2009 Camping World Truck Series Paint Schemes

If you do not SEE a image here....
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#24 careerbuilder.com/Zachry Toyota - Schematic
Truck driven by David Starr at Chicagoland. Image courtesy of HT Motorsports PR.(8-28-2009)

#24 Zachry Toyota - Photo
Taken at Milwaukee by Christopher Clough, pclough@new.rr.com.(6-24-2009)

#24 Zachry/AustismSpeaks.com Toyota - Photo
Truck driven by David Starr at Dover. Taken at Dover by Tom Scott of Sewall, NJ.(6-3-2009)

#24 Zachry Toyota - Photo
Truck driven by David Starr. Photo Credit: Getty Images for NASCAR.(3-18-2009)

#24 Zachry / Harris Trucking Toyota - Photo
Taken at Auto Club Speedway. Image from David Starr.com.(2-25-2009)

#24 Zachry Toyota - Photo
Taken at Daytona in February during practice by Joel Bray.(2-12-2009)

#24 Zachry Toyota - Photo
Truck to be driven by David Starr in 2009. Image taken from HTMotorsports.com.(2-3-2009)

NOTE: Once 2-3 of the same scheme are posted; not looking to post others,
unless it's a different angle or a much improved image.

NASCAR.com, ThatsRacin, the AP (Associated Press) or Action Sports Photography(ASP)

If you wish to use them, please save as and give credit.

Some of these images were 'borrowed' from other web pages,
or emailed directly to me, thanks.
I try to give credit to those who either gave these to me or from the specific site.

If you do not SEE a image here....I have not received one

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