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PAST NEWS NOV 13-19, 2000

  • Pizza Hut and the #75? UPDATE 2: Pizza Hut, rumored last fall to be a sponsor of some sort with the #75 team and Wally Dallenbach is once again a possible 2001 primary sponsors for the #75 Ford(That's Racin')(8-4-2000)
    UPDATE - many: the rumored #75 2001 sponsor, Pizza Hut, is on the 1/4 panels of the car at Atlanta this weekend, see a video captured image of the car on my Paint Schemes Page. Also added the #01 Coors Light, #00 Crown Fiber and #23 AT&T cars(11-19-2000)
    UPDATE - another: Bob Jenkins mentioned at the beginning of the ESPN NAPA 500 broadcast that Pizza Hut would be Dallenbach's sponsor on the #75 Ford in 2001(11-20-2000)

  • #4 Driver? UPDATE 6 It's Gordon OFFICIALLY: #4 car owner Larry McClure is close to making a decision on his new driver, and team sources say the decision is between Kevin Lepage and Robby Gordon with Ricky Craven suddenly only a long-shot(PitNow)(11-6-2000)
    UPDATE: hearing Robby Gordon is now the front runner and could be named within the next two weeks(11-8-2000)
    UPDATE: In Morgan-McClure news, look for an announcement on a new driver for the familiar yellow Chevy close to the Atlanta weekend. With Kodak offices located in Atlanta, a joint press conference with Kodak and Morgan-McClure Motorsports will likely take place at Atlanta Motor Speedway(Morgan McClure PR)(11-9-2000)
    UPDATE 2: Morgan-McClure Motorsports has narrowed its search for a new driver for next season down to veteran Rick Mast and Robby Gordon, has learned. An announcement of owner Larry McClure's new driver is expected before the conclusion of the season. McClure said Sunday he hoped to have the process concluded as soon as possible. "We're working diligently on this and could have some announcements or be in the position to make an announcement in Atlanta."(That's Racin')(11-12-2000)
    UPDATE 3: TNN's Raceday reported on Sunday's show that they hear Kevin Lepage will get the nod, hmm....a little conflict here, guess we gotta wait for the announcement
    UPDATE 4: sources tell me the driver of the #4 Car has been chosen and it's Robby Gordon(11-13-2000)
    UPDATE 5: Car owner Larry McClure said he expects to announce his new driver here(Atlanta) on Sunday, and it is expected to be Robby Gordon. McClure is working the final details of the contract(PitNow) BUT on ESPN2's RPM2Night, McClure said he didn't expect to make an announcement until Monday(11-18-2000)
    UPDATE 6: ESPN2's RPM2Night reports that Robby Gordon will announce later today that he will drive the #4 Kodak Chevy in 2001(RPM2Night)
    UPDATE 7: Robby Gordon was introduced today around noon/et at Atlanta as the new driver of the #4 Kodak Chevy for 2001(ESPN2's NASCAR2Day)(11-19-2000)

  • Fireball Honored: Legendary mechanic and car owner Smokey Yunick awarded the Pioneer in Racing Award to the late Fireball Roberts during a ceremony Saturday morning. Roberts’ daughter, Pamela Trivett, accepted the award for her family(Kingsport Times News)(11-19-2000)

  • Penthouse to Outhouse: #16 Kevin Lepage, who won the pole for this race a year ago, will not be in the NAPA 500 at Atlanta as Lepage’s final-round qualifying lap, 186.686 mph, was 50th, and he was unable to get a provisional spot over Jeff Burton, Ricky Rudd, Mike Skinner, Dale Earnhardt Jr., John Andretti, Robert Pressley and Darrell Waltrip(Gaston Gazette)(11-19-2000)

  • Bill France Appearance UPDATE 4 Nelson Out? Denied: Bill France Jr. is expected at Homestead this weekend, after a rough summer of treatments, to make his first appearance trackside in quite a while(PitNow)(11-12-2000)
    UPDATE: NASCAR president Bill France Jr., who has been sidelined undergoing cancer treatments this season, made an unexpected visit to watch Sunday's Pennzoil 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway. France's last appearance at a race was the May race at Richmond, Va., and his last public appearance at the memorial service for Adam Petty, also in May. France has made several visits to NASCAR's office in Daytona Beach over the past several months, however. After visiting with drivers and team owners in the NASCAR hauler before the race, he watched the event from the race control tower with NASCAR officials.(That's Racin')(11-13-2000)
    UPDATE 2 - Nelson Out? NASCAR president Bill France, who has been undergoing cancer treatments all season, is expected to make an appearance in Atlanta. NASCAR teams want France to return with gusto because they have been disenchanted with many of the moves of CEO Mike Helton and technical supervisor Gary Nelson. Nelson reportedly will be replaced or reassigned during the off-season. Among other things, teams were upset over the way the deaths of Adam Petty and Kenny Irwin at New Hampshire were handled(Columbus Dispatch)(11-16-2000)
    UPDATE 3: Published reports have Gary Nelson, the Winston Cup Series director, leaving NASCAR after Sunday's season-ending race. Nelson was at AMS on Thursday and said he had no intentions of leaving his current position. Nelson has been employed with NASCAR since 1991.(AJC)(11-17-2000)
    UPDATE 4: Despite rumors that have been flying, NASCAR officials said Saturday they have no intention of firing Winston Cup Series director Gary Nelson. What is apparently happening is a reorganization in the sanctioning body’s competition department. Nelson may soon receive a change in his job title, but he will not be fired. NASCAR is adding personnel, and some job descriptions are being shuffled, said NASCAR spokesman Jim Hunter(Gaston Gazette)(11-19-2000)

