2004 Nextel Cup Schemes

#21 Team

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At Richmond in Sept. Thanks to David Griffin for the image.(9-11-2004)

Run at Michigan in August. Taken by Matt of Schiller Designs Inc. schillerdesigns.com.(8-21-2004)

Will supposedly run at Daytona in July. Thanks to The Sunday Hauler for the image.(6-5-2004)

Justice League Racing @ NASCAR.com SuperStore

Won the pole, taken at Talladega in April. Thanks to David Griffin for the image.(4-25-2004)

Will run at Michigan in August as part of the Justice League comic program. Thanks to Let's Go Racing for the image.(4-25-2004)

The revised car scheme, ran at Texas and Talladega in April. From Motorcraft Racing.(4-1-2004)

The original scheme, see revised above, was to run at Texas in April, from Motorcraft Racing.(3-27-2004)

At Bristol in March. Thanks to David Griffin for the image.(3-27-2004)

Air Force's NASCAR connection thunders into Tyndall Air Force Base
Wood Brothers, Ricky Rudd bring pit stop challenge to base.
Thanks to Tech. Sgt. Dan Neely of the 325th Fighter Wing at Tyndall AFB, FL.(2-4-2004)

Taken Saturday at the L.A. Auto Show in California by Garo Chekerdemian.(1-12-2004)

Thanks to RPM Collectables for the image.(1-12-2004)

The regular scheme. Thanks to Ben's Diecast for the image.(10-12-2003)

Will run a few races in 2004. Thanks to Ben's Diecast for the image.(10-12-2003)

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