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PAST NEWS JUNE 19-25, 2000

  • Todd Bodine to race Cup at Watkins Glen? UPDATE 2 Yep: hearing that there will be an announcement made this week at NASCAR Night in the Heights, Elmira NY that Todd Bodine would drive the Cup race at Watkins Glen with an assoc sponsor who is coming aboard his #66 BGN team(6-22-2000)
    UPDATE: hearing the sponsor is I LOVE NY(6-24-2000)
    UPDATE 2: On Thursday, 6/22, at "NASCAR Night in the Heights" in Elmira Heights, NY... Todd Bodine and team co-owner Frank Cicci announced that the NY State Tourism Board will sponsor a #34 car for the Winston Cup race at Watkins Glen(Aug. 10-12). It will have a red,white and black paint scheme with an "I Love New York" sponsor-logo. Also, the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles honored the Bodine brothers. New York State has issued three different license plates featuring each of the Bodines. New Yorkers have the option of using a "Bodine/NASCAR" plate for a small additional fee(WETM-TV Report)(6-25-2000)

  • Jarrett goes for three in a row at Daytona. #88-Dale Jarrett won last years Pepsi 400 and this years Daytona 500. If he can win Saturday he would win three Daytona races in a row. Should he win Saturday, the 43-year-old driver would tie Cale Yarborough for number of consecutive Winston Cup wins at Daytona. In 1967, Yarborough won the Firecracker 400, then returned the following year to sweep the Daytona 500 and 400(Speed Magazine)(6-25-2000)

  • Wallace and 500: When Rusty Wallace starts in the Pepsi 400 at Daytona, it will be his 500th consecutive start. Terry Labonte is the leader at present with 652 with Dale Earnhardt at 629 and Ricky Rudd at 590(6-25-2000)

  • Rusty Tied UPDATE add Gordon: Rusty Wallace is tied with Richard Petty and Bobby Allison with the most career wins on a road course. Also Jeff Gordon has five and can tie the trio with a win at Sears Point and Rusty can take the career leadership(6-24-2000)
    UPDATE: Gordon now ties Wallace, Petty and Allison for having the most career road course wins(6-25-2000)

  • Wallace Leads: #55-Kenny Wallace led his first lap of the 2000 season at Sears Point. Wallace was the final driver who had made all 16 races to lead a lap(6-25-2000)

  • Dodge Engine: Speedway Scene has learned that the new Dodge motor is having a few teething pains as it is being brought to life. Those involved with the situation have described the problems as minor. How minor? Well one failure was traced back to a bolt that had bottomed out and didn't tighten a portion of the head to the block properly. See full story at the Speedway Scene site(6-25-2000)

  • Dodge and Sabco/Ganassi UPDATE: Felix Sabates says he and Chip Ganassi have "agreed to agree" on a transaction that could bring Ganassi aboard as majority partner in Sabates' NASCAR racing organization(SABCO). Such a deal, Sabates said, would likely happen in the next 30 days. SABCO, fields the #40 Coors cars(Chevys) for Sterling Marlin and the #42 BellSouth car for Kenny Irwin. Sabastes says they have not discussed drivers and that any deal must be done in the next two or three weeks. Reports last fall had said Ganassi would link with Pontiac, which may be in need of teams with the defections to Dodge of Petty Enterprises and Bill Davis Racing. More recent rumors, however, pointed Ganassi in Dodge's direction(in part from SpeedVision)(5-17-2000)
    UPDATE: Speedway Scene has learned that it is likely that the Chip Ganassi/Felix Sabates SABCO collaboration are expected to make the change to Dodge sheet metal in 2001. Where SABCO will fit into the program as far as team alignment goes is unknown, but Bill Davis, owner of the #22 and #93 Pontiacs says that they'll not be part of the three team consortium that includes himself, Ray Evernham and Petty Enterprises(Speedway Scene)(6-25-2000)

  • Relief Drivers: the heat took it's toll at Sears Point. John Andretti took over for #20-Tony Stewart after Stewart spun. Stewart was feeling nauseous. #77-Robert Pressley was relieved earlier by Boris Said who fell out of the race on lap 23 with a broken control arm on the #23 Federated Auto Parts Ford. Andretti drove Stewarts Home Depot Pontiac to a 10th place finish(6-25-2000)