  • #21 Crew Chief UPDATE: #16 team owner, Jack Roush, confirmed that Pat Tryson, who is now Lepage's crew chief, will move over to become Elliott Sadler's crew chief with the Wood Brothers team next year(That's Racin')(11-6-2000)
    UPDATE: After Kevin Lepage's #16 team failed to make the field for the NAPA 500 Saturday, Lepage's crew chief, Pat Tryson, joined the Wood Brothers' #21 team and driver Elliott Sadler, effective immediately. Lepage's #16 team is folding after failing to find a sponsor for the 2001 season. Tryson's move has been rumored for a month or longer(That's Racin')(11-19-2000)

  • Hershey and Earnhardt: Hershey Food Corporation has joined RCR and driver Dale Earnhardt as an associate sponsor on the #3 GM Goodwrench Chevy in 2001. The Hershey's Racing program entitled "A Sweet Deal from Dale," which allows fans to collect proofs-of-purchase from select Hershey's products and redeem them for popular Earnhardt merchandise throughout 2001(NOL)(11-18-2000)

  • Pontiac Win Record: Pontiac Grand Prix, which just clinched its third NASCAR Winston Cup Driver championship and first since 1989, thanks to driver Bobby Labonte, can set a NASCAR modern-era standard for itself this weekend with a victory in Atlanta. Pontiac has 11 wins so far this season, matching the highest number of wins in a season that was set in 1993(Rusty had 10 of those). Tony Stewart, Labonte's teammate at Joe Gibbs Racing, has a series-leading six wins this season, while Labonte has four and Ward Burton one(AP), The All-Time Pontiac Record is held in 1961 with 30. Ford holds the all-time mark of 48 in 1965 while the all time modern-era(1972 to present) is held by Buick with 25 wins in 1982(Winston Cup Updates)(11-18-2000)

  • Bessey Still Looking: #60 Car owner Joe Bessey grimaces as he thinks about his team's season and its future. The team's sponsor is leaving after this season and no replacement has been found. Bessey said he's hopeful a sponsor meeting early next week will be fruitful. Even if he doesn't find a sponsor for next year, he plans to be at least at Daytona next year(Roanoke Times), Hermie Sadler is driving the car at Atlanta(11-18-2000)

  • NASCAR Changes? UPDATE an TV: Bray Cary, NASCAR vice president, broadcasting and technology, orchestrated the TV deal that begins next year along with senior vice president Brian France. But with Paul Brooks moving to Los Angeles to oversee the sanctioning body's electronic media efforts, Cary's future is uncertain. Cary said he haven't sorted it all out and is just weighing everything to see what's out there. No matter what he does next, Cary is proud of the contract he helped negotiate with Fox and the NBC/Turner Sports partnership.(in part from Winston Cup Scene Magazine)(11-16-2000)
    UPDATE: Bray Cary, the architect of NASCAR's $2.4 billion TV package, apparently is moving out of NASCAR's Charlotte office and into a new, undefined role as ''adviser'' to NASCAR's new TV czar, Paul Brooks. Brooks will run NASCAR's TV ventures from NASCAR's new Los Angeles office, and he'll also run NASCAR's Internet operations. Brooks' first jobs are to hire a director of broadcasting and a director of ''new'' media, the Internet and its spinoffs, and slowly build an office of eight to 10 people. Fox is helping NASCAR put together The NASCAR Channel, which could get up and running first on Fox's FX cable outlet. But Brooks said there will be probably be no 24-hour NASCAR Channel kicking off in February for Speed Weeks(PitNow)(11-18-2000)

  • Petty Donates: The Richard Petty Driving Experience made a $12,500 donation to the Hole in the Wall Gang Camps on Friday(Roanoke Times), Hermie Sadler is driving the car at Atlanta(11-18-2000)

  • Dodge Changes and Engine: The corporate shakeup at Chrysler this week could affect Dodge's new NASCAR program, particularly its budget, according to Detroit sources. And the Chrysler situation puts pressure on NASCAR executives, who are banking on the return of the brand to the stock-car tour to help give the sport a new marketing tool. Supposedly some of the new Dodge team owners are second-guessing their decision to make the switch, in part because of continued engine problems AND NASCAR has officially OKed a backup engine program for Dodge if the company's new Winston Cup engine continues having problems. But it's a backup program Dodge doesn't want -- its Truck tour engine(PitNow)(11-18-2000)

