed as the Big Daddy's Chevy(2-10-2000)

  • Foyt to Race: Not AJ, but son Larry. Larry Foyt, 22, will run in each of the 20 ACDelco Series events in 2000, 17 of which will be televised live on TNN Sports. Butch Miller, who Foyt considers the best ASA driver of all time, will head the Harrah's team. Foyt will also run for the Pat Schauer Memorial Rookie of the Year honors and will drive the Harrah's Casinos-sponsored #14 car(ASA PR)(2-10-2000)

  • Track Vacuum? Despite progress in many areas the past decade or two, motorsport still cleans up rain the old-fashioned way: Crews drive trucks around and around the track, hoping that the consequent scattering of water and the heat from the vehicle will dissipate the water. Jet dryers – basically, a kerosene-powered jet engine towed around the track by a pickup truck – are a step up, but they rely largely on the same principles. It can take a minimum of two hours to properly dry a race track. Texas inventor George Carter believes he has a better idea. Carter, president of Trak Vak Inc., ( has looked into the physics of wet pavement in detail, and he thinks he’s come up with a whole new approach that will save the industry time, and ultimately money. Yes, Trak Vak is towed by a truck just as a jet is. But the principle is entirely different. Instead of blowing water sideways and trying to heat it to the evaporation point as you would with a hair dryer, Carter looks at it from the other side: You just suck it up. See full story on RaceComm(2-9-2000)

  • Lepage sponsor: Kevin Lepage has a sponsor for the Bud Shootout, Mac Tools will be on the #16 for the Shootout. After that no sponsor is signed up. The team and Lepage plans to run the whole 2000 season, sponsor or not(RPM2Nite)(2-9-2000)

  • Lee Petty Recovering: Three-time national champion Lee Petty is resting comfortably in Moses Cone Hospital following a successful operation for a stomach aneurism. The four-hour operation was performed earlier today. Doctors told the family they are optimistic about a complete recovery. Petty, who turns 86 on March 14, is the founder of Petty Enterprises. He captured three NASCAR Winston Cup championships and won the inaugural Daytona 500 in 1959. His NASCAR career covered three decades, in which he started 429 races and finished in the top five an incredible 228 times and in the top 10 an unbelievable 321 times(Williams Company)(2-9-2000)

  • Barrett and Tri-Star? UPDATE: I hear from readers that in this weeks Brandweek at the site, there is the following story: Sports/entertainment web site, which claims to have attracted more than 20 million hits in the two months since it signed Pete Rose as a spokesman and brought his Hall of Fame grievances to the Web, is delving into motor sports. The New York-based Web site will be the primary sponsor of Ford Taurus driven by Stanton Barrett of Tri-Star Motorsports in the Daytona 500 on Feb 20. If Barrett qualifies for Nascar's biggest race, it will be the first Daytona 500 entry with a as a primary sponsor of a Winston Cup Car(the Brandweek section is a members only site, so I could not link it) wonder if this is the #39 car that was rumored a few weeks ago(also added a story link on a different topic in the Article Links section below from Sportcut)(2-8-2000) -- UPDATE: on NASCAR Online, the entry list for the Bud Shootout is up and Stanton Barrett is listed in the #48 Ford AND see the story and image of the car at FoxSports. The story says’s sponsorship is a one-race, six-figure deal(2-9-2000)

  • DW to be Honored at BMS: Seven-time Cup Champion Dale Earnhardt and reigning champion Dale Jarrett headline the list of stars who will pay tribute to Darrell Waltrip at the March 24 "Finishing 1st For Kids" Children of Bristol charity benefit. Waltrip, Bristol’s all-time leading winner, is honoree for the fifth-annual dinner that benefits Bristol’s Boys and Girls Club; Girls, Inc.; and Speedway Children’s Charities. The benefit has raised more than $700,000 for local children in its first four years(Bristol Motor Speedway Site)(2-9-2000)

  • Sad News: former Indy 500 pole sitter and NASCAR winning driver Dick Rathmann passed away February 1 in his Melbourne, FL. home, with the memorial services conducted in Melbourne Feb. 5th(SpeedVision)(2-9-2000)

  • NASCAR PR Hire: Danielle Humphrey was named Tuesday as NASCAR’s new manager of communications, as the public relations department underwent a slight re-tooling. Matt Friedmann also joined the outfit Tuesday as coordinator of communications, and will handle advance publicity for the CTS. The PR staff saw several promotions as well, as John Griffin became managing director of communications, Kelly Malone ascended to director of communications – a spot vacated by Tim Sullivan during the ‘Article Four’ credentials flap – and Jaye Galloway was named manager of broadcast communications(SpeedVision)(2-9-2000)