  • Rookies: #27-Mike Bliss was the highest finishing rookie for the first time this season, finishing 22nd. #8-Dale Earhnardt Jr was next at 24th, with #93-Blaney 29th, #9-Compton 31st, #17-Kenseth 32nd and #32-Pruett who led many laps before crashing out finsihed 39th(6-25-2000)

  • Sad News: Jim Roper, winner of NASCAR's first "strictly stock" car race in 1949, died Friday. He was 83. Roper, a native of Halstead, drove his Lincoln off the showroom floor in Great Bend to North Carolina and on to victory in the June 19, 1949, race at Charlotte Speedway. Friends said Roper had been ill with cancer in recent years and suffered from heart and liver failure. He died at a retirement home in Newton. Roper will forever be linked to that first NASCAR race and a quirky finish that gave him the victory in front of 23,000 people(Total Sports/AP)(6-24-2000)

  • More Sad News: ARCA driver Scott Baker of Holland, Michigan was killed at the Toledo Speedway in the Jasper Engines & Transmissions ARCA 150 Friday night. Baker, running eighth at the time, made contact with an inner tire barrier just past the start-finish line just after he completed his 146th lap of the 150-lap event, and was transported to St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo where he was pronounced dead(ARCA Racing Site) and a story at SpeedVision(6-24-2000)

  • Bodine on the Hot Seat? thought this was answered a few weeks ago but looks like things may have changed. Anyhow SpeedVision is reporting: Bodine again is rumored to be in a very hot seat as chauffeur of Joe Bessey's #60. Also of note: there are rumors that the Bessey team, with the loss of Power Team as the sponsor at the end of the 2000 season may close shop with Bessey returning to driving in the BGN(6-24-2000)

  • Kyles Front Row Start: This will be #44 Kyle Petty's first front-row start since he was on the outside pole at Martinsville in April of 1996(Ramblings/Catchfence). His last pole? Was at 1993 in the Daytona 500(6-24-2000)

  • Petty Crew Chief/BGN Team News UPDATE: a story in this weeks Winston Cup Scene reports that one of the people Kyle Petty has talked with to replace former crew chief Bobby Leslie was his former crew chief Bobby Kennedy. Kennedy is presently with the #7 Ultra Mattei Motorsports team and driver Michael Waltrip. Kennedy says no decision has been made concerning his talk with Petty. Also as for the Petty #45 BGN team, they will skip Watkins Glen and probably Pikes Peak, but would compete in the remaining races with Kyle as the driver. Plans are unknown past the 2000 season, but Petty thinks they need four teams, the two Cup teams for Petty and Andretti, the CTS team with Steve Grissom and the BGN team, but if the BGN team stays in that series or moves to the Cup or CTS series remains to be seen at this point(6-23-2000)
    Next week, Petty will drive his Cup car at Daytona on Saturday. The BGN races at Milwaukee on Sunday. Petty will have someone qualify for him, then race at Milwaukee. The only other problem in the schedule comes July 23 when the Cup series races in Pocono and the BGN series is at Pikes Peak, CO, the day before. After that, the two series race in the same cities(Roanoke Times). NOTE: Petty says in the WC Scene that the team would possibly skip Pikes Peak(6-24-2000)

  • Punch to stay at ESPN: DR. Jerry Punch will stay with ESPN instead of moving to Fox or NBC, NASCAR's TV business partners for the next six years. Punch's decision would appear to make ESPN's Bill Weber and Ray Dunlap the top NASCAR series veterans still available. According to one source, Weber has had offers from both Fox and NBC for next season, for pit-road work and as host of the pre-race show, though it's unclear if Weber might actually leave ABC and ESPN. Dunlap says he has had no official offers. Weber would neither confirm nor deny the report, saying yesterday that he would have something to say "soon."(PitNow)(6-24-2000)

  • Little E first time: for the first time in the 2000 season, #8-Dale Earnhardt Jr qualified outside of the top 25 at Sears Point. He was the final driver who had made all 16 races in 2000 not to make it during first round in ever race(6-24-2000)

  • NASCAR Channel: The NASCAR TV Channel may be progressing much more slowly than expected, but the NASCAR Radio Channel appears to be all set to go, at least from the access side. Detroit's auto makers appear to be some of the powers behind the Radio Channel, wanting to make use of their satellite-to-car technology by offering such special ''cable'' radio channels, for something such as an extra $40 a year. Filling the NASCAR Radio Channel might not be that difficult. But how many people might be interested in buying cable radio is less certain. Insiders report that the debut date of The NASCAR TV Channel may be pushed back until some time late next season(PitNow)(6-24-2000)

