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  • Mike Joy/Fox Show: The New England Dodge Motorsports Weekly, on FOX Sports Net in New England has been on for a few weeks, Mike Joys hosts the show (for info see the full Press Release at New England Dodge Motorsports Weekly Debuts on Fox Sports Net PR). The latest show had Worcester(MA) Telegram sports columnist John Gearan whose Mothers' Day column attacking auto racing provoked thousands of angry emails, letters and phone calls to the newspaper and its advertisers(see the article link at the bottom of my Past Columns/Article Links page. Anyhow, a few readers wrote in after seeing the show, here are a few comments: Mike didn't hold back any questions, asking the tough questions like 'would Gearan change anything looking back on it', answer was 'no'. How did he came to the conclusions he did in the article: statistics gathered about the number of deaths compared to the number of participants". Why he dislikes auto racing so much? he said it is too dangerous. Gearan said he was surprised with the responses he received, "unaware" that his article would be distributed on the Internet. He allegedly places most of the blame on the South(USA), citing that there isn't much interest in auto racing in Mid-Mass. He also stated he didn't intend to offend anyone and regrets that he did. Mike Joy then invited him to a New England short track race and be a member of the pit crew, no word if Gearan accepted(6-4-2000)

  • #98 Team Sold? hearing the #98 Cale Yarborough team has been sold to a company called Premier Racing Teams, LLC. Hearing they won't race until the 2001 Cup season(6-3-2000)

  • Joyner-Kersee-Roehrig Motorsports? haven't heard much on this Cup team since they withdrew the #34 Sunoco Pontiac from the Daytona 500. I am being told that the team is working hard to find a sponsor for the 2001 team and may run a race or two late in the season(6-3-2000)

  • TV Guide Returns: TV Guide magazine has returned as an associate sponsor on the #16 Fords driven by Kevin Lepage for Roush Racing(That's Racin')(6-3-2000)

  • Burnout Wear: has just announced NASCAR Drivers Burnoutwear products which include drivers such as Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt JR. and SR. to name a few. Also adding NHRA drivers. For more info see the link on the Collectible Links page. Also Burnout Wear will be interviewed on ESPN2's RPM2 Night or NASCAR 2Day shows on Sunday(6-3-2000)

  • #500: Jeff Hammond, the crew chief for the #97 John Deere Ford and Chad Little will crewchief his 500th career Winston Cup race at Dover(many sources)(6-3-2000)

  • Bickle to run at Indy: The #61 BGN team owned by Steve Coulter plans to make their Winston Cup debut at the Brickyard 400 with Rich Bickle as the driver(Winston Cup Scene Mag)(6-3-2000)

  • Wallace Penalty? UPDATE 4: Kenny Wallace and the #55 Andy Petree team is rumored to be getting penalized at Dover from some sort of testing infraction at Michigan in recent testing done at the Michigan Speedway. Word is that the #55 team will no be able to practice at Dover on Friday or run 1st round qualifying. Must had been something pretty serious. Supposedly a fine will be levied(5-31-2000)
    UPDATE: am hearing the penalties may not occur until the Michigan event on the weekend of June 9-11th(6-1-2000)
    UPDATE 2: NASCAR officials are reviewing a recent test by Kenny Wallace at Michigan Speedway for possible violations of NASCAR's testing policy, but crew chief Jimmy Elledge says NASCAR hasn't decided what to do yet. Elledge denied reports that Wallace might be barred from running at Dover as a penalty. Elledge's quotes from PitNow: "There is a question about Michigan, and NASCAR is looking at the whole situation, but no decision has been made yet, we've had problems there in the past, so we wanted to test, and we had Tim Sauter there as a consultant. When it looked like it was going to rain the second day, we stuck Tim in the car. But NASCAR says that's a violation of the testing policy, that you can't have two drivers testing for you."(PitNow)
    UPDATE 3: The #55 Andy Petree Racing team received a penalty Friday from NASCAR for violating policy regarding testing sessions. Wallace's team used two drivers to test one car at a recent test at Michigan Speedway - a violation of the new testing policy implemented prior to the 1999 season. Each team is allowed seven tests per season on tracks used in the Winston Cup series and two of those are manufacturer tests at Daytona and Indianapolis. And each team is allowed one driver per team. Wallace's team apparently used both Wallace and driver Jim Sauter to test one of Wallace's #55 Square-D/Cooper Lighting Chevys. Wallace's team will be charged for an additional test - in effect, losing a test session - as a penalty for the violation(That's Racin')(6-2-2000)
    UPDATE 4: a little clarification - the team was not penalized for using two drivers but for using two CARS with two drivers at the same time(RPM 2Night)(6-3-2000)