  • Loy Allen returns? UPDATE no: noticed a few weeks ago that Loy Allen tested at Talladega, never did find out whose Chevy's he tested. But am hearing rumors that it may be a 2nd Morgan-McClure car, just for the Daytona 500(2-8-2000) -- UPDATE: from the Morgan-McClure Pitboard by Chip: "Loy Allen and his father are long-time friends and supporters of Morgan-McClure Motorsports, and they helped us out a couple of weeks ago at Talladega. don't let Jayski or anyone else read too much into that. We will be running one car at Daytona and for the 2000 season". Pretty much answers that...(2-9-2000)

  • Gordon and Panosonic? heard from readers that on Eli Gold's radio show last night, NASCAR Live, Robby Gordon mentioned that he was in NYC recently New York City negotiating with Panasonic to be a sponsor for his Cup team(2-9-2000)

  • Lepage and the BGN: Kevin Lepage will run a limited(8 races) BGN schedule with Red Man as his sponsor of the #71 Ford with engines from Roush. Part owner and crew chief will be Steve Plattenberger. The team is called Matrix Motorsports. Lepage will run at: Rockingham(2/26); Atlanta(3/11); Texas(4/1); Richmond(5/6 and 9/10); Charlotte/Lowes(5/27 and 10/7) and Homestead(11/11)(NOL)(2-9-2000)

  • Team Yellow News: Yellow Freight, Pameco and Emerald Performance Group welcome Kobalt Mechanics Tools as a new team sponsor of the #19 Chevy to be driven by Mike and Jamie Skinner. Each will compete in approximately half the events. Check out the schedule for each driver and sponsor at Team Yellow 2000 schedule(Team Yellow PR)(2-9-2000)

  • Graves back to Cup..for a race: NASCAR Winston West regular Brendan Gaughan will try his hand at NASCAR Winston Cup racing with former Hendrick Motorsports crew chief Andy Graves in the 400 NASCAR Winston Cup race on March 5 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Gaughan, a 24-year old Las Vegas native, is the full-time driver for Orleans Racing, which is located in LVMS's Research and Development Center. The state-of-the art race shop is home to a full-time NASCAR Winston West team, part-time NASCAR Craftsman Truck team and the future home of a cutting-edge engine building complex. Graves, who joined Chip Ganassi's CART team this year after a 10-year history with Hendrick Motorsports, will assist the team with building its 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, advise them on race and qualifying setups and act as crew chief on race day. The car will be the #62 NAPA Auto Parts/The Orleans Casino Chevrolet(LVMS PR)(2-8-2000)

  • LJ Racing UPDATE: Joe Falk's #91 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, with driver Andy Hillenburg, will not go to Daytona with a bare hood and quarter panels. Joe Falk, team owner of LJ Racing, announced that KMC Telecom will sponsor his team for 2000 Daytona Speedweeks. LJ Racing's #91 Chevy Carlo will also sport a new look at Daytona. The car will be orange, white and purple to tie in the corporate colors of sponsor KMC Telecom whose website is Racing Site)(2-5-2000) -- UPDATE: officially announced on Monday(2-8-2000)

  • Spencer/Said UPDATE: Boris Said says he'll run five races in a Jimmy Spencer-owned ride - one in the Truck Series (Portland), two in Busch (Vegas and Fontana) and two in Winston Cup (Sears Point and Watkins Glen)(Speed Magazine)(2-5-2000) -- UPDATE: Jimmy Spencer has put together a five-race deal with Federated Auto Parts to field a car(Chevy) for Boris Said in a pair of Winston Cup races, a Craftsman Truck road race and two Busch races. Said is set for the two Cup road races at Sears Point and Watkins Glen, plus the Busch races at California and Las Vegas and the Truck race at Portland International Raceway(SpeedVision)(2-8-2000)

  • Fenley-Moore News: Fenley Moore Motorsports(#15 Ford/Derrike Cope) is pleased to announce the appointment of Richard F. (Rick) Ellis as President. Rick comes with over 25 years of executive experience in management, advertising, marketing, and public relations. He has worked on both the client and agency side of the advertising business and he brings extensive knowledge in liquidating contracts for sponsors to receive an equitable return for their investment. In August of 1999 Robert and Sue Fenley along with brother Randy Fenley purchased Bud Moore Engineering and retained many of Bud's original team members while working hard to complete their roster with the best people available. The team also did well during testing at Talladega, Daytona(11th of 33), and Las Vegas(top 5).(Fenley-Moore PR)(2-8-2000)

