2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Schemes

#23 R3 Motorsports

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Real Car Images at the Track, Shop or Shows

Taken at Charlotte Motor Speedway on October 11th by Larry Scavnicky of Front Stretch Photos in Willowick, OH.(10-12-2012)

Practice at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in July.
Taken by Larry Scavnicky of Front Stretch Photos in Willowick, OH.(8-2-2012)

Taken at practice at Daytona International Speedway by Joel Bray in July 2012.(7-7-2012)

Image taken at Michigan in June by Larry Scavnicky of Front Stretch Photos in Willowick, OH.(6-16-2012)

Ran at Talladega in May with Robert Richardson Jr. driving.
Image from R3 Motorsports Facebook page.(5-7-2012)

Taken at Richmond in April by Ed Coombs Gater Racing News.(4-28-2012)

Taken at Martinsville Speedway practice on Friday, March 30th by Mark Agee.(3-31-2012)

Scott Riggs driving.
Taken at Bristol in March by Ed Coombs of Speedwaymedia.com.(3-16-2012)

Taken at Daytona 500 practice at Daytona International Speedway by Joel Bray on February 18, 2012.(2-19-2012)

Scott Riggs scheduled to run all the races after the Daytona 500 in the #23 R3 Motorsports Chevy.
Images from Scott Riggs Facebook.(2-15-2012)

Diecast/Drawings of the schemes

Scheduled attempt the Daytona 500 with Robert Richardson Jr.
From the R3 Motorsports Facebook.(2-14-2012)

Images of the Hauler


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