  • Petty PR UPDATE Kyle Speaks: Kyle Petty will address the media Friday, June 2, from 8:15 to 8:30am/et in the media center at the Dover Downs International Speedway. This will be the only time during the weekend that Petty will be available to the media. Petty is scheduled to drive the #45 Sprint Chevy in the June 3 NASCAR Busch Series race at Dover Downs International Speedway. He is also scheduled to return to the seat of the #44 Hot Wheels Racing Pontiac for the Winston Cup race on June 4. The Busch Series team has not competed since the tragic death of Adam Petty in New Hampshire on May 12. No determination has been made regarding plans for the #45 Sprint Chevy beyond Dover(Williams Co PR)(5-31-2000)
    UPDATE - Kyle Speaks: See the full story and Kyle Petty's Quotes at SpeedVision: Petty Returns to Racing by Ben Blake. Petty talks about Adam, the team and the future. Some notes from the story: Petty's voice broke occasionally during his 15-minute conversation with the press and media, but for the most part his answers were steady and his mind clear. He began by describing how he and his family received the news. Petty said it never occurred to him to quit racing or close down the team. You can also listen to the Audio version at NASCAR Online and see a story there as well: Petty makes emotional return at Dover. Other columns on Petty: TachZone and That's Racin' in a Q&A format. Some Kyle racing notes: For the Cup race Kyle is scheduled to qualify 24th of 45 drivers. In AM practice Kyle was 33rd with a speed of 154.566mph. For the BGN in Adam's #45 car Kyle is scheduled to qualify 29th of 48 drivers. In the AM BGN practice Kyle was 26th fastest with a speed of 153.022mph. In the 2nd Cup practice, Kyle moved up to 13th fastest with a speed of 156.277mph.(6-2-2000)

  • M&M's Scheme UPDATE: the latest RCCA Bulletin has news on the #36 Kenny Schrader/M&M's scheme that will be run at the Pepsi 400 in Daytona. The car is Red, White and Bluw with red, white and blue M&M's(many readers). Haven't seen an image yet(6-1-2000)
    UPDATE image: a reader scanned in the RCCA image for me, check it out in the Paint Schemes Gallery, it is a sharp looking car(6-2-2000)

  • Pontiac Rules Change UPDATE 2: RPM 2Night reported that the Pontiac team will be able to use a new rear bumper cover starting at Michigan. It will be optional until the Pepei 400 at Daytona. AND....from SpeedVision: NASCAR announced that the Winston Cup Pontiacs will be able to use a new rear bumper cover on the 2000 model, starting with next weekend’s event at Michigan Speedway. The Winston Cup series is currently preparing for this weekend’s race at Dover Downs International Speedway. The bumper cover will be optional equipment for the 10 Pontiac teams in the series, but becomes mandatory after June 28(SpeedVision). What is a rear bumper cover you ask? from NOL: Dimensionally there is no significant difference. The improvement comes from a marginally higher ground clearance to the bottom of the bumper cover on the Grand Prix(6-1-2000)
    UPDATE: That's Racin' (as is the Gaston Gazette) is reporting the new cover can be used at Dover this weekend and that Winston Cup director Gary Nelson is expected to address the rule change during a visit to the speedway's infield media center on Saturday, NASCAR spokesman Rick Oleshak said(That's Racin')
    UPDATE 2: #10 Lycos Team Reaction to New Pontiac Rules - NASCAR announced Thursday that a new rear bumper cover for the NASCAR Winston Cup Series 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix will go into effect after this weekend's race in Dover. The modification is optional to Pontiac teams until June 28, 2000 when all teams must use the newly approved rear bumper cover. #10 Crew Chief, James Ince On Pontiac's New Rear Bumper: "That is good news to us. We figure it is about half of what our Lycos Pontiac needs but it is a step in the right direction and we applaud NASCAR for listening to us. We are halfway there. The rear bumper is optional at Michigan, but you better bet we are going to run it in there. We have tested what they approved in a windtunnel and liked what we saw. The new rear bumper helps in that it allows air to escape underneath the car which makes it a little bit better aerodynamically on the track. I said last week that we were about 200 pounds of downforce behind the Chevrolet and Ford, but I think we are getting closer to them. Will the race fans notice it on the track? I hope so." #10 Driver Johnny Benson: "Sounds good to us. We will run whatever they give us. The new back bumper should help but we will just have to wait and see how it is on the track."(Tyler Jet Motorsports) and from That's Racin': Pontiac teams hope for more help(6-2-2000)

