1997 NASCAR Winston Cup Schemes

The California Speedway 1997 Pontiac(38k)

#3 Wheaties(68k)
The #3 Wheaties Chevy DE raced in the Winston
#3 Wheaties(71k)
Another angle of the #3 car

#3 Wheaties & Bill(68k)
Another shot of the #3 Wheaties car with Bill Henry, a buddy

#5 Frosted Flakes Chevy(27k)
A nice shot of Terry Labontes Frosted Flakes Chevy to be raced at Michigan
Thanks to Chris Jansen for the shot

#14 Burger King Chevy(17k)
The Dale Earnhardt owned #14 Whopper Chevy that Steve Park drove in selected races in 1997

#14 Burger King Chevy(15k)
A shot of the #14 Dale Earnhardt owned Whopper Chevy front end

#24 Busch Clash DuPont Chevy(42k)
From a diecast ad in WCS, at least it gives you an idea

#24 Jurassic Park/DuPont Chevy(48k)
Go check out CJ's Racing Country NASCAR Collectibles for the diecast model

#24 Lost World/DuPont Chevy(27k)
A real shot of the Lost World car sent to me by Zac

#24 Lost World/DuPont Chevy(1)(20k)
#24 Lost World/DuPont Chevy(2)(19k)
#24 Lost World/DuPont Chevy(3)(9k)
More shots of the #24 Lost World Chevy driven by Jeff Gordon(thanks to Brad for these shots)

#27 Tonka Ford(27k)
The #27 Tonka Ford owned by David Blair and driven by Kenny Irwin at Richmond
From Mike Bean

#27 Tonka Ford(26k)
Another shot of the #27 Tonka Ford driven by Kenny Irwin at Richmond
From Mike Bean

#28 Special Coke 600 Texaco Ford(22k)
Ernie Irvan's Coca Cola 600 Special Paint Scheme Texaco Ford
Thanks to Kevin Inglin for sending me this image

#37 KMart Ford(18k)
The black #37 used at Phoenix(1-22-98)

#40 Coors Chevy(Calif)(22k)
The #40 Coors Monte Carlo that Robby Gordon would have driven
at California if he hadn't wreaked it(thanks to On the Speedway Photos and Lonnie)

#71 Realtree Chevy(5k)
The Realtree #71 Dave Marcis Chevy
It's small but you get the idea

#94 Mac Tonight Ford(78k)
The #94 Mac Tonight Ford at Dover from Zac

#94 McDonald's Mac Tonight Ford(116k)
The actual car with Bill Elliott, thanks Russell

#97 John Deere Pontiac(14k)
Chad Little's WC ride, the #97 John Deere Pontiac

#97 John Deere/160th Anniversary Brickyard(36k)
A drawing in a diecast mag that shows the #97 Pontiac that Chad Little will hopefully drive at Indy, scanned in by Mike Petersen

#97 John Deere Pontiac(40k)
A real image (side shot)of the #97 160th Anniversary Pontiac to be run at Indy
From Zac

#97 John Deere Pontiac(46k)
A real image (front/side shot) of the #97 160th Anniversary Pontiac to be run at Indy
From Zac

#97 John Deere Pontiac(49k)
A real image (front) of the #97 160th Anniversary Pontiac to be run at Indy
From Zac

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