  • Trickle in the #71 at AMS? UPDATE: Dave Marcis may turn over his #71 Realtree Chevy to Dick Trickle at Atlanta Motor Speedway this weekend. Marcis' father is having surgery today. Marcis will decide today if he'll stay with his father in Wisconsin or race in the Winston Cup finale Sunday(Speed Magazine)(11-16-2000)
    UPDATE: Dave Marcis' father had surgery this week for colon cancer and Marcis skipped Friday's first-round time trials at Atlanta to be with him. Veteran Dick Trickle is subbing for Marcis, 59, who is not expected to be back in time for Sunday's NAPA 500. "I'll be here the whole weekend. Me and the boys are going to have as much fun as we can and see if we can get this thing in the race," Trickle said. (That's Racin')(11-17-2000)
    UPDATE 2: Trickle stood on his speed and failed to make the race(11-18-2000)

  • IRL Laps: IRL driver Sarah Fisher will run some 'hot laps' at Atlanta Motor Speedway Sunday morning before the Cup race (unless it rains). It is being done to help promote the IRL race that will run at AMS in 2001(ESPN2's RPM2Night)(11-18-2000)

  • #44 Unveiled UPDATE: LIVE on NASCAR Online, the legendary Petty Enterprises organization will reveal their new sponsor(Georgia Pacific) and paint scheme for their #44 Dodge Intrepid team in 2001 on Friday, November 17th at 2:00pm/et
    UPDATE: Buckshot Jones helped unveil the #44 Georgia-Pacific Dodge Intrepid R/T, which he'll drive in the 2001 Winston Cup Series. G-P is partnering with racing's first family, Petty Enterprises, to sponsor the car. Brands featured on the #44 Georgia-Pacific Dodge include many of the company's products for home and office, including G-P Building Products, Georgia-Pacific Paper, Sparkle paper towels and napkins and Unisource office products distribution(G-P Site). Also see the story and images of the car at NOL(11-17-2000)

  • UPS IS OFFICIAL to the #88 UPDATE 5(for this week, about #50 since the rumor surfaced): UPS scheduled a news conference for Atlanta to announce its sponsorship of Dale Jarrett's car for 2001(no time or date given)(Times Dispatch). Paint Job Note: hearing while the car will carry some of the UPS brown, the front will be white (sort of like the #2 Miller Lite car, white on the front, blue on the back, etc) and the rear half UPS brown, with a larger UPS logo adorning the hood(11-11-2000)
    UPDATE - an Image: see my Paint Schemes Gallery page for the SUPPOSED #88 UPS car, just as explained above(11-12-2000) - Actually Two images(11-13-2000)
    UPDATE 2: hearing that the way UPS will be announced at the sponsor at Atlanta, is that #88 Owner Robert Yates will be paged and a UPS truck will deliver to him a #88 with UPS
    UPDATE 3: look for the announcement to happen Friday, Nov 17th(9:30am/et) at Atlanta, UPS will supposedly announce the four year deal internally on Thursday, Nov 16th(11-14/16-2000)
    UPDATE 4: UPS will be announced today at 9:30am/et at AMS as the new sponsor of the #88 Robert Yates Ford and driver Dale Jarrett, also got another image posted on the Paint Scheme Gallery - see link above
    UPDATE 5 It's Official: from the UPS site - UPS is proud to be the primary sponsor of #88 NASCAR Winston Cup car owned by Robert Yates Racing and driven by Dale Jarrett. See their site at, they didn't waste anytime getting their site up and running, good omen, it has DJ's Bio, Stats, Team Members and 2001 Schedule. The image they have posted is pretty much the same scheme as I have up, the only difference is no yellow on the package above the UPS logo on the hood.
    And from the Press Release on the main UPS page: UPS announced today it will sponsor the #88 Robert Yates Racing Ford driven by NASCAR 1999 Winston Cup Series Champion Dale Jarrett. The official delivery company of NASCAR will link its entry into the 2001 Winston Cup season with aggressive on- and off-track programs for UPS customers and employees, capitalizing on the growing popularity of NASCAR. Jarrett, who has 24 career victories to his credit, including this year’s Daytona 500, was on hand with Windsor and team owner, Robert Yates, as the new #88 UPS Ford Taurus was publicly unveiled for the first time at the Atlanta Motor Speedway as qualifying began for Sunday's NAPA 500. Jarrett met yesterday morning with UPS Atlanta-area employees after local UPS driver Ken Bouland secured a signature for the special race car "package" that emerged from the back of a familiar brown UPS vehicle before the morning dispatch. The public will see the new car and uniform design in ads that appear on Sunday's race telecast to kick off an advertising campaign with Jarrett that will continue with the 2001 racing season. Today’s announcement marks the third significant NASCAR-related sponsorship deal by the Atlanta-based company this year. In February UPS became an official status partner with NASCAR and in July applied the familiar shield logo as associate sponsor of the #28 Texaco/Havoline Ford Taurus driven by Jarrett’s teammate Ricky Rudd. The Rudd associate sponsorship also will continue next year.(UPS), Also is already designed with the new colors and has a bunch of images of the new #88(11-17-2000)