  • Pocono Testing: #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr., #9-Stacy Compton, #17-Matt Kenseth, #27-Mike Bliss and #60-Geoffrey Bodine tested at Pocono Raceway on Thursday preparation for the June 18 Pocono 500. Earnhardt ran in the 164.500mph range(Times Leader)(6-2-2000)

  • Park and DEI to sign UPDATE 2: On ESPN2's RPM 2Night, Matt Yocum reported that the #1 Pennzoil Chevy driver, Steve Park would be signing a multi-year deal with DEI (Dale Earnhardt Inc) and the announcement should come within a week(5-26-2000)
    UPDATE: Ty Norris, the head of DEI, said he expected Park to be back again next season with Pennzoil, with new contracts, and Norris says an announcement could be coming soon. But yesterday, Park seemed to leave the door open to another scenario. Park says he has not signed a new contract with Earnhardt and it is up in the air but are in heavy negotiations and that Earnhardt has made it a priority to get something in place for Park(PitNow)(5-31-2000)
    UPDATE: Steve Park says the first option for his Winston Cup future is to stay with Dale Earnhardt Inc., but that no new deal has been finalized. While Park said that while he still hopes to work something outthat doesn't mean he's not listening for what else is available(That's Racin')(6-2-2000)

  • Glover back to the #4? There is speculation that Tony Glover may return to the Morgan McClure #4 Kodak team, which has won only once since Glover left more than three years ago(PitNow). Glover is presently with SABCO(#'s 40 and 42) and with Chip Ganassi buying a large stake in SABCO and bringing Andy Graves in, the time would be right for Glover to make a move(6-2-2000)

  • Pruett Double Duty: PPI Motorsports (PPIM) announced that its Winston Cup driver, Scott Pruett, will assume driving duties for Busch driver Anthony Lazzaro in future Busch series races that coincide with Winston Cup events this season. Pruett, who continues to drive the #32 Tide Ford in all NASCAR Winston Cup Series races, will drive the #97 McDonald's Ford beginning at Dover. Lazzaro, who remains under contract with PPI Motorsports, will drive the #97 McDonald's Ford at the Milwaukee Busch event on July 2. Additional race dates for Lazzaro are still being considered. The decision to run Pruett in future Busch events was reached after an in-depth evaluation of the McDonald's Busch program's current configuration and its potential to step up to Winston Cup competition next season. The team is evaluating other drivers to field the McDonald's Ford in Winston Cup competition beginning next season. At the same time, they are working diligently toward finding other driving opportunities for Lazarro(PPIM PR)(6-2-2000)

  • Common Templates: Back during the March 19th Darlington weekend a story surfaced that NASCAR may explore the possibility of instituting common templates into the Winston Cup Series. The common template would allow NASCAR better control over the manufactures and help keep the complaining to a minimum. See the Speedway Scene article concerning them at: Common Templates Coming? by Mike Snow(new link) and a sister story: templates and aero - Tying it All Together(6-2-2000)

  • #50 to skip Dover? UPDATE yes and.. The #50 Midwest Transit team may skip Dover next week to focus on Michigan(NOL Notbook)(5-29-2000)
    UPDATE: Craven will run Michigan, then skip Pococo and Sears Point and return to action at the Pepsi 400 in Daytona(6-2-2000)