  • Allison and Jarrett: #88-Dale Jarrett is driving the same car this weekend at Sears Point that the late Davey Allison drove to victory here in 1991(Roanoke Times)(that means chassis, not the old Thunderbird)(6-24-2000)

  • Rusty Tied: Rusty Wallace is tied with Richard Petty and Bobby Allison with the most career wins on a road course. Also Jeff Gordon has five and can tie the trio with a win at Sears Point and Rusty can take the career leadership(6-24-2000)

  • Pressley will race: Mark Simo, Brian's brother(in the #90 this weekend), ran the #77 Jasper Engines Ford in AM practice and 2nd round qualifying at Sears Point. Simo didn't qualify the car and the team will use a provisional. The idea was to try to get a better pit position and out of 'Gilligan's Island'. Robert Pressley will start and run the car in the race. See full story on this at TachZone AND another story about 2nd round at NOL: Dallenbach leads 'escape from Gilligan's Island'(6-24-2000)

  • #18 and the Golden Gate Bridge: Bobby Labonte's #18 Pontiac has a drawing of the Golden Gate Bridge on the back panel below the rear window(the decklid?) this weekend. It'll change into bricks for the Brickyard 400(Atlanta Journal Constitution)(6-24-2000)

  • Nemechek and Charlie Daniels: it was reported on the John Boy and Billy radio show yesterday that the #33 Oakwood Homes Chevy and driver Joe Nemechek run a Charlies Daniels paint scheme at Talladega in October. Just got some images of the car, while it's a partial, it shows the hood with Daniels on it. See the Paint Scheme Gallery for the images. Also of note, the car shown is a 1999 Monte Carlo, no idea if Nemechek is running a 1999 at Talladega or if this is just the show car(6-23-2000)

  • Gordon and Snoopy? UPDATE 4: hearing #24-Jeff Gordon will run a Snoopy (from the Peanut's comic strip) in the Pepsi 400 at Daytona and/or the Brickyard 400, no official word on what the occasion is. Supposedly the car will be light metallic blue with yellow highlights, Snoopy on the hood and quarterpanels(5-29-2000)
    UPDATE: I hear these will not be the colors but the car will run at the Brickyard 400(5-30-2000)
    UPDATE 2: here is more on this scheme - the car will have a dark blue roof, fading into light blue sides with grass decal around the bottom of the #24 Chevy. Snoopy as Joe Cool character painting(DuPont paint?) his doghouse on hood and as the Red Baron fighting character on the quarters. Even have a Woodstock jack marker(instead of the arrow). The car will supposedly be introduced at Sears Point in June and hearing it will be run at the Brickyard 400. The reason? To commemorate the 50th year for Peanuts and as a tribute to them and the Peanuts creator, the late Charles Schulz(5-31-2000)
    UPDATE 3: Hearing the Peanuts Brickyard scheme will be announced at Sears Point on Friday(6-22-2000)
    UPDATE 4 announcement and image: Jeff Gordon, DuPont and Hendrick Motorsports have teamed up with United Media to pay tribute to one of America's most beloved cartoonists, Charles Schulz. This paint scheme not only honors the amazing work of Schulz, but also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Peanuts comic strip. The Peanuts-themed car was unveiled at Sears Point Raceway today and will have a pre-race unveiling to be held trackside on Sunday. The DuPont/Peanuts Monte Carlo will race the Brickyard 400 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on August 5th. See the full story and image on the Jeff Gordon website(6-23-2000)

  • Track Qualifying Records fall in 2000: In 16 events (counting Sears Point) there have been nine(9) track records set, including Bristol, California, Lowes, Michigan, Pocono, Rockingham, Texas, Las Vegas and Sears Point. These are TRACK records, not EVENT records(6-23-2000)

  • #75 and AOL UPDATE: Turner Broadcasting System, Inc./Galaxy Motorsports #75 Ford's paint scheme and design will heavily feature AOL during the Jiffy Lube 300 in New Hampshire and during the Pennsylvania 500. TBS Superstation's Dinner & A Movie and AOL will co-sponsor the Sept. 24 MBNA Gold 500 in Delaware. Though a first-time sponsor of a Winston Cup entry, America Online is no stranger to the NASCAR circuit. AOL has sponsored Damon Lusk on NASCAR's Southwest Series and currently sponsors ARCA series driver Andy Belmont of the America Online Racing Team(Yahoo Biz)(6-22-2000)
    UPDATE: Actually the #79 TRIX Racing Chevy was entered last year at New Hampshire and Dover(fall races) with AOL as the sponsor with Andy Belmont racing but failed to make the races(6-23-2000)