  • STP Out? UPDATE No: Clorox Sales Co., which now owns STP through its automotive division, has cancelled the STP lifetime contract with Richard Petty, according to the American Auto Racing Writers and Broadcasters Association. After the July 4 Daytona race, Petty(#43) no longer will be sponsored by STP. STP also has pulled out as the long-time sponsor of the AARWBA writing-broadcasting contest and has cancelled its Daytona 500 media breakfast(Phil Pash/Rockford Register) I had understood that STP would scale down to an associate sponsorship deal -- UPDATE: heard from folks with STP who tell me this is not true, that they will sponsor the #43 Pontiac driven by John Andretti as the primary and scale back to an associate at the Pepsi 400 in Daytona. Also: Season-Long Tour to Celebrate STP/Richard Petty Relationship, will be announced on February 11th -- STP Performance Payoff Allows STP Race Fans to Win Big - the STP #43 Celebration Tour is designed to celebrate Richard Petty and his relationship with STP - the longest-running sponsorship in motorsports history. Press conference and fan session with Richard Petty and John Andretti. Details regarding the STP #43 Celebration Tour. Introduction of the STP Performance Payoff promotion where consumers. Will have the opportunity to win a 2000 Dodge Viper or one of a million and details on how to vote for the best STP/Richard Petty moment(STP PR)(2-8-2000)

  • Foyt has Surgery: Indy car lengend and #14 Conseco Ford owner, A.J. Foyt had surgery over the weekend to remove surgical steel hardware installed in his leg nearly 10 years ago after an Indy Car accident at Elkhart Lake, WI. Doctors removed a plate, two bars and over two dozen screws on Saturday in Houston. Foyt will be on crutches for a few months(NOL)(2-8-2000)

  • Burton's Sponsor UPDATE: All indications are that Jeff Burton's BGN team will be sponsored by Northern Light and possibly Hardee's at Richmond. The #9 Ford was painted up in Northern Light colors at the BGN preview last week (image in the Paint Scheme Gallery) and I hear the official announcement will be made on ESPN2's RPM2Nite sometime soon(1-22-2000) -- UPDATE: Northern Light signed on over the weekend as the primary sponsor on the #9 Ford Taurus of Jeff Burton for his 14-race Busch Grand National schedule for Roush Racing. Northern Light already has created a special Jeff Burton web page that will keep fans up to date with the team’s progress throughout the year.(SpeedVision)(2-8-2000)

  • Exide Returns: Exide Corporation, primary sponsor on Jeff Burton's #99 Roush Racing Ford Taurus, will once again sponsor a contingency award for the 2000 NASCAR Winston Cup Series season. The Exide Select Batteries All Charged Up Award will go to the driver (his team must be part of the Exide Batteries Contingency Program) who advances the most positions from start to finish in the previous race. The first award of the 2000 season will be presented just prior to the Dura-Lube Big Kmart 400 at Rockingham based off performances in the Daytona 500. Entering its fourth season as sponsor of the award, Exide will up the weekly purse to $4,000 this year. Drivers who win an award also record points connected to their finishes (i.e., started 20th and finished 3rd - an improvement of 17 spots and an allocation of 17 points as a result). The driver who totals the most points by season's end will receive a $50,000 check and a trophy from Exide during the NASCAR Awards Banquet week in New York City. Burton, the South Boston, VA native, has won the Exide contingency award each year since its inception. Last year, he won in impressive fashion, besting second-place finisher Johnny Benson by 117 points(Exide PR)(2-8-2000)