  • #43 Relief UPDATE: hearing Tim Fedawa will help out the the #43 STP/Cheerios Pontiac team and injured driver John Andretti, not sure yet in what capacity(5-31-2000)
    UPDATE: John Andretti hopes to drive Sunday until the first caution, when he will turn the car over to Tim Fedewa(That's Racin')(6-1-2000)

  • Gordon Skips Dover UPDATE: The #13 Robby Gordon team is skipping Dover and will concentrate on testing and re-organizing their efforts(RPM 2Night)(5-31-2000)
    UPDATE: Team Gordon has decided to skip this weekend's race in Dover to focus and restructure its effort for the remainder of the season. The team has outlined a plan for the balance of the 2000 schedule that will maximize the ability of the team to perform at a level consistent with Team Gordon's expectations. The schedule will consist of 7 of the next 11 races through August with a re-evaluation for the remainder of the 2000 Winston Cup schedule. In between races, Team Gordon plans to use its time implementing a heavy testing schedule that will also include boosted efforts in research and development. In the short term, Team Gordon has decided to focus on its road course and intermediate track programs. Wind tunnel testing and more in-depth engineering work is also planned(Team Gordon)(6-1-2000)

  • Pre-Race Accident UPDATE: Four persons were slightly injured in the pit area by debris from an explosion during the pre-race show. The show involved several military planes flying over the track, with explosions of plywood structures timed to appear as though the track was being bombed by the planes. One of the staged explosion's scattered some plywood debris from props along the front straightaway. Each was standing behind pit wall. Two people walked away from the scene and refused treatment. Two were treated and released from the infield care center with minor abrasions. Wayne Deloria, pit crew coordinator for the #32-Scott Pruett Ford, later returned to the care center complaining of dizziness and appeared disoriented. He was taken by ambulance to Carolinas Medical Center for precautionary tests(SpeedVision and That's Racin')(5-29-2000)
    UPDATE: Wayne Deloria, a pit crew coordinator for Scott Pruett's Winston Cup team who was injured during a prerace show Sunday at Lowe's Motor Speedway, is recovering well, team spokeswoman Pam Colbert said Wednesday(St Petersburg Times)(6-1-2000)

  • Walkway Lawsuit: Five people injured when a pedestrian walkway collapsed at Lowe's Motor Speedway and two of their spouses filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the track's parent company and the construction firm that built the bridge. The lawsuit, filed in Rowan County Superior Court, accuses Speedway Motorsports Inc. and Tindall Corp. of negligence in the May 20 accident that injured 107 people. At least 15 people remained hospitalized Wednesday, two in critical condition(WRAL/AP)(6-1-2000)

  • Sad News: Ricky Nicholas, pit crew member with Norm Benning's ARCA/CUP team, was killed over the weekend in an offtrack vehicle accident near Huntingdon, PA. He was the son of Rick Nicholas Sr., front tire changer and the nephew of crew chief Linda Nicholas. Services were held in Irwin, PA Tuesday evening(6-1-2000)

  • Derrike Cope News: The new Derrike Cope/Warren Johnson Cup team, Quest Motor Racing Team is progressing quickly, the Derrike Cope site reports. The new team expects to move into their facility located in Huntersville, NC within the next three weeks and by the end of June it is anticipated that they will have the facility ready to showcase and be operational. The team has two cars and four more cars on order. When fully operational, the focus will be on testing, getting cars ready to race and have their engine development program up and running. Cope and Johnson have been talking with representatives from both Chevrolet and Pontiac and expect to make a decision within the next two weeks. The car number has been selected and will be announced sometime next week. The team and Cope plans to run at least five races this year. That will permit the team to take advantage of seven test sessions instead of the two test sessions that NASCAR grants to new teams. The team is actively seeking sponsorship for these five races and for the 2001 season(Derrike Cope Official Site)(5-31-2000)

