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Updated 1-17-2001


From the DIS Dodge Testin on Jan 16th, 2001
(7 images, may take a minute or so to load them, roughly 300k total to load)

#01 and #40
#01 and #40 primered in the garage before testing

#19 Dodge
#19 Dodge getting worked on before the test at DIS

Leffler in the #01
Jason Leffler gets in his new ride, the #01 Dodge

#43 and #45
Shot of #'s 43 and 45 in the garage

#92 Dodge
#92 kodiak Dodge from the side in the garage

#44 Dodge ouside
#44 Dodge on jack stands and outside

#9 Dodge
#9 Dodge in the garage

See more images of the Dodge testing at Desiree's Ray Evernham Page(1-17-2001)

#44 Dodge Intrepid in the Las Vegas garage
#44 Dodge Intrepid at Las Vegas
#44 Dodge Intrepid at Las Vegas
Images from a test at Las Vegas in Mid November(12-2-2000)

Dodge Intrepid with Kyle Petty at Homestead
Dodge Intrepid on Pit Road at Homestead
Dodge Intrepid with Ray Evernham, nice right side shot
Images from the initial Dodge Intrepid testing at Homestead-Miami Speedway(5-2-2000)

#19 Dodge Intrepid - rear shot
#19 Dodge Intrepid - right side shot on the platform
#19 Dodge Intrpid - left side on platform
Thanks to John Peter for the images, great shots fron the Detroit Auto Show(1-12-2000)

Dodge Test- car under tent, hood up - next to hauler(1)
Dodge Test- car under tent, hood up - next to hauler(2)
Dodge Test- car in a turn
Dodge Test- on the front stretch
Dodge Test- entering a turn
Dodge Test- on the backstretch
Taken by a reader during the Dodge engine test at Greenville Pickens Speedway on June 19, 2000, Casey Atwood was driving, Thanks to Glen Whitcomb for the images(6-20-2000)

#01 BellSouth/ #40 Coors Light Dodge - half and half
From the SABCO/Ganassi Racing Press Conference on August 4th, where it was announced Chip Ganassi would buy a majority interest in SABCO and switch to Dodge. Thanks to Dodge PR for the image(8-6-2000)

#92 Unpainted Dodge at DIS from the rear
#92 Unpainted Dodge at DIS from the front
From the closed test session at Dodge on Oct 30th-31st. Thanks to Scott Shanks for the images(11-1-2000)

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