  • STP Colors one more time UPDATE 2: John Andretti will run the STP colors one last time on the #43 Petty Pontiac at the season finale at Atlanta(RPM 2Night/ESPN2)(6-26-2000)
    UPDATE: The 2000 Cup season comes to a close this weekend as John Andretti and the #43 Cheerios/STP Pontiac head to Atlanta, driver John Andretti and the team look to end their season on a high note and will do it by carrying the colors of STP for one final time as a tribute to the company’s longtime relationship with Petty Enterprises(Williams Company PR)(11-13-2000)
    UPDATE 2: John Andretti will have the 1972 STP scheme on the car with a BIG 'STP' symbol on the hood, PLUS it was announced on RPM2Night that STP signed on through 2002 to be an associate sponsor on the #43 Dodge(11-17-2000)

  • License Plates: The long-awaited NASCAR plates are on sale in West Virginia! The West Virginia Dept of Motor Vehicles announced that the Race Plates are now available as registration plates for vehicles registered in West Virginia. Authentic commemorative collectible plates are available to race fans everywhere. Race fans have anxiously awaited the availability of the new NASCAR plates since they were introduced at a ceremony at the state capitol in September. West Virginia is one of the first states to offer this exciting program to residents. The Race Plate designs include a NASCAR fan plate and five different driver signature series plates including Dale Earnhardt, Rusty Wallace, Jeff Gordon, Dale Jarrett, and Ricky Rudd. Several more driver signature series designs are scheduled for release in the near future. DMV Commissioner Joe E. Miller predicted brisk sales for the plates, based on the response the state DMV has received since the plates were introduced. The web site providing information on the plates,, has received very strong fan response. For West Virginia residents interested in displaying the Race Plates as their legal license plates, the DMV's "make the trade" program will allow them to trade in their current license plates and receive credit for the unused portion of their registration fee toward the new plates. Introduced just in time for the holidays, the commemorative Race Plates will be available to race fans everywhere. Order forms are available at DMV offices and through the state website as well as the website. Transportation Secretary Sam Beverage said the plates not only allow people to express their support for NASCAR and their favorite driver, but also helps promote West Virginia tourism. "On every NASCAR plate is the address for the West Virginia tourism information website, This site provides information on tourism in WV. Response so far has been staggering. We've had plate orders from all over the U.S. and it's exciting to know that West Virginia will be on every one of those plates." Information on the new Race Plate Programs can be found at the above websites as well as all West Virginia DMV locations(Raceplates PR) past info on license the WV plates and on NY plates on my Collectible Links Page(11-17-2000)

  • Dodson to field ARCA car: #27 Crew Chief/Owner Barry Dodson will field a car for Trent Owens in Saturday’s Georgia Boot ARCA 400 race at Atlanta. Owens has been an instructor at the Richard Petty Driving Experience for the past six years and is Dodson’s stepson. Dodson says he wants to give Owens this opportunity to test his driving skills in true racing competition. Dodson will have some members of the #27 Eel River pit crew on hand to service Owens’ car during the event(Keystone PR)(11-17-2000)

  • Race Fans for a Cure: Dale and Kelley Jarrett, on behalf of the Race Fans for a Cure* program sponsored by Ford Credit, will present a check for $33,000 to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation prior to the start of the NAPA 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Sunday, November 19th. The check that will be presented to Linda Kay Peterson, Chairman of the Board for the Komen Foundation, is made up entirely of fan donations collected through the Race Fans for a Cure* program. Race Fans for a Cure* is an initiative designed to increase awareness of breast cancer and the importance of early detection, and to provide a way for race fans to support the Komen Foundation. Ford Credit sponsored Race Fans for a Cure* booths at various NASCAR Winston Cup events and Ford Racing Fan Appreciation Days during the 2000 season. Joining Dale and Kelley Jarrett for this weekend's check presentation to the Komen Foundation will be Alicia Smith and Fred Crisante, winners of a drawing held last weekend in Miami, who will represent all race fans who supported the Race Fans for a Cure* program this year. Since 1998 Ford Credit, co-sponsor of the #88 Ford Taurus in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series, has donated over $490,000 - based on Dale Jarrett's on-track performance and end-of-season bonuses - to the Komen Foundation to help in its mission to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. Ford Credit gives the Komen Foundation $10,000 for each of Dale's victories, $5,000 for each pole, $7,500 for each second-place finish and $5,000 for each third-place finish over the course of the NASCAR season(Ford PR)(11-17-2000)