  • Gordon and Snoopy? UPDATE 2: hearing #24-Jeff Gordon will run a Snoopy (from the Peanut's comic strip) in the Pepsi 400 at Daytona and/or the Brickyard 400, no official word on what the occasion is. Supposedly the car will be light metallic blue with yellow highlights, Snoopy on the hood and quarterpanels(5-29-2000)
    UPDATE: I hear these will not be the colors but the car will run at the Brickyard 400(5-30-2000)
    UPDATE 2: here is more on this scheme - the car will have a dark blue roof, fading into light blue sides with grass decal around the bottom of the #24 Chevy. Snoopy as Joe Cool character painting(DuPont paint?) his doghouse on hood and as the Red Baron character on the quarters. Even have a Woodstock jack marker(instead of the arrow). The car will supposedly be introduced at Sears Point in June and hearing it will be run at the Brickyard 400. The reason? To commemorate the 50th year for Peanuts and as a tribute to them and the Peanuts creator, the late Charles Schulz(5-31-2000)

  • Some Notes: Dale Earnhardt is the only Cup driver to recorded nine top-10 finishes in 12 races this season. Ward Burton has raced more laps than any driver this season, 3,928 of 3,931 laps raced in the first 12 races(Speed Magazine) and Darrell Waltrip, who does not have a provisional available until Sears Point, failed to qualify for both Dover races last year (Roanoke Times)(5-31-2000)

  • Earnhardt Jr Special Paint? UPDATE 3: Officials from Budweiser, the "Official Beer" of NASCAR and the NHRA, will make a special announcement with Budweiser Racing drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kenny Bernstein at Lowe's Motor Speedway regarding the 2000 season on Tuesday, May 23, 2000( PR) Hearing this will be the announcement of a Budweiser/Olympic Games scheme to be run this summer(5-17-2000)
    UPDATE: The Budweiser press conference featuring Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kenny Bernstein scheduled for 11:30am/et Tuesday (May 23) at Lowe's Motor Speedway has been postponed( PR) no word on the rescheduled date(5-22-2000)
    UPDATE 2: The scheme will be run at the Pepsi 400 at Daytona on the #8 Budweiser Chevy and will be an Olympic Scheme, just got three images in, see them at Jayski's Paint Scheme Page(5-30-2000)
    UPDATE 3: hearing the car will not be run until Bristol, under the lights(5-31-2000)

  • Vegas/Dodge Test Cancelled: Petty Enterprises and Dodge have cancelled their June 5-6 NASCAR Winston Cup test session at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, according to Jeff Motley, LVMS director of publicity, NASCAR has limited the number of test dates the new Dodge program, headed by veteran Winston Cup crew chief Ray Evernham, can hold. Motley said there is a possibility that Petty Enterprises and Evernham would reschedule the test session at LVMS for a later date(Las Vegas Sun)(5-31-2000)

  • Wells and Marlin? Benson? UPDATE: The plan was for Wells to field a Busch and Winston Cup car this year, with McDonald's and Lazzaro jumping to Winston Cup next season. But those plans are obviously changing, though Wells isn't yet disclosing what he expects to happen. Rumors have Wells talking with a couple of veteran NASCAR drivers, with one being Sterling Marlin, about taking over the McDonald's ride in 2001. Wells also is looking for more help in preparing the cars, so he might be interested in someone like veteran crew chief Tony Glover, a longtime buddy of Marlin's(in part from CBS Sportsline) AND also hearing Wells has talked to Johnny Benson of the #10 Lycos team and to James Ince, crew chief for the same team
    UPDATE: from Tyler Jet Motorsports - our committment now is to stay together as a TEAM right where we are(5-31-2000)

  • Aero Matching: NASCAR is currently having certain Winston Cup teams build test cars following an aero-matched design. The cars are said to be based on the Chevrolet Monte Carlo template with design changes made at the front and rear of the car to try to retain individual make integrity. It sounds as if NASCAR may be trying an end run around their common template strategy that was met by overwhelming dislike earlier this spring. The individual car manufacturers are still very much against the common template move as they firmly believe in the "what wins on Sunday, sells on Monday" theory. Fans also still look for the competition between makes as well as drivers, and Dodge, still looking towards 2001, is sort of in a holding pattern. No word as to when NASCAR expects the cars to be finished, but Gibbs racing has their model under construction(Inside Motorsports)(5-31-2000)