  • Mention Money? UPDATE: the new TV partners(NBC/TBS) of NASCAR are out putting the touch on them for "mention money". "Mention money", of course, is the money that a sponsor will pay to the networks to get their product or service mentioned during a broadcast(Speedway Scene) As many fans/readers have noticed, CBS/TBS rarely mention the sponsor on the car, it's the #28 Yates Ford or #28 Rudd Ford, not #28 Texaco-Havoline Ford(6-22-2000)
    UPDATE a note: The topic under discussion was the networks demands that a race's title sponsor must purchase commercials on the telecast for the network to call the race, say, the "K-Mart 400" instead of the "Michigan 400". No network charges for car sponsor mentions. Whether this changes in the future is unknown(6-23-2000)

  • #91 Team Still Alive: the LJ Racing team is still in business and ready to run. The team presently has 9 cars and 13 motors, ready to race. The only thing holding them back is sponsorship(Catchfence)(6-22-2000)

  • Common Templates...No? Aero-matching? NASCAR last week went out and collected up the "NASCAR optional" templates that they had issued just about a month before. This was done as silently as when the templates were dropped off, but at least this iteration of making a Monte Carlo RT (really a Taurus) and Grand Prix RT are on the backburner at this point in time(Speedway Scene). The 'common templates' were supposedly based on the Taurus(6-22-2000)

  • #58 Auction: remember the #58 Auction at Moecker Auctions, Inc. back in May? What happened? The sale went forward on May 30th. Everything was sold. They had approximately 35 bidders. Most of the purchasers were ARCA teams, with a few new Winston Cup teams collecting equipment for their start up. They also had some race car parts wholesalers, and one person who purchased a car for his own use for show and parades(6-22-2000)

  • NASCAR Sponsors: NASCAR announced that four official status sponsors - Circuit City, Glaval, Goody's and Kodak - have renewed their NASCAR partnerships, taking effect this season. Circuit City, the Official Electronics and Appliance Retailer of NASCAR, has been a NASCAR sponsor since 1996. In addition to its official status designation, Circuit City is also an associate sponsor on the #18 Joe Gibbs Racing Interstate Batteries Pontiac driven by Bobby Labonte and sponsors the team's in-car cameras during race telecasts. Glaval, the leading manufacturer of luxury conversion vans, has been a NASCAR sponsor since 1997. As the Official Van Conversion Company of NASCAR, Glaval uses the NASCAR platform in advertising and promotions. As part of the agreement, Dusterfield Designs, Glaval's sister company, has signed licensing agreements with several NASCAR Winston Cup Series drivers including Mark Martin, Jeff Burton and Dale Jarrett to produce photo plaques bearing the drivers' likenesses. Goody's, the Official Pain Reliever of NASCAR, has been involved in the sport since 1977. The company was the title sponsor of this year's Goody's Body Pain 500, which took place April 9 at Martinsville Speedway. Goody's also has run several NASCAR-themed promotions and used the NASCAR logo on-pack and for point-of-sale materials. As part of the agreement, the company will continue to be the title sponsor of the Goody's Dash Series, NASCAR Touring, in which competitors race scaled-down versions of the NASCAR Winston Cup Series stock cars on short tracks and superspeedways in the Southeast. Eastman-Kodak, which has been a NASCAR partner since 1987, produces the Official Film and Single Use Camera of NASCAR. In addition to its official status designation, Kodak is also the primary sponsor on the No. 4 Morgan-McClure Motorsports Chevrolet driven by Bobby Hamilton. The company's relationship with Morgan-McClure stretches back 14 years, making it the second longest team/primary sponsor relationship in NASCAR next to Richard Petty and STP. Earlier this year, NASCAR announced that McDonald's, the Official Drive-Thru of NASCAR, renewed as an official status sponsor, and that General Motors has expanded its sponsorship to include both the Pontiac Grand Prix and Chevrolet Monte Carlo as the Official Pace Car of NASCAR. McDonald's, a long-time NASCAR partner, will support its sponsorship with television, print and radio advertising, premiums, on-bag promotion and local activation. The General Motors agreement allows the company to use both the Monte Carlo and Grand Prix in NASCAR-themed advertising and promotions(NASCAR PR)(6-22-2000)