  • #16 Done? UPDATE yep: hearing multiple Cup team owner(#'s 6,16,17,97,99), Jack Roush, will shut down the #16 Team, freeing up driver Kevin Lepage to look for other rides. Lepage is one of the driver up for the #4 Morgan McClure ride, but that looks like it's going to go to Robby Gordon. Also hear that Lepage is close to buying a new shop for his #71 BGN team and could always run that full time if a Cup ride does not materialize(11-14-2000)
    UPDATE: Roush Racing representatives have confirmed that the #16 team, with Kevin Lepage as driver this year, will be shut down after the season because of lack of sponsorship. Sources inside the team said late Wednesday that what had been suspected since late summer was now true. The move reduces owner Jack Roush's Winston Cup stable from five teams to four. The #97 lost sponsor John Deere in late summer, with no replacement named. Roush has declared he will run the #97 with rookie Kurt Busch in 2001, sponsor or not.(SpeedVision)(11-16-2000)

  • Kimmel may try some Cup: Two-time ARCA champ, Frank Kimmel, may try to run a few Cup races in 2001 if ARCA sponsor Advance Auto Parts, decides to run a few Cup races or another sponsor is found(ESPN2's RPM2 Night)(11-16-2000)

  • Finch to Run some Cup races: #1 BGN team owner, James Finch has purchased Ford equipment from Bill Elliott's operation to run in a handful of Winston Cup races next season. He says he will probably continue to field Chevrolets in the BGN. Jeff Purvis may be the driver for Finch's Cup runs(Winston Cup Scene Magazine)(11-16-2000)

  • Kmart Gone? UPDATE no..well maybe: Just 24 hours after announcing a staggering $67 million third-quarter loss, Kmart Corp. announced it would end its role as a sponsor in automobile racing. The company confirmed it's marketing its NASCAR and CART sponsorships toward the goal of exiting the agreements prior to next season. Rather than spending nearly $40 million annually on auto racing sponsorships, the company will strive to build a stronger emotional bond with its customers, said Conaway. He plans new promotional and marketing programs directly aligned with customer research and preferences. Kmart has been the primary sponsor of a NASCAR stock car team for five years, the last three with Haas-Carter Motorsports. There are two years remaining on Kmart's current NASCAR racing contracts. One year remains on Kmart's associate sponsorship of the Newman/Haas CART Texaco racing team, which began in 1988. The team's No. 1 driver, Michael Andretti, left after the season-ending race and will be replaced by Cristiano da Matta next year, racing alongside veteran Christian Fittipaldi. If buyers for these sponsorships are not found, Kmart will have to pay out both contracts. Kmart plans to continue selling NASCAR merchandise and develop special in-store promotions due to strong customer interest in NASCAR-branded products.(in part from the National Speed Sport News)(11-14-2000)
    UPDATE: a simplier explaination - Looking to shift its advertising dollars elsewhere, Kmart is trying to sell its sponsorship of Haas/Carter Motorsports' two Winston Cup teams to other companies for 2001. Kmart officials say the company will honor the two years remaining on its contract and will be on the cars if no other companies assume the sponsorship(Winston Cup Scene Magazine)(11-16-2000)

  • 75 still looking for a sponsor UPDATE 2: #75 Galaxy Motorsports driver Wally Dallenbach says his team's uncertain sponsorship issues are jeopardizing its potential for success. "We've got probably five guys right now who will come and work if we can do this deal," Dallenbach said of his No. 75 Ford team, owned by Galaxy Motorsports, which does not have a primary sponsor signed for next year. Dallenbach says the team has been talking seriously with potential sponsors for several weeks but just hasn't been able to solidify a deal(more at That's Racin') one rumor that has been around for a while has been Pizza Hut as a potential sponsor. No word on if RedCell, RotoZip, Cartoon Network or WCW are returning in any capacity for 2001(11-11-2000)
    UPDATE: Unless something falls through, Pizza Hut is expected to sign on as the #75 team's sponsor for 2001. Owner Darwin Oordt wouldn't confirm the sponsor, but he has been talking with the company for some time. Sponsorship for this season has rotated among three sponsors - RotoZip, Red Cell Batteries and Superstation TBS - and Oordt said none of them will be the primary sponsor in 2001(Winston Cup Scene Magazine) and
    UPDATE 2: Darwin Oordt is still trying to wrap up a deal with Pizza Hut to sign on as his team's primary sponsor for the next three seasons. Dallenbach is still under contract to Oordt for two more years and has his fingers crossed that the sponsorship deal goes through. Dallenbach said the team expects to receive a letter of intent on the proposal later this week, and Oordt is to meet with key company officials early next week to nail down the deal(FoxSports)(11-16-2000)