  • One owner, three winners? That's Racin' brings up a good question. When was the last time a team owner had three different drivers win in the same season? as Jack Roush has now done this year with Mark Martin, Jeff Burton and Matt Kenseth. The last to do it was Rick Hendrick in 1989 with Darrell Waltrip (six wins), Ken Schrader (one win) and Geoffrey Bodine (one win)(That's Racin') Technically, Mark Martin is listed as the owner of Kenseth's car and Robert Corn is listed as the owner on the Burton car, but all fall under the Roush Racing umbrella(5-31-2000)

  • New Racing TV Show UPDATE: An exciting new weekly motorsports show, New England Dodge Motorsports Weekly, debuts on FOX Sports Net tomorrow. The show will cover the New England racing scene and the tracks, drivers, teams and fans that make New England one of the richest motorsports regions in the country. New England Dodge Motorsports Weekly will air Fridays at 7:30pm/et and reair on Saturday mornings at 11:30am/et for 25 weeks. The show will be hosted by nationally recognized CBS and FOX Sports broadcaster, Mike Joy. See the full Press Release at New England Dodge Motorsports Weekly Debuts on Fox Sports Net. The show debuted last week, but is a weekly show(5-29-2000)
    UPDATE: Worcester(MA) Telegram sports columnist John Gearan will be interviewed by Mike Joy this week on FOX Sports New England. Gearan's Mothers' Day column attacking auto racing provoked thousands of angry emails, letters and phone calls to the newspaper and its advertisers. "While auto racing has enjoyed tremendous growth, there are still some people who want our sport to go away," Joy said. "Mr. Gearan has chosen to be an outspoken opponent of racing and I want our viewers to learn how he formed his point of view. As opposed to news reporting, I appreciate that a columnists's job to express his opinion. But this column produced such a surprising amount of nationwide outrage, I want to know if he now wishes he had approached the subject differently." New England Dodge Motorsports Weekly airs Fridays at 7:30pm and Saturdays at 11:30am on FOX Sports New England(Note: my understanding is that the show is only shown in New England(5-31-2000)

  • Martin News: Mark Martin's on-track performance in the #6-Valvoline Ford, combined with contributions from Valvoline and NASCAR fans, has brought the current total raised for Big Brothers Big Sisters since 1999 to $474,410. Valvoline is donating $5,000 for every Winston Cup race Martin wins, $2,500 for each pole, $1,000 for a top-five finish, and $20 per lap Martin leads in this "Caring Hands" program. The next trackside fundraiser, where fans can put their handprints on a canvas wall, receive a commemorative button, and make donations, will be June 3 at Dover Downs International Speedway(Valvoline Newsletter)(5-30-2000)

  • Carl Long at Dover UPDATE: If the #85 car with Darrell Waltrip makes it out of the Coca Cola 600 intact, Carl Long plans to load it into the hauler -- which he also drives -- and try to qualify it next week at Dover, DE(Total Sports/AP) see below for complete story. Also, who is Carl Long? See this story from PitNow: Long sells out his dream to Waltrip(5-27-2000)
    UPDATE: Looks like Carl Long will attempt to make the Dover Cup race on June 4th. Some notes: Waltrip's Carter-Haas Motorsports team paid the Dixon's $20,000 tire bill for the race, and will give Dixon all of the money Waltrip earns in the event(ended up being $33,340). Waltrip's team took over the car Saturday night, putting in a new seat and an entirely new setup. Long said it was the right thing to have Waltrip's team take control of the car. Long, who was joined at the track by plenty of friends and family from back in the Triangle, normally employs just four volunteers to help him work. Long said the deal has given Dixon some new hope, and it looks like Dixon will send Long to try to qualify for next week's Winston Cup race at Dover, Del. That's a significant commitment, considering he'll have to pay $45,000 for a qualifying engine and spend $15,000 more to overhaul a different engine for the race(News and Observer)(5-29-2000)