  • Green beats Pressley: #63 BGN driver Mark Green edged #77 Cup veteran Robert Pressley in a best two-out-of-three match race in Winston Cup-style convertibles Tuesday night at Lowe’s Motor Speedway during round two of the 10-week Wendy’s Summer Shootout. See full story at the LMS Site(6-22-2000)

  • Wind Tunnel Tests: NASCAR officials have postponed a planned wind-tunnel test until after the Brickyard 400 in August. It is now expected to be right after the Indy race, with NASCAR loading some of the top cars directly off the track that afternoon for the haul to Marietta(GA) for testing(PitNow)(6-21-2000)

  • Marcis hires driver to run the #71 Realtree Chevy at Sears Point. R.K. Smith, 62, winner of the SCCA World Challenge Championship in 1990 and '92, will be behind the wheel of Marcis' #71 Chevy at Sears Point. Marcis was injured last year and put Smith in his car for the Sears Point event, but Smith failed to qualify for the starting field(NASCAR Online)(6-20-2000)

  • Said to run for Spencer at Sears Point: Jimmy Spencer goes to Sears Point Raceway this weekend not only as the driver of the #26 Big K-Mart Ford Taurus, but he also makes his debut as a NASCAR Winston Cup car owner. Spencer has entered his #23 Federated Auto Parts Ford Taurus in the Save Mart/Kragen 350K Cup race. The car was built at Spencer's BGN operation located in Mooresville, NC. This is the same facility that builds BGB cars for Dick Trickle, Boris Said, and Spencer. Spencer Motor Ventures also built a NASCAR Craftsman Truck that was driven by Boris Said at Portland earlier this year. Piloting the Robert Yates' powered #23 Ford this weekend will be road-racing ace, Boris Said. Said began his NASCAR career in 1995 in the CTS. Said has had sixty-four starts in the Truck Series, and scored his only win at the road-course in Sears Point. Said went to Watkins Glen in 1998 and put Spencer's #12 BGN car on the pole, and he came back later that year to The Glen and qualified Spencer's #23 Winston Cup car fifth on the starting grid. In 1999, Said continued his Bud Pole attack by qualifying his #14 Winston Cup car second at Watkins Glen. Said has won five Bud Poles in his NASCAR career, all on road-courses. In other road-racing series, Said has won one IMSA and three SCCA championships. Veteran crew chief Richard Broome will call the shots(Spencer Motor Ventures PR)(6-20-2000)

  • Kmart Gone? Kmart won't return to the Travis Carter-Carl Haas (#66) team next year(Daily Press) Doesn't say if it will return to the Travis Carter #26 Team that Jimmy Spencer drives for. Many rumors have Spencer leaving the Carter team after the season(6-20-2000)

  • Nadeau out at end of 2000? Rumors are circulating through the garage area that Jerry Nadeau may be out of the #25 Michael Chevy at the end of the season(Atlanta Journal Constitution) Note: in interviews with Rick Hendrick lately he has done nothing but praising Nadeau, calling him a 'a diamond in the rough', unless Michael Holigan starts his own Cup team as rumored and takes Nadeau with him(6-20-2000)

  • DW Honored at Talladega: As a tribute to his 29 years in NASCAR Winston Cup racing, Talladega Superspeedway is honoring Darrell Waltrip with a commemorative pole day ticket for Ricochet Qualifying Day. The ticket is a collage of Waltrip's career dating back to his first Winston Cup start in 1972 at Talladega Superspeedway. In addition to his #95 Terminal Trucking Mercury, some of Waltrip's most noted race cars are on the ticket, including the #88 Gatorade car as well as the #17 Tide-sponsored Chevrolet, and the #11 Budweiser Chevrolet owned by Junior Johnson. Waltrip, the owner of 84 Winston Cup victories, has four wins at the Alabama track, as well as a pair of pole positions. See full story and an image of the ticket at the Talladega Superspeedway site(6-20-2000)