  • Fox Over-Joy'ed UPDATE: FOX Sports has hired long-time CBS and TNN announcer Mike Joy to provide play-by-play for their broadcasts next season. Joy will lead a three-man booth that will include Darrell Waltrip and Larry McReynolds when FOX undertakes its first season of NASCAR coverage next year(SpeedVision)(11-15-2000)
    UPDATE: Fox Sports Chairman David Hill, and President Ed Goren announced the anchor chair in their NASCAR announce booth Wednesday. Mr. Goren's announcement stated "In my CBS days I had the pleasure of seeing a young pit reporter grow and eventually move up to the booth, and I am delighted to announce today what has been one of the worst-kept secrets along pit road for many months. Mike Joy has joined FOX Sports as our NASCAR play-by-play announcer." Darrell Waltrip said, "This is a hand-picked team, this didn't just fall together. Larry and Mike and I were each asked early on, 'who do you want to work with?', and this is the core group we all wanted." David Hill remarked, "This is the best commentary team that can be, with a beloved driver, a crew chief to fill in the technical side, and Mike's passion, knowledge and accuracy." Mr. Joy moves to FOX Sports from CBS, where he covered NASCAR and broadcast 14 other sports over the last 18 years. Joy has also been the voice of Formula 1 on Fox Sports Net since 1998. His career began in 1970 doing public address at local tracks in New England. He has anchored NASCAR telecasts for MRN, ESPN and TNN, and hosts a weekly racing show on Fox Sports New England. A native of Windsor, Conn, where he served four elected terms to the Town Council, Mike, his wife Gaye, 18 month old Scott and 3 month old Katie reside in Simsbury, Conn.(Fox PR)(11-16-2000)

  • Dale Jr get game: #8 Budweiser Chevy driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. has joined InterAct Accessories to endorse the company's family of racing wheels for electronic games. InterAct, Inc. will introduce its newest racing products and packaging, featuring Dale Earnhardt Jr., at a press event on the weekend of November 17-19, 2000 at Atlanta(Yahoo Biz)(11-16-2000)

  • Donlavey's Team Mgr to Race: Jason Hedlesky, team manager for Junie Donlavey's #90 Winston Cup team, attempted to qualify for four ARCA races this season and was successful in each attempt. This weekend, Hedlesky, a native of Clinton, MI, will try to qualify for his fifth event of the season today at Atlanta Motor Speedway(Keystone Marketing)(11-16-2000)

  • Thanks ESPN: Kenny Wallace will have a "Thanks ESPN" sticker on the back bumper of his #55 Square-D Chevy during the season finale at Atlanta. Additionally, the official Kenny Wallace web site has opened a special discussion board where fans can express appreciation to ESPN for their 19 years of Winston Cup coverage(MotorsportsTV)(11-15-2000)

  • Little E Tests: Dale Earnhardt Jr. will go to Sebring, Fla., after the Atlanta race for three days of testing in the C5-R Corvette he will drive along with his father and Andy Pilgrim in the 24 Hours of Daytona in February(Roanoke Times)(11-15-2000)

  • Craven Honored: NASCAR driver Ricky Craven receives The Governors Service Award from Angus King, Governor of Maine. #50 Midwest Transit driver Ricky Craven received the award for the countless hours he gives to four different charities....The Children's Miracle Network, The Bone Marrow Foundation, Make A Wish Foundation, and The Travis Roy Foundation. The Ricky Craven Charity Snowmobile Ride raised $73,600.00 last year. Plus, Ricky's appearances at the local children's ward of Eastern Maine Medical Center(PR)(11-15-2000)

  • Alexander Hopes to Debut at Atlanta: Blaise Alexander will attempt to qualify for his first-career NASCAR Winston Cup race this weekend at Atlanta behind the wheel of the #91 Ericsson/BellSouth Mobility Chevrolet fielded by LJ Racing. Alexander is no stranger to the 1.5-mile facility. His season-best finish of seventh place came in the BGN race at Atlanta last March and has raced in two BGN and six ARCA races at Atlanta(SABCO PR), see image of car on my Paint Schemes Gallery(11-14-2000)

  • NASCAR Announces Penalties: NASCAR announced they have penalized #4 Cup Series crew chief David Ifft following the race at Phoenix for improperly attached weight. Ifft was fined $10,000. Ifft was penalized under Section 12-4-W in the 2000 NASCAR Winston Cup Series rule book: "Any car using added weight... attached improperly..." and Section 12-4-A: "...actions deemed detrimental to stock car racing..." AND NASCAR announced they have penalized #32 Scott Pruett for intentionally running into the car driven by Robert Pressley during the cool-down lap at Phoenix. Pruett, driver of the #32 Tide Ford, was fined $10,000 and penalized under Section 12-4-A in the 2000 NASCAR Winston Cup Series rule book: "...actions deemed by NASCAR Officials as detrimental to stock car racing..."(NASCAR PR)(11-14-2000)

