2003 Truck Series Paint Schemes

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#01 Lucas Oil Ford - side
#01 Lucas Oil Ford - nose
Lance Hooper's own team, ran at Lowe's Motor Speedway.(6-30-2003)

#1 Mopar Dodge - side
Taken at Mesa Marin by Thunderbird Creative Media.(6-30-2003)

#1 Mopar Dodge - side
#1 Mopar Dodge - nose
Looks a new scheme for Ted Musgrave. Taken by Mad Mikie at the Ultra Motorsports shop.(2-9-2003)

#2 ASE/Carquest silver - rear
#2 ASE/Carquest silver - front
#2 ASE/Carquest silver - side
#2 ASE/Carquest - hauler
Ran at Lowe's Motor Speedway in May. Taken by Mad Mikie.(5-16-2003)

#2 ASE/Carquest silver - diecast
Ran at Lowe's Motor Speedway in May.(5-12-2003)

#2 Incredible Hulk - diecast
Will run at Milwaukee. Thanks to Let's Go Racing for the image.(5-12-2003)

#2 ASE/Carquest - front/side
#2 ASE/Carquest - side
Taken by Gasoline Alley Diecast(4-2-2003)

#4 Square D Dodge - front/side
From the Square-D site.(2-9-2003)

#4 Square D Dodge - front/side
From the Bobby Hamilton Racing site.(2-9-2003)

#6 Sonic Chevy - side
#6 Sonic Chevy - front
Take at Lowe's Motor Speedway in May. Thanks to Gasoline Alley Diecast for the images.(6-30-2003)

#6 Tasmanian Devil/Looney Tunes Chevy - diecast
Will run at Phoenix. Sent in by many readers.(6-11-2003)

#8 Dodge Dealers Dodge - front/side
From the Bobby Hamilton Racing site.(2-9-2003)

#14 Stars and Stripes Ford - front/top/side
Will run at Daytona, from Circle Bar Racing.(2-12-2003)

#15 Vokal Ford - front
#15 Vokal Ford - side
From the Andy Houston site.(4-2-2003)

#15 Lufkin Ford - front
#15 Lufkin Ford - nose
#15 Lufkin Ford - rear
From the Andy Houston site.(2-9-2003)

#16 IWX Chevy - front
From the Travis Kvapil site.(2-9-2003)

#17 Aaron's/Three Stooges Chevy - diecast
Thanks to the www.dwstore.com for the image, click HERE to see a MUCH larger image of the truck, over 400k.(8-8-2003)

#17 Give Kids the World/Tide Chevy - right side
#17 Give Kids the World/Tide Chevy - left side
#17 Give Kids the World/Tide Chevy - roof
DW's Give Kids The World Tide ride for the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race at Indianapolis Raceway Park on Friday August 1, 2003 (Waltrip collection / Special to FOXSports.com)(7-23-2003)

#17 Tide Chevy - side
#17 Tide Chevy - nose/front
The truck Darrell Waltrip drove at Martinsville. From the FoxSports site, taken by Van Colley.(4-12-2003)

#18 Dickies Dodge - front/side
From the Bobby Hamilton Racing site.(2-9-2003)

#31 Post-it/Microtel Dodge - layout
The truck Tina Gordon will drive. By David E Hahn of Graphicwolf Art.(2-9-2003)

#33 Monaco/Rock 'n' Roll/Diamond Rio Chevy - nose
#33 Monaco/Rock 'n' Roll/Diamond Rio Chevy - rear
Taken by Speedy at Richmond.(9-5-2003)

#33 Monaco/Rock 'n' Roll Chevy - diecast
#33 Monaco Chevy - diecast
Tony Stewart will run the Rock and Roll scheme at Richmond, the other is the regular scheme, will run at selcte races with Andy Petree/Paul Menard driving. Thanks to to Rpmcollectables for the images.(6-30-2003)

#33 Monaco Chevy - side
Driven by Andy Petree, taken at Mesa Marin by Thunderbird Creative Media.(6-30-2003)

#33 Monaco Chevy - side
Taken by Thomas Panning.(6-11-2003)

#38 IPS Chevy - side
Driven by Brandon Whitt, taken at Mesa Marin by Thunderbird Creative Media.(6-30-2003)

#46 Acxiom Chevy - front/side
The new Chevy, from the Dennis Setzer site.(4-2-2003)

#49 Aaron's Chevy - front/side
#49 Aaron's Chevy - rear/side
Will run at both Texas races and at Las Vegas. Images from the Shawna Robinson site.(5-16-2003)

#55 Dodge - side
The 2003 Powers Motorsports Dodge, suppsoedly will have Lycos banners added.(Powers PR.)(2-9-2003)

#59 Harris Trucking Dodge - side
Ran at Lowe's in May. Take by Jeff Holtzclaw of Race 2 Win.(6-11-2003)

#69 Advance Auto Parts/Pork the other White Meat Ford - side/read
Frank Kimmel will run this at Homestead, from a LM Motorsports Marketing PR.(11-5-2003)

#88 Enzyme Solutions/Menards Chevy - nose
#88 Enzyme Solutions/Menards Chevy - rear
To run at Daytona, from Liberty Sports.(2-12-2003)

#88 Menards Chevy - side
From the Seal Master's Racing site.(2-9-2003)

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the AP (Associated Press)
or Action Sports Photography(ASP)

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