  • Virtual Race Day? NASCAR fans have long reveled in getting a taste of competition by racing each other on computer generated tracks on such games as NASCAR 2000. Now NASCAR drivers themselves are getting closer to using that technology to squeeze just a little more testing into an already extremely tight schedule. In sort of a super hyped up computer game, drivers will be able to eventually test tires, chassis setups, spoiler angle or design and even get in a few extra laps of practice on their toughest track without ever actually travelling to the facility. Instead of trips to the track or wind tunnel, teams will be able to get the same information by just changing the conditions in a very controlled atmosphere right on their computer. The new Ford Taurus was designed and on the race track in only nine months thanks in part to this type of virtual testing. The most valuable commodity for race teams today is time. With the very demanding 34 race schedule and limited test dates, any available info is key to making a winner out of an also ran. In a situation where the team knows what the track characteristics are, a program to duplicate that on the computer is fairly easy and remarkably accurate. It would certainly allow teams to forgo much of the trial and error setup time that is common on test days for a certain track. John Valentine, chief engineer for Ford Advanced Racing Technology stated "Millions of adjustments can be made to a race car. Computers just help you narrow the field of reference. If you have 15 carburetor setups and the computer can weed out the top three, it will save a lot of testing time." It may still be in its infancy, but certainly this is one huge part to the puzzle when it comes to the ever growing demands on Winston Cup race teams(Inside Motorsports/Bill McDonald)(2-8-2000)

  • Norm Benning News: Norm Benning Motorsports will attempt to make the Daytona 500 in the #84 Chevy. The team has secured sponsorship from SoBe Beverages (website: This is SoBe's first venture into Winston Cup. In the past they sponsored bike races and skateboarding. Ace Kolar will crew the car. The Cup car has a Leo Jackson Motor. Benning also plans to run the full ARCA season with SoBe sponsorship with Linda Nicholas as the crew chief. See an image of the car in the shop at my Paint Scheme Gallery(2-7-2000)

  • Wind Tunnel Testing: hearing Bill Elliott's #94 team will be testing at the Langley Full Scale Wind Tunnel, Hampton, VA on Feb 7th(1-26/2-7-2000)

  • Barkdoll Promoted: Andy Petree Racing promoted Steve Barkdoll from the position of team manager to executive vice-president/general manager of Andy Petree Racing. Barkdoll has served as team manager since 1996. APR runs the #33 Oakwood Homes Chevy for Joe Nemechek and the #55 Square-D/Cooper Lighting Chevy of Kenny Wallace, as well as the #15 BGN chevy that will be driven by Jack Sprague and Derrick Gilchrist(SpeedVision)(2-7-2000)

  • Wheels: Weld Wheel Industries has decided to end its hiatus from Winston Cup and has begun producing wheels for the world's premier stock-car racing series. Taylor Weld, product manager of his company's racing division, said the burgeoning popularity of Winston Cup, and the fact that the series is scheduled to be racing next year at the track now under construction in Wyandotte County, KS, near Kansas City, made the decision logical and easy. Weld said word of his company's return to Winston Cup has gotten out, and that "several top teams" have contacted him. The wheels will not be available by the season-opening Daytona 500 on Feb. 20, however. Weld Racing got out of Winston Cup in the 1980s when the company "made a change of focus" Weld said. At the time, the company was supplying 80 to 90 percent of the series' wheels. Since then, it has concentrated on drag racing and dirt-track series(KC Star) Also: the National Speed Sport News reports that Weld Wheel is being sued by Performance Machine Inc of LaPalma, CA, charging patent infringement. Weld Wheel will fight the suit(2-7-2000)

  • Copper World Classic UPDATE 4 results: Ken Schrader, driver of the #36 M&M's Pontiac, has entered the 23rd-annual Copper World Classic at Phoenix International Raceway Feb. 4-6 and is scheduled to compete in the NASCAR Featherlite Southwest Series event(goRacing), also hearing that Tony Stewart and Kenny Irwin may run the race(1-20-2000) -- UPDATE: Tony Stewart will not run the race but will serve as the grand marshal for the event(goRacing)(1-29-2000) -- UPDATE 2: Tony Stewart will suit up and drive a race car Sunday in the Copper World Classic at Phoenix International Raceway. Stewart said a final decision to drive a U.S. Auto Club midget and a supermodified wasn't made until late this week. Even Auto Club officials and PIR staff were unaware Stewart was going to race. He will driver injured IRL driver Davey Hamilton's supermodified(SpeedNet)(2-5-2000) -- UPDATE 3: Tony Stewart takes the pole in the Supermodified Racing League race while Ryan Newman got th pole for the U.S. Auto Club midgets and Ken Schrader is on the pole for NASCAR Featherlite Southwest Series race(Arizona Republic)(2-6-2000) -- UPDATE 4: Rick Carelli won the Featherlite Southwest Series race(Schrader 16th), Tony Stewart won the USAC MCI Worldcom Midget race, Jason Leffler won the USAC Coors Lite Silver Bullet race, Troy Regier won the SRL Supermodifieds race(Stewart 5th)(goRacing)(2-7-2000)

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