  • IROC tests at Daytona, in Cup Talladega trim: After seeing NASCAR’s aerodynamic rules produce 49 lead changes among 21 drivers in the recent NASCAR Winston Cup Series restrictor-plate race at Talladega, the International Race of Champions(IROC) is giving the package a try during its three-day test at Daytona International Speedway. Four Pontiac Firebirds that were shook down on Tuesday, the second day of IROC testing, were all equipped with a metal deflector across the roof of the car and a dirty spoiler. Round 1 of IROC XXV, which will feature 12 of the best drivers in the world in identically-prepared Pontiac Firebirds, will return to the “World Center of Racing” on Feb. 16 during Speedweeks. IROC test drivers Dave Marcis, Andy Hillenburg, Dick Trickle, Jim Sauter and 2001 IROC participants Scott Goodyear and Buddy Lazier ran in Tuesday’s session. It is expected that IROC will have some kind of aerodynamic package in place for the 25th season of IROC next year. IROC testing continues today and is open to the public with access through DAYTONA USA, the official attraction of NASCAR(DIS PR)(11-14-2000)

  • Motorcraft Gets Early Start: Motorcraft, the Ford Motor Company brand of quality automotive components, will return to sponsoring the Wood Brothers' #21 Ford at Atlanta this weekend. Originally Motorcraft was to return to NASCAR competition next February at the 2001 Daytona 500. Motorcraft reached agreement with the Wood Brothers and their longtime sponsor, CITGO, on a late-season sponsor swap(NOL) - see images of the car in the 2001 section of the Paint Schemes Gallery(11-14-2000)

  • Musgrave out at Atlanta? UPDATE 3 Hamilton Jr in and A switch: hearing Ted Musgrave will not drive the #01 BellSouth Chevy at Atlanta and that Chad Little may drive the car. Also hearing Rick Mast will be the 2001 driver of the #01 BellSouth Dodge and it was also reported on TNN's Raceday
    UPDATE: have confirmed Musgrave will not drive the #01 BellSouth/Peach Bowl Chevy at Atlanta but hearing it will not be Chad Little
    UPDATE 2: Team SABCO is giving Bobby Hamilton, Jr., the opportunity to compete in only his second NASCAR Winston Cup event. Hamilton, Jr., will drive the #01 Coors Light Chevrolet in the season finale NAPA 500 at the Atlanta Motor Speedway this weekend. Wanting to keep a more experienced driver in the sponsor’s (BellSouth) hometown market, Team SABCO chose veteran Sterling Marlin to wheel the #40 BellSouth/Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Chevrolet entry(SABCO PR) AND surprise - RPM2 Night reports that Hamilton Jr is being looked at as the possible driver of the #01 Ganassi Racing Dodge for the 2001 season(11-13-2000)
    UPDATE 3 hearing that Hamilton, Jr is not under consideration for the #01 ride in 2001 and that Atlanta is a one race deal only, stong rumor still has Rick Mast getting the ride in 2001. Hamilton Jr supposedly will stay in the #26 Carroll Racing BGN Chevy with Dr Pepper as the sponsor(11-14-2000)

  • #7 News UPDATE: #7 Ultra Motorsports owner Jim Smith has recommended driver Mike Wallace to sponsor NationsRent, but the company is hoping that Robby Gordon will shut his own team and become available for 2001. Gordon says he's heard from several Winston Cup owners with vacancies for next year, but wouldn't offer specifics. He says he's also had interest from CART FedEx Championship Series and Indy Racing Northern Lights teams, but prefers to stay in NASCAR. If a sponsor isn't found, he'll simply shut the team down and move on.(Winston Cup Scene) BUT I continue to hear Gordon will end up in the #4 Kodak Chevy...(11-9-2000)
    UPDATE 3: TNN's Raceday reported on Sunday's show that Mike Wallace says he will be in the #7 Ford in 2001(11-13-2000)

  • #01 Special Scheme UPDATE 2 images and a number switch: The Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl and BellSouth Corporation, a corporate sponsor of the Bowl, unveiled a special Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl paint scheme on the #01 BellSouth/Team SABCO Chevy prior to the Georgia Tech vs. Virginia football game on Saturday. The Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl paint scheme will be featured in the NAPA 500 at the Atlanta Motor Speedway on November 19. The Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl logo will appear on the hood of the car and on the side panels. This sponsorship marks the first time that a college bowl game has cross-marketed to the NASCAR audience. Die-cast versions of the special Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl paint scheme on the BellSouth/Team SABCO Winston Cup car will be sold via the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Web site during Bowl Week(SABCO PR)
    UPDATE: got a few images, see my Paint Scheme Gallery to see the car UPDATE 2: the #01 and #40 cars will switch sponsors for the race at Atlanta, #01 will run Coors Light and #40 will run BellSouth/Peach Bowl colors(see story above)(11-13-2000)