  • Home Depot leaving? UPDATE: Home Depot, negotiating to re-up with Joe Gibbs' #20 Tony Stewart team, may not come back, and if it doesn't, MBNA could return to a full time Cup sponsorship(it used to sponsor the #22 Ward Burton/Bill Davis car). MBNA currently sponsors the #18 BGN Gibbs car in the BGN that Jason Leffler drives. Team reps, however, feel Home Depot will return to the #20 Cup car. If so MBNA may look elsewhere for a full Cup sponsorship(SpeedVision)(5-28-2000)
    UPDATE: Gibbs and Home Depot executives are negotiating an extension of their sponsorship contract for the Tony Stewart team(PitNow)(5-29-2000)

  • 3rd DEI team? UPDATE: Rumor on the distant horizon: A third team for Dale Earnhardt Inc.?(SpeedVision) currently run the #1-Steve Park and #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr teams. No drivers mentioned(5-28-2000)
    UPDATE: Ty Norris, head of DEI, isn't enthusiastic about expanding with a third Cup team next season, but says he can't rule it out. Michael Waltrip's name has been coming up in connection with a third Cup team and other possibilities, following Jim Smith's Ultra Motorsports merger with Mattei Motorsports. Smith, who runs Mike Wallace in the #2 CTS Ford truck, might want to put Wallace in a Cup car(PitNow)(5-29-2000)

  • Glowing Cars? Coca Cola 600 viewers got a taste of new TV technology coming to next year's telecasts. During the Coca Cola "Red Lap" commercials, certain cars were highlighted by a red "halo". In 2001, different color halos will occasionally be used to denote lead lap cars, interval, etc. At least one network planned to debut this video effect in 2000, but stopped development when they lost out in the bidding for future NASCAR TV rights. Reminds me of the Fox/glowing hockey puck a few years ago. Also during the Indy 500, ABC showed something different, a layout of the race track on the screen with the top three cars and where there were in relation with each other, thought that was neat(5-29-2000)

  • No Fines: NASCAR officials have decided not to fine DEI technical director Steve Hmiel and driver Steve Park for their actions during and following last week’s Winston all-star event. Hmiel made a derogatory remark concerning what he believed to be driver Joe Nemechek’s Polish heritage. Park was involved in a pair of incidents with Nemechek. He rear-ended the driver in traffic and almost spun Nemechek. After he recovered, Nemechek retaliated. Park was unable to hold onto his sliding car and started a crash that took out Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart. Nemechek was fined $15,000(Richmond Times Disptach)(5-29-2000)

  • #13 Penalty: Robby Gordon replaced race starter PJ Jones in the #13 Burger King/Turtle Wax Ford after flying back form running the Indy 500. After the red flag for rain, Gordon took over the #13, his nornal ride. The team was assessed a five-lap penalty because the crew had worked on the car under the red-flag stop for rain(Infobeat/AP) and Gordon's team made the mistake of adjusting his seat during the delay, when teams aren't allowed to work on their cars and the team was penalized five laps(News and Observer)(5-29-2000)

  • Pre-Race Accident: Four persons were slightly injured in the pit area by debris from an explosion during the pre-race show. The show involved several military planes flying over the track, with explosions of plywood structures timed to appear as though the track was being bombed by the planes. One of the staged explosion's scattered some plywood debris from props along the front straightaway. Each was standing behind pit wall. Two people walked away from the scene and refused treatment. Two were treated and released from the infield care center with minor abrasions. Wayne Deloria, pit crew coordinator for the #32-Scott Pruett Ford, later returned to the care center complaining of dizziness and appeared disoriented. He was taken by ambulance to Carolinas Medical Center for precautionary tests(SpeedVision and That's Racin')(5-29-2000)

  • Next No Bull Five: the next No Bull Five race is the Chevrolet Monte Carlo 400 at Richmond(not the Brickyard). The five drivers eligible for the $1 million bonus are: #17-Matt Kenseth; #18-Bobby Labonte; #3-Dale Earnhardt; #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr; and #88-Dale Jarrett(5-29-2000)

  • No Bull Five Finishers: #99-Jeff Burton finished 11th; #6-Mark Martin was 12th; #18-Bobby Labonte was 2nd; #94-Bill Elliott was 43rd; and #20-Tony Stewart was 14th(5-29-2000)