  • Dodge Testing UPDATE 2 images: hearing Casey Atwood and the Evernham Dodge team were at Greenville Pickens Speedway today testing and will also be there Tuesday(6-19-2000)
    UPDATE: Atwood, Evernham, a group of Chrysler engineers and other Evernham Motorsports team members spent most of last Monday at GPS working under speedway conditions for the first time with the new Dodge racing engine. The engine will power the Intrepid models Dodge teams are scheduled to race in the Winston Cup series next season(Greenville News/Mike Hembree)
    UPDATE 2: cleaned up the Dodge News Page and added a new Dodge Image page with images from the Greenville Pickens Speedway/Dodge test on Monday(6-20-2000)

  • Nemecheks Helmet: Joe Nemechek displayed a racing helmet artfully decorated by his three-year-old son John Hunter Nemechek(NOL Notes) it was shown on the TNN telecast, very colorful(6-20-2000)

  • Yates drives the hauler: #28 and #88 Cup Team owner Robert Yates, went the extra mile this weekend in order to make it to Pocono Raceway for the Pocono 500. When #88 hauler driver, Tommy Mullis had problems with a leg injury and had to go to a doctor, Rick Garcia, backup driver of the hauler, was called in to relieve him. However, Garcia had just returned from a Dayton testing trip and was in need of relief help himself. So Yates drove the hauler to Pocono Raceway along with Garcia(NOL Notes)(6-20-2000)

  • Fees for Decals? UPDATE: hearing NASCAR may have approached Ford, GM and Dodge, suggesting a fee for putting headlight, tailight, and other decals on Winston Cup and Busch cars next year(6-11-2000)
    UPDATE: Those headlight and taillight decals that Ford and GM officials have put on stock cars the past two years might become a bone of contention with NASCAR executives, according to some car owners(PitNow) NOTE: this is all I know about this situation(6-20-2000)

  • Petty/STP Parade: Richard Petty and John Andretti will be in San Francisco on June 21 as the STP #43 Celebration Tour makes a stop there. Starting at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge at Vista Point, Petty, Andretti and the STP #43 car will drive across the bridge, travel along the Embarcadero and pull into Willie Mays Plaza. The parade is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. with the caravan pulling into the plaza at 10:30am. At Willie Mays Plaza, Petty and Andretti will meet and greet guests, answer questions and sign some autographs. The Winston Cup race at Sears Point will be the last race run with STP as the primary sponsor of the #43. Cheerios takes over at Daytona in the Pepsi 400(Sears Point PR) For more info on the STP contest, see my Racing Contest page(6-20-2000)

  • Baker and Newman to test: TNN/TBS announcer Buddy Baker will test a Penske ARCA car at Pocono on Tuesday with sprint car driver Ryan Newman. Newman will run for Penske in the 2nd ARCA race at Pocono. Newman ran his first ARCA race at Michigan and finished 7th(TNN race broadcast)(6-19-2000)

  • Holigan Team Owner? UPDATE: Michael Holigan, whose on-line business sponsors #25 Jerry Nadeau on the Winston Cup Series, wants to be a NASCAR owner. "With NASCAR’s new TV deal, I can already see that we’ll be getting a return on our investment," said Holigan. "I predict that, before the end of my three-year sponsorship, I will start a two-car team."(Gaston Gazette)(6-14-2000)
    UPDATE: Michael Holigan, who sponsors the Jerry Nadeau-Rick Hendrick team, says he's considering expanding to a two-car team, and he has been talking lately with Tim Beverly, who owns the Pontiac team of driver Johnny Benson. Holigan is reported to be planning an expanded sponsorship program based on money from a number of home products companies, such as Whirlpool. A two-car Holigan team would likely field Pontiacs, according to GM men(PitNow)(6-19-2000)

  • Pocono Rain Info: This is the first time that a NASCAR event at Pocono has been postponed by rain and moved to Monday since the Coca-Cola 500 in July 1979(and only the second time ever). Cale Yarborough wound up winning the race ahead of Richard Petty and Buddy Baker. Three drivers who will compete in today's Pocono 500 also competed in that race. Ricky Rudd finished fifth, while a pair of rookies -- Terry Labonte and Dale Earnhardt -- finished 23rd and 29th respectively. There have been three instances at Pocono where races were shortened by rain. The first NASCAR race there in August 1974 was shortened to 480 miles (192 of 200 laps). Only 375 miles (150 of 200 laps) were completed in the July 1986 event. In July 1991, the race was shortened to 447 miles(179 of 200 laps)(Times-Tribune)(6-19-2000)

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