  • Robinson to Cup in 2001? UPDATE 2: Shawna Robinson, on the verge of becoming the first female to finish in the top 10 in the points standings of a major national oval-track touring series, has begun taking a look at NASCAR's Winston Cup Series. The driver of the Kmart Kids Race Against Drugs Ford in the ARCA Bondo/Mar-Hyde Series could make that move as early as next season. If things work out the way she and her team hope, Robinson will become the first female to start a NASCAR Winston Cup race in over 18 years and the five to seven races they have planned would give her more starts than any female in the past 30 years in the major leagues of stock car racing. In 2002, she would become the first female to run a full NASCAR Winston Cup schedule in the history of the series. MK Racing owned by Michael Kranefuss(and owner of the #12 Cup car driven by Jeremy Mayfield), is owner of the team which fields Robinson's cars(Williams Company PR)
    UPDATE/CORRECTION: Actually it was 11 years ago, in 1989 when a female last ran a Cup race. Patty Moise ran the #45 Amway Buick in the July Daytona and Talladega races in 1989, finishing 36th at Talladega(10-4-2000)
    UPDATE 2: Saturday’s ARCA race, the Georgia Boot 400, at Atlanta will be Robinson’s final race behind the wheel of the Kmart Kids Race Against Drugs Ford, making her the first female in U.S. motorsports history to have completed a full season in any national stock car oval-track motorsports series. When the race ends, she will have clinched the seventh spot in the final standings, making her the first female in motorsports history to have finished in the top 10 of the final standings in a national oval-track motorsports series. "Next year, we want to have a car running with the first woman to run seven races in a NASCAR Winston Cup season," Robinson said, "and we’re working hard to make that a reality." Robinson, 35, will drive a car for MK Motorsports, owned by the former head of Ford Motorsports and Winston Cup team owner Michael Kranefuss, next season. After a successful full season of ARCA racing this year, which saw Robinson most competitive on the same tracks where the Winston Cup teams compete, Kranefuss intends to move the team to a partial NASCAR Winston Cup schedule in 2001, as well as selected ARCA events at the superspeedways(Williams Company PR)(11-13-2000)

  • No Short Tracks: Bobby Labonte became the second driver to win a Winston Cup title without recording a short-track victory. Dale Earnhardt did it in 1993(Palm Beach Post)(11-13-2000)

  • Irvan News? hearing retired Cup driver, Ernie Irvan, will not re-new the lease on his shop to Robby Gordon/Team Gordon and run a part-time BGN or CTS team out of the shop. Gordon is rumored to be driving the #4 Kodak car or the #7 NationsRent car in 2001, closing his own #13 Team Gordon operation. No word on what Gordon will do if he is not selected for #4 or #7 rides(11-13-2000)

  • Hills Bros re-ups UPDATE: #90 team owner, Junie Donlavey has signed sponsor Hills Brothers Coffee for another season. His driver hasn't been determined. Hut Stricklin, who is both driving and working as crew chief for the team this weekend, has talked with Donlavey, but no decision has been reached about 2001(Times Dispatch)(11-11-2000)
    UPDATE: #90 Crew Chief, Craig Huartson left that job after last weekend's race at Phoenix, and much of the reason has to do with the team's race shop location in Richmond, VA. Stricklin handling both driver and crew chief duties(Alabama Live)(11-13-2000)

  • Spencer ties best: #26-Jimmy Spencer tied his best finish of 2000 at Homestead, 5th. Spencer also finished 5th at Talladega in April(11-13-2000)

  • Bodines Best: #11-Brett Bodine's 14th place finish at Homestead was his best of the year, his 16th at Atlanta in March was his previous best(11-13-2000)

  • Elliott to Dodge? UPDATE: Ernie that is. Engine builder Ernie Elliott, Bill's brother, who builds Ford engines for the #'s 94, 11 and 9 teams, will supposedly build Dodge engines in 2001 for the Ganassi Cup team (#01(was 42) and #40) and possibly the #92(is now #9) Melling team. Supposedly Elliott is building a new shop in the Charlotte area but will kewp the current Georgia shop. No word on if Elliott will still build Ford engines for the #11 Brett Bodine team. Bill Elliott will be driving for Ray Evernham in 2001 who has his own Dodge engine dept(7-14-2000)
    UPDATE: A NASCAR engine builder will begin construction soon on a $2 million shop on 7 acres near Concord. Land at 7165 Mount Pleasant Road has been cleared for Ernie Elliott Inc. to build the 12,500-square-foot shop, and plans are complete for the building. "All the hard stuff is done," says Tony Santanicola, spokesman for Ernie Elliott. Santanicola expects the building to be complete in April. The engine builder, which has nine employees, has worked from the former Cale Yarborough shop at 4200 Stowe Road in Concord. Now the shop needs more space, Santanicola says. Elliott builds engines for his brother's company, Statesville-based Bill Elliott Racing, which fields the McDonald's Corp.-sponsored Winston Cup car(Business Journal of Charlotte) and Bodine gets Yates Engines in 2001, see the past news on the #11 Team News and Links page(11-13-2000)

    see the Nov 6-12, 2000 Archived News

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