  • #18 Yankees Car? UPDATE 3: The Beckett Racing Guide has a #18 NY Yankees/Interstate Batteries scheme listed, supposedly to be run in the Pepsi 400 in Daytona, see the image on the Paint Schemes Gallery(5-11-2000)
    UPDATE: The Yankees scheme for Bobby Labonte for the Pepsi 400 at Daytona has fallen through but supposedly a different baseball themed special paint job may be in the works(5-17-2000)
    UPDATE 2: Bobby Labonte will drive a specially painted baseball-themed #18 Pontiac in the Pepsi 400 at Daytona. The red, white and blue car will carry the logo of Major League Baseball's All-Star Game, which will be played July 11th in Atlanta(That's Racin')(5-27-2000)
    UPDATE 3 an Image: see an image in the Jayski's Paint Scheme Gallery(5-29-2000)

  • More Baseball? hearing Dale Jarrett will run a World Series baseball scheme on the #88 Quality Care Ford in October(5-29-2000)

  • Ford Sponsorship? UPDATE 2: the fate of Ford's lucrative Quality Care sponsorship seems up in the air. Robert Yates is apparently planning to change Dale Jarrett's colors to UPS brown for 2001. That leaves Ford officials scrambling to find a car for Quality Care.(PitNow) for more on this rumor, see the #88 Team News and Links page as well as the #6 News and Links page(5-27-2000)
    UPDATE: Word is that Robert Yates has decided to accept a top-dollar sponsorship offer from United Parcel Service for his #88(Dale Jarrett) team, replacing Ford Credit/Quality Care(FC/QC). Some say FC/QC does not want a full car at present prices and might end up distributed among both Yates teams(as an assoc sponsor)(SpeedVision). Jayski Note: I hear the colors will be Next Day Air red, not the UPS brown and yellow(5-28-2000)
    UPDATE 2: It appears now that deal is all but signed. The team and sponsor already are talking about possible paint schemes, sources say(That's Racin')(5-29-2000)

  • McFlurry Scheme? hearing #94-Bill Elliott will run a McFlurry (a McDonald's desert) later in the 2000 season(5-29-2000)

  • Pontiac Changes? UPDATE: TNN's Raceday reports that NASCAR plans to make some changes to the Pontiac bodies. No word on when or what will be changed. Pontiac teams feel they are at a disadvantage to the Ford and Chevys(5-28-2000)
    UPDATE: NASCAR is exploring the possibility of making a rules change in the Winston Cup series to the Pontiac Grand Prix. On Sunday, NASCAR's director of operations, Kevin Triplett, said the sanctioning body is looking a possible rules change, but made no promises(That's Racin')(5-29-2000)

  • Wells 2nd Driver? UPDATE 3: Car owner(#32 and #97BGN) Cal Wells says he isn't negotiating yet with either Sterling Marlin or Tony Glover, who are considering their futures now that Chip Ganassi is buying Felix Sabates' operation. Wells is in the market for a driver and crew chief for his new McDonald's team(PitNow) I guess #97 BGN driver Anthony Lazarro is not moving up to Cup as originally planned?(5-26-2000)
    UPDATE 2: Cal Wells is considering a shakeup in his slumping McDonald's #97 BGN Ford team. Scott Pruett, who runs Well's Ride Cup #32 Ford, may run the car for the rest of 2000. Current BGN driver, Anthony Lazzaro, failed to make the BGN race at Lowes. Pruett may take over that car next week at Dover.(PitNow)
    UPDATE: Anthony Lazzaro has been dismissed from Cal Wells' #97 McDonald's BGN Ford. Wells entered NASCAR this season with a Winston Cup effort for Scott Pruett and the McDonald's Busch Series group for Lazzaro -- both stock-car rookies. The plan had been to move Lazzaro, and McDonald's, up to Cup next year. Officially, no decisions have been made, but team sources confirmed that Lazzaro was out. Team members say the plan is for Pruett to drive the McDonald's car in companion events(SpeedVision)(5-27-2000)
    UPDATE 3: Wells is "re-evaluating" his BGN team. Lazzaro is still with the team. However, Lazzaro will likely turn the reigns of his car over to Wells' Cup driver, Scott Pruett, during weekends the BGN and Cup series run at the same track including next weekend at Dover(That's Racin')(5-